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The beast that loomed well over your diminutive frame was smiling, displaying a row of teeth which looked to easily be capable of shearing off a limb or two. Granted, seeing those teeth past the vast horizon of sagging heft which sat on the front of his impossibly-blubbersome torso was a bit of a task without craning your neck. The grey wall of flab spilled nearly to the ground, lined with rolls, folds, and shelves of adipose which were as big, or bigger than, your small thighs. A pair of legs did peek out from below all that heft, splayed in a wide stance with feet so fat that even they had rolls resting firmly on the ground. How the titanic mountain of excess was standing at all was a mystery that physics could simply not comprehend, nor could you as you just stood there in his shadow. A low, deep rumble was nearly constantly coming from that drooping dome of flesh and fur as well, making forming more thoughts than ‘He’s gonna eat me!’ nary impossible. It was easily one of the most terrifying scenarios in your life, to be trapped in front of that gluttonous, gurgling mass of hairy heft as his smile widened while his eyes looked you over. All instincts told you to run, to get away from the grey mountain and to get help, but as he began to descend towards you that thought ran away to leave you planted in place.

Those stomach-lining rolls bunched up, his low-hanging gut made steady contact with the ground, and you could finally clearly see his eyes over cheeks that looked more in place on a squirrel than they did on the fat beast before you. He still came closer and lower though, his fat spreading down and out as gravity got control over more and more of it. Your heartbeat in your ears, nothing but grinning teeth, red eyes, and fat in your vision, and faint musk coming in through your nose; even your senses couldn’t escape the tower of lard. He finally stopped descending at some point, it was hard to tell as his frame seemed to constantly be in motion from just how densely packed with gelatinous flab it was. As that tooth-lined muzzle opened to speak, a distinct scent of chocolate poured out of it and over your face, yanking your attention from possible consumption for just an instant. “Got anything to eat?”




I – Sexing It Up

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II – Fat Is Life

Fat is life for this rotund, lazy draolf. Sasuke often is pictures as fat as a house, or even more in a lot of the artwork that exists of him. Being a slovenly, bloated, and engorged pig that exists to do little more than eat and sit in his own bulk is a part of life for the lazy wolfdragon. He loves that life too, and has lots of friends who do as well. They all want little more than to either be like him, to grow their own waists as well, or to help spur along his growth. It’s an existence that Sasuke revels in and often just takes advantage of since it can be rewarding in ways that can only be known by fellow fatasses. The next stories pertain to Sasuke enjoying his impossibly fat self, and others enjoying it with him.



It wasn’t every day that the fattened fox went out, in fact it was nearly never as getting his heavy, lard-laden ass in gear usually took nearly two hours of work and got him sweating like a pig. However, it also wasn’t every day that the fattest fur he knew asked him over for a night of ‘fun’, so the vulpine more than happily put himself through the many tortures of getting ready to oblige the request. Finding pants to covered his rolling, sagging ass, a shirt to attempt and hide the many years of overindulgence in all things sweet, bathing the crumbs out of his sweat-stained fur… It was an arduous task that left poor Sovhiel panting and sweating anew by the time he was clad in just a very tight pair of pants and a shirt that fit better two X’s ago. But it would be worth it, of that he was sure, as Sasuke was never one to disappoint. Those clothes would disappoint though, as more than once the fox had needed to be rolled home from the draolf’s abode, if the team of workers could get him out of the door of course. Those were some amazing nights for the fox, and he hoped that tonight would be similar as he waddled heavily towards the door to his decent house to head out.

As he reached the door, a loud bang came from the other side of it. The fox jumped, albeit sluggishly and more of a rolling motion with how heavy he was, as the noise startled him. He quickly regained his composure, and balance, and took a look through the peephole to see who was on the other side. This meant turning to his side and nearly smothering the door in his generous love-handles and side rolls, as well as a large helping of arm fat. He could barely make out the figure on the other side, but saw nothing that looked like a weapon, so he ponderously reached for the handle to open the door. More smooshing and sloshing of the vulpine blimp occurred, but he somehow managed to get the handle into his fat paw and turn it far enough for the door to unlatch. The door swung both ways, as swinging towards the fox would be silly at his size; he couldn’t step aside and reach the thing at the same time. So out the door went the second the handle was turned enough to release, just missing the guest on the porch and causing Sovhiel to nearly take a tumble as he had been resting a bit too much of his sizable girth on the door. “H.. Hello?”

“Hello sir, Sasuke has sent me to collect you. I trust that you are ready to leave?” A rather posh-looking purple lynx stood in the door, svelte and clad in a designer suit that had to have been fitted. Sovhiel simply smiled at the feline, stepping out of the too-small doorway as gingerly as he could. His love-handles, thighs, and rump all brushed heavily on the frame, making Sov blush slightly and the servant waiting on him lose his composure for something more… Animalistic for just a split second. “Well?”

“Yeah, we can go Jeeves.”

“It’s Luc, Mr. Wooster.”


The ride over had been uneventful, save for the fox trying to squeeze himself into the car. He had at first tried to get into the front, but the lynx almost immediately turned him away and towards the back of the vehicle. Wide double-doors that led into a seating area which could better be described as a lounge in the back of the van greeted Sov, and he was more than happy to step right on in. Once inside, the fox looked over the spread in front of him and beamed like only a vulpine could; snacks of all sorts, a large TV, and a low sofa furnished the back of the fat-proof transport. In spite of all the opulence in the back though, the poor vehicle didn’t seem to like hauling around several hundred pounds of fox, but neither did the vulpine’s feet, so he just let the van do the hard work for the time being and instead rode around in luxury. He enjoyed the ride so much, that he never once wondered when they would arrive at Sasuke’s, but once they were there he quickly remembered why he was in that van at all.

With glee the fox leapt, or rather drooped, out of the back of the van and back onto his straining feet, beginning the slow, meandering waddle towards the front doors of the mansion Sasuke lived in. Thankfully there was a ramp for him to walk up next to the flight of stairs that lead to the door, but any incline was still hell for the lard-laden beast. Each ponderous step sloshed his bulk to and fro, which in turn made him have to constantly compensate on paws which were better served for his body two hundred pounds ago. But on he still went, barely thinking of the pains in his feet and thighs or the near-foot of exposed flab all around that was peeking out of the bottom of his too-small shirt. All that filled his mind was the prospect of food, messiness, and… That familiar stench which he was already up traces of as he waddled closer still to the house with each step. Every heavy footfall propelled him closer to that goal and the source of that smell, which Sovhiel wanted nothing more than to lose himself in.

After almost two minutes straight of waddling and panting by the incredibly fat fox, he was in front of the quadruple-wide front doors of Sasuke’s mansion. He was sweating like a felon on trial and each breath made his chest rise and fall, as well as quake with leftovers from many meals gone by, but he was there. Luc stood beside him, looking on with more than a hint of curiosity as he watched the obese mammal just stand and try feebly to catch his breath. The lynx offered nothing, just waiting and watching as Sovhiel stood there and breathed in deep, large lungfuls of air to try and get both his racing heart and aching lungs back under control. He was reminded why he didn’t go out just standing there at Sasuke’s door, the hundred yards or so from the car to the door having given him 99 yards-worth of reasons for staying at home and getting delivery. The overbearing scent of excess and slobbishness was too alluring for that reminder to carry much weight at the moment though, as it was filling every orifice on the overweight fox as he stood and recovered.

“Are you going to be alright sir?”

“Y…huff… Yeah, I’ll… huff… Be fine. Can we… huff… Go inside now?” Sovhiel tiredly responded, still not nearly where he should be for setting out again, but knowing once he was inside at least the cool environment would make overheating slightly harder. Luc nodded in response, and took two long strides towards the door to the immense house. With a faint grunt and a tug, he pulled open two of the four doors for Sovhiel, stepping aside and bowing low with a paw gesturing inside; clearly out of courtesy for a butler and nothing else.

“Welcome to our humble home,” Luc said coolly, a hint of annoyance in his voice for having to go through such a routine. Sovhiel barely even noticed it though, for along with the flood of air-conditioned air that came tumbling out of the door, the scent which had pushed him for the last half of his trek to the building came out in droves. It was intoxicating, addicting, alluring… No word could put a true finger on what it did to the fox’s psyche, but it was enough to propel him inside with renewed vigor. Luc arched an eyebrow at that, but Sov didn’t care; he was headed towards the source as fast as his tired, overtaxed legs could shuffle and roll his bloated frame along. That wasn’t very quick, but luckily Sasuke’s house was laid out with this in mind; the kitchen was just past the entryway off to the side. Sov also knew that was where Sasuke was because of just how gluttonous his host was; the wolfdragon nearly never had an empty muzzle, even when sleeping. This meant many-a-waking hour was spent within the gymnasium-sized kitchen which made up a large portion of his house, and made it easy for Sov to guess where the overindulgent beast was.


“I’d say that’s your mating call,” Sov panted out as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. Inside the confines of that room sat, or rather loomed, Sasuke. Immense didn’t come close to describing the titan of gluttony which was sprawled out in front of Sovhiel, it merely talked about a portion of the rump which faced the sweaty fox. Colossal didn’t do the ever-expanding blob of lard justice either, it served at best to describe his thunder thighs instead. Humongous couldn’t hope to compare either, barely doing proper service to the lovehandles on the constantly moving ball of fat. No one word could describe Sasuke in fact, but a myriad of words had to be used on the sagging, oozing, rank, and greedy sack of blubber seated in the middle of the room. Moobs that could be only described in terms of fully-grown furs, an ass that compared more to motor vehicles than to a body part, and arms and legs which hadn’t moved on their own in longer than either Sovhiel or Sasuke could remember thanks to being so swaddled with lard all adorned the piggish hybrid. This made no mention of his belly either, which was a true achievement of gluttony in even the simplest sense. Even a picture couldn’t do the quaking, gurgling table muscle credit, as no lens was wide enough to get it all in one shot. That gut was always growing too, ever expanding its smelly territory and vice-like grip on Sasuke’s mobility, and appetite. All in all, it was truly the dominating feature on a beast that dominated any place he went; those places just the kitchen and his bedroom of course.

Sovhiel saw that stomach as a constant goal; to fill it had become his mission every time he came over to visit. He had come close a few times, but never truly made the wolfdragon say uncle due to just being too full to even continue his consumption. The smells and sight of getting that gut as full as it did though… The fox had ridden the high of that feeling for nearly a week afterwards the previous time he had gotten Sasuke nearly stuffed to the metaphorical gills. “Still eating big guy?” Sov asked as he slowly approached, still breathing heavily from the short trek to the kitchen.

“I’mrgh… ULP… I’m about to take a bit of a break.” Even Sasuk’e voice sounded fat, something more like thick molasses than words rolling out of the hybrid’s muzzle as he responded to Sov. The fox practically melted every time he heard it, and this time was no exception as he just took it in with a light sigh. “Hyede, that’s enough for now.”

“You sure Sasuke?” A portly panda asked, straddled across the sea of stained, slick grey fur that was the upper shelf of Sasuke’s gut. In each of his paws was some sort of foodstuff, and beside those paws sat two conveyor belts which looked to contain even more read to be served. “Don’t want you hungry for you third lunch.”

“Sov will take care of that… Won’t you?”

“Yeah!” Sovhiel replied enthusiastically, getting a bit of a chuckle out of both Sasuke and Hyede. The fox blushed brightly right after that, looking down at the floor in embarrassment, and in exhaustion as he was still not fully recovered from moving, and knew he still had some climbing left to do before he could truly be up on Mt. Wolfdragon.

“Alright then,” the chubby bear chortled, pushing both a large chunk of ham and nearly a whole loaf of bread into the cavernous muzzle of the wolfdragon as he spoke. “I’ll leave you two to it. I’m going to shower Sov, so just let Luc or Kai know if you need anything. I’m sure you won’t though…” The panda winked, then slid off of Sasuke to the far side, as his room was in that direction. A few heavy footfalls and the creak of a door after that unceremonious dismount from the massive draolf midsection, and Sov was left alone with the immense beast of gluttony. Sasuke was still chewing the impromptu ham sandwich Hyede had created, so the only sounds were the gurgle of his stomach and the smacking of rude eating as Sov just stood alongside him. The fox wasn’t nervous, just polite to his host, and wasn’t going to climb up unless asked. This didn’t stop him from reaching a paw out and rubbing it along a thick roll of slick fat though, the scent and sight of such a slobby, greedy pile of lard too much to not be drawn in by.

The fox’s paw met the draolf’s slick fur and immediately became coated in the stench of weeks of sweat, food, drink, and cum that stained nearly every inch of the sprawling hybrid’s surface. Sov rubbed along that fur for a moment to ensure he was well and truly saturated with that smell, then brought his paw to his muzzle and inhaled sharply. Instantly blood surged to his groin, his own musky scent making itself known as arousal filled the fox’s veins. A low, deep growl of approval rolled out of him as he took another deep breath of that enthralling scent, filling his lungs with the raunchy, befouled stink which wafted off the wolfdragon. Sasuke’s chewing had stopped by this point, and the draolf just sat beached in his own obesity, looking as best he could over to Sovhiel, but having a hard time of it thanks to the sea of chins and mountainous cheeks which kept his head buoyed almost perfectly in place. The vulpine barely noticed this though, instead taking his paws and rubbing both of them along the draolf’s furred flesh yet again, to get more of that addicting aroma onto them. Caressing along the lard-laden, dripping surface with each paw, Sovhiel had to fight not to moan with utter bliss and arousal from being able to just bathe himself in the draolf’s immensity, and the side effects of it as well.

“I ate Mexican for lunch.” Those five words interrupted the fox’s revelry, but sent him into a whole new headspace as he looked up at the side of Sasuke’s head. The draolf had given up on trying to turn and face the fox, instead opting to just sit in his own massive bulk and relax. This meant letting his second of four lunches digest and turn into even more adipose, as well as allowing the fox to do as he pleased in the process. Sovhiel was still looking though, and Sasuke could feel his gaze on the sagging cheek between his eyes and the vulpine’s. “You heard right, and yes you can.” Sov’s eyes lit up, and the wolfdragon just rumbled and settled into himself some more.

“Thank you!” Sovhiel squealed, then all but ran back to behind the draolf. A pushed aside tail and pair of musky-saturated cheeks greeted him, and the vulpine just stood and took in that sight for a moment as he had when he had first entered the kitchen. Taking a sole step towards the truck-sized rear, his whiskers twitched and his tail flicked around as only a fox’s could while mischievous thoughts flooded his mind. Another step, and even more perverse things entered the vulpine’s head as his paws reached forward to touch the two sacs of adipose surrounding the single most noxious thing in existence.  Thinking quickly, and while he still could, Sov all but ripped off his shirt, exposing a jiggling set of cream-colored moobs and a fairly impressive, drooping gut which covered everything on his front to nearly two-thirds of the way down his thighs. The vulpine began to try and remove his pants as well, but instead just undid them and decided to let gravity do the rest. Clothing situation settled, he began his advancing again, taking another wobbling step towards the twin peaks of odorous release as even more demented scenes took hold in his mind.


“A lot of Mexican,” Sasuke said with a deep, contented groan, not a hint of embarrassment or even pause in his voice as he essentially farted right in Sov’s face. The fox groaned as well, though not in relief as the wolfdragon had; arousal made him noisy. Sasuke just chuckled faintly to himself and settled back into his lard-laden expanse, deep rumblings coming from his gut as a symphony of gases was building in there from the beany, spicy, and filling lunch he had consumed just over half an hour prior. Sov could hear that grumbling too, and if the rank fumes that now coated the front of him were any indication, it was going to be a long musical number. His train of thought about what he was going to do once he was between the hills before him had been interrupted, but it took no time flat to come back and go even stronger as the stench lingered all around Sov. Barely able to even think straight at this point, the lustful vulpine took another step towards his price, having to step onto rolls of fat at this point as the wolfdragon extended out that far from the center of his body.

The fox’s right paw was the first to make contact. It’s downy, lightly-padded surface touched on that plush cheek and immediately sent a shock down Sov’s back. His left paw touching seemed to complete a circuit that turned the fox on, as the second both those gloved appendages touched down the fox lunged forward and buried his face in the greasy, putrid crevice between the two foothills of Mt. Wolfdragon. No oxygen made its way to his muzzle in that cave of stink and gas, but Sov paid that no mind; he had taken a deep breath before he entered. He used both his paws to tug at the rotund orbs on either side of his head, smooshing them in closer around the top of his torso as well as pulling his whole body in deeper to the canyon of Sasuke’s ass. Slick sweat eased entry into the fox’s favorite place, and the overpowering musk and flatulence that filled his nostrils with every oxygen-starved breath brought the fox to full attention in a matter of moments.


Less than a yard from the source this time, Sov gagged and coughed at the sudden burst of gas right into his face. His tail, still free from the dark and dank confines of Sasuke’s rear, was wagging a mile-a-minute however, the big plume of orange almost looking like an afterthought in the shadow of all the adipose around it. The putrid fragrance which now coated the insides of Sov’s nose and mouth, as well as his entire obese frame, got nearly twice as strong from that sole blast of gas. A muffled groan came from the fox once his few coughs ceased, and his grip on the pair of bulky mounds around him tightened in an attempt to further immerse himself in them. His groin continued to bulge and swell, a raging hard-on growing with every second spent deep in the bowels of rancid draolf flab. This lustful buildup wasn’t solely for the vulpine’s pride though, his mind wanted more stench, more oily sweat, and to be closer to the source of those truly foul farts.

Another push, this time with his feet to the soft, malleable surface below, pushed the perverse fox even deeper in and closer to his goal. This shove conjured another moan from Sov, deeper and more animalistic as his mind sunk further into lust and arousal. He finally began to have trouble finding pockets of oxygen within the befouled air deep in Sasuke’s canyon though, what remnants of sanity he still vainly clung to reminding him there wasn’t much time left to get his rancid kicks. Sov redoubled his efforts with that little hunk of knowledge giving him a reason, and his desire only adding to that reason. There was extra resistance from the increasing pressure of countless pounds and feet of fat pushing back, trying to deny the fox entry to the draolf’s fetid pucker. Sov wasn’t about to be denied his prize though, and continued his quest through the slick, dank crack.


It wasn’t far now, that blast making Sov gag far worse than the previous one. His cock pulsed with need though, and what little remnant of his tail remained outside the draolf was little more than a blur. Sov pushed on for that fact and that fact alone, too far into the draolf to stop now and too driven by his carnal needs to stop himself.


The fox could nearly taste it at this point, his gag reflex all but giving up from how absolutely befouled every breath was with utter stink. He could feel the heat of his goal too, scant inches from his muzzle at this point.


Sovhiel’s nose met its goal right at that blast, and that was all it took for his cock to create a thick, sticky wet spot on the furred prison encasing both it and its owner. A deep moan of passion came from Sov as he felt that release, a feeble attempt at bucking his hips coming once or twice out of pure reflex as glob after glob of cum shot out of him. The moment, that stink and slime, was pure and utter bliss for the fox in every single sense of the word.

It took Sovhiel nearly ten minutes to worm his way back out of the draolf’s ass. He took his sweet time in doing so, stopping to sniff, lick, and tease nearly every square inch of that damp cavern along the way. Each and every one of the vulpine’s senses was overloaded with the utterly slovenly nature of the wolfdragon; feeling his disgusting, unwashed fur, tasting weeks of sweat, smelling the musky, flatulent air which enveloped the draolf, seeing how fat a slob he was, and hearing the groans, gurgles, belches, and farts of the titanic pig. Sov was addicted to each one of those sensations, and planned on appeasing his addiction before he had to leave the draolf’s deep ass. That in mind, by the time the fox’s head finally popped out of the deep crevice which had held most of his body hostage for several minutes, he had a raging hard-on yet again and was leaking pre like a faucet. The turbulence which had plagued Sasuke’s gut vanished soon after Sovhiel had cum, but the stench of it all lingered on both the fox and the air around the two beasts. Both of their eyes watered profusely with the rank air, but neither cared one iota about it; Sasuke was glad to be rid of the gas and Sov was just glad to have it covering him. His underbelly, the only part not touched by Sasuke’s stench, was thoroughly coated with musk and of his own creation. The rest of his frame was befouled thoroughly by his draolf host, giving his frame a shiny sheen.

“Well, I’m empty,” the draolf called out in a rather sarcastic tone. The fox panted hard to catch his breath, barely registering those words and slumping down against the pair of foothills behind Sasuke to just try and get his senses back. As the fox knelt down into a sitting position though, he felt something rough and caked with sweat. A giggle from Sasuke, along with a sluggish wobble throughout the entirety of the draolf’s frame gave away immediately what that surface was; his feet. Sov wasn’t even sure Sasuke had those from how titanically fat and utterly immobile the massive beast was, but sure enough there were footpads hidden just below a large roll of flab at the base of the wolfdragon’s wide rump. Even Sasuke’s feet were lined with rolls of blubber, and absolutely disgusting by nearly anyone’s standards. Rings of sweat-caked fat, toe cheese, and other substances Sov wasn’t going to even to attempt to identify coated the twitching appendages. It was all the fox could do to not gag at the mere sight of those rancid feet, yet a more primal part of his perverse mind was beckoned in towards them.

Without much thought going into his actions, Sov bent down and pressed his nose right to the base of those slimy, crusty paws. He didn’t dare lick them, but rather breathed in the noxious scent of months of unkempt body parts. The vulpine gagged again, this time to the point of coughing as he inhaled deeply, but didn’t let his nose leave that rough surface. He got a fair amount of that goo right on said nose, but didn’t bother to wipe it up and instead traced an outline along the bottom of the massive pads as he sniffed again and again at their rancid odor. His fingers worked over the useless toes attached to those equally-useless feet, rubbing and scraping the toe gunk into their fur to be smelled and reveled in at a later time. Lost in the moment, Sov kept breathing in that befouled air as his whole muzzle became covered with thick goo. He was intent on just letting himself stay back there for eternity, there to revel in and take care of the behemoth demigod of excess and slovenly living that Sasuke had turned into.

Sasuke laughed the entire time as this happened, his feet getting tickled by the overzealous revelry of the fox behind him. This laughter and the resulting attempts at squirming send waves of lard all throughout the small sea of adipose which encased the wolfdragon, flinging drops of sweat down onto Sov like big, musky rain drops. The miniature storm of sorts took the fox out of his moment, but only just as he registered something past the stench filling every lungful of air. More sniffing and a change of tactics as his paws went along with his muzzle to try and funnel as much stink and as little oxygen as possible into his nostrils meant more tickling to Sasuke’s footpads. This made more ‘rain’ fall down onto Sovhiel, and further distracted the vulpine in his task. Looking as though he had just taken a thick load of seed straight to his face, the fox looked up for a second as more of that salty water fell onto him. He just smiled as he realized what the water was, hearing the remaining giggles from the blob all around him at last.

A loud gurgle snapped both Sasuke and Sovhiel out of their moment, and made Sov blush brightly under his white fluff. He hadn’t eaten in nearly three hours, and that was a long time for the fat fox to go without food. A deeper, louder groan of hunger came from Sasuke just a moment later, the wolfdragon’s tolerance for time without consumption infinitely smaller than Sovhiel’s. Both beasts sat in silence as the rumbling subsided after but a moment, Sov leaning against the huge ass before him while Sasuke did what he had done for as long as the fox had known him; sat in his bulk. “I guess we’re both hungry?”

