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It wasn’t a hard thing for the dragon to do; Trinity simply didn’t think it through, as that was the hard part for him. Logical thinking and reasons for his actions were never things that he wanted to spend too long on, so when it came time for them to be used by him, he often glazed over them as quickly as he could. The dragon wasn’t a dumb or slow beast, but he just didn’t have the patience for taking time out of having fun or gallivanting around waiting for something else interesting to happen. He often had to create that interesting thing, and usually got in trouble for it, but it was worth it as far as he was concerned. Boredom was something that he couldn’t stand, and as he was experiencing some of that right then, so he needed to come up with something to do right then.

That something to do that Trinity decided on was playing with his bow and arrows. He had a great deal of fun with those two items, as he could make the arrows play quite the amount of pranks on whoever they hit. They didn’t stick in and hurt or anything like that, but they did usually modify their victim in some form or another. His favorite arrows lately had been the ones which expanded his victims with either fat or air, or in some of his more creative cases, both. His friend Zero had been the target of those ‘attacks’ as of late, much to the wolf-human hybrid’s dismay, and was often the one Trinity would experiment on with his latest concoctions. There were no new concoctions that he needed to come up with at that time, but he did want to at least prank the hybrid again. It had been a whole three days since his last attempt at pulling one over on the other, and he was overdue for a fattening; at least, as far as Trinity was concerned on that matter.

There was little that could be done in preparation for the prank, as Trinity still needed to find his arrows and a place to hide from Zero so that the other wouldn’t see it coming. Since the pair lived in the woods, finding a spot to hide would be easy enough, but it would be a lot harder to get the drop on Zero since the hybrid was always alert and ready; he had learned to be so from one too many pranks at the paws of the hyper dragon. Hiding in treetops was out of the question, since there was too little cover, and the stupid things loved to creak and make noise from all the movement that the fidgety beast made when he was up there. The underbrush was also a bit too much of a challenge for him, as there was no way that he could make a shelter that didn’t look like a shelter in the time that he had before Zero returned to the house from his errands. Hiding beside a tree wouldn’t really work either, as getting dragon wings, a dragon tail, and the slightly chubby frame light possessed all hidden behind a tree was far easier said than done. No, he needed to think of somewhere new to hide, and he needed to do it as fast as he could.

Trinity also still needed to find his arrows, which he had been searching for the entire time that he had been pondering just where to hide. They weren’t in any of his usual spots, so he must have left them somewhere the last time he pranked Zero… But where had he hid that time? He couldn’t remember it at all, only the look on Zero’s face when he had started bloating up after feeling the light pinch of the arrow hitting him. There was anger, confusion, disdain, and… The slightest hint of pleasure at the feeling that had taken several seconds for Trinity to notice. He did remember there being leaves in his view, so he must have been up in a tree at that time, but where had he been in that tree and what tree had it been. Leaves meant none of the pine trees, but still… There were a lot of trees that he could have been hiding in. Curse his horrible memory; he wanted to remember all of this. Nothing was jumping out at him from what little he recalled though, so it looked like he would need to fashion some new arrows from scratch, and quickly.


It took almost a half an hour to create the two arrows Trinity thought he would need; one in case he missed his target on the first try. The dragon rarely missed his mark, but this was Zero, and the hybrid was exceptionally nimble when it came to escaping from a given situation. Trinity kept that in mind as he had been fashioning his arrows, and had come up with his best hiding spot ever during that time. Zero never checked the river that ran along the side of the house as he wasn’t much of a fan of water. There was a particular spot along that river that was a perfect spot to sit, and couldn’t be seen from either the forest or the house without knowing where to look and looking really hard, and even then Trinity’s markings were dark enough to hide him. It was perfect, and he was going to head there as soon as he found his bow. He just needed to finish up the arrows before he could start looking though, and since all that was left was to just dust them off and clean up the small mess he’d made making them, it wouldn’t be long before the hunt could begin.

