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‘Late, again’ was the only thought running through Wes’ head as he dashed towards the train, nearly breaking out into his species’ natural hopping to make it to the closing doors in time.  The poor roo was running late to work for the third time this week, and that little fact put a crescendo on a morning that he was already loathing despite it being barely started. He had woken up with a sore tail and a wicked hang-over, stubbed one of his long paws on the door jamb leaving his apartment, gotten cold coffee instead of warm from the stand he frequented, and now was enjoying pulling a few strands of fur from the door of the train that started speeding off towards the center of the city. The night before had been one he would not soon forget, but the morning after… He would need a new alarm clock too he remembered, if that was any indication of how ‘eventful’ things had been. He reflected on the previous night as he pulled the last bit of fur from the shut door and stood back up straight, browsing the car for a couple seats for him to fill, as thanks to both his wide tail and wider rump, he needed more room than your average passenger to be comfortable. Considering how things had gone for him so far that morning, he expected nothing to be free, but was pleasantly surprised to find an entire row for him to sprawl out on and relax, which he did almost immediately.

Once his large rear was planted in a couple far-too-small seats, the kangaroo dug into one of his coat pockets and pulled out a phone of sorts. He fumbled with the small piece of plastic and metal for a moment before getting it settled into his relatively small paws. He hated the thing, but loved the headset it had come with as he never needed to try and talk into the far-too-small device: He just talked and the headset did the rest of the work, as long as the phone was on. The phone wasn’t on though, but after a quick boot cycle and a couple of taps to the screen, Wes was in business. He hadn’t needed to call anyone, but had suspected he had messages waiting for him. An empty inbox greeted him though, so with a slightly happy smile and a deep sigh, the marsupial leaned back against the window of the train and shut his eyes once his phone was back in his pocket. He had no intention of napping, as the train was not only too noisy, but had only 2 stops before one of his co-workers got on and all but demanded small talk for the rest of the ride to their stop. He always indulged the elderly horse in their chats, but loathed them quite deeply at heart and only kept up the façade as a way to return the equine’s repeated gifts of food and occasional tummy rubs, as uninvited as they were.

A low grumble from the kangaroo’s ample stomach gave away just how much he appreciated, and right now needed, some of the horse’s food. He hadn’t eaten that morning thanks to how much of a hurry he had been in, and as such could really use something to eat at that point in time. It wasn’t as if he needed the food: he was so severely overweight for his species that his doctor had just given up on diets and stayed on call in preparation for the ‘inevitable’ heart attack. It had never come however, as doctor had made that decision almost a year ago and though the roo had ballooned in that time, he had yet to ever feel chest pain or any sort of worry-some discomfort. He hated stairs and long walks just as much as the next fat fur, but for the most part was a healthy as could be. This absolutely baffled even him, but he had no reason to question it at all and quite honestly enjoyed the extra attention and stimulation that came with such girth… And in his case, there was plenty to be had, a fact he reveled in as he rubbed both sides of his gut and just relaxed on the train, eyes shut and small smile on his long, yet chubby muzzle.

He was so busy just basking in his own frame that he didn’t notice the horse get on and sit beside him until he felt her paw on his paunch. He opened his eyes slowly and let out a yawn as he put his paw atop hers and slowly pulled it off the dome of a gut he possessed. A light sigh from the elderly female equine gave off just how much she didn’t like being denied touching that gut, but she never fought Wes over it so the roo found no harm in giving her at least a brief touch. She had brought food too; Wes could smell it, and he was hungry enough to do almost anything to get it. It wasn’t as if he needed to though, for the old mare had already put it in his ‘lap’ and opened the bag for him, awaiting to see if he would eat.

“I brought you some waffles today dear, rolled and sugared just like you like them.”

“Thank you Miss Gerdy, I appreciate it. I skipped breakfast today, so-“

“Oh goodness dear, you shouldn’t be doing that! You need to keep your strength up, and skipping a meal simply won’t do.” Wes blushed lightly at the reprimand from Miss Gerdy, a bit embarrassed at her outburst. They were already an odd pair on the train: An elderly, proper mare and a young, overweight marsupial, and any more attention on them were not something Wes relished. Miss Gerdy never seemed to care though, and did as she pleased, when she pleased. The fact that she had a waffle inches away from Wes’ muzzle and was all but pushing it in at that moment was a fairly good example, as Wes was turning a shade of crimson in embarrassment from all but being fed by the older female but she neither noticed nor cared. He had no choice but to eat the food of course, but made sure to have one ready to go in right after so that Miss Gerdy would back off and let him eat on his own.


She did back off thankfully, and he ate right up what he was given with a bit more gusto than usual. Miss Gerdy had been talking idly about something or other about her grand-foals, and Wes did as he always did when he was eating and someone talked: A few nods and an occasional ‘Mmhmm’. It was hard for the roo to concentrate on more than one thing, and if he had to make a choice… He would almost always choose food over paying attention to Miss Gerdy, or most anyone for that matter. The old mare had accepted that long ago and just let the marsupial eat, but not without talking to him as though he was listening just so that she had someone to talk to. The exchange was honestly sad: an old rambling mare with few cares in the world talking to an arrogant glutton who could care less about what she had to say. It was the way of Wes’ little slice of the world though, so he took it with a grain of salt and just went about his morning routine barely even seeing the how pathetic the situation was, or if he did, he didn’t want to admit it to himself.

He finished up eating quickly, letting out a light and muffled belch that he excused himself for no sooner had it left his lips. Miss Gerdy never seemed to mind that, and took it as a sign he enjoyed the meal more than anything else. That fact was true to a certain extent, but he was never given the time to fully enjoy the meals as their stop was just two stations down the line, and they never had more than a few minutes on the train before their three block long trudge to the office. He always finished just in time, and that morning was no different as the train came to its usual bumpy stop at their station. Wes stood first and helped Miss Gerdy to her feet, grabbing at his bag once the mare was standing and walking towards the door. ‘Apathy was no excuse not to be a gentleman,’ and though Miss Gerdy drove him up a wall more often than not and was far too apathetic herself for him to ever be more than passive friends with her, he saw no reason not to keep that saying in his mind every time he was with her. He didn’t have time to be pondering those things though, as the train was never at the station for long and he did need to get off and up the stairs as quick as he could so that he wouldn’t be even later for work than he was.

“Miss Gerdy, I have to run ahead, I’m sorry.”

“Its fine Wes, you run along, you don’t want to be late to work for the third time this week.” The roo nodded his thanks and quickly set off to all but run to work. It was not an easy task for him to move quicker than a ponderous lumber, but he needed to hurry and his heft negated the chance of using his species’ natural hopping. It didn’t help matters that he had 3 flights of stairs to climb before getting to street level and being able to really move, as things were fairly crowded in the station that morning. He had no idea why, but it wasn’t a real issue to him; furs usually got out of his way thanks to his size. Today was no different either, as he was able to make it out of the station in his usual quick pace with little hold-ups, save for the turnstile to get out; he always had issues with that narrow thing.

Once on the street, it was just a few quick blocks to work. The scents and noises of the city gave it away before he was even on ground level, but now that he was, he fully took it in and remembered why he lived in such a teaming metropolis: The place had a pulse all its own. It was a living, breathing being that had senses and gave off everything anyfur did: Noise, smells, pains, and almost any other feeling one could think of. Wes loved the city, and had every intention of living in it for the rest of his life.  Granted, if he was late for work another time that life would be a short one, so he did not relish anything about his hometown that morning and instead did as most do when in the city: rush to where they need to be. The act of rushing though, for him at least, was all but impossible though in the city. It was unrealistic to expect to get any speed in the crowd, especially on the side walk where he was heading thanks to how narrow it was. He would often try to hurry on days like this where he was late, but that would leave him sweaty, tired, and still just as late as he would have been if he just took his time and kept a sane speed. He knew that and always kicked him himself for doing it, but he could kick himself for it this time later; he was late and if he didn’t at least try, or look like he tried, it would be the can for him. He didn’t want to look for another job, so using that as his motivation and knowing that he would most definitely look like he tried if he rushed, he started huffing and puffing through the crowded streets to get to work barely faster, just more tired.

About 12 blocks of his fast-paced-but-slow-progress-speed-waddling later, the marsupial was finally at the door of the building, and crankier than ever. Exercise always got him into a foul mood, and getting gum on his shoe as well as stumbling over wayward cubs with sub-par parents only exacerbated that mood. To say he hated everything and everyone right now as about as close to summing up his mood as one could get, but it still fell short of the level of pissed off that he was as he opened the door to go into work. He swore that if he heard his boss give him any comment as he came through the door and started towards the first checkpoint to his lab, that he’d quit right there and give the dingo a morning that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.. Or, so he over-dramatized in his head, when in reality there was probably going to be a light disagreement at most and then he would get sent down to the lab to work. Bracing himself for the worst as Wes opened the door, he was greeted by just the quiet secretary typing away at her desk when he entered the building though. That was a good thing as far as he was concerned; less time in conflict and more time spent just either focusing on himself, his ‘exploits’, or his work the better.

Once inside, he slowly lumbered over to the elevator across the lobby and pushed the button to go down. His lab was several floors below ground, and not exactly public knowledge when it came to the grand scheme of the company. This wasn’t to say that he was doing anything illegal in the lab at all, but when it came to some of the rules that got bent to get his work done and meet deadlines; his work definitely fell into a shadowy grey area. He never really thought about all of that most of the time though, and instead lost himself in his work like anyone who loved their job. His particular project right now was a real challenge for example, and being ever-the-scientist, he loved every minute of trying to solve it. He was trying to figure out a way to process food faster for soldiers in the field, but so far had only created a drug that induced severe hunger on its user. It was incredibly frustrating, because he did have the compound doing what it was supposed to, it just didn’t stop once the food was gone; it needed more to break down and thusly caused the body’s need to eat to go into overdrive. He just needed to find some way to ‘put the brakes’ on the process, as one of his assistants had put it.