“I’m always hungry little fox. Time you came up here and lived up to your promise.” Sasuke boomed out, the baritone voice sending shivers up Sov’s spine yet again. The fox got to his feet carefully and began to wade out of the sea of fat which he was tapped in. Taking care with each step, he made it out in a few long strides and planted his feet back on the tile floor which Sasuke hogged so much of with his bulk. The fox, still coated in slime, sweat, caked-up cum, and a myriad of other bodily fluids stood in place for a moment silently. He took a few deep breaths, steeling himself and returning his mind back to reality reluctantly. A quick glance back at the massive canyon of fat he had to leave behind for the time being was enough to make him almost regret needing to sustain the ponderous sac of fat which hung off the front of his frame. Adding even more lard to Sasuke was enough motivation to the contrary though, and Sovhiel had to force that into his mind as he began to waddle over to the side of Mt. Wolfdragon.

It took several wide, slow steps to get him to the makeshift steps of fat which led up the side of Sasuke. The fox was winded yet again from the short trip, and paused for a moment to regain himself and get ready for the next part of his trek. No ladder could hope to hold Sovhiel, so he had to make do with scaling the wolfdragon as best he could; climbing lovehandles and moob rolls worked out better than most ladders. They were softer too, and usually had enough sweat on them to make Sovhiel take his sweet time. He has spent longer than he should have back behind Sasuke fulfilling his own desires though, and as another loud grumble reminded him, he had little time to dally. Sovhiel wasn’t quite ready to start climbing though, for he was still slick with wolfdragon glop and as such doubted he could hang on for very long. He hated to have to do it, but a few quick wipes with his paws along his front, then wiping those paws between his sagging lovehandles and his bloated thighs took enough of the fluid off them to make them at least able to hang on. Satisfied with his grip but saddened with the makeshift cleanliness required for it, Sov started towards the draolf ‘ladder, which meant wading through more restrictive fat and getting himself a fresh coat of wet, slick sweat.

As soon as his paws could reach the holds which he used to begin his climb towards his perch between the draolf’s moobs, Sov took hold and tugged as hard as he could. A slight groan came from Sasuke for this, but it was drowned out by the loud grunt which came from Sov as he tried to hoist himself up. He was far too heavy to do much movement well, and his lazy lifestyle meant that it just got harder and harder with every inch he crammed onto his bloated waistline. Pulling himself up was a nearly impossible task thanks to that fact, yet the draolf’s fat seemed to almost help him as it created footholds beneath his squirming, flailing paws. With his feet finding purchase on the soft flesh below, Sov gave another tug to pull himself up further. He then repeated the process with his feet, the yielding blubber which encased them again creating footholds for him to rest on.

The fox had to repeat this process many times before he got to the top of Sasuke, both himself and the wolfdragon starving and hurting at this point for different reasons. Sasuke’s hunger had hit painful levels, and with every grumble or gurgle of his stomach he let out a light whimper of pain; Sov’s climbing hadn’t left him feeling great either. The large draolf’s patience was waning as well, hunger making him cranky as he sat and had to wait on the fox. Sov gasped for breath as he just lay on the immense hybrid’s chest and stomach, his own belly heaving up and down with every attempt to force oxygen into his exhausted frame. That much effort meant he was also starving too, as his stomach didn’t let him forget with a near-constant stream of gurgles and groans. Sovhiel ignored it though for the moment, more focused on recovering so he could move to get Sasuke eating. A feeble wave for just a moment came from the fox, which made Sasuke grumble impatiently even though he understood that Sov needed a minute to recover.

It took him less than a minute to recover though, and as soon as he could move again the fox started towards the pair of conveyors which were beside Sasuke’s head. The fox, drenched with a truly rancid concoction of unidentified fluids, sat himself down less than a foot from Sasuke’s muzzle and added to that mix with the countless feasts which were trapped in the rolls of chins, cheeks, and neck that had not been cleaned. His belly nearly touched the large draolf’s nose, and in spite of the inconceivably foul smell which came off of him, Sasuke paid it no mind. He in fact gave a gentle lick along the surface of that belly instead, getting a faint giggle out of Sov as well as smeared the fox with many-a-leftover meal which remained all around Sasuke’s muzzle. The fox blushed slightly at the display of affection, then reached his paws out for the foodstuffs beside him. “Hungry?”

“Don’t even get me started,” Sasuke rumbled in reply, slobber now running freely from his muzzle and down a series of chins to meet Sovhiel’s thighs before running off somewhere in the rank ocean of fat which made up his frame. The fox rumbled softly in return at the feeling of that warm liquid along his inner thigh, having to truly focus to not just revel in it for a long moment. A turkey in one paw and bowl of corn in the other, Sovhiel for a moment before leaning forward as far as he dare and looking into the open muzzle of the wolfdragon before him. The drooling, smelly, gaping maw before him which had single-handedly created this beast’s most noticeable feature sat before him, begging for his service. It was a power Sov had that he relished, and yet had no intention of taking advantage of; he wanted nothing more than to serve Sasuke’s whims.

“Let’s get you reloaded,” the fox said with no shortage of glee. Taking the turkey and tossing it into the food processor that was the draolf’s maw along with most of the bowl of corn as some spilled onto the many chins below, Sov smiled to himself at the sight of such piggish behavior. Sasuke chewed sloppily, food and dribble spewing out of his open muzzle and onto the fox’s stomach with every loud smack of his jaw. Sovhiel already had two more dishes ready to go, having tossed the empty bowl aside and grabbed a ham and platter of potatoes. The conveyors on either side were already bringing out more warm, fresh food to him, piping hot dishes tempting him immensely with their intoxicating scents. The vulpine was going to be loyal and take care of the draolf first, even if it meant he had to go hungry for a few moments. Sasuke didn’t even care about that either, too lost in the rapturous grip of gluttony to care about anymore more than sating his own appetite already. Sov knew that, and just smiled as the draolf finally finished chewing and swallowed his first mouthful with a loud gulp. Sov was there with another one right at the draolf’s lips, and would be with many more for his demigod of gluttony.




The stench which filled the room was nearly overpowering. It wasn’t a pleasant sort of stench either, not like the one of sweat and cum after sex… This was more just unwashed fur, greasy old bags, and other scents that would nearly make one gag. For the drake and the draolf on the couch however, it was more than just acceptable, it was the scent of their lives. Neither one truly noted the smells which overpowered the room and had gotten them more than a few complaints from the neighbors, unless it was added to by a raunchy belch or noxious fart. The pair of slovenly beasts just set about befouling their environment more with their slothful, wanton waste of gluttony, sex, and a lifestyle in which moving more than a finger was considered to be too much effort. Bathing was a thing of the past to the pair, as was modesty, cleanliness, and even manners. The two lived like the hedonistic pigs that they were, and it was absolutely heavenly for them. The two hogs had just finished their second lunch, beached by their heft and just sitting with the TV blaring over the myriad of gurgles, belches, and farts which came out of them.

“Hey, Ryn… BRRRRAAAAP… Gimme the cheese spray,” the draolf all but demanded, grunting with effort as he tried to sit up and retrieve it himself, but the weight of his over-packed stomach proved to be too much for his underused muscles.  He squirmed a bit, then raised a thigh as much as he dare to release a long, loud fart right onto the meaty thigh of the drake beside him. A deep rumble of approval came from the drake, who returned the blast of rancid gas with one of his own, though straight down into the couch cushions as he was too lazy to even bother moving a thigh to aim his stench. He tried to lean forward too, but was thwarted by the same thing which kept the draolf pinned and groaning against the couch; his stomach. Both beasts had made true pigs of themselves, as the fresher bags of waste around their couch showed. The drake didn’t want the other to go hungry though, so he reached for what he could; an entire box of uneaten pizza. The box had somehow been spared both of their gluttonous wrath, and yet it was about to get a full dose of it as the drake placed it heavily on the draolf’s protruding stomach. “UUUUURRRRRPPP… All this?”

“Yeah, finish it,” the drake commanded, looking over at the wolfdragon with a dopey grin which was returned with a faint smirk from the draolf. The stuffed beast belched again, then opened the box slowly to reveal a 24”, luke-warm pie covered in more meat than should be possible on a pizza. Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Steak, Pepperoni… It was all there and ready for the wolfdragon to consume with his greedy muzzle. His stomach was pleading with him not to do it, and yet his eyes saw that food and knew that it was all going to wind up in him whether or not his packed gut liked it. The drake saw that food too and began to salivate, reaching for a piece of his own before the wolfdragon slapped his paw.

“It’s mine…” The draolf paused, reaching to his side and retrieving a half-eaten pan of pasta. “Eat this if you’re still so hungry stinko.” The drake let loose a rank belch as the pan hit his taut gut, rubbing the impact site tenderly as he gave the wolfdragon a look. The hybrid returned it, then smiled dopely and gestured to the food. The drake’s glance went back to the food, where it stayed for but a moment before both his paws raised. Like the true pig he was, he reached both messy paws down into the slop of cheese, pasta, and sauce and scooped out two wet pawfuls. He then shoved them into his muzzle one at a time, having to open wide and still spilling nearly a third of the contents onto his rippling chest in the process. Shoving the other paw in had the same effect, the sauce mixing with the drool which nearly always coated the drake’s multiple chins and running like a river down into the many folds and rolls that comprised his torso. Not a care in the world about that though, the fat slob didn’t even make an effort to chew his food, he instead just swallowed hard and chewed noisily on the few remaining chunks that didn’t go down his throat on the first try. Another gulp after a few loud chomps, and he turned back towards the draolf with a dumb grin that was plastered with food.

The draolf just patted the drake on his dopey head with a fat, sticky paw before he dug into his meal. Reaching in with both fat paws, the hybrid took two slices of the stuffed pizza and held one in each paw. He then turned them so that the meat-covered sides were facing one another and smashed them together into a saucy, meaty sandwich of sorts, which he brought close to his muzzle just a moment later. Opening wide, he took nearly half of the foot-long slice into his muzzle before clamping down and ripping it off. Sauce spewed out of his barely-shut muzzle as his cheeks bulged like a squirrel’s with how overfull they were. Chewing sloppily on the mess of meat, cheese, tomatoes, and crust which was crammed into his packed muzzle, chunks of food spewed down onto his chest and stomach while he tried to turn the mess of food into something that he could swallow. It took a few tries, but he managed to gulp the massive bite down with a grunt, and hadn’t even taken a breath before cramming more of that pizza sandwich into his gullet. A few more sloppy chews, another gulp, and 90 percent of the pizza was on its way down to the factory of fat that was his middle. Tossing the remainder into his muzzle with a playful smirk, he chewed that up just as rudely before turning back to the drake wearing a matching dopey grin.

Both fat slobs pat each-other on the tummy with pride, one belching while the other let loose a rumbling fart. Giggles followed the noisy display of affection, and then the two of them went back to their respective meals. Glorps, gurgles, belches, and smacking maws filled the room as the pair of pigs devoured their food with greed. Ryn’s paws were covered in pasta even before he had finished his second bite, and by the third his entire face was just shoved into the pan as that was an easier way to get at things. The obese draolf continued making sandwiches out of the pizza, taking bigger and bigger bites as he wolfed it down like he hadn’t eaten in days. Both of their stomachs complained loudly, giving gassy outbursts or groaning as they were stretched well past full, but neither beast listened to their body’s complaints. The feeling of eating and being that full was one the pair relished, and planned on reveling in once they were finished shoveling food down their gullets. So on they ate, glutting on the food in front of them, noisily chomping down bite after bite of fattening bliss.

Ryn was first to finish, falling back against the couch which cracked and groaned loudly in protest. His muzzle, paws, and chest were all stained with sauce and bits of pasta which hadn’t made it into the greedy slob’s mouth. He didn’t care though, he just sat there panting softly and trying to rub at his gut, though he was too full to even move. He was sweating from the effort of that feed too, his body tired from eating so fast. Words didn’t come, as his breathing was restricted by how stuffed his stomach was, and that was a feeling he relished. His cock stirred to attention almost immediately as how full he was sank in, the air beginning to fill with a new, musky scent as a result. The drake didn’t even take note of this though, instead just resting there with his muzzle open, his tongue hanging out, and his paws laying on his rolling love handles while he just tried to breathe and let his body make sense of what he had put it through.

Sasuke finished a few moments later, falling back in the same fashion as the drake to more splinters and creaks from the overburdened, beaten couch. He tried to belch, but there was so much pressure in his gut that it took a moment to come out of his opened, drooling maw. A deafening roar of gas eventually exited though, reeking of pizza, beer, burgers, and a myriad of other foods that the voracious hog had consumed over the course of the day. The hybrid sighed lightly after that, the same problem that struck the drake beside him happening to him as his breath came in short, quick pants. Sweat soaked his rancid fur, dripping from his rolling moobs as his body heated up to try and digest what was enough food to feed most for days. His stomach, in spite of over a foot of flab between it and the outside world, was taut with pressure and the draolf didn’t dare touch it. His paws rested, covered in red sauce, on his sides gingerly while he just shut his eyes and groaned deeply in pure bliss. His own musky stink began to fill the air alongside the drake’s, his own glee at being so impossibly overstuffed showing through with his pride poking at the base of his monster of a gut. He didn’t dare move to try and attend to himself though; he didn’t have the strength to fight the pounds of food which immobilized him on the couch.

The two slobs sat for a long moment, groans and grunts of gluttonous pride the only sounds in the room as the TV had somehow wound up turning off; one of them was undoubtedly sitting on the remote again. Neither cared about the TV though; they both sat with their eyes shut and just took short breaths while trying to get some room back into their frames just so that the initial discomfort of eating as much as they had would pass.  The hybrid dared to rub his belly after a time, placing a sole paw on the side of his stretched hide and rubbing gently to the large mound of furred flesh which kept him pinned beneath its mass. The drake brought his paws to his muzzle and licked them clean slowly, taking his time and only swallowing the food in his muzzle once he was sure he wouldn’t explode from doing so. He also licked his lips, as did the draolf, for one final taste of their gluttony before it got digested up into more fat, gas, and wasted energy which would just be used for sitting in their filth and getting even larger. The thoughts of that, along with the bliss that was beginning to fill them both as the discomfort of overeating ebbed to a glorious food haze, left them both horny and with aching lengths beneath their distended guts which begged for attention.

The draolf was the first to talk, turning towards the drake and looking at him through half-lidded eyes. A roaring belch came out of him again, at the same time as a bubbling fart left his sloshing, putrid ass. The draolf shut his eyes and sighed at the much-needed release of pressure in his innards, his paw rubbing a bit more over the gastrointestinal plant which had added so many inches to his frame during his time planted firmly on that sofa. “Ooof… Hey… Ryn…” The hybrid managed to rumble out before another belch interrupted him. The drake turned towards the wolfdragon, just to be met by that belch right to his face. Both smiled like dimwits at that, not daring to giggle lest they jostle their guts up at all. The drake inhaled that foul expulsion and smiled brighter, leaning forward as much as he dare to give the piggish hybrid beside him an affectionate lick. The draolf met him halfway, rumbling with approval from the affection and giving some back to sample the food off the drake’s muzzle. “You… Taste good.”

“Yeah… You too…” The drake breathed out, still struggling with breaths but having an easier time as he slowly felt his gut stretching to new sizes to accommodate his ravenous nature. The draolf was feeling the same thing, as he sat with both paws rubbing the slimy, slick surface of his gut. The drake did the same, sighing feebly as he tried a bit harder to soothe the turmoil in his gassy middle. It didn’t seem to work, until a truly foul explosion rocketed out of his ass and filled the air around the two hogs. Both of their eyes watered from the power of the stench, but neither made any sort of face other than one of glee at how rancid the smell was. In fact, the drake’s cock pulsed a bit more with need and began to drip pre as he drank down his own horribly rank smell. “I’m horny…”

“Me too…” The draolf agreed, turning his head a bit more towards the drake and giving him a lustful glance while licking his lips again. The drake did the same to the draolf, eyeing every curve of the slovenly beast beside him with unashamed want. Another fart ripped out of the drake, making him blush faintly while the draolf just grinned like a dope and gave the fat reptile’s stomach a hungry gaze. A loud gurgle, followed by a slight grunt and then an even louder rumble from the draolf came right after, making the roles reverse between the two beasts as the hybrid turned red. They both stifled chuckles after this, still nervous for the state of their filled paunches, but a dopey, shared grin was enough to convey what they both were thinking. It wasn’t as though either one could think much past that at this point; their minds were too lost in the simple pleasures that were their greedy indulgences. “How will we…?”

The reptile shrugged sluggishly, looking over at the draolf with even more want as he sat there. The hybrid didn’t even acknowledge the look, instead shutting his eyes and letting his tongue roll out of his muzzle as his paws pushed into his taxed hide and truly began to massage it. Blissful ignorance filled his being as he soothed the stretched flesh beneath his thick fur, rubbing sticky paws into his slimy gut. He could almost feel the thing pushing back with a growing layer of adipose, as well as the beads of sweat trickling down it from the amount of heat his body was retaining. The drake sat and watched the draolf relishing that for a long moment, both his paws resting idly on his own full stomach. The reptile licked his chops again, just looking at the sight of excess before him and sluggishly rolling his hips back and forth to tease the head of his needy cock. The caked-on sweat and cum far below his protruding gut acted like lube, and thusly made it far easier for him to hump into himself. The process shook his gut just a little, but a rumble of gas out of his fetid rear was nothing if not arousing to both beasts.

The hybrid pulled himself from his rapturous massage after a minute, looking through lidded eyes over at the drake beside him. The drake was still looking at him, though at his obesity more than him proper. Faint wobbles along the reptile’s frame gave away what he was doing, and the draolf just smirked and watched for a moment while slowly, sensually rubbing at the side of his sagging fat. Rubbing claws down his rippling rolls, which bunched up thanks to his slouching position, a low moan of contentment left the hybrid as the teasing only served to arouse him further, and in turn the drake beside him. Sinking a bit further into the couch with bliss, the draolf kept that rubbing going for a time while he too began to buck his hips. The same disgusting concoction that surrounded the dragon’s member was around his own, and thusly acted the same way as he began to moan deeper and jostle up his gut too. Gassy eruptions were going to happen to the pair if they kept it up, but as the air filled with the scent of a silent but truly foul one, the two just inhaled the stench and let out a mutual sigh of ecstasy.

Just as they did so the couch let out one loud creak, then several splintering noises before finally a loud crash sent the two mammoth hogs tumbling backwards. The back of the couch had given way which was holding up the bottom, so the whole thing essentially collapsed into a mattress. The draolf and the dragon both toppled backwards onto their flab-swaddled backs with grunts of shock. Their still-taut guts sluggishly fell with them, sloshing and gurgling in dismay at the sudden movement they had to perform. The whole room shook as all that mass met the floor, a few items falling off of shelves and the towers of trash all around the sofa falling down into piles. Cushioned from the fall by both the remains of the sofa as well as their own adipose, the pair of hogs still had their food-filled guts fall on top of them, and thusly each clutched their middle the second impact happened and groaned that much louder. Further shaken, both gassy pigs felt the familiar rumble of an impending outburst not a moment after they had hit the floor, just to add to the noise the fall had caused.



All went silent for a nearly a full minute after that, the wolfdragon and the drake just laying on their back with their eyes screwed shut and their paws clutching their gurgling guts to try and keep them from bursting. Bubbles of gas worked their way around the pair’s innards, but nothing left them just yet; their bodies were too shocked from the fall to make sense of much of anything just then. A few knocks came to their door to keep it down, but they fell on deaf ears; the draolf nor the dragon could move even if they wanted to in order to get the door. So there they lay, silent, motionless, and just taking stock to make sure they were indeed still alive.

“You alive Ryn?” The draolf finally asked, his voice wavering as a belch finally worked its way from his muzzle.

“Yeah, you Sasuke?” The drake asked, returning the belch before he did so.

“Yeah…” The draolf lazily replied, turning his head as best he could towards the dragon. The reptile tried to turn too, but both beasts had just too much fat around their neck in order to lock eyes. They could in fact barely turn their heads far enough while laying down to see the top of the other’s belly, so bunched up was the fat around their necks. This brought out a rumble of contentment from the draolf, who was coming down from the distress of falling and returning back to his base, greedy instincts. The drake was there with him, purring lightly as he slowly wiggled his hips against his still-stiff cock. The wolfdragon heard the shuffling fat and the sound of wet scales against fabric, instantly knowing what his partner-in-eating was doing and moving to do the same as well. Being immobilized on the floor just by eating was a true turn-on for both hogs, and neither one was about to let the feeling slip away. “Ryn… How are we gonna get more food?”

“Iunno…” The dragon answered after a moment, his voice barely audible. He grunted slightly as he got a little more comfortable in his position on the broken sofa, having to roll just a little to his side. “I’m still horny…”

“Me too…” The draolf agreed, grunting as he tried rolling onto his side as well. Like a pair of beached whales, the two had real issues moving, having to rock back and forth a few times just to get an inch of lift from their sagging, morbidly obese bodies. Sweat was already pouring from them both with the effort it took to get that far, and if it took much more they would just give up. The draolf hit his tipping point though, rolling right into the drake at the perfect time and sending him onto his side as well. Grunting from the impact on his stuffed gut, the draolf just lay behind the drake for a long moment, rubbing at the sides of his gut as well as teasing his cock some more with his thighs. From his position on his side, he was able to get a much better view of the drake, as well as smell the truly rank scents which wafted up from him; being on the couch for over a day without even moving created an absolutely putrid stench. This only served to rile the hybrid up more, and made him shuffle his fat, quaking self a little closer to the drake.

“How’re we…?”

“Iunno… Pass me that pizza.” The draolf requested, making the dragon have to bend forward as far as he could to get a half-eaten pizza of indeterminate age and pull it back for the draolf behind him. Reaching like a cub for a cookie jar, the hybrid didn’t even have the pizza in his possession for a full second before his snout was buried in it. Smearing cold sauce, hardened cheese, and pepperoni on his cheeks and chins, the draolf ate with abandon in spite of his taut stomach’s pleas. He was already well past full, and the bubbling within him had no room for more. Greed won out though, and so on the hybrid ate, shoveling down food to get back that painfully full feeling, as well as to eek what little ‘energy’ he could out of the pizza. The drake listened to his piggish companion gorge, and while that made him hungry, the feeling of food being flung up and hitting him in the back from such glorious gluttony only served to make him even hornier.

“Sasuke…” A belch was all the drake got in reply for a moment, followed by a deep groan and a hiccup. Silence followed, then another hiccup as well as some more groaning. The draolf had stopped eating, but he was even more painfully full than before, and painfully horny at that. He could feel his rock-hard length stabbing the underside of his completely stuffed gut, rubbing its stuff surface against the taut one. His simple mind was becoming even more simple as arousal and bliss took over, eradicating any thoughts past getting himself off and then passing out in a food-induced coma.

“What..?” The draolf managed to squeak out, another belch and hiccup following in unison which only made the draolf moan louder with discontent. The drake didn’t say anything, just he just bent forward as far as he could again and rubbed his sweaty, noxious ass against the front of the draolf’s packed tummy. A thundering fart came out of that rump, which only served to make the draolf leak pre onto his underbelly as well as moan deeply, his eyes screwing shut. Another blast came from the dragon, and that was all it took for the wolfdragon to spew a hot, sticky load right onto his thighs and underbelly. Panting hard from the arousal and the feeling of fullness which enveloped his very being, the draolf had to fight to stay awake even as his strong orgasm coated his crotch with yet another layer of seed. The drake knew that, panting softly himself as he began to buck lightly into his thighs to finish off his own leaking cock.

