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Sasuke loomed over the bed which held Lobo, twirling a rope in his paws. He had made sure to sedate the wolf first with a large meal filled with plenty of sleeping pills and other drugs. The wolf was going to be out for a long time, or so Sasuke hoped; those sleeping pills weren’t meant for beasts that weighed upwards of 500 pounds like Lobo did. Regardless, that meant plenty of time for the wolfdragon to have some fun at his expense. What kind of fun was still up in the air, but Sasuke knew that he was going to be taking full advantage of that wolf. The wolfdragon was one kinky bastard, and would have quite a bit of fun with the sleeping mound of canine which now lay in his bed.

He needed to make sure the beast wasn’t going to be able to flee first, so he strung some rope around his arms and legs, tying it off at each bed post. He didn’t go tight with the rope, and made sure his knots could slide loose fairly easily; he didn’t want to hurt the wolf. The way the wolf’s limbs were going to swell with fat as he was taken advantage of by the mammothly obese hybrid was the reason for those sliding knots, and even those were kept loose initially. Sasuke had plans, big ones, and he would need the wolf to stay still for all of them. He made doubly sure to make sure those binds were secure though, as he didn’t want the wolf sliding out of them too early and getting away. His fun would need the wolf still, and that wouldn’t happen if Sasuke had to chase him.

The wolfdragon climbed into the bed once his securing of the wolf was complete, looming over him and smirking down at his sleeping form once more. The pair were both nude, and Sasuke’s endowment hung flaccid beneath his massive paunch. It was dangling just scant inches from the snoring wolf’s mouth, and the wolfdragon wanted to stick it in. He didn’t want his pride to be bitten off though, as he knew the main reaction to choking was to shut one’s maw. To keep that from happening, he had put a large cockring in the wolf’s mouth before he’d gotten above Lobo. That was going to keep that muzzle open, come hell or high water. It would also be a good means of tying himself down on the wolf so none of his fattening seed escaped, as well as pleasuring him into release quicker.

The wolfdragon was sure of his plan, and began to lower himself down into that awaiting maw. He was panting lightly as he did it, the feeling of the ring brushing along the sensitive flesh of his length enough to send shivers of pleasure through his frame. It was an orgasmic entry, easily amongst the best of his life, and he would need to do this again once he was through making this wolf his fattened slave. For now though, he was going to begin just pummeling the wolf’s muzzle with his length, as that was his ultimate plan to quickly get the wolf up to immobility. Once there, stuffing the wolf to the point of goofiness with food… And then humping that tight, stuffed gut until he burst like a dam. It was a pervert’s dream, and Sasuke was intent on making it a reality.

The wolfdragon’s length slowly reached it’s hilt in that ring, his knot brushing it and sending a wave of ecstasy through his body unlike one he had ever felt. It was nearly unparalleled by any of his other experiences, and it took all he had not to cry out in joy. He held his tongue though, just grunting loudly as he began to back out of the ring. It was not an easy task, as blood racing to and through his length was fattening the long appendage up, and hardening it as well. That meant more rubbing, which meant more stimulus, which also meant even more pleasure. It was a cycle of absolute heaven for the wolfdragon, and he wanted, no, needed more of it. He was going to get it too, as he slid out as far as he dare, very gingerly, before starting to go back in again.

The wolfdragon didn’t get as far in this time, the ring sticking to his hardening member a lot sooner than he expected. This was fine; he wanted this. He had hoped for more time though, but just shrugged it off and reached a paw down to adjust the ring. He had to push aside several hundred pounds of fat in order to reach down there, and even then it was a strain. He just barely was able to grab the ring with the tops of his claws, his arm shaking with effort of holding so much adipose back. The ring held though, and Sasuke pushed on in deeper to get the ring really on him. He had to be careful not to scratch himself with his claws, which though they were dull, they could still do damage to the massive length Sasuke carried. He didn’t want that, but as he got further into the ring, he all but stopped thinking about it.

It took several adjustments and almost two whole minutes, but the cock ring was finally pushing against Sasuke’s knot. The wolfdragon retracted his paw almost immediately, all of his heft sagging right back into place and jiggling all over. He nearly toppled from the sudden shift of about 2500 pounds of torso, planting his paws on the wall to steady himself. It was a loud thud, and for a split-second the wolfdragon feared he may have woken up the wolf beneath him. There was no sound though, other than the loud snoring which continued on as though nothing had happened. Sasuke sighed in relief, and let his gut settle back into place as it wobbled and quaked around. It felt good to have the thing swinging as freely as it was, brushing against his knot and thighs like a massive, warm paw. That wasn’t the sensation he wanted though, so he just waited for it to stop before going after the one he really wanted.