The ding of the elevator arriving broke his train of thought about how to do just that, and with a heavy sigh he stepped inside the metal box. He fumbled with his keycard for a moment before getting a good grip on it and sliding it through the slot next to the buttons on the elevator wall. He then punched in his access code into the keypad that popped out, and waited for the elevator’s system to authorize him entry. It took only a moment, but it was a moment too long in his mind as he hated the need for such tight security for his lab. It was the one aspect of his job that he hated, and though it only took a few minutes out of his day, the keypad was designed for average furs and their stubby, little paws; Wes’ giant kangaroo paws had a hell of a time with the whole thing. He had complained about it numerous times to both his boss and the maintenance crew, and both just gave him the runaround as neither really cared about inconveniencing him. It took a few months for him to realize this, but after that he just gave up and silently, yet seethingly, accepted the whole thing as one of the pitfalls of working for a larger company.

The elevator finally started its trip down to the lab after an unusually long wait, and Wes was quite glad it did. His boss never came down to the lab unless it was very important, so he was home-free now that the metal cage was descending rapidly down to his lab. The ten floors he needed to go down flew by, and the ding of the elevator arriving at the floor of his lab made his entire morning melt into nothing but a memory, as he was just a retinal scan away from another day of solving problems and creating new ones. Any leftover rage from how his morning had gone would be gone with his second cup of coffee that Luke, one of his assistants, always left waiting in the changing room, and probably return once he looked at the newest tests from the previous night. He was already thinking about the possible outcomes as he lowered his stance to reach the scanner that would open the door to the changing room and ultimately, his lab. Test groups, possible results, the inevitable problems, all of those things swirled around in his mind as he heard his favorite sound in the world; the polite, computerized voice welcoming him to work.

This whole process was so routine for him that when the door took longer than usual to open, he walked right into it. Looking confused and a bit stunned, he backed up from the door and waited for a few moments before hearing the latches click and the thing slide open like usual. Someone was probably doing maintenance on the mainframe and he had missed the memo, or more likely ignored it entirely. The whole system was going to be slow that day, and while his assistants were going to gripe about it, Wes’ old ways would keep him working along without any hang-ups; he kept all his notes down on old-fashioned pen and paper whenever the system crashed or slowed down. He had been with the company since before they had centralized the entire computer system into a single set of supercomputers somewhere on sub-basement 3, and as such he had been there during the two months the system had been down and he had needed to come up with an alternate way to get his notes down and saved. Months of writing notes down made the process become second nature to the roo, and as such he made sure his assistants had that nature too. They were still learning how to go without computers though, so today was going to be interesting in terms of getting any work done with them in tow.

Wes was all changed by the time his train of thought on how the day was going had sufficiently run its course, and with a coffee mug in one paw and his briefcase in the other, he plodded right into the lab. He gave slight nods to his few subordinates, bee-lining it right for his office to read reports from the night before. The trio of underlings knew better than to interrupt Wes before he had at least had some coffee and read the morning reports, so they stayed silently panicking and working with their slow systems while they waited for the roo to finish his morning routine. As he put on his glasses, Wes saw no need to hurry with reading everything, and put his feet up as he read the reports and sipped at his coffee. Nothing abnormal was in the reports at a glance, but the coffee… It was a new brand that the kangaroo would need to ask Luke about, as the stuff tasted incredible. Pushing that thought to the back of his mind, Wes started reading the reports in more detail, looking at what test groups had had success and which he would need to discontinue for lack of results. Only one compound showed any real promise, and another; he would need to see what was going on first-hand with that one: compound A28-C.

Everything else he read came up normal enough for him to ignore until later on, so he finished off his coffee in one final gulp and put down the reports on top of his ‘read files’ stack that he would need to sort and put away someday. He left his glasses on since he knew he would need them with all the note-taking that would go on throughout the day, as he had a horrible habit of writing a bit too small for him to read. His subordinates would probably complain about that, but there was nothing he could do to remedy his own handwriting; and frankly he did not care to do anything to make their lives easier since it was their job to make his life easier, not the other way around. His assistants would be the least of his worries if he did not get a move on and actually start his day up though, so with a loud sigh and a bit of a rub to him temples, he put his feet back on the floor and hefted himself to a standing position. He had a headache coming on courtesy of a nice little hangover, and standing up hadn’t helped it, but work needed to be done. He could spend plenty of time sitting in the lab once he got there, so it was with a soft groan that he started towards the door to his office so that he could go out and get things going for the day. “Luke, Kinta, Po… Front and center.”

The panda, the bear, and the tiger stood up from their respective desks and came over to the kangaroo, each looking a bit nervous and apprehensive as they did. They expected to be greeted by a grumpy Wes as they entered the meeting room, but instead were greeted by a roo that was all smiles and in a far better mood that he was most mornings. Granted, he was feeling about the same as he did most mornings, with a headache and a sore something or other and the day seeming like it was going to be a long one, but the whole feeling of nostalgia brought on by having to use a pad and paper again was something that just negated most of Wes’ normal bad mood. Wes saw nothing wrong with that fact whatsoever, but the looks of confusion that greeted him as his three ‘employees’ sat down in their respective places at the table meant he would need to do at least some explaining. It was good that he had these morning meetings, he could at least explain his mood rather than have his workers have to figure it out as the day went on, and he could explain how things were going to go. ‘No laptops’ would probably make Kinta grumbly, but Wes didn’t care at all; it was as he said, they were here to make his life easier, not the other way around.


Almost an hour later, Wes was slowly lumbering his way to the testing room to check on compound A28-C. The meeting hadn’t been too terribly long; it had been more boring and a scavenger hunt than anything really, as finding pads and paper in a lab as state-of-the-art as his was truly a challenge. Wes did keep a few stashes lying about, but he liked to have spares for himself, and thusly made his assistants find their own before he really got things underway. A little entertaining torturing of subordinates was part of the job of being a boss, and the marsupial loved that little bit of his job. Wes knew that he did abuse his power at times, but with how close he came to getting fired at times, he had to use his power while he had it. He was no sadist or anything, he was just not the kind of boss anyone would want to have: apathetic and self-centered, and there was nothing wrong with that to him.

His ‘faults’ weren’t the primary focus of his mind at that moment though, as he approached the box which held the lab rats for A28-C and looked in, his eyes widening as he did. What he was a single rat, incredibly obese and looking insatiably aroused as it humped away at its own frame. There had been four rats in that particular box, but not a trace of the other three was noticeable as Wes peered into the box slowly to see what he could see. If the massive one had eaten his three partners, he had been incredibly thorough; at least that was what Wes thought until his second, more thorough pass revealed a tail sticking out of the rat’s large rear which was clearly not his own. The marsupial’s mind immediately went into overdrive to try and explain that tail away as a side-effect of eating so much over such a short amount of time or something, but no justification worked: each one involved the rat not being a rat anymore in most senses of what defined that species. It certainly looked possible though: the rat was trying to mate with the rolls of fat that encased his once-slender form, he had two ‘tails’ now, his eyes were glazed over looking almost like he had rabies, and when Wes boiled it down, there was no other logical explanation. That realization was enough to fuel Wes’ need for knowledge: he needed to find the compound and witness the results first-hand, and he needed to do it now.

“Luke, come in here.” Wes called out over the intercom. The panda was the only other one down in the lab whom was qualified to handle specimens and testing equipment aside from Wes, and Wes had not mixed A28-C. While Wes waited for Luke to join him, he just looked into the cage with deep fascination and tried to come up with any logical hypothesis for why the compound could have such a strange and profound reaction with the rat. The kangaroo had the compound’s specifics in his paw, and glancing between it and the rat, he was even more confused; the cocktail was very similar to almost every other strain in testing that particular day. It couldn’t have been the rat either, as the lab got all their rats from the same supplier, raised under the same conditions and transported in the same method every single time. The only conclusion that Wes could reach was that there was definitely something odd with what had happened, and he was determined to find out what it was.

“Yes sir, what do you need?”

“Did you administer A28-C yourself?”

“Yes, I did, last night before I left just like you… Whoa, is that A28-C? What happened to it?”

“I don’t know, that’s what we’re here to figure out… Was there anything unusual that you noticed while you were administering the strain? Anything at all?”

“No sir, not a thing. My notes are on the cage like always, beneath the strain mix. I followed standard procedu-.” Wes stopped Luke from continuing with a wave of his paw, sighing lightly as he thumbed through the couple pages of introductory notes before he got to the ones from the previous night. A few lines of notes detailing the procedure, the mixture ration, the exact compounds used to make the strain… It was all there, and it was all done by the book.

“So nothing was unusual, at all? This is just too abnormal for something not to have gone wrong.”

“No sir, you yourself trained me on how to make the mixtures and administer them, and I did it perfectly by your standards. The only explanation for… this… is the strain.” He gestured to the mammoth rat, looking at it with a light look of disgust in his eyes as he did so. “I mean, sir, the A strains ar-“

“I know what the A strains are for Luke, don’t insult my intelligence. Do it again: mix the compound exactly as you did for this rat while I watch and make sure you do it properly; every bit of error needs to be eliminated before I can concretely say it was the compound. I will go find a new set of rats to test it out on while you prep to mix the new dose. Mix a double batch though, and leave the second dose by the microscope so that I can take a look at it when I get back.” Luke nodded half-heartedly at the orders, not looking particularly pleased with his assignment or the kangaroo’s rudeness towards him, but Wes did not care about what Luke thought. The roo was far more concerned with the testing and getting it done up to his standards with his eyes seeing it all done firstpaw. The mixing of the compound was the easy part, getting the rats was considerably harder, but since Wes had a knack for it and liked it in all honesty, he saw no reason to not do that part.

