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Ian groaned as he rolled off the horse below him, warm seed leaking out of his over-stretched hole. The tubby shiba-inu panted softly as he settled down into place on the large bed beside the horse, sweat tricking down his face and chest as he just gulped at the air to try and refill his taxed lungs. His whole frame ached, from the bottoms of his feet which had been banging into the footboard to his muzzle which had been lavished in affectionate nibbling nearly the entire romp. The deed was done though, with Ian’s equine partner neighing lightly in glee as he rubbed some of the spilled seed into his musky crotch. The dog just smiled, not even able to chuckle between the long, ragged pants as he slowly regained some semblance of composure flat on his back. Shutting his eyes as he just basked in the afterglow, Ian’s breaths came easier as he let his mind wander around while the horse cleaned himself up. The canine knew he would be next for that cleaning, as he definitely needed a shower after such a… Workout.

Hearing the horse get off the bed, Ian opened one eye and caught sight of that toned, tight ass which had been framed in a barely-adequate jockstrap just a half-hour prior. The dog’s tail wagged slowly at that sight beneath his own bulging rear, swishing some of the dripping seed onto the sheets below as well as cooling down his burning rear; his partner hadn’t used quite enough lube. The dog laid back and shut his eyes again after a moment more of oogling the that fine rear, the horse having caught him and given a knowing wink in reply to such glances. “Plenty more where that came from tubbs… For you especially.” The horse whispered with a hint of playfulness, making Ian smile and blush all at once as his weight was again mentioned. He wasn’t at all ashamed about his build; he loved every pound of his pudgy frame immensely. It was just odd to him to hear it so affectionately referenced, as it hadn’t been for a while… And not by any equines he knew for even longer. This just made Ian blush deeper, bringing a paw up to his face to try and vainly hide it from the horse who was so broadly smirking down at him. “You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”

“I’m just not used to some sweet dirty talk… Makes me remember someone.”

“Oh? Who’s that?” The horse inquired, leaning down towards Ian with that same smirk as the dog tried to shrink down into the bed.

“My first…”


A short, stocky shiba inu ran down the halls towards the doors at the end. He was panting hard already, well before he had reached his destination, as that much exertion was uncommon for him even at practice. The coach had always tried to get him to sprint more, but being a lineman meant that the shiba didn’t need to be fast over long distances, just good for short bursts of speed. The young canine reached his destination at full-clip though, slamming into the doors with a loud CRASH, and shoving down on the handle to fling them open. A couple other furs left in the hall heard the crash, but the blur of tan and white which zipped right out the opened door was all but indistinguishable to them. The shiba didn’t care about the looks though, he was well and truly in a rush and the racket couldn’t be helped. So he ignored it, ignoring the twinge of pain in his stomach from making hard contacted with the door, and just broke out into a run again once he was clear of the exit. He was going to make it, but whether or not he would be still breathing once he got there was another story.

A couple minutes later the canine came jogging to a stop in the shade behind the school building in the alley between in and the large gym. Leaning over and placing his paws on his knees, he greedily drank in the oxygen around him. Heat radiated off his over-exerted frame, and the familiar stench that was teenage musk was already starting to permeate through his clothing. He panted hard and deep, barely noticing anything around him and just focusing on getting his lungs refilled time and again in order to get his body back to some sort of a usable state. The shiba leaned over a bit further as he stood, his stomach pressing against his crotch slightly and making him blush inwardly from the feeling of all that soft flesh rubbing along his sensitive member. He couldn’t help but get just the tiniest bit aroused from it too, which only served to heighten his blush and send even more blood rushing to his pounding head.

“I always knew you were out of shape Ian, but this… Just hope coach doesn’t see it.” A deep, thick voice came from behind the shiba, making him jump slightly and turn his head to see who it was. A thick, slightly-smirking Clydesdale came up to the shiba inu’s left, stopping beside him and placing a large paw on the canine’s back. Ian just blushed at that, looking back at the ground and coughing a few times before standing with a groan and placing both of his paws on the tender area where he had banged his stomach a short time prior.

“I know Jake, huff… I know. You said you… huff… Needed something?” Ian barely managed to splutter out between deep breaths, his composure returning slower than he wanted. It was the off season though, school was nearly over for the year and that meant a few months of pigging out and being lazy before having to train again for college football.

