A door-rattling belch echoed throughout the halls of Sasuke’s mansion, so loud that the wolfdragon was rubbing his ears after he finished letting the titanic burp out. “More…” was the only sound that followed the burp, and the green wolf that stood before the titanic glutton eagerly obeyed. There wasn’t much more left to be had, but that didn’t stop the minty canine from looking around in search of something, anything for the demigod of excessive overeating to consume.  The ravenous black hole of a wolfdragon had already made it through everything in the refrigerators, and the cupboards, and the pantry… The wolf would need to be creative if he was ever going to sate the overfed blob behind him. There were a few hidden stashes he could raid, but that was something that would need to be done as quickly as possible since the gluttonous wolfdragon’s stomach was already gurgling for more in spite of having been stuffed with everything that was readily available.

“There has to be something…,” the mint wolf muttered as he looked one last time through the cupboards. There was that, but it was only for emergencies, and this situation wasn’t quite an emergency just yet. An emergency would be when the wolfdragon started to whine and try to get food himself, then it would be time to give him that… And it looked like that time was growing ever closer as Sasuke started to slowly come out of his gluttonous haze. The much-smaller canine serving him started to get frantic, and ran for the nearest stash he could find; the one in the very back of the refrigerator. The small stash was normally just for the canine servant, but he was willing to forgo his stash in order to sate his master’s hunger, if only for a little while. The wolf’s own stomach gurgled with hunger as he reached into the hidden compartment in the back of the fridge and pulled out several small snacks, but he knew that he would get fed soon enough, so he did not sneak anything and instead rushed over to the immobilized wolfdragon with the paltry offering in his arms.

Sasuke saw the wolf approaching and stopped his grumbling, waiting patiently for the wolf to get over to him and climb the few steps up his immensely distended stomach in order to reach his mouth. The wolfdragon did grunt in light annoyance a couple times thanks to the canine’s feet pushing on his overblown stomach, but there was no pain, only discomfort from the food pushing back. He could smell the food by that point: a leg of ham, a small bit of pot roast, some candy, a sleeve of cookies… Nothing much in his eyes, but it would probably take even less than that for him to finally be full enough to call an end to lunch. His green canine companion didn’t seem to know that though, and gave the entire offering to the hungry beast all at once, rather than piece by piece. This wasn’t to say Sasuke minded that at all, but to be stuffed past his normal ‘capacity for fullness’ got him uncontrollably horny, and it was almost too early in the day to have yet another round of what had put a hole in the bedroom floor the night before. He still ate it all though with his usual speed and sloppiness, even eating a bit of the cookie wrapper in his gluttonous display, as turning down food was something he was incapable of doing.

“Full…” He mumbled, letting out another mansion-quaking belch as he rubbed as best he could at his incredibly swollen stomach. That leg of ham had really done it, and it felt indescribably good to be as full as he was. The needs of his mouth had been sated sufficiently now that he felt that way, but another part of his colossal frame started to need attention as he could feel his member swelling and growing warm between his tree-trunk thighs. “Go… Ge-UUUURRRRPPPP!! Ooooh… Get your… Meal…” Sasuke gurgled out those words as he sunk his head down into his many chins and just moaned in both overfed, pained ecstasy and animalistic lust.  The wolven servant heard that moan and smiled, knowing full well that his ‘meal’ was going to be a large one that day. He slowly made his way down the mountain of tight-yet-still-very-flabby wolfdragon, kissing and massaging whatever he could on his way down. More moans and light groans of pure bliss came from the enormous beast thanks to that attention, but of course he could do nothing to further it thanks to being completely and utterly immobilized from his own gluttony. The best that he could do was rub the small amounts of his sides that he could reach, and all that did was make him feel slightly more comfortable.

