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“Hey fatass, you don’t look so good today… What’s up?” A booming voice said, coming from the living room of the large, spacious house. The house was definitely big, but with the multiple tons of lard between the two beasts that were currently occupying it, it was enough to say that the house seemed a lot more cozy thanks to just them. The voice belonged to a dragon, an incredibly fat grey and blue one who sat on a sofa which looked to have seen far better days.

“Just a long day Zero.” The second voice, even deeper and more fat-sounding, came from the wolfdragon who had waddled through the double-wide entryway at the front of the house. He put his keys near the door and waddled into the living room, sitting on a pair of king-sized mattresses as furniture was just too small for his gargantuan rear. It was like trying to fit a bus into a 1-car garage for him, and he decided that a couple of mattresses would serve as better chairs until he found something more permanent, or lost his mobility entirely.

“Oh, well let me cheer ya up then.” It was a Friday night, and the wolfdragon did look like he could not only use some food, but some cheering up. That in mind, Zero called up for take out for the obese beast, requesting the heaviest delivery boys they had to deliver the food. Sasuke heard all of this, smirking a bit at that idea. He knew that the boys were in for more of a shock than just delivering to a nearly-blobular hybrid when they got there, and started settling into his bulk as he waited for them all to show up.


The first boy to arrive is the Chinese take-out. The massive Calico cat waddled in and Zero directed him to the living room were the hybrid’s girth resided. The blubbery feline, awe struck by the blob’s size, rests the massive Chinese order on the table as he enters. He then waddles closer the massive wolfdragon to make sure he isn’t seeing things. “Is this dude for real?” He murmurs, almost looking afraid for a moment. His paw slowly, shakily, leaves his side as his arm fat jiggles from the nervous motion. He then prods a heavy digit into the draolf’s neck fat, just as a test to see if the lard-laden beast really was real.

In a motion far quicker than could be expected of his size and stature, the wolfdragon clamps down on the top of that feline’s head with his large, powerful jaws. The whole thing took barely a blink of an eye, the whole head of the feline just inside that gaping, hungry gullet. Sasuke then began to suck him up like a massive piece of pasta. Slime and drool running over the clothes of that cat, it took three strong gulps just to get up to his chest, then another dozen to get to his gut. The gut took some effort, three more strong swallows, and all that remained were feet and a tail. It was all greedily slurped down like spaghetti into the cavernous confines of the greedy hybrid in another instant, leaving no trace of the feline. “UUUURRRRPPP…” Sasuke grinned, patting the sides of his swollen, slightly quaking gut as his latest meal thrashed about inside.

Zero watched the tubby wolf dragon from the other side of the table, nomming down the Chinese food quickly before the next boy arrived. Soon after polishing off the chicken dumplings, another rapping at the front door could be heard. The noise was coupled with the smell fresh veggies, meats and bread, giving away just who was at the door. The dragon opens the door to reveal a gecko from the the local sub shop. Upon visual inspection, the bright green lizard appears to be mostly bottom heavy. He sported a rump and thighs that require the other front door to be opened, and a tail that almost rivaled Zeros in girth, but over-shot is in length. Zero couldn’t help but ponder how this creature even drove a car at that sight. He didn’t have much time to think about it though, as he escorted the gecko towards his fat….er, fate.

Settling into his bulk, just as the cat inside finally succumb to the smells and churning of his massive paunch, the new arrival lit up the wolfdragon. He salivated somewhat as he waited for his pre-… meal to come closer so that he could eat. The massive, quaking beast just waited, knowing full well that such a lizard with those thighs would take some serious waddling to get over. He was indeed right too, as each of those ponderous steps seemed to take ages for the fattened gecko to take. Soon enough though, the reptile was in range and then Sasuke struck, this time decided to clamp down on far more and just tilt his head back. Letting gravity do the work, the massive beast unhinged his jaw and unceremoniously just gulped that gecko down in a single swallow, his throat and face bulging enormously as a result of such unabashed gluttony.

The wolfdragon felt something round and smooth press against your squirming gut as Zero hugs up against the swelling, writhing middle. The sub sammiches were already deposited into his own massive gut. “Hopefully I have brought you interesting meals this evening.”

Sasuke pushed back with his own immense girth, rumbling deeply as that gut of his keeps swaying and sloshing with the two angry meals inside of it. “Mmm… That you did” Unfortunately, the the moment of fatty snuggles was broken by the sound of the doorbell going off.

“Heh, Mac’s here; he should be the last one.” Zero said, getting to his feet with a grunt before waddling off to the door.

“Ok” Sasuke sat and waited patiently, his tai1l wagging making that massive ass quake which sat far behind him.

“Come in.” Sasuke heard some heavy footfalls coming up behind him. It was a hard sound though, and sounded something like clopping. Sure enough, an enormous Clydesdale came into view. He was rather tall, as tall Sasuke was standing in fact. His legs, arms, and chest are covered in thick, heavy muscle while his torso carries a solid-looking gut. His gaze is that of understanding, as if he’s done this before. He sets down the large stack of pizzas and sets out a spare uniform before confronting you. His belly is immense; it goes clear down to his knees.  It looks to be as solid as the rest of him is though, but upon poking at him it was quite doughy. He grins and waits for his inevitable fate at the greedy paws of the hulking beast before him.