He cleaned up fast once the arrows were polished up and stuffed into his makeshift quiver, which was really a rolled up towel held together by a belt. It worked for the time being though, and he wasn’t going to need it for long; he was going to find his normal quiver once he got done playing with Zero. He needed to find his bow though before any of his plans could be set in motion though, so slinging the quiver over his shoulder, the slightly husky dragon set off to dig through his home in search of his bow. His normal spot for it was beside his bed, where he could easily reach it in his sleep or if something came into his room at night, but it wasn’t there. Retracing his steps wouldn’t work with how bad he was at remembering things, and  he didn’t have long to find it either as Zero was due back in under twenty minutes, and it would take him at least ten minutes to get to his hiding place. This just made Trinity search harder, and faster, as the dragon performed better under pressure for reasons unbeknownst to him.

That fact played out a couple minutes later as he found his bow in a painfully obvious place: on the kitchen table. He had left it there from a previous night of exploring the forest, and just forgotten about it almost immediately thanks to having a new game to play that night. It had been a good game, Red something or other… He didn’t remember the name, but it had horses and guns, and that was enough to make him happy. It was also enough to keep him occupied enough to have not cleaned up, for when he found his bow he also found a few arrows along with it. He almost cursed himself for not looking in such an obvious place, but the arrows turned out to be the wrong type, so he hadn’t wasted time. He still didn’t like leaving his arrows out, so he quickly scurried up to his room to put them in a safe place before he set out into the woods. He made sure to leave a little bit of the arrows sticking out from that safe place too, just so that he wouldn’t forget where he had put them and subsequently lose even more arrows.

Once he was satisfied, the dragon clutched his bow tightly and ran out into the forest, a blur of blue and purple to anyone who would have seen the sight. He dashed between trees and over logs, dodging anything in his way and making sure to not once stop for anything. It was like an obstacle course was forming right in front of him as he dashed through the woods, and he was acing it. In, out, over, through, under… Trinity was going at a breakneck pace that seemed barely possible given his hefty physique and less-than-careful appearance, but somehow he was pulling it off perfectly. He never once stumbled or missed a jump, which was an impressive feat by anyone’s standards, especially the slightly clumsy dragon’s. Getting to his hiding spot was the most important thing in the world to him right then though, so he wanted to stop at nothing to get there and make sure that he was ready to go, and that meant no falling whatsoever. It also meant no pausing to look at the new flowers or to try and spot his arrows; there would be time to do that once he pranked Zero. He just needed to get there, and as the river came into full view, the dragon knew it wouldn’t be long before he got his chance.

He leapt from the riverbank once he reached it, pushing himself up into the air and letting his wings unfurl behind him to catch the warm air which was rising off the water below. It pushed him into the air quite high, and he barely even needed to flap said wings in order to propel himself forward towards the log in the middle of the river. It was on a small island of sorts, which was more just a little sandbar than anything, but it was enough to hide in quite easily. That was enough for Trinity, and with a couple more flaps he touched down on the sandy beach of the miniature island. He almost instantly tumbled over as he landed, his clumsy nature coming out in full force as he slipped on a shiny rock he had missed as he touched down. He needed to grab on the log to keep from toppling over into the water, and while that worked, it nearly broke the log; Trinity wasn’t a lightweight after all. It didn’t budge though, which made the dragon sigh in relief as he stabilized his footing on the muddy sand and took a tentative step towards the base of the log.

The whole thing was hollowed out quite nicely, and as such it was a great hiding spot for Trinity to fit himself into. It was a bit tighter in there than he wanted, and there were a couple spiders, but a quick burst of fire and some forceful wiggling and neither of those things mattered. Once past the tight opening, he had a lot more room than he thought inside the large log, since it had been quite the large tree before it had fallen an unknown amount of time ago. It felt almost like a fort to the dragon, and he grinned goofily at that as he got a bit more comfortable and made sure he had a good view of the entire path along the river to the house. This wasn’t to say that the path was a short one either; it wound along a good stretch of the watery path before curving back into the forest. It was still visible after it curved into the forest, but Trinity would not have as good of a shot if Zero managed to make it back into the cover of the underbrush; there was too much in the way that could mess with the arrow’s flight or anything like that. No, the best chance Trinity had of getting Zero would be when he was near the river and there was next to no underbrush between him and the river. It was a bit of a gamble to think that Zero would even stick to that path, but Trinity liked taking risks: it was interesting and fun after all.