The green wolf finally made his way down to the bottom of the gigantic belly of the hybrid he had been servicing. He began to lick and kiss at the bottom of that belly, his paws rubbing at everything above him as he vainly tried to pick the whole thing up. Sasuke sloshed lethargically, letting out a loud groan at that feeling of his globular paunch being moved ever so slightly by the straining canine beneath it. The wolf felt as though he had the world in his paws, and though he didn’t, he did have a multi-ton piece of it in his arms. He loved that feeling, and held up the gut above him for a moment before he gave up and let his straining arms relax. The instant he let go, every ounce of the weight sagged once again back down, sloshing once more as it settled back down onto the floor beneath it. Its owner didn’t seem to mind at all; another moan coming from the wolfdragon as he felt his heft settle back into place. He was in his own little world, and it was up to the wolf who was so dutifully serving him to carve out a place in that world.

The canine had every intention of doing that, and began to wiggle his way beneath the mountain of fat above him. His destination: the wolfdragon’s musky groin, where the wolf had every intention of staying until he got his ‘meal’. That wiggling both tickled and further aroused Sasuke, thanks in no small part to just how sensitive his vast underbelly was to any forms of touching. Even when he wasn’t bloated, the beast would always enjoy skritches and rubs beneath the ponderous mass of fat which composed his titanic table muscle, and the wolf beneath him was no different. He murred then squirmed as much as his impossibly stuffed and amazingly fat frame could muster in response to all of the wolf’s efforts. It felt just fantastic as far as he was concerned, and he could only hope that the same was true for the wolf; which is by and large was. The feeling of the tons above him threatening to crush him like a grape, the scents of sweat and musk filling every single one of his labored breaths, the feeling of the slow rise and fall of the heft above him as Sasuke drew each deep breath in and out… It was a paradise for the mint-green canine, and he didn’t want to have to leave it ever if he had any say in it. He knew he would eventually though, as gluttonous wonders such as the wolfdragon wouldn’t feed and clean themselves. So instead, he just savored each and every second beneath the titan and kept on his journey towards said titan’s equally impressive endowment.

The ‘trip’ took just shy of a couple minutes, as squirming one’s way through far more than a yard of blubbery weighing down on all sides was far easier said than done. This is not to say that the wolf did not relish it all; on the contrary, he enjoyed every centimeter of progress he made. He just knew that he was on a time limit, which was short and had a strict penalty for failing to be met. He did meet it though, like always, and began to do what he did best; please the god above him. He started by kissing at the first part of Sasuke’s endowment he could see, then slowly working his way up to the tip. Once there, he started to lick and kiss at it lightly while his paws moved to rub along its entire length. Using his bare fingertips, the wolf simply rubbed as lightly as he could; trying his hardest to barely touch the massive wolfdragon cock so as to illicit the most pleasure from its owner. The moans he got in response to his kisses, licks, and very light fondling could barely be heard beneath the several layers of adipose the wolf was beneath, but even what little the canine heard was enough to spur him on to being more aggressive. His kisses got faster and more varied, his licks becoming intertwined with the kisses, and his member-massaging paws were soon joined by his footpaws, which very lightly rubbed around the base of Sasuke’s cock.

Panting and throbbing now with lust, Sasuke tried his hardest to buck against the small wolf deep beneath him, but only succeeded in wobbling somewhat. That light wobble was enough to make him leak a generous amount of pre onto the canine though, which gave away just how close to climax he indeed was. The feeding had to have been better and more filling than even the green canine had predicted, as normally it would take the wolfdragon nearly ten minutes of being attended to in order to get himself off. The wolf didn’t mind though, and began to actually suckle on the head of Sasuke’s member as much as he could. He could feel his jaw stretching in a vain attempt to try and get the whole head into his muzzle, but that vaguely painful sensation paled in comparison to just how good the payoff would feel. That payoff was what drove him to continue to rub and massage and knead at the wolfdragon’s groin wherever he could with all fours; it was his ‘meal’ after all. So with an uncomfortable jaw, a very contorted and crunched position, and a rank, obese glutton above him, the wolf stayed clamped to and attentive to the member in his maw.

