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It started out slow at first. A piece of cake for dinner, maybe a cookie at lunch, and sometimes an extra donut from the break-room at work. It was subtle, as subtle as subtle could be in fact, but yet it began to add up over a long period of time. Those single pieces of cake turned into two, that cookie became a piece of pie… It was still slow and steady, but it was getting to be more and more as time went on. There was no attempt to stop this either, just let it all go on down the hatch. It was just more food for his hungry self, and the lapine did nothing to try and fight that. He was always told to eat when he was hungry, and as his growing appetite took longer and longer to sate, it took more and more of his food to get to that comfortably full feeling. It was a feeling he relished too, more than one should, but he knew that. He didn’t care though; it was his life, his body, and his meals to eat and enjoy.

He had gotten terribly fat from all that eating though. His waistline had grown as slowly as his eating habits had at first, but over the past six months or so it had ballooned out to a point which made getting around start to become a challenge. This wasn’t to say that it was necessarily impossible, it was just subtle things at first too. A flight of stairs that would take too long to ascend, or maybe a doorway was a little bit too narrow for him to make it through on the first try. Neither one of these things was much of a bother at first, but as they got harder and harder to do, it became more and more obvious that he needed to be able to come do these things. That would mean giving up on his one, true love though; the one and only thing which he had left to love for that matter. It wasn’t something he wanted to do, but as he had continued to balloon and showed no signs of leveling off, as many gainers seemed to speak of. So the lapine just continued to eat, hoping that plateau would come so that he would have even less to think about.

He had not always been this way though, not always so driven by hunger and driven to eat more and more. There had been a time in the lapin’s (so far) relatively short life that he had been somewhat thin. He had swim, and quite well in fact just a couple short years ago. That life, that glorious life of exercise, dieting, and being thin enough to nearly see his ribs, had not had some grand halt as though it was a trauma that started it. Nothing really truly ended with him at all in fact; his life was still as cushy as it had been back then. College ending had been the only real milestone, but that had been mere months ago, and not the years which had slowly wrecked a once chiseled frame. No, this was just lethargy and diet catching up with what had always been a somewhat lazy lapin; one that skipped practice to party and always got more food than he needed at the lunch line. It was hunger and a regime of such training that had kept him thin for as long as it had. Failing grades and a rather nasty break up a couple years prior had put an end to all of that though, and instead turned him into a shut-in student which was more concerned with their books than their figure and their social life.

That change had lead to others, and others still, and before the lapin knew it he was having trouble fitting into his pants. His grades had improved, but less time in the pool and even less time getting out of his dorm room in order to go out and take care of exerting himself meant that his horrid diet was catching up with him. He of course didn’t admit that, at first, instead insisting it was the water shrinking his clothes and nothing more. The seam of those pants ripping a week later, then a size larger two weeks after that… it was clear that the water wasn’t doing it to all those around the lapin, but to him it was just something to be annoyed with and not concerned about. He wasn’t getting kicked out, he was going to graduate, and his lifestyle now matched his size. He was even getting a few more looks now that he did not look as though he was starving; he saw nothing wrong with a little bit of added attention to him, and never once did from then on.

All of that was over two years ago though, it was not what was happening right then and there. The rabbit was at that moment laying in bed, staring at the ceiling as the blanket which covered his nude, round form slowly rose and fell with each long breath. He didn’t want to get up, to face his final day of pseudo-unemployment before he started a job at a local fast-food chain, which he frequented even before working there. One look around the smelly, trash-ridden sty of a room the long-eared mammal had showed just how much he frequented that place, and the Chinese place down the street, and the pizza parlor across from his home. In fact, all of those boxes and containers were why the rabbit was even getting the job at the fast-food joint; he needed more money to continue eating as he had been.

His current freelance projects, which were not true jobs so much as they were stop-gaps to finding a real job, had him as stressed out as ever. Since he had quit smoking three years ago, he had become a stress-eater; the more stress, the more he glutted. With three impending deadlines for three demanding companies, it was all the lapin had not to explode as he spent sometimes eighteen hours at a time staring at his drafting table or computer screen, just sketching away at floor plans and architectural designs. There was often food near him as he did this, which usually was gone in a couple hours only to be replaced by more with a quick phone call or an order online, or a shout to his roommate and a few bucks exchanged through a crack in his door. He did enjoy what he did for ‘work’, even if the income was not enough to live on, and his life of seclusion and quiet was quite alright, just biting off more than he could chew was a bad habit of his. It was in a literal sense too, as he thought about it for a moment; there had been more than one time too much crust from a pizza had needed to be gulped down to prevent choking on it.