The wolfdragon finished his orgasm, his cock still pulsing with lustful want, and then immediately fell asleep. His overburdened body sink into itself slightly, just laying motionless as shallow, pantings breaths came from him. The drake didn’t make it much longer, cumming after just a minute and then promptly passing out as soon as he had coated his crotch in his own spunk too. His ass still rested firmly against the draolf’s stomach, a final explosion of fumes coming from it right as he fell into a food coma. The draolf’s own mounds of ass rippled as he let one out during his sleep, subconsciously matching the dragon stink for stink. Neither woke from that noise or the smell though, too tired from their ceaseless gorging and then the only real sex they could have with their ponderous girths and glutted stomachs. The pair didn’t care though, they just reveled in their cycle of eating, jerking off, sniffing their lack of labor, and then passing out only to repeat the process again. And again. And again. It was their lives, and the two slobby hogs loved them.




III – Working Hard Or Hardly Working

Being a god means Sasuke doesn’t need to work. Ever. He can just sit around, create money and houses and people as he sees fit, and then erase whatever he doesn’t want from existence at the same time. He doesn’t do this though as working in a normal job can have its own rewards, usually sex. A horny, bored draolf that shifts from day job to day job just to further assert his dominance and enjoyment of lesser furs… It is another part of Sasuke’s life that the lazy beast relishes and plays with whenever he can be pried away from a dinner table or maintain a form capable of walking. These next stories show off the benefits of doing just that, and the furs which make ‘work’ worthwhile for the large beast.



It had been an utterly horrible day for Jerome. He had started the day employed, happily working at a three-star restaurant as a waiter, and was now unemployed with no prospects whatsoever for a job. One slip, literally, had put an end to his employment and gotten him blacklisted with every restaurant within fifty miles. Granted, the slip had been carrying a meal to a food critic and put the meal all over the critic, but it had not been his fault whatsoever. There had been a little cub with a toy car that had been on the floor, but that had been no excuse, to neither his former boss nor the critic who left in an angry huff after some very harsh words with both himself and the management. It was enough to nearly kill the poor otterdragon, but he had dusted himself off and simply gotten his things after a second reaming out by his old boss, which he took in stride and with a hung head. Blackballed from the restaurant business in town before he had even left the building, it had been three solid blows to the hybrid within a span of ten minutes.

That kind of day would have been enough to crush most, but there was more bad luck in store for hybrid. First, Jerome went straight to the unemployment office to try and get money from them in order to stay afloat in the time that he would need to get a new job, only to be denied because he wasn’t quite old enough for such benefits. He left without so much as trying to speak to management there as he was in no mood to be shot down more that day, nor did he have the disposition to put up a good fight. Secondly, hoping to have better luck just calling a few places from the classifieds listed in the local laundromat, Jerome pulled out his phone and began dialing. Everywhere he called though was either full, not hiring, or had posted that add months ago and thusly was no longer looking to have the position filled. This meant that he was going to have to look online once he got back to his small apartment. And finally, on the long walk home to said apartment, it began to rain. Not just any rain either, this was cold, wintery rain in a torrential downpour that left poor Jerome utterly soaked by the time he managed to jog up to his door.

Fiddling with the key, the hybrid finally forced the door open with a grunt before all but falling into the small building which he called home. Stumbling for a few slippery steps before regaining his footing courtesy of a wall, Jerome looked wearily at the two flights of stairs he had to ascend before he could truly be inside his apartment. The tired, hungry, and sopping wet beast just stood at the base of those stairs for a long moment to catch his breath, staring at his reflection in the growing puddle below him. Brown fur covered his entire frame, save for green scales on running down the front of his torso, as well as his forearms, shins, and the tip of his long tail. A lithe, toned figure with broad wings was beneath that fur and scales, not too tall but not too short. His face was very otter-ish in nature, with a sleek muzzle and narrow, green eyes that looked back at him from the shimmering pool below. Overall, the hybrid was very easy on the eyes, and very eye-catching at that as he was a very striking mix. He knew it too, and had always played that card to his advantage when a situation allowed it.

Pulling himself away from his reflection and settling his gaze back on the ascent ahead of him, Jerome sighed and began to wearily trudge up the steep flights of stairs. With his heavy, dripping clothes and his tired frame both fighting gravity every step of the way, it felt like ages by the time Jerome reached the top. He made it though, and again fumbled with his keys before getting the door opened. The beaten hybrid didn’t even bother to remove his keys from the door, or even shut it for that matter as he just slumped against the frame for a long moment, letting his sopping wet coat fall to the floor in the doorway with hardly any recognition. A heavy sigh left his chest as he stood there, just letting the downfalls of the day fall off before truly entering his modest one-bedroom sanctuary. Jerome wasn’t about to let his bad day follow him home too; that would just be too much.

After several moments of collecting himself, the hybrid straightened back up, took his keys from the lock, and shut the door behind him. Still soaked from the downpour outside, he removed all his clothing right at the door. Coat, pants, and all got put into a heap and pushed to the side with one foot; he would take care of it later. Clad in nothing but his damp fur now, Jerome strode into the main room of his apartment and just threw himself down face-first onto the couch. The old, sagging piece of furniture creaked begrudgingly at the sudden influx of otterdragon, making Jerome wince slightly as he buried his head into a pillow. He wasn’t going there to cry, more to just further collect himself and brush off the wounds that the day had inflicted onto his psyche.

“Need a job?” Instantly Jerome perked up, looking right at the TV he had left on in his hurry out that morning. An overweight, grey wolfdragon was on the screen, smoking a cigar as he sat behind an ornate desk. “Hachino Temping Agency is willing to help you find one, no matter what your skillset or experience level.” The otterdragon scrambled for his phone. “We will work with both you and your potential employers to find the job that best meets your needs.” Jerome’s fingers hovered over the buttons, almost shaking in anticipation. “Give us a call at…”


Jerome had called the agency before the commercial even ended, dialing each digit at the pace the wolfdragon on-screen had said it. He got a machine, as it was after-hours for the agency, but called again first-thing in the morning again just to be sure his message got through. They were booked for most of the day, but a late-afternoon appointment was good enough for Jerome. He had spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon agonizing over what to say, what to wear, preparing his resume… It had been a flurry of activity for the hybrid before he had left his abode. He had even forgotten to take care of his wet laundry by the door in his zeal, lost in the glee at potential employment. All he could think about was that bills could get paid, money wouldn’t be as much of a concern, he wouldn’t need to go back to his poor-fur’s diet, and a whole host of other things which had improved the hybrid’s spirits ten-fold.

Jerome hummed to himself as he padded along the sidewalk on the sunny, if not a bit chilly, afternoon. He barely looked like a fur who had lost his job and had such a run of bad luck less than 24 hours earlier. But he was, and as he walked along towards the agency, which was thankfully close-by, he had all of his hopes riding on there being something there which could turn his luck around. He had heard the horror stories of agencies like this in the past, and had even been through a couple bad ones himself. Horror stories or not though, a job was a job, and Jerome was not about to be picky about it; bad hours or bad pay would be better than no hours and no pay to him at that moment. And so on he walked, hopeful as he could be that this would all work itself out.

That hope diminished as he approached where the temping office was. The building looked outdated and worn, with a few less-than-stellar cars parked outside beside one which clearly belonged to the wolfdragon from the commercial; it was the only one that could fit the fat beast. The name of the agency was slightly faded on the door, and the sign above was only half-lit as the other bulb had long ago burnt out. All in all, the place looked slightly like a scam to the otterdragon. Jerome still held hope that he would get a job here though; a diamond in the rough perhaps. The hybrid steeled himself and walked over to the door, grasping the handle with a slight sigh. “Here goes nothing…” He muttered, and then opened the door with a light tug and stepped inside.

Inside was only marginally better than the outside of the building; it was at least clean. A feline secretary sat behind a small, simple desk towards the back of the waiting area. She was smacking on gum and filing her claws, looking utterly disinterested in her job and the few other furs also in the waiting area. Jerome gave a nod to the few other furs, then slowly approached the desk as the vast majority of the wind was taken out of his sails. It took a real effort to not just turn around and leave, but desperation and the faint remainder of hope kept Jerome advancing towards the secretary. “I’m here for-“

“Just go take a seat, you’ll be called.”


It was nearly forty-five minutes before Jerome was called, during which time all hope vanished and only desperation that maybe he would be able to get a job remained. Boredom had also set in about 44 minutes earlier too, and between that and the constant smacking of the feline’s gum, the otterdragon was nearly ready to go insane. The three others which had been waiting there before him had all been called into the office one by one. None of them lasted more than ten minutes, each leaving looking either just as discouraged as they had been when they arrived, or even moreso. That did not bode well for the hybrid, but still he waited for his name to be called. “Jerome, Mr. Hachino will see you now.”

“Alright,” Jerome said, getting to his feet and walking towards the wolfdragon’s office. A thick, deep brown door with ‘Mr. Hachino’ etched in gold letters barred entry into that office, and as Jerome placed his paw on the handle he sighed again and composed himself. He knew he could do this, it was just a matter of getting it all done. “You got this…” He murmured to no one, and then twisted the handle on the door. It opened with a click, and with that Jerome pushed it open and stepped inside, shutting the door behind him.

“Hello, uhm… Jerome.” A deep voice greeted the hybrid, belonging to the wolfdragon from the commercial. A cigar was in his muzzle, just like the commercial, making the room smell strongly of both that and something else Jerome couldn’t quite place. Looking at the beast, it was safe to say the camera didn’t add ten pounds… It maybe took twenty away from the hefty beast seated before him. A straining white shirt barely contained the grey furred ball of fat and fluff beneath it, each button just barely hanging on for dear life. Jerome couldn’t see anything below the lower half of Mr. Hachino’s belly, but he could only imagine how much fighting his pants were doing to keep all that heft contained. Chubby cheeks, a trio of chins, and a rather ample pair of moobs were on obvious display though above that large gut, only the moobs hidden from view by the shirt which barely contained them. The draolf was not all fat though, as hulking arms strained the sleeves of his shirt just as much as his belly did, the taut fabric looking ready to tear with one good flex. Jerome was slightly in awe at the sight of the beast, and could feel some of the blood leave his brain for other parts of his anatomy as he stood in front of the door. “Well, come in.”

“Y-Yes sir, sorry…” Jerome said sheepishly, quickly padding over to the plush chairs in front of the large beast’s desk. He nervously placed his resume on the desk, making sure to turn it to face the hybrid in front of him before taking a seat in one of the chairs. “Here is my resume Mr. Hachino. I would have emailed it, b-“

“No need for that. I can already tell you that I have no jobs for you Jerome. I already got word of your ‘incident’ yesterday, and you’ve been blackballed pretty much from everything in this city. Between the chef, the owner, and that critic… They really did a number on you in terms of the job market.” Mr. Hachino explained all that in a calm, collected tone, but each word only drove Jerome further and further into a panic. He surely couldn’t have been banned from work that fast. There was no way…

“Wha… Is that even… How?” The otterdragon whimpered, gripping the chair’s arms tightly in his paws as he tried to stay calm in spite of his whole world seeming to come crashing down. He wanted to run, scream, deny all of it, hide under his bed, or some combination of the four.

“I don’t know what you did, but it happened and now… Good luck.” Mr. Hachino again stated this without even a hint of sympathy or empathy in his voice, just with cold, factual words that left his muzzle. Jerome was shaking now, unable to keep his head from panicking and barely able to even think clearly as he tried vainly to process what he had just been told. It was a system shock to say the least, and Jerome had no idea how to handle it. “So I can’t he-“

“I need a job Mr. Hachino. I will do anything. Clean floors, scrub toilets, whatever jobs need doing. I just need to be working.” Jerome cried, getting to his feet as he finished. His eyes said all that needed to be said about how desperate he was as he pled to the wolfdragon. The sudden surge of personal conviction was a shock to Jerome too; being forward or asserting himself was something that he never, ever did. Mr. Hachino again showed no emotion as that happened though, just sitting there and taking another drag from his cigar. Jerome could see by that alone that there was no way to get any help here; there was no point, and he didn’t have enough fight in him to try and make there be a point. “Anything…” The otterdragon murmured as he sat back down, the initial shock already abating and turning into dread for the future.

“Anything you say? Well…” Mr. Hachino put his cigar down on the edge of the ash tray on his desk, grunting a bit as he maneuvered to do so. He then let out a louder grunt as he adjusted himself in his seat, both of his paws reaching below his stomach from the looks of it. A snap, followed by the loud shwwwip of a zipper followed a moment or so of that awkward position, and then the wolfdragon relaxed back in his chair. Once he was a little more comfortable, the hybrid then spun his chair to be parallel to the desk, loosening his tie with one paw while the other reached for his cigar again. “Let’s see what you mean by that.”

“What do you…?”

“Put two and two together, then get over here or get out.” Jerome looked confused for a moment, but the wheels of his mind were slowly turning. Surely the wolfdragon didn’t mean that… Jerome was desperate, but not that desperate yet. Mr. Hachino was incredibly good looking though, and it had been far too long for Jerome with work keeping him as busy as it had. It was a far tougher choice than it had to be because of that fact alone. The wolfdragon didn’t look to be the patient type either, as his gaze had never left Jerome since posing the two options to the hybrid. “Well?” The wolfdragon barked out, time clearly running out to make a choice.

“…Ok.” Jerome squeaked out, the noise barely audible as he lowered his head and trained his eyes on the floor. He couldn’t do this. He shouldn’t do this. And yet here he was, about to go to town on a complete stranger whom was promising him nothing whatsoever. He knew why, and hated himself for it; his meek nature was taking hold and agreeing with his desperate predicament, creating the perfect storm of submission that worked right into the wolfdragon’s advances.

“Hurry it up then,” Sasuke said, his tone one of impatience at that point as he adjusted himself in his seat again, taking another puff of his cigar while his free paw rummaged around in his desk for something. The otterdragon slowly made his way over to the desk, shuffling his feet along while keeping his eyes on the ground in utter submission. This made the draolf behind the desk rumble lightly with approval, and though Jerome couldn’t see his eyes, he could feel those red orbs molesting every square inch of his body. Each step brought him closer to the wolfdragon too, meaning the heat of that gaze intensified, and the smell of musk began to flood his nostrils. It was a very masculine odor, hardly unpleasant, and permeated all of the hybrid’s being as be breathed it in. A quick glance towards the crotch he would be servicing revealed that the other hybrid was still in his underwear, an ill-fitting jockstrap. That made Jerome blush ever so slightly, for if the draolf was that musky while packed away, his scent would be overpowering once the otterdragon had it in his muzzle, or more.

Just a couple steps away at this point, Jerome began to crouch and slow his advance. One step away, and he was almost on his knees in front of the wolfdragon. A half-step, and his knees his the soft carpeted floor as he began to awkwardly wiggle himself closer to the seated hybrid. Right at that moment, the draolf grabbed both of Jerome’s paws in a flash of movement far quicker than his rolling, fat stature hinted at being capable of. The otterdragon, paws now trapped by Sasuke’s tight grip, yelped with surprise and tried to back away. This was to no avail though, as the draolf’s grip was like an iron vice; unwavering and absolute. “Now, stop your struggling and sit there. I’m going to make sure you do this properly, understood?” Sasuke barked that out, his tone commanding and intimidating in utter compliment to his position and look as he loomed over a cowering Jerome. The otterdragon simply nodded feebly and lowered his head, his arms going limp in further submission to the whims and wishes of his overweight master.

Cold metal went on around his wrists, making Jerome wince slightly as it tightened to just below the point of being uncomfortable. Once the handcuffs were on, Sasuke dropped Jerome’s arms off to the side like little more than an afterthought, and reached into his desk for something else. A leather collar went on around the otterdragon’s neck in a swift, yet final motion after a short moment of rummaging by the larger hybrid. Collared, a leash got clipped into the sole extrusion on the leather band, sealing the deal and putting Jerome completely in the wolfdragon’s paws. Both hybrids sat in silence at that point for just a moment, Jerome looking at the floor and Sasuke just molesting the submissive, broken beast now in his possession. “Suck.”

“Yes sir…” Jerome barely mumbled, not even lifting his head to look at Sasuke as he acknowledged the order. He brought his confined paws up to the wolfdragon’s covered crotch, fumbling for a moment with the straining jockstrap. Sasuke laughed to himself faintly before giving a tug on Jerome’s leash to get the hybrid to back off from the taut underwear. Once the other hybrid’s face and paws were clear, Sasuke took a sole claw and cut the waistband of the restrictive material, a loud snap coming from it as it broke before he got completely through. This did not free it up entirely though, and so another cut was needed in order to get the underwear all the way off, and release the prize contained poorly within them. “Wow…”

“Get to work.” Jerome squeaked faintly at that proposition, in shock for a moment over just what he was being asked to service. The wolfdragon was massively endowed, looking more like a third appendage sticking out of his pelvis than a cock. It was all Jerome could do to not drool as his muzzle neared the tip of that massive, semi-hard length, the otterdragon in awe at such a cock. The scent coming off it too was absolutely intoxicating as well, overpowering nearly every thought running through the hybrid’s mind; sweet, yet masculine, and somehow raunchy all at once. Jerome’s regrets and trepidations about becoming the sex toy of the draolf above evaporated with every breath of that musky aroma. His maw parted, mere centimeters from Sasuke’s pride where the musk was so strong Jerome swore he could taste it.

The otterdragon was apparently not going fast enough for the larger hybrid above him, for his lips were barely parted but a moment when he felt a strong paw on the back of his head. A quick, forceful shove later, and Jerome’s whole face was smashed deep into the draolf’s pride. A loud grunt came from both hybrids as face collided with junk, instantly heating both areas right up and arousing both their owners. The otterdragon struggled to breathe from his new spot, inhaling nothing but that overbearing musk breath after heated breath. He knew that his head would not be freed unless he did something, so he began to lick feebly at the base of the wolfdragon’s lengthy member, or as close as he could get to it with the sagging paunch of the wolfdragon in the way. It was a paltry effort, but made the draolf above moan nonetheless. Jerome mentally grinned with girlish pride, then began to further his efforts to get more sounds of approval from the domineering hybrid seated before him.

A lick here, a kiss there, and blood freely flowed into the steadily-stiffening length which Jerome was working over with a myriad of affectionate and passionate contact. Occasional rubs to the sensitive underside of the drooping gut on the overweight hybrid always got deep groans of arousal, but Jerome wasn’t going to stick to that alone. Unable to use anything but his muzzle and cheeks, the hybrid was struggling to keep things varied in his routine of attention. That didn’t seem to matter to the wolfdragon though, who was panting heavily and beginning to sweat with the sheer heat of the moment. This meant his musky stench became more potent, and alluring, with every passing second. This took Jerome and sent him off to his own little blissful haven as he suckled along the draolf’s cock like a cub on its mother’s teat. Suck, kiss, rub, pant, lick, repeat. Suck, kiss, rub, pant, lick, repeat. It was a melody of smacking lips, suckling up spittle, heated moans, and little else as the pair of hybrids went on in silence.

This silence lasted for several minutes, Jerome’s efforts being shown off as the length he was servicing grew to a pulsing, leaking monolith of sexuality. Even opening his muzzle his widest and pushing as hard as he dare, he couldn’t get half of the colossal cock down his throat before his body denied him that pleasure. These efforts were not in vain though, for hearing the otterdragon so ‘willingly’ servicing him choke made Sasuke groan with even stronger arousal. He was close at this point, thick globs of pre-cum dripping from his shaft and enticing Jerome to lick them up. Salty as it was, something about it was as addicting as air itself, and the otterdragon couldn’t bring himself to let even a drop go to waste as he went to town on the slit at the tip of the wolfdragon’s cock. His tongue licked and teased that leak, trying to plug it one moment then just cleaning it the next with its rough surface. Cries and groans of utter bliss were the reward for this treatment, but Jerome knew more would be in store as he felt that tip twitch against his tongue.

He was right too, for not a moment later a hard spasm came along the larger hybrid’s length and out shot a torrent of seed. It hit him square in the muzzle, making the hybrid gag with both surprise and the sheer amount of the hot liquid that forced itself into him. Ropey, sticky strands spurted out over and over, the sagging balls which hung off the draolf living up to their size. Jerome couldn’t hope to get it all down, but tried his hardest as he was coated on his chest, face, and neck with the warm spoo. Sasuke panted hard throughout all this, head thrown back and his eyes squeezed shut with the lustful bliss that came with release. His whole frame twitched lightly at each stream of seed which left him, far less violently after the first few as he went off more like a cannon than anything else. It was a truly overwhelming moment for both beasts, and as the final spurt of spunk left Sasuke, both hybrids slumped down against the chair Sasuke was seated in.

Neither talked for a long moment, Sasuke coated in sweat and panting hard, Jerome coated in cum and panting hard as well. Both of them barely moved at first, just trying to come down off the sexual high they were both on while their brains essentially rebooted. Musk and sweat filled the air of the office, and that wasn’t helping either one of them as they sat and just ‘recovered’. Lazily, Sasuke tossed a key at Jerome’s feet after a few moments, then reclined back into his chair and just let his heavy gut rise and fall as he caught his breath. The otterdragon looked at the key curiously, his brain still too muddled to quickly put two and two together. The wolfdragon, who still held in his paw the leash which was attached to the collar on Jerome, wasn’t going to help him on this one either; his eyes were shut and his breathing was slowing down even more as if he were about to doze off. “Uhm…”

“Tell Vanessa she’s fired, you start tomorrow. Don’t take that collar off no matter what, and expect to stay late. Is that understood pet?” Sasuke’s tone seemed almost annoyed that he even had to speak, but there was the faintest hint of approval in there which Jerome caught and held tightly in his mind. He barely even heard that he was employed again at first, more that the one who had taken him so quickly was giving him a title and approved of his efforts, even if it was very mildly.

“Yessir” Jerome practically squealed, utterly elated at the sudden development. No mention of pay, no hours set in stone, no benefits… It was a job though, and that was what mattered. He moved to undo himself, to run out and tell Vanessa to get her stuff and get out because the new ‘pet’ was taking over, when a tug on his leash stopped him. The otterdragon froze in position, ever-submissive to the draolf which sat above him and peered at him over the horizon which the draolf’s stomach created.

“This is stress relief for me, and my job can be very… Stressful. Understood?”

“Of course sir. Will that be all?”

“Yes, I expect you back here at nine tomorrow morning. Wear something less formal and more…” Sasuke searched for a word, pausing for but a moment as he shut his eyes and licked his lips at the may thoughts which ran through his perverse head. “Provocative.”

“Yessir.” With that, Sasuke slumped back into his chair and shut his eyes for a quick nap, while Jerome undid himself and began to mentally prepare for his career as ‘Executive Stress Toy’.

He was going to like his new job.



Ian’s white-glowed paw stroked up and down rapidly, his squinting gaze focused in on the bulky, leather-clad bear on his computer screen. Ian’s whole body quaked and wobbled with his furious movement, well over two hundred pounds of dog seated and shamelessly pleasuring himself. Each motion of his paw along the pulsing pride between his meaty thighs edged the canine closer to cumming. His free paw clicked vainly at the ‘Next’ button on the screen, trying to call up yet another image of an overweight, muscle-clad stud in little more than leather. Each new image was new stimulation for the myriad of fantasies swirling through the shiba inu’s head, all of them sending shivers down his spine and more blood to his needy cock. The feeling of his arms beating his large, paunchy gut and his plush hips rubbing the sides of his small office chair only heightened his subby and perverse mental images by emphasizing how easily any one of these bears could truly dominate the short, fat inu. Pushed closer and closer to release, Ian frantically clicked next for another picture to finish himself off.

Ian came.

