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Sweat and panting were all that came from the dragon as put down his final weight. He had been working out for over an hour, and it was about time for him to head to his first class of the day. That first class was in about forty minutes across campus, so it gave the white-and-blue scaley just enough time to shower and get himself over there. He wanted to keep going, to keep pushing himself to get more muscle mass onto his beefed up frame, but there was no more time left before class. It was a bit of a sad thing for him, to not be able to work out more… But what could he do? He didn’t bother dwelling on that though, and instead simply shrugged it off and began to make his way to the locker room. There, he could shower and get ready to bring on the day.

“Eh Red, whatcha doin’ still here?” It was one of the jocks of the gym, a regular who was there even more than Andy, and who seemed to have an issue with the wind dragon. This issue was unknown to Andy, as he had never really gotten into any sort of trouble with anyone there, but… Everyone needs someone to pick on, he guessed, so he was it for this particular bear.

“Just getting in a work out before class Jorge, nothing special,” Andy said truthfully. The bear seemed to buy that and let him go to the locker room, and that set off red flags for Andy. He had never just been allowed to sneak by the bully without some snide remark or some sort of shoving or taunting. It was never enough to warrant retaliation, but it had always been annoying to him, so to not get that annoyance… Something was wrong. Andy didn’t know what Jorge had planned, but he was already worried about it since he had never gotten to just sneak by the bully. He was tempted to just ask so he would know what to expect, but letting Jorge know that he was on to him could not end well… So he instead just decided to ignore it for now, and keep a watchful eye throughout the day in case something were to come up. He wanted to keep one especially for the locker room he was about to enter, since the bear had just left there after all.

Andy cautiously peered into the door, looking around for anything that was out of place. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so the dragon stepped into the room and looked around some more. Everything was where he had left it, including his bag which he had just left sitting on the bench. He wished he hadn’t then, but thinking ahead to prevent pranks had never been something the dragon had excelled at. He didn’t see anything that could have been a prank either, so instead of trying to continue his cautious looking, he just walked gingerly over to his bag and started to look through it. Everything he had left there was there, nothing changed or out of place, and that was enough to let him finally relax. The prank that he suspected wouldn’t be until later in the day apparently, and that was good enough for him… He didn’t want to have to worry about anything this early in the day, and especially before he had showered after his workout.

Looking at the clock, it turned out that Andy didn’t have time for a shower that morning. He just would have to settle for a ‘cowboy bath’, so he grabbed a towel and headed over to the sink. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for Andy, since he was usually so obsessed with his workouts that he lost track of time, and had more than once been late to class as a result of that. The lack of time meant he would have to eat as he bathed as well, so his meager breakfast of a sole energy bar would have to do it. He sometimes had more, but this wasn’t a day on which he had time to get more to eat. So into the shower area he went to wet his towel, tearing at the wrapper to the thin bar as he walked. He hated the taste of the tiny bars, but that was the price one paid for a body like his; one which bordered on being a greek god. He had to pass a mirror on the way to the washroom, and at he stopped to admire that body which he worked so hard on day in and day out.

With a chiseled chin, perfectly sculpted abs, rippling arms, firm pecs, and a rump which could crush cans, the wind dragon was in absolutely pristine shape. He flexed once and smiled proudly, watching his arm bulge out to dizzying proportions which had taken years to reach, and a nearly religious training regimen to maintain. With his arm still raised, the wind dragon then stretched his chest to really flaunt those pecs to the mirror and, by extenstion, his own ego.  He only held that pose for a moment, letting his paw fall back to his side as he looked down at his abs and smiled proudly. Those were his crowning achievement, as they had taken the longest by far to create, and were the hardest to maintain thanks to his rather slow metabolism. He had been told it was thanks to working out, but that hardly phased him; it just made working out and beating the odds his body had stacked against him that much sweeter. It was a contest for him of sorts, and as he gave one more flex with both arms in a hulking position to really show off for an invisible audience, he felt that he was winning it paws down.

Satisfied by his own little show, he turned to head back to the shower when he began to feel thirsty. The bar he had for breakfast usually made him thirsty, but like this… It was unusual, but he hadn’t been drinking as much water as he should have that morning, so he thought nothing of it as he made it to the sink. He put his towel over the side of the metallic basin and turned the water on as he got there. He then reached a paw in and carefully put it under the running liquid, catching a healthy amount in his cupped palm before he brought it to his muzzle. He repeated that simple process a few more times before stopping and letting out a sigh. His thirst sated temporarily, he took ahold of his towel again and put it under the stream of water, where it stayed for a long moment. Andy hummed quietly to himself, waiting patiently as he let the towel get soaked enough for him to use before removing it from the running water and wringing it out quite liberally.

