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Ian’s white-glowed paw stroked up and down rapidly, his squinting gaze focused in on the bulky, leather-clad bear on his computer screen. Ian’s whole body quaked and wobbled with his furious movement, well over two hundred pounds of dog seated and shamelessly pleasuring himself. Each motion of his paw along the pulsing pride between his meaty thighs edged the canine closer to cumming. His free paw clicked vainly at the ‘Next’ button on the screen, trying to call up yet another image of an overweight, muscle-clad stud in little more than leather. Each new image was new stimulation for the myriad of fantasies swirling through the shiba inu’s head, all of them sending shivers down his spine and more blood to his needy cock. The feeling of his arms beating his large, paunchy gut and his plush hips rubbing the sides of his small office chair only heightened his subby and perverse mental images by emphasizing how easily any one of these bears could truly dominate the short, fat inu. Pushed closer and closer to release, Ian frantically clicked next for another picture to finish himself off.

Ian came.

Sticky, thick strands of seed spurted out of the canine’s cock onto his belly, coating the pooching gut with the milky liquid. The load that came out was strong enough to nearly reach the ring of fluff near Ian’s neck, a feat which was rare but gave away just how much the canine needed to get off. Holding his cock up to keep the remnants of his load from spilling anywhere but onto himself, the shiba inu just sat in blissful afterglow for a moment as he caught his breath while his orgasm ebbed. The canine just leaned back and panted hoarsely once he felt done, his overweight frame clearly not designed for such exercise but enjoying it nonetheless. His free paw began to rub the spent seed into the fur it had spilled on, treating it like lotion for his stretched, roll-laden hide. The canine’s tongue lolled out of his short muzzle as he did this, his other paw coming up to rub along with the free one as it too was coated in cum. Pure bliss filled the canine’s veins as both his paws just stroked over the fluffy, silky fur brimming with fat below which covered his torso.

Ian stayed that way for nearly a full minute, his breathing slowing back to normal while his paws had tried to be just rubbing over the smoothness of his freshly ‘groomed’ stomach. Still rock-hard from the rubbing and pictures which filled his mind, the canine let his head roll back and his tongue stay flopped out of his muzzle. The dog was just being one of his species at that point, lazy and reveling in it as his whole body rebooted from the lust-filled moments prior. His brain was starting to come back on, reminding Ian that there was a reason he had stayed late at the office that night and that there was work to still do. It also let him know that his pants were still around his knees and his shirt was undone too, both bad if the boss should happen to come in. Ian didn’t have enough sense in him to care yet though, and with the rubs to his sensitive, large stomach too good to try and stop just yet, he remained leaning back in his chair and relaxing. His curled tail swished around slowly behind his bulging rear, completing the scene of blissful cuteness that heavily sat in an office chair.

“Ian?” A deep voice broke the serene picture, making the shiba sit bolt upright in his chair and yelp with surprise. Whipping around to face the noise, the perked-up canine wilted at nearly the same speed he had arisen when he saw who was standing in the doorway to his office; his boss. The downright fat wolfdragon filled the doorway, leaning gingerly on one side of it with a smirk on his muzzle. Ian just sat, his ears flattened back and his whole expression drooping with shame. He had been caught, and he knew it as he just sat with his pants down, thick cock poking out from under his sagging gut, and paws still holding his belly as he had frozen mid-rub. “Quite the scene here… My office, now.” The boss said flatly, pausing to look the shiba inu up and down once more before continuing. “Leave your pants here too.”

“Sasuke… B-Bu…” Ian started, fear in his eyes and his wavering voice.

“Now.” Sasuke interjected coolly, his glaring eyes scaring the shiba immediately into submission. The wide, lumbering wolfdragon then turned and started off towards that office, his wide rump and thick, long tail vanishing from view a good moment or two after he did. This left Ian alone, mostly nude, and humiliated in his office chair to try and think of what to do. He could always leave the building, but that would be the same as quitting, and he needed his job. On the other paw, why would his boss ask him into his office with no pants? It was a strange request, and Ian could only assume it was to humiliate him further. The canine couldn’t be much more embarrassed about his actions than he was at that moment though, and he did need to keep his job. Bearing that in mind after less than a moment of contemplating, the inu used both arms to force himself out of his tight chair with a loud grunt. His legs shook for a moment as they adjusted to having well over two hundred pounds of shiba inu on them, then began to ache as they always did whenever Ian was on his feet. Luckily he had been walking more, so the ache was more of a dull awareness of just how out of shape he was, rather than a painful reminder.

