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It had been an utterly horrible day for Jerome. He had started the day employed, happily working at a three-star restaurant as a waiter, and was now unemployed with no prospects whatsoever for a job. One slip, literally, had put an end to his employment and gotten him blacklisted with every restaurant within fifty miles. Granted, the slip had been carrying a meal to a food critic and put the meal all over the critic, but it had not been his fault whatsoever. There had been a little cub with a toy car that had been on the floor, but that had been no excuse, to neither his former boss nor the critic who left in an angry huff after some very harsh words with both himself and the management. It was enough to nearly kill the poor otterdragon, but he had dusted himself off and simply gotten his things after a second reaming out by his old boss, which he took in stride and with a hung head. Blackballed from the restaurant business in town before he had even left the building, it had been three solid blows to the hybrid within a span of ten minutes.

That kind of day would have been enough to crush most, but there was more bad luck in store for hybrid. First, Jerome went straight to the unemployment office to try and get money from them in order to stay afloat in the time that he would need to get a new job, only to be denied because he wasn’t quite old enough for such benefits. He left without so much as trying to speak to management there as he was in no mood to be shot down more that day, nor did he have the disposition to put up a good fight. Secondly, hoping to have better luck just calling a few places from the classifieds listed in the local laundromat, Jerome pulled out his phone and began dialing. Everywhere he called though was either full, not hiring, or had posted that add months ago and thusly was no longer looking to have the position filled. This meant that he was going to have to look online once he got back to his small apartment. And finally, on the long walk home to said apartment, it began to rain. Not just any rain either, this was cold, wintery rain in a torrential downpour that left poor Jerome utterly soaked by the time he managed to jog up to his door.

Fiddling with the key, the hybrid finally forced the door open with a grunt before all but falling into the small building which he called home. Stumbling for a few slippery steps before regaining his footing courtesy of a wall, Jerome looked wearily at the two flights of stairs he had to ascend before he could truly be inside his apartment. The tired, hungry, and sopping wet beast just stood at the base of those stairs for a long moment to catch his breath, staring at his reflection in the growing puddle below him. Brown fur covered his entire frame, save for green scales on running down the front of his torso, as well as his forearms, shins, and the tip of his long tail. A lithe, toned figure with broad wings was beneath that fur and scales, not too tall but not too short. His face was very otter-ish in nature, with a sleek muzzle and narrow, green eyes that looked back at him from the shimmering pool below. Overall, the hybrid was very easy on the eyes, and very eye-catching at that as he was a very striking mix. He knew it too, and had always played that card to his advantage when a situation allowed it.

Pulling himself away from his reflection and settling his gaze back on the ascent ahead of him, Jerome sighed and began to wearily trudge up the steep flights of stairs. With his heavy, dripping clothes and his tired frame both fighting gravity every step of the way, it felt like ages by the time Jerome reached the top. He made it though, and again fumbled with his keys before getting the door opened. The beaten hybrid didn’t even bother to remove his keys from the door, or even shut it for that matter as he just slumped against the frame for a long moment, letting his sopping wet coat fall to the floor in the doorway with hardly any recognition. A heavy sigh left his chest as he stood there, just letting the downfalls of the day fall off before truly entering his modest one-bedroom sanctuary. Jerome wasn’t about to let his bad day follow him home too; that would just be too much.

After several moments of collecting himself, the hybrid straightened back up, took his keys from the lock, and shut the door behind him. Still soaked from the downpour outside, he removed all his clothing right at the door. Coat, pants, and all got put into a heap and pushed to the side with one foot; he would take care of it later. Clad in nothing but his damp fur now, Jerome strode into the main room of his apartment and just threw himself down face-first onto the couch. The old, sagging piece of furniture creaked begrudgingly at the sudden influx of otterdragon, making Jerome wince slightly as he buried his head into a pillow. He wasn’t going there to cry, more to just further collect himself and brush off the wounds that the day had inflicted onto his psyche.