The reason that getting rats was harder was because they were all kept in a large holding room at the far side of the lab. That wasn’t the pain of getting more ‘test subjects’, nor was getting to the room and getting inside the cramped space to retrieve the rats. No, the hard part was getting them out of their cages. Rats being as they were, they liked to burrow and scurry and just all around be difficult to handle, and as such it took a finer, careful touch and a bit of patience to handle them. Wes had three at his house as pets, so the ‘art’ of rat-handling was something he was quite familiar with, and as such could do with relative ease. A bit of peanut butter on the ends of one’s fingers, use only one paw, be slow and deliberate in one’s movements… Using that technique, it took all of two minutes for Wes to wind up four more ‘willing test subjects’ as he had jokingly called them one day a long time ago. That joke was an old one to him, and he smiled to himself as he recalled when it had been told. He did not let his reminiscing slow him down though; he had what he needed and wanted to get out of the tiny, smelly ‘rat room’ as quickly as he could.

He did that pretty fast, shutting the door behind him and turning around to be greeted by Kinta holding a report in his paws with a lightly nervous look on his face. “I have a memo from the director here Doctor.”

“Just put it on my desk like always Kinta, you know the drill with those insufferable things.”

“This one is important though Doctor, I really think you should rea-“

“Read it to me if you feel it’s that important Kinta, I am busy.” With that, Wes started back off towards the lab, leaving the timid bear standing there looking like a kicked cub for a moment before turning and falling into step behind the kangaroo. Wes could hear the bear muttering out the unimportant parts of the memo in an attempt to decide where to start, but if Kinta was being brave enough to even go that far, it had to be important.

“I will just summarize it for you Doctor… The director says the system slow down is indefinite pending an investigation into tampering with the system by one of the labs above ours. There is also a shortage of rats on the farm where we get ours from, so we will need to try and make do with what little supplies we have until the farm is restocked. A party for the director that is mandatory for all senior staff is next Friday, and finally, they are re-opening the parking garage as the construction is finally finished.” Wes stopped walking as Kinta stopped talking, turning around in front of the doorway of the lab and looking at the bear for a long moment. Kinta looked like he would melt into a puddle of nervous goo from the sudden stop and the long stare, but Wes had no intention of scolding the bear, and gave him a pat on the shoulder as proof.

“That was important Kinta, nice job for spotting that. Add the party to the schedule, send Po to take a few rats from the cosmetics schmucks, and put in an application for my old parking spot as soon as you can.” The bear nodded, looking quite relieved that he was not getting scolded or reprimanded for interrupting the kangaroo, and turned to go. Wes just stood and watched for a moment, shaking his head and smiling to himself as he remembered when he had been that nervous in front of his old boss… How times had changed for him. “Oh, and Kinta, I already explained that I don’t care about the computers, so don’t bring that up again.” The bear nodded again and looked somewhat deflated as he heard that, but Wes didn’t care about that at all: he had an image of a cold, hard boss to maintain after all, and giving positive feedback without a little bit of criticism tarnished that image. Wes also justified the act to himself in saying that criticism helps better oneself, even if he never listened to anyone else’s criticism whatsoever. That was Wes though, as he fell very squarely into the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ camp.

Wes’ image was the least of his concerns at the moment though, and he turned to head into the lab to get back to what his concerns were: fixing the experiment or proving that something truly odd was happening with the compound’s mixture. He put the newly-captured rats down on the workbench beside the bloated, impossibly horny rat from the previous attempt at the experiment, being careful to keep the cages at least a couple feet apart to prevent any cross-contamination. Satisfied with his positioning, he went over to where Luke was mixing up the compound and looked over the panda’s shoulder to check on the progress, and procedure. Luke was doing everything by the book, writing down every detail and measuring everything out in borderline obsessive detail. To the casual, outside observer, the amount of work that the panda was putting in to get the compound mixed just right would seem like overkill, but to a scientist, it was poetry in motion. Wes just so happened to be a scientist, and as such he saw the actions as a work of art.

“I’m done Doctor, do you have the rats?”

“Of course I do Luke; they are in their usual spot. I will do the administering of the serum now, please take observatory notes as I walk you through it.” Luke simply nodded at the order, and in spite of looking more than a touch peeved, he complied like a good subordinate and did as he was asked. His inaudible agreement was not something that was irregular in the lab, but whenever the kangaroo had upset him, it was quite commonplace. Wes normally had no qualms about it, and as such usually tried not to take offense to it as he knew that Luke didn’t work well when truly mad. Wes really did want to take another jab at the panda that morning though, so in spite of knowing as he did, he chanced another bit of ridicule on the poor panda. “Let’s see if we can’t do this right this time.” He wasn’t entirely sure exactly why he wanted to pick a fight with Luke, but something about how the panda had been acting for the previous couple weeks had really irked Wes to no end, and Wes was spiteful if nothing else.

A sharp prick in his neck is what followed his remark, and then a severe amount of pain. Luke had given him the shot of the serum, right into the neck, in response to such a trivial remark… At least, Wes thought it to be trivial at the time. If he had been able to think through the pain of the serum beginning to literally rewriting his genetic structure and heavily modifying his internal physical makeup, then he would have seen that the several years of ‘little things’ had morphed into one giant thing which was something that could only lead to such a drastic reaction in the first place. The only thing he could think of was the scientific, simplistic thing his mind had been focused on before his body had begun morphing into something entirely different: the serum had indeed been mixed correctly, and every theory he had formed about what had happened to the rat was true. It was his pride that gave him that knowledge, as well as something to cling to as his entire body began to rapidly morph into something else entirely.

The change had initially started slow, but painfully. He could feel his innards rearranging and being retasked to do other, more specialized and optimized things. He very nearly keeled over in agony as his bone structure became something different entirely in mere seconds, indicating the process was getting both more drastic and faster.  His exterior looks never changed, as per one of the requirements of the A series serum, but the changes going on inside of him at that point were so drastic their effects could be seen on his furred flesh as it stretched and contorted like a bag containing a live rabbit. He could sense his true consciousness fading away into lust and hunger that were both indescribable and insatiable. Through all of that though, his only real effort to fight the change was using his pride and knowledge, which he clung to like a captain desperately trying to save a sinking ship. His efforts were having little effect though; he was turning into what that rat had become in spite of everything, but unlike the rat, he had one true advantage in his attempt to sate his newfound needs: he wasn’t in a cage. Of course, he still refused to admit that he was going to lose control like the rat had and become an immobile, sex-crazed blob of insane fur; however that was looking less and less likely as his mind sunk further and further into the bowels of madness.

“Fuck you Doc; fuck you with every ounce of my anger. You trample on my work, use everyone here like your own personal slaves so that you don’t have to do any real work anymore, and treat us like absolute shit in return for it. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate you for all of that, but I have always hated you for it: I just never had a reason to act on that hate until now. Tri-Kingdom just recruited me, and asked me to do some removal of the competition in their… Less desirable areas of production. You fall under that realm, so I got my excuse and I just had t-“

“Shut up Luke, you sound like a grandstanding housewife standing above her cheating husband with a knife. You’re planning on killing me or something along those lines regardless, so just do it and get it over with.” It took an absolute force of will on Wes’ part to force those words from his muzzle, but he somehow managed it. Though the pain had somewhat fallen to a tolerable level, he was still fighting his mental overhaul with every piece of willpower he had, so that made talking at all an absolute chore. It was a chance to deny Luke some of the satisfactions of watching Wes crumble though, so he took advantage of it wholeheartedly.

“I don’t plan on necessarily killing you, but I am planning on making you suffer for a good, long time… That serum is concentrated too, I had finished it quickly last night after I saw what it did to the rat, so I have a feeling that you will be winding up that way fairly soon.” Luke smirked as he finished, just looking over at the roo with a severe amount of disdain in his gaze. Wes looked right back, but instead of anger or vengeance on his muzzle; he looked hungry. Luke had always been terrible at reading facial expressions though, and as such just seemed to ignore what Wes was doing and approached the kangaroo with no hesitation. If he had known that the transformation had mostly finished moments before and that Wes was little more than a lust-driven, insatiably hungry, and rather angry simpleton fighting so very hard not to be, he most likely would have paused and instead stood with something between himself and the kangaroo. He didn’t know that though, and just went right up to Wes and stood just inches from his once-superior, looking at the marsupial with eyes that just judged and screamed out a rather harsh amount of rage.

It was then that Wes lashed out and clamped his muzzle down on top of Luke’s, latching onto the thing and just holding it in place. Luke’s eyes shot wide open as he was having the first ‘bite’ taken out of him, and what was once confidence evaporated into fear just as quickly as it had formed. He didn’t even have time to fight back, or the ability either: Wes had paralyzed him using some sort of venom of sorts in his saliva. Instead of taking the bite and tearing, the kangaroo simply stopped and took another, larger gulp on the panda’s muzzle to swallow even more of it into his expanding maw. A third gulp, and the entire panda muzzle was inside the roo’s. Of course the kangaroo did nothing to slow the process of swallowing the panda, and since he had not truly taken a bite out yet, it looked like he was planning on swallowing Luke whole. With all the things that could go wrong in that case, there was one important fact that made the otherwise impossible feat somewhat feasible to the panda’s waning logic: Wes was no longer ‘Wes’. Bits of Wes’ mind may have remained, but the kangaroo that was latched onto his muzzle at that moment was not at all the boss Luke had wanted so badly to just humble moments before.

The fourth gulp that the kangaroo made, which plunged the panda into darkness it pushed the roo’s lips just over his eyes, sealed the fate of the once-brave assistant. The scent of urine instantly flooded Wes’ nostrils as he took that gulp, and it was then that a small piece of his sanity returned with that scent. Wes had always thrived on instilling fear into others, either by power or by belittling to a breaking point, and the fact that the panda had just pissed himself in utter fear… It was enough to re-awake the marsupial’s nearly-defeated psyche and give it renewed vigor in its fight with the onslaught of perverse insanity. While he continued to slowly work his way around Luke’s head with his articulating jaw, Wes silently gloated to himself at his latest feat of intimidation. He had never scared someone that badly before, and to do so with just the ‘simple’ act of eating the panda was almost a turn-on for his beleaguered, broken mind. If only the panda were still conscious and not head-deep down his throat… Luke had always had a nice ass in Wes’ opinion too, and it was a shame he got to do nothing with it. There was always pleasing himself though, and as Wes looked around the room, he saw a few things he could improvise into toys if need be.

