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The DJ could just barely reach his turntables to spin up the next track. Pushing past those large moobs of his was a task that he loathed as much as dieting, and yet here he was having to do it nearly constantly to keep the music going in the large club. It was all part of the scene though, so the beagle pushed his annoyances from his mind and his belly out of his way so that he could reach the mixer.  “This is DJ PuppehDAWG!!” he yelled with enthusiasm to the mic that was positioned precariously over his head. He had to talk out of the side of his muzzle somewhat, as his fattened cheeks kept the mic from getting into a good spot, and thusly from picking his voice up as much as he liked. “How’re all you furs tonight?!”

Hoots, hollers, squawks, howls, and a cacophony of other animalistic noises joined together in one roar of a response. The beagle grinned to himself, adjusting the volume of the thrumming music down enough so that he could talk for a moment. “Alright, alright. I got a great set for ya tonight, and I assume you wanna hear it?” Another roar, and that grin got wider. “I’ll give ya what you want then!” And with that, the canine released his paw from the muting button of the music and let it begin to bang out in full oncemore. Trance filled the air as soon as the music resumed, it’s loud and heavy thoooms making the beagle glad he had on headphones, as he was positioned between the two largest speakers in the place. The bass shook the club and the patrons shook with it, tails and wings dancing along with their moving bodies. The beagle looked out over that sight and grinned to himself; he had created this, and it was his pride and joy to watch that furry, scaly, and feathered mass just move to the beat he was laying down.

He bobbed his head around to the beat, the cord on his headphones straining at a couple times as he moved a touch too far from the output of the mixing equipment. The beagle barely noticed that though, as he was too focused on constantly adjusting sound levels and making sure the music he was spitting from the speakers around him sounded the best that it could. His paws moved over the many sliders and knobs before him in a blur, which constantly shook his lard-laden arms and wobbling chest. That coupled with his wagging tail making his ample rear quake with each and every motion, and the DJ’s obese frame was moving almost as much as the sea of furs he had dancing. The canine hardly paid that any mind either; his music came first, and right now it was being brought to perfection.

The beagle suddenly stopped his tuning though, as a brief glance up made him freeze. A wolfdragon had wandered onto the dance floor, and from the looks of it he alone was helping to make the place shake. He was easily the tallest fur in the place, and by far the widest too as he began to dance. His constantly-in-motion gut hung nearly to his ankles, yet seemed to cause him nearly no mobility problems. His chest almost seemed like an afterthought above the true mountain of adipose that his gut was, but to any normal fur those breasts would put any female to shame. His arms were bigger around than almost every patron in the place, and just like the rest of him, were constantly in motion with a ludicrous amount of fat. The beagle couldn’t see anything else on the beast just yet; he was at the far end of the dance floor.

The wolfdragon was moving towards him though, dancing along the floor with experience that gave away that he knew what he was doing. Cherubic cheeks beneath shut eyes showed that he was clearly enjoying himself, and as the hulking behemoth got closer to the beagle, it became more and more obvious just how immense the pile of adipose truly was. More of his jiggling frame came into view, and instantly DJ Puppehdawg could do nothing but stare, mesmerized. The ass on the wolfdragon was easily bigger than all of the DJ alone, its jiggling cheeks confined in a pair of pants that left absolutely nothing about the mountain of fattened flesh to the imagination. It swayed and quaked just like the rest of the titanic beast, looking like bears in a circus tent wrestling over the tail which stuck out between them. The immense, draconic tail that swirled around behind it dwarfed all the patrons in both length and width. The hybrid was truly a wall of fur, and to watch him move the way he was captivating as far as the beagle was concerned.

The wolfdragon continued his dancing trek along the floor, stopping close to the DJ booth and just beginning to truly get into his dancing. His movements were fluid, each one going with the thooms and booms of the music which pumped out around him. His wobbling arms, hidden-yet-massive legs, and tree-trunk tail all moved around him in a swirling, yet rhythmic tornado of dance. A small circle had formed around him to give him some space; a beast that big commanded attention whether he asked or not. As the circle formed, more and more of the dancers stopped to watch the immense beast move around, much like the canine DJ had. It was like watching a deep grey ocean move and spin to the beat, for even with his moving limbs, his gut was doing the most moving by far. His chest was doing a healthy amount as well, but the colossal table muscle attached to the wall of wolfdragon sloshed and jiggled with even the slightest movement made by its owner. Waves of adipose constantly were going over its vast surface, colliding with lovehandles that could serve as shelves and a waistband which the DJ pitied with every bone in his fat body.

The song went on for a few more moments, the wolfdragon oblivious to now nearly every eye in the club on him at that point. He had not opened his eyes or stopped moving since he had gotten onto the dance floor, and yet he had not run into a single patron that entire time. The rhythm which had kept him moving was winding down though, and his fatigue for moving as much as he had as fluidly and consistently as he had was beginning to show. Beads of sweat were running down his sides, and a faint panting could be heard by the canines with very sensitive ears. The show was almost over for the wolfdragon, and yet he still was smiling and going with the slowing beat as if he was winding down with the song. His body still moved along with each sound, both voluntarily and involuntarily, and kept all eyes riveted.

The final boom of bass came out shortly, and the wolfdragon lowered himself back to a normal standing position. His arms dropped to his sides, sending out little shockwaves along his adipose-filled frame. His tail slumped back down behind him, sluggishly wagging at the tip. His gut, chest, and ass took a few moments to settle, each still quaking and wobbling from the previous motions and taking their time to stop their shaking; that much fat was hard to stop. The wolfdragon was panting harder now, and in the silence of the club it was the only sound. No other song had started; the DJ had been too busy watching the hybrid spin himself around on the floor to even think about adding another track to the playlist. Not a sole fur in the club seemed to care though, as each face was pointed at the wolfdragon waiting for the behemoth to register what he had just done.

The titan of fat opened his eyes slowly, looking around for a moment before he blushed furiously beneath his fur. He had not expected to be a show like that by any means, and his flattened ears and completely drooped tail gave away how embarrassed he was. A sole clap startled him from his embarrassment though, and as it was joined by another he felt a new wave of proud embarrassment wash over him. He was flushed brightly beneath his dark fur, his muzzle a wide smile as those few claps turned into uproarious applause. He was not expecting that at all, as those eyes had terrified him at first, and yet now nearly all of them were making him flush with excited enthusiasm. The wolfdragon could hear many cries for an encore, and though he was sweating profusely and looked a little tired, he waved the cries down a bit and looked at the DJ.

The beagle DJ had joined in on the applause, stopping when the wolfdragon let out a wave and looked at him. The DJ smiled back at the wolfdragon, holding up a large record and spinning it on a clawed digit. To watch that fattened piece of ass sway around like that again… He would play music until the night was over. The beast seemed to see that too, as he gave a knowing wink to the beagle before shutting his eyes again and taking a deep breath. The beagle smiled to himself as he saw that, finishing swapping out the record and then looking down at the crowd. He paused and turned on his mic again, holding down the mute button. “Let’s see if we can’t get that fat ass quaking again, shall we?” And with that, he released the mute button once again and let the bangs of bass fill the club.

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