“Need a job?” Instantly Jerome perked up, looking right at the TV he had left on in his hurry out that morning. An overweight, grey wolfdragon was on the screen, smoking a cigar as he sat behind an ornate desk. “Hachino Temping Agency is willing to help you find one, no matter what your skillset or experience level.” The otterdragon scrambled for his phone. “We will work with both you and your potential employers to find the job that best meets your needs.” Jerome’s fingers hovered over the buttons, almost shaking in anticipation. “Give us a call at…”


Jerome had called the agency before the commercial even ended, dialing each digit at the pace the wolfdragon on-screen had said it. He got a machine, as it was after-hours for the agency, but called again first-thing in the morning again just to be sure his message got through. They were booked for most of the day, but a late-afternoon appointment was good enough for Jerome. He had spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon agonizing over what to say, what to wear, preparing his resume… It had been a flurry of activity for the hybrid before he had left his abode. He had even forgotten to take care of his wet laundry by the door in his zeal, lost in the glee at potential employment. All he could think about was that bills could get paid, money wouldn’t be as much of a concern, he wouldn’t need to go back to his poor-fur’s diet, and a whole host of other things which had improved the hybrid’s spirits ten-fold.

Jerome hummed to himself as he padded along the sidewalk on the sunny, if not a bit chilly, afternoon. He barely looked like a fur who had lost his job and had such a run of bad luck less than 24 hours earlier. But he was, and as he walked along towards the agency, which was thankfully close-by, he had all of his hopes riding on there being something there which could turn his luck around. He had heard the horror stories of agencies like this in the past, and had even been through a couple bad ones himself. Horror stories or not though, a job was a job, and Jerome was not about to be picky about it; bad hours or bad pay would be better than no hours and no pay to him at that moment. And so on he walked, hopeful as he could be that this would all work itself out.

That hope diminished as he approached where the temping office was. The building looked outdated and worn, with a few less-than-stellar cars parked outside beside one which clearly belonged to the wolfdragon from the commercial; it was the only one that could fit the fat beast. The name of the agency was slightly faded on the door, and the sign above was only half-lit as the other bulb had long ago burnt out. All in all, the place looked slightly like a scam to the otterdragon. Jerome still held hope that he would get a job here though; a diamond in the rough perhaps. The hybrid steeled himself and walked over to the door, grasping the handle with a slight sigh. “Here goes nothing…” He muttered, and then opened the door with a light tug and stepped inside.

Inside was only marginally better than the outside of the building; it was at least clean. A feline secretary sat behind a small, simple desk towards the back of the waiting area. She was smacking on gum and filing her claws, looking utterly disinterested in her job and the few other furs also in the waiting area. Jerome gave a nod to the few other furs, then slowly approached the desk as the vast majority of the wind was taken out of his sails. It took a real effort to not just turn around and leave, but desperation and the faint remainder of hope kept Jerome advancing towards the secretary. “I’m here for-“

“Just go take a seat, you’ll be called.”


It was nearly forty-five minutes before Jerome was called, during which time all hope vanished and only desperation that maybe he would be able to get a job remained. Boredom had also set in about 44 minutes earlier too, and between that and the constant smacking of the feline’s gum, the otterdragon was nearly ready to go insane. The three others which had been waiting there before him had all been called into the office one by one. None of them lasted more than ten minutes, each leaving looking either just as discouraged as they had been when they arrived, or even moreso. That did not bode well for the hybrid, but still he waited for his name to be called. “Jerome, Mr. Hachino will see you now.”

“Alright,” Jerome said, getting to his feet and walking towards the wolfdragon’s office. A thick, deep brown door with ‘Mr. Hachino’ etched in gold letters barred entry into that office, and as Jerome placed his paw on the handle he sighed again and composed himself. He knew he could do this, it was just a matter of getting it all done. “You got this…” He murmured to no one, and then twisted the handle on the door. It opened with a click, and with that Jerome pushed it open and stepped inside, shutting the door behind him.

“Hello, uhm… Jerome.” A deep voice greeted the hybrid, belonging to the wolfdragon from the commercial. A cigar was in his muzzle, just like the commercial, making the room smell strongly of both that and something else Jerome couldn’t quite place. Looking at the beast, it was safe to say the camera didn’t add ten pounds… It maybe took twenty away from the hefty beast seated before him. A straining white shirt barely contained the grey furred ball of fat and fluff beneath it, each button just barely hanging on for dear life. Jerome couldn’t see anything below the lower half of Mr. Hachino’s belly, but he could only imagine how much fighting his pants were doing to keep all that heft contained. Chubby cheeks, a trio of chins, and a rather ample pair of moobs were on obvious display though above that large gut, only the moobs hidden from view by the shirt which barely contained them. The draolf was not all fat though, as hulking arms strained the sleeves of his shirt just as much as his belly did, the taut fabric looking ready to tear with one good flex. Jerome was slightly in awe at the sight of the beast, and could feel some of the blood leave his brain for other parts of his anatomy as he stood in front of the door. “Well, come in.”