Sticky, thick strands of seed spurted out of the canine’s cock onto his belly, coating the pooching gut with the milky liquid. The load that came out was strong enough to nearly reach the ring of fluff near Ian’s neck, a feat which was rare but gave away just how much the canine needed to get off. Holding his cock up to keep the remnants of his load from spilling anywhere but onto himself, the shiba inu just sat in blissful afterglow for a moment as he caught his breath while his orgasm ebbed. The canine just leaned back and panted hoarsely once he felt done, his overweight frame clearly not designed for such exercise but enjoying it nonetheless. His free paw began to rub the spent seed into the fur it had spilled on, treating it like lotion for his stretched, roll-laden hide. The canine’s tongue lolled out of his short muzzle as he did this, his other paw coming up to rub along with the free one as it too was coated in cum. Pure bliss filled the canine’s veins as both his paws just stroked over the fluffy, silky fur brimming with fat below which covered his torso.

Ian stayed that way for nearly a full minute, his breathing slowing back to normal while his paws had tried to be just rubbing over the smoothness of his freshly ‘groomed’ stomach. Still rock-hard from the rubbing and pictures which filled his mind, the canine let his head roll back and his tongue stay flopped out of his muzzle. The dog was just being one of his species at that point, lazy and reveling in it as his whole body rebooted from the lust-filled moments prior. His brain was starting to come back on, reminding Ian that there was a reason he had stayed late at the office that night and that there was work to still do. It also let him know that his pants were still around his knees and his shirt was undone too, both bad if the boss should happen to come in. Ian didn’t have enough sense in him to care yet though, and with the rubs to his sensitive, large stomach too good to try and stop just yet, he remained leaning back in his chair and relaxing. His curled tail swished around slowly behind his bulging rear, completing the scene of blissful cuteness that heavily sat in an office chair.

“Ian?” A deep voice broke the serene picture, making the shiba sit bolt upright in his chair and yelp with surprise. Whipping around to face the noise, the perked-up canine wilted at nearly the same speed he had arisen when he saw who was standing in the doorway to his office; his boss. The downright fat wolfdragon filled the doorway, leaning gingerly on one side of it with a smirk on his muzzle. Ian just sat, his ears flattened back and his whole expression drooping with shame. He had been caught, and he knew it as he just sat with his pants down, thick cock poking out from under his sagging gut, and paws still holding his belly as he had frozen mid-rub. “Quite the scene here… My office, now.” The boss said flatly, pausing to look the shiba inu up and down once more before continuing. “Leave your pants here too.”

“Sasuke… B-Bu…” Ian started, fear in his eyes and his wavering voice.

“Now.” Sasuke interjected coolly, his glaring eyes scaring the shiba immediately into submission. The wide, lumbering wolfdragon then turned and started off towards that office, his wide rump and thick, long tail vanishing from view a good moment or two after he did. This left Ian alone, mostly nude, and humiliated in his office chair to try and think of what to do. He could always leave the building, but that would be the same as quitting, and he needed his job. On the other paw, why would his boss ask him into his office with no pants? It was a strange request, and Ian could only assume it was to humiliate him further. The canine couldn’t be much more embarrassed about his actions than he was at that moment though, and he did need to keep his job. Bearing that in mind after less than a moment of contemplating, the inu used both arms to force himself out of his tight chair with a loud grunt. His legs shook for a moment as they adjusted to having well over two hundred pounds of shiba inu on them, then began to ache as they always did whenever Ian was on his feet. Luckily he had been walking more, so the ache was more of a dull awareness of just how out of shape he was, rather than a painful reminder.

On his feet, Ian kicked his pants aside as well as his stained briefs, leaving him in nothing but an unbuttoned dress shirt and a loosened tie. He sighed, looking down at what little of himself he could see without fighting against the collar of chins he had. An expanse of downy white outlined by tan tufts of fur looked back at him, drooping down the front of him and just barely managing to hide his crotch from view. Rarely did the canine even care about his size, but he was about to walk through his office with every inch of it displayed for all to see, and while most of him hated it, a small part of his mind was thrilled at the idea. To be so publicly humiliated, on top of having to deal with his boss… The masochistic, submissive portion of his brain was practically doing cartwheels in his head. Ian had to suck it up and deal with it regardless though, so once he was sure his pants were off, the canine started the slow waddle towards the door to his office, blushing already beneath his creamy fur at the feeling of a breeze over, between, and under the multiple rolls of blubber which lined his sides, legs, and torso.

At the door to his office, the canine took a deep breath, then started out. He knew it was well after hours, but surely one or two of his co-workers were still in the office, pulling an all-nighter like he had been. The shiba’s keen ears indeed picked up a bit of typing, and as they did the shiba was for once thankful for his severe height disadvantage; being short meant he didn’t need to shrink down as much to be noticed. Walking quietly at his weight was another matter entirely, and though the shiba inu did his best, he still heard creaks and heavy footfalls coming from his feet as he lumbered along. Luckily, the only two furs in the office were on the far-side of it and had headphones in, so not a thing was heard. Both looked to be working hard on something as well, meaning a distraction like a nude co-worker would take effort to notice. This bolstered Ian’s resolve, and he quickly moved through the main part of the large building over towards Sasuke’s office, which faced out of the main working floor. Waddling along as fast as he could, it took just a few seconds of being exposed to the world before he was within reach of the door, and could breathe easier.

Not even bothering to knock, Ian just placed a paw on the handle the second he was within reach and gave it a turn, opening the door into Sasuke’s office and stepping inside in one smooth motion not befitting of a fur his size. He then turned to shut the door behind him, his breath coming in deep gasps as he was winded from hurrying as fast as he had through the building. Door shut, the canine leaned on it for a half-minute or so to catch his breath and regain his composure so that he could face Sasuke calmly. He was also trying to psyche himself up to face the wolfdragon, who he could hear breathing heavily behind him. He could also feel a gaze on his back, like two lasers scanning every inch of his corpulent frame over and over again. Why that was going on he didn’t know, and Ian was taking his sweet time getting up the nerve to turn around and find out; the impatient tapping of the wolfdragon’s footpaw on the floor wasn’t helping matters. “Well?”

“Sorry sir, I…” Ian started nervously, turning around to face the boss wolfdragon. He stopped the second his eyes made tertiary contact with the beast though, his eyes widening and jaw slackening up. Grey fur was all the shiba could see out of the corner of his eyes, no pants. Needing to investigate more after that realization set in, he turned some more to be greeted by an impressively large, yet flaccid cock resting heavily between a set of bulky thunder thighs. A leather harness held the wolfdragon’s gut up just enough to allow that cock to be visible, but in the process made the beast look even fatter than he was somehow. A dress shirt and loosened tie were also on the beast, though open and looking more like an afterthought on the obese, bearish figure of the wolfdragon. He was leaning against his desk, supporting his entire weight with one solid, yet padded arm while the other held a cigar near his muzzle. Sasuke was looking back at Ian over the smoke from the cigar with an obvious smirk, almost posing for the shiba inu for a moment before he took another drag on his cigar.

Ian struggled to take that all in, his brain completely panicking for a moment. The sight before him was definitely one he would get off to, but it was also his boss at a job he had held for over two years. A myriad of questions as to how, when, and why this was all taking place flooded Ian’s mind, leaving him standing dumbfounded at the door. Sasuke looked on with that same smirk, just taking a few drags on his cigar as he wait for his subordinate to snap back into some sort of a functioning state. “I don’t have all night here Ian. So I’m going to spell it out for you,” Sasuke said, his tone still cool and bossy, yet with an undertone of lust that Ian just barely managed to catch. “You have two choices with this: you can either walk back out that door and I have you disciplined, or stay here and let me give you a private lesson. You won’t lose your job either way, and no one will know what happened either way; I’m not in the business of harassing my employees. A little pranking is fun, but eh…” Sasuke trailed off for a moment, letting his offer sink in before continuing. “This is your first slip-up too, so I’m sure F.R. would go easy on you… But, do well enough at my private lesson and I’m sure I could teach you things pretty often.”

“I…” Ian started, then paused. Sasuke took another long drag on his cigar, waiting for a response with what little patience he had. Ian looked at Sasuke’s feet in submission and weighed his options; a verbal warning from Furry Resources or a night to remember with that. Both sides had their merits, but one held far more than the other, and Ian knew it. “I’ll stay,” Ian said with little hesitation, his voice wavering only slightly. He was as nervous as a deer in headlights, and as Sasuke’s smirk deepened and he put down his cigar, the shiba wondered if he had made the right choice. The wolfdragon approached, his full size of nearly seven feet tall and an untold weight probably approaching six hundred pounds bearing down on the far-smaller canine. The closer Sasuke came, the more afraid Ian got, to the point that he was backed all the way against the door once the wolfdragon was within striking distance.

“Go over to my desk and bend over,” the looming beast breathed out, lowering his muzzle to be mere inches from Ian’s ears. The shiba complied quickly, waddling right over to the desk and placing his belly unceremoniously on the cold, wooden surface. Sasuke lumbered back over to that desk behind him, his heavier footfalls almost the sound of drums to Ian’s ears as he leaned somewhat on his pudgy tummy. It took but a moment for the feeling of leather and fat to push on the small of his back after smothering his curled tail completely, then to truly shove into it as Sasuke got closer. This pushed Ian more onto his stomach, his own fat resisting somewhat as more pressure was put on it. The heft of the wolfdragon was greater though, and the canine’s frame below spread out like a flattening marshmallow on the desk as more of Sasuke came to bear on the back above. It was nearly uncomfortable for Ian, but right as he was about to speak up and say he needed to move, he felt Sasuke’s length brush against his rear.

The stiffening member was easily as thick as a can of soda, and Ian couldn’t even guess at a length as he felt it somewhere on his mid-thigh. He yelped slightly at the feeling of the hot flesh touching his leg, surprise and a bit of nervousness coming back to him. Sasuke simply grunted and reached a paw down to guide his hardening pride between the shiba’s swollen asscheeks. He had to push that ponderous paunch of his out of the way, and Ian could feel the titanic weight sloshing above him as that happened. He could also feel the tip of the intimidating cock behind him moving up his leg and depositing itself right into his ass, almost immediately being pushed against his tight pucker. The canine was one for toys and not virgin tight, but he had never come close to taking something the size of Sasuke in his life. He whimpered somewhat in fear of what was about to happen, and as he felt the wolfdragon stroking at his length to get himself warmed and lubed up, the inu got even more nervous.

There was little time to think on that, for without warning Sasuke rammed his way right into the shiba inu. A loud yelp of pain came right out of Ian, his eyes screwing shut and his teeth gritting as he felt like he was being torn in two by the forceful entry. His paws gripped tightly at the far edge of the desk, and as he felt the wolfdragon go in deeper on just his initial thrust, that grip got even tighter. The hybrid was apparently just testing the shiba’s waters though, for as he pulled out he slathered on more lube onto his growing, hardening pride. Another ram, deeper that time, followed by pulling out for even more lube happened as Ian again grit his teeth in both pain and some sort of sick, carnal pleasure. Sasuke repeated this process once more before putting the bottle down and placing both his paws on the desk for balance. The inu knew what was coming next, and so did the wolfdragon as he leaned a bit lower on Ian for stability. Shifting his bulk to one side, the wolfdragon let out a low grunt and then rammed himself deep into Ian.

That first true plunge slammed straight into the canine’s prostate, setting off every pleasure sensor in the canine’s body and making even the pain of being ripped in half by the monstrous cock inside him vanish. A deep moan preceded by a yelp of shock came out of the inu, giving away the varied feelings coursing through him in an instant. Sasuke grunted and groaned as well, holding himself up as best he could while forcing his hips in deep against the pressure of both his fat on Ian’s and the resistance of the canine’s innards. This worked as the perfect pressure to push him back out though, the draolf needed to expend almost zero effort to get back down to barely in the canine so that he could go in for another deep plunge. The exit pulled another moan from Sasuke, the feeling of Ian’s tight pucker clamping down around his length feeling like a tight paw tugging along every square millimeter of the large thing.

Sasuke developed a rhythm quickly, using the momentum of his own heft as well as the constant sway of Ian on his desk to push in and out of the shiba. It was a fairly straightforward process, but tiring nonetheless to both of the heavy beasts involved. Less than a minute in and Ian could already feel the wolfdragon’s slick sweat wetting the back of his shirt and tail. The pungent, musky scent of arousal and exertion came next, from both himself and the wolfdragon so aggressively plowing him. Eyes screwed shut in pleasure and a few remnants of pain, the shiba took in those scents and breathed them deeply. Sasuke sounded to do the same involuntarily, deep, rasping pants coming from the wolfdragon as his rhythm increased in tempo. The sound of fatty thighs slapping a blubbery ass repeated even more frequently than that panting, the smells and sounds of hasty and lustful sex filling the room for Ian to drink in. The feeling of that pulsing cock digging in and out of him only furthered the scene in his mind’s eye, stiffening the shiba up as Sasuke continued to go faster and faster.

The pair stayed this way for several solid minutes, the wolfdragon panting harder and becoming more erratic with his thrusts as time went on. Grunts and groans of exertion were becoming common as his steel rod continued to pummel the shiba’s insides. Sweat had slicked up the surfaces between the two, meaning that on most thrusts Sasuke’s paunch would slide up and down on Ian’s back, essentially giving the canine an impromptu massage as he was mercilessly pounded. This combined with feeling of his prostate being beaten into submission, the smells which now saturated every breath he took, and the sounds which made up every noise he heard, put Ian on cloud nine. The pain of it all was gone as his hole had stretched to accommodate Sasuke’s girth at long last, and all that remained was the pleasure of it all, which was coming to him in droves. His tongue lolled out of his muzzle, and his cock stood at full attention, prodding into his underbelly and even pushing the resistant fat up somewhat with how arousing it all was. As much as the shiba inu didn’t want the moment to end, he could feel the fatigue in Sasuke’s strokes and the pulsing of need in that cock of his; it was all coming to a head.

Sasuke’s pace become more erratic as Ian began to feel warmth in his hole. The wolfdragon was preing into him, and it wouldn’t be long now before a gush of hot seed filled the canine’s bowels. He was ready for it, as he too was beginning to leak from the sheer heat of the moment.Hot breaths of excitement left both beasts as they could feel what was coming, and both began to tense up for the moment. The canine’s whole clenched a bit firmer with what little muscle it had around Sasuke’s cock, while the wolfdragon’s sac began to churn up a large load to stuff deep into Ian. Both of them panted, moaned, and groaned in unison, each having their whole frame quake at the violence of the draolf powerful thrusts as he was so very close to release. Both of their grips tightened on the desk, to the point that wood sounded to be splintering, and then with a loud pair of howls it happened.

They came.

Rich, thick globs of cum spewed into Ian’s intestines while long strands of seed spewed onto the front of Sasuke’s desk. Both furs panted and groaned, Sasuke growling with lust as burst after burst of seed went rocketing into Ian. The canine almost felt as though he were expanding there was so much going into him, and with the wolfdragon’s cock as big as it was, until he pulled out there was none escaping. He relished the feeling though, moaning submissively and laying his head down on the desk as his own orgasm died down. He was panting hard, and as he felt Sasuke’s groans melt into pants from his own orgasm subsiding, the canine knew he wasn’t the only one exhausted. More of the wolfdragon’s weight came down on top of Ian, making the inu grunt with discomfort as he could feel all that heft resting on him and two shaking arms. It was a small price to pay though, and Ian was still to winded to say anything as he just lay beneath his boss on the desk and regained his composure. Sasuke had the same idea, although he couldn’t quite lay there so instead he just slumped and left his softening length inside Ian’s ass, too spent to remove it for the moment.

Ian was sweaty, drained, and truly exhausted… And couldn’t have been happier.



“I still don’t get why you wanted me to come with you Mac,” Sasuke groaned, his vast tonnage rolling out of the vehicle like toothpaste out of a tub. A true wall of Clydesdale got out after him, his tall frame rippling with muscles while jiggling with fat. The equine simply chuckled, patting the lardball in front of him heartily on the back as a smile formed on his muzzle. “Really, I don’t think I can even fit through the door,” Sasuke continued to complain, placing both paws on the side of his gut and giving the massive table muscle a squeeze of affection. He loved his heft nearly as much as he did adding more to it, and it showed with the light murmal of contentment that came from his muzzle thanks to that squeeze. “I also think I exceed the weight limit for all these ma-“

“You gonna whine the whole time here?” Mac finally asked, looking up at the tall blob of fat which stood before him. The wolfdragon turned a little red with embarrassment, looking back as best as he could towards the horse. His many chins and fat cheeks made that a very difficult task, but he managed to at least get a glimpse of the smirking horse behind him. “I mean, I didn’t drag you here… I’m not that strong.” Sasuke laughed heartily at that, giving another fond pat to his massive paunchy frame to emphasize how much muscle it would take to move it.

“Fine, fine… Why did I agree to this?”

“Because of the buffet afterwards,” Mac quickly reminded the wolfdragon, who immediately let out a light groan and squeezed the sides of his stomach again. The hybrid’s one true weakness, food, actually was the reason he was standing at all. He had wanted to spend the morning sitting in his living room, watching television and eating from the vast array of snacks which filled his house. The allure of a buffet which was truly all-you-can-eat was too tempting through, as there were so few of those left anywhere near where the wolfdragon lived. It only took one look at the colossal wolfdragon to understand why that was, but it was still somewhat of a sad reality for him. He hated pushing his chefs to make everything that he could eat, and going out to eat was a veritable nightmare as most restaurants either couldn’t seat him thanks to his size or just refused to serve the titanic glutton thanks to the prodigious orders he would put in. So this meant that the idea of a buffet that wouldn’t kick one out after a few dozen platters was especially appealing, and worth any sort of torture that he was about to undergo.

“Yeah, don’t remind me; I skipped my second brunch to come. Let’s get this ‘gym’ thing over with.” Sasuke mumbled, grumbling a bit under his breath. Mac just smiled to his obese friend and started towards the door. The wolfdragon let the horse go first, catching his breath slightly just from getting out of the car as any movement when one weighed over two tons was an endeavor. Sasuke fell into step behind Mac though, albeit a few paces back thanks to the ponderous sac of fat bulging over his waistband which would touch the equine if he followed closer. That was why Sasuke was worried about fitting into the gym as well, as it only had double-wide doors and he was a little more than a double-wide beast. These looked to be narrow doors too, as Mac took up a full door’s width on his own; the horse wasn’t nearly as thick as Sasuke. That worried Sasuke even more, but the wolfdragon wouldn’t need to wait too long to find out an answer to his question.

Having been let off near the entrance to the gym, it was a mere ten waddling, slow steps towards the doors before Sasuke got a good look and them, and confirmed his suspicions. There was absolutely no way he was going to fit through those front doors, no matter what he tried. Mac walked right in, then turned to hold the door for his friend and stopped cold. Looking at Sasuke, then at the doors, then back at the draolf looming over them, Mac just sighed and shook his head. “There is always the loading dock?” He quipped, making the wolfdragon arch an eyebrow and peer down at the horse. The Clydesdale just smiled again and backed up a couple steps to truly assess the situation. “Yeah, there’s no way you’re fitting in here… Try coming in if you think you can fit though”

“I’m not having you laugh at me because I got stuck. There’s no way I’m going in through a loading door either.” Sasuke sounded somewhat indignant as he said that, his pride peeking through in his voice. Mac couldn’t blame the large beast in any way for that either; having to enter a gym through a loading dock would be social suicide. The draolf was too connected to have that happen, so outside the door he stood looking at it with a frown forming on his face. “This was a bad idea… Can we just go to that buffet?” The draolf huffed out, sighing heavily as he finished. He started turning back towards his car, his feet shuffling and thudding against the pavement as he made the ponderous movement.

“Yeah, yeah… Sorry about that buddy, I wasn’t thinking. Maybe a muscle beach next time?”

“Unless it’s a table muscle beach, no thanks. There’s a reason I don’t go to gyms.” Sasuke said, a faint smirk forming on his muzzle as he began to waddle back to his car slowly with the horse in tow. Mac just laughed to himself at that, taking it slow behind his mammoth hybrid friend as they approached the car which hadn’t even moved to park yet.

“Unless there’s a buffet involved, right?”

“Oh shut up.”



IV – Pranking The ‘Innocent’

Sasuke has lots of friends, contrary to popular and his own belief. He doesn’t have as many as he would like, but he does have enough that are close that pranks are something he can enjoy. This doesn’t mean that he only pranks his friends though, as more often than not a random stranger bears the brunt of the wolfdragon’s mischievous boredom.  Granted, some of these pranks are hardly pranks, but Sasuke doesn’t draw the line at simply moving a few boxes or stealing a twitter account. The draolf likes his plans elaborate, almost always fattening, and with some sort of reward for putting up with his shenanigans at the end. Whether the victim enjoys the prank or not, Sasuke never gets bored through these little experiments and tricks of his, and that is the point of them to him. These next stories show that off, as well as chronicle just how elaborate the draolf can get when he sets his mind to something for a brief period of time.



BRRRRAAAAAAAPPP!! The air was silent for a moment around the blue and grey drabbit after that blueberry-smelling outburst, several tables around him just staring in mortification or shock. Alkora paid their stares no heed though, just setting down his fork with a loud clang on one of the many dishes which littered his table. He then leaned back and rested both his slightly-messy paws on his taut stomach, trying to soothe out the tenth course in his massive meal. The poor, straining gut of his gurgled and churned as it tried to make sense of all the food that had been packed into it over the past two hours. Alkora hadn’t quite overdone it, but the tightness in his stomach and the straining buttons around his midsection said otherwise as the poor suit he had been forced to wear in order to just enter the eatery barely covering him now. The myriad of plates, platters, bowls, and utensils which covered the large table before him also spoke to this, and made the blue hybrid’s cheeks flush purple with embarrassment. He hadn’t intended on being such a pig for his dinner, but the food had just been so good and he was out celebrating after all; so what if he got a little carried away with it?

“I trust that you enjoyed your meal sir?” A lithe fox said as he stood beside the stuffed drabbit. The head waiter of the place, that fox had more than a hint of disdain in his voice as he said that. He remained standing beside Alkora and looking on with dutiful eyes though, knowing his place whether he liked it or not beside that gluttonous, fat drabbit he had unfortunately had to attend to for hours.

“Ye- HIC – Yes,  my compliments to the chef. Now… Ab- HIC- About my bill…” The words left Alkora slowly and deliberately, each one barely audible to most. The fox beside him actually had to lean over just to hear, but he slowly nodded as he understood the request.

“I will have it brought out to you shortly. Can I get you anything else sir?”

“A glass of blueberry juice please…” Alkora squeaked out, stifling a belch right after with a paw over his food-stained muzzle. The fox simply sighed and nodded, scurrying off as fast as he politely could to get away from the ‘disgusting’ drabbit. Of course, the hybrid paid that no heed and simply shut his eyes, rubbing both paws over his tight stomach to further try and soothe the tortured table muscle. It was not going to be an easy task with how much he had eaten as even breathing was a bit of a task at this point, but he was going to do his best. Long, slow circles were etched by his paws, further rubbing the mess of his pigging out into his stained clothes and making them even less likely to be worn ever again. Not that the drabbit minded this one bit; his main concern at the moment was the mounting pressure in his gut, which felt like it was rushing up towards his muzzle. BRRRRAAAAAPPP!! Another massive belch rang out, and this time all the hybrid did was sigh and give his stomach a soft pat of pride and contentment.

“Not too shabby there fatass,” A deep voice rumbled from behind Alkora. The beached, stuffed hybrid tried his hardest to turn in his seat, but failed miserably.