“My note didn’t say I needed anything… It said I wanted something. There’s a difference,”  Jake murmured, standing Ian up with a strong arm and pushing the canine gently back towards the back wall of the school. The pair was utterly alone back there, as most others were in class at that time or had already left for the year; Jake and Ian were there to take finals then head off as well. This made Ian slightly nervous as he looked up at Jake, his tail sinking between his legs as he felt his plush rear touch the brick wall behind him. His eyes started to fill with fear, and he began to shrink back down in spite of the strong paw which rested gently on his chest. “I’m not going to hurt you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Then wh-“, Ian started, but was cut off by the horse’s muzzle joining with his own. Ian went wide-eyed at that, part of him wanting to fight back but a bigger part of him submitting to the overpowering feeling of lust that suddenly filled every fiber of his being. He kissed back, his muzzle parting along with the equine’s and his tongue beginning to dance as well. He stood up straighter, even beginning to rock towards his toes the more he got into the kiss as he felt that paw on his chest begin to slowly slide down towards his padded middle. This made Ian blush brightly, as he was by no means in the shape of his Clydesdale caller, but that just felt… Right with that paw there, idly playing with the shirt-covered paunch below it. Ian’s arms slowly wrapped around Jake’s middle, pulling it a bit closer so that the pair could have more access to explore one another’s muzzle with their tongues. The horse reciprocated this by leaning down a bit more, his taller frame making the dog have to strain less and thusly get more out of the sudden display of lust.

The two furs stayed intertwined for well over a minute, heated breaths of passion flaring from both their noses as neither wanted to come up for air out of the kiss. Ian knew he had to though after a point, as he had still not recovered from running all the way to their meeting spot, and thusly was beginning to get dizzy from the startling act and how fast it had all come to pass. He pulled back, only just, and lowered his muzzle as he panted heavily against Jake’s chest. The equine whinnied faintly at the pause, pushing his muzzle to the top of Ian’s and giving it a gentle, warm kiss before backing off just a bit to allow the dog to catch his breath.

“I’ve felt this way since sophomore year Ian.” Jake blurted out, a myriad of emotions painting the horse’s face as Ian’s gaze rose to meet his. “I just… I am the quarterback, you’re a lineman, and we both have to be in close quarters and around a bunch of other guys for months on end… I was nervous. I won’t get to see you again though, you or that gorgeous ass… So, I… I’m sorry.” Jake finished, turning to leave the second that last word was out of his maw. Ian wasn’t about to let that happen though, and with surprising quickness reached out at grabbed at one of Jake’s paws before the horse could get out of reach. The Clydesdale jerked to a stop, turning back to Ian with both surprise and guilt on his face. “I’m really sorry… If you want to hit me to make you fe-“

“Oh shut up Jake… We all knew that if that’s what you’re worried about, and you know I could take you if any of this was unwelcome. I’m just… Surprised.” Ian blurted out, taking his turn at being embarrassed. Jake brightened up almost immediately, wiping his muzzle off and looking down at Ian with a wide smile.

“Why surprised? You know how many looks you get?” Jake asked, looking down at the shiba who was still looking at the ground. The canine just got redder and shook his head, making the horse sigh and take Ian’s muzzle into his paw. Raising that muzzle up to look at him, Jake frowned with mock disapproval and gave the shiba a light smack on that meaty arse of his. “More than even I get. You’re short so got that cute thing taken care of, muscled with enough chub to be excellent for cuddling, walk with confidence and yet enough shyness to be mysterious…” Jake said, getting redder and redder as he spoke till he went back to looking at the ground and released Ian’s muzzle. The shiba inu was flabbergasted, looking back at the ground as it felt like his cheeks achieved a new level of blushing unheard of by furkind. The pair stood in silence for a long moment after that, neither wanting to say something to further how awkward things were between them now that the secret was out. Ian coughed once, making Jake look up hopefully only to immediately turn redder and go right back to training his gaze at the pavement below.

“That was nice…” Ian finally murmured, making Jake blush even more. “I… Never took my final in Sex Ed.” He said, barely above a whisper, which really perked Jake up. The horse looked right at Ian for a long moment, whose eyes had never left the ground. “I have the stu-“

“I’m…” Jake started, his voice wavering slightly as he did so.

“Me too…” Ian cut in after a moment, his voice shaking as well.