It was as he thought that when he realized just how far his mind had sunk into its newfound desires. He stopped swallowing the panda for a moment, sat on the nearest chair, and began to ponder what he had just thought. He was proud for scaring the panda, wanted something to sexually please himself, and still oozed with, admittedly mis-guided, pride and self-importance despite his current appearance and the definite weight the panda would add to his frame… But found nothing wrong with any of those things. Had the change so severely affected him that suddenly all of those things were ingrained in his mind and therefore, acceptable? Had he just accepted his fate and was blissfully ignorant of his circumstances? Was he always ok with all of these things and now had an excuse to do them? Those questions, along with a whole host of others, spun in his mind as he sat there and stroked along his throat, trying to soothe its swollen skin. He saw nothing wrong with doing that either, but before he could add that into his analysis, his hunger kicked back in. There was nothing that could be gained by fighting harder at that point either way, the act of eating Luke was already too far along to stop, and once it was done there would be nothing left in terms of normality or true sanity for Wes to return to. That realization in mind, Wes pushed his conscious mind back into the background where it could brood and fight with his overpowering urges which controlled his body so effortlessly, and soon his mind as well.

This effortless control was shown moments later, as Wes stood back up and tilted his head back, using both arms and grunting with effort as he hoisted Luke’s body up so that it was parallel to his as best as he could muster. Unhinging his jaw even further and struggling for a minute to get past the panda’s broad shoulders, Wes let gravity do the rest once he got past the obstruction. Gravity did the work quite handily, and it a few quick, long gulps and some readjusting of his meal in his maw, what had been a panda’s head stuffed into an almost-reluctant gullet turned into feet alone sticking out of that same place, which were quickly being slurped down much like the last pieces of spaghetti after a nice meal. Of course, that ‘nice meal’ had been a 300 pound panda, and it left Wes groaning on the floor while rubbing his stomach in a futile attempt to soothe the painfully distended mass. His stomach was so stretched out from eating such a vast amount that vague hints of Luke’s features could be seen through the several inches of fat and flesh which separated Luke’s slowly-digesting body from the outside world. An arm, a leg, and even a small portion of his head could be made out through the roo’s impossibly-stretched stomach, but it was already fading fast as the newfound changes made to his frame took hold.

Rapid digestion and the ability to maintain mobility were shaping him into a taller, wider, and less distended kangaroo-like creature as he lay on the floor in pained ecstasy. Wes had always enjoyed being stuffed beyond his normal capacity for being full, but this… It was like dying, going to heaven then getting to stuff his face to the point of bursting all in a period of a few short minutes. His true consciousness may have still been in the background at that point, and it probably would not have agreed with what he had just thought, but he was at a point where no matter what his mind could come up with, it would lose any arguments: Part of his logical, intelligent, and self-aware mind had joined the ranks of the desire-driven animal he was becoming. Prompted by the simple fact that fighting was pointless when it was so futile, that shift in his mindset was enough to squelch any arguments coming from his former self for good. With how much he was enjoying himself at being able to grow, be stuffed, and constantly aroused thanks to how incredibly perverse and easily aroused he had been even before he had been altered, he was going to enjoy himself from that point on. This wasn’t to say that he didn’t find the whole experience odd, or that his scientific mind wasn’t reeling from the new potential discoveries, or that his superficial side was screaming at how his clothes had all been ripped to shreds thanks to being asked to contain almost 200 pounds more than they were designed for; Wes was aware of all of those things, he had just ceased to care once he had gulped the panda down into his softening belly and decided to enjoy himself rather than analyze every little detail of what was going on. There would be no joy in that, and since being able to paralyze any one of his victims in fear, as well as being able to swallow anything he wanted to with no recourse… It was an unadulterated display of power that brought him to the peaks of arousal, which were a short step from where he had been with his distended stomach and softening body.

It was all that lust and arousal and need for some sort of release that led him to get up from his prone position after a few more minutes of digesting and growing. The process of standing was far harder and more cumbersome than he remembered it being, but it only showed how much he had grown in such a short time, and that only further fueled his horny mind. He needed to find something to please himself with, immediately, as reaching around his stomach to get himself off was out of the question at this new size. Fire extinguishers were too big and sharp, test beakers could break and cut his innards up quiet handily, metal was way too cold… He was running out of options until his eyes settled on the rat cage with the vastly-bloated rat from the previous attempt at the serum. The rat was round, about the thickness of some of Wes’ toys at home, and warm as could be considering it was still alive… But the thought of using the rat sent up so many red flags that he paused for a moment to think if it would be ok. The rat wasn’t sentient, the roo had already eaten another fur just minutes before, and there was no one around to see him do it; not that any of his counter points were even being heard in his head at that point. His sex-drive had taken over every aspect of his body, and it already had the rat out of its cage and in a chair propped up by its own girth.

Wes was just about to go down onto the rat when he remembered that, while it were declawed before use in the lab, the little thing still had teeth and could do some real havoc on his insides before it succumb to lack of air in there. A bit of rummaging, some tape, and a moment or two of squirming, and the rat was a warm, wiggling dildo all ready for Wes to use to his heart’s content. He didn’t pause to do so either, getting himself into the same position as before and lowering himself down onto the rat with a very careful aim and a low, pleased groan as he felt the warmth go between his oversized cheeks and slowly worm it’s way to his pucker. A particularly large horse had been in there just the night before, so he was already stretched out well enough, but even still he wasn’t ready for just how thick or incredibly arousing a moving, warm ‘sex-toy’ felt moving around between his cheeks. It took immense self-control to not go off like a cannon immediately he was in such a heightened state of arousal, but even self-control had its limits. Wes knew that and he hurried to get the rat into him before those limits were reached. He quickly lined the rat up, then eased down onto it with a loud moan and deep, somewhat pained breaths. It was always a new experience and a new sense of pride when he took a new toy as well as he was taking the rat, but this time the pride was overridden by the simple ecstasy of the moment, as it was nearly too much for Wes to handle. That strain on his system put him off balance, making him lose his grip, and with a loud thud his rotund rump hit the chair and nearly broke the poor thing, causing the rat to get rammed hard up into his hole and right into his overly-sensitive prostate. Howling out in both pain from the sudden impact and pleasure from the fact that it did everything right in his mind, he went off like a fire hose, spewing seed out from under his protruding, bare stomach in droves. His hot, sticky fluid went everywhere on the chair, his underbelly and the floor, but he did not care about the mess: he was at a sensual peak that few get to experience in their lives thanks to the serum and his own perverse desires.

As soon as he went off, he felt the need to do it again, as the rat felt like it was getting deeper into him despite the fact that Wes could not push the rat in further on his own. It didn’t seem possible, but a loud slurping sound and the feeling of the entire rat sliding along his prostate gave it away that the rat was being eaten by his hole, and it sent Wes into a frenzy. His most sensitive organ was being rubbed quite slowly by warm, wiggling fur, and it was something he just could not stand. He was painfully hard, panting loudly in extreme arousal, and completely unable to think of anything at all aside from how incredibly good it felt to have the rat basically sliding up to fuck him deeper than he ever had been before. Further and further the furred creature went in, it’s wiggles fading to twitches as it succumb to the lack of air, but Wes didn’t even register that fact; he was just too deep into the experience to feel anything outside his hole being ravaged and pleasured in ways he had only been able to dream about until that moment. He wanted to cum hard again, but with his body being out of seed thanks to having just released moments earlier, he was forced to just feel his cock throb with want, which was an entirely new experience for him that he embraced wholeheartedly.

The ‘eating’ of the rat ended far too quickly as far as Wes was concerned. It took less than a minute for the entire rat to get sucked into his hole to the point where nothing but the tail barely brushed his prostate, and since the tail was short, it was mere seconds before Wes was left high, dry, and horny enough to stay rock hard for almost a full 5 minutes after the entire experience had ended. What had just happened didn’t make any sense, nor had it been intentional or planned, but… Wes wanted, no, needed to do that again in order to get that feeling coursing through his veins another time. The scientist in his mind hated the thought of doing that again without figuring out why it worked, and why it was so pleasing, and a whole host of other questions, but every other piece of Wes didn’t care about any of that; he had just discovered the ultimate drug, and he needed more. It had become his sole purpose for being; that feeling, he existed only to have it for as long as he could, as often as he could. It was that thought which truly shattered any inkling of what had been the old Wes. His old narcissisms may have remained, his speciesist nature as well, but anything that wasn’t ingrained in Wes’ mind to the point of being a habit had been obliterated by the mind-blowingly intoxicating experience he had just put himself through. He found himself trying to replicate it with the very chair that he had done it in as his mind soared over sexual peaks he had never seen before, and caught himself doing it only as the wheels banged against his overburdened thighs.

Stopping his revelry for a moment and examining himself truly for the first time since the change had occurred to his now-far-larger frame, Wes smirked to himself as he liked what he saw. Gone were his clothes, his belongings, and, at least from what he could see, his feet. In their place was nearly 200 pounds of newly-created fat, muscle, flesh, and fur. It blocked the view of his feet from him entirely, made waddling around more precarious than ever, and took him from looking overindulgent to downright obese. This wasn’t a problem to him though, as he had always been partial to his soft size long before any changes had taken hold in his body, and now that there was more of it, he simply saw more to love. His paws were slightly more useful now too, with the newfound fat on them making it a bit easier to grip things in his spindly digits. His feet were the only issue on his new frame, as they had not truly been built to support so much weight even with the modifications that had been made thanks to the serum, and as such struggled to support the marsupial even with Wes leaning against a nearby wall. The roo didn’t even register that the chair sticking out from his rear which he had tried to absorb into his voracious tailhole just moments before probably wasn’t helping his stance out at all, but that would have involved thinking, and all Wes could think of at this point was getting more living things into him by any means necessary. That most certainly wasn’t his only goal however, as he played with his new paunch like a cub with a new toy, and felt his now-larger pride stir between his thunder-thighs as proof that his size was more than just a new toy to him.