Arching an eyebrow and giving an approving nod as he looks what is unfortunately his last meal of the night up and down, Sasuke smiles. He loved that frame, those knowing eyes, such care in his positioning… This one was going to be good, and Sasuke rubbed his paws on his moobs in eager anticipation. He did not clamp down head-first on the equine as he had with the others, instead deciding to get a taste by nibbling on that belly before a hard head-butt knocked the beast back. Latching onto those feet once the horse had toppled onto his rotund ass, the wolfdragon began to suck them down, heavy and hard gulps gaining real progress in getting the horse eaten. The gut proved to be a challenge, but it was met with an unhinging jaw and unrivaled gluttony. Those shoulders suffered the same fate, but not the arms as those rubbed and kneaded at the bulk around the massive fatty’s head for a moment before being devoured along with the rest of that body.

The big horse grinned as he vanished into your gut, wriggling around in the vast stomach with the others. After a few minutes though, the large horse reappears behind Sasuke. His mass still in the draolf’s belly, but he clearly isn’t anymore. The steed puts on his spare uniform and waddles over to the draolf, giving him a hug around the neck. Sasuke raises an eyebrow again, hugging the horse back with one arm as he goes. The equine then waddles over to Zero to collect payment for the pizza and an extra-large tip for being dinner. Upon receiving the payment, he then turns and bids the two farewell as he clops back outside to deliver the rest of his cargo. The wolfdragon’s eyes never leave that equine as he leaves, a telling smirk forming on his face as the door shuts behind that last meal. “Heh… You have some interesting friends dragon.”

“Hehe, knew you’d enjoy him.” The drake grins and waddles up to the draolf, rubbing over that bloated belly and stuffing some of the leftover pizza in the draolf’s chubby muzzle. Sasuke eats happily, tail swishing far beneath him as he takes whatever the drake give him and eats it up with gusto, his arms dangling uselessly at his sides, buoyed up by rolls upon rolls of tightened lard. Zero squeezes all that Farmville-filled lard, wondering if he should call Mac back for an encore. “This belly needs more stuffins.”

“Oh? You want me to bust out of this house?” The wall behind him is already creaking dangerously, his ass pushed against it while his gut takes up most of the rest of the room. Zero presses into that vehicle-crushing gut, snickering at the muffled bone crunching he can hear.

“Your body seems to grow with added calories; you’re never full to bursting which is what I want to see. So I’ll just keep stuffing you till your body meets my desired look.” Sasuke grins at that thought, trying to rub his paws together in anticipation but instead just rubbing the sides of his moobs as he happily awaited that feeding. His ears are perked from that noise, and yet he had not reacted until after his pleasurable rubs.

“What was that noise?”

Zero grins. “I think your dinners are almost fully dissolved in your fatty stomach acids.” He then paws at the immense gut, its eternal doughyness returned as your stomach empties. The draolf’s gut gurgles hungrily, that doughy surface eating the drake’s arm up to his shoulder with its immense girth. Sasuke looks at the dragon with a bit of a pleading look, his barge-sized body trapped in its own lard unless he makes himself taller. Zero is more amazed at the fact that he can press into your doughy frame up to his face however, ignoring that pleading look. “You’re so soft!”

Sasuke giggles softly at that, deciding to grow to about fifteen feet tall and far stronger to at least regain minor mobility. Zero meeps at the taller wall of draolf lard, rather shocked by the sudden change which Sasuke did so casually. The draolf then stands with a great grunt, his ass and gut still on the floor, and looms over the drake with a toothy grin. Zero stands there dumbfounded, wondering what is going on inside that fat buttery noggin. Sasuke seems stern for a minute, almost looking predatory as he stood then. He then just chuckles and gives the drake a warm, fatty hug, as was customary for the huge wolfdragon. He couldn’t have eaten the drake in front of him if he tried, and he wasn’t about to try since who else would keep him fed?

Zero oofs, meeps and blushes, hugging back at what he can of the colossal amount of fluffy lard he is squished into. All he can really think of now is if he could fit all that soft gut into his own paunch. He sighed a bit, happily, and resumed being smothered by a titan. Sasuke keeps the drake hugged to his titanic girth for a long, smooshy moment, his warmth seeping into every inch of the lucky beast. He then lets you go and smirks, having read your mind as he slowly begins to turn around in place and offer up his tail for you to start on, as it was the thinnest part after all, still being heavier than your whole body though. It was going to be quite the task for Zero, but the drake was more than ready for it. He was in fact built for such feats of gluttony, much like his draolf compatriot, and would eagerly begin his consumption.

The smaller dragon looked up at the enormous task at hand, nearly sitting in a pool of his own drool before he snapped out of his daze and slowly took in the large fluffy tail. He then began gulping and stuffing his muzzle. He can feel his jaws need to unhinge as he makes his way up that thick tail, not even close to having to swallow down your van-sized rump cheeks. The wolfdragon simply smirked at that, the feeling of all that wet drool and then the warm muzzle around the tip of his stubby, fattened tail rather pleasurable. It stayed there for a long moment, then he could feel the drake gulping it down in big swallows. The wolfdragon decided to impart a bit of his power to the dragon to make it so that he could get all of the massive beast down. It was only aiding the jaw part of that, as any more would just ruin the fun of a painfully stuffed dragon.