This particular risk was going to be a rather small one though, which Trinity was almost disappointed in. He liked the bigger risks of dangling from trees, burrowing himself in the underbrush, or anything like that which he was more likely to be found and thusly, had to be more careful. This plan was almost too perfect and too easy, and had Trinity really been thinking at the time, he would have seen that and perhaps not have stuck with it. But he didn’t, as he wasn’t incredibly perceptive once his mind got set on something, and he was dead set on getting Zero on his return trip. So there he waited, bow drawn and at the ready for the first sighting of the smaller hybrid that he got.


Trinity wasn’t waiting long, as Zero came around the corner out of the woods after just a few minutes. They hybrid was casually strolling along, humming something to himself and swinging his bag back and forth lazily. He didn’t look like he suspected or saw a thing, which was perfect for Trinity as he pulled back on the drawstring of his bow and took aim. Further and further the string went back, nearly fully extending Trinity’s arm once the arrow was ready to fire, yet it shook barely at all. Breathing slowly and looking down the arrow for a better aim, the dragon kept an eye on the leaves for wind and estimated just how much the arrow would fall from its rather long flight. It was as if he had become a cold, calculating sniper the moment before his shot, rather than an innocent prankster. His seriousness was simply because missing with only one spare arrow would be devastating, and he did want to double up on the hybrid after all.

Satisfied with the conditions, the dragon released the arrow and watched it sail through the air towards Zero. It was a perfect shot, and got the smaller hybrid right in the arm. Zero yelped out from the light prick, looking down to see what had got him and instantly frowning once he saw the huge arrow sticking from his arm. He knew what would be coming in just a few seconds, and he wanted to be out of sight when it did, so he instantly took off running towards the woods. Trinity knew that would happen, and had his second bow drawn, ready, and aimed before Zero had even started running. The poor hybrid never stood a chance in the ambush, as he got two steps into his run before the second arrow got his leg, making him trip and topple to the ground. Groaning aloud, the hybrid just sighed and lay there for a moment before trying to stand.

Trinity, on the other hand, was ecstatic. He had gotten Zero twice, just like he wanted, with two clean shots. Oh if only he could get over there faster to see the beginning of the bloating that was going to happen to the smaller male… He just pictured it in his head as he wiggled out of the log, and then stopped short as he felt a million little pinches along his tail. It was like he had suddenly become a draconic pin cushion, and was getting all the pins pushed into him. He squealed in surprise, and light pain, as the whole thing felt a lot like when his feet fell asleep; and that wasn’t comfortable in the slightest. He had no idea what was causing it, but as he turned his head to get a good look, he went pale with what he saw. The log had apparently been booby-trapped, with all of his old arrows put into a convenient hiding place that would only be tripped once Trinity tried to back out of it. All forty-plus of his missing arrows had jabbed him, ranging from water inflation to fat inflation to just plain inflation, with even a few arrows for transformation thrown in there.

Trinity could hear Zero laughing over the light rumble of the river and the sheer distance the two were apart. It wasn’t a huge amount, but it was still enough that to hear the hybrid laughing meant that he was nearly exploding with laughter. Trinity scrambled back into the log, which made more arrows fall and get him and in turn made him wince slightly; he had never realized how much those things stung when they got you. He did manage to get back to his vantage point though, where he saw a much rounder Zero standing on shore pointing and laughing so hard tears were streaming down his chubby cheeks as he pointed at the log. He must have set up the trap, and Trinity had sprung it brilliantly. Of course he hadn’t known otherwise, and given that Zero had always been so adamant about hating water he had never suspected it… Zero had gotten him good; far better than most pranks Trinity had pulled of himself. There were a few that Trinity had done which topped this, including the exploding cake, so his record of being the top prankster was still safe, but even so he felt like a total fool for falling for the simple yet genius trap.

Zero had rounded out nicely, thanks to the two arrows Trinity had put into him. Trinity did take solace in that, for he would not be alone in his fattened state for at least a little while, as he had no idea how long it would take over forty arrows worth of magic to wear off. He hoped it wouldn’t be too long, but had read somewhere that mixing this much powerful magic never did have good results, so he just was a bit nervous as to the whole thing being permanent. Granted, he did like being larger than most creatures, but he also liked being able to move, and as he started to feel the familiar pressure of inflation growing in his abdomen, he was fairly sure he wouldn’t be moving for much longer. It was a far stronger and more widespread pressure than he had ever experienced before, and it was coming from everywhere inside him in moments; not just in his belly like when he first noticed seconds before.  It was far from unpleasant, but it was also getting cramped in that log very quickly for the dragon.