“Y-Yes sir, sorry…” Jerome said sheepishly, quickly padding over to the plush chairs in front of the large beast’s desk. He nervously placed his resume on the desk, making sure to turn it to face the hybrid in front of him before taking a seat in one of the chairs. “Here is my resume Mr. Hachino. I would have emailed it, b-“

“No need for that. I can already tell you that I have no jobs for you Jerome. I already got word of your ‘incident’ yesterday, and you’ve been blackballed pretty much from everything in this city. Between the chef, the owner, and that critic… They really did a number on you in terms of the job market.” Mr. Hachino explained all that in a calm, collected tone, but each word only drove Jerome further and further into a panic. He surely couldn’t have been banned from work that fast. There was no way…

“Wha… Is that even… How?” The otterdragon whimpered, gripping the chair’s arms tightly in his paws as he tried to stay calm in spite of his whole world seeming to come crashing down. He wanted to run, scream, deny all of it, hide under his bed, or some combination of the four.

“I don’t know what you did, but it happened and now… Good luck.” Mr. Hachino again stated this without even a hint of sympathy or empathy in his voice, just with cold, factual words that left his muzzle. Jerome was shaking now, unable to keep his head from panicking and barely able to even think clearly as he tried vainly to process what he had just been told. It was a system shock to say the least, and Jerome had no idea how to handle it. “So I can’t he-“

“I need a job Mr. Hachino. I will do anything. Clean floors, scrub toilets, whatever jobs need doing. I just need to be working.” Jerome cried, getting to his feet as he finished. His eyes said all that needed to be said about how desperate he was as he pled to the wolfdragon. The sudden surge of personal conviction was a shock to Jerome too; being forward or asserting himself was something that he never, ever did. Mr. Hachino again showed no emotion as that happened though, just sitting there and taking another drag from his cigar. Jerome could see by that alone that there was no way to get any help here; there was no point, and he didn’t have enough fight in him to try and make there be a point. “Anything…” The otterdragon murmured as he sat back down, the initial shock already abating and turning into dread for the future.

“Anything you say? Well…” Mr. Hachino put his cigar down on the edge of the ash tray on his desk, grunting a bit as he maneuvered to do so. He then let out a louder grunt as he adjusted himself in his seat, both of his paws reaching below his stomach from the looks of it. A snap, followed by the loud shwwwip of a zipper followed a moment or so of that awkward position, and then the wolfdragon relaxed back in his chair. Once he was a little more comfortable, the hybrid then spun his chair to be parallel to the desk, loosening his tie with one paw while the other reached for his cigar again. “Let’s see what you mean by that.”

“What do you…?”

“Put two and two together, then get over here or get out.” Jerome looked confused for a moment, but the wheels of his mind were slowly turning. Surely the wolfdragon didn’t mean that… Jerome was desperate, but not that desperate yet. Mr. Hachino was incredibly good looking though, and it had been far too long for Jerome with work keeping him as busy as it had. It was a far tougher choice than it had to be because of that fact alone. The wolfdragon didn’t look to be the patient type either, as his gaze had never left Jerome since posing the two options to the hybrid. “Well?” The wolfdragon barked out, time clearly running out to make a choice.

“…Ok.” Jerome squeaked out, the noise barely audible as he lowered his head and trained his eyes on the floor. He couldn’t do this. He shouldn’t do this. And yet here he was, about to go to town on a complete stranger whom was promising him nothing whatsoever. He knew why, and hated himself for it; his meek nature was taking hold and agreeing with his desperate predicament, creating the perfect storm of submission that worked right into the wolfdragon’s advances.

“Hurry it up then,” Sasuke said, his tone one of impatience at that point as he adjusted himself in his seat again, taking another puff of his cigar while his free paw rummaged around in his desk for something. The otterdragon slowly made his way over to the desk, shuffling his feet along while keeping his eyes on the ground in utter submission. This made the draolf behind the desk rumble lightly with approval, and though Jerome couldn’t see his eyes, he could feel those red orbs molesting every square inch of his body. Each step brought him closer to the wolfdragon too, meaning the heat of that gaze intensified, and the smell of musk began to flood his nostrils. It was a very masculine odor, hardly unpleasant, and permeated all of the hybrid’s being as be breathed it in. A quick glance towards the crotch he would be servicing revealed that the other hybrid was still in his underwear, an ill-fitting jockstrap. That made Jerome blush ever so slightly, for if the draolf was that musky while packed away, his scent would be overpowering once the otterdragon had it in his muzzle, or more.