Zero grins a bit as he notices his jaws becoming stronger and more elastic. The massive girth of draolf tail begins to slide into the blue drakes belly, but then came another hurdle to….um….jump? The stout blue muzzle was greeted by the widest, roundest, doughiest ass cheeks he had ever had the pleasure of eat. Each rump could almost be another Zero, they were so huge. The drake decided to find the bottom end of his rotund friend and begin inhaling the rarest of sights for any fatty, the tubby toes. A gentle push forward on the land whale and the other land whale was eagerly, and slowly, forcing the fat feet into his crammed muzzle. The push knocked Sasuke onto his belly, a place which all fatties loved when it was somewhat empty as it was like one’s own mattress. The feeling of warm tongue and teeth on his feet was also immensely pleasurable, sending deep chills up his spine in utter enjoyment of just what was going on with him. The feeling of that jaw stretched to its utmost around his moon-rivaling ass and calves, which were so fat that when he stood they touched the floor as much as his feet… It was heaven for Sasuke, and he knew that it was only going to get better as more and more of his engorged frame receded into the drake behind him.

Zero’s tubby jaws, as thin as paper, slowly slid over the mountains of plush draolf lard. His thick tongue wrapped lightly around one meaty, blubbery thigh as it slowly disappeared behind a veil of blue scales. The blue drake whined a bit as he trudged onward, gulping every few moments, trying to force this tremendous girth into his own bulky frame. His paws grabbed what they could and pulled, with almost no effect, on the grand love handles that were approaching his being. His cheeks, gullet, and chest bulged and heaved as the titanic Sasuke rump and legs passed through them, on their way to join the tail, in what would be a very cramped stomach. All that remained was the main event: the big, building-decimating belly that the draolf sported. The thing was extra doughy from all the food he had just had too, making it an even bigger challenge.

Letting out a nearly unconscious moan, whatever was in the drake of his frame at this point was being smooshed down into as small and tight a quarters as it had ever been. It was not enough that he was being eaten, but he was being stuffed into a drake which was far less than half his size, maybe even less than a quarter. The whole thing was almost laughable, and as Sasuke peered over his shoulder he could see the outline of his tail on that bulk already. How on Earth he was going to fit began to fill his mind, but… Zero seemed mighty determined, and that made Sasuke grin. So he pushed back against that standing drake, albeit lightly with his arms against the walls, to help those jaws clear his monster-truck-tire sized lovehandles and begin on a belly which could better serve as a small home, both with the consistency and feeling of mashed potatoes. Zero could feel the tremendous weight of the wuff/whale/dragon being lightly pushed into his spread out muzzle, his shoulders pushed up while his throat pulled all that girth into his stomach. His lips slowly and tightly wrapped around the doughy wall that might be called a belly. They slowly began pulling the skin tight drake up the draolf’s backside and frontside. The tiny wings on the draolf were, thankfully, lost in a few rolls near the top of the beast.

Sasuke pushed with all his might all the sudden, trying his utmost to get the drake over the real hump of getting him down so that the rest would be smooth sailing. His frame was its widest and doughiest for the next couple feet of guzzling, thus the aid. It was like trying to eat an entire year’s supply of pizza dough in one gulp, and somehow the drake was managing. This stunned Sasuke slightly as he was impressed with the gluttony showed by his dragon friend. That tight grasp of the muzzle and lips and stomach below that felt like the tightest hug Sasuke had ever recieved, and it was wonderous. It was enough that the wolfdragon wanted more, and ever-the-willing prey, he kept pushing to try and just make the eating of his gargantuan body easier.

Gulp….Gulp….Gulp…The rhythmic noises echoed throughout the large room as the two large beasts became one. The smaller blue dragon was almost completely overtaking the blubbery wolf dragon at that point. His muzzle, stretched to unthinkable size, tightly wrapped around the grand blubbery beast. The massive moobs were soon taken into the tight confines of the sapphire dragon. That signaled he was near the end, and what an end it was going to be as his jaw was still stretched to a massive size. Thick puddles of drool flowed down his body as he gorged. Eagerly awaiting the long nap he’d need to turn all of his sweet friend into his own soft fat. His arms, able to move properly again thanks to being snapped back into place after getting over the base of the car-sized moobs, hugged around what he could reach of the draolf as he neared the gargantuan tubby face.

To Sasuke, the noises drew closer and closer as more of his frame vanished into the massive dragon that was slowly, hungrily consuming him. Sasuke couldn’t reach the wall by this point, and kept his arms out to hug and rub at the beast that was taking him inside. So thin was Zero’s hide from having to contain so much wolfdragon that Sasuke could feel the rubs he was giving if he pushed hard enough on the drake’s scales. It was an odd, pleasurable sensation that he kept up for a little while before embracing the drake around the neck, bumping noses with him as soon as they were close enough. He held on there for a long moment, looking up his stumpy snout, past his fattened cheeks, and right at the dragon that was making him vanish. He then just planted a kiss on that nose and let himself slide right in, arms above his head to make that trip easier.

A little blush covers the drake’s cheeks at the kiss, the rest of the impossible meal sliding easily into his jaws at this point. He closed his muzzle tightly once it was all in and lets his jaws relax. His gullet continues to work the large meal into his already straining belly, one powerful shove at a time. His legs, having left the ground a while ago, rested atop his over fed middle. His body slowly returns to a normalish look, or as normal as one can be with over ten tons of wolfdragon crammed into one’s middle, as his gullet and chest force the rest of the blubbery draolf into his core. He hiccups a little as this happens, not really sloshing with fullness, but more teetering as the mass of soft blubber was compacted in a very small space… Small compared to the mass inside anyways when it was all spread out.