“Not much of a compliment th…” Alkora trailed off as the one addressing him started to come into view. It was his belly first, or more of what looked like a belly to the drabbit and was closer to the size of a small car. It was held in a pair of pants that looked to have three different sets of suspenders supporting them, keeping the massive culinary destruction plant scant inches off the ground. The huge belly just kept coming and coming too, traveling nearly three full feet of nothing but belly before a massive thigh even entered the picture. That was another few feet of sloshing, rolling, quaking fat as each ponderous step pushed the titanic fatty forward some more into Alkora’s sight. Finally it ended, a gigantic ass rolling into view that looked like two normal furs fighting in a pair of black corduroy pants. A tail that could better serve as a love seat accompanied that huge rump, but slowly vanished from view as the huge owner of those colossal proportions spun himself into view. The face and fur of a wolf, with the body and accents of a dragon… Another hybrid, and a truly fat one at that. Alkora was a bit dumbfounded as to what to say, which made the draolf simply smile and give a small nod of his head.

“Sorry, figured you liked that. I’m Sasuke by the way, and you are?” Sasuke finally was fully in view, and to say that it took more than a double take in order to just see all of the wolfdragon was an understatement. A wide-angle lens probably would have scoffed at taking in all that lard there was so much of it. Sagging and forming rolls upon rolls even through an obviously-custom suit,  there was no way to not just stare at the moving car of flab that was not positioned directly in front of Alkora. The drabbit was still at a loss for words, soaking the whole scene in as fast as he could just to allow his brain to do something else other than oogle the mountain of lard that was now standing, or sitting, directly across the table from him. “Anybody home?”

“Sorry… I’m Alkora…” The drabbit managed to mutter out, looking down as his face and even chins turned a deep shade of purple with embarrassment.

“Nice to meet you Alkora. Now I want to get to the point so that you can get home; I have a proposition for you…”


It turned out the mound of draolf flesh owned several restaurants around town, more than half of which catered to the larger furs like Alkora which seemed to be migrating into the city. Buffets, places with portions more akin to feasts, benches over booths… It was all thought out for fatties by a fatty from the sound of things. Sasuke had proposed that Alkora try out one of his restaurants the next night for dinner, just to see how much better the service could be, as well as the food. The draolf apparently hated it when a true glutton was denied the basics of eating and common courtesy, and strived to create havens that gave real pigs like himself and Alkora just that. It was an odd little mission, the drabbit had to admit, but who was he to turn down a free meal at a buffet? So he caved to the wolfdragon’s offer and agreed to come and at least see what the talk was all about, in spite of a couple nagging suspicions in the back of his mind about the hybrid’s true motives.

Alkora arrived at said buffet a bit earlier than the agreed upon time to see what he had gotten himself into, as well as knowing it would take him a couple minutes to squeeze inside. He was far too used to single-wide doors when he had a double-wide ass, and having to crouch just to get in thanks to being nearly twelve feet in height. Upon pulling up to the restaurant though, he was pleasantly surprised to see that would not be the case here. Triple-wide doors and a fifteen foot height ‘limit’ greeted him at the front entrance, allowing him to ponderously waddle right in without so much as a brushed hip. He had to step out of the way of an elephant which made him gape first, but when one needed a furniture dolly and two helpers to keep mobile, it was hard not to stare. Seeing the clientele with such eager employees helping him along made Alkora smile even brighter, so much so that once he was inside the greeter gave him a rather quizzical look.

“Can I help you sir?” A deep, chocolatey voice rolled out of the bear standing behind, or rather looming over, the usual greeter’s podium. The taller drabbit turned to face him, and was silent for a moment as he looked up and down the pudgy ursine.

“Sasuke invited me? He said to say that I was supposed to get the house treatment with all the trimmings.”

“Oh, we’ve been expecting you! Follow me please,” the bear beamed, a little too happy for a fur working in a restaurant Alkora noted, before just grabbing a napkin and waddling out into the main walkway. Able to look the bear up and down fully finally, the broad ring of exposed brown lard became instantly apparent to the drabbit. It was spilling over those tortured tuxedo pants a good couple inches all the way around, exposing a pair of sagging, rolling ass-cheeks to the world far more than any other eatery would allow. Love-handles drooped down and bounced with each step, and that was all Alkora could see thankfully as he slowly followed behind; that gut would just be too mesmerizing. “We’re going to give you the private back room; Sasuke actually specified it for you.”

“Oh? That was nice of him… Where is he exactly so I can thank him?”

“He’s not here right now, though he said he would stop by later in the night to see how you enjoyed the food.”

“That’s nice…” Alkora uttered, trailing off as his inner glutton practically screaming with delight. The restaurant was a newfound heaven for him, and as he looked around, even that began to seem like an understatement. All sorts of furs in various stages of obesity sat in the wide booths and benches which filled the large restaurant, each with a staffer or two catering to their every whim. There was a lion that looked more like a blob than a beast being fed by a worker who had to literally stand on his gut and shove the food in because the lion was too fat not only to use his own arms, but to open his muzzle of his own accord. Conversely, there was a simply pudgy rat sitting at a table being brought out a platter of pasta that could be measured in pounds rather than ounces. The large drabbit had never seen anything like it in his entire life, and he could not have been more happy with the sight of it all.

“Sir? If you would please follow me.” Alkora blushed and resumed following the hefty server in front of him, having  stopped to stare for a moment. He fell back into step though, his eyes now more on the rolling, sloshing rump ahead of him and less on the nearly full house of tubby eaters. That was no less mesmerizing, but at least it kept him moving forward instead of leaving him looking like a gaping buffoon. “And here we are; the private quarters for our best guests. I’ll send in a few servers in a moment for you sir. Should I have them bring you anything in when they arrive?”

“Just some blueberry juice if they would; I’m pretty thirsty.”Alkora murmured, barely able to think straight as he saw the room in front of him. A table that looked more like it could seat twenty with no real underside lay before him, along with a sole low-slung bench, looking a bit worn from the many massive asses which had undoubtedly tested its construction over the years. The room was windowless, with low lighting in it and red curtains adorning the walls. It looked more like a private poker room at a casino than an eatery, but Alkora was not about to ask questions; he was here to eat, not to judge or question the décor.

“Of course. Enjoy your meal,” the bear chirped out enthusiastically before waddling back off to his post, leaving Alkora alone in the room to waddle himself over to his seat. Swinging one thick leg in front of the other, that was just what he did, although slowly. Each wide, waddling step propelled him towards what would be his final destination for hours if he could help it. His thick lovehandles bounced with each heavy footfall, making his ponderous gut which protruded out feet from his frame roll and bounce even moreso. It was like watching an entire platter of jello with legs move, and as said jello-like beast got near his seat, that was a real sight to see. The drabbit had to slowly lower himself onto the seat beneath him after swinging his tail over the other side, his wide rump settling down onto that low seat before he was even halfway into a sitting position. The lower and more into a sitting position Alkora went, the more his pants strained to contain the stretching, broadening ass they were trying to keep inside. The drabbit had chosen his stretchiest pants for this outing, but they were looking near the limits of their elasticity as all of the heavy hybrid’s weight settled down into position. A few pops could be heard from the tortured material containing Alkora’s adipose-laden thighs, but he barely noticed the noise as he was far too busy sighing with relief from being off his overburdened feet at last.

No sooner had Alkora taking a seat than the curtain was thrown back and three chubby equines entered the room, each with a gallon-sized bottle of the drabbit’s requested beverage. A pair of tubby Clydesdales and a downright fat pony all lumbered on in, each dressed like the bear that had brought Alkora to his table. The pair of taller, slimmer horses hung back at the door while the shorter beast of burden came forward, putting his bottle down on the table in front of Alkora with a light grunt before speaking. “Hi, I’m Kyle and the two by the door are Mac,” He gestured to the slightly taller, deep brown horse which gave a nod in return. “And the other is Lou,” a gesture to the bit-bigger, light tan equine got another nod towards Alkora along with a polite smile. “We will be helping you stuff yourself tonight. Can we get you anything else… Uhm…”

“Alkora, and I think I’ll start with…”


Four hours later, Alkora sat beached in his own overstuffed, taut, and gassy sea of fat. He had truly stuffed himself to the gills and then some, downing enough food to feed a family of six for nearly two weeks over the course of the time he had been sitting. He had barely even needed to move either, Lou and Mac had been more than happy to help him eat whatever dish the fat drabbit requested. Kyle had overseen the whole process, being more of a masseur and an encourager than a feeder like the other two equines. It had been rather odd to Alkora at first, but he adapted to the truly full service in a matter of minutes and gave in to his unabashed gluttony shortly after. From there, it had been a flurry of food and drink which would make even the top competitive eaters a bit green. “Ugh….HIC….That wa-HIC-was good…”

“You sure that’s it Alkora?” Mac asked, hints of both awe and disappointment in his voice. The hybrid heard these, but could barely even care about them as the pure, unadulterated ecstasy of having his gut as packed as it was clouded his every thought. “Can’t get another bite into that gut of yours?”

“I… HIC…I dun-“ The hybrid paused, then scrunched up his muzzle for a moment. For a split-second, Alkora thought he was going to vomit, and panic gripped every fiber of his being. He had not just eaten as much as he had just to puke it back up, and especially not in public. His fears left as quickly as they came though; the feeling of gas rocketing up his esophagus blasted away his fears nearly as fast as said gas blasted out of his muzzle. BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAP!! “Ooooh, that’s better… HIC… Maybe a little more…”

“Or a lot more.” A rumbling, smooth voice chimed in from beyond the drabbit’s newly-risen horizon. Alkora recognized it instantly as Sasuke’s, a smile forming rather dopily on his drool-splattered muzzle as he strained to try and see the draolf. The mountain of flesh and fat all but rolled into view, his movements slow and ponderous thanks to his immense size just like before. What hadn’t been on him before was that devious smirk, one which made Alkora a touch nervous as he looked on at the titan of a beast. “Mac, Lou, and Kyle… Can you three come with me for a minute?”

“Yessir,” all three said in unison, dropping everything with Alkora and leaving the room with their boss. Alkora was left sitting alone, hiccupping and belching as his body tried to reign in the meal he had consumed. His gut was stretched out to nearly its limit thanks to all of the food that had been crammed into it by the overeager drabbit and his feeders. He tried to rub it, vainly attempting to move his arms against the restrictive fat and fullness which kept the buoyed up at nearly 90 degrees. What little parts of his frame that he could rub felt taut and straining to contain all the drabbit that there now was. This worried Alkora a touch, but as another long belch rattled the dishes on his table and made his ears ring  slightly, he felt that pressure decrease by a small percentage. Knowing that, the beached drabbit sighed softly and settled into himself, still gassy and stuffed to the brim, but far less worried of a ‘containment failure’ of all that he had eaten.

“Sorry to have your help taken away from you. Boys, if you would.” Sasuke rumbled out deeply, his frame floating back into view as the curtains at the far side of the room parted. Immediately, all three of the equines that had left with him came rushing back in and began to rub all over Alkora’s tight, rolling frame. Three sets of paws got right to work with massaging, kneading, and rubbing at the taut layer of fat which encased the hybrid, trying to work out any kinks or stress from being stretched as far as it was. The drabbit melted the second that happened, moaning quietly and letting his whole body relax in a fat puddle of food and lard. “Now, let’s start round two.”

“Hu-HIC-h?” Alkora inquired, rather dopily as he was slowly succumbing to a food coma combined with utter bliss from being stuffed and massaged by three hot studs. He was sure he had heard wrong too; no way Sasuke was planning on giving him more food after all that he had already consumed. The wolfdragon’s comment had sounded like that though, so the drabbit was a touch concerned and asked again as he lay in the sea of fat which encased his entire frame. “What d-HIC-id you say?”

“We’re going to give you another round of food, although more… Aggressively this time. You can hold more than that, and we both know it. I hate seeing my customers leave here…” The draolf paused, as if both dramatic effect and the search for a proper word had hit him at the same time. He then brightened up and leaned in as close as he could to Alkora, his own immensity leaning against the taut one below and forcing out a raunchy belch from it. “Unfulfilled.” Sasuke then smirked to himself, turning around in a slow and cumbersome motion before sauntering out of the room. He paused at the door before leaving, turning his head as far around as his restraining rolls of neckfat and sagging cheeks would allow. “And don’t worry if it gets to be too much; bursting doesn’t hurt as bad as you think. Boys, see to this if you would be so kind, I’m hungry again.”

“Yes boss,” the three flatly replied in unison as they continued to rub over the drabbit’s tight exterior. Each motion sent tiny ripples along the stretched, furry surface, its blue hairs ruffling beneath those paws. Had Alkora not just heard that he was going to be well and truly stuffed to bursting, he may have enjoyed the sensation a little bit more than he was, but instead panic filled him more. Gas was already building up inside of him thanks to this, coming out in rank blasts from both ends of his taxed frame. The horses seemed to ignore this though, the foul stench which smelled like blueberries, musk, and other things filling the air heavily as more and more of it left the nervous drabbit. Continually belching, farting, and wobbling in place, Alkora just sat and waited for the inevitable.

“He needs a plug, keep all that gas in,” Kyle finally chimed in, looking to Lou first and then Mac as he said it. Alkora was too lost in the bliss of the rubs to his belly, and the fear of bursting, to even really notice that the three were talking at that point.

“I’ll get one if you get the feeding hose Mac,” Lou said without hesitation, smiling broadly to the other Clydesdale.

“Ok, go get what we need then you two. I’ll stay here and keep this gut nice and loved while it waits to really know what being full is.”

“Sure thing Kyle,” the pair of horses said in unison. Mac and Lou stood, leaving just the fat pony rubbing and kneading at the surface of Alkora’s heft while they went off to fetch the requested implements. The sudden loss of two sets of paws on the acreage of his tonnage pulled Alkora from his deep revelry for a moment, making him try and look over his swollen cheeks. He saw Mac and Lou leave, but had trouble registering it as Kyle suddenly kicked the massage to his gut into overdrive. The pony had lifted his shirt and was now rubbing belly on belly, his sizable poundage warmly pushing on Alkora’s far-more-impressive heft. It worked like a giant palm, pushing and massaging every inch of the drabbit’s fat it touched with every inch of its own soft circumference. The sudden shift in tactics was heavenly for both furs, and left Alkora all but zonked out in blissful ignorance of his surroundings.

Mac and Lou returned after a few minutes, one holding what looked to be a large cork with a cord while the other held a thick fire hose with a muzzle attached to the end. Each went over to Kyle immediately, standing beside the distracted equine in silence for a moment while they enviously watched him attend to Alkora so expertly. The fat pony didn’t notice his cohorts for a few seconds, his eyes shut with gleeful contentment as he gave a particularly hard push into Alkora’s tight midsection, which coaxed out a long, and loud belch. The noise snapped Kyle briefly from his trance, and that was all it took for him to notice the two chubby equines standing alongside him, patiently waiting for orders. Not stopping in the least, as that would bring Alkora back around and could possibly enable the beached tub of lard to struggle, Kyle kept up his tummy-to-tummy rub and just gestured for the pair of Clydesdales to do what they knew they had to.

Mac wasted no time, quietly stepping around to the back of the gassy, moaning drabbit and bending down to those wide, exposed rump-cheeks. The stench of musk and blueberries was almost overpowering at that height, so close to where it was coming from, but the horse just held his breath and began to shove his fist between those sweaty buns. Alkora let out a deeper moan of both surprise and pleasure, unsure of just what was going on back there but not wanting it to stop just yet as he felt himself serviced from the front and rear now. Mac held the plug in his paw, searching blindly and up to almost his shoulder in drabbit ass as he hunted around for his puckering prize. More hot, noxious air coated his arms and face, and as his oxygen supply dwindled from his deep breath, the equine knew he had to find his goal soon or get a face-full of hybrid emissions. That was not a prospect Mac looked forward to, so he kept on searching, and only just as he was about to run out of air did he find what he was looking for. With a very forceful shove and an unceremonious POP, the plug went right into Alkora’s rear, making the drabbit yelp with shock from the sudden entry. Only then did Mac breathe, but it was more a gasp of shock than a sigh of relief as he did so. The surprise meant the hybrid clenched what little muscle remained in his immense rump, trapping Mac’s arm in its slick, blue confines for a moment until the horse could wiggle and squirm his way free. It took a moment, but panting and smelling of old blueberry pie, Mac was free of his gassy prison.

Lou, on the other hand, had taken him time to go about his task. He had to somehow find a way to get the muzzle and hose both onto and into Alkora without the drabbit resisting too much. This was no easy task, made even less so by Kyle taking up the easiest way to access the drabbit’s maw. That in mind, Lou hunted down a chair and decided to go around the back with Mac to see if he could get in from behind. The hybrid had a massive rear, as Mac was finding out below where Lou stood, but it looked doable. It took some adjustments and no small amount of straining, but Lou was able to stand on the tips of his hooves and get the muzzle up close to Alkora’s face. Lou had to let all the straps all the way out just so that they could hope to fit over the row of chins and drooping cheeks which adorned the bliss-laden hybrid’s face. An open muzzle from the near-constant stream of belches now that his rump was plugged meant that getting the hose in would be the easy part, and indeed was as Lou just slid it right in. Getting the muzzle on to keep it there though… Even with the straps all the way extended, it was a real task to get them attached. Only two of the four would even connect, leaving the other two dangling down and pressed into drabbit fat. A bit of tugging solved that though, and after a bit of sweating and panting, all four straps were secured and the drabbit was plugged from both ends.

Mac and Lou, now both finished up with their tasks, returned to the front to talk to Kyle. The pony hadn’t moved much since the pair had started, but now that they were finished and the flow of liquid began to go into Alkora, the equine paused for just a moment to calm down and look at his two accomplices. Kyle could feel Alkora swelling against him as he remained pushed to the hybrid, and though the rate of swelling was slightly alarming, there was still some elasticity left in all that drabbit flesh. “Nice job… Let’s see how big he gets, hmmm?”

“Can we rub him too?” Mac asked, almost nervously as he reached a ginger paw out towards the expanding hide in front of him. The Clydesdale was not trying to touch it but wound up doing so anyways as it pushed out to touch him. “Wow…”

“Yeah, go ahead,” Kyle mumbled, also slightly in awe from how fast Alkora was expanding. No one had ever grown that large, that fast, right in front of his eyes aside from Sasuke. It was a sight to see, and as he felt more resistance from the infringing sac of tightening flab in front of him, Kyle felt a faint hint of nervousness deep in his ponderous paunch. Looking up at Alkora’s face only served to fuel that little twinge of fear, as the drabbit’s eyes looked both pained and panicky. Whimpers and groans over the sound of the pump which was forcing gallon upon gallon of blueberry pie filling into the bloated ball of blue flab made that worry go further, but surely Sasuke had a plan for that. Kyle didn’t have the authority to do anything about this though, as he didn’t control the pump nor did he truly care past worrying about his job. There was a gut to rub too, and as his paws began to work alongside Mac’s and Lou’s, it was just a second or two before those worries evaporated into nothingness, replaced with happiness to be attending to such an immense stomach.

Alkora cried out as his gut swelled and bloated out with gas and even more food. With no way to release his gassy nerves, and more food being piled in on top of it all, it was all he could do to not cry out with tears of overstuffed agony as he felt his gut expand far larger than it ever had before. The seams of his belly scales began to separate after just seconds of this treatment, light blue goo leaking from them. His three equine hosts didn’t seem to notice though, all their paws focused more on the sides of his ever-expanding gut rather than the front that was pulling apart. His arms and legs, and even head began to sink into his torso as his body looked for skin to pull from anywhere else on his growing frame to try and give his gut more stretch. More little rips happened all through his fur as this went on, his frame becoming more and more bloated with each swallow and unreleased belch. The blue goo that seeped out though had the same consistency of sweat, and in the dimly-lit room with dimly-witted hosts, Alkora knew he had little hope of getting a reprieve from the painful pressure that was beginning to tear him asunder. That pressure mounted and grew past the point of pain, making the drabbit just shut his eyes as tight as he could and wait for the inevitable, as he knew it would be a short time before his overtaxed hide and stretched-to-the-limit stomach had enough of the torture being inflicted on them. He couldn’t even see over his cheeks at that point either, so even if he wanted to see what was happening to him, blue, bloated balls of drabbit would’ve been all there was to see.

Less than a minute later, Alkora blew.

It was a massive boom, blue goo going everywhere in the large room and sending the three equines before him flying. Alkora barely even registered what happened, just that one moment he felt every single part of his body surging outwards within the confines of his skin, and the next… No more tension, pain, or anything like that. Everything was black, and while he had heard the beginnings of the boom which had torn him into chunks of some sort of blueberry jello, he wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. The hybrid knew he wasn’t dead, but that was about it, and so with all his might he tried to open his eyes, to taste something, to do anything to confirm this knowledge.

Sasuke had heard the blast, and waddled over as fast as his legs allowed to investigate. Luckily, he was the only one left in the restaurant at such a late hour, and as such had no customers or staff save for the three horses with Alkora to worry about. This also meant he had no one to check on the noise but himself, and moving at any speed past slowly when even your ass dragged on the ground was an impossible task. He soldiered on though, and as he rounded the corner to get a look at the entrance of the room, he let out a deep groan. Outside the room lay an unconscious Mac, covered in what looked to be blueberry jam. Sasuke ‘hurried’ over towards the passed out equine and began to try and rouse him, bumping him with his stomach and calling out to him. “Mac! Mac! What happened?”

Alkora heard the draolf approaching, as well as the calling out to his fallen employee. He still had yet to move any part of him, but was slowly regaining feeling of parts of his body as the moments passed. He tried to wiggle what he thought was a toe, but instead just felt more of a sluggish roll. The drabbit tried to move another digit, and the same feeling came from that one, as well as a general feeling of stickiness that was starting to come from all over. He hadn’t eaten enough to burst, had he? And if so, how was he still alive and moving? It didn’t make sense, but right now Alkora wanted nothing more than to open his eyes and see what had happened. His eyes still weren’t responding though, but the more he tried the more he felt himself reassembling in some sense. It was impossible to even comprehend, but it felt as though parts of him were seeping into the general area around where his consciousness was and beginning to form his frame once more. The drabbit needed his eyes back to see this, now.

Sasuke watched with fascination as the blueberry goo which coated Mac began to worm its way back into the room where Alkora had been. The wolfdragon knew what this meant, unlike the drabbit, and was almost giddy with glee as he watched more of the goo run back into the room as if it had a mind of its own. Gurgling and slurping sounds were coming from the room at this point, and as Sasuke just stood outside and grinned unabashedly to himself, he couldn’t help but rub his paws together in anticipation. More gurgles, louder as the moments passed, reached the blob-like beast’s ears. Not unlike waiting for microwave popcorn though, Sasuke waited for the gurgles to stop before entering, as he knew then that Alkora would be ‘done’ and ripe for the eating.

The drabbit finally got his eyes open once the sensation of reassembling was done, and let loose a shocked yelp, which sounded more like a gurgly belch to his ears. He was a see-through facsimile of his former self, stickier and jigglier than before. He was also considerably fatter too, as though all the food he had consumed was already digested and had been reformed as he had too. It was an odd experience to say the least, as he looked over his paws and stomach with utter fascination and surprise. Sasuke stepped into the room as he was looking himself over, but the reformed gooey drabbit paid the draolf no mind, still fascinated with his new body. He looked to shimmer in the low light, and every movement felt more fluid and easier than it ever had on his fat frame. It was a freeing sensation, and Alkora could barely contain himself as he began to see how incredible it was. A rumbling belch of approval came from deep in him, and at that point he finally noticed his hybrid company, who was watching with a certain hungry look in his eye.