Once he had his towel damp and ready to use, he began to wipe himself off in a lazy pattern. Under his scaly arms, around his waist, over his hard chest… It was hard for him to keep going in some spots as just rubbing over those muscles was too enticing a proposition for him. He kept at it though, making sure to be thorough and get himself as clean as he could with the towel in spite of a few pauses to really scrub a couple areas. He could feel his groin stir as he lingered a little too long on his left bicep in particular, and that prompted him to move on rather quickly. He didn’t want to get caught ‘tenting’ while in the locker room washing himself off, as that would just be something he wouldn’t ever live down. He already had a reputation of sorts in the gym for being one of the few openly interested in guys, and that alone was enough to harpoon a lot of his hopes on getting any amount of respect for his hard work. If they found out that he actually enjoyed his good looks too… Well, then he may as well just stop coming here entirely and try to work out from his dorm room.

He finished up quickly after the little incident, tossing the towel back over his shoulder as he reached down to grab at his breakfast bar. It wasn’t there though, so he took a quick look for it only to discover the wrapper in the trash. Had he eaten it? He didn’t remember ever even taking a bite of the thing while cleaning off, but apparently he had not only done that, but finished it too. He did tend to zone out during his grooming, so he chalked it up to that, but nonetheless found it a bit odd that he had no memory of eating the bar whatsoever. Time was not there for him to dwell on that though, so he simply left the wrapper in the trash and headed back over to his locker, and bag. He did pause at the mirror again as well on his way there to admire himself again, though it was a brief stop as he noted the time, and remembered that he couldn’t be late to his next class again or his professor would drop him.

Andy put his towel down beside his bag, and started to root around in the sack for his clean shirt when he felt that strong thirst from earlier rise in his throat again. It was almost painful this time, and Andy didn’t like any pain whatsoever outside of the usual strain that came from pushing one’s body to its limit. That led him right back over to the sink to start guzzling down water by the pawful, slurping rudely and splashing it all over his chest and face. He was getting more water onto him than in him that way, and since he was only getting thirstier as the seconds ticked by, he had to come up with a more efficient way to sate his needs. Breaking the sink and sticking his head under the spigot was not a wise idea, and there were no hoses around. A showerhead may work, but he was already in his good pants, and in spite of the overbearing thirst which clouded his mind, he was still sane enough to want to keep those dry.

He was not sane enough, however, to want to keep wearing them in order to do so, and thusly tossed both them and his underwear aside before bolting over to the shower in a blur of blue and white. He instantly spun the cold water on as high as it would go, then craned his neck as best he could and pulled on the metal nozzle in a futile attempt to get it closer to his maw. This merely succeeded in bringing his toes slightly off the ground, but it was a hair closer, and for the desperate dragon, that was enough. Opening his maw as wide as it could go in order to let as much water fall into it, the dragon hung in anticipation for the agonizing moments it took for the water to work its way to the top of the shower tubing and out the nozzle. It seemed to be an eternity for him, his aching, dry throat and complaining stomach just begging for liquid with all their might. The dragon wanted to sate them, and as the telltale burst of water from the showerhead gave away that the torrent of H2O was about to start, It was all Andy could do to not shout with glee.

It wasn’t water that greeted Andy though once the liquid started pouring from the shower, but rather something that tasted a lot like sweet milk. It was warm too, but tasted so incredibly good that the dragon got over his shock of getting a warm shower of milk almost instantly. The fact that there was something going into his maw to soothe his aching throat and stomach was also a blissful fact for Andy, which put him even more at ease as he gulped down the white substance muzzleful after muzzleful. He didn’t care that the slightly sticky liquid was coating his entire nude frame, or that he was drinking something that he had no idea what it really was: he was content to ignore all that just to enjoy the feeling of not being in pain and having a slightly warm, comforting shower. So there he stood, tail slightly twitching in happiness and liquid bathing his entire frame in a white sheen, just gulping down whatever his ravenous muzzle could hold.