Rumbling deeply from deep compressed feeling, the wolfdragon settled into his new cage. He didn’t move much, as he knew there was no way to move more than a few inches as he was packed in so very tight, so instead he just lay there and got comfy. He had no intention of being digested, but instead just relished the warm hug he was getting from his friend for a little bit while keeping that rumbling up to give a rather pleasurable belly massage. It didn’t last too long though, as Sasuke eventually grew bored and decided to poof himself out of the drake’s belly. Out he came too, but not before leaving a carbon copy of himself in there made of pure chocolate; five times as dense and with innumerably more calories. Reforming outside the beached, tilting dragon at his normal two-ton size, Sasuke just smiled up at his friend and put both paws on that taut, drum-like surface of his gut. “Heh, you said you wanted to see me stuffed, and yet you’re the beached one.”

“UUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPP!!” All Zero could do is groan and creek and wobble, flopping onto his side after some strategic wobbling and making light grabby motions at the ever-fat draolf. All he wants now is a soft pillow to rest his head on while he digests. Only happy to oblidge, the wobbly wolfdragon waddles his way over and lays down next to the engorged drake’s head, sliding in under it with a light chuckle. Zero chuckles back, “I… Hate you.” He lightly slaps the grey gut under his head, hugging around it and almost instantly falling asleep. He was so tired thanks to all his energy being sent to his stomach and the impossible meal within him to try and digest it. Sasuke giggled lightly and hugged the drake’s head as he slept, sleeping too after a moment as being eaten was not as easy as it seemed, at least to a lazy lardo like the wolfdragon.


The next morning, Sasuke awoke with a yawn. He was still beneath Zero’s head, and he lay there for a little while pondering what to do that day. The immobilized beast was still asleep, that meal having warn him out quite a bit the previous night. Sasuke knew the dragon didn’t enjoy being at such blobular sizes often, so he began to work his magic and slowly shrink the sleeping beached mass of reptile. It was like watching a water-balloon spring a leak, as the fat just seeped out of him slowly, making him shrink and shrink and shrink. Sasuke was fascinated with the process every time he did it, as it was a rare thing for the galactic glutton to do in all fairness; he loved to be huge. He did do it though, and it was just a sight to see even to him.

Eventually, he finished, taking almost an hour of laying and gently lowering his friend to get the dragon back down to his normal obese size. It was then that Sasuke decided he should awake the snoring ball of lard who now was snuggled into his side. It was a cute little sight, the blue beast sleeping and gently nibbling on a roll of lard on Sasuke’s side, and the wolfdragon didn’t want to ruin it just yet. He knew that it would have to end though, as his gut was starting to crave its first breakfast, and as such he was going to have to move soon.  Bearing that in mind, it was with a warm chuckle that Sasuke glomped the fatty drake. “Morning fatass.”

“Eep!” Zero jiggled and hugged around the wolfdragon as best he can while he toppled over. “Morning yourself… I was awake you know.”

“I know, just wanted to say it anyways.” Sasuk chuckled again, giving the drake’s face a few affectionate licks. Zero, arching an eyebrow as he was licked, then nibbled back on the fatty draolf. Sasuke tasted of chocolate, like always, and that made the big blue dragon’s tail whip about in enjoyment.

“Mmm… Choco wuff.” Zero then continued idly nibbling away at Sasuke. The wolfdragon chuckled and shrugged, hugging around the drake’s neck while squirming a bit from those nibbles. “Mmmm… This chocolate reminds me, did i wish you a Happy Birthday in February? I know I yelled it at Argy, and I know you two share the same day.”

“No… Not many did honestly.”


“My birthday was kinda shit.” Zero frowned upon hearing this, his grip on the wolfdragon tightening somewhat.

“I’m sorry…”

“It always is, I’m used to it by this point. No worries.”

“Awrf… Well I’ll have to make up for it somehow.”

”Dun worry about it, re-“

“I am going to worry about it, now go eat your breakfast.” Zero frowned at Sasuke until the wolfdragon put up his paws in defeat, waddling off to the kitchen to make his calorie-laden breakfast. Once the wolfdragon was gone, the dragon pondered calling the Clydesdale back for some fun and birthday cake. It seemed like a good idea, and took only a moment for that pondering to go from idea to plan, as he knew Sasuke had liked what he had seen the prior night. So with his plan all set, Zero got on the phone and began mumbling away. All that could be heard was a loud grunt, followed by a belch and then a click. The dragon chuckled a bit, then turned and shouted into the kitchen. “Apparently Mac was busy eating,” he grins. “But he’ll be over soon; and with cake.”

