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It was a rainy afternoon; a day that sitting in bed or on the couch and doing next-to-nothing would be perfectly doable. The wolfdragon and the beagle on the sofa, lazing there while idly munching on a large bowl of popcorn, intended to do just that. It wasn’t as if they had formed a plan to do anything that particular day though; the weather had just granted the pair yet another day to be lazy. So there they both sat, popcorn sliding into their muzzle off their greasy paws as the television droned on in front of them. It was on some movie or another, but neither one of them cared about it very much as they were far more concerned with making sure that they got the last of the popcorn.

That concern came from their builds, each of which was well past ‘healthy’. The beagle was definitely the smaller of the pair, in spite of his lap being filled with belly and the numerous rolls and folds of fat which generously covered his frame. Clad in just pants, those adipose shelves were on display for the whole world, but paled in comparison to the ones on the beast seated beside him. The wolfdragon was vastly more obese than the beagle, weighing nearly 4 times as much but only being around four feet taller. His paunch draped ponderously over his legs and dwelled mere inches from the floor, while his just one cheek of his backside took up more space than the beagle’s fat rump. He was a truly titanic beast and absolutely glorious display of gluttony and overindulgence.  He too was clad in only pants, as no shirt could hope to cover even half of his globular belly with its pathetic fabric.

The two obese beasts reached the bottom of their snacking supply all too quickly, and sighed in unison as it happened. They turned and looked at one another, each with a paw sitting in the bowl and rubbing longingly at the bottom of it. Getting up to make more was hardly something either wanted to do, but in order for there to be more, one would have to. “It’s not my turn Sasuke,” the beagle said quickly once that small bit of knowledge had seeped in.

“Well, it can wait until commercial… C’mere Range.” The wolfdragon beckoned with his popcorn-laden paw for the beagle to come closer and snuggle with him. Range instantly obliged, knocking the empty bowl on the floor in the process. Neither he nor the wolfdragon paid it any heed though, and rather got right to snuggling up on the sofa. Sasuke’s burly arm wrapped around the canine and held him gently while Range’s arms wrapped as best they could around the larger hybrid. Large and yet gentle described Sasuke perfectly, and the wolfdragon’s grip was no different as he barely held the beagle there. Range’s grip was different though, as he clung to Sasuke like his life depended on it, which made Sasuke smile inwardly to see such a display of affection.

Gentle rubbing on both of their parts came almost instantly; Sasuke to the beagle’s back and side, and Range to the wolfdragon’s colossal paunch. Deep murrs and soft groans accompanied those rubs as fast as they had started, both of them incredibly receptive to any and all forms of massaging to their engorged frames. All of the fat on those frames made for a sensitive surface to touch, which gave those kneading and rubbing touches new meaning and new layers of pleasure to the both of them. To take it even further, Sasuke’s murrs made his entire, warm frame quake slightly thanks to the sheer amount of bass the immense hybrid could produce. Range’s rumblings of contentment made him vibrate as well, though much less than the wobbling mountain he was leaning against. The lightly shaking fat on each of their frames was like yet another massage, and it only made the whole experience feel that much better. Each wanted it to last forever, and hoped the other would let that happen.

While Range had no qualms about staying that way for a good, long time, Sasuke’s musk and light smirk gave away just what the wolfdragon had in mind to make things that much better. It took the beagle a few minutes to truly notice the musky scent, but once he did he knew what was going to happen. He put on a telling smile as he looked up at the wolfdragon, who looked down with the same telling smile in return. They both knew what the other wanted in that aspect, and as Sasuke leaned back on the couch as far as he could, it didn’t look like he was going to wait to get it. Range had no qualms about that either, and leaned forward to give the wolfdragon’s belly one final kiss before sliding down off the couch and onto the floor in front of the wolfdragon. Sasuke leaned back more once he saw the beagle vanish over the horizon of his belly, and then waited for the paws on the underside of his belly and the true pleasure to begin.

Range wasted no time down on his knees in front of the wolfdragon, pawing at the massive shelf of adipose like a puppy with a new tennis ball for a few moments before sinking both of his paws into it and heaving it up just as an experiment. Both of his arms sank in up to their elbows, and threatened to sink more into the years of overindulgent meals and lethargy seeping over them. It was a truly revelatory experience, and he did it a couple more times just to truly relish the feeling of all of that fat in his paws. He one day wanted to be the size of the titan before him, but for now would settle with pleasuring him instead. ‘Settling’ was a bad word for how he felt about getting Sasuke off though, for it was far more than that to the beagle. To be able to suck off and tease and fondle all of that fat and the endowment beneath it almost felt like a privilege to Range, and he intended to make it an experience that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.