It didn’t take long for something to click in Andy’s mind that the idyllic scene wasn’t as perfect as he initially saw it. He was feeling heavier than normal, and it was starting to strain his poor feet to be standing in the tips of his toes just to get those few scant inches closer to the nozzle which spewed out the liquid. He didn’t dare look down to see why he was feeling heavier, but as he relaxed his feet he could feel it. He felt something in him slosh around liberally at the movement he made. As he wasn’t feeling full yet, in spite of having consumed what he guessed to be possibly a gallon (In actual fact, several gallons) of the milk-like substance, he had no idea why his midsection sloshed about so much. Because he didn’t need to hold himself up any longer thanks to now standing on his flat feet, he ventured a paw gingerly down to survey the possible damage to his frame. The other followed suit, slowly descending from the showerhead and towards what he was sure were a strong set of abs possibly bulging slightly with the little bit of bloating that came from drinking so much.

His paws never even made it close, as they came to stop nearly a foot from where Andy expected them to on a somewhat soft, yet very round surface. The dragon knew full well what the surface was, as he could feel it pulsing and slowly swelling with every gulp he took, but he didn’t want to admit it to himself. He didn’t even want to look at it, rather just keeping his eyes focused on the nozzle and his brain doing its best not to panic. His figure was getting ruined with every swallow, and he now knew that, and yet he could not even bring himself to admit it; he couldn’t even make himself stop drinking the tasty white liquid. He feared that if he did his painful thirst would come back, and since this stuff did such a great job of sating that thirst when compared to water. He was also slowly becoming convinced that there had to be drugs in the liquid, and thusly they were not only addicting him to it, but preventing him from feeling full in spite of a belly that could better be served as a beach ball sprouting on his frame in mere minutes.

There was some other portion of it too, that he really didn’t want to admit to himself once the thought entered his mind. As his paws caressed over the vast sphere that was quickly becoming his torso, he felt a sort of love for that feeling that he had yearned for with his muscular build. Every work out had just never filled that void, and yet here was a feeling that was not only filling that void, but making it feel like it never existed. The wind dragon was trying his utmost not to get lost in the sensation of it, but as his paws had to stretch further and further out in front of him to caress the globular gut he was getting, and as he strained more and more to stay on his feet thanks to the sloshing ball being pulled more and more by gravity… It was a task that he knew he could not maintain. He almost wanted to lose himself to all of it; to succumb to what was filling him and just let the fact that he had been missing out on a truly revelatory experience be washed away in the wave of clarity that was clearing out his clouded mind. He was fighting it, fighting with all his might and didn’t know what to do in terms of how to truly take care of it, but he also knew that he was losing the battle.

The ‘fight’ he had come to realize he was going to need to have came to an end as fast as it began, and Andy lost it just like he knew. The blissful feeling of being fed to impossible sizes, and slowly getting stuffed to his wings, was just too much for him to fight. The place it took in his mind, the hole it filled in his spirit, the gnawing feeling it filled deep in his gut… It was all just making him feel satisfied and complete in ways he couldn’t even begin to make sense of. This wasn’t as if he had found his true calling or his first love; this was different and yet comparable. The growth completed a huge part of him that had been empty, and gave him a new purpose which he had never seemed to have been able to gain before discovering his new love. Losing himself to that love was inevitable, as fighting it was a pointless thing; he realized that in the waning moments of his conscious mind being able to maintain control of his higher brain functions.  He never stood a chance once he had that realization and as he began to just let himself drift off into the bliss of eating and enlarging his waistline.

Minutes passed, Andy’s legs starting to splay as his gut got even larger still, and began to sag down due to its own weight in spite of being tight, taut, and so round it made Andy look impossibly pregnant. He was beginning to feel it there as well, and yet he showed no signs of stopping or even considering doing it. He had surrendered utterly somewhere along the way, lost to the sensation of his rotund center increasing, shifting, and rounding out to a point which was unheard of. Looking at his engorged frame, glutting itself on the slowly decreasing flow of creamy liquid, it would have been neigh impossible to tell that twenty minutes before he had been a fledgling body builder. He had been though, and it was that musculature which was keeping him on his feet somehow. His strength was starting to fail though, and it was going to give out before too much longer if he didn’t stop and just let his body recover and spread the weight more evenly out over his entire frame rather than over his distended torso. He didn’t want to stop though, so until the rapidly-slowing flow actually did cease the dragon would keep on drinking down whatever he could get of the white liquid. Some part of him knew the addiction to it was unnatural, but it was quelled by overwhelming sensations which had smothered any doubts of growth and how that felt; ignorance was utterly and truly bliss for Andy, even if it was coming to a speedy ending.