Just a couple steps away at this point, Jerome began to crouch and slow his advance. One step away, and he was almost on his knees in front of the wolfdragon. A half-step, and his knees his the soft carpeted floor as he began to awkwardly wiggle himself closer to the seated hybrid. Right at that moment, the draolf grabbed both of Jerome’s paws in a flash of movement far quicker than his rolling, fat stature hinted at being capable of. The otterdragon, paws now trapped by Sasuke’s tight grip, yelped with surprise and tried to back away. This was to no avail though, as the draolf’s grip was like an iron vice; unwavering and absolute. “Now, stop your struggling and sit there. I’m going to make sure you do this properly, understood?” Sasuke barked that out, his tone commanding and intimidating in utter compliment to his position and look as he loomed over a cowering Jerome. The otterdragon simply nodded feebly and lowered his head, his arms going limp in further submission to the whims and wishes of his overweight master.

Cold metal went on around his wrists, making Jerome wince slightly as it tightened to just below the point of being uncomfortable. Once the handcuffs were on, Sasuke dropped Jerome’s arms off to the side like little more than an afterthought, and reached into his desk for something else. A leather collar went on around the otterdragon’s neck in a swift, yet final motion after a short moment of rummaging by the larger hybrid. Collared, a leash got clipped into the sole extrusion on the leather band, sealing the deal and putting Jerome completely in the wolfdragon’s paws. Both hybrids sat in silence at that point for just a moment, Jerome looking at the floor and Sasuke just molesting the submissive, broken beast now in his possession. “Suck.”

“Yes sir…” Jerome barely mumbled, not even lifting his head to look at Sasuke as he acknowledged the order. He brought his confined paws up to the wolfdragon’s covered crotch, fumbling for a moment with the straining jockstrap. Sasuke laughed to himself faintly before giving a tug on Jerome’s leash to get the hybrid to back off from the taut underwear. Once the other hybrid’s face and paws were clear, Sasuke took a sole claw and cut the waistband of the restrictive material, a loud snap coming from it as it broke before he got completely through. This did not free it up entirely though, and so another cut was needed in order to get the underwear all the way off, and release the prize contained poorly within them. “Wow…”

“Get to work.” Jerome squeaked faintly at that proposition, in shock for a moment over just what he was being asked to service. The wolfdragon was massively endowed, looking more like a third appendage sticking out of his pelvis than a cock. It was all Jerome could do to not drool as his muzzle neared the tip of that massive, semi-hard length, the otterdragon in awe at such a cock. The scent coming off it too was absolutely intoxicating as well, overpowering nearly every thought running through the hybrid’s mind; sweet, yet masculine, and somehow raunchy all at once. Jerome’s regrets and trepidations about becoming the sex toy of the draolf above evaporated with every breath of that musky aroma. His maw parted, mere centimeters from Sasuke’s pride where the musk was so strong Jerome swore he could taste it.

The otterdragon was apparently not going fast enough for the larger hybrid above him, for his lips were barely parted but a moment when he felt a strong paw on the back of his head. A quick, forceful shove later, and Jerome’s whole face was smashed deep into the draolf’s pride. A loud grunt came from both hybrids as face collided with junk, instantly heating both areas right up and arousing both their owners. The otterdragon struggled to breathe from his new spot, inhaling nothing but that overbearing musk breath after heated breath. He knew that his head would not be freed unless he did something, so he began to lick feebly at the base of the wolfdragon’s lengthy member, or as close as he could get to it with the sagging paunch of the wolfdragon in the way. It was a paltry effort, but made the draolf above moan nonetheless. Jerome mentally grinned with girlish pride, then began to further his efforts to get more sounds of approval from the domineering hybrid seated before him.