The alarm clock on the desk next to his bed went off again, blaring its way into the rabbit’s mind. It forced all those thoughts about where the heavy sac of fat came from out of his mind. That same ball of lard was making rolling onto his side to get at the clock a real task, but one the lapin was used to at this point. That was a welcome change for the contemplating lapin, as he just sighed and with a couple of slow rocks, moved himself onto his padded side as he stretched out a doughy, wobbling arm. He knew he didn’t need those couple of rocks to get him to his side, nor that his arm was really that wobbly; he had just woken up and was both tired and not stretching out his muscles yet. He had read somewhere on the internet, on one of his few days off that he did little more than glut on whatever scraps of ‘food’ he could find in his room and browse the many internet boards he frequented. That was a part of his problem with getting work done, and part of his problem with his current lethargic state, but he was just in a rut and overworked; that was the one and only problem for him at that time. Surely.

The rabbit didn’t have time to ponder all this though, as his arm slowly slid back into the bed and then shifted under him to push on the bed and thusly roll him into a sitting position. The rolling took a moment and a rather loud grunt of effort, but the lapin didn’t even notice these things; that was how it had always been for him in the morning after all, even when he was a lithe little creature. There was little more than that which came into his mind as he slowly went from horizontal to vertical on his groaning mattress, which conformed greatly around the reduced surface area his heft was spread out on. His legs spun towards the edge of the bed, reaching it and dangling over just a small amount thanks to the lapin’s queen-sized mattress. The rabbit couldn’t see this of course, as seeing over his chest and belly from the slouched, leaning position he was now in was a rather difficult feat. That was one thing he did have to admit was a part of the changes to his frame which has slowly but surely crept up on him, but so what if he couldn’t see his toes? He didn’t need to see them anyways.

The lapin sat in the bed for nearly a minute, leaning back on both straining arms and just looking at his hefty, tan midsection. His eyes shifted around the room as he searched for his uniform amongst the boxes and debris which filled the room and made walking around nearly impossible. He would have to clean, but first he would have to get out of his sty of a life. It was a mess, as he had observed time and time again, and yet there was little that he was going to do about it aside from add to the mess around him. Bending down to pick things up hurt his bad back, a symptom of sitting in chairs too long, and was made awkward by his wide stance and oversized feet. He had no reason to clean it either; he was hopelessly single and had no chance with any of the furs, female or otherwise. He hadn’t even allowed his own roommate into his room for nearly two years, which was quite the feat considering how noisy that badger was capable of being when he set his mind to something. There had been a couple close calls, but the lapin’s shame was going to be his own, and he was going to hide it if it killed him.

The rabbit never did find what he was looking for in that initial sweep, and as a result he groaned before shifting himself closer to the edge of the bed. He slid more and more, pushing with a great deal of strength as his arms pushed both himself and his bedsheets closer and closer to the floor. His feet finally made contact after a good couple moments of this monumental struggle, and as such the lapin instantly relaxed and lay down flat on his back. He took in a couple deep breaths; part is his newfound asthma as a result of allergies, and rested. His stomach rose and fell like a dome of heft far above his torso, the tan sphere seeming to grow exponentially with each inhalation of oxygen. The rabbit’s paws, which rested on the sides of the great, soft dome, moved out what felt like inches with each heavy breath. It was nothing to be worrying the rabbit though, as his body had done that even when he hadn’t needed to lose just a couple pounds. Catching his breath wasn’t something the lapin had time for though, so he sighed heavily before putting his paws down on the bed and giving a mighty heave.

That heave pushed the rabbit up into sitting, where he sat for a moment before groaning and rising to his feet. He instantly felt every excess pound on his body be met by the aggressive tug of gravity, and as such try and yank him down towards the planet beneath him. It was quite the sensation, and part of him loved it each and every morning as he got to his poor, overburdened feet. The things were really just tired from all the swimming they had been forced to do throughout his life, but that was almost inconsequential to the amount of weight they held now. The lapin would never openly admit that though, so instead he just focused on how they would get sore and blamed it on other sources. That was enough of an excuse, and all the fat which bunched up around his crotch and thighs and rubbed him up and down every single step he took… That was enough to help him forget his predicament almost any moment of the day. He was pent up sexually to say the very least about him, and as such it was so very easy for him to get off. The teasing of his heft on his small shaft was always enough; it had never once failed him.