“You sure? I mean…” Jake whispered, stepping closer to Ian and placing a paw on the shiba’s chest. Ian just nodded, then turned himself towards the wall of the school. He then shoved a paw into his pocket and pulled out a pair of black packets, both of lube. Jake took them, then looked them over quizzically as neither he nor Ian had any idea what to truly do with them. The undressing part they could handle though, so after a moment of fumbling with those packets, Jake just held onto them as he began to undo his pants. Ian was doing the same, taking his time with the button as his paw shook slightly. The horse noticed, and placed his paw on the canine’s comfortingly. “I won’t if you d-“

“I’m not graduating a virgin Jake. Neither are you.” Ian said, his eyes finally looking up to meet the horse’s with an underlying determination that nearly scared Jake. The shiba’s eyes also had hints of lustful want in them, a sign which could just barely be seen but gave away volumes about how badly he too wanted something from his equine teammate. Taken slightly aback by the forceful words from the smaller canine, the horse looked down for a moment before returning his gaze back to Ian’s. Jake’s eyes spoke volumes in return along those lines, and in that moment, the pair silently agreed to not speak until they were done; words would just get in the way.

Silently, both of the furs dropped their pants to their ankles. Both being football players, they actually preferred the feel of jockstraps to normal underwear, and thusly only Jake had any problem with removing the skimpy, ill-fitting piece of clothing. Ian leaned back and stole a glance at the meat which was about to tear virginity from him, and a submissive moan of apprehension, fear, and yet arousal came out of him involuntarily. The shiba had seen his holy grail in that moment, and instantly knew what he was going to be spending a lot of his adult on, around, and over. Jake saw that, blushing slightly as he hefted his well-endowed self in a large paw and just gave its slowly-arousing length a drawn-out stroke. This further teased Ian, who just blushed and turned back around, his eyes on the ground while his paws supported his frame against the wall in front of him. He could feel blood rushing to his own groin as he stood there, making him pant lightly already with heated breaths of anticipation.

A cold, sticky liquid made Ian jump slightly as he felt a paw coated with it worm its way between his quaking cheeks. Letting out another involuntary moan, the shiba shivered as his rump was coated in the goo, from the top of his crack down to his tight pucker. The paw even went as far as sliding a sole finger in, making Ian whimper lightly in submission to the larger, stronger horse behind him. The paw receded after doing that, leaving Ian cold, exposed, and unsure of when he was going to be assailed by Jake’s cock. The feeling was new to Ian, and while it was odd, he relished it and just held onto that feeling of powerlessness and trepidation; being a football player mostly meant he knew what was coming and few would even attempt to give him a hard time. This was the exact opposite, and Ian loved every single second of it as he just panted a bit harder and felt his tortured jock strain a little more from the stiffening dog bone it was forced to contain.

With a grunt, Jake slid his thick, hard cock right into Ian’s ass. He missed the hole first try, clearly inexperienced like Ian as the dog let loose a yelp of surprise from the impact. He felt the head bash the sensitive area at the base of his rear, which only sent more blood to his groin and drained more from his fogging mind. Jake seemed to be in the same boat, as the shiba felt the equine’s cock pulse one with heightening arousal as Jake took it out and retried his aim. Instead of a ram this time too, the horse took his time, sliding in between the two sagging orbs in front of him with more patience as he pressed the head of his cock against Ian’s pucker. The dog cried out, his head arching back as he felt a flood of ecstasy fill his blood, that touch alone one of the best feelings of his entire life. Jake hadn’t even entered him yet, and Ian was already nearly ready to cum; the dog wasn’t going to last long.

Slowly, and very gingerly, Jake entered into Ian. The horse whinnied and groaned loud, clearly experiencing one of the best feelings of his life as Ian just grit his teeth and whimpered as he felt like he was being ripped in half. Granted, if this is what being ripped in half felt like he would gladly have that happen, but this was a new level of pain for him. His body wasn’t sure whether to reject the cock being forced into him, or to just stimulate every single pleasure center in Ian’s mind. The canine was just as dumbfounded, his clouded mind barely even able to remember its name as he just cried out again and again, panting hard as he grit his teeth and clenched his paws into fists. He also clenched his hole around Jake’s cock, subconsciously trying to keep the mass of meat from entering him. It wasn’t working through, and instead just brought more pleasure to the horse as his pulsing cock slid further and further into the canine.

At about half-way in, Jake began to buck like a true bronco, his powerful hips slamming his rock-hard cock into Ian’s hole again and again. The dog felt tears leave his eyes, but at the same time he could feel pre leaking liberally from his cock. Never had he felt so much pain and pleasure rolled into one ball of utter bliss, and he was too confused to even care why that was. His cock was at full attention, begging to be touched and teased, and yet with his paws busy holding himself up and Jake’s holding onto his hips, Ian couldn’t give his length the attention it needed. He tried brushing the tip with his swinging, sagging gut but that did nothing but make him even hornier with the movement of his soft flesh. Jake making his thighs quake and his rear wobble wasn’t helping matters either, and Ian knew he wouldn’t make it more than a minute longer before he burst like a dam into his nearly-tearing jock.