On his feet, Ian kicked his pants aside as well as his stained briefs, leaving him in nothing but an unbuttoned dress shirt and a loosened tie. He sighed, looking down at what little of himself he could see without fighting against the collar of chins he had. An expanse of downy white outlined by tan tufts of fur looked back at him, drooping down the front of him and just barely managing to hide his crotch from view. Rarely did the canine even care about his size, but he was about to walk through his office with every inch of it displayed for all to see, and while most of him hated it, a small part of his mind was thrilled at the idea. To be so publicly humiliated, on top of having to deal with his boss… The masochistic, submissive portion of his brain was practically doing cartwheels in his head. Ian had to suck it up and deal with it regardless though, so once he was sure his pants were off, the canine started the slow waddle towards the door to his office, blushing already beneath his creamy fur at the feeling of a breeze over, between, and under the multiple rolls of blubber which lined his sides, legs, and torso.

At the door to his office, the canine took a deep breath, then started out. He knew it was well after hours, but surely one or two of his co-workers were still in the office, pulling an all-nighter like he had been. The shiba’s keen ears indeed picked up a bit of typing, and as they did the shiba was for once thankful for his severe height disadvantage; being short meant he didn’t need to shrink down as much to be noticed. Walking quietly at his weight was another matter entirely, and though the shiba inu did his best, he still heard creaks and heavy footfalls coming from his feet as he lumbered along. Luckily, the only two furs in the office were on the far-side of it and had headphones in, so not a thing was heard. Both looked to be working hard on something as well, meaning a distraction like a nude co-worker would take effort to notice. This bolstered Ian’s resolve, and he quickly moved through the main part of the large building over towards Sasuke’s office, which faced out of the main working floor. Waddling along as fast as he could, it took just a few seconds of being exposed to the world before he was within reach of the door, and could breathe easier.

Not even bothering to knock, Ian just placed a paw on the handle the second he was within reach and gave it a turn, opening the door into Sasuke’s office and stepping inside in one smooth motion not befitting of a fur his size. He then turned to shut the door behind him, his breath coming in deep gasps as he was winded from hurrying as fast as he had through the building. Door shut, the canine leaned on it for a half-minute or so to catch his breath and regain his composure so that he could face Sasuke calmly. He was also trying to psyche himself up to face the wolfdragon, who he could hear breathing heavily behind him. He could also feel a gaze on his back, like two lasers scanning every inch of his corpulent frame over and over again. Why that was going on he didn’t know, and Ian was taking his sweet time getting up the nerve to turn around and find out; the impatient tapping of the wolfdragon’s footpaw on the floor wasn’t helping matters. “Well?”

“Sorry sir, I…” Ian started nervously, turning around to face the boss wolfdragon. He stopped the second his eyes made tertiary contact with the beast though, his eyes widening and jaw slackening up. Grey fur was all the shiba could see out of the corner of his eyes, no pants. Needing to investigate more after that realization set in, he turned some more to be greeted by an impressively large, yet flaccid cock resting heavily between a set of bulky thunder thighs. A leather harness held the wolfdragon’s gut up just enough to allow that cock to be visible, but in the process made the beast look even fatter than he was somehow. A dress shirt and loosened tie were also on the beast, though open and looking more like an afterthought on the obese, bearish figure of the wolfdragon. He was leaning against his desk, supporting his entire weight with one solid, yet padded arm while the other held a cigar near his muzzle. Sasuke was looking back at Ian over the smoke from the cigar with an obvious smirk, almost posing for the shiba inu for a moment before he took another drag on his cigar.