Soon after the wolfdragon came, and it was a load of biblical proportions. The sheer force of Sasuke’s release was enough to nearly knock the wolf back out from under that titanic belly entirely, but the canine fought the current and instead just had his muzzle separated from the tip. It was enough, though, to allow cum to spew out all over the wolf, the hybrid’s underbelly, and of course the insides of the wolf’s muzzle. That wouldn’t stand as far as the canine would concerned though, so in spite of seed spewing out like a fire hose on full, he clamped right back on as fast as he was able and began to guzzle it all down with gusto. His paws continued to rub at the huge member they held onto so tightly, and his footpaws just rubbed at the balls which were churning out his meal like a well-oiled machine. Those rubs and the light suckling to try and get all that he could went waves of pleasure through the immense wolfdragon above him, and that in turn made him cum even more into the wolf’s eager maw. Each and every drop that he could get his greedy muzzle on went right into him too; proving his own gluttony in the process.

Thanks to the tongue and suckling that came with the hunger for more, Sasuke could not be happier with that voracious display from the wolf. He was in a mental state of bliss which could not be described at all by mortal words, and he wouldn’t try. He had every single one of his carnal desires satisfied at that moment, and it was mind-alteringly sensual. He could feel every single little thing the wolf did, and not one of those actions stemmed the tide of arousal or satisfaction he was feeling. It was like every touch, every breath, every pound, every drop… All of it was coming back and concentrating into nothing but one-hundred percent bodily pleasure in the wolfdragon’s mind. He could not be more content, but at the same time, it was absolutely absurdly taxing on one’s system to be that high on a feeling. He could feel fatigue closing in on him, and it was not something which he wanted to succumb to just yet, so instead he simply tried focusing even more so on the wolf beneath him with what waning attention he could muster.

The wolf had no problem with that whatsoever, and relished any extra attention or care that he could get deep underneath Mt. Sasuke. Sasuke’s spurts of spunk were becoming more and more sparse as he emptied of seed. The wolfdragon was starting to sag more atop the wolf as well, indicating to the canine that the giant above him was giving in to sleep. Not wanting that to happen just yet, the wolf began to suckle more aggressively to see what little bits of seed that he could still coax out of Sasuke. He was able to get one more little bit into his muzzle, but by and large the wolfdragon was empty and what the wolf had gotten was all he was going to get. He accepted that with one final suck that came up dry, and detached himself from the softening length he had so desperately clung to in an attempt to get every ounce of his meal. He was covered in that ‘meal’ too; it had seeped into his fur and started to dry somewhat, clumping together and making him both stinky and rank with Sasuke’s overbearing musk. He didn’t mind that at all though, and instead yawned softly as he got himself comfortable beneath the now-sleeping titan he had just pleasured.


The wolf was awoken with a start as Sasuke shifted in his sleep. The wolf still felt incredibly bloated by his colossal meal, but he did not mind that feeling at all and instead reveled in it as best he could. He rubbed over his swollen belly lazily, trying his hardest to not disturb the sleeping giant above him as he did so. That belly was far larger than it had been, stretched tight still in spite of having a few solid hours of napping to try and digest the dozens of gallons of cum which resided in it. The sloshing feeling of the several gallons still remaining as the wolf played with his girth like a pup with a new chew toy felt incredibly pleasurable to him. He wanted that joy to stay with him, so he kept on playing with that gut of his for a few long minutes before he truly began to stir. Morning wood was what also led him to stir, but he would deal with that once he was out from under the wolfdragon… Which would be soon if he had anything to do with that.

Getting out from under Sasuke without waking the huge beast was somewhat of a task. The glutton’s belly was still incredibly sensitive from his monumental feed, and even though he was still in a deep sleep, enough jostling would create a huge burp which may wake him. The wolf had seen that happen, and if it happened when no food was prepared to put the massive fatty back to sleep… It was not a good thing. The canine had developed a system for worming his way out as gingerly as he could, but with all that he had gained from both the massive intake of cum and the sheer amount of poundage that living with the glutton had added to his frame, it was not as easy task. Lots of squirming, careful breathing, and moments of lying still to let his own sloshing girth settle as well as the wolfdragon’s were in his immediate future, and he relished it. Every bit of contact with the wolfdragon, and every moment he got to spend beneath the massive beast; each was special to him, as well as incredibly arousing.