Zero, on the other hand, was slowing in his growth already, a large 500 pounds of added weight on his newly-expanded frame. It had taken him just a couple minutes to reach that size, giving away how strong Trinity’s magic was and how much the dragon wanted to inflate the smaller hybrid. Zero was barely able to stay standing as the rapid gain slowed, and swayed on his overburdened feet as he tried to adjust to the new size. It was a lot easier said than done, and his many rolls of flab flopped and jiggled about while he undertook this effort. It took him a few tries, but he was able to get an even footing and stay standing, if not with his arms out to his sides to keep him steady. His stance was slightly splayed now thanks to his massive thighs pressing against each other, and he was completely nude now as all his clothing was designed to handle him at 150 pounds, not 650. His girth kept him decent, but it was still quite exposing to be that huge, completely naked, and looking like an unbalanced fool out in public. It was that aspect of Trinity’s pranks which Zero loathed, but he put up with them regardless because if he didn’t, he knew that it would be quite the argument. He also knew that he could prank Trinity back, and as he watched the log the dragon was in begin to split as scaly flab and flesh pushed it apart, he knew it was worth it.

The log Trinity was in was splitting apart as it struggled to contain its growing inhabitant. The dragon was expanding at an alarming rate now, having found the last couple arrows left simply by pushing up into them rather than having them fall on him. It was very uncomfortable to be pushing that hard against the log, but with the layer of air and fat around him and growing ever-larger, it felt like a really tight full-body hug more than anything else. His face started to get that pressure against into too as he pushed up against the log with it as well, simply because there was no room for it left inside the log. His widening snout pressed on the hard wood beneath it, his cheeks swelling alongside the protruding schnozzle and encasing it in a donut of fat, of sorts. The pressure pushing his cheeks up shut Trinity’s eyes, and kept him in the dark as he grew still inside the log, which had more cracks in it every second. The poor wooden casing wasn’t going to last much longer, and as the dragon’s tail slowly began to ooze out of the back thanks to needing room to grow, the cracks around that end got larger and more pronounced.

The pressure of Trinity’s tail against that back opening of the log proved to be too much, and it split into several pieces that went flying every which way. Trinity tumbled out of the debris, coming to rest atop his swollen belly with a loud groan. The huge relief of pressure had caused his girth to surge forward, and if nothing else sped up the rate at which he was gaining. He ballooned out, in fat, water, and air, as his body just lay along for the ride atop the part of it which was taking the brunt of the expansion: his belly. It was jiggling and sloshing about in the bits that hadn’t been stretched taut with air, or so full of water that the scaly flesh above could stretch no more. Audible sloshes came from every movement Trinity made, but he was already approaching immobility, so those movements were mostly from the sheer rate at which he was expanding. There was nothing he could do to halt that progress, and since he was already about 800 pounds heavier than when he started after just over a minute and a half prior, he knew he was in for one hell of a ride. That didn’t frighten him as much as it had initially though, as the warm feeling of growth has taken over most of his senses and put him quite the euphoric state. He was content as could be as he felt his body bloat out, adding feet to its girth every minute and showing only signs of doing so faster.

That euphoria which took over his mind and swept him away into his own blissful haven let him ignore the fact that multiple transformation arrows had hit him as well. A hippo, wolf, otter, bear, tiger, and alligator were the ones Trinity’s fleeting memory could recall, but he was sure there were two or more that he was forgetting. Those arrows always took a little longer to kick in, and to take effect, but since Trinity had been hit with so many arrows at once, their actions were unpredictable at best. That truly was the case as well, as his body slowly started to shift into an alligator first. The dragon’s muzzle, squished between two bloated and wobbling cheeks, began to grow longer and wider to encase the many teeth that were sprouting inside it. His tail grew longer as well, becoming flatter along the top with the normal spines of that species. His limbs grew shorter, and his facial features began to shift around to give him a more reptilian appearance. It was a lot faster than a normal transformation, but it was painless and barely noticeable by Trinity, who was still lost in his own mind thanks to the girth that was being added to his frame. The expansion showed no signs of stopping, but his initial transformation had, and that was some solace to the former dragon.