He slowly worked his way towards Sasuke’s massive package, burrowing his head under the massive, sagging sack of fat draping off the front of the wolfdragon. He sniffed around for the scent of musk which the fattened beast gave off so strongly, trying to find its source so that he could get down to making the hybrid squirm. He took his time though, making sure to knead any and every roll of fat which was between him and his destination with tender, gentle paws. Grope, nose, lick, push, repeat; that was how the beagle made progress through the sea of fat he was tasked with navigating, and it was working quite well. Such careful touches to his incredibly sensitive underbelly made Sasuke whimper and moan with pleasure as his tail twitched behind him. The scent of his musk grew stronger as well, as the feeling of Range getting closer was stimulating him more and more. The wolfdragon was putting no effort into helping the beagle either; he thought that he shouldn’t have to move at that point, nor could he move effectively thanks to just how incredibly fat he was. So there he sat, rubbing his belly and moobs in lazy circles as he panted, moaned, and whimpered in arousal while the beagle burrowed further and further into the sweaty depths of his crotch

In spite of the lack of effort from the wolfdragon, Range found his prize after a few minutes of ‘searching’. He had known where to go the entire time, but drawing out the process made the entire experience better, and it also gave Sasuke a while to warm up before the main event. The wolfdragon had indeed warmed up, his entire length rather hard and poking up against the huge ball of fat above it. His know slowly pulsed as it readied to tie itself to something, whether that be Range’s muzzle or just the air itself. Range announced his presense at that spot by giving the length in front of him a long, warm lick to the tip. That incited a loud groan from the wolfdragon, who retaliated with a rough buck against the canine’s muzzle. They were both ready and eager to go at it like the animals they were, so Range wrapped his maw tightly around the wolfdragon’s cock head and licked at it again in a slow, swirling motion. Another loud groan, and then Sasuke bucked for real into Range’s mouth

The hybrid’s first buck was forceful, and nearly knocked the canine right off the cock he had lodged in his muzzle. He did choke on it somewhat, coughing once it had receded back at the bottom of the hybrid’s stroke. The short bursts of air from the coughs on the wolfdragon’s cock were nearly as enticing as the beagle’s licks, but Sasuke had to resist the urge to go down again for more. Range coughed a couple more times, then gave another enticing lick to the member in his muzzle so that Sasuke would know to begin again. Not wasting even a second, he did, and this time he did not choke the poor canine. This was in part due to range expecting it this time, and part from the fact that he was now clutching the fat he had been kneading as paw-holds to keep himself anchored to the wolfdragon, and moving with him rather than against him. Holding onto Sasuke was like clinging to jello though, as he was always moving in some way or another and didn’t have much to truly grip and grab ahold of that didn’t pass through your fingers. Range didn’t mind that though, as he just held on and kept his licking going as best he could.

Sasuke was like a steam engine; it took him a while to get going, but once he was going, it would take an act of the Gods to stop him. He was rocking back and forth on his immense ass, much to the displeasure of the couch, as he humped away into Range’s muzzle. The poor sofa whined and creaked and complained as a couple tons of wolfdragon wobbled forward and back aggressively, as holding him up without the constant motion and shifts of weight was enough of a task. Neither Sasuke nor Range paid the couch’s complaints any heed though, as they were both too lost in the heat of the moment to care about such petty things. Range was so busy using his muzzle and footpaws to pleasure the hybrid however he could that any sounds aside from his own breath were drowned out. Sasuke was absolutely lost in bliss, his actions all entirely instinctual as he was putting what little brain power he had retained into controlling his orgasm for as long as he could. He wanted the experience to last, and that meant not going off too early in spite of how incredibly good Range had gotten at servicing him.

Range was utterly incredible too, with his footpaws massaging the wolfdragon’s basketball-sized balls and his mouth and tongue doing utterly insane things to Sasuke’s cock. It was as if he had sprouted 3 more paws and was using them all to great effect, which was a very hard thing to resist. It was heaven for the hybrid, and with Range holding the keys to that heaven, he made sure to keep it as perfect as possible. His touches were all as gentle and light as he could get them to be, his clinging paws never dug uncomfortably into Sasuke’s thin-skinned underbelly, and he made sure to never do the same thing to the same area more than a few times. He also was maintaining a constant, rapid pace with his strokes, licks, and rubs. It was utter poetry in motion to watch him work beneath the wolfdragon, but to even see him was a task as there was just so much fat all around him; his handiwork was covered up from everyone’s view, including Sasuke’s. The wolfdragon could feel it though, and that was all that mattered to him as it felt leaps and bounds beyond amazing.