So he started to worm his way out, slowly but surely squirming out towards the light which he could barely see feet in front of him. It was utterly amazing in his mind that Sasuke could be so gargantuanly fat and still not only crave to grow larger, but be able to move his arms with relative ease; his legs were a lost cause thanks to the sheer amount of adipose which encased them, both on them and from his mammoth rump and belly. Yet his arms had escaped all of that somehow, in spite of being nearly as big around as the wolf’s waistline when he had begun living with the gluttonous deity. The amount of muscle in them had to be incredible, but yet Sasuke seemed to never care about that at all. His main concern was always to be eating more, and to always be living at the height of gluttony and excess. He did have a very kind and gentle side, and he knew when limits needed to be respected. He didn’t find need to respect limits very often though, as he knew that money could solve nearly every problem, and he had oodles of it.

The wolfdragon’s oodles of cash, and where exactly it all came from, settled into the wolf’s mind as he neared the exit to the ‘belly cave’. He had never known where all that money came from, but he had never questioned it either as there was a nagging suspicion in his mind that questioning it would make it all go away. Sasuke had never given him evidence that this would be the case, but the lingering suspicion was there for the wolf to have to worry about simply from his own nervousness. He had to imagine that the money came from the various things the wolfdragon was invested in, but was it really all that much? How had he amassed that empire? Who took- No, he needed to stop digging through this in his mind, as it was not necessary for him to be thinking such things. He was going to get upset and over think them and then the life he had worked so hard to truly create and enjoy would be ever so slightly tarnished… And that was not something that he would tolerate. So he pushed any thought that the wolfdragon’s finances were illegitimate out of his mind, quelled his curiosity, and regained his focus on getting out from under Mt. Belly.

He was almost there by that point, his muzzle peeking out from beneath the vast folds of fat above him. A few more wiggles and grunts, and then an arm poked out from beneath the expansive belly possessed by the wolfdragon. Another wiggle, another arm was present. That was all the wolf needed to pull himself out, albeit slowly as he still was trying his utmost not to wake the wolfdragon above him. His attempts to get out involved a lot of clawing and scratching at the floor, as well as some rather delicate scrambling of his feet beneath all that flab… But he got out eventually, and the wolfdragon stayed asleep, so he was successful in all senses of the word. The wolf thought little of that success though, and simply smiled to himself as he carefully waddled his way to the bathroom, cradling his sloshing gut all the way. He was going to need a shower, and the wolfdragon would need a bath as well… So he needed to get those things ready. Then there was the next meal to worry about, and the cleaning up of the last one…


Sasuke awoke nearly two hours after the green wolf had, belching loudly as his eyes opened. He then yawned and stretched as best as a barely-mobile beast could before surveying what was in front of him through still-sleepy eyes. Everything was back into place, he had been cleaned up from top to bottom, and there were a few pots of something cooking on the stove… Pasta and sauce from the smell of it. He instinctively tried to stand, but after a second of struggling remembered his predicament and settled back into his immense bulk. Wiggling into a comfortable position on a rear as wide as a car was not at all a task for him, but trying to lift it had most definitely been a task he regretted. His legs were stiff as it was, and then trying to get them to lift well over three tons of adipose was just like trying to lift a car with a small tree; you may budge it, but the tree would hate you for it if it survived. So Sasuke settled further into his fattened frame and just groaned softly, trying feebly to soothe the aching feeling in his strained legs as he sat there. Rubbing them against his sagging rump and underbelly worked quite well, and it took just a moment or two of doing that for any discomfort to fade back into being slightly annoying rather than glaringly obvious and irritating.

The canine came back into the room at that point, mumbling something to himself as he made his way back over to the stove. Sasuke said nothing, just watching the canine go about his business in silence and not trying to interfere. It wasn’t as if he was truly hungry yet; breakfast had left him still somewhat sated after his couple hour nap. He could use something to eat though, and the wolf would have to give it to him soon enough… And whether that soon enough would be within the next few seconds or minutes were to be determined by how attentive the green canine was. Sasuke hadn’t been let down before, so he just sat and waited while idly rocking back and forth on his titanic rear.