Trinity took that solace too soon though, as his body lurched rather abruptly and began to change species again, this time to a tiger. It changed so rapidly that for a moment he looked like an orange, striped alligator. The change didn’t finish either, for as he was just starting to get the longer limbs and tail of a tiger, he began morphing into a bear. No sooner had he begun that, then his fur all fell out and was replaced with the tawny skin of a hippo. It was as if someone was channel surfing through species on his body, and at a breakneck pace too, since the poor creature never stayed the same thing for more than a few seconds before morphing into something new, or back into something he had been previously. He was still expanding through all this, nearly 3 tons of wobbling adipose added to his frame by this point. This did not count the water which distended his stomach out several feet, nor the air which made him feel rather light, and made movement a pipe dream. Those two additions to his body made his abdomen nearly twenty feet in diameter, and had even gone so far as to spread into his utterly useless limbs. Said limbs were comically small when compared to that monster of a belly, but still bigger and heavier than Trinity had been at the start. The utter explosion of girth still wasn’t slowing either, and all that size made it quite the canvas for the alterations to occur on, making it a sight to behold.

Zero stood on the shore, having finally figured out how to balance and waddle around, albeit very precariously. He was leaning against a tree to try and take some of the burden off his tired feet and sore back, both of which did not like the new weight that rested all over the hybrid’s frame. Zero knew all the poundage would fade after a day or so, thusly making him a lot more relaxed than one should be after spontaneously gaining that much weight. Watching Trinity morph through a slew of species and blow up like a water balloon on a fire hose was also taking his mind off of his new situation, and that helped too.  The less he was thinking about what was happening with his own frame, and the more he was concentrating on what was happening with Trinity, the less he wanted to go back to being thin. It wasn’t because he didn’t miss his old build, but it was simply that at that moment in time, he didn’t care. He didn’t care that he was morbidly obese and barely able to support himself and completely nude out in the open; he had pranked his prankster brother back, and that was enough. Granted, it didn’t help the dull pain in his back or feet, but when he thought about all the rocks and sticks poking at Trinity’s ever-growing waistline… It wasn’t so bad.

There were a lot of twigs and pebbles poking at Trinity’s massive belly, which he now rested on solely and could barely even make wobble under his own power. He was completely spread eagle, his limbs pushing one another apart from the sheer pressure of the fat and air in them. It was enough to make him wince slightly, but only for a moment as the pressure of the air in his body began to ebb. He had far fewer of the air inflation arrows than the others, so that magic was starting wear off. It was a huge relief for him, as it meant only 3 different types of magic coursed through his body, as opposed to four. He was still channel surfing in species, pumping his mammothly distended belly full with water, and gaining hundreds of pounds of fat by the minute, but at least he wasn’t going to be filling with air for too much longer, and that was enough for him. He was still impossibly bloated though, and as he felt a belch bubbling up to his lips, he knew it would be a while before that feeling went away. It was alright though, because it couldn’t get any worse.

The flow of air petered off after a couple more moments, and no sooner had it than the rapid shifting of species began to slow. Somewhere in his mind, the bit of it that wasn’t lost to the euphoria or confusion of what was happening to his body, he knew that he was going to be some sort of hybrid when this was done. He was still phasing between the multiple species he had been, but the pace and severity of the shifts was coming down greatly. His limbs were starting to not shift at all, then his tail and snout. Even his fur began to resist the changes, as slowly but surely his body ground to a halt in it’s constant ‘evolution’. His body did adjust once more to make sure everything was sensical on his newly-modified frame, but even that was more of a final jolt of the power leaving him more than anything else. So with a hippo-like frame, the tail and head of a tiger, and the fur patterns of a bear, the former dragon was done morphing into a multiple animals, as he was now a mix of them instead.