The wolfdragon’s gut lay still after almost a minute, and he then began to slide himself in and out of Lobo’s muzzle. He couldn’t move much, as he was essentially humping into a cockring wedged not only onto him, but between two teeth to keep it in place. He didn’t want to yank any of Lobo’s teeth out, and he didn’t want to wind up cutting himself, so the initial few humps were very ginger. It was almost like he was barely trying, and indeed he was just barely trying. He was still trying nonetheless though, and once the lust and pleasure truly began to take him over, he thought less and less of hurting himself or Lobo and more of trying to get off. So his humping got a little more aggressive, and his length tugged more at that ring.

It held surprisingly well, withstanding the several jerks and pounds that Sasuke did against it. Lobo’s teeth were a lot stronger than the wolfdragon expected, but he was hardly thinking about that at this particular point; pre was leaking from his cock head already. It had been just minutes since he had gotten Lobo asleep, yet he was already dripping pre into the wolf’s muzzle. It was just that good as far as he was concerned, and as he humped down into that muzzle using the bedframe and wall to support himself, he wished it wouldn’t end. It was going to though, and soon, as more precum went down Lobo’s gullet and the wolfdragon’s balls began to churn slowly. He ached for release, and began to get more erratic in his thrusts as he was nearing that sexual peak.

It was less mere seconds later before Sasuke couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed down as hard as he could into Lobo’s muzzle and let out a loud, pained grunt. He couldn’t howl, but he moaned and panted as he finally let loose his torrent of seed. It was quite the load, even for him, and he could feel that almost immediately as he felt some of it try to push out of Lobo. The wolfdragon’s cock was holding it in there though, as he wasn’t about to let it escape from his growing fucktoy. That was going to be a little easier said than done though, as gallons of seed spewed out and into the wolf with a great deal of force. They all powered their way down his throat and into his expansive stomach, filling it with sloshing liquid after just a matter of moments.

Sasuke panted lightly as he continued to spew seed, feeling the resistance get greater as the wolf filled up more and more with cum. It was a rather pleasurable sensation to have that growing pressure against his cockhead, and had he not already been rock hard courtesy of the cock ring and that warm muzzle enveloping his pride, that certainly would have brought him to it. He could feel the wolf expanding beneath him as well, and that was only making everything that much sweeter. That growing green belly pushing against his rear, the chest pushing his balls up a little more, the widening torso wrapping over and around his legs like a scene from the blob… Sasuke was creating a stress relief ball, and that ball was going to be huge when he was done with it.

It took a few more minutes, but Sasuke finally finished and began to take his still-hard cock out of Lobo’s muzzle. The wolf was still dead asleep; his snoring had been muffled by the cock down his throat. It started again as soon as Sasuke started to back out though, his cock not even out of the wolf’s muzzle before a loud snore came out. It was almost cute, and had Sasuke not had even more devious plans for the wolf, he would have stopped there. He wasn’t going to though, he needed to get the rest of the way out, and then get into the kitchen to start cooking. He was still undecided as to what to make, as he had bought a lot of everything, and knew that the wolf wouldn’t be able to eat all of it. He also wasn’t sure just how much he would be able to restrain himself from eating either; Sasuke was quite the glutton after all.

His train of thought was detailed by the cock ring getting caught on the wolf’s teeth, which jarred Sasuke back to reality. He was still a bit too hard to escape the thing without a bit of pain and a massive amount of pleasure, and Lobo’s muzzle wouldn’t open any wider; it was why he’d used that cock ring. Sasuke was stuck, so he had to pull off the ring as best he could. This meant adjusting himself once again, pushing his massive girth aside, and holding the ring with what little his claws could reach. It was easier than before, as he just had to hold it still, and as such made it that much more pleasurable. It was very rough, squeezing pressure down his length, every millimeter like a firm grope to him. He was essentially being milked for what little he had left, and as he shut his eyes in pleasure, he could feel a little more seed spew out of his cock. It was another unique experience for Sasuke, and he could barely contain himself as he slid further and further out of the cock ring.