That rocking made most of his frame jiggle quite a bit, his many love handles and back rolls of flab shaking and slapping into one another as they shifted with every movement the wolfdragon made. His moobs rose and fell with every side-to-side motion he made, the lard-filled sacs nearly the size of an average fur. They paled in comparison to the wolfdragon’s belly and rear, but they still were quite something to see, and were the biggest bit of him that stayed constantly in motion as he rocked. This wasn’t to say that the planet of a belly or the twin moons of ass the wolfdragon had didn’t move or quake; they did, it was just that moving something that large required more effort than the wolfdragon wanted to expend. He had no reason to move them either, and rocking wasn’t going to move them… So they stayed stationary for the most part, the ripples on their oceanic surfaces being the only reminder that they still could move at all. It was a hypnotic sight for anyfur who found fat to be even remotely attractive, and with undulating rolls of fat even moving in his chins, there was a lot of fat on Sasuke to be attracted to.

The wolf was busy humming to himself making a platter of éclairs when he spotted the Sasuke moving. “Oh my, I didn’t even notice you were awake m’lord.” The green canine came over bearing the plate of treats right away; having only just noticed the wolfdragon was awake and wobbling in wait. He climbed up a few steps onto Sasuke’s rotund girth to reach the wolfdragon’s muzzle, then began to feed him the chocolate-coated treats one at a time almost instantly. He was careful to make little mess, going so far as to lick up anything Sasuke didn’t get into his muzzle between sticky, drooling bites. He did not try and interrupt the wolfdragon’s feed though, as doing that once there was food to be eaten could be quite the dangerous game to play. He had once nearly been eaten, so he was intimately familiar with that fact. He didn’t intend to make that mistake this time though, so he kept up the flow of treats until all twenty-or-so pastries were inside the wolfdragon, well on their way to being turned into even more lard.

“Mmmm, thank you Lobo. What’s for my mid-morning snack, it smells incredible.” Sasuke smiled as Lobo climbed off of him and then scampered back to cooking as fast as around 500 pounds of wolf could scamper. He almost didn’t hear the question thanks to the thoughts of what else to cook now racing through his head, but he caught it and needed to come up with a response quick. He wasn’t sure what it was going to be, but really, as long as the wolfdragon was munching on something… Maybe it was time for a little bit of that. Being without help prepping food as he was that day (it was a holiday), he had a hard time conjuring up a full meal at the speed which he needed to. So 4 meals with liberal does of that would have to work for today… He would try his hardest to make up for it the next day.

“That’s lunch that you smell God, I will go and get you your hose for your mid-morning snack.” A high-pressure feeding hose was that, and it was something that Lobo hated to use unless he absolutely had to. Sasuke often would just get so lost in it that he would pay little attention to much else, and the wolf always wound up feeling neglected as a result of it. He wasn’t, and often the sex during those intense feeding sessions was beyond compare, but it wasn’t a feeling he truly enjoyed… He wanted a more intimate experience of stuffing Sasuke until the wolfdragon had trouble breathing, and the feeding tube didn’t give him that choice. It wasn’t as if he could do anything about it though, thanks to being so understaffed and having a gluttonous god on his paws. That in mind, he went to the refrigerator and got the nozzle out, pulling the hose along with it towards the wolfdragon.

Sasuke’s tail was wagging sluggishly as he watched that happen, since he quite liked the feeding tube; it kept pace with him every time. He had no intention of slowing down either, even though breakfast still sat heavily in his belly. This was his mid-morning snack after all… He only wanted to be mostly full and not struggling to make words, think clearly, and breathe from being so blissfully stuffed. Meals were for that. He needed to remember that though, as it was food that he was about to start having… And he always lost control when it came to food; he was a god of gluttony after all, and a true glutton doesn’t know self-control when it comes to consumption. That consumption could be anything as well: sex, food, wealth, power… Anything that he could get his paws on to consume he did, but that is another story for another time. Right now, he was starting to eat, and the feeling of euphoria that always came from eating was quickly starting to creep up into him as Lobo started to climb his belly with the hose in his paw.