His body settling on this new hybrid form meant just two kinds of magic were coursing through him now. This meant fewer things were competing for resources inside Trinity’s body, and as such, the inflation of both fat and water sped up greatly. Trinity barely even noticed this, as he was beginning to sink into his immense frame which limited both his senses and his will to pull himself out of the blissful ignorance of what was happening to him. He had long past ten tons, was far out into the river from the little island that was buried yards under his swelling girth. It was quite the sight to see: a brown blob of fur with dents where arms and legs had once poked out of the jiggling mass of flesh and a rather large set of ripples leading to a head which looked comically small amongst the sea of flab around it. Trinity couldn’t see this though, as he had shut his eyes when the gain had started and didn’t dare open them for fear of seeing just what had become of him. He also would have a hard time opening them now, thanks to his cheeks being so bloated that they obstructed his sight somewhat. There was also the fact that seeing what had become of him would strip him of his ignorance, and replace the ecstasy of expanding with the reality of what was happening to him. So his eyes stayed shut, his body kept bulging out further and further into the waters flowing around it, and he let his mind wander in the ocean of happiness that filled it.

Minutes passed, and the flow of water into Trinity’s greatly swollen middle receded. Fat was still piling onto his form, but even that was beginning to back off by this point. It had been nearly 15 minutes since the initial inflation had started, so it made sense that all of it would be dying down by this point. That, and Trinity was nearly twenty tons of jiggling, sloshing fat by this point. The weight of water in his middle didn’t even factor into this, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred gallons, and that added a lot to his massive build. The hybrid which contained all that bulk and water was unable to move a muscle at all, as he was so incredibly massive that just to keep his muzzle above the tide of fat which was trying to swallow hid head, he had to point the thing straight up. There was no way for him to see at all, and speaking was equally impossible. All Trinity could do at this point, as the flow of fat into his blob of a body trickled to a stop, was let out muffled groans and belches and pray his girth would start to recede. He was still in his blissful mindset, but was starting to leave it as the feeling of warmth and expansion left him. It was replaced by a constant massage of the water lapping on his underbelly and rear, both of which had long outgrown the island they had started on. It was quite the nice feeling, and with the sun beating down on him, it was almost as relaxing as the initial expansion had been once Trinity really thought about it.

Zero looked on at Trinity, the shapeless blob of fur in the middle of the river, and smiled to himself. He had gotten that dragon back good, and it would be a while before any retaliation came his way. Most of that time would be while Trinity sat in the middle of the river completely immobilized, but it was time Zero had bought himself to be freed from the prankster’s shenanigans. Zero still had to come out and keep Trinity fed, as well as entertain him, but it was a small price to pay for decommissioning the prankster for a good while. Plus, maybe it would teach Trinity some humility; after all, the whole mess showed that Zero knew how to prank back. It didn’t really matter to the hybrid though, as he knew Trinity would plan revenge sooner or later. It was what Zero could do now, and a good nap seemed like the perfect thing to do at that moment.  So off he started towards the house, slowly waddling along after giving one last look to the gassy, moaning blob that had been a chubby dragon just minutes before.

Trinity let out another belch, his buried but sensitive ears hearing Zero leave as it ended. The air that had been pumped into him was slowly leaving him, and as more of it exited via either his mouth or… Other areas, he felt more and more bloated from all the water which was resting heavily in his sloshing stomach. It was like he had stuffed himself to the point of being able to eat no more, but it was a constant feeling, as none of that water was digesting or going anywhere. It just sloshed around in his constantly-jiggling midsection, which was still getting massaged by the flow of water around him from the river. Trinity couldn’t see himself, but he imagined he looked like a giant, furry boulder in the middle of the river, and chuckled inwardly at that sight. He knew he was going to be in that spot for a while, and as such he just wanted to take solace in the little things. Trinity remembered one of those little things he had set up for Zero too, and hoped to hear the cry of it happening shortly so that he would have another small joy to keep him company in the sea of flab which kept him rooted to the ground.

Zero was just reaching the house at that point, and saw the door ajar a little bit as he walked up to it. Trinity always left it open when he went out to go on his pranks; the dragon was so absent minded. Zero sighed and pushed the door open, stepping through the threshold to be greeted by a bucket of cold water tumbling onto his head. The bucket clanged to the ground, leaving Zero standing there with the door open and dripping wet.


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