His assistants and the great many rats in the store room would suffice for now, but he wouldn’t be satisfied with just the few small moments of pleasure they could give him. He would need more furs, bigger furs… A running vehicle even! Ideas about things he could pleasure himself with filled his head as his mind got back to the task at hand: acquiring those items. He still had the chair to worry about of course, but made quick work of it by simply slowly seating himself onto the ground. The metal framework for the wheels felt incredibly odd against his hot sphincter, and spread him even wider than the seat had as he slit it in with careful precision. Deep moans and a loud grunt came from his muzzle as he finished, letting his innards do all the work now that the chair was inside him. The metal legs of the chair dug into his intestines, and gave his prostate a right pounding, but he didn’t mind the pain of it at all; he was just glad to have something else sliding up into his stomach. This wasn’t to say he ignored the pain of the arms and legs and corners of the chair entirely, but he was able to push it aside and just enjoy the sensation as much as he was able. Of course, when he was pushing the pain aside, he also pushed aside the feeling of his hole gaping quite wide from the utter size of the object it had just been asked to receive. It was a cold, odd, and though not uncomfortable, definitely unwelcome feeling to him, especially since he was only used to being spread wide at the most from his equine partners. Stretching before taking something like that on again would probably be smart if he really wanted to enjoy himself he decided; he had rushed into something that big.

It took a few minutes for the chair to collapse under severe internal pressure and begin digesting in the roo’s iron stomach, and Wes used those few minutes to regain his strength and rest his aching feet as best he could. Just standing was taking its toll on the poor, overburdened things, and having to waddle along to get his ‘prey’… It just didn’t seem feasible to the roo to do it. Granted, his body was changing itself and adapting to being several hundred pounds overweight as best it could, but everything had its limits, and Wes’ feet were reaching them already. Somewhat defeated in thinking he could get more live toys, it was then that the scientific part of his mind finally relented and came to aid of the rest of his lustful thoughts. The aid his knowledge gave him seemed simplistic enough in theory: remembering what had been put into an old compound designed to increase dexterity and strength in troops no matter what their situation. There were problems with that memory though, and two of them were glaring enough to keep the marsupial from doing that plan right away: He had no idea what the side effects were, nor did he remember if it even worked. The latter didn’t phase his indulgent mind, but the former did cause concern for every inch of him for a moment, as he had no plans on dying or harming himself just to make his life easier. If only the computers were up, he could look up test results and see what there was written about the testing.

Wes was about to give up on the idea and just sulk as he recovered his strength and got ready to trudge his way to his next bit of ‘food’, which would probably be a un-fed test rat or something, when he remembered probably the most important thing he could: His notes. It was those notes that contained the answer to his problems and the formula itself, and that gave him hope. That hope renewed his energy almost immediately, and with a loud grunt he was on his feet again and slowly lumbering towards the door into the back room which held years of notes in neatly-organized boxes. He was lucky the room was directly attached to the lab, and that he left it unlocked at all times so that he would never need to go back and get his keys, as it made his life infinitely simpler and easier. He also didn’t have to pass either of his assistants just yet, as he knew that they would see something was amiss as soon as they saw his newly-engorged, nude frame. None of this was in his head though, as all that possessed his mind was the need to find an answer to making it easier and more convenient to sate his needs.

Slowly and ponderously, Wes waddled his way over to the entrance to the storage room. His steps were wide and slow, and many times he had to stop and catch his breath as he got so tired out from carrying nearly 600 pounds of roo. His muscles were rebuilding as fast as they could, and he could feel himself getting stronger somewhat as well as less tired, but it wasn’t nearly fast enough for his liking. That would soon change though, he hoped, as he finally made it over to the door and opened it up with a hefty paw. He was greeted by cases upon cases of files, each labeled with meticulous details to indicate exactly what they contained to the letter. Wes wasn’t entirely sure where to look at first, and with the lustful, hungry desires which controlled him growing impatient, he knew that he needed to hurry. It had been a military case, several years ago, probably overseen by his old mentor… There they were. He smiled to himself proudly as he pulled out a rather dusty looking box filled with folders and pads, and put it on the table in the center of the cramped storage room. There, he rummaged through it for a few moments before finding the folder he needed and pulling it out.

He skimmed the file quickly, looking for a compound as well as notes of side effects. He had been so unorganized in those days, and his notes were no different as they had no real flow or order. He eventually found what he wanted though, and upon seeing no adverse side effects noted as well as the fact that the compound worked almost too well, he hastily gathered up the sheets of paper and started the long trudge back to the lab. It wasn’t nearly as long as the one before, as his muscles had been given time to grow and strengthen to accommodate his new weight. His lungs hadn’t regained enough strength to give those muscles oxygen though, nor had his feet gotten large enough to make the discomfort of walking a completely ignorable thing; kangaroos aren’t meant to walk along in the first place after all. He still made it to the main part of the lab though in well under half the time, and from there he got to work at mixing the compound up to the specifications listed on the paper. It was a relatively simple compound, but with as much extra flesh between him and the counter as there was, and how tired he was getting from all the movement, and needing to fight his lust and hunger in order to think straight… It was going to be a while to even do this simple task.


It took Wes almost half an hour to mix the compound to completion, and it was one of the longest half-hours of his entire life. He had just wanted it done so badly the entire time, and once he had it done, it was down his throat and into his system before he had even checked how to administer it to himself. He hoped orally would work, as it was too late to check that now. He sat in the chair which strained and whined at holding up his immense frame for a long moment, waiting to see if the change would be noticeable to him as quickly as the serum had been. He didn’t want to think that it could fail, but he had that thought nagging at the back his waning logic, because if it did… What was he going to do to get around and not have to just ignore how painful and uncomfortable and tiring it was. It wasn’t like he could really focus on that, but it gave what slivers of ‘Wes’ remained ammo, and the new Wes didn’t want that to happen at all.

Wes had almost given up hope when his feet started to tingle. It was barely noticeable at first, then it got more and more annoying as the seconds ticked by. The marsupial couldn’t see his feet, so he did not exactly know what was going on, but he suspected they were getting bigger as he started to feel the same tingling in his arms as they began to grow. The compound had worked, and it hadn’t interfered with serum A in any way that he could tell immediately. He still needed to see if he could walk though, so with care he gingerly slid out of the chair onto his still-somewhat-numb feet to test them out. His legs didn’t even feel like they had any load on them at all, and that alone was enough to make Wes sigh with relief. His arms felt like new, his neck was no longer sore, and he even felt a bit taller and more healthily distributed out with his weight rather than becoming closer and closer to being the utter blob the rat had become.

He was still reveling in his newfound strength and mobility when his hunger kicked back into high gear. He hadn’t eaten anything, orally or otherwise, since that rat nearly an hour ago. That was too long for him to go without food in his new body, so he needed to find something else to put into it immediately, preferably something living. He had cages upon cages of rats in the lab, but what he really wanted was something far more meaty for his next meal, like Kinta, or Po, or both for that matter. That bear had been putting on a rather sizable amount of weight over the past six months, and a large meal like that was certainly something Wes wanted to indulge himself in. Po was in a whole different league though; that tiger made him look like a twig. The tiger was nearly 1000 pounds, and only 6’4” to boot, so to say that he was a bowling ball of fur is no exaggeration. There was no way Wes could ‘pleasure’ himself with Po at all just yet, but maybe he could eat him like he had Luke; his jaw did unhinge and stretch impossibly wide fairly easily. That would leave Kinta to keep Wes’ rear occupied for the time being. Maybe he could use Kinta to stretch himself out so that Po would fit better?

He had been thinking about all of that as he had slowly waddled towards the doorway into the main lab. He found the halls far tighter than he remembered them being, but he was also far larger than he remembered being. It wasn’t that he necessarily cared so much as getting through the doors was proving to be a slight challenge. He had to turn sideways and sort of stumble through, which was inconvenient and slowed his progress even more than the apron of fat which was impeding his steps. He did love his new build and saw all of that weight as a pure display of just how powerful and gluttonous he had become, but it was rather annoying when it came to moving any faster than a ponderous, lumbering gait. The concoction he had made and taken to help keep his mobility and strength up was indeed helping to make his vastly larger gut less of a burden, but the slow pace he had to maintain also gave him time to scheme and plan out his next meal. Granted, that planning was rudimentary at best thanks to the fact that he was still incredibly focused on ‘eating’ more both orally and otherwise. It was a plan nonetheless, and if it all went wrong… That panda had frozen solid and simply not moved out of sheer fear, so maybe the others would react the same way. It was what he hoped for, as any effort burned off his precious fat, and that just would not do.

Wes was already sweating as he slowly approached Kinta’s office. He wasn’t tired just yet, but he would be savoring his ursine meal for quite a while, and the break it would give him from lumbering around just as much. His concoction was still working, still strengthening the muscles beneath the heavy layers of fat, still growing those feet beneath him to hold the massive beast above them, still making him taller to allow him to hold more fat on a more stretched and wider frame. The whole process was one that was slower than he had initially thought, but he didn’t really care about that; his meal was just a few more steps through a door, and that was all that mattered. His body could catch up as he reveled in his gluttony, which was about to be displayed as he knocked on the door to Kinta’s small office. He wanted to catch the bear off-guard, as any chase would be inevitably won by the more-nimble bear. That in mind, Wes planned to block off the door with his girth alone, and then let the ursine come to him. The door opening in response to Wes’ knocking was the exact response the kangaroo had wanted, so he just waited there for the door to open enough for his chance to strike.