Jake sounded the same, a myriad of grunts, moans, and neighs coming from the equine as his thrusts were anything but uniform. Erratic, desperate, and far too horny to even think could best describe what the horse was doing as he rammed his pelvis into Ian’s plump rump over and over again. His big paws gripped the canine tightly, making sure Ian could never leave his cock as well as to make sure that the horse never fell should he stumble. His leaking cock was warming the both of them with the friction on the shiba’s fuzzy, large arse, but neither could nor would care as they continued their romp unabated. Even his balls hit Ian once or twice on the deeper thrusts, their owner so lost in the moment that the pain didn’t even register in his primitive, animalistic thoughts.

The pair panted in unison, but Ian was the first to go as he howled out loudly and shot a large, sticky load right into his jock. It spilled through the thin fabric, dripping to the ground as well as down his bulky thighs. The warm, spurting goo also got a bit onto his underbelly, making the canine moan after he finished his orgasmic howl. Jake heard it all, and was just barely smart enough to put two and two together as he continued to pummel Ian’s rear. He was painfully close too, his balls churning up a large load to fill the canine beneath him as the horse leaned in a bit more to get a tighter grip on Ian. His cock was on fire from chafing, his lungs ached, his back and thighs felt like rubber, and yet as he bucked in one last time, Jake couldn’t have been more satisfied.

The equine came with a loud neigh, arching back and hilting into Ian at the same time. This meant that his large length smashed into the shiba’s prostate, sending another orgasm right through Ian and making his still-throbbing cock pulse with arousal. The dog cried out in unison with the horse at the abrupt ramming, arching back as well as his paws left the wall and he was forced to support them both with his shaking legs. The dog and the horse just stood, the horse spewing cum deep into Ian while Ian just howled out in painful glee from being inflated with equine seed. Jake’s load didn’t truly inflate him, but Ian definitely felt bloated well before the horse ran out of spunk to stuff him with, and that was another new experience that the canine knew he would need a lot more of as he grew into a full-fledged adult.

Not ten seconds later, Jake was finished, panting along with Ian who was slowly slumping against the wall. Jake was following suit, pulling himself out once he finished with an unceremonious pop. The canine’s ass immediately leaked almost half of that load out, the goopy substance running down his legs and making him blush brightly at how good, and dirty it felt to be so covered in sex. The horse was no better, as he was sweating nearly as much as Ian but far muskier, and still had over a foot of equine meat on display as he sunk down behind Ian to hold onto the kneeling canine. His chest heaved with Ian’s, hot breaths going into the back of the dog’s neck while his arms slowly wrapped around the front of that soft torso to hold onto it. Everything on both of the beasts hurt, and yet neither gave a single thought to it; they had just experienced their own personal heaven, and that would take a few minutes to process. They did that in silence too, the only sounds of panting and a few grunts as they struggled to remain comfortable, as well as semi-clean, in the filthy alleyway while they both came back to their senses.

“That was…” Jake finally murmured after a few minutes of catching his breath, giving Ian a tighter hug around his soft midsection. The canine nodded in agreement, still panting softly as he let out a light grunt from the squeeze. “Wow…”



“I reminded you of him eh?” The horse remarked, looking over the blushing canine. Ian simply nodded slowly, looking down at the bed with beet-red cheeks. The equine chuckled and slid into bed beside the canine, clearly not ready to clean himself up just yet as his cock looked to be stiffening up again just hearing that story, as well as molesting Ian with his eyes the entire time. “Well… I hope I was at least a little better chubs.”

“I dunno… Maybe you should remind me?” Ian said, a smirk forming on his lips as he spread himself out on the bed a little more, looking up at the horse with puppy-dog eyes. A low rumble came from the equine as he looked Ian over again, just scanning the chubby frame of the canine one inch at a time as Ian continued to look at him with innocent eyes of want. The horse’s expression returned that sentiment as he shifted himself closer to the canine, a sole paw placing itself on the dog’s crotch and rubbing the sensitive length tenderly. That rubbing continued for a moment, but only a moment as the equine’s muzzle lowered itself down and began to attend to that meaty dog’s meat with an expertise few got to experience. Ian’s eyes twisted shut and he began to whine submissively at that, his thick length rising to attention in just moments from the expert affections of his equine partner.

The horse didn’t disappoint.


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