“You look… Tastier than before.” Sasuke smirked as he coolly said, looking over the drabbit a couple times. The drabbit looked back, anger filling him to the brim the instant he saw the draolf that had put him through edible hell. Alkora’s ears flattened back and one thought entered his mind; make him burst too. Sasuke looked to be expecting that thought, as he just smirked bigger as a low, threatening gurgle came out of Alkora. The draolf, looking a bit more intimidating suddenly, just opened his muzzle and pointed inside, as if to taunt the blueberry goo that had become one of his customers. Shutting it after a moment, the smirk returned to his muzzle as he locked his eyes with the goo-filled sockets somewhere around Alkora’s ‘head’. “Bring it jiggly!”

Alkora didn’t disappoint.



V – Being Godly

Sasuke is indeed a god, or two in fact if you count his parents. He was created to be the perfect being, with the ability to have as many pure powers as he could handle as well as being able to take advantage of his darker side without tainting those powers. The result was a being that is nearly unparalleled in his power, and yet who rarely ever uses it past conjuring food or maintaining a semblance of mobility with his immensely overweight frame. The wolfdragon hates shows of force, but he will do it when needed. He also doesn’t like having to call on his power more than is required for any given situation, thusly meaning he has yet to fully explore all that he is capable of. Below are a few examples of just what he can do willingly, and what he does with the unfathomable power he has been given.



“Nah, I bet you couldn’t with just that package of yours,” Sasuke chuckled as he looked back at Kaji, the taller draolf standing while the wide draolf sat and consumed his third breakfast of the morning. “Have you ever even been to Texas? They’re afraid of balls as it is, you go and try to smother them with the things that won’t work out too well in your favor.” The wolfdragon chuckled again, mentally picturing tanks shooting at Kaji’s balls and getting a giggle out of that picture as he wolfed down a stack of thick, buttery waffles. Kaji chuckled too, more picturing many-a-fur coming out and rubbing at his large endowment than anything. Both the furs had a very different idea what would happen, but neither was entirely willing to share if for nothing else making the situation awkward.

“Well you’re the one who said I should come over, so we have to think of something to do lardo.”

“Oh shuddup skyscra…UUUUURRRRRPPP… skyscraper. I never said I wasn’t willing to try with you. Covering Texas up seems like it might be kind of fun.” Sasuke laughed again after he spoke, a bit of food leaving his muzzle and winding up somewhere on his sagging, pillowy chest. Kaji just smirked and floated the food back to the wolfdragon’s muzzle, where it was eagerly devoured. “Besides, it gives me an excuse to get really fat.”

“We all know how much you love that wide load.” Kaji said, taking his turn laughing while Sasuke made a face at him and blushed slightly. It was no secret the immobile beast loved to be well pat any semblance of fat, but that was beside the point. “Besides, I kind of am more curious about how they react to you than I am to me… I mean, I may be something they hate, but Texas is the fattest state out there in the fattest country, they might see you as their god.”

“Heh… You’re too kind Kaji.” Sasuke chortled, just as he finished up his last helping of bacon from breakfast. He let loose another hearty belch, patting what little of his ponderous mass he could reach with pride as he just sat in his immense girth and expanded. The other draolf looked on with a growing smirk, prodding a paw into that gravid mass and watching as it sank in nearly to the elbow before meeting resistance. Sasuke laughed lightly at that, sending ripples of lard along his expansive surface which made Kaji’s arm shake slowly. “So how are we going to do this? Oh, and why again? I wasn’t exactly listening…”

“I’d say just head to Texas and smother it, half with lard and half with cock. Nice and simple for the both of us, huh? As for why… Well, it’ll be fun.” Kaji said, grinning mischievously as he retrieved his paw from the depths of Sasuke’s lard-laden frame. The fat mutt agreed with the other, a few wobbly nods affirming this. Kaji smirked at the display, extending slender paw towards the oven mitt of fat which the larger draolf possessed. Sasuke took it and then chuckled, eyeing his partner-in-crime for a moment. “Shall you do the honors?”



A faint flash momentarily flickered in the middle of a corn field in rural Texas. Had anyfur been around to see it, they may have suspected aliens or some other force to be responsible for the light in the middle of nowhere. Not a soul was around however, and that was exactly what Sasuke had wanted as he never liked having to explain why a two ton blob of furred flesh appeared out of thin air. Kaji had appeared right beside him, and released the larger lardball’s paw after getting a good footing in the field. They both squinted as their eyes adjusted to the bright sun, having to blink a few times apiece just to be able to see. “Way out here? I wanted to start somewhere a little more populated fatso.”

“You can start on the populated half then shorty, I figure seeing a grey wall of lard would be way more unnerving than just watching the expansion start. But I do know how much you like an audience, so go ahead.” Kaji made a face at Sasuke for that comment while the other draolf just chuckled to himself. The black mutt vanished immediately after, leaving Sasuke in the field alone within his own mass. The larger draolf settled into all that lard with a deep rumble, his arms retracting into it just a bit while his tail sluggishly wobbled with a feeble attempt at wagging. He reveled in his size for a long moment, rubbing what little parts of his vast expanse that he could reach while nuzzling down at a pair of moobs which no women could even hold a candle to. The wolfdragon loved every ounce of his astounding size, and only planned on making more of himself to enjoy and appreciate once Kaji was in his place. In the meantime though, Sasuke just basked in the sheer obesity that had enveloped his legs, chins, neck, and most of his arms with its all-encompassing adipose.


Kaji blinked back into existence in an alley alongside a supermarket, squinting in the dim light as he stood back up straight and got his bearings again. Taking just a moment to do so, the tall mutt then started walking out towards the street, humming softly to himself as he did so. Clad in little more than an ill-fitting pair of green briefs, he was quite the sight even in a downtown metropolitan area, as very few could dress like that in late fall. The draolf didn’t seem to care though, just humming to himself as he continued to take long strides down the sidewalk. He drank in the odd stares and few points which came his direction, a smirk forming on his muzzle as he saw all the attention he was getting. Sasuke had indeed been right; he loved the attention that came with being a tall show-off like he was. Granted, the other draolf loved the attention of being a nearly-shapeless ball of lard, but to each their own.

Traveling just a few short blocks towards the central area of the city, Kaji stopped humming and took a few jogging steps to cross the final street to his destination; a large park in the middle of the city. He hadn’t put himself there to begin with in order to get a few looks on the way there, as well as to take in what he would be smothering first with his swollen endowment. The draolf had also wanted to stretch his legs out a bit, as two teleports in a row usually left him a little stiff, and with such a massive growth coming soon, he wanted to be nice and limber. Undoubtedly Sasuke had plans once they were to size, and that would mean being even more limber for extra… Fun.

“You in place Kaji?” Sasuke’s voice rumbled into Kaji’s mind, even heavier-sounding that it was normally. The draolf erked, a bit surprised at the syrupy baritone in his mind, but then remembered who he was with and simply chuckled. “Or should I start calling you Meaty?”

“I’m almost there Blob, just another minute or so. You got any rules you want to lay down now, or just grow?”

“Just don’t get too far ahead of one another… Figure we make this nice and even. Oh, and don’t worry about borders, though you getting into the Gulf may make some good waves along Florida.”

“Those surfers will be glad huh?” Kaji thought with a chuckle, coming to a halt in the center of the park. He looked around, seeing several furs there and just smirking to himself as he stood proudly for a moment. “Whenever you’re ready tubbo.”

”Heh, thought you’d never say so… Let’s go!” With that, Kaji felt his entire groin begin to tingle as it started to swell. Rapidly growing, his poor briefs didn’t stand a chance and shred within a second of the word ‘Go’ echoing through his mind. This got a few groans and yelps of surprise, but the draolf had his eyes shut and was just groaning lightly at the bliss of feeling his pride swell up to ridiculous proportions. He was already feeling front-heavy, with his balls tugging towards the earth below as his stiffening length stood feet in front of his tall form. The draolf just stroked both parts of his increasingly-awkward anatomy with fondness, moaning quietly as he felt them grow at a more rapid pace. He could barely even register the shocked cries of those around him, nor the cold air which was nipping at his exposed self every chance it got. He was just too lost in the ever-mounting speed at which he was becoming more cock than draolf, the rapturous expansion filling every fiber of his being.

As his sac made contact with the tops of his feet and began to spread along the ground, the draolf groaned louder and began to adjust his height to compensate. He wasn’t quite ready to have his equipment outgrow him, and thusly needed to be a little taller to offset the growth. Peeking out one half-lidded eye, he saw a skyscraper off to his left and decided that height would be nearly good enough for him; for the time being at least. Once he decided that, the tingling feeling which was arousing the draolf spread to his entire body, eliciting a far louder moan out of him. His cock, now longer than he was tall, began to pulse with lustful bliss as his mind gave into far baser instincts, truly forgetting the unspoken competition for a moment and just reveling in the moment of growing. The mutt was lost on cloud nine as he stood in the park with fleeing citizens around him and his entire frame expanding disproportionally, and yet rapidly, outwards and upwards.


Sasuke sat in the field, rumbling deeply to himself as what felt to be thousands of tiny paws began to knead over his doughy surface. Saying ‘Go’ had allowed him to finally start expanding, and he did so with fervent gusto. It took less than a blink of an eye to watch his waistline expand a full six inches out, his paws sink that much more into his gravid mass, and for his whole body to lurch taller about an inch. Looking like a water balloon being filled with jello, the draolf expanded out rapidly in all directions, destroying everything in his path. Corn stalks bent like twigs beneath his feet, a fence crumbled like paper the second his weight came to bear against it, and even the ground itself sunk somewhat beneath the increasing sea of lard which was enveloping it. Sasuke didn’t increase his height either, so it was but moments before his head was lost in the countless chins and collars of neckfat which formed around his head. His moobs tilted up, then flopped over his head too, truly encasing him in nothing more than fat as he just sat and expanded like he loved.

Deep rumbles and constant moans were the only sound that came from Sasuke as he continued to grow. He was expanding so fast that within a minute he had increased his weight nearly 50 fold. Far more of a shapeless blob than a fur by that point, he couldn’t even so much as blink thanks to the fat in his beachball-sized cheeks pushing his eyes shut. He didn’t mind though, and just sat in the imposing mound of fat that had become his body. He knew he was growing faster than Kaji too, having been keeping tabs on the other mutt nearly 300 miles away. Sasuke thought nothing of this though, as he wanted to get to the amorphous blob part of his growth as fast as he could just so that he could revel in the feeling of being so utterly helpless and large for as long as possible. Having achieved that even faster than he expected, he knew he would have to slow his growth before too much longer or risk covering more of the state than his black counterpart. This meant spending more time enjoying his mass and less time increasing it, which the draolf was more than happy to do. His cock, buried beneath tons upon tons of grey flab, was at full attention and already dripping pre thanks to the warm fat which encased it on all sides constantly rubbing and teasing its impressive, thick length.

Sasuke slowed his growth somewhat, more like a faucet filling him than a fire hose so that Kaji could catch up, and began to wiggle his hips as best he could to somewhat jerk himself off. He was so close to release already as his size kept him nearly-constantly horny, that just a couple bucks set him off like a fire hose deep inside his quaking body. Hot spurts of seed coated what little space remained deep below his bloated stomach and above his monster-truck-tire thighs. The draolf panted softly at the feeling of that release, bucking a few more times to coax out the remainder of his large load as well as to try and get his spread-eagle frame a little more comfortable. He was completely stretched out thanks to the pressure of the fat on his limbs pushing against one another, but ignored that for the time being as he was as lost in bliss thanks to the growth and feeling of release as Kaji was. Growing a little taller would be in order to keep his frame a little more comfortable later, but for the time being Sasuke just sat in his fat-laden self and groaned with contented bliss.


Kaji finally hit the height of the skyscraper he had been aiming for just as his impossibly-large member crushed what remained of downtown. His balls had taken care of most of the inner-city, and were so swollen with both seed and their own mass that Kaji’s feet had left the ground several minutes prior. Buildings fell like dominoes, cars were flattened like they were toys, and any fur unlucky enough to be caught in the sea of pre created by the draolf felt themselves grow a few inches in height and girth. The mutt lay atop his massive package, groaning and moaning to himself as he stroked, nuzzled, and licked every inch of cock that he could reach. Precum had been flowing freely for minutes now, causing flooding along the route which he was carving through the city towards the outskirts. Furs were already fleeing for safety from the sprawling, growing draolf which was smothering their town with ease. The enraptured draolf didn’t seem to care about that at all though, so concerned with the bliss that was filling him as his growth really began to pick up the pace that he hadn’t opened an eye in minutes. He could feel shifts along his entire length, which only further stimulated him and brought a deep purr out of his muzzle.

Shifting somewhat atop his stupendous balls, Kaji began bucking into the air, causing the very ground below him to shake and shift with deep rumbles. The draolf ground against the ground, humping air and the city which he was leaving in ruins as the tip of his cock left the limits of the metropolis and began to plow through suburbia. The draolf humped a bit harder as this happened, more of the city’s remains rubbing the underside and sides of his cock to tease it more. The draolf could hear screams and pleas as he did this, but tuned them all out as he focused simply on pleasuring himself with the ruins that lay around him. Humping harder and panting faintly at the effort needed to keep his frame moving with all the weight that he had to shove with his groin, the draolf got into a rhythm of using his balls as a sort of fulcrum while his whole torso shifted his massive cock. It was a herculean effort, but once he was going it became easy, and that much more riddled with ecstasy.

Kaji lasted for maybe a minute once he truly got his pattern down, barely able to contain a deafening howl as seed shot out of the tanker-sized head of his cock and over nearly 2 miles of countryside. Hot ropes of seed, laced with the draolf’s powers and each several dozen gallons in size, came out and drenched houses, lawns, and furs as they looked at the colossal release. Everything touched by that cum grew, and not just a little as several furs hit nearly fifteen feet in height just from getting some on their clothes. The draolf didn’t even notice though, so lost in the moment that he could barely even think to breath while he just melted into a puddle atop his still-growing package. Kaji panted with delight as he lay against his cock and felt his balls pulse out stream after stream of seed for several seconds. It was truly a big load even by his standards, but having been horny since he started expanding, the draolf expected little less than that. The mutt continued to rub at his cock as his orgasm died down, a final drip of seed falling out and rubbing down to join the gallons upon gallons of spunk which had flooded out a good portion of the suburbs.


Sasuke couldn’t see or hear from his place over a mile inside his growing frame, but he could taste the hot sweat which poured down into a pool around his entrapped head. He could also smell the befouling stench of musk and exertion which filled every breath he took, even though he had not moved a muscle in minutes. He could above all feel every square inch of his stretching, fattening body. Every pound of him that touched a house before flattening it beneath tons of lard or smothered another fur with his raunchy mass, he felt. It was a sensation he always truly basked in and took great care in making sure lasted as long as he could. Nearly as big as Kaji at this point, he put the speed of his growth to match the other mutt’s and then just sat back and enjoyed the ride to being an unfathomable size. He had to keep his bones growing just enough so that he didn’t stretch too much and become uncomfortable, but that was a minimal task. He also didn’t increase his muscle mass as he did this, meaning that any hope of movement died several hundred tons before. He was, in every sense of the word, beached.

The draolf could do nothing more than sit in his quaking, jiggling fleshy prison and moan with constant arousal, his cock trapped somewhere in the sea of lard which he now was at full attention. It begged to be touched, and yet Sasuke had sworn not to do anything past expanding himself. Rippling all around his pride was nothing more than fat, sweat, and cum from his earlier release which had yet to Notseep through the countless rolls and folds which comprised his thighs and crotch. That feeling combined with the one of spreading out fatter, farther, wider, and even higher as his fat encountered resistance every so often meant that the wolfdragon was left wanting, but never able to have. He was tempted just to break his semi-serious oath and pleasure himself using some of his power, but he wanted to see if he could make it. His hazy mind didn’t much care, but the inkling of sanity he had left said no, and that was enough for the time being. So on he grew, furred blubber taking over farm after farm throughout the sprawling, vast acreage of the desert which he had chosen to expand in.

The draolf let loose a low moan a few moments later, his gut encountering a new sensation somewhere off to what he thought was his right. It felt like a multitude of tiny nails scratching an itch, as well as rubbing along the surface of his tender underbelly. It was not the sensation he had been hoping for, but as his stomach had expanded over countless fields and houses, it had gotten incredibly itchy. This meant that the scratching of a city on the bottom of his immensity was a very welcome gift to the sprawling mutt. His tongue rolled out of his muzzle and his panting got louder as he just relished the feeling of the scratching along his sensitive skin, his tail trying its hardest to wag from deep within the cage of his county-sized ass. This just sent ripples and waves of fat along his quaking surface, which hadn’t been still the entire time thanks to just how yielding and jello-like his lard-laden frame was. More waves meant more massages too, so the wagging along with the scratching was nothing short of heavenly for the horny blob of fat and fur. Gone were his thoughts of getting himself off as he melted more into his incredibly obese self, replaced with mind-numbing contentment and glee as he just relaxed and let his body grow.


Kaji felt a warm, fleshy surface touch the head of his cock. It had been nearly ten minutes since he had last cum and flooded out the largest city in Texas, after which he just let his growth rate skyrocket. He had been expanding so fast that even his two-hundred-or-so foot tall frame hadn’t had time to keep up with his cock, and thusly was beached atop the hyper-phallic appendage. His balls were the only thing keeping him on the ground, each far larger than the city they had helped decimate a short time ago. Kaji just savored that feeling and continued to attend to his growing length as best he could, teasing it and rubbing with affectionate arousal while it expanded rapidly below him. He could hardly see the tip, but he hadn’t really tried to look until that bump had snapped him out of his revelry. Nothing had been large enough to give him even a moment’s pause in his growth yet; even the army base he had crushed a few minutes earlier had felt more like a teasing paw than an assault. Something was definitely in the way though, something warm and soft and incredibly… Fat. The draolf didn’t have to open his eyes to know what he had hit, but did so all the same just to get a look at what he was up against.

A pair of dark grey mounds were at the end of his cock, pushing back against it with their drooping, wobbling surface. Sasuke’s ass was there for the taking at the very end of Kaji’s length, and the draolf couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he started to grow against that flabby mountain range. He could feel his cock entering the warm, sweaty crevice between the two sacs of flab, creating a deep purr of bliss which leaked out of the draolf. A low rumble of arousal answered his purr, barely audible from the distance, but definitely noticeable as it sent a wave of bass along the mutt’s length back to his frame. Kaji again laughed, though this time with more of a huff as he felt his entire body getting aroused yet again in spite of itself thanks to entering one of the largest asses the draolf had laid eyes on.

“Quite a sight there Sasuke…” The mutt murmured to himself, just looking at it through slits of eyes as he lowered himself back down onto his cock. Rubbing at the base of the gigantic appendage, Kaji groaned softly and just bucked his hips as best he could. This barely even registered an inkling of movement in his cock, but it was enough for him to get some teasing from the tons of ass around the head of his length; the other draolf’s lard took next-to-nothing to get moving. “Damn Sasuke…”

”Damn yourself Kaji… What say we save the after party for when we finish?” Sasuke’s voice came through with more than a hint of arousal into Kaji’s mind, giving away that the other was on the same train of thought. Kaji just groaned inwardly, but in agreement with the other draolf. He also sped up his growth in order to get to that ‘after party’ faster. He was too pent up and presented with too much draolf to not be so. “Someone’s eager…”

“Shut up fatass.”


Sasuke chuckled to himself at the response he got from Kaji, still groaning as well thanks to the stupendous cock ramming him right between the twin peaks of his arse. The mutt started to stretch his frame out more in order to be able to take that length once he and Kaji were finished with their hostile takeover of Texas, as he knew the other wasn’t going to be patient. The stretching and growing still meant no muscle mass, and thusly meant the wolfdragon was as helpless as he had ever been with the ocean of blubber he was trapped in. He still couldn’t see over his cheeks, hear anything past the gurgling of his stomach, smell anything outside of his own stench, nor taste anything but sweat and whatever food he conjured into his muzzle to keep his stomach semi-sated. He could feel everything though, and that was driving him nearly mad with bliss and arousal all rolled into one package of pure ecstasy. More cities scratched and teased the underside of his main, expanding feature as he continued to spread over the state and into parts of Mexico and Oklahoma.

It wouldn’t be long before he and Kaji had accomplished that they set out for, and Sasuke felt almost a faint twinge of sadness at this. The draolf had been lost in bliss the entire time, and yet he could feel the entire experience drawing to a close. It was a bittersweet moment for him, as he knew what came next would be just as pleasurable, if not moreso. He also enjoyed the feeling of consuming an entire state beneath his immense hide too though, and having to chose between one or the other was a true task. He was in no mental place to choose regardless though, as any faculties his mind had held moments before were gone due to a truly vast urban sprawl taking care of an itch he had possessed since nearly starting his growth. Simple-minded and even more lost in the myriad of feelings coming in from all over his colossal mileage, the draolf settled more into himself and just let the expansion run its course.

There was the cock which was now encroaching on his back that also made itself known with little spurts of pre occasionally. Sasuke could barely even think of how to handle that, so instead he just ignored the implications and appreciated the warm liquid which ran through the rolls, folds, creases, and pockets of fat which ran down his back like hundreds of stairs. The feeling of that weight pushing down on him was equally satisfying, like a hard massage to his infinitely-yielding fat. The draolf moaned low at that combination, panting softly somewhere in his mass as he felt his length begin to leak just like the one behind him. The whole ordeal was cyclical, and just sunk the mutt down further into the depths of depravity while making him enjoy the whole thing further and further. Grow, get smothered in cock, get massaged over the vast distances which his blubbersome body covered, and stay aroused nearly to delirium… If heaven existed, Sasuke had found it in that moment, and wanted nothing more than to stay there and drink it in.

A jolt to his frame a minute or so later snapped the mutt out of his mental haze and back to the real world. Texas was covered in one massive draolf, one massive cock, and a pair of massive balls. The saying ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’ could not have been more accurate than that moment; two draolves covered the entire state and to say they were visible from space is an understatement. Kaji lay atop his package groaning and moaning as he rubbed what he could and bucked against Sasuke’s sloshing backside. The mammoth blob of blubber spread far and wide like a melted slab of jello, utterly shapeless and indistinguishable as a fur. Each beast was lost in bliss, so wrapped up in getting to the point at which their size was utterly absurd that neither could think of anything else. Both tried feebly to attend to their aching furhoods, but neither could do it justice. So there they lay, panting and groaning as their immense frames slowly shook against one another. Not a word was said, not a movement made that wasn’t mostly involuntary, and not another inch was added to either of them for several minutes as they just basked in both the pride and unadulterated pleasure that came with such immensity.

“Kaji… After party?”  Sasuke finally rumbled out, his voice deep and guttural in the other draolf’s mind. Kaji rumbled at the idea, shifting himself just a bit so that he could get better lined up in order to proceed with his plans for Sasuke, and his titanic backside.

”Thought you’d never ask.”

And that tale is for another time.



Insert Kaji Commission

VI – Friends

What is a draolf without his friends? Sasuke has more than a few of these that he has accrued over the many years he has been alive, and as such he has a lot of stories to tell about these friends. All of these are just things he has experienced either alongside or through hearing from his friends.



Blue and white lights filled Ian’s vision as he rolled to a stop on the side of the highway. He sighed heavily and raised a paw to shield his eyes from the harsh glare of the lights, now joined by a spotlight, as they all tried their hardest to blind him. Turning his car off and parking it, the shiba inu looked down at his dash for a moment to try and make sense of what was happening. The canine hadn’t been speeding, nor had he been drinking or even driving like he had, so he had no clue as to why he had been pulled over. The second he thought that though, the reason popped into his head like a bad memory; one of lights had to be out. Ian sighed again at that thought, hating the little things about his vehicle at that moment as one of them was undoubtedly going to get him a ticket. The lights kept flashing, even through Ian’s shut eyelids as the shiba just sat in his car and inwardly cursed a few times for his rotten luck. Knowing that his luck wasn’t going to change either even if he wanted it to, Ian just unbuckled himself from the car and let out a light grunt as he had to move.