He finally was able to slide it off, and did so with a loud pop. That last bit brushed the head of his cock, and it was so stimulating that it sent another ropey strand of seed out of his length. That bit of cum went all over Lobo’s face, and instantly the snoring ceased. Sasuke froze, realizing what he had done instantly and mentally scrambling to think of what to do. His load had all but immobilized the wolf; a few dozen gallons in one’s gut tends to do that. Sasuke still had wanted Lobo asleep until the meal began, as a struggling victim was always harder to control.  It was a change in plans the wolfdragon hadn’t anticipated, and as he felt Lobo begin to stir and try to move his tied down arms and legs, he began to come up with a new plan. Struggling against that much weight, Lobo let out a gurgling, groggy groan… Sasuke might be alright in this one.

The wolfdragon got off the bed from above Lobo with a loud grunt, his length still hard as a rock and pushing against the several feet of blubber above it.  That alone was enough to make the wolfdragon stay hard; it was why he wore pants, as walking around with a constant hard-on wouldn’t be a bright idea. He had to take the cock ring out of Lobo’s muzzle, and reached down to do that as his gut pressed a great deal against the wolf’s now-larger one. He then stood back and looked at his handiwork, smiling proudly and watching the sloshing wolf slowly come to his senses. The green, wobbling ball of cum and fat around his middle seemed to be the most confusing thing to Lobo, as he just looked at it and twisted his face in confusion. Sasuke smirked to himself at that, watching in silence as he let Lobo come around to being semi-conscious. “Wh… Why… Where am I?”

“In bed, of course.” Sasuke smirked as he spoke, watching Lobo struggle against his bindings feebly as his brain was starting to kick in. He struggled a bit harder, making his body wobble and slosh about. This made him belch tremendously, and in turn spew up a little bit of the cum that had been in his muzzle. He gurgled and moaned, looking down at his gut and then over at the wolfdragon with a pleading, slightly pained expression. Sasuke could see a little bit of fear in those eyes, and that simply made his smirk get stronger; he had power over this wolf now.

“Can… Can you let me go?” Lobo pleaded, looking up at Sasuke with big eyes as the wolfdragon approached. Sasuke grinned toothily, reaching a paw out to pet the gut he had helped enlarge to the point where it was. He put his paw on the top of the dome, rubbing it gently as he felt the digestion starting inside it. His seed was essentially pure fat, and so rich in calories that it always resulted in whoever drank it gaining more weight than what the seed weighed when they drank it down. Sasuke loved that quality, and rubbed over the wolf’s belly for a moment while he pondered his answer. The feeling of sloshing and churning of an overburdened stomach was one the wolfdragon relished, and his latest victim would learn to love it too. “P-Please?”

“I haven’t even fed you breakfast yet. Let me go and get it, alright? You just wait here and don’t move.” Sasuke chuckled to himself, giving the taut gut a thump with his paw. This made Lobo belch again, and as he did, the wolfdragon turned away from him. He started for the door, a lumbering waddle propelling him there as the wolf just had to watch what he could. His body was already starting to fill out, and seeing over the growing cheeks on his face was becoming a bit harder of a task. Sasuke could hear the panic setting in as a result of that, as the struggling started up again behind him.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Lobo started shouting, tugging at his bindings with renewed vigor as his gut sloshed and quaked above him. He could barely even get the thing to roll over, let alone fight it and the bindings, and Sasuke knew that now. The wolf wasn’t going anywhere, and as he opened the door to start his trek to the kitchen, he looked over his shoulder at his latest prisoner.

“Try and get comfy, Lobo. You’re not going anywhere for a while.” With that, the wolfdragon flashed another toothy grin, the light of the hall glinting off his white teeth and red eyes to make him seem that much more demonic and evil to Lobo. The wolf shuddered, panic truly setting in as the wolfdragon left the room and started to shut the door. He tugged at his bindings more, but it was no use; the wolfdragon had tied them tight. Sasuke turned off the light too as he left, leaving Lobo in the waning light of the barely open door as it quickly shut.


Click. The door latched shut, and from the hall Sasuke could hear the shouts and pleas of the mint-green wolf inside the dark room. He chuckled to himself, starting to waddle towards the kitchen of his home to get to cooking up a feast. He didn’t like leaving his new catch to sit alone in the dark, but he needed to in order to cook. Besides, he thought, it was just like what a gardener did when they were planting flowers. They planted some seeds, and then left them out to grow. Sasuke’s seed was just a lot bigger, and his plant was going to need a lot more care. He chuckled at that thought, and continued on towards the kitchen; a gardener’s work is never done after all.


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