The minty wolf strapped the hose on before climbing back down, waddling back over to the fridge to turn on the spigot and let the wolfdragon start his gorging. He turned it straight to Sasuke’s normally-desired speed, letting the flow kick in and making sure it was good enough before he went back to cooking. He didn’t see any response from the wolfdragon, which was a good sign as it meant that he had, sank right into his eating trance that overtook him every time the hose got strapped onto his muzzle. Deep murrs and groans of pleasure were all that would come from the titan for the entire time now, as he was completely sedated and so lost in his own bliss that he was essentially high. Getting him down off that eating high was a challenge, but Lobo was quite a master at it by this point, so it was only going to be a matter of him doing it well a little later once it was time for the wolfdragon’s second nap. That would be a little sooner than normal too, as Sasuke had slept longer than normal for his first nap of the day.


The day continued like that, with lunch going off perfectly and the pre-dinner snack going just as well as the mid-morning snack. Sasuke hadn’t put up any sort of a fight for either time coming off of his hose, which was slightly unusual for him as he normally got pouty at it for a short while. Lobo had gotten better at his coaxing and caretaking though, so he just chalked it up to that and went about feeding the wolfdragon like normal. His idea of ‘normal’ feedings were nearly two hours long and consisted of enough food to feed a small village for weeks on end though. Nothing was normal about that type of a situation, but it was something that was a part of the beast’s reality, so it was as normal as could be. He got all the food he could eat and all the yiff he could handle as a result of it too, so it was quite the reality for him to live in… Telling what most considered being normal to go screw and having these things replace them was a blessing as far as he was concerned.

Sasuke let out a massive belch; jolting him out of his thought and making him smile at the god who loomed over him. The massive hybrid just looked fatter after the 5 huge meals he had eaten that day. It was hardly possible for someone his size to look fatter, but somehow Sasuke pulled it off thanks to just how much he had consumed. This had been a trend over the past couple weeks that Lobo had begun to notice in the wolfdragon too, as it was starting to take a bit more reach to get up to his muzzle, and a bit more food to temporarily sate the huge hybrid’s hunger. This wasn’t a bad thing at all as far as Lobo could see it, but it was something that he had noticed and remembered in the back of his mind, as this was the first day that it was truly noticeable. It could just have been gas though, giving him the look of being so overfed and bloated that a change in his size was tangible… Lobo didn’t think about it more than that though; he remembered his rule from earlier in the day.

“Lobo… Time foURRRRPPP… Your reward.” Sasuke grunted that out as he smirked down at the wolf through lids of eyes and with both drool and chunks of food hanging from his muzzle. Sasuke made no claims of being a neat or tidy eater, and it showed simply by the sweat and grunting alone from his feeding, let alone the absolute mess his chins, cheeks, and muzzle had become since being cleaned right before the meal; there was probably a plateful of food there alone. Lobo didn’t complain about it, as he knew Sasuke was eating as much as he could as fast as he could, but he didn’t want his god to become a reeking, sloppy mess. That little complaint was all that Lobo had with Sasuke, and it was so trivial that not only did the wolf never speak to it, but he oftentimes would help promote it by cooking messy foods for the wolfdragon to truly splurge on and get himself into his messy, pig-like state. All that mattered was that the wolfdragon was content, everything else was secondary… And Sasuke was content when he was a messy slob.

Lobo didn’t have time to clean though, as he slid down off the wolfdragon’s shelf of a belly and slowly made his way beneath the plateau of fat he had been under 3 times that day already. He started in feet-first this time though, and instantly it was clear what his plans were. Sasuke had given him permission for it, and as such Lobo wanted to take full advantage of any opportunity to be plowed by his god that he could. It wasn’t going to be easy or truly comfortable for both of them, as rocking for Sasuke in as full of a state as he was in would be a challenge, and taking a cock the size of his body could utterly break Lobo… But both of them wanted it more than anything at that time, so they both just threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a go. To get fucked by his god was an ultimate pleasure for Lobo and his nude form, so he had never once been nervous about it nor apprehensive once Sasuke had agreed to it. The wolfdragon had been the one to throw up concern, as he did not want to hurt Lobo, but Lobo was convincing, and Sasuke was a kind deity.