Knowing he didn’t have time to stand there and revel in his frame, the rabbit set off for searching for his clothes. He tossed aside empty, smelly bags of long-since-eaten fast food, grease getting into his fur almost immediately. He would pause and lick it off of himself every now and again, but mostly he was just searching. The rabbit was also used to being greasy and smelly; it was everyday life for him at that point, as he never got out enough to care about how he smelled, looked, or anything like that. It wasn’t as if he didn’t take pride in his appearance, he just saw no reason for himself to do so. He knew he was going to have to clean up nice that morning though, so he looked around for his work clothes and hoped to the gods that they would be clean enough to not only wear, but not reek of his usually musk and the greasy smell of his living quarters. There was nothing more embarrassing than being a pig in a rabbit’s body, and the lapin was thoroughly convinced he was no that, even if his room was messier than most of the hogs he remembered meeting in college.

The lapin finally found what he was looking for beneath a set of recent chinese food boxes. It made sense, as the shirt he was looking for was one he had gotten only a couple weeks prior. The shirt didn’t look too stained, and upon an experimental sniff only smelled somewhat pungent, rather than reeking like many of the other clothing bits which were strewn around the rabbit’s room. The pants the lapin needed were already on his bed, and had been from the start; it was the black button-down shirt which had been the object of the lapin’s desires. He had found it though, and that meant that he could finally shower, get himself ready, and then go before it was too late. It was a three minute drive to work; maybe a fifteen minute walk if he felt like taking the hike. He wasn’t going to walk that though; it was summer, and he wasn’t going to risk having a heat stroke in that weather. So, his car would be driven, and he would just get cleaned up and ready to go.

That plan ground to a halt as soon as he saw the full-length mirror which was on his closet door. Looking at the many curves, folds, rolls, and valleys which now comprised his form, the lapin only had one question on his mind: was that really him? His eyes started at his head, which was comprised of circles essentially and made him look cherubic and happy all the time. This was thanks to a pair of round, somewhat sagging cheeks that looked to be permanently filled with something and always bounced when he talked. A rolling second chin down into a tire of a neck punctuated that look, though his bright green eyes, pointed yet somewhat slumped ears, and thick, deep tan coat only made it look all the more adorably huggable. Down to his chest, what had once been flattened pecs had grown into full-blown man-tits which jiggled with heft at even the slightest movement, and rested on the first roll which comprised his large, drooping paunch. He had no nipples, but he could only imagine how large they would be if he did on those two sagging sacs of adipose. The both formed rolls, which ran under his thick, doughy arms and around to be the peak of the stairs which ran down his back. He couldn’t see those stairs of course, as turning his head around that fair was impossible at his size. A quick glance at his arms gave him no want to though, the spongy, weak things bloated out to impossible sizes which were easily thicker than his legs had once been, and far more wobbly. He couldn’t see anything past about his elbow thanks to it being hidden by the drooping paunch which hung off the front of him, comprised of more rolls than a bakery and making Santa look svelte.

His eyes continued down, scanning over a belly which he nearly grimaced at the sight of. Part of him, just a very small part, tingled with arousal as he looked over the flabby, hanging ball of flesh attatched to his frame, but that was just his morning wood. The dome of fat was made into three distinct layers, the first being the shelf which held his moobs up and created a resting place for the top parts of his squishy arms. The lapin’s eyes then slid down to the second part of his gut, the largest by far and the one part which he could not touch of himself; the middle. It was vast, a waistland of calories and saturated fats which had not one, but two sets of lovehandles resting on the sides of it as it hung boldly over a full foot from the lapin, and more than twice that wide. He didn’t waste time looking at his waist, as seeing such a sac of fat really drove home how large he had gotten. Instead, he looked down lower still at the third part of his belly, the incredibly floppy and wobbly underbelly which looked like a small pair of buttcheeks sagging down far below his waist. It was its own roll of fat, hanging below the love handles and making his thighs look narrower than they were, in spite of how wide each of the quaking hams was. The dangling adipose easily covered his private area, keeping him decent even while nude, and making pants an utter nightmare to put on. That was no troubling thing to him of course, as he rarely wore pants; he rarely went out after all.