Less than a minute later the flow of ‘milk’ had slowed from a full-on shower to a trickle. Andy was pushed against the wall as hard as he dare with his gut in the state it was, trying desperately to get those last few drops into his needy muzzle before they went to waste by falling onto the floor or his own waist. Sloshing, wobbling, and moaning aloud as he struggled to get closer to those final bits of his feast, Andy looked as though he was going to cry for a moment thanks to missing those last few drops. He just couldn’t get close enough to reach them though, so with a heavy heart and a light whine, his feeding frenzy trickled to a halt. There were still a few drops to be had which fell from the spigot, as well as all the liquid which coated the dragon’s frame and the floor around him, but expending the effort to get at those remnants on such a full stomach was well past what Andy was capable of. Thankfully, the insatiable thirst which had set the last twenty or so minutes in motion was long gone, which gave the sloshing dragon solace as he slowly swayed on his tired feet. This also put another block on his need to drink even more of the mysterious milk, as without that thirst, his gluttonous behavior fizzled out almost instantly.

As soon as his need and lust to eat vanished, the feeling of having drank as much as he did fell on him like a ton of bricks. Andy moaned loudly, leaning against the wall as much as he dare with his immensely bloated stomach, and just rubbed the taut ball as much as he could in a feeble attempt to ease some of the tightness in it. The thing stuck multiple feet in front of him, so much so that Andy couldn’t reach the front if he tried. The wall he was leaning on took care of that though, its cool tiled surface being enough to at least ease some of the tension for him. Andy was also both relieved and bothered slightly by the fact that the fact that the floor provided the same cool tiles to rest his underbelly; a lot more of it than he wanted to think about just then too. It meant less work for his sore arms, but even that was far more than Andy could reach or even handle in his bloated, tired, and blissful state. The feeling of being so big and so impossibly filled with whatever had been pumped in him still had his mind taken over in terms of being lost in ecstasy, but it too was fading just as his gluttony had, and in its place was slowly coming awareness. The fact that Andy needed to massage his taut stomach in order to keep it was a sign of just how much it had faded, but the dragon didn’t want it gone just yet, so he rubbed and moaned and just tried to stay lost on his own personal cloud nine. He could feel himself falling asleep slowly too as he leaned on his belly a bit more, dreamland beckoning with promises of more bliss and pleasurable fantasies about his newfound size.

“Wow Red, didn’t think you were this much of a pig.” Andy slowly turned his head, letting out a somewhat surprised gurgle as he saw Jorge standing beside him with a very smug grin on his face. Andy tried to respond, but only more gurgles came from his mouth; he was just too stuffed to speak. “Don’t worry, I’ll do all the talking piggy. See, you were getting’ on my nerves, always coming in here and showing off how toned you were. This is my gym, mine! You were never welcome in here to begin with, but I couldn’t just kick you out since that would show weakness and that I was threatened by you. So instead, I just asked those chemist nerds to whip a special protein drink up for me, along with that power bar which made you oh-so-thirsty. How did they taste?” The smug grin only got bigger as Jorge reached out and gave the dragon’s stretched belly a smack, making it slosh about and causing Andy to belch so loudly it echoed throughout the entire locker room. That made the bear chuckle as he reached over and hit the tight ball harder, coaxing another rumbling belch to burst from the dragon’s muzzle.

Looking at the arrogant bear, Andy was furious now that he knew what had happened, but only for a split second. Was it really that bad, to be as stuffed as he was and never need to work out again? This wasn’t the way he wanted to end his time at the gym, of course, but it was definitely a life-altering experience that he had been given for free. Things would change dramatically for him, and he knew he would be getting a lot of funny looks once his gut was down to a manageable size, but… The thought that had kept him going throughout the feasting came right back to him; he was content being this stuffed and this heavy. It wasn’t ideal or orthodox, but it was something he wanted and was glad to have finally found.

“Well, did they taste good?” Andy managed a feeble nod, a yawn coming from him as well as another gurgling moan. Jorge’s grin instantly faded as he saw that, looking almost concerned for a second at the air of happiness coming off the dragon. “Don’t tell me you like this…” Andy nodded again, his head sinking down onto his belly, which was slowly beginning to soften as his body began to make sense of all that had been stuffed into it. The bear looked on at the dragon, utterly stunned by the turn of events in his little prank. He had apparently not expected Andy to like this, especially since the dragon always gave off a somewhat conceited air when he was looking at himself in the mirror over his formerly-toned body. “That’s just sick, that’s sick!” Jorge yelled as he backed up from Andy, not fear in his eyes, but confusion and a low-burning rage that his masterful plan had backfired. This meant it was the dragon’s turn to wear the smug grin, as he struggled to keep his eyes open in order to see the bear. He gurgled a bit more, trying his hardest to speak, and finally was able to get a few garbled, barely audible words.

“Got any more?”

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