Under The Oven

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“Damnit, not again! Not now…” Hyede groaned as he tried in vain to get the oven to light. It wasn’t going to no matter how hard he tried though, as the pilot had bent from a former chef dropping a pan on it minutes earlier. The ovens he used were unique, having no protection over the pilot like most gas ovens; it made food cook a little faster, and was way easier for cleaning. It also left the fragile pilot appratus exposed though, and when the clumsy oaf of an otter had dropped the new pan right on that pilot, it bent like brittle paper. Though the panda was done fuming over this, and instead just trying as hard as he could to try and get the oven working again, it didn’t change anything. He needed it running, as he needed all of his ovens workings in the bustling kitchen right before a busy Friday night.

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