The downright fat dog grunted a bit louder as he squirmed in his seat, a fat paw reaching for the glove box to try and get the handle. It was a reach, and his stomach pressed heavily against the steering wheel while the ends of his stubby fingers clawed vainly at the far-away handle. Ian groaned loudly, his frustration at the whole situation mounting as he realized he was simply too fat to reach the handle from his current spot. The canine shifted over a little more in his seat, then shoved his other paw past his lovehandle and rolling thigh to get to the seat adjustment handle. Giving that a tug, he pushed his seat back a couple notches to allow for more room for his stomach before trying again. A faint blush of embarrassment crossed his cheeks as he did that, his obesity truly emphasized at that point as even the added room still made reaching his goal a challenge. The hog hound made it through, and with a small whuff of relief pulled out his registration.

Getting out his license was going to be another challenge, as Ian kept his wallet in his back pocket. Retrieving his wallet while sitting meant having to shove a pudgy paw past his large thighs and around his bloated rump to fiddle with a pair of pants that looked painted on when he sat. Having to fight the resistance of his own heft, as well as the size of his car just to have a hope at reaching back behind his imposing posterior, Ian panted lightly after just a moment of fondling around behind himself. It took a few moments of groping blindly at his sloshing arse to find the pocket, and then getting his paw in there became a whole different matter. He had to force and wiggle his plump digits into the tightly-stretched fabric, then tug out his overstuffed wallet with those same fingers. The shiba grunted and groaned as he felt his body resisting more thanks to his plush lovehandles and wobbling arm fat, but he got ahold of the leather container and gave it a sharp tug. That only got it halfway out of his pocket, but it was good enough for the inu as he just gave it one more tug to free it from the denim prison it had been encased in.

Sitting down and panting for a moment, his tongue flopped out between his teeth, the shiba just regained his composure as he remained still with wallet in-paw. His window was already rolled down, so if the cop was standing there waiting, he could keep waiting until he spoke up; Ian was too winded to care at that moment. He blushed again at that thought, realizing how pathetic it was to be tired from just getting one’s wallet, and how much of a turn-on that was for him. Subconciously the shiba began to rub over his stomach fondly with his free paw, which heaved with each deep breath the canine took. “You’re fat…” He murmured to the ponderous gut seated heavily where his lap had once been. The large sac of adipose got a light poke from the canine’s arousal beneath it, which only deepened the blush on his cheeks as he sat and slowly caught his breath. That poor bit of prodding meat below his stomach was going to get a beating later that night thanks to a traffic stop, and Ian couldn’t help but smile at the irony of that fact as he sat there.

A deep groan from the flashing vehicle behind him pulled Ian back to reality, and reminded him where he was. The lights shifted and bobbed a few times after that groan, making Ian gulp slightly as he fumbled with his license and registration. Thanks to those lights combined with the darkness of night which surrounded him, the canine couldn’t see anyone approaching his car. He had to guess it was a large officer by the sound the car behind him had made, but not being able to see how large and imposing the cop slowly approaching his window was made the whole experience a little unnerving. Ian swallowed hard again, nerves about his ticket compounding with the fears of a cop coming and being a brutal, meatheaded arse to him to further unsettle the canine. The dog’s eyes came to rest on his side mirror, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cop approaching his vehicle and to come up with a plan to make the stop as painless as possible. Only seeing blue and buttons, Ian was still unsure of what to think, and just nervously waited for the officer to get to his door.

“Can I… huff… Have your license and… huff… Registration sir?” A syrupy voice came from the bulge of blue which made Ian’s car shake as it came into contact with the vehicle. The large, drooping wall of officer asked as he finally waddled slowly into view, and stood beside the car panting heavily. His stomach was nearly all that Ian could see, the end of a muzzle poking out over the large horizon as well as the blue tops of a pointed pair of ears. The shiba was unable to even tell the species of the officer for a moment, showing how well and truly fat the cop was. The scent of donuts only accentuated the fat policefur stereotype, but it was joined by something else that Ian couldn’t quite place at first. The officer just stood there, his gut heaving in and out of Ian’s car window as it rested heavily on the door, and in it for that matter, just inches from Ian’s head. Ian wasn’t quite sure how he was supposed to give the panting, obese cop his papers while there was just so much of him blocking the way, but he tried his best by holding them up to be taken. This gesture made the gut in his window shift, slowly sliding down with a grunt as its owner bent down into view.

“Thank you… Uhm…” The cop was a canine, a husky by the looks of it and a damn fat one at that. His cheeks looked bloated with lard, sagging down onto a bulging double chin and thick tire of neck fat. Powdered sugar lined his muzzle, chins, and paws from what Ian could see, giving away where the donut scent came from. His eyes were bright blue like the accents of fur on his ears, contrasting perfectly with his deep blue uniform that clung to his form like saran wrap. Each button from his chest to the front of his boulder-like belly looked to be clinging on for its life, and as the officer lowered himself to take the papers from Ian, the shiba swore he heard a thread or two give up the battle of the bulge. The officer took the papers with a grunt as Ian looked him up and down, putting his free paw on the top of the car to keep gravity from toppling him over. A quick glance down at the papers once he could see them over the small hills of his cheeks and mountain of belly, and his syrupy voice came back to send a light shiver down Ian’s spine. “Ian… Do you know why I stopped you?”

Ian paused for a moment, looking up at the pig of a cop as best he could while his groin stirred to life. To see such a hulking wall of cop, all while he was horny to boot… The shiba now had two reasons to pleasure himself once he got back home. The traffic stop he had been dreading had taken a turn down a far better road now that Ian had gotten a good look at the officer, and while his eyes drank in that entire figure before him, his mouth refused to form words. His brain was flooded with fantasies, and as such when he finally could speak a few moments after being asked the question, all he could muster was a rather dopey-sounding, “Uhh… No idea?” He instantly regretted those words, but it wasn’t as though he was going to see the cop ever again; what did Ian care if he was judged?

“Your left brake light is out. Did you know about that?” The officer asked, his gaze becoming slightly judgemental but also the faintest bit interested in the shiba as well, or at least Ian thought so.

“No,” The shiba replied, still sounding somewhat dopey and wishy-washy as he looked the officer up and down yet again. The cop continued to look back at Ian for a moment, sizing him up too and forming a very faint smile on his muzzle as he did so. Ian truly hoped he wasn’t imagining things as he caught that, a blush forming beneath his fur.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle,” the officer said flatly, looking at Ian. Any hint of arousal Ian had felt towards the officer fell like a stone, as fear once again gripped the shiba. He hadn’t done anything wrong aside from checking out the cop, but that was no crime. He was confused, and slightly worried, as to why he would need to get out of the car. He was going to cooperate though; being nice to cops had gotten him off of more than a couple tickets.

“Sure,” Ian said after a moment of panic, unlocking his door and waiting for the officer to step out of the way. This took a few moments, the cop having to back up nearly three full steps towards the front of the car in order to give Ian room to open the door; he was just that big. Once clear, Ian opened his door slowly and stepped out, keeping his paws in clear view the entire time. The officer grunted as even with all he his back up the door still brushed his corpulence, which made Ian blush slightly and look down in embarrassment. “Sorry…”He murmured with embarrassment, eyes still trained to the ground. He didn’t stop climbing out of the car though, just hastened the process to get free of his vehicle. Standing with a light groan as he turned to shut the door, the shiba could feel eyes on his back and backside as he did so; he wasn’t the only one checking the other out apparently.

“Around to the back of the car,” The cop said, the same flat tone of voice making the shiba a little worried as he complied. His gaze had not left the ground, so he had no chance to fully examine the dog he was being escorted around by. The situation was fast turning into a turn-off though, so Ian just let that one slide and complied in utter silence. He could hear a few grunts and some panting behind him from the husky, but he didn’t dare steal a look back and instead just kept a slow enough pace so that the officer could keep up. It was a quick little trek, but neither canine was in any sort of shape past rotund, so both were panting lightly by the time they got to their destination. Ian assumed the husky meant to go back to the trunk, so Ian did and stood facing the car with his hands on it. A moment after he did that, he felt the husky’s large paunch brush his back from the top of his thighs to nearly his mid-back, sending yet another shiver up his spine. Arrest or not, he was incredibly aroused by how downright fat the canine in uniform was behind him, and could barely contain himself as he felt blood pooling in his crotch again. “I’m going to have to search you for drugs; the way you were acting was suspicious.”

Ian arched an eyebrow at that, and tried to turn to ask just what sort of justification that was. The second he did though, far more of the blubber-laden husky came to bear on him and shoved him hard against the car. Ian let out a loud grunt as his own gut hit the vehicle then sank in, making him tip forward some just to give his own impressive gut room. Though he was nowhere near the size of the husky behind him, the shiba inu couldn’t be crushed against his car very much thanks to his own waistline. The cop seemed to get this and backed off so that Ian could get a little more comfortable, though not enough for the canine to escape. Spreading his legs and bending down a little more while moving back almost a foot so that his upper belly and moobs rested on his hood, the shiba looked ready for fun and a search all in one as he stood there alongside the road. There was still a large amount of husky fat on his body too, but once Ian got into that position the dog backed off more and began to turn to his side. “Good, stay still now.”

Ian just stood for a moment, sighing heavily at the humiliation he was being put through before his ears picked up a loud snap followed by a quick fwwshhip. The canine got even more worried by that noise, but before he could turn around he felt a strong paw pin him into place to keep him from moving. “I said stay still,” the dog behind him barked, a low growl joining that bark which made Ian whimper slightly and resume standing where he had been. Some rustling of fabric and a few groans followed that bark, but the paw never left his back as the husky held Ian firmly in place. The cop even used the shiba as support during a couple of the louder rustles, making Ian groan and strain to stay on his feet as he felt all that weight join his own on his weak, quaking legs. The treatment didn’t last long though, and in less than a minute Ian could feel that large, paunchy gut against his back again, only a bit more than before and a lot warmer, as though a layer had been opened. He also felt a paw on his pants’ waist, rubbing along the top of his ass with its thumb very slowly and deliberately. “Time for a cavity search.”

With a surprised yelp at that, Ian began to squirm a bit more. He barely had time to get one good movement in though before he felt a hard tug on his pants and let out an even louder, pained yelp. The tug ripped the button right off the front and tore the zipper asunder right over his crotch, crushing his semi-hard cock and sensitive balls in the process. More than a few seams popped as well, but those were the least of the inu’s concerns as he doubled over onto the car, using just one arm and his chest to hold him up while the other cradled his crushed pride with deep pants and moans of pain. While he was reeling from the sudden jolt, he felt something else going on behind him. The weight of the husky was increasing, and so was the warmth behind him. Ian had worn a jockstrap that day, and his bare ass could feel all the husky’s furred lard riding along it while the canine advanced closer and closer to Ian. The rubbing was an arousing sensation, and had the pain been subsiding faster the shiba would have reveled in it. He was still groaning and moaning at his injured groin though, so he barely even felt the tip of a soda-can thick cock press again his wobbling, flabby asscheeks.

The shiba did feel the tip enter though, and begin to spread those flaccid sacs of lard apart as it pushed in more and more. He was unable to struggle thanks to the pain and nearly all of the husky’s gut embracing him from all sides, the entirety of its heft bearing down on his back and pinning him to the car in front of him. Ian could only groan and pant softly at the effort needed to just stay standing, his torn pants around his ankles making running an even harder proposition. Part of him wanted nothing to do with running either, the gut above him stiffening him up despite the recent abuse. The husky didn’t seem to care either way too, as he just kept advancing, the smothering sac of lard nearly reaching Ian’s neck as the husky came to a stop with his tip pressed against the inu’s pucker in wait. He pushed it just a touch in, not even trying to enter but more to tease the shiba. It worked too, a deep moan of pleasurable arousal coming out of Ian the instant that feeling hit his brain.

“I saw how you looked at me mutt. I know you want me to do to you what I did to those donuts back in my squad car…” The husky paused, a raunchy belch of pride rapidly exiting his muzzle and making the air smell of donuts all over again; musky donuts. “I’m only too happy to oblige too, show the world what a subby mutt you are.” Ian turned a bright shade of red as those last words left the canine above, for he had forgotten where he was until that moment: the back of his car with a spotlight shining on him getting pounded by an obese cop. The cop seemed to sense this, leaning down closer and putting even more of his weight onto Ian as his lardy frame smooshed and smothered the smaller fat dog below it. Ian’s legs began to shake even more, making his thighs ripple with the flabby lard inside of them as they struggled to support both dogs. “Life’s a stage mutt, ready to act?”

The cop didn’t even give Ian time to react before thrusting forward with a hard grunt, leaning back at the same time to take a fair chunk of his weight off the shiba inu. Ian cried out loudly in pain and arousal, the thick meat plunging right into him and stretching him out even wider than his boss had managed to do. The husky hilted on his first plunge, giving away that he had thickness but not length. Ian didn’t care though, for he felt the large pad of fat surrounding the husky’s cock slap against his bare ass, as well as a pair of tennis-ball sized balls. The impromptu spanking, as well as being torn in two by the sudden stabbing from the horny officer behind him made Ian moan right after his initial cry finished, his eyes screwing shut as his legs and arms became jelly from how blissful the experience was. Putty in the officer’s paws, it was all Ian had to stay standing and to begin to paw himself off below the nearly 700 pounds of fat which was ramming itself into his car.

It took the husky a few tries to get into a rhythm, as going at it at his size was a true task. He was panting already, as was Ian from having to support so much added weight. His car was moving nearly 10 inches with every pound by the husky, and Ian right along with his car as he rocked on the balls of his footpaws. His tiny, curled tail tried its best to wag from far beneath the cop’s stomach, but barely got a twitch in as the ass below it was mercilessly pounded. The faster the cop went, the harder the smacks to Ian’s ass became, making him yelp in masochistic pleasure as well as moan from how his hole handled the fat dick pummeling it. The husky had both paws on the rear of the car at this point, most of his stomach and chest touch Ian and smothering the shiba up to his head in sweating, musky lard. The canine’s musk was sweet though, like honey with the faintest tinge of manly odor. This further aroused Ian, as the overbearing scent filled his every breath while he worked his hardest to keep standing and taking the husky.

The pants from both beasts got more raspy and drawn out as time passed. The cop sped up his thrusts, his entire paunch rubbing along Ian’s back and making the shiba’s shirt ride up so that it was slick, sweaty fur rubbing on slick, sweaty fur. Both beasts were struggling to stay standing, their legs a sea of jelly and jello beneath the pair as Ian’s gut shook back and forth with every vicious blow to his backside. His pants and moans came out as nearly one noise at this point, a constant stream of sound leaving his slobbering muzzle as his eyes remained screwed shut in agony-filled glee. The husky was just as noisy, with a cacophony of grunts and groans coming from his tired frame as he worked to keep his pelvis ramming forward again and again. The pair didn’t even notice, or care, that cars were passing by snapping pictures or giving incredulous looks to them. An occasional honked horn or loud, decrying yell from a passing car was all that they could register, and even then neither took an instant of pause with it. They were in their spotlight, one with his cock in his paw and the other inches deep in the first.

Pre began to leak from both canines at nearly the same time, Ian coating his paw while his insides were coated by the heaving officer above him. Neither had much left in them, but were determined to make it longer than the other. The husky’s quaking lard on Ian’s back, sides, and even around his shoulders and neck made staying standing a losing battle, but he found that using his arm as a brace rather than support gave him a newfound strength and some much-needed leverage. The husky, on the other paw, started to stand up a little straighter as orgasm came closer and closer. His breaths became faster and hotter as more of his pre seeped into the shiba, moans more frequently interspersed as well as a few barks and lower growls of uncontained lust. Ian joined those growls, his own paw just a blur on his dripping shaft. A rather loud catcaller drove by at that moment, yelling something incomprehensible before the flash of a camera joined the chorus of lights coming from the squad car. Ian didn’t stop, and the husky atop him just let out a guttural and menacing growl loud enough to make the driver zip off.

Just a moment later, a howl burst out of the larger canine as he gave one hard, final shove and tied with the shiba inu to cum deep into him.The large sac of the husky didn’t disappoint, filling the shiba’s innards with its initial blast, and then pumping out several large globs of fluid on top of that to bloat out the canine pleasantly. The feeling of that hot liquid on his prostate was more than enough to shove the mutt over the edge, as the knot alone fulfilled every lustful desire in Ian’s mind. Ian howled with lust, his own load shooting off almost instantly after the knot breached his abused pucker. Deep, hoarse cries of ecstasy left both dogs and filled the sparsely-populated area with noise. No cars were around at that moment, and somewhere in the sparse remnants of his sane mind Ian wished there was; he wanted that moment on film to enjoy later. The memory would have to suffice though, and what a memory it was as slobber dripped from his heaving muzzle, sweat from the lowest point of his stomach, and seed from the tip of his spurting length. The husky above felt to have fared just as well, his heft heaving and sloshing above the shiba in long, deep breaths.

The pairs’ loads simmered down to a trickle, Ian’s stopping well before the husky’s. The shiba slumped against his car, pushing it forward only some. The husky followed suit a few moments later, and then his poor suspension groaned as it felt all that weight being forced onto it. Ian was thankful he had put on his parking brake, as the car would’ve moved on its own from the sudden influx of weight if he hadn’t. The shiba wouldn’t have cared though at that point, too spent from the sheer effort of having to maintain that blistering pace with such weight on him in such a public and random setting. He could barely stand, his legs shaking far worse than they had been as he could feel them nearly done. The husky could feel it too, but his breath was still gone and he would need to at least catch a sliver of it before he could stand on his own. Ian was nearly in the same boat, but his mind had to come back to reality as he was lost in blissful, lust-riddled fantasies; and he still had a massive cock plugging his hole.

Ian and the cop just stood for a almost a full minute, panting and trying to separate, but too tired and lost in their own worlds to do so. The cop had caught a decent portion of his breath, his breathing slowing considerably as he let out a low, satisfied moan. Ian could feel that moan all around him, his senses turning back on one by one as he started to truly feel the heft above him, rather than just lust after it. It was like a massive, heavy, and invitingly warm blanket which covered his entire torso with soft down. Ian reveled in that feeling, still ignoring his knees which were about to give out and his feet which were crying at him to move. The husky eased those cries as he slowly leaned up with a deep grunt, most of his gut still on Ian but at least not the rest of him with that sac of adipose. He grunted again as he rubbed his arms slowly, any movement by the husky slow and deliberate as Ian could feel. The cop began to rub his ponderous stomach after that, a deeply satisfied moan coming out of him again as his paws caressed that surface, and the tops of Ian’s sides as well in the process. The officer stayed like that, rubbing slowly and moaning while Ian just rumbled lightly as best he could, not making an effort to move just yet as that new sensation was relaxing and wholly deserved after giving the cop such service.

Another minute of this, and two yelling cars later, and the husky above him stopped. Ian let out a faint whimper of disappointment at that, but knew all good things needed to come to an end eventually. The cop cleared his throat with a hoarse cough, then grunted as he began to back off of Ian entirely. An unceremonious POP came from the canine’s backside as he let out a light yelp from being untied. Warm seed began to flow down his thighs almost immediately now that the plug was no longer holding his stretched hole shut, making Ian flush with embarrassment yet again. The husky kept  backing up though till just his stomach was pushing against the leaky ass on Ian, making the shiba rumble again with soft contentment. The husky rumbled too, staying that way for but a moment before backing off.

“You’re free to go.”



Ian groaned as he rolled off the horse below him, warm seed leaking out of his over-stretched hole. The tubby shiba-inu panted softly as he settled down into place on the large bed beside the horse, sweat tricking down his face and chest as he just gulped at the air to try and refill his taxed lungs. His whole frame ached, from the bottoms of his feet which had been banging into the footboard to his muzzle which had been lavished in affectionate nibbling nearly the entire romp. The deed was done though, with Ian’s equine partner neighing lightly in glee as he rubbed some of the spilled seed into his musky crotch. The dog just smiled, not even able to chuckle between the long, ragged pants as he slowly regained some semblance of composure flat on his back. Shutting his eyes as he just basked in the afterglow, Ian’s breaths came easier as he let his mind wander around while the horse cleaned himself up. The canine knew he would be next for that cleaning, as he definitely needed a shower after such a… Workout.

Hearing the horse get off the bed, Ian opened one eye and caught sight of that toned, tight ass which had been framed in a barely-adequate jockstrap just a half-hour prior. The dog’s tail wagged slowly at that sight beneath his own bulging rear, swishing some of the dripping seed onto the sheets below as well as cooling down his burning rear; his partner hadn’t used quite enough lube. The dog laid back and shut his eyes again after a moment more of oogling the that fine rear, the horse having caught him and given a knowing wink in reply to such glances. “Plenty more where that came from tubbs… For you especially.” The horse whispered with a hint of playfulness, making Ian smile and blush all at once as his weight was again mentioned. He wasn’t at all ashamed about his build; he loved every pound of his pudgy frame immensely. It was just odd to him to hear it so affectionately referenced, as it hadn’t been for a while… And not by any equines he knew for even longer. This just made Ian blush deeper, bringing a paw up to his face to try and vainly hide it from the horse who was so broadly smirking down at him. “You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”

“I’m just not used to some sweet dirty talk… Makes me remember someone.”

“Oh? Who’s that?” The horse inquired, leaning down towards Ian with that same smirk as the dog tried to shrink down into the bed.

“My first…”


A short, stocky shiba inu ran down the halls towards the doors at the end. He was panting hard already, well before he had reached his destination, as that much exertion was uncommon for him even at practice. The coach had always tried to get him to sprint more, but being a lineman meant that the shiba didn’t need to be fast over long distances, just good for short bursts of speed. The young canine reached his destination at full-clip though, slamming into the doors with a loud CRASH, and shoving down on the handle to fling them open. A couple other furs left in the hall heard the crash, but the blur of tan and white which zipped right out the opened door was all but indistinguishable to them. The shiba didn’t care about the looks though, he was well and truly in a rush and the racket couldn’t be helped. So he ignored it, ignoring the twinge of pain in his stomach from making hard contacted with the door, and just broke out into a run again once he was clear of the exit. He was going to make it, but whether or not he would be still breathing once he got there was another story.

A couple minutes later the canine came jogging to a stop in the shade behind the school building in the alley between in and the large gym. Leaning over and placing his paws on his knees, he greedily drank in the oxygen around him. Heat radiated off his over-exerted frame, and the familiar stench that was teenage musk was already starting to permeate through his clothing. He panted hard and deep, barely noticing anything around him and just focusing on getting his lungs refilled time and again in order to get his body back to some sort of a usable state. The shiba leaned over a bit further as he stood, his stomach pressing against his crotch slightly and making him blush inwardly from the feeling of all that soft flesh rubbing along his sensitive member. He couldn’t help but get just the tiniest bit aroused from it too, which only served to heighten his blush and send even more blood rushing to his pounding head.

“I always knew you were out of shape Ian, but this… Just hope coach doesn’t see it.” A deep, thick voice came from behind the shiba, making him jump slightly and turn his head to see who it was. A thick, slightly-smirking Clydesdale came up to the shiba inu’s left, stopping beside him and placing a large paw on the canine’s back. Ian just blushed at that, looking back at the ground and coughing a few times before standing with a groan and placing both of his paws on the tender area where he had banged his stomach a short time prior.