Ian struggled to take that all in, his brain completely panicking for a moment. The sight before him was definitely one he would get off to, but it was also his boss at a job he had held for over two years. A myriad of questions as to how, when, and why this was all taking place flooded Ian’s mind, leaving him standing dumbfounded at the door. Sasuke looked on with that same smirk, just taking a few drags on his cigar as he wait for his subordinate to snap back into some sort of a functioning state. “I don’t have all night here Ian. So I’m going to spell it out for you,” Sasuke said, his tone still cool and bossy, yet with an undertone of lust that Ian just barely managed to catch. “You have two choices with this: you can either walk back out that door and I have you disciplined, or stay here and let me give you a private lesson. You won’t lose your job either way, and no one will know what happened either way; I’m not in the business of harassing my employees. A little pranking is fun, but eh…” Sasuke trailed off for a moment, letting his offer sink in before continuing. “This is your first slip-up too, so I’m sure F.R. would go easy on you… But, do well enough at my private lesson and I’m sure I could teach you things pretty often.”

“I…” Ian started, then paused. Sasuke took another long drag on his cigar, waiting for a response with what little patience he had. Ian looked at Sasuke’s feet in submission and weighed his options; a verbal warning from Furry Resources or a night to remember with that. Both sides had their merits, but one held far more than the other, and Ian knew it. “I’ll stay,” Ian said with little hesitation, his voice wavering only slightly. He was as nervous as a deer in headlights, and as Sasuke’s smirk deepened and he put down his cigar, the shiba wondered if he had made the right choice. The wolfdragon approached, his full size of nearly seven feet tall and an untold weight probably approaching six hundred pounds bearing down on the far-smaller canine. The closer Sasuke came, the more afraid Ian got, to the point that he was backed all the way against the door once the wolfdragon was within striking distance.

“Go over to my desk and bend over,” the looming beast breathed out, lowering his muzzle to be mere inches from Ian’s ears. The shiba complied quickly, waddling right over to the desk and placing his belly unceremoniously on the cold, wooden surface. Sasuke lumbered back over to that desk behind him, his heavier footfalls almost the sound of drums to Ian’s ears as he leaned somewhat on his pudgy tummy. It took but a moment for the feeling of leather and fat to push on the small of his back after smothering his curled tail completely, then to truly shove into it as Sasuke got closer. This pushed Ian more onto his stomach, his own fat resisting somewhat as more pressure was put on it. The heft of the wolfdragon was greater though, and the canine’s frame below spread out like a flattening marshmallow on the desk as more of Sasuke came to bear on the back above. It was nearly uncomfortable for Ian, but right as he was about to speak up and say he needed to move, he felt Sasuke’s length brush against his rear.

The stiffening member was easily as thick as a can of soda, and Ian couldn’t even guess at a length as he felt it somewhere on his mid-thigh. He yelped slightly at the feeling of the hot flesh touching his leg, surprise and a bit of nervousness coming back to him. Sasuke simply grunted and reached a paw down to guide his hardening pride between the shiba’s swollen asscheeks. He had to push that ponderous paunch of his out of the way, and Ian could feel the titanic weight sloshing above him as that happened. He could also feel the tip of the intimidating cock behind him moving up his leg and depositing itself right into his ass, almost immediately being pushed against his tight pucker. The canine was one for toys and not virgin tight, but he had never come close to taking something the size of Sasuke in his life. He whimpered somewhat in fear of what was about to happen, and as he felt the wolfdragon stroking at his length to get himself warmed and lubed up, the inu got even more nervous.

There was little time to think on that, for without warning Sasuke rammed his way right into the shiba inu. A loud yelp of pain came right out of Ian, his eyes screwing shut and his teeth gritting as he felt like he was being torn in two by the forceful entry. His paws gripped tightly at the far edge of the desk, and as he felt the wolfdragon go in deeper on just his initial thrust, that grip got even tighter. The hybrid was apparently just testing the shiba’s waters though, for as he pulled out he slathered on more lube onto his growing, hardening pride. Another ram, deeper that time, followed by pulling out for even more lube happened as Ian again grit his teeth in both pain and some sort of sick, carnal pleasure. Sasuke repeated this process once more before putting the bottle down and placing both his paws on the desk for balance. The inu knew what was coming next, and so did the wolfdragon as he leaned a bit lower on Ian for stability. Shifting his bulk to one side, the wolfdragon let out a low grunt and then rammed himself deep into Ian.

