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Ian stood beside the statue in the park, sighing lightly as he tugged at the ill-fitting tank top which covered his torso. The thing barely managed to hang over his sagging stomach, leaving a little bit of the white-furred sac out for the world to see, and the cold night air to make frigid. The arm-holes itched, and rubbed at the soft flesh beneath his arms in such a way that the dog needed to itch every few minutes just to stay comfortable. All this discomfort is to say nothing of his pants, which were a size too small and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Every luscious curve of his plush ass, the size of his impressive bulge, his thick thighs… All of it was on public display courtesy of the tight denim which was choking off his waist and making him look even fatter than he already was. The shiba felt somewhat humiliated standing there with such tight, ill-fitting attire, but he had lost a bet and thusly needed to wait until he could leave in order to feel satisfied. So there he stood, shivering lightly in the night air and just surveying around him to see if anyone was coming.

“Hey big guy,” A soft voice came from behind him. The shiba jumped with a yelp, whirling around as fast as his thick frame would allow which made his stomach slosh for a moment with its blubbery contents. The voice behind him chuckled, and its owner stepped out into the light from behind the statue. A svelte-looking skunk, the fur was probably close to Ian’s age and looked to be wearing a rather expensive suit. Ian just blushed as he saw the fur, lowering his muzzle to the ground in embarrassment and shifting his feet in the dirt path. The skunk laughed quietly at that sight, slowly moving towards the bashful canine and extending a paw. Ian barely noticed, but knew what to do and took it once he saw the thing in his small field of vision. He gave it a quick shake, then retracted his arm back to his side and just stood there . The skunk did the same, looking Ian up and down a few times with vivid eyes before clearing his throat. “How much?”

“Hmmm?” Ian asked, looking up at the skunk with a quizzical expression. The skunk simply smirked and leaned in closer, using the slight height advantage he had on the short shiba inu to look more imposing than his skinny frame would allow.

“How. Much?” The mustelid inquired again, looking at Ian with piercing, firm eyes. The shiba just cowered slightly, looking nervous and confused as he had no idea how to respond. He may have lost a bet and had to go out in skimpy clothing for an hour, but he had not been expecting this.

“Uhm… 100?” Ian said, utterly unsure of himself and just pulling a number out of his head. He hoped the number would be high enough to make the skunk go away, but instead the mustelid just stood back up straight and pulled a crisp bill out of his wallet. Ian went slack-jawed, just staring at the money in the other’s paw for a moment before reaching to take it. The mustelid made no move to yank it away, so Ian just took it and stuffed it into his pocket. The dog had no idea what he was going to do; he had just sold himself to the other male for an indeterminate amount of time, and had no way of getting help. The skunk then smirked, looking over the canine one last time before placing a paw on his shoulder. “Uhm…”

“My car or the woods? And I brought my own protection.” The skunk stated flatly, his grip on the dog’s shoulder tightening. Ian let out a light yelp, moving his paw up to get the skunk’s off of him. The mustelid held fast though, waiting on an answer while holding tightly to his prize. Ian needed to make a decision, and doing so while he was being squeezed under such a new set of circumstances was something which he was absolutely unsure of what to do. He paused, looking back down at the ground with a bashful blush for a moment before making up his mind.

“The woods are more private,” the inu finally said, his voice sounding shaky and yet sultry at the same time. He was going along with this as he had been paid, and if the skunk had protection and was somewhat cute… Why not?

“Alright, do you have a spot?”

“No, you lead the way.”

“You must be new at this,” The mustelid said, a hint of exasperation in his voice as he began towards the woods with Ian in tow. The dog just followed in silence behind, his eyes going to the ground again in embarrassment; the skunk had no idea. He wasn’t about to try and explain though, instead just following along in silence with his newfound ‘john’. The skunk held his paw tight, not wanting to loose what he had just paid 100 dollars for, while Ian wasn’t about to let go either as he was never going to live down being sold for such a high price. He thought it was a high price at least, he had no idea how much a normal prostitute went for; he had never needed to know. There had been a few times he had been offered money before, but never out in public and never while he was sober, so it was a jarring experience. “Now then, let’s see…”

The skunk had led them to the edge of the woods, and began to look for a trail along the line of trees. Ian remained silent, holding onto the mustelid’s paw with a firm grip as his was held onto. He didn’t offer help, in spite of repeated glances from the skunk to him for such advice. The skunk was getting increasingly annoyed by this as he walked along the edge of the forest, seeing no true gap in the trees which he and Ian could steal themselves down in order to get some real privacy. The lack of patience on the part of the skunk was somewhat worrisome to Ian, as he had heard many stories of injured hookers at the hands of wound-up clients like his skunk was becoming. The shiba had no desire to become one of those numbers, and as such he too began to look for a path with the skunk. He was prepared to just go behind a tree and do it, but he wanted to make sure that the pair exhausted all their private options first before offering that suggestion up to his client. Ian may have loved a show, but he wanted it with either a fur he knew, or for it to have meaning; this was neither, and as such he wanted at least some level of privacy.