“Ah, alright,” Sasuke chuckled a bit at that, his gut rumbling in anticipation as both his paws rub over the soft, flabby surface. He knew Mac coming would mean more food, but he needed food at that moment too, which meant breakfast…


Zero snuggled up behind the now-beached draolf, smooshing his flabby frame against the fat beast and hugging under those massive side moobs of his. Sasuke meeped lightly, snuggling back against that chair-like dragon as his arms go to rub the drake’s with their heft alone. The wolfdragon fattened paws rubbed more at his sloshing lovehandles as he sat in his immense bulk, snuggling against his friend. Zero snickered a bit at the sight, not wanting to move from his comfortable position for along moment. Footfalls outside caught his interest though, yanking him from his relaxing spot, as he waddled off to the door. Apparently he heard heavy clopping outside, confirming what Sasuke had thought he’d heard, though the clopping sounds heavier and slower than the night prior. A click of the door and a pair of muffled greetings happened as soon as the clopping stopped, only for a moment though as it soon got louder as Mac enters the fat fur house. Sasuke was forced to sit and wait, as he can do little more than that thanks to his ‘breakfast’ leaving him a couch-crushing, barely mobile eight tons of flabby wolfdragon. He could do little more than snuggle and wait for his next meal right then, which was approaching and sounded like a true lardass.

“Hello.” The smell of chocolate entered with the smell of ‘just at the gym and buffet’ before anything else of the equine and his cargo. A large cake, just like Mac’s gut, entered visible range before Mac’s face. The big, burly Clydesdale was clad in a black tank top and jeans, his belly just as round as the previous night, if not a bit bigger that day. He was sweating a bit, on his arms mostly; he had just had a rigorous gym day followed by a heavy pasta binge afterwards. “Hmm, wasn’t planning on this today. But it’s better than what I had planned, which was nothing,” he said slowly with a chuckle at the end. The heavy, imposing-looking cake was set down on the table as soon as he reached it with a light grunt. He then leaned in and hugs at the draolf’s chest. His thick arms, barely an ounce of fat on them, lightly smooshed into your doughy sides as he gave the wolfdragon’s chin a nuzzle. ”Heard someone’s birthday happened recently.”

All four of Sasuke’s chins wobbled from that nuzzle as the wolfdragon blushes lightly, unable to help himself thanks to the sight before him. That cake was making him drool, and as he settled more into himself still blushing a bit, he began to think of which to eat first. The equine was tasty, but that cake looked so tempting… He even wondered if he should eat them for that matter, as the dragon who had provided them surely needed nourishment as well… That thought was quickly gone though, as he knew that the dragon had gotten the two ‘gifts’ for him and him alone. There was still the debate of what to eat first, but for now, Sasuke simply hugged back as best he could with his lard-laden arms around that thick equine torso. “Last month was mine, yeah…”

Mac whinnied as those plush arms wrapped around his thick upper body in a warm embrace. ”Well we clearly need to celebrate it at some point.” He smiled and grabbed at a big chunk of the cake, offering it up to the draolf’s muzzle. The gentle giant slowly swiveled as he got that desert closer to the wolfdragon’s mouth, rubbing his rock-hard belly against the hybrid’s doughy one. Sasuke let out a low, pleasurable rumble from the feeling of not only the large, firm gut pressing against his own wobbly one but the heavenly scents which wafted up into his nose. Those scents came on more the closer Mac came to Sasuke’s nose, the faint smell pasta on the horse’s breath before the smell of chocolate flooded his nose.  He was indeed hungry again, but when wasn’t the gluttonous beast? As he smiled in gratitude to his robust feeder, the hybrid took that cake into his muzzle and gulped it down, chewing for a brief moment on the large morsel before he swallowed it and added it’s calories to the infinite supply which kept him so rotund. The cake was moist, very moist, to the point that it nearly dissolved when it hit Sasuke’s tongue moist; the rich, almost two-inch-thick frosting stuck to every square inch of the wolfdragon’s maw. He could taste a bit or rum that was mixed in with the heavy chocolate cake, and that brought newfound love to his latest confectionary delight. As his face displayed the joy he was having, a heavy hand lightly cupped his jowls and slowly wobbled them. Mac’s other paw grabbed more cake to feed to the willing gargantuan God that he was serving, not wanting to keep the glutton waiting.

The wolfdragon ate that cake up whenever it was placed in front of him, his initial bite the most heavenly as he had not expected such a myriad of sweetness and flavor. He ate from that horse’s paw like a sedated pet though, his tail trying to wag in the sea of rump behind him but only making those cheeks slosh around with lard. Mac’s free paw roamed the large expanse of furred blubber before him lazily. It was obvious he was impressed with Sasuke’s gluttonous girth when he pauses here and there as he can’t reach all the way around you. His gestures were those of a cub playing with a toy they could not have, but wanted so very bad. Occasional licks of affection to Mac’s feeding paw showed just how much the draolf was enjoying himself, but he was not lost in bliss just yet. No, he was up to mischief as he ate his glorious cake, using a smidgen of his power to deposit whatever cake he ate not only into his greedy gut, but into the equine’s as well; Sasuke wanted a truly immense meal later on. A light belch escaped the bulky Clydesdale’s muzzle after just a few bites, followed by a knowing grin and more cake being stuffed into the draolf’s maw. “Someone wants a Big Mac, don’t they?” He chuckled at then pun, but the chuckling was interrupted by a flabby facepalm exiting the kitchen as Zero heard the cheesy line.