Moving down further, what parts of the lapin’s thighs he could see quaked with the faintest movements much like his underbelly. The tree-trunk appendages were taut with fat, and most likely muscle to keep all that weight standing; leftovers from his glorious swimming days of course. The lapin didn’t dare look at his behind, as again he could not see it, but a single squeeze back there by an experimenting paw told him all he needed to know; it was fat. Moving on, his knees were dimpled with heft, and had he had plantigrade legs he would have indeed appeared to be bow-legged for that alone. He was not though, and as such his incredibly wide stance was held up by two almost comically tiny shins and feet, which looked to be like twigs with the sheer amount of weight above them. They were encased in a healthy layer of lard, just like the rest of him, but it was not enough to look proportional, and thusly made his legs look utterly brittle. He was afraid some days, as he shifted his weight from thick foot to foot, that they were just going to snap and he would be a crippled rabbit. He had been told otherwise though from his doctor, along with some other harsh words he didn’t like to think of…

Trying to get his mind off of that particular doctor’s visit, the rabbit took his gut in both paws and heaved it up as best he could. His limp, soft arms could not lift even half of that jelly belly, and he strained for a moment to hold the thing up before just dropping it, and nearly toppling over as a result thanks to the drastic shift in his center of gravity. He watched as all that lard shook and jiggled, almost mesmerized by it for a moment before reality reminded him that there was no reason to be so excited about it. It was abhorring, as all fat was, and as such he needed to not like watching himself sway and jiggle in the mirror. That was impossible though, on both accounts, for his body was constantly in motion, and all that excess poundage around his pride kept him constantly aroused. It was an utterly awful cycle as far as he was concerned, but just seeing how much it had all affected him over the past years was a real thing for him. Sure, he had noticed a few pounds here or there, but… He put a paw on his stomach, and it stopped far further out than he had even expected it to. It was nearly a foot from his belly button too, which was now a deep cave on the center of the middle tier of his impressive paunch.

“How did you let yourself get this fat Travis…?” The lapin asked to no one in particular. He looked at himself for almost a minute after posing that question, just sliding his paws along his frame very sluggishly while he explored just what he had become. He had been avoiding that mirror for months for this very reason, and now that he saw what he was… Travis wasn’t quite sure of just what he thought of it. There were a myriad of thoughts running through his mind as he looked on at himself in the mirror. Disgust, curiousity, lust, depression… Those and others are flew through his mind as his paws continued to explore what they could of him, which wasn’t as much as he would’ve liked. Being a lapin, that meant he had shorter arms, and thusly made his life trying to get at the more pleasurable and rotund parts of his frame a living nightmare. He didn’t even attempt to go for his underbelly; he masturbated by grinding against his girth or in the shower with toys as he had for over a year. It was something new and different compared to pawing off after all; just a paw can get boring after using it for as long as he had.

Those thoughts of getting himself off made Travis’ mind wander to his pride deep beneath his gut, and as he began to think about taking care of himself quickly before work, he just happened to steal a glance at his alarm clock. His face turned ashen the second he saw the numbers on the thing; he was going to be late for work unless he threw his clothes on right then and raced out the door. He had taken way longer than he wanted to get going, and apparently had slept through the first couple sets of alarms as well. Five minutes before having to be there to be the little bit early he wanted to be was not enough time for him, and he knew it, so he just set himself into overdrive mentally and physically as soon as his mind came to that realization.

First thing that he did was take the shirt in his paws and throw it over him. Instantly he felt a problem though, as his frame seemed to constrict to the thing nearly immediately. His arms were spilling out of the holes of the shirt like faucets on full-blast, and looking like miniature muffin-tops while they did it. The lard on their huge circumferences was clearly being pressured, nearly to the point of pain, but Travis ignored it and soldiered on in trying to get his clothing on. He hadn’t even brought the buttons around to be button, and yet there was a tightness on his back which came from clothing being too small which was nearly unmistakable. Surely he wasn’t too big for a 2XL at this point in his life? He couldn’t have put on that much weight in such a short amount of time. There was a clear squishing of his back and arms though, So getting those buttons to fasten was going to be a challenge in and of itself. It was something that he needed to do though, so he started at the top and decided to work his way down; the first set in his paws already as he began to fumble with the small latching devices in chubby, clumsy paws.

The first three buttons of the shirt went together with no effort whatsoever, and thusly put Travis into a very large false sense of security. Such lack of problems had convinced him that the shirt was just cut small, and that there was nothing to worry about whatsoever in terms of not being able to fit into it. When he came to the fourth button though, one of the three which went down across the expansive waistline and belly of his; that was when problems started. Not only was reaching those buttons a lot harder than he planned, but getting them close enough to hold his clothing together was going to be another challenge entirely. He strained and stretched, latching one after another with increasing grunts of difficulty. He could hear the light pops of seams giving up on the shirt, but he ignored them and instead just tugged at the sides of the shirt in a vain attempt to get them to meet. They did meet, but holding them while fiddling with the buttons in his mitten-like paws was another challenge entirely.  The lapin was not about to ask for help getting himself dressed either, so he just continued to fight with his shirt to get it buttoned.