The beagle’s efforts were rewarded a few mere minutes later with a large leak of pre into his awaiting muzzle. He gulped down whatever he could get of the wolfdragon’s pre, hoping it would have the same effect on him as the huge beast’s seed. It did not, but it did manage to fill his tummy a little bit, and that was results enough for him to redouble his efforts. His paws went into overdrive, no longer clutching onto the wolfdragon for balance and instead rubbing the entire length of the shaft that Range couldn’t squeeze into his mouth. His tongue set to work licking up and down the slit at the head of the wolfdragon’s cock. His feet took the most difficult task of all though: carefully rubbing over the painfully sensitive knot on Sasuke’s member to try and get the beast to release. Sasuke yelled out in lustful bliss at the sudden spike in pleasure, panting hard as he humped more against Range’s frame. Any semblance of control the hybrid had held had evaporated at that very instant, so it was just a matter of time now before Range’s true reward came gushing out. That didn’t phase Sasuke at all though, for he had lasted long enough and was far too deep in his own pleasure to care about that anymore.

Range didn’t have to wait long, for just a few rough thrusts later, Sasuke went off with a loud howl. Gallons of seed instantaneously poured out from his cock, spraying right into the beagle’s mouth. Range had braced for the sudden surge of liquid, and as such let very little spill from around his lips as he held onto that cocktip like it was his lifeblood. The wolfdragon had stopped humping and instead pushed against the beagle as hard as he dare while he came, his back arched and his body nearly entirely off the nearly-destroyed couch. Range’s expert fingerwork had slowed the moment he tasted Sasuke’s cum, but it had not stopped. The beagle believed that continuing his massaging would get more seed to come out and into him, and he was right as that stimulus was only keeping Sasuke rock-hard as his load came out in hot, sticky stream after hot, sticky stream.

Sasuke’s release was a monumental load, which not only bloated out the beagle within seconds, but kept right on fattening him up well past just filling his stomach. Range wanted that feeling of being absolutely bloated though, and utterly reveled in it. He felt his pride leaking pre after a few seconds of getting to have that feeling, and came himself shortly after, as he was still being filled with Sasuke’s cum. The canine had not let any escape his eager, hungry muzzle, and as such had received nearly 50 gallons of the stuff by that point. The flow was slowing, but the beagle didn’t care about that as he sloshed and wobbled deep beneath the sweating titan he had just pleasured. The reward of feeling so fat and bloated, of being a sloshing ball filled with cum, of nearly being crushed beneath Sasuke’s immense weight… It was all worth it in his mind, so he just relished the entire experience and basked in the afterglow of his own release.

Sasuke hit that point soonafter, collapsing back onto the couch with a loud THUD! The couch took that as the last straw though, and broke right in half under Sasuke’s massive rear. The wolfdragon went tumbling back onto the ground and landed with an even louder THUD than before; the whole room shook from that one in fact. Range came with him in his tumble, landing muzzle-first on Sasuke’s balls. That elicited a loud yelp from the wolfdragon, and an immediate retreat from the canine. Range knew the whole thing was an accident, but he still did not like the wolfdragon being hurt in any way whatsoever. He could barely move to check on Sasuke though, so he just stay where he was and put gentle kisses all over the area where he had landed. The hybrid groaned loudly from that, his member staying rock hard from such attention to his groin. That was a sign to Range that Sasuke was perfectly fine, and that was relief to him as he was worried that he may have actually hurt the hybrid. A few more kisses, and then Range was satisfied that Sasuke was indeed fine.

Once that satisfaction had set in, fatigue took hold of him as well. The familiar feeling had already come and given Sasuke a nice hello, as his eyes were shut and a low sigh rippled throughout his frame. He was still sweating and breathing heavily, but it was slowing as he came down from the sex high and the adrenaline of the fall. Range was coming down off that high as well, his eyes shutting as he lay below the massive beast that was now teetering on the edge of sleep. His spot deep in that cave of fat was warm, comfy, and even included a pillow from the collapsed couch… It was perfect for a nap in his mind. Napping on the floor on top of the remnants of their former sofa and still reeking of musky sex… Afterglow and the sleepy feeling that accompanied it for the two lazy, fat animals was enough to justify that. Besides, it was a rainy day, and no one does anything on rainy days. Well, almost no one.

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