”THAT’S TERRIBLE!” The loud, booming yell came from the kitchen, making Mac blush faintly as he looked up at Sasuke. The draolf had already been faintly chuckling from the silly little pun, but he broke out into a full-blown belly laugh with the retort from the drake in the other room. He had to pause his feeding for a good minute just to regain his composure, his entire bulky frame quaking and wobbling around like a watery surface as he laughed. His arms were around the equine again at that moment, although loosely to allow the horse movement. They had held onto Mac tighter through that whole laugh though, which pushed the draolf’s ‘captor’ closer into the mammoth sac of adipose he was helping maintain. Sasuke eventually got himself back though, looking up at Mac with watery eyes and a toothy, big grin.


“Then let’s get eating big boy,” he chuckled. The horse used both paws this time to grab some more of the towering cake, this time stuffing his maw with one hand and Sasuke’s with the other. He grinned and began speeding up the pace of his feedings, still carefully placing the edible confections into both eager muzzles so that no crumb was wasted. A low groan escaped from the body of the equine as he was already full to bursting when he arrived. The added material from the cake made his belly ache and swell with each passing moment, but he knew he could take it. He knew his limits too, and kept trudging through the building ache, wanting to make sure his new friend would have a filling round of seconds when the cake was gone.

Eating whatever he could get his greedy maw on, Sasuke gorged away happily on the food that the horse stuffed faster into his maw. He had less time to savor the flavor, but that didn’t matter to him; he was getting fed by a stuffed stud, and the fed part was the most important of that. So on he ate, his cloning power still in effect as he made sure any cake he ate was put in the horse’s gut, and vice versa. He also did a little more for the equine, giving Mac’s stomach enough digestive speed to leave him at always just pre-stomach-ache full rather than pained. It was a show of kindness, as Sasuke didn’t want his new meal… err… friend to feel uncomfortable. Mac clopped one of his hooves a bit, he tail swishing here and there as he could feel that magic being used on him. The horse didn’t care though as he knew the large glutton before him was prepping him. Mac knew he would also benefit from this gorge session later, but that would be for afterwards.

The cake was almost gone and Mac’s gut was rounder than ever, sticking almost three full feet outwards ahead of him, but not sagging any more past is knees. His rump took in some of the fat his body was making, giving him a more rounded arse to counterbalance that gut. The big, burly equine was a sight to behold, once one looked passed the small mountain of greyed lard next to him of course. His belly rested on the thick rolls that the draolf’s physique provided as he leaned in more, showing off his engorged form to the hybrid’s sensitive form while he stuffed the godly glutton. A few air grabs behind himself later and Mac realized that the big birthday-boy’s cake was all gone, split evenly between them. This meant that round two was fast approaching, and Mac was deeply excited by this, but a bit saddened as he knew he had little time left to play with Sasuke’s immense bulk.

The horse decided to take a moment to explore the wall of Sasuke blubber before him, rubbing between the heavy folds on each side and hefting a big section of furred belly in his paws. Satisfied with his touching for the time being, he pulled out a big, red apple from his pants pocket. “Time to top off your dessert.” He bit lightly into the apple, mimicking a stuffed hog which his glutted form resembled quite well at that moment. He hugged the draolf as tightly as he could, his newfound girth impeding him a bit as he munched down on the apple and whispered, “Time for you to have your present.”

Sasuke smirked a bit, as watching that equine enjoy himself so much just made the wolfdragon enjoy the moment and let it last. The hybrid had been a touch sad to see the cake run out, but feeling his own gut and the horse gut which now rested heavily on his girth was enough to keep him from whimpering at the lack of food for the moment. He instead just settled for embracing that horse with both of his jiggling arms, a stark contrast to the arms which were still eagerly exploring his ponderous girth. Beached as the wolfdragon was, there was little more he could do that sit there and rumble in bliss from such attention to his body, of which there was a lot to attend to. It was heavenly, a perfect ending for the first feast, but the appearance of the apple had indeed signaled round two, and Sasuke’s will to just enjoy the moment was fading fast. “Breaktime’s over Big Mac.”

The draolf had already begun to salivate anew, not quite completely forgetting the blissful belly rubs from moments earlier as hunger quickly retook his mind and made him clamp down on the shoulders of the horse. He was indeed still hungry, and the sultry talk from his meal only enticed that hunger further. He didn”t want to eat that head first though… He had other plans for Mac, so instead he acted on his idea. It took some grunts and effort, but the blob of draolf eventually rolled onto his back, the wolfdraon positioned himself so that his moobs and mountianous stomach created a slide down into his eager, hungry muzzle. His collar of fat and backfat assured that there was enough of an angle to get the horse down into him with little incident, but still… It would be up to the equine to get into position on the ‘feeding trough’ Sasuke’s frame had created.

Mac chuckled at the show he was getting, watching the beached behemoth slosh and roll onto his back. Once he saw that wolfdragon settle, it took less than a moment for him to get the hint and climb up onto the mountain of draolf belly. It took him some time because he felt like he was 9 months pregnant with octuplets, but he clamored up there all the same. He sat his hefty frame down once in position, dangling his massive hooves nears the open, drooling muzzle below them. At least he thought he was, he couldn’t see much passed his gut, but he had a feeling that his aim was perfect. The wolfdragon below smirked a bit, as indeed that aim was perfect and he was drooling hungrily because of it. He was still giggling to himself at the show he had gotten watching the stuffed musclechub he was friends with get onto the soft, squishy pelt which dominated his frame. It had been a rather entertaining sight, and it had tickled somewhat from how those hooves felt on all the soft flesh which comprised the wolfdragon. Now that he had his prey where he wanted him though… It was all a thing of the past.