A few minutes later of searching to no avail however, and the mustelid’s grip getting near the point of pain, Ian changed his mind and cleared his throat. His handler stopped short and turned around, his eyes burning with anger as they looked down at Ian. The canine shrunk down into himself slightly out of fear, unsure of what to say at the moment as he just looked up at the skunk for a moment. He had gotten his attention though, so wasting it would be an even worse idea. “What if we just do it out here? No one’s around, it would be way more of a thrill…” Ian said, trying his hardest to sound as appealing and teasing as he could. The skunk seemed to buy it, looking the dog over and then looking at the field which they were beside. “Just anywhere around here…” Ian added, gesturing to the field, the small grove of trees off to their right, and even the swings to their left. It was late enough at night that no children would be in the park to see the two beasts going at it, so Ian was less worried about that and more about any cops coming and seeing them; but he wanted to live a little.

“Alright, alright… You want to put on a show? Let’s dance.” The skunk said with a broad smirk, releasing Ian’s paw and giving him a gentle shove on the chest. Ian acted the part, stumbling and falling onto his back while looking up at the skunk. The taller mustelid immediately was on top of Ian, sliding his paws beneath the dog’s tank top and giving a firm grope to the large moobs which it contained. His other paw rubbed along the thick curvature of the ball belly which the shiba possessed; fondling and teasing its plush surface. The canine immediately let out deep, lustful moans thanks to that expert playing along his frame, his face a deep crimson as he blushed brightly. The skunk above him just smirked to himself yet again, loweing his face to hover just above Ian’s. Panting breaths of heated arousal washed over both Ian and the skunk, their faces barely separated as they locked eyed for a long moment while the mustelid continued his shameless fondling of the shiba’s pudge. He stayed that way for a long moment too, not moving any closer as he just drank in Ian’s lust and scent while exploring his meaty frame.

“I don’t have all the time I want with you shiba… Let’s get this over with.” The skunk finally said, scooting himself back off Ian on his knees. The dog looked up over the curve of his stomach, watching as the other backed further away and began to undo his pants. Ian got the idea and followed suit, reaching under his stomach from his flat position and sucking in his girth in order to get the button on his pants to unlatch. The skunk watched as his purchase had trouble, licking his lips greedily at the sight. This just made Ian blush that deep crimson color again, as he struggled with his pants a moment more before getting them undone. He bounced slightly to slide them down, revealing little more than a straining jock which did a poor job of hiding anything about the canine. The skunk whistled softly at that sight, and then smirked as he watched the inu’s frame quake slowly from the bounce. It shook for a moment, settling down like a large pudding atop the canine after a few moments of sloshing around. Ian blushed brighter still at this, making sure to quickly roll over onto his stomach and then rise to his hands and knees.

“Worth every penny…” The mustelid murmured as the tearing of a wrapper, and then some rustling plastic reached the shiba’s ears. Ian just looked at the ground and kept right on blushing brightly as he stared at the grass below. He felt a cold, wet paw enter his asscrack and rub along the sensitive trail at it’s base, which made a moan leave his muzzle. Panting softly as the paw stayed back there for several seconds, rubbing firmly while slathering on a generous amount of lube, the shiba just shut his eyes and began to breath faster. Each huffing breath made his stomach shake like a thick pendulum below his handing frame, making his moobs shake as well and even his chins quake slightly with the sheer force at which he was panting. He knew it was going to get way more motion in his frame in a moment, but for now he just pant and let his body get used to shaking as much as it was.

Without warning, the skunk slammed his thick meat right into the shiba, getting a loud cry of pain from the dog. Utterly shocked by the force of the large meat right into his hole, the canine screwed his eyes shut and just howled with pain. The skunk behind him gripped his lovehandles tightly, using them as handholds to yank himself forward and plunge nearly to the hilt right into the meaty shiba. Ian cried out again in pain as he felt his fur being tugged by the forceful mustelid, hot tears running involuntarily down his face. The shiba was used to pain and never got upset by it, but being so forcefully and brutally taken out in public allowed him a show of emotion that was rare for the subby canine. His pain just got worse as the skunk leaned down, biting rather roughly into the dog’s shoulder for a moment with his sharp, short teeth. The bite wasn’t enough to draw blood, but it was enough for another yelp of pain from the impaled and yanked canine.