Lobo didn’t need to back in too far before he felt Sasuke’s cock pushing against his rear. He spread his cheeks as wide as he could and kept back up, crying out as he felt the huge tip press against his very tight rear. Sasuke felt it too, moaning loudly as he slowly pushed forward into Lobo. Lobo’s cries of both pain and pleasure came through the feet of fat which separated him and Sasuke, but fell on largely deaf ears; Sasuke had no intention of stopping until he was finished. Lobo didn’t want him to stop either, for through all the pain, there was a deep-rooted bliss which was taking hold in his mind and causing him to ignore all the pain of it entirely. He didn’t know where it came from, or where it would lead him, but he didn’t care; he was being stuffed by Sasuke, and that was the only thought in his head. Even as Sasuke pushed further and further into the wolf, spreading his hole wider than it had ever gone before several times over. Even as the wolfdragon was finally in enough to really start going deep into Lobo. None of that phased the wolf whatsoever, he was still just lost in his own blissful pleasure, and that is where he would stay until Sasuke was done with him.

Sasuke had no intention of finishing quickly; as it wasn’t often that he got to pound out a tailhole, so he wanted to savor Lobo’s. The fact that the wolf was so tantalizingly tight, and that Sasuke was so stuffed from his meal that he was horny to begin with made the whole thing that much better for the wolfdragon, but made him less likely to last for a very long time. He didn’t seem to think of that though, as he took his time getting deeper into Lobo on his first thrust. He was making sure that the wolf could handle him, entirely, and did it as patiently as he could since he didn’t want to hurt Lobo too badly. The cries of pleasure gave away that he wasn’t hurting the green canine too badly, but every scream of pain was enough to make him consider backing off; he didn’t want to harm his best servant too much. Sasuke was thinking only of himself with that motivation mostly though, as he knew hurting Lobo would lead to fewer meals and less food coming into him, and that just wouldn’t do for a god of gluttony.

He eventually made it in up to his knot though, which he brushed against Lobo’s hole to tease the wolf before backing off to start pounding into the wolf. How Sasuke moved at that incredible weight was a sight to be seen; he shifted his entire frame back and forth like a rocking chair of sorts. It took a few tries, during which he made sure to not leave Lobo’s hole at all, but he got himself going like a pendulum and then concentrated on both maintaining and speeding up that momentum. The first stroke was the hardest for him always though, as he had to really get some momentum built up to keep the friction from stopping him, as well as try his utmost to keep his belly mostly still so Lobo would have something to cling to so that he wouldn’t go flying out from beneath him. Sasuke was an expert though, so Lobo didn’t go flying and the wolfdragon was able to get himself started correctly into pounding in Lobo’s innards.

Lobo’s screams of pleasure were consistent as Sasuke really got into what he was doing. He rocked literal feet back and forth on his fat base, ramming into Lobo with enough force to send both their bodies quaking liberally. It wasn’t as if he was trying to hurt the wolf; Sasuke was just an aggressive fur who was taking full advantage of the smaller fur beneath him. He was doing it quite well too, each one of his long, powerful thrusts pounding hard into Lobo and pushing both of them into deep realms of pleasure which they only got to on rare occasions. Sasuke got there a lot more often than Lobo did, but it was something that he still treasured nonetheless as he tried to speed up his humping of Lobo’s absolutely pillaged rear. Sweat pouring from his frame, each breath short and burning, all of his under-used muscles on fire… Speeding up was going to be an absolute challenge for the overworked blob, but he wanted to do it, and damn if he wasn’t going to.

It was as he sped up that his rhythm began to deteriorate. His strokes in became more erratic, and he never quite got far enough out of Lobo at the base of each one. He didn’t care though; he was nearing his end already as pre slowly seeped out of the head of his throbbing, rock-solid cock. He had been hard as hell even before Lobo had gone down in front of him, but now that he had spent several minutes just pillaging the canine, he was ready to go off like a cannon. He wanted to wait, he wanted to save it and make the wolf last longer, but he just wasn’t going to make it. He could feel his load building up as his balls pulsed deep inside him, churning up a load which made the one earlier look like a little dribbling of nothing. More pre came out as his thrusts got more erratic still, shaking poor Lobo every which way and beating the senses out of his rear and innards. Sasuke couldn’t keep that up though; it was just a matter of time.