“What do y-“ That was all the ursine got out before Wes’ mouth was on top of his head. The bear had no idea what hit him, and reacted by swinging at the marsupial who was now clamped hard over his entire head in an attempt to at least get him dazed enough to put up little resistance. The blows Kinta was landing on Wes’ fat chest and stomach were rather painful, but he resisted the pain and just stayed the course of both suffocating Kinta and getting the top portion of the ursine coated in drool; he needed something that large lubed up at least slightly before he tried to stuff it into his hole. The screams and hollers for help Kinta had been giving off as he choked down the paralytic drool coming from the kangaroo’s muzzle hadn’t even registered with Wes, but that was because each and every thought in his mind was focused on getting the beast sedated enough for him to eat. He had no technique to it, no plan past the fact that he needed Kinta to stop flailing and screaming before he could release him, but every other action he took was on instinct. Snapping of both Kinta’s arms to stop the bear from trying to resist even more? Instinct did that. Reaching out and supporting the bear once his legs finally gave out? Instinct took care of that too.

It was just a little bit after his legs gave out that Wes relented and spat out Kinta’s head. The bear tried to scream oncemore as soon as his head escaped from the kangaroo’s muzzle, but it was to no avail as he was utterly paralyzed. He couldn’t even blink, or shut his eyes in fear as he saw Wes reach down to sit him up. The kangaroo propped him up on his broken arms and paralyzed legs in a rather awkward sitting position. It wasn’t much effort to do that, and Wes was all too ready for what was going to come next. Kinta wasn’t though, and it showed through the tears he was starting to let loose, and a scent which excited Wes immensely: he could smell the urine from the bear pissing himself. It was immensely arousing to know that he had done this to yet another victim of his, and sped up his process of getting the bear into him. “This won’t hurt a bit Kinta, not at all… It might smell a bit though.” Wes laughed at his light joke, then turned around and spread his cheeks. A very faint whimper came from the ursine as the fast-acting paralytic started to wear off already; it wasn’t meant to last, and therefore Wes had to act fast to get his victim in.

Kinta’s muzzle was the first part of the ursine to enter the kangaroo, and it was like experiencing the feeling of the rat all over again for said kangaroo. He was instantaneously lost in unparalleled feelings of bliss, lust, and sensual pleasure. He wasn’t truly paying attention at that point either, so he went a little bit faster than intended as he started to truly go down onto the fattened ursine. His body handled it perfectly, but the pain was nearly unbearable to Wes as he started to reach Kinta’s broad shoulders. It was spreading him wider than he had ever gone in his many years several times over, and that was painful beyond any sense of the word. It was a good thing that Wes was a masochist when he was getting truly pounded, because if he hadn’t been this would have been one of the worst experiences of his life. That fact made the whole experience so much better for him going forward, the pain adding layers to his pleasure and contrasting the blissful feelings so starkly that it was the yin to the yang of being muzzle-fucked by the ursine he was steadily consuming into his rear.

The shoulders of the bear were nearly in by the time Wes came for the first time. He was truly and utterly aroused from the beginning of it all, even though he had been far from soft before entering the room. That throbbing need had finally given way to a release once he had gotten up to the shoulders simply because he could no longer contain it. Hot streams of seed coated his underbelly, as well as the bear’s belly and chest as the marsupial went off like a powerful hose. His loads were becoming more potent and larger as he got bigger and evolved more into the titanic, gluttonous, and now overbearingly strong beast his compounds had made him. This meant his musky scent was far stronger than it had been before, and that he came for nearly a full thirty seconds before the final stream of seed left his pulsating length. He did not calm down in the least from that though. He couldn’t; he had an ursine torso partially lodged into his gaping hole and that kept him as hard as a steel rod. Kinta hadn’t even reached Wes’ prostate yet either, so the best was still yet to come from that… And Wes had no idea just how he would handle that onslaught of pleasure.

Handling it became the least of his worries as the ursine’s muzzle finally brushed against the kangaroo’s incredibly sensitive prostate. Wes let out a guttural bellow that was sure to be heard by Po, and his legs turned to jelly beneath him. He was lucky as could be that his instincts were still intact, for he caught himself on Kinta’s desk just before collapsing onto the bear and taking his entire body in one, massive thrust. He didn’t want to waste the bear like that, so he had no reason to do it just yet. Collapsing would be both dangerous for his insides, and counterproductive to getting the marsupial the maximum amount of pleasure. Wes intended to savor the experience, to feel every inch of Kinta that he could rub over his innards… Just visualizing it for the kangaroo was enough to make his cock throb even more so with desire.

It was right then that the paralytic saliva Wes had forced both onto and into Kinta wore off entirely, and he began to struggle again. The struggling was weak and feeble at best, as Kinta was already running low on oxygen deep within Wes’ bowels, but some sort of struggling was enough to boost the marsupial’s vigor ten-fold. Kinta wasn’t going to give up without a fight, even if that fight was some weak flailing and wiggling to try and get away after it was blatantly obvious all hope was lost for the ursine. So, with renewed energy, Wes pushed down more onto Kinta’s torso as he used his legs to try and hold the bear steady. It was a rather hard task, but somehow he managed it well enough to keep Kinta from worming his way out of the roo’s noxious ass. Wes still did have to fight the bear to get him to stay in there though, and that only added yet another layer of excitement and arousal on top of the several which were already involved in the whole experience. Granted, it was a small layer as Kinta could barely even flop his legs about with how tired and low on air he was, but it was another aspect of pleasure for the marsupial to revel in.

Kinta stopped his struggles and fell unconscious a little bit before Wes reached the ursine’s widest part: his belly. Wes had somewhat underestimated the weight gain of the bear, and was having a bit of trouble getting his painfully stretched and incredibly tight hole to accept the rolling, yielding flesh he was stuffing into it. He didn’t want the process to slow or to have to exert even more effort than necessary. It looked like he would have to though, so he simply sighed and pushed down a bit harder and groaned out loudly. His rear spread even wider as a result of that, because it bunched up the large amount of fat the ursine had and made it more of a stopper in the kangaroo’s hole. It ratcheted up the pain for the marsupial even more, spread him even wider, and pumped more pleasure into his veins. Since the squirming had stopped, it made that whole feeling slightly less orgasmic than he had built up in his mind, but it was still incomparable to anything Wes had experienced. It was so good in fact, that all he wanted to do was make it last even more.

That didn’t happen though, as a resounding pop let the kangaroo know the worst, and widest bit of the bear had gotten into him. It was only a matter of adjusting himself and sitting down again to get most of the ursine into him, that large, rolling rear and thick thighs going up into him in a pretty fast thrust. That slid every ounce of quaking, sloshing, and jiggling bear fat over his prostate, and pushed him well past the edge of where he was able to handle. He let out a generous amount of pre, but just didn’t have another load to release into the air. He ached with need, and was panting so hard his lungs hurt thanks to just how hard the arousal and lack of being able to release it was taxing his system. It was utter torture for the marsupial, but he endured it for the tantalizing, intoxicating, and addicting feeling which came right along with it.

It was as he was getting down to the bear’s calves that he heard a loud gasp. Wes turned quickly to the source of the gasp, and saw Po filling the doorway with his mouth agape. The tiger must have heard either the loud moans of Wes or the screams of Kinta and came to see what was going on. Neither answer for the obese tiger’s presence mattered to Wes though, for all that he cared about was the fact that he could no longer get the jump on the feline. That meant that he would have to change his plan of attack, which pushed his instincts into overdrive. He lunged, Kinta’s legs still dangling from his gaping hole, at Po in an attempt to get the tiger. Granted, this lunge was more of a well-executed belly-flop onto the floor in front of the mammoth feline, but it did the trick as it got Wes just close enough to Po to grab one of his ankles. Po tried to dodge, but once Wes had that ankle, it was over for the engorged feline and he knew it.

Wes just hung onto that ankle for a long moment, contemplating what to do to Po exactly. He could eat him normally, just down the hatch while he savored those fat hips and calves of Kinta. He could also hurry up and finish Kinta then start Po down the same path. Oh, but that would require so much more stretching… He just didn’t know what he wanted. While he pondered, Kinta was slowly sliding deeper into him, which made concentrating on forming any sort of plan hard. He was slowly pulling himself closer to Po as well, who stood immobilized by both fear and the fact that he couldn’t move without tumbling over thanks to Wes’ death grip on his ankle. The kangaroo’s mind was making itself up as he got closer and closer to Po, his muzzle opening wider to start sucking those feet in. This was going to be one hell of a meal…


The security guard working in the lobby heard something rather unsettling coming from the service elevator. The camera had gone out to it several minutes before, and as such he had gone over to it to see just what was wrong. The elevator wasn’t on his floor, so he called it, and that was when the horrid sound started. It sounded almost like grating metal or something along those lines, but whatever it was it was coming from the elevator shaft and making the lift take far longer than normal to come up. That made him nervous, as he didn’t have training for anything like that; he had only started a week before. The initial training he had to undergo wasn’t even completed, but yet here he was, gun drawn and waiting to see what would come out of the elevator as it slowly rose closer and closer to where he was, each tick for a floor it passed making his heart pound harder and harder.

When the lift finally did reach his position and open up, his heard was nearly in his throat and he was damn near ready to shoot whatever was in the lift, whether it be living or dead. Wes was in there, crammed in tight and straining the poor thing with his massive size which bulged out against all sides of the confined enclosure. He pounced out as best as a two-ton kangaroo could as soon as the doors opened, not even giving the poor, startled guard a change to see what was attacking him before crushing him. The sickening sound of bones snapping beneath all that weight barely even reached Wes’ ears as he landed, and even if it had he didn’t care. No alarms had been tripped by his unceremonious landing, which shook and rattled most everything within about 20 feet of him, and that meant there was nothing to distract Wes as he made short work of ‘hiding’ the dead guard.