He eventually won the war against his shirt, getting all the buttons he could reach past his ponderous midsection buttoned. He could still feel a cool breeze below, but hoped his pants would solve that and make him look less like an elephant stuffed into a shopping cart. He could feel each thread on the shirt trying to give up, as well as how it was cutting circulation off to his lovehandles and rolling moobs. He had to ignore that too though, and instead just went about searching for his pants. Finding them thrown over the back of his chair, Travis took them in his paw and gave them a sole sniff. Wrinkling his nose up at the befouled pants, he didn’t see another choice in his quick scan of the room and was forced to wear them. The tent-like clothing unfolded before him, reeking of musk and food, but the only option for their fat owner as he sucked in a deep breath and just looked at them for a moment.

Getting pants on was a true challenge for him, as he had to blindly try and fit his legs into the holes without falling. He placed one paw on his desk for balance before lifting a leg up as high as he could and then dangling his pants far below his own horizon. He shot his leg out a few times, missing the hole in the top of the immense waistband of the clothing, before connecting and sliding the leg on. He slid it up with a grunt, going as far as he could before turning and repeating the process with the opposing leg. Needing the desk for balance again, he tried to keep steady while he just took blind stabs in the dim room with his leg until it too found the hole in the pants. Pulling that side up to nearly his thigh, the lapin crouched down as low as his sagging stomach would allow and grabbed onto the waistband of his pants. He gave it a tug, having to bring his legs together to get any progress thanks to the massive thighs he had. Another tug, and the pants stopped short two-thirds of the way up his thighs. Travis began to twist back and forth, trying to wiggle himself into the pants while he panted softly from the new effort he was needing to expend. Having forgone deodorant and a shower, he could already smell the musky sweat wafting off his frame. Ignorance was bliss to the obese rabbit though, as he continued to fight with his pants and tug at them.

It took nearly a minute of struggling, but he managed to get them up around his waist. Letting out a sigh of relief, he began to struggle with fastening them, as he could only reach that portion of his frame by lifting his belly far out of the way. This caused his taut shirt to ride up to nearly his chest, and stay there as going back down around the curve of his imposing gut was just too much for the tortured fabric. Travis barely cared at that point though, sucking in hard and fastening the button on the top of his jeans in one quick motion. He repeated this to zip them up, very careful with the zipper as the lapin had long ago given up on boxers and decided commando was easier to do. This made relieving himself easier, tossing clothes off the few times he ever needed to go out much less of a task, and just comfort in skin-tight pants a bit thing. He didn’t think about that though, instead just adjusting the pants a few more time as his breaths wheezed out and he stood with his paws on his lovehandles. Sweat was now filling the air around him, along with heady musk from his erect length trying it’s hardest to peek out from the large pad of fat which had encased it for months now. Travis sighed softly to himself, shutting his eyes for a moment to try and calm down.

Dressed, he grabbed his coat off the back of the chair and didn’t even bother to sniff it; he knew it was as raunchy as he was. His wallet and keys were also in that coat, which he tossed on right after giving a few tugs to the base of his shirt to get it back down over his stomach. The cloth hadn’t wanted to follow instructions, but forceful tugs from the lapin made it do so, as well as caused a button to go flying off somewhere into his room. Travis was running late though, so he didn’t have time to change. He instead just grunted and put his coat on, having to extend far and reach under his stomach again to start the zipper. This sent his shirt right back up to where he had tugged it down from, but as the lapin zipped his coat up to cover the nearly four inches of exposed rabbit fat, he didn’t even think of it. He just wanted to get out of the door and onto his job. The coat trapped in his heat, making Travis hotter still and causing him to sweat more, which in turn generated more heat. This was the only way he would stay decent though, and with the temperature outside, he would need his coat.

Grabbing his keys from the pockets of the coat, as well as his wallet, the lapin stuffed them back in once he was sure that they were there. He reached for his phone on the desk, stuffing that into a pocket as well once he was sure it was charged. He took one last look around the room, then gave a nod as he was satisfied about not needing anything else. His shoes were by the door, and he never wore socks as they were an inconvenience. He would also grab something out of the refrigerator on his way out to hold him over before lunch at work. Nothing else was needed from his room though, and as Travis had timed his first shift to be when his roommate would be asleep, the lapin waddled over to the door and put his paw on the handle without so much as a second thought. Giving the thing a light turn, he sighed softly and pulled it back, which let light flood into his dark cave. Having to squint at the light as his eyes adjusted, the late rabbit stepped out into it after a moment and then shut the door behind him, not ready but needing to face the day.


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