That time came less than a minute later, and with one very hard thrust the wolfdragon tied himself to the green canine and came buckets. The thrust and resulting release was so hard that Lobo spat out cum almost instantly, the load too much for him to hold inside him as it came out his mouth like a sea of white drool. The wolf barely noticed that though, as he came that instant as well all over both himself and a part of Sasuke’s enormous balls. He was so far-gone into his own blissful trance that spitting up cum and being tied to a cock that filled him almost completely only prompted him to close his mouth to keep cum from seeping out, nothing more. Sasuke’s seed still did spill from the wolf though, out his shut lips and nose like an overflowing bag. The green canine was indeed starting to resemble that too, as he bloated out significantly within just seconds of Sasuke’s initial release of gallons upon gallons of cum. It filled him utterly, leaving no empty space whatsoever, and since Lobo wasn’t letting it escape anymore, he started to stretch out to accommodate it. His belly took the brunt of it, blowing out like a balloon and straining to hold all the cum inside of it.

There was a lot more still to be put into the wolf though courtesy of the wolfdragon, and it came out in long, powerful blasts which threatened to make the wolf pop. Lobo held firm though, moaning and gurgling from being so bloated and the pleasure that came from that. Getting fucked by his god had put him on cloud nine, the size of the cock had further pushed him onto it, and now being so full of cum that his body was literally nearing its bursting point to contain it all… If there was a cloud ten, he had ascended to it. Bursting did not even occur to him at that point, but as his fur began to thin and the sloshing and gurgling became more of the noises he made, it was apparent that it could be a possibility for the cum balloon body he now possessed. He didn’t mind though, because even if he possessed the capability to care, he wouldn’t have used it for fear of spilling out loads of wolfdragon seed… And that was just unacceptable to him.

Luckily for him, Sasuke’s load came to an end just as Lobo hit critical mass. His skin creaked and moaned, stretched to its maximum potential. He sloshed and wobbled, barely able to hold still at all as the liquid inside him took a life of its own and moved about willy-nilly. Sasuke still being tied to him ensured that he wasn’t going anywhere for a long time, but even if the wolfdragon had detached, it wasn’t as if Lobo could move; his limbs were useless, and he was utterly immobilized in every sense of the word. Cum seeped from every orifice on his body, dripping from his mouth and nose especially as he lay there. Sasuke had settled atop him, forcing that cum out faster as his weight settled back atop the poor, impossibly-bloated wolf like a rock on a water-balloon. It was a feeling unlike any other Lobo had ever experienced, and he craved it now… This would have to become a regular thing for him as it was just too good not do ever again. Sasuke secretly agreed with that sentiment, but would not openly admit it to the wolf simply because of how tiring the whole ordeal had been for him.

It had, in actual fact, been tiring for the both of them. Lobo’s eyes had drifted shut as soon as he felt Sasuke’s immense girth settle atop him, and Sasuke had kept his eyes shut since the time he had hilted and cum into the green canine. Both of them were sweating profusely, panting to try and take in what little air they could get, and basking in one of the best after-glows either had experienced in a long time. It was heaven, and each was having their own version of it as sleep came to take them both off to dreams which would be filled with equally-as-arousing ideas. Neither wanted to succumb to sleep just yet though, as they both wanted their blissful moment to last just a little while longer. It couldn’t be that way though, since fatigue was quite the powerful adversary for the two exhausted beasts, and one which neither could hope to defeat.

Sasuke was the first asleep, sinking his head into his many chins and just murring lightly to himself as he waddled off to dreamland. He was going to be asleep for a long time, as the whole romp had gotten him more tired than he had been in a long time. Lobo fell asleep soon after, rumbling loudly as his stomach kicked back in and started to try to make sense of all that had been forced into it. It was an utterly impossible task short-term, so Lobo’s nap would be quite the long one as his body made sense of what to do with all the cum stretching him to his limit deep beneath Mt. Sasuke. The pair hadn’t untied before their nap, but that didn’t matter to either one of them; they were rarely separated anyways. That didn’t matter though; the day was over, they were fast asleep, and well on their way to another day of sex, food, and more sex. Their ‘normal’ life of slave and master, servant and lord, feeder and feedee… It was one both of them loved, and whatever you wanted to call it, it was their reality, and they were happy in it.

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