He didn’t like eating a dead victim, as he had discovered when ‘eating’ the remains of another lab’s staff. No struggling and squirming was just boring to him, just like using an oversized dildo in a hole that could nearly accommodate a small car at this point. This wasn’t to say that he didn’t enjoy stuffing the pudgy, broken body up into him, but he didn’t relish it as he had Kinta. He just got it in, lined up, and sat with a loud thud. That rammed the body up into him with such force that it slammed into his prostate like an overpowered fist, and drove a twinge of pain and pleasure through his entire frame. It was enough to sate him for now, at least until he could find a new live victim to take care of getting him off once again. He knew that would be a lot harder now too since he was up into where the general populous could see him, and anyone seeing him in his nude, hulking, massively obese, and rank state would immediately flee at a pace his body was just incapable of doing. He was amazed his mobility compound was even letting him move at all, as he was several times wider around than he was tall by now, but somehow he was still ambulatory, if not at a very slow pace.

That slow pace took him out of the back stockroom and into the main hallways, where he began to skulk around for new victims to add even more to his size. He was going to head through the labs first, then out into the car park to see what it would be like to take a running car. The warm engine had to be something to feel, so he wanted that experience… Plus the tires with all of their contours and textures; he was getting aroused just thinking about it. Maybe he could even get taller in here to allow more size onto his frame before mobility became an issue…


It had been a long day at work for the techie who was now starting his car. Hours of paper-pushing, fruitless experiments on an incredibly boring topic, and now going home to an empty house which probably only had beer and maybe some leftover Chinese food in it. A mundane existence for a mundane fox… That was what he led, and he wished above all that he could change it. He didn’t want always the same thing, and had his small rebellions when he could. His car was one of those rebellions, a screaming V8 beast which he had built over a period of several years which did not at all match him externally. It was fiery red, covered in flame decals, and had a cut muffler to make it just sound like an absolute beast. Not a single thing matched the mild-mannered owner who drove it to and from the office during the week, but that didn’t matter to him; it was his baby.

It was also the first thing Wes saw when he came crashing out of the entrance to the top of the parking garage. All 22 feet and countless pounds of him poured out of a newly-created massive hole in the building. It groaned and rumbled loudly thanks to the sudden loss of support from the wall that was now missing courtesy of the mammoth marsupial. The structure remained standing though, leaving something for Wes to come back to later on. His version of later on would be fairly soon though, as he was already stretched far too wide to gain anything but slightly more sustenance from eating furs. Cars had taken a spot in his mind once that fact had set in, and seeing the bright monster in front of him, idling and with a driver to boot, Wes might as well have found the main course of his rampage.

His bulbous form slowly approached the parked vehicle, his gaze never leaving the lab worked who cowered in utter terror beside it. The closer Wes got, the more that he could see the simpleton shake with fear in his presence. That feat felt good to Wes; it was power, and he thrived off of it. That sense of power and complete control had gotten him through the labs and offices inside his now-former employer on a high quite unlike any other. He had a sense of how the true fat cats who ran the city, and by and large the country, felt now… And to put those cats in place would be a new feeling entirely for the marsupial. That goal would be attainable in time, but for now he just needed to focus on getting the car in front of him into him. Being that the vehicle was stationary and wouldn’t be easy to maneuver, or light for that matter, this was going to be a tricky task for Wes. The owner was still around, so maybe the marsupial could use that to his advantage.

Letting out the scariest roar he could muster, Wes bore down on the terrified vulpine beside the car to try and get him to flee. It worked first try, as the fox took off towards the driver’s door and hopped right inside. He barely even was able to put the vehicle in drive before smashing on the gas as hard as he could. Wes had counted on that though, having not only maneuvered himself in front of car with his rear facing it, but braced himself for the inevitable smash of flesh against metal. He knew it would happen fast, and that no amount of pain he had experienced prior would come close to what he was about to get from the hot engine and sharp corners of the vehicle. He didn’t care though, and just waited for the car to slam into his pucker and then start to be absorbed into him. The vulpine didn’t see the huge sphincter in front of him, and had simply stomped on the gas to try and escape from the beast who he thought was just going to eat him whole. That wasn’t going to happen, but the vulpine wasn’t conscious to see that as the smash from his car plowing literally into Wes was enough to deploy airbags, which in turn knocked the fox out cold.

Wes was very much conscious for the crash, and what it did to him was almost indescribable. He wasn’t injured by it, too badly, but it did do some damage to his frame. That wasn’t what he cared about, or noticed though… He was far and away in the most blissful state he had been in since his transformation had occurred several hours earlier in the day. The car being ‘introduced’ to him was the single most provocative experience he had ever had in all the 34 years he had been drawing breath. His entire mind went blank in an instant, dropping everything from its incredibly limited sphere of knowledge and focusing on all the sensations which coursed through his body. His waves of fat rippled across the oceanic surface of his colossal frame. The seed which now coated his underbelly in yet another layer of hot, sticky liquid thanks to just how mind-blowing the occurrence was. The sloshing and rolling of his ass around and over the car while it tried to start making sense of its newest meal. All of it was an utter sensory overload, and pushed him over the edge; he shut down almost immediately and let instinct take over.

His instincts were now almost entirely comprised of lustful and gluttonous thoughts, so it made sense that he made short work of the car. The revving engine vibrating against his hot prostate was enough to force a second release for the marsupial, in spite of just having cum minutes before. That was the best part of the vehicle though, as the rest of it was cold metal or awkward rubber which chaffed as he ate it. The treads along the tires was quite the experience, as were the mirrors and door handles, but all in all the car was only good at the engine, which was quite a disappointment for Wes. He had expected more, and to not have it delivered was a large letdown for him. Granted, the engine had been all he had wanted and then some, and the initial impact was otherworldly, but the entire car was just two highs, and nothing else… That wouldn’t do. He needed something else to give him that constant high that he so desperately craved, but what? Eating other furs was becoming boring thanks to how small they were compared to him, and cars were too bland as far as Wes was concerned. He needed something new, and thinking past that was a challenge, for in fact, just forming that thought had taken effort.

Wes didn’t need to think though as his opinion on cars was suddenly swayed in favor thanks to the screams of the car’s occupant. The fox had woken up, and was screaming in the vehicle to be set free. Since the kangaroo had already consumed the car up to the trunk, escape was not possible for the vulpine anymore, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He was banging against the doors, yelling, and trying to roll down windows in various attempts to escape the rank prison he was now encased in. Wes simply moaned aloud and stopped eating the car for a long moment, just to let the fox’s struggling pummel his innards a bit longer before crushing the car into digestible hunks of metal. The doors banged his prostate and intestines quite hard, and the vulpine’s struggles shook the car large amounts inside him; it was like having a piping hot vibrator rammed impressively deep into him. That little bit of movement was enough to more than make up for the boring texture and feeling of the comparatively-cold metal against his prostate as he slurped and pushed the car further and further into his voracious hole.

It wasn’t long before just the taillights and rear bumper were all that was showing, and at that point Wes simply sat down with a loud grunt and shoved the rest of the vehicle deep into him. The rear tires gave him one final bit of stimulation, but that was it as his system began to break the car down into digestible, manageable chunks for his body to absorb. How it all worked was far beyond the marsupial’s current mental capacity, but it was utterly amazing to watch as his entire frame contorted and wobbled from being asked to do such things to a solid object. There was no discomfort for Wes in this process either, just the simple feeling of a huge meal being digested which he had always enjoyed, even before his transformation hours earlier. He couldn’t have noticed any discomfort if there had been any though, as his mind was still a ways from being recovered from the incredible system shock that was the car smashing into him, and the subsequent feeling of it being stuffed up into his bowels. The pain that had come with that had never been unbearable, nor even enough to snap him out of his revelry, so he simply had been put through the most blissful experience of his life. That would take time to recover from for most, but for Wes’ body, which needed consistent sustenance in order to continue its growth and rampaging, he was already repaired and ready to move on.

Moving on was a little bit of a challenge though in his current state, as he was still breaking down that car and subsequently, moving was a bit of a challenge. He had not been rendered immobile by the car, but his body did need to catch up to what his stomach was doing before he could get a move on. That could take time, and Wes didn’t want to waste any more time than he had to laying around. There were a few more cars around him which he could get to with minimal struggling, but just the fact that he had to move at all was a bit disheartening to the behemoth. He wanted to get to a point where his meals came to him so that he didn’t have to move at all. This was quite the goal, and some part of him knew that it could never happen, but it was just a wish of a lethargic, stuffed, and impossibly horny fur. One could dream though, and as he rolled himself onto his feet to start waddling his way towards the next car he was going to ‘eat’, that was what he thought of.

He wanted the cars running too, and that would prove to be a lot harder than initially planned since Wes had no idea how to hotwire a car. Jumpstarting them with a  push maybe? Maybe just turning the ignition by paw in the car until it worked? He didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he knew that to get the most out of the cars, they would need to be running; shoving cold, sharp metal up his ass didn’t seem like a pleasurable thing for him to do. He would resort to that if needbe though, as his planning skills were very limited, and his hunger easily outweighed his need to pleasure himself at that point. He just wanted to be larger more now simply because of how tantalizingly good it felt, rather than his mind just telling him to do nothing but eat more and more. It more supplemented that impulse now, as the feeling of growing granted more sexual pleasure than being full, and since he was all about sexual pleasure since his transformation had taken hold, it only made sense that he would hunger after the thing which pleasured him the most. Growing was that pleasure for him now, so cold or warm cars, he was going to grow…


A loud CRUNCH signaled Wes’ landing onto the street several stories beneath the parking garage’s roof. He had eaten each and every car up there over the course of a few hours, and now craved something larger. His frame had increased again from a mere twenty-two feet tall, to somewhere over sixty-five feet. His girth had also grown a copious amount, but was still in-sync with his current height, giving him an incredibly fat yet mobile frame. The effects of his own concoction were starting to wear off, and it was getting harder and harder for him to move as his body was compensating less and less for the fat buildup. An hour or so of growth was all that he had left, and while he didn’t know that, he knew he wouldn’t be mobile for too much longer and wanted to make the most of it while he could. The cold cars he had been consuming to get his size up were in preparation for his grand finale: A bus.