That first true plunge slammed straight into the canine’s prostate, setting off every pleasure sensor in the canine’s body and making even the pain of being ripped in half by the monstrous cock inside him vanish. A deep moan preceded by a yelp of shock came out of the inu, giving away the varied feelings coursing through him in an instant. Sasuke grunted and groaned as well, holding himself up as best he could while forcing his hips in deep against the pressure of both his fat on Ian’s and the resistance of the canine’s innards. This worked as the perfect pressure to push him back out though, the draolf needed to expend almost zero effort to get back down to barely in the canine so that he could go in for another deep plunge. The exit pulled another moan from Sasuke, the feeling of Ian’s tight pucker clamping down around his length feeling like a tight paw tugging along every square millimeter of the large thing.

Sasuke developed a rhythm quickly, using the momentum of his own heft as well as the constant sway of Ian on his desk to push in and out of the shiba. It was a fairly straightforward process, but tiring nonetheless to both of the heavy beasts involved. Less than a minute in and Ian could already feel the wolfdragon’s slick sweat wetting the back of his shirt and tail. The pungent, musky scent of arousal and exertion came next, from both himself and the wolfdragon so aggressively plowing him. Eyes screwed shut in pleasure and a few remnants of pain, the shiba took in those scents and breathed them deeply. Sasuke sounded to do the same involuntarily, deep, rasping pants coming from the wolfdragon as his rhythm increased in tempo. The sound of fatty thighs slapping a blubbery ass repeated even more frequently than that panting, the smells and sounds of hasty and lustful sex filling the room for Ian to drink in. The feeling of that pulsing cock digging in and out of him only furthered the scene in his mind’s eye, stiffening the shiba up as Sasuke continued to go faster and faster.

The pair stayed this way for several solid minutes, the wolfdragon panting harder and becoming more erratic with his thrusts as time went on. Grunts and groans of exertion were becoming common as his steel rod continued to pummel the shiba’s insides. Sweat had slicked up the surfaces between the two, meaning that on most thrusts Sasuke’s paunch would slide up and down on Ian’s back, essentially giving the canine an impromptu massage as he was mercilessly pounded. This combined with feeling of his prostate being beaten into submission, the smells which now saturated every breath he took, and the sounds which made up every noise he heard, put Ian on cloud nine. The pain of it all was gone as his hole had stretched to accommodate Sasuke’s girth at long last, and all that remained was the pleasure of it all, which was coming to him in droves. His tongue lolled out of his muzzle, and his cock stood at full attention, prodding into his underbelly and even pushing the resistant fat up somewhat with how arousing it all was. As much as the shiba inu didn’t want the moment to end, he could feel the fatigue in Sasuke’s strokes and the pulsing of need in that cock of his; it was all coming to a head.

Sasuke’s pace become more erratic as Ian began to feel warmth in his hole. The wolfdragon was preing into him, and it wouldn’t be long now before a gush of hot seed filled the canine’s bowels. He was ready for it, as he too was beginning to leak from the sheer heat of the moment.Hot breaths of excitement left both beasts as they could feel what was coming, and both began to tense up for the moment. The canine’s whole clenched a bit firmer with what little muscle it had around Sasuke’s cock, while the wolfdragon’s sac began to churn up a large load to stuff deep into Ian. Both of them panted, moaned, and groaned in unison, each having their whole frame quake at the violence of the draolf powerful thrusts as he was so very close to release. Both of their grips tightened on the desk, to the point that wood sounded to be splintering, and then with a loud pair of howls it happened.

They came.

Rich, thick globs of cum spewed into Ian’s intestines while long strands of seed spewed onto the front of Sasuke’s desk. Both furs panted and groaned, Sasuke growling with lust as burst after burst of seed went rocketing into Ian. The canine almost felt as though he were expanding there was so much going into him, and with the wolfdragon’s cock as big as it was, until he pulled out there was none escaping. He relished the feeling though, moaning submissively and laying his head down on the desk as his own orgasm died down. He was panting hard, and as he felt Sasuke’s groans melt into pants from his own orgasm subsiding, the canine knew he wasn’t the only one exhausted. More of the wolfdragon’s weight came down on top of Ian, making the inu grunt with discomfort as he could feel all that heft resting on him and two shaking arms. It was a small price to pay though, and Ian was still to winded to say anything as he just lay beneath his boss on the desk and regained his composure. Sasuke had the same idea, although he couldn’t quite lay there so instead he just slumped and left his softening length inside Ian’s ass, too spent to remove it for the moment.

Ian was sweaty, drained, and truly exhausted… And couldn’t have been happier.


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