Sasuke’s eager paws clamped onto those meaty legs above him, the lightest amount of give in the muscled flesh on them thanks to a tiny amount of fat which had made it on them, but it was still enough to make the engorged draolf shudder in glee. Mac ‘oofed’ in surprise as he couldn’t tell when the fatty Sarlac pit was going to strike, but strike it did, almost as soon as he was comfy. He could feel those pudgy paws grip over his thick legs and yank him down towards the insides of the great blob beneath him. The horse let his paws run through the thick belly fur below him as he slid down towards the hungering maw which was going to consume him. His hooves had a slightly salty taste to them, something Sasuke barely caught at first, as they entered the greedy maw. This only exicted Sasuke further, and coulpled with Mac’s shudder as the wolfdragon’s thick tongue slobbered over his ankles and his meaty calves… It was just what the fat draolf wanted.

Drooling, licking, and teasing every inch of the furred flesh that was entering his muzzle, Sasuke’s paws continued to tug as a guttural rumble came from within the contented beast. He was off in his own little piece of heaven, lost in the glee of eating such a meal and the full feeling would come with it. Not stuffed mind you, it would take far more than a fat horse to get him to holding up the white flag of surrender. No, this was just a meal for him to savor, and he did just that as he worked his way slowly up to those burgeoning thighs, each one meaty with both fat and muscle, and tasting like little else the wolfdragon had eaten before. It was a myriad of flavors, and his tongue lashed over that flesh to try and absorb them all with gusto. The horses hide tasted well-seasoned, as if he munched on herbs and grasses on a daily basis, which he most certainly did. If Sasuke had to describe the flavor, it was similar to thanksgiving stuffing, with the seasoned bread, the multitude of herbs, the saltiness from the pork and the butter used to keep it moist and unify the tastes. This was how Mac tasted to Sasuke right at that time, and the fattened beast craved more. It was not only that flavor however, as the closer Mac’s belly traveled down to the wolfdragon, the more that cake seemed to come into the smorgasbord of taste.

Mac just groaned quietly, in his own little bubble of bliss as he knew he was adding to the corpulent waistline that he rested upon. The thought of making this beast even more than what he was now, even by just a little, was enough to put a smile on his long muzzle. He continued to lightly caress that gut beneath him as he slowly slid down the soft curves. Shivers were sent down his spine every now and then as the wolfdragon’s thick tongue continued to explore his widened frame. With enough hindsight left in him, Mac removed his straining tank top and tried to quickly remove his pants. This was easily done as buttons ran up the sides of his pant legs, with one quick motion, they snapped off and were thrown to the side with his shirt. Those pants which had been tossed aside were utterly ruined though; the saliva from Sasuke’s muzzle coating them up the mid-thigh. Wearing them again was going to be a challenge at the least, but Mac needed those cloths as they wouldn’t come back when he did. All he had now was a jock strap, straining to keep him decent. It didn’t have to work as hard as one would think though, as it’d be hard to see anything unless from the side as his belly obscured that view, even from the one directly below him.

Sasuke didn’t mind that in the least though, for his prize was not the package in the front but the hindquarters on the other side of the horse’s equator. His tongue went up and licked along the massive bubble butt which was slowly beginning to enter his muzzle, a deep rumble sneaking out of the obese pervert. That ass tasted strongly of the cake from earlier, and those spices… It was like eating a meal and desert at the same time, and being the glutton he was the wolfdragon had done that before. Mac chuckled a bit at the ass-licking, he did have a large scrumptious rump, being a horse n’ all.  The wolfdragon ate that flavor with greed, prolonging the moment for as long as he could while sucking at the underbelly which was beginning to make his jaw strain. The horse could feel the cold, wet draolf nose poking into his soft underbelly as he inched closer to his final destination.

Sasuke knew he couldn’t sit at that spot forever, and restarted his tugging at the horse as his muzzle began to open wider and wider. Mac sighed heavily at the extreme attention he was reciving, his bloated form jiggled some before he could feel the opening widen. The wolfdragon’s poor, strained mouth had to get around the beginning of belly which were starting to get into it. Mac’s massive table muscle, which was easily several feet around at this point, was going to go into Sasuke whether it wanted to or not, and judging from the moans and groans of bliss that Mac was putting out it seemed to definitely want it. The combined rubs to his gut courtesy of that horse and the feeling of contentment that just seeped from his prey, it was enough to ensure Sasuke enjoyed his meal thoroughly. He rarely got such willing, studly, and subtly clothed food. So on that ass he licked and teased with his tongue as more and more of that immense beast got pulled down into him.

Getting over the largest curve of that horse after diverting his attention from that delicious pair of flanks, it was easy going once Sasuke got his jaw unhinged enough to take all that horse meat in. He gulped hard a few times, getting the rotund equine’s gut into his gaping maw and starting to slowly slide it more in, the round and heavy ball pushing his jaw far out. It wasn’t too much for him though, not by a long shot, so instead he just ate and patted at the sides of that engorged horse while swallowing more and more. Mac, feeling sharp fangs lightly gripping onto him at his widest point, gave a light pat to the flabby snout said teeth belonged as it came into reach to let his pred know he approved. Sasuke was nearly over that belly by the time he got that pat, and he too approved by pausing his swallowing for just a moment to give a little bit of a love bite to the still-expansive middle in his gullet.

