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“I still don’t get why you wanted me to come with you Mac,” Sasuke groaned, his vast tonnage rolling out of the vehicle like toothpaste out of a tub. A true wall of Clydesdale got out after him, his tall frame rippling with muscles while jiggling with fat. The equine simply chuckled, patting the lardball in front of him heartily on the back as a smile formed on his muzzle. “Really, I don’t think I can even fit through the door,” Sasuke continued to complain, placing both paws on the side of his gut and giving the massive table muscle a squeeze of affection. He loved his heft nearly as much as he did adding more to it, and it showed with the light murmal of contentment that came from his muzzle thanks to that squeeze. “I also think I exceed the weight limit for all these ma-“

“You gonna whine the whole time here?” Mac finally asked, looking up at the tall blob of fat which stood before him. The wolfdragon turned a little red with embarrassment, looking back as best as he could towards the horse. His many chins and fat cheeks made that a very difficult task, but he managed to at least get a glimpse of the smirking horse behind him. “I mean, I didn’t drag you here… I’m not that strong.” Sasuke laughed heartily at that, giving another fond pat to his massive paunchy frame to emphasize how much muscle it would take to move it.

“Fine, fine… Why did I agree to this?”

“Because of the buffet afterwards,” Mac quickly reminded the wolfdragon, who immediately let out a light groan and squeezed the sides of his stomach again. The hybrid’s one true weakness, food, actually was the reason he was standing at all. He had wanted to spend the morning sitting in his living room, watching television and eating from the vast array of snacks which filled his house. The allure of a buffet which was truly all-you-can-eat was too tempting through, as there were so few of those left anywhere near where the wolfdragon lived. It only took one look at the colossal wolfdragon to understand why that was, but it was still somewhat of a sad reality for him. He hated pushing his chefs to make everything that he could eat, and going out to eat was a veritable nightmare as most restaurants either couldn’t seat him thanks to his size or just refused to serve the titanic glutton thanks to the prodigious orders he would put in. So this meant that the idea of a buffet that wouldn’t kick one out after a few dozen platters was especially appealing, and worth any sort of torture that he was about to undergo.

“Yeah, don’t remind me; I skipped my second brunch to come. Let’s get this ‘gym’ thing over with.” Sasuke mumbled, grumbling a bit under his breath. Mac just smiled to his obese friend and started towards the door. The wolfdragon let the horse go first, catching his breath slightly just from getting out of the car as any movement when one weighed over two tons was an endeavor. Sasuke fell into step behind Mac though, albeit a few paces back thanks to the ponderous sac of fat bulging over his waistband which would touch the equine if he followed closer. That was why Sasuke was worried about fitting into the gym as well, as it only had double-wide doors and he was a little more than a double-wide beast. These looked to be narrow doors too, as Mac took up a full door’s width on his own; the horse wasn’t nearly as thick as Sasuke. That worried Sasuke even more, but the wolfdragon wouldn’t need to wait too long to find out an answer to his question.

Having been let off near the entrance to the gym, it was a mere ten waddling, slow steps towards the doors before Sasuke got a good look and them, and confirmed his suspicions. There was absolutely no way he was going to fit through those front doors, no matter what he tried. Mac walked right in, then turned to hold the door for his friend and stopped cold. Looking at Sasuke, then at the doors, then back at the draolf looming over them, Mac just sighed and shook his head. “There is always the loading dock?” He quipped, making the wolfdragon arch an eyebrow and peer down at the horse. The Clydesdale just smiled again and backed up a couple steps to truly assess the situation. “Yeah, there’s no way you’re fitting in here… Try coming in if you think you can fit though”

“I’m not having you laugh at me because I got stuck. There’s no way I’m going in through a loading door either.” Sasuke sounded somewhat indignant as he said that, his pride peeking through in his voice. Mac couldn’t blame the large beast in any way for that either; having to enter a gym through a loading dock would be social suicide. The draolf was too connected to have that happen, so outside the door he stood looking at it with a frown forming on his face. “This was a bad idea… Can we just go to that buffet?” The draolf huffed out, sighing heavily as he finished. He started turning back towards his car, his feet shuffling and thudding against the pavement as he made the ponderous movement.

“Yeah, yeah… Sorry about that buddy, I wasn’t thinking. Maybe a muscle beach next time?”

“Unless it’s a table muscle beach, no thanks. There’s a reason I don’t go to gyms.” Sasuke said, a faint smirk forming on his muzzle as he began to waddle back to his car slowly with the horse in tow. Mac just laughed to himself at that, taking it slow behind his mammoth hybrid friend as they approached the car which hadn’t even moved to park yet.

“Unless there’s a buffet involved, right?”

“Oh shut up.”



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