A lick here, a kiss there, and blood freely flowed into the steadily-stiffening length which Jerome was working over with a myriad of affectionate and passionate contact. Occasional rubs to the sensitive underside of the drooping gut on the overweight hybrid always got deep groans of arousal, but Jerome wasn’t going to stick to that alone. Unable to use anything but his muzzle and cheeks, the hybrid was struggling to keep things varied in his routine of attention. That didn’t seem to matter to the wolfdragon though, who was panting heavily and beginning to sweat with the sheer heat of the moment. This meant his musky stench became more potent, and alluring, with every passing second. This took Jerome and sent him off to his own little blissful haven as he suckled along the draolf’s cock like a cub on its mother’s teat. Suck, kiss, rub, pant, lick, repeat. Suck, kiss, rub, pant, lick, repeat. It was a melody of smacking lips, suckling up spittle, heated moans, and little else as the pair of hybrids went on in silence.

This silence lasted for several minutes, Jerome’s efforts being shown off as the length he was servicing grew to a pulsing, leaking monolith of sexuality. Even opening his muzzle his widest and pushing as hard as he dare, he couldn’t get half of the colossal cock down his throat before his body denied him that pleasure. These efforts were not in vain though, for hearing the otterdragon so ‘willingly’ servicing him choke made Sasuke groan with even stronger arousal. He was close at this point, thick globs of pre-cum dripping from his shaft and enticing Jerome to lick them up. Salty as it was, something about it was as addicting as air itself, and the otterdragon couldn’t bring himself to let even a drop go to waste as he went to town on the slit at the tip of the wolfdragon’s cock. His tongue licked and teased that leak, trying to plug it one moment then just cleaning it the next with its rough surface. Cries and groans of utter bliss were the reward for this treatment, but Jerome knew more would be in store as he felt that tip twitch against his tongue.

He was right too, for not a moment later a hard spasm came along the larger hybrid’s length and out shot a torrent of seed. It hit him square in the muzzle, making the hybrid gag with both surprise and the sheer amount of the hot liquid that forced itself into him. Ropey, sticky strands spurted out over and over, the sagging balls which hung off the draolf living up to their size. Jerome couldn’t hope to get it all down, but tried his hardest as he was coated on his chest, face, and neck with the warm spoo. Sasuke panted hard throughout all this, head thrown back and his eyes squeezed shut with the lustful bliss that came with release. His whole frame twitched lightly at each stream of seed which left him, far less violently after the first few as he went off more like a cannon than anything else. It was a truly overwhelming moment for both beasts, and as the final spurt of spunk left Sasuke, both hybrids slumped down against the chair Sasuke was seated in.

Neither talked for a long moment, Sasuke coated in sweat and panting hard, Jerome coated in cum and panting hard as well. Both of them barely moved at first, just trying to come down off the sexual high they were both on while their brains essentially rebooted. Musk and sweat filled the air of the office, and that wasn’t helping either one of them as they sat and just ‘recovered’. Lazily, Sasuke tossed a key at Jerome’s feet after a few moments, then reclined back into his chair and just let his heavy gut rise and fall as he caught his breath. The otterdragon looked at the key curiously, his brain still too muddled to quickly put two and two together. The wolfdragon, who still held in his paw the leash which was attached to the collar on Jerome, wasn’t going to help him on this one either; his eyes were shut and his breathing was slowing down even more as if he were about to doze off. “Uhm…”

“Tell Vanessa she’s fired, you start tomorrow. Don’t take that collar off no matter what, and expect to stay late. Is that understood pet?” Sasuke’s tone seemed almost annoyed that he even had to speak, but there was the faintest hint of approval in there which Jerome caught and held tightly in his mind. He barely even heard that he was employed again at first, more that the one who had taken him so quickly was giving him a title and approved of his efforts, even if it was very mildly.

“Yessir” Jerome practically squealed, utterly elated at the sudden development. No mention of pay, no hours set in stone, no benefits… It was a job though, and that was what mattered. He moved to undo himself, to run out and tell Vanessa to get her stuff and get out because the new ‘pet’ was taking over, when a tug on his leash stopped him. The otterdragon froze in position, ever-submissive to the draolf which sat above him and peered at him over the horizon which the draolf’s stomach created.

“This is stress relief for me, and my job can be very… Stressful. Understood?”

“Of course sir. Will that be all?”

“Yes, I expect you back here at nine tomorrow morning. Wear something less formal and more…” Sasuke searched for a word, pausing for but a moment as he shut his eyes and licked his lips at the may thoughts which ran through his perverse head. “Provocative.”

“Yessir.” With that, Sasuke slumped back into his chair and shut his eyes for a quick nap, while Jerome undid himself and began to mentally prepare for his career as ‘Executive Stress Toy’.

He was going to like his new job.


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