Mac grins down the encroaching muzzle, hugging around Sasuke’s head as he slips further into his fat furry sleeping bag. As Sasuke began to go over his chest, the equine raised his arms up so that he slid in without issue. Mac thanks his weekly gym routines for his flexibility at this moment, as he snakes down your gullet. He was also impressed with how much Sasuke’s maw and gullet can take, even though the wolfdragon consumed him last night. Sensing this and smiling as best he could with a fattened, buff horse in his muzzle, Sasuke simply gulped once more and took in what he could. He grinned mischievously at the light taste of food fading as he slips his slowly closing maw around the horse. He gulped down a few more times, the horse going in to nearly his neck as the wolfdragon bumped noses with him. There they stayed for a long moment, before Sasuke gulped hard one time more and down the head went. Once more, and no more arms. He patted his gut, then adjusted himself as his gullet and esophagus made sure to push that horse down into his titanic stomach.*

Mac’s bloated bulk slid down Sasuke’s throat with ease and soon he was deposited inside your cavernous stomach. He stayed there for a good long time, enjoying the warm embrace of the greedy draolf. He wriggled around some and positioned himself in the fetal position as best he could. “Mmm, it’s so warm in here.”

“UUUUURRRRRRRPPPPP!” Letting out a contented belch, the wolfdragon began to rub at the sides of his immense bulk, trying to massage the meal within. This worked out only somewhat, as Sasuke had to push rather hard to find his stomach beneath the feet of adipose between his bulky digits and that cave which held his latest meal. The squirming and curling felt blissfully amazing in him, and made his contented position on his back that much better as he lay there and waited for digestion to begin. Before it really could though, his face was greeted by a doughy dragon gut as Zero waddled up to him and stood over his smiling expression.

“Having fun you two?”

“Mmm, that was quite the snack… Thank you.” A belch from Mac shifting in his gut came right after that in agreement. Zero grinned and waddled off, observing the tattered jeans in the pile, leaving Sasuke alone with his stomach. That didn’t last for long though, as soon enough Mac appeared from under the wolfdragon’s arm, hugging onto his side and scritching at his heavier chins. Lost in a sea of gluttonous contentment, it took Sasuke a second to notice the horse snuggled to his side. He could still feel the horse’s form in his belly, a carbon copy left in his core to become more draolf lard.

“Mmm, so much soft fat.” Mac cupped the wolfdragon’s cheek again and gave them a gentle jiggle. The contented rubs and attention made the draolf melt slightly, but not enough to lose himself again as he just hugged one of his tree-trunk arms around the side of that massive, still-growing paunch he called a belly. Seeing his work was done, Mac stood up to find his clothes. His muscular form seemed to have lost definition, his belly deflated as his reform process instantly digests, uses and stores whatever he had eaten before. His arms seemed smooth, and his legs had minor rolls forming on them. The horse didn’t seem to notice or care though, and got in a good stretch before a comically-oversized pair of black jeans landed on him. Upon closer inspection, which made Mac have to move a little more into the light, the jeans were in fact a pair of overalls. The wolfdragon smirked at the sight of the nude horse, finally able to drink it in. The lack of definition on that horse’s body was pleasurable, nearly to the point of getting the wolfdragon hot and bothered, but the horse did not remain in a good view long enough. Mac smiled and put the overalls on over his naked form, hoping the draolf had a good view before he was covered up, which Sasuke indeed had. The overalls, being a slightly older pair from Zero looked enormous over his frame, even having gained easily 125 pounds of fat from the encounter.

Once clothed, Mac thanked the dragon for the clothes, vowing to fill them one day. He then gave Zero’s ponderous middle a jiggle before waddling back over to the God of Gluttony. Standing still for but a moment, he gave the beached draolf’s middle a long rub down to try and leave him in a daze before heading out. The wolfdragon was very faintly disappointed he got no more than a rubdown, but he didn’t complain. He instead just settled for that rub down being his guilty pleasure, the fond farewell quite the gift from the engorged horse. The hybrid was not lost in the moment like Mac wanted though, but quite contented with it instead. He let out a deep bass rumble as he lay in his bulk, slowly digesting Mac’s copy in his gut. Mac smiled as he heard the gurgles of that beginning, and headed towards the door to leave now that he had no more reason to be with Sasuke and Zero, at least at that moment. “Least now i have more mass to bulk up with, the other gym rats are going to be dumbfounded when they see me tomorrow.”

“Mmmm… And they’ll be so jealous. Thanks Mac.”

“Anytime big guy.” Mac chuckled as the door was closed behind his bobbing rear and swaying tail. Zero peered back at the draolf from the entryway, seeing his contented face laying there. He wasn’t sure if he should leave the draolf with the moment he just had or snuggle up next to him. Sasuke then grinned and waved Zero over, putting one of his arms out invitingly for a snuggle. The large drake grinned and joined the massive hybrid on the ground, snuggling against his massive, gurgling gut. “Have a good belated birthday present?” Sasuke looked to think for a moment as he cuddled the drake deep into that side. The mass of fat serving almost as a mattress for his tubby friend to snuggle with as the wolfdragon nodded and smiled contently after a moment.

“That I did…”


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