Ian’s only solace was the skunk’s thick meat slamming straight into his prostate. The impact on his first go was impressive to Ian, and had he not been so lost in a world of hurt mixed with hints of pleasure, he would have noted that it was nearly the biggest cock he had taken in a long time. The shiba didn’t care though, he just felt his hole constricting around the swollen appendage, acting like suction to try and keep it in while the skunk backed it out and rammed in again for another powerful thrust. The shiba cried out again, both with pain and pleasure this time as he felt his prostate get rammed yet again, which sent a wave of bliss through his veins. His ass was as stretched as it got, feeling nearly torn in two to the poor dog as he supported himself on shaking arms and let it be pummeled by the utter stranger above him. Ian could feel the skunk’s arms wrapping slowly around his stomach, a faint hint of tenderness coming from the cold businessfur who was taking him so mercilessly. Ian took it with a grain of salt though, yelping as another bite came from the skunk above to his opposing shoulder. He was being abused by the mustelid, and yet some part of it he was relishing for reasons unknown.

Again and again the skunk rammed himself into Ian, panting hard while the dog did the same. Every flabby inch of the canine shook upon each rapid impact, his whole frame more like jello than a body. Ian barely noticed though, as his eyes remained screwed shut and his cries of pain had been reduced to moans of acceptance and pleasure. His hole had stretched quickly to be far less torn by the massive length pummeling it, and thusly meant more pleasure from the repeated slams into his prostate rather than dismay from the pain of being torn in two. The skunk had stopped biting almost immediately, instead just breathing hot, deep breaths over the back of the canine. Ian much preferred that, letting the hot air warm his exposed back and the rolls between even as cold sweat began to coat his furred frame from the effort of holding both himself and the skunk up with mostly his arms. The canine still had plenty left in him though, and as he continued to quake back and forth, he smirked to himself with pride.

The skunk began to pre deep into Ian a few minutes later, panting harder and biting down into his shoulder again. This bite was not like the others, it was rougher and actually drew a hint of blood from the shiba. Ian cried out again from it, his eyes shutting tight in spite of the euphoria which filled him at the absolute abuse his prostate and ass was taking at the paws of the mustelid. It was as if the skunk had no other intention than harming the shiba in some way, and Ian was in no mood to be hurt. He couldn’t bring himself to move with such a massive cock out of him, especially when it was so close to being over. Ian couldn’t feel the seed, but he could feel the pulsing of the bagged length stuffed in him, and knew that the skunk was close. The grip around his middle was tightening as well, and Ian felt his stomach getting squeezed to the point of pain. He still just held and took it though, his breath coming in short gasps while deep moans of both discomfort and pleasure continued to pour from his muzzle. He wasn’t even remotely hard thanks to the beating he was taking courtesy of the skunk, but part of him still was enjoying all of it.

Not a moment later, the bite to Ian’s shoulder got far harder, making him cry out in pain as the skunk hilted one last time and stayed there for a long moment. Ian could feel the violent pulsing of the length in him, as well as the bag filling inside him as the beast came hard and deep into the inu. Ian’s arm bled slightly through the bitemarks, and the shiba’s eyes remained screwed shut, but he didn’t even waver as he just held up the skunk and himself. Deep, heavy breaths came from the skunk’s nose as he bucked a few more times into the canine in order to get the last drops of seed from his length. The shiba shook slowly from that, his blubbery self getting aftershocks even once the skunk had stopped moving for good. The pair, supported by little more than the shiba’s arms and shaking knees, lay motionless once the mustelid got his fill for a long moment, their only sounds being heavy breathing and faint moans.

After nearly a full minute, the skunk behind Ian released his vice-like jaws from the inu’s shoulder and pulled himself out with an abrupt pop. Ian groaned submissively, collapsing almost immediately down onto his stomach while his hole began to freeze almost immediately from the frigid night. The canine didn’t care, he was a wreck and it showed as he just lay on his stomach and wheezed for air. The mustelid behind him was already standing however, pulling the condom off and tossing it aside as he then wiped himself off using a towelette. Ian didn’t even pay attention to the towering beast however, he just shut his eyes with his pants around his knees and his jockstrap coated in lube and lay still. His shoulder was bleeding still, though not even bad enough to require a band-aid, and he ignored that as well. The skunk however did not, and once he finished cleaning himself he circled around to the side of the canine and knelt down. There he placed another hundred and a hankerchief, offering the faintest of smiles to the exhausted and battered dog. “Worth every penny shiba,” he murmured, giving Ian a light pat on the head. Ian smiled meekly back, blushing somewhat at the light praise. The skunk then stood, turned, and began to walk out of the park. Ian watched as far as his head would allow, looking at that tail sway as the fur walked away into the night. Vanishing after just a few steps thanks to the dark area the pair had been in, Ian shut his eyes and just lay in the grass, fully exposed and breathing in deeply the scent of the grass around him.


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