The marsupial knew that he wasn’t going to find a bus on the top of the parking garage, and that getting one to come to him on the street was going to be a task, so he just waited and ‘ate’ the cars by the edge of the parking garage’s roof until one came rolling along beneath him. That had happened just moments before, and what had prompted him to leap from the 30-foot-tall structure onto the ground below. The poor bus was stopped in front of him, all 40 feet and as many passengers of it coming to a shaking halt before the mammoth kangaroo which loomed over them. Wes wasted no time turning around, knocking several windows out in buildings with a tail he had mostly forgotten he had, and laying down prone right in front of that bus. Once he was down on his belly, which did a good job of pushing him up a little ways and almost creating a ramp up to his large tailhole with the massive amount of adipose that pushed down heavily on the cars, pedestrians, and road beneath him. Moaning softly to himself at the feeling of the hot pavement and squirming beings beneath him, the marsupial squirmed around for a few moments before getting himself into a comfortable position and getting ready to push the bus into himself.

Using his tail, the kangaroo pushed the bus from the back as it was trying so desperately to reverse. He could hear the screams of fear as the passengers aboard tried frantically to escape the impending doom that was about to befall them as they were shoved up Wes’ lard ramp towards the hole which the bus was inevitably going to be consumed by. The door to the bus flew open, and passengers tried to escape from their fate, but Wes had other plans as he just pulled harder and faster to get the bus into him that much quicker. The passengers getting off was not something that he wanted, so giving up savoring the bus entering him was just a sacrifice he was going to have to pay in order to get the other thing that he wanted: his meal. The marsupial accepted that fact, and kept right on pushing as hard as he could with his tail, the fattened appendage straining to get the large vehicle up the increasingly-steep incline. Wes made it easier by leaning back, leveling his paunch out some and thusly making the grade more of a gradual climb for the bus. The effort Wes needed to expend went down dramatically with that action, making it just a short matter of time to the bus’ grand entrance into the kangaroo.

When the bus hit Wes’ gaping hole, something happened to him which was utterly indescribable. It made every single experience he had had during the course of the day seem to just pale in comparison, and that was saying a great deal. Wes’ mind was just gone at that moment, completely shattered by the feelings which coursed through his body. It wasn’t going to return either, as Wes had no intention of trying to claw his way back to sanity at this point. While his last vestiges of being a smart being had vanished long before, his last bits of sentience were gone truly now. He was a beast of pure urges now, nothing more than that. It was something which he had nearly been for pretty much his entire time of being a voracious beast rather than his former marsupial self. The bus entering him had caused the last bits of intelligence, the final pieces of brains, to finally break and flee from a mind which was so broken and addled with animalistic desires that there was nothing left to hang onto. Wes was gone, for good this time, and he did not regret it as he watched himself fade into nothingness. He was eating… And that was all that mattered to the shell of a brilliant kangaroo which now filled an entire road and was stuffing a bus up into his tailhole.

That bus slowly was getting sucked into that gaping hole, already nearly a third of the way in after less than a minute. The kangaroo was not wasting time with the bus, although he had already cum from it once as the simple feeling of the incredibly large vibrating object was enough to send rivers of pleasure through his veins. The bus’ vibrations were getting more intense too, as he pushed on closer and closer to absorbing the part of the vehicle that the passengers were in. His body was working overtime, trying its hardest to break down what of the bus was already in him in order to make the whole thing fit. It wasn’t the easiest process for his body to undertake, but yet it was what he was attempting and it was working as best as his overtaxed body could do. The whole thing was being crushed nearly the instant it got into the marsupial, which was keeping the stimulus to his prostate at a temporary minimum but the pleasure he was gaining at it still at a maximum since it was completely stuffing his innards already. His body just couldn’t handle being asked to break that much material down at the pace it needed to though, so he was already beginning to bulge at the seams with the material inside of him. That didn’t slow him down though, and he soldiered on to get the entire bus into him.

Loud groans and moans came with that forcefulness, and to anyone within earshot of the utterly disgusting display of gluttony would be privy to them. The kangaroo wasn’t going to be quiet anymore, as he had no need to, so the feeling of getting that much stuffed became audible for the second time he had ever done it. Grunts, shlorps, and a chorus of other noises accompanied those, and end even the crunching of metal could be heard in that symphony when the marsupial was trying to catch his breath. The process was wearing him out, and yet he wanted, no, needed to keep it going as best as he could. He wasn’t going to stop until he was done with the bus, come hell or his death, and that was that as far as his primitive mind was concerned.

Past the halfway mark, up to about 3/4th, the marsupial was powering through the long metallic object like it was a dildo that he wanted to hilt on the first try. He was groaning louder, panting rapidly, and yet still just stuffing more and more of it into his tortured body to try and get it all to fit. The instincts and thoughts which governed his actions ignored the pain and stretching which was coming from trying to get an entire bus into his bowels. It wasn’t a lot at this point, but that last quarter of a bus was going to be really hard for him to fit, as his limit was closing in fast. He would somehow need to get in nearly 20 people, a full engine, and the back tires of a bus into him, and yet there was no room left… Improvising was no longer amongst the kangaroo’s skillset, so he was just going to have to brute force it into him. What little room he had was going to be gone, and what little space could be made by forcing the slowly-dissolving bits of bus further up into him, those would both need to be used in order to get everything inside of him. The marsupial didn’t care though; he wanted his meal done, and to feel more stuffed than he had all day. So with his prostate screaming from all the pressure against it, his cock aching for release, and his bowels fighting him with every push, the kangaroo fought it all and gave one mighty shove with his tail.

It worked; everything got shoved up into the gaping hole through which the modified marsupial ate and slowly began to slide in further, getting dissolved and broken down into digestible chunks. This was good for him, and as the growth serum Wes had implanted in the beast was still functioning to a degree, he wouldn’t be rendered immobile by his actions just yet. The engorged and broken body which the marsupial possessed was starting to adapt to all the new weight it was going to put on, and that got him pondering what to do next. That pondering was rudimentary at best, since it was the glutton’s prerogative to always look for something bigger to eat, and there were few things bigger than the bus which resided in his colon at the moment. It wasn’t as if he was looking to eat anything again at the moment… But his former employer was starting to look tasty. He was going to need to bulk up some more for that though, maybe starting with the parking garage? Or the bus yard across town? So many choices for the titanic glutton, who was slowly climbing back to his feet, that he couldn’t begin to wrap his head around it.

His feet swiftly decided for him though, pointing him right at the parking garage and marching him over to it. He would have to bite off chunks of the structure in order to get it to a point where he could eat it properly, but that didn’t matter to him. His stomach was still complaining and begging for mercy from consuming the bus, door-rattling groans and rumbles coming from the battered organ. The marsupial paid them no heed though, but never got far enough to where listening to his stomach would matter either way. The growth serum he had mixed several hours earlier had finally worn off, and as such his body stopped trying to compensate for any sort of increase in mass. His body didn’t want to stop ‘increasing’ though, so the kangaroo came wobbling to a halt mere yards from his edible destination. His stomach had finally hit the ground, and the muscles which had been supporting his enormous tail gave out at about the same instant, and tumbled to the ground between his now-useless feet. Beached, and with a stomach that growled for more as he panted from both fatigue and a new wave of arousal that beset him right as immobility kicked in, the kangaroo’s rampage through the city seemed to be over before it even started.

He looked at it longingly as he jiggled, quaked, and squirmed in place, feebly reaching out for it in a vain attempt to reach the structure. There was nothing else that he could do now other than to sit there and hope that his center of gravity would shift enough so that he would tumble into his meal so that he could eat some more. His instincts kicked in on that front, and he began to rock back and forth in an attempt to tip himself over, albeit a very feeble attempt as even moving himself was becoming more and more of a challenge as the bus turned into more and more lard, which gave him an increasingly wide, and stable, base. His rear had already spread out to nearly his height, and the base of his belly was just as wide, if not slightly wider. His feet kicked uselessly at the ground, barely able to touch it anymore thanks to the lift and pressure generated by the tons upon tons of adipose which now resided beneath his enlarging frame. Even his arms, which had been fairly useless the entire time, now hung like forgotten sacs at his sides as they were too heavy to even lift for more than a few moments, and even that lift was courtesy of the left-over muscle mass created from when he had still had the serum in effect.

All that growth had another side-effect as well; he was as horny as he had ever been, and then some. Realizing that he could no longer move thanks to how large he had gotten was an incredible turn-on to the already-insatiable marsupial, and it just made getting off that much more of a priority to him. He needed something to get rammed into his rear now, and not just to have something to fill the increasing void in his immense middle. He had to have something to ram against his prostate so that he could cum, as his cock literally hurt he needed to release so badly, but yet he could not thanks to how hard it was to jack off when all one had was their own girth. Granted, he tried wobbling himself to rub it out, but that had little effect as that was what he had been doing the entire time he had still been mobile. He needed something new, and had no idea where he was going to get it. Not that he could form an idea like that of course.

It was then that his growth stopped, and the kangaroo just sat there, yards from the parking garage in the middle of the road in a downtown urban metropolis. He was utterly immobilized, surrounded by panicked citizens, starving, horny, and above all: he was tired. It hadn’t hit him until his stomach had stopped digesting, but he was just exhausted from having been on his feet for nearly 12 hours. The break he was getting from finally being immobilized by his own gluttony felt like it was a small piece of serenity, and he planned to capitalize on it. His body needed a break, and so did he, but he was still hungry, and sleeping on an empty stomach was not an easy task. Exhaustion wasn’t going to take any excuses though, so what had just been a tired feeling quickly turned into extended blinking, then just shut eyes as the kangaroo began to hum to himself; a sign that he was drifting off into dream land. It had been one hell of a day for him, and as he snuck one last glance off at the parking garage he wanted so badly to consume, he could only imagine what his night was going to be like…

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