“I know Jake, huff… I know. You said you… huff… Needed something?” Ian barely managed to splutter out between deep breaths, his composure returning slower than he wanted. It was the off season though, school was nearly over for the year and that meant a few months of pigging out and being lazy before having to train again for college football.

“My note didn’t say I needed anything… It said I wanted something. There’s a difference,”  Jake murmured, standing Ian up with a strong arm and pushing the canine gently back towards the back wall of the school. The pair was utterly alone back there, as most others were in class at that time or had already left for the year; Jake and Ian were there to take finals then head off as well. This made Ian slightly nervous as he looked up at Jake, his tail sinking between his legs as he felt his plush rear touch the brick wall behind him. His eyes started to fill with fear, and he began to shrink back down in spite of the strong paw which rested gently on his chest. “I’m not going to hurt you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Then wh-“, Ian started, but was cut off by the horse’s muzzle joining with his own. Ian went wide-eyed at that, part of him wanting to fight back but a bigger part of him submitting to the overpowering feeling of lust that suddenly filled every fiber of his being. He kissed back, his muzzle parting along with the equine’s and his tongue beginning to dance as well. He stood up straighter, even beginning to rock towards his toes the more he got into the kiss as he felt that paw on his chest begin to slowly slide down towards his padded middle. This made Ian blush brightly, as he was by no means in the shape of his Clydesdale caller, but that just felt… Right with that paw there, idly playing with the shirt-covered paunch below it. Ian’s arms slowly wrapped around Jake’s middle, pulling it a bit closer so that the pair could have more access to explore one another’s muzzle with their tongues. The horse reciprocated this by leaning down a bit more, his taller frame making the dog have to strain less and thusly get more out of the sudden display of lust.

The two furs stayed intertwined for well over a minute, heated breaths of passion flaring from both their noses as neither wanted to come up for air out of the kiss. Ian knew he had to though after a point, as he had still not recovered from running all the way to their meeting spot, and thusly was beginning to get dizzy from the startling act and how fast it had all come to pass. He pulled back, only just, and lowered his muzzle as he panted heavily against Jake’s chest. The equine whinnied faintly at the pause, pushing his muzzle to the top of Ian’s and giving it a gentle, warm kiss before backing off just a bit to allow the dog to catch his breath.

“I’ve felt this way since sophomore year Ian.” Jake blurted out, a myriad of emotions painting the horse’s face as Ian’s gaze rose to meet his. “I just… I am the quarterback, you’re a lineman, and we both have to be in close quarters and around a bunch of other guys for months on end… I was nervous. I won’t get to see you again though, you or that gorgeous ass… So, I… I’m sorry.” Jake finished, turning to leave the second that last word was out of his maw. Ian wasn’t about to let that happen though, and with surprising quickness reached out at grabbed at one of Jake’s paws before the horse could get out of reach. The Clydesdale jerked to a stop, turning back to Ian with both surprise and guilt on his face. “I’m really sorry… If you want to hit me to make you fe-“

“Oh shut up Jake… We all knew that if that’s what you’re worried about, and you know I could take you if any of this was unwelcome. I’m just… Surprised.” Ian blurted out, taking his turn at being embarrassed. Jake brightened up almost immediately, wiping his muzzle off and looking down at Ian with a wide smile.

“Why surprised? You know how many looks you get?” Jake asked, looking down at the shiba who was still looking at the ground. The canine just got redder and shook his head, making the horse sigh and take Ian’s muzzle into his paw. Raising that muzzle up to look at him, Jake frowned with mock disapproval and gave the shiba a light smack on that meaty arse of his. “More than even I get. You’re short so got that cute thing taken care of, muscled with enough chub to be excellent for cuddling, walk with confidence and yet enough shyness to be mysterious…” Jake said, getting redder and redder as he spoke till he went back to looking at the ground and released Ian’s muzzle. The shiba inu was flabbergasted, looking back at the ground as it felt like his cheeks achieved a new level of blushing unheard of by furkind. The pair stood in silence for a long moment after that, neither wanting to say something to further how awkward things were between them now that the secret was out. Ian coughed once, making Jake look up hopefully only to immediately turn redder and go right back to training his gaze at the pavement below.

“That was nice…” Ian finally murmured, making Jake blush even more. “I… Never took my final in Sex Ed.” He said, barely above a whisper, which really perked Jake up. The horse looked right at Ian for a long moment, whose eyes had never left the ground. “I have the stu-“

“I’m…” Jake started, his voice wavering slightly as he did so.

“Me too…” Ian cut in after a moment, his voice shaking as well.

“You sure? I mean…” Jake whispered, stepping closer to Ian and placing a paw on the shiba’s chest. Ian just nodded, then turned himself towards the wall of the school. He then shoved a paw into his pocket and pulled out a pair of black packets, both of lube. Jake took them, then looked them over quizzically as neither he nor Ian had any idea what to truly do with them. The undressing part they could handle though, so after a moment of fumbling with those packets, Jake just held onto them as he began to undo his pants. Ian was doing the same, taking his time with the button as his paw shook slightly. The horse noticed, and placed his paw on the canine’s comfortingly. “I won’t if you d-“

“I’m not graduating a virgin Jake. Neither are you.” Ian said, his eyes finally looking up to meet the horse’s with an underlying determination that nearly scared Jake. The shiba’s eyes also had hints of lustful want in them, a sign which could just barely be seen but gave away volumes about how badly he too wanted something from his equine teammate. Taken slightly aback by the forceful words from the smaller canine, the horse looked down for a moment before returning his gaze back to Ian’s. Jake’s eyes spoke volumes in return along those lines, and in that moment, the pair silently agreed to not speak until they were done; words would just get in the way.

Silently, both of the furs dropped their pants to their ankles. Both being football players, they actually preferred the feel of jockstraps to normal underwear, and thusly only Jake had any problem with removing the skimpy, ill-fitting piece of clothing. Ian leaned back and stole a glance at the meat which was about to tear virginity from him, and a submissive moan of apprehension, fear, and yet arousal came out of him involuntarily. The shiba had seen his holy grail in that moment, and instantly knew what he was going to be spending a lot of his adult on, around, and over. Jake saw that, blushing slightly as he hefted his well-endowed self in a large paw and just gave its slowly-arousing length a drawn-out stroke. This further teased Ian, who just blushed and turned back around, his eyes on the ground while his paws supported his frame against the wall in front of him. He could feel blood rushing to his own groin as he stood there, making him pant lightly already with heated breaths of anticipation.

A cold, sticky liquid made Ian jump slightly as he felt a paw coated with it worm its way between his quaking cheeks. Letting out another involuntary moan, the shiba shivered as his rump was coated in the goo, from the top of his crack down to his tight pucker. The paw even went as far as sliding a sole finger in, making Ian whimper lightly in submission to the larger, stronger horse behind him. The paw receded after doing that, leaving Ian cold, exposed, and unsure of when he was going to be assailed by Jake’s cock. The feeling was new to Ian, and while it was odd, he relished it and just held onto that feeling of powerlessness and trepidation; being a football player mostly meant he knew what was coming and few would even attempt to give him a hard time. This was the exact opposite, and Ian loved every single second of it as he just panted a bit harder and felt his tortured jock strain a little more from the stiffening dog bone it was forced to contain.

With a grunt, Jake slid his thick, hard cock right into Ian’s ass. He missed the hole first try, clearly inexperienced like Ian as the dog let loose a yelp of surprise from the impact. He felt the head bash the sensitive area at the base of his rear, which only sent more blood to his groin and drained more from his fogging mind. Jake seemed to be in the same boat, as the shiba felt the equine’s cock pulse one with heightening arousal as Jake took it out and retried his aim. Instead of a ram this time too, the horse took his time, sliding in between the two sagging orbs in front of him with more patience as he pressed the head of his cock against Ian’s pucker. The dog cried out, his head arching back as he felt a flood of ecstasy fill his blood, that touch alone one of the best feelings of his entire life. Jake hadn’t even entered him yet, and Ian was already nearly ready to cum; the dog wasn’t going to last long.

Slowly, and very gingerly, Jake entered into Ian. The horse whinnied and groaned loud, clearly experiencing one of the best feelings of his life as Ian just grit his teeth and whimpered as he felt like he was being ripped in half. Granted, if this is what being ripped in half felt like he would gladly have that happen, but this was a new level of pain for him. His body wasn’t sure whether to reject the cock being forced into him, or to just stimulate every single pleasure center in Ian’s mind. The canine was just as dumbfounded, his clouded mind barely even able to remember its name as he just cried out again and again, panting hard as he grit his teeth and clenched his paws into fists. He also clenched his hole around Jake’s cock, subconsciously trying to keep the mass of meat from entering him. It wasn’t working through, and instead just brought more pleasure to the horse as his pulsing cock slid further and further into the canine.

At about half-way in, Jake began to buck like a true bronco, his powerful hips slamming his rock-hard cock into Ian’s hole again and again. The dog felt tears leave his eyes, but at the same time he could feel pre leaking liberally from his cock. Never had he felt so much pain and pleasure rolled into one ball of utter bliss, and he was too confused to even care why that was. His cock was at full attention, begging to be touched and teased, and yet with his paws busy holding himself up and Jake’s holding onto his hips, Ian couldn’t give his length the attention it needed. He tried brushing the tip with his swinging, sagging gut but that did nothing but make him even hornier with the movement of his soft flesh. Jake making his thighs quake and his rear wobble wasn’t helping matters either, and Ian knew he wouldn’t make it more than a minute longer before he burst like a dam into his nearly-tearing jock.

Jake sounded the same, a myriad of grunts, moans, and neighs coming from the equine as his thrusts were anything but uniform. Erratic, desperate, and far too horny to even think could best describe what the horse was doing as he rammed his pelvis into Ian’s plump rump over and over again. His big paws gripped the canine tightly, making sure Ian could never leave his cock as well as to make sure that the horse never fell should he stumble. His leaking cock was warming the both of them with the friction on the shiba’s fuzzy, large arse, but neither could nor would care as they continued their romp unabated. Even his balls hit Ian once or twice on the deeper thrusts, their owner so lost in the moment that the pain didn’t even register in his primitive, animalistic thoughts.

The pair panted in unison, but Ian was the first to go as he howled out loudly and shot a large, sticky load right into his jock. It spilled through the thin fabric, dripping to the ground as well as down his bulky thighs. The warm, spurting goo also got a bit onto his underbelly, making the canine moan after he finished his orgasmic howl. Jake heard it all, and was just barely smart enough to put two and two together as he continued to pummel Ian’s rear. He was painfully close too, his balls churning up a large load to fill the canine beneath him as the horse leaned in a bit more to get a tighter grip on Ian. His cock was on fire from chafing, his lungs ached, his back and thighs felt like rubber, and yet as he bucked in one last time, Jake couldn’t have been more satisfied.

The equine came with a loud neigh, arching back and hilting into Ian at the same time. This meant that his large length smashed into the shiba’s prostate, sending another orgasm right through Ian and making his still-throbbing cock pulse with arousal. The dog cried out in unison with the horse at the abrupt ramming, arching back as well as his paws left the wall and he was forced to support them both with his shaking legs. The dog and the horse just stood, the horse spewing cum deep into Ian while Ian just howled out in painful glee from being inflated with equine seed. Jake’s load didn’t truly inflate him, but Ian definitely felt bloated well before the horse ran out of spunk to stuff him with, and that was another new experience that the canine knew he would need a lot more of as he grew into a full-fledged adult.

Not ten seconds later, Jake was finished, panting along with Ian who was slowly slumping against the wall. Jake was following suit, pulling himself out once he finished with an unceremonious pop. The canine’s ass immediately leaked almost half of that load out, the goopy substance running down his legs and making him blush brightly at how good, and dirty it felt to be so covered in sex. The horse was no better, as he was sweating nearly as much as Ian but far muskier, and still had over a foot of equine meat on display as he sunk down behind Ian to hold onto the kneeling canine. His chest heaved with Ian’s, hot breaths going into the back of the dog’s neck while his arms slowly wrapped around the front of that soft torso to hold onto it. Everything on both of the beasts hurt, and yet neither gave a single thought to it; they had just experienced their own personal heaven, and that would take a few minutes to process. They did that in silence too, the only sounds of panting and a few grunts as they struggled to remain comfortable, as well as semi-clean, in the filthy alleyway while they both came back to their senses.

“That was…” Jake finally murmured after a few minutes of catching his breath, giving Ian a tighter hug around his soft midsection. The canine nodded in agreement, still panting softly as he let out a light grunt from the squeeze. “Wow…”



“I reminded you of him eh?” The horse remarked, looking over the blushing canine. Ian simply nodded slowly, looking down at the bed with beet-red cheeks. The equine chuckled and slid into bed beside the canine, clearly not ready to clean himself up just yet as his cock looked to be stiffening up again just hearing that story, as well as molesting Ian with his eyes the entire time. “Well… I hope I was at least a little better chubs.”

“I dunno… Maybe you should remind me?” Ian said, a smirk forming on his lips as he spread himself out on the bed a little more, looking up at the horse with puppy-dog eyes. A low rumble came from the equine as he looked Ian over again, just scanning the chubby frame of the canine one inch at a time as Ian continued to look at him with innocent eyes of want. The horse’s expression returned that sentiment as he shifted himself closer to the canine, a sole paw placing itself on the dog’s crotch and rubbing the sensitive length tenderly. That rubbing continued for a moment, but only a moment as the equine’s muzzle lowered itself down and began to attend to that meaty dog’s meat with an expertise few got to experience. Ian’s eyes twisted shut and he began to whine submissively at that, his thick length rising to attention in just moments from the expert affections of his equine partner.

The horse didn’t disappoint.





Huff. Huff. Huff. The jogging german shepherd panted softly as he put one foot in front of the other and propelled himself along the mountainside path which he ran almost daily. Small beads of sweat ran down his fur, accenting his rippling physique and making him appear to almost shine in the moonlight of the clear night. It wasn’t particularly warm that night, but the path he jogged was almost six miles long, and doing so without stopping meant that he got pretty sweaty. The run helped him maintain the body he was so proud of though, and a shower would clean up any grime, so the canine thought little of it as he soldiered on. The night air felt good in his lungs and on his fur as he hustled through it, and for a moment the dog shut his eyes and just reveled in the feeling of running along. The burn of his muscles, the feeling of the minute amount of excess weight left on his toned body melting off, and the faint rustle of the trees around him… It was like being one with nature, and he loved it.

The canine’s relaxation was interrupted by a protruding root, which stuck out just far enough to catch one of his feet and send him toppling to the ground. Moving at the pace he was, the german shepherd had no time to stop himself and wound up tumbling head over heels into a heap on the dirt trail. Dazed and confused, the dog just lay in a pile for a moment to collect himself and try to figure out what had happened. Getting his bearings quick enough, he felt a bolt of pain sear into his leg as he tried to move it. The canine was fairly certain he hadn’t broken anything, but a nasty sprain was more than likely as he just stay still and waited for the shooting pain to ebb. He was luckily not too far from the end of the trail, and his car, which would get him to the hospital to be checked out. Sighing with defeat, the canine just sat where he was and collected himself further, wanting to build up some resolve in order to power through the pulsating throbs and just get himself to his vehicle.

A rustle of leaves made the canine forget his predicament for a moment, his ears perking up as his tail bristled with surprise. The canine let his muzzle curl into a light snarl as he began to scan the woods, fight or flight gripping the injured beast as he sat. He was in no shape to stand, but he had to try anyways in order to fend off whatever was about to come out of the woods at him. His fur bristled more as the rustling got closer, and louder; whatever was causing the noise was very large. His ears swiveled, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from in order to turn to it. He wobbled slightly on his one good leg, hopping over to a tree in order to use it for balance as his snarl deepened and a low growl came out of his powerful chest. Fear gripped the dog, and as such he was in no place to be attacked or even messed with; a cornered beast is a dangerous beast. As three more distinct sounds joined the rustling, sounding even closer and beginning to gain speed, the canine didn’t think that his show of force was going to be enough. He wasn’t going to give up though, and began to hop in place trying to spin and see anything in the blackened forest. Not a thing was in sight though, which furthered unnerved the german shepherd and made him whine between growls out of increasing fear.



The german shepherd awoke, bound and gagged on a large, plush bed in what looked to be a cabin. He struggled vehemently for a moment, his tail lashing around as deep growls of anger poured out of him. The bed below bounced and creaked, his bindings snapping taut but not giving the faintest hint of breaking as he tugged at them again and again. The struggling had reminded him of just why he was in his situation, with a whole new wave of agony making the german shepherd go from a growling, struggling captor to a whimpering, defeated pup in a flash. He could feel something on his leg, but as restrained as he was he couldn’t chance a look. He could feel that his clothing was differentThe dog chewed on his gag to try and call out for either help or relief, but didn’t get a single ounce of purchase with his sharp teeth. This left him with no other options other than to lay still and just hoped that his attacker would eventually come in to check on him. The canine was fuming about this, but with another twinge of pain making him wince just from adjusting his leg, he wasn’t so sure he was in a place to do little more than what his captor wanted.

Once the canine had accepted his temporary fate, he lay back down still on the bed and began to examine the room. It was a large bedroom, with basic trappings and a large picture window on one wall. A sole door was across from the window, but it didn’t have a handle on the inside; clearly meant for if the german shepherd escaped somehow. The bed was very soft, and large, so much so that the ropes keeping the canine in place were nearly two feet long and still held him completely spread-eagle. Why the bed was so large was beyond the dog, but he thought little of it and continued to look around the bland room. A lamp sat in one corner, along with another on a dresser to the left of the bed. Both were on, giving the room a dimly-lit appearance in spite of the bright night outside the window. A lone armoire and a full-length mirror were the only other pieces of furniture in the room, completing the boring, wooden surroundings. The room at least smelled pleasant, almost like cinnamon mixed with pine, so the canine took a small amount of solace in that as he just returned his gaze to the ceiling above. The grains of wood looked back, silently running like a river frozen in time above the german shepherd.

With the room explored and his situation assessed, the dog could do little more than lay where he was and rest. Alone with little more than his thoughts and the consistent, throbbing pain in his leg, the canine just let his brain wander around to where it pleased as he tried vainly to pass the time until his captor made an appearance. He worried about whether or not he would be found, if he would be missed, what would become of his car, and a myriad of other things. Rest wouldn’t come to his mind while he was like that, so just laying there with his eyes locked on the ceiling was his only true option to pass the time. He wondered just why he had been taken, and to where, as well as by whom. No one had any grudges against him; he was a simple factory worker that went to work, did his job, and then went home to an empty apartment every day. The whole thing made no sense to the canine, so he just tried his hardest to get some sort of grasp on what was happening while he lay in silence for what felt to be the an eternity.

After nearly two more eternities for the nervous, bored, and now hungry canine, the bedroom door creaked opened slowly. The german shepherd immediately sat up as much as he could, using his arms to hold himself up and wincing as the motion moved his leg from the comfortable spot he had found far earlier. His face turned into a snarl as his ears flattened back in aggression, even though he knew he was in no place to be displaying himself as such. The door swung open wider, and a deep thud reached the dog’s pinned-back ears. A deep growl came from the canine as his fur stood on end, every instinctual response to being threatened going off in his mind as he heard another step and saw a large swathe of white fur. The big piece of fur got bigger with another step, wobbling slowly as its owner squeezed through the door with a soft grunt and all but rolled himself into the view of the dog.

“Now now, calm down.” A downright massive panda stood in the doorway, filling it completely and looking over at the german shepherd with a warm smile. His voice rumbled out like a train made of syrup; imposing and loud and yet smooth as silk. The obese ursine looked over the shackled canine just once before approaching, slowly and with his paws raised to show he was no threat in an attempt to keep the dog at ease.  The canine’s snarl lessened, and his fur went down to normal, though his eyes and ears still gave away that he didn’t trust the large bear one bit. Getting closer and closer, the bear maintained that passive demeanor and friendly smile until he was standing right beside the bed in which the canine was tied up in, his gut touching it nearly three feet before any other part of him. The mountain of bear stood there for a moment, looking over the german shepherd again, which just sent more warning signals to the dog and made him want to get out of there that much more. “I’m sorry we had to tie ya up like this, we didn’t wantcha going off and hurting yerself. The gag is so ya wouldn’ bite yer tongue off when we set’cher leg… Ya took a damn bad fall, broke the thing good. Ya were pretty drugged up when we did all this, so I wouldn’t doubt ya don’t remember it. I’ll take that gag offa ya in a minute, alright?”

The canine looked up at the bear, confused and trying to take in all that he had heard. He wasn’t a captor like he thought, and yet his last memory was a loud clang to the back of his head. He did have a few flashes of screaming in pain and several very large… Somethings holding him down. It seemed like a dream though, but according to the wall of panda it was fact, and he was just a guest rather than a prisoner. It seemed like an odd way to treat a guest, but he was also sure that waking up in a strange place would’ve resulted in him trying to bolt on a broken leg, so it was not completely infeasible. Processing as best he could, a feeble not in response was all that he could give to the question, which made the panda smile and turn to his side. The beast was so incredibly fat that reaching over his gut to the canine didn’t look to be possible, a thing which made the german shepherd far less concerned inwardly; he could easily outrun the beast if he was a hostage. He was being freed without so much as a thought though, so maybe a bit of patience was in order till he found out what was really going on.

“Now ya hold still, and don’ bite off any fingers,” The panda said as he leaned in closer, copious rolls of lard bunching up along his side and even onto the bed as he did so. The german shepherd watched this, somewhat fascinated by the sheer immensity and doughy-like nature of the beast, again only managing a feeble nod of reply. Moving his fat digits onto the gag, he gave it a light tug and then pulled it down around the canine’s neck. Surprised by how easily it had been in there, as well as the tenderness with which his so-called captor removed it, the dog snapped his stiff jaw shut a few times to loosen it up. Giving his head a shake and then making a few more motions with his jaw, he looked back up at the bear after a moment, having to all but tear his eyes off the protruding midsection which was resting heavily on the bed at that point.

“Thanks… Uhm…” the dog croaked out, still a bit stiff as he slumped back down onto the bed as the bear’s paw retreated.

“Oh! Name’s Max, nice to finally meetcha.”

“Otto. Say, can you untie me? Oh, and where are my clothes, phone, wallet…” The dog trailed off, looking up at the panda with a nervous look in his eyes. The panda just smiled back, then backed away from the bed. The nervousness grew in his expression, as his ears pinned back again with mistrust. “Uhm…”

“Just gonna get Kegan for all that, alright? He’s got better fingers than these big ol’ mitts.” The bear grinned, holding up his fat, farily-useless paws as an example. This put the dog at a little bit of ease, letting him stay laying on the bed as his eyes wandered back towards the bear, this time towards his sloshing, wide rump. The ursine was completely nude, a fact that Otto hadn’t noticed until that point as a pair of rolling, jiggling rumpcheeks looked right back at him. Blushing brightly to himself, he tried to turn away, but was instead drawn in by the hypnotic sway of the bulbous ass on that bear. Each of the sacs of adipose rubbed and bobbed along the other with every waddling, slow step taken by their owner, constantly in motion thanks to that. The thunder thighs below and around the twin peaks showed the same motion, touching to nearly the bear’s hidden knees. How one could get that fat was just beyond the canine, but as he continued to stare at the retreating mass of lard, he started to see why one would try.

“KEGAN! Get the dog’s stuff and get in here!” The panda yelled, snapping Otto out of his trance. The dog quickly turned his eyes to the ceiling and just looked up, still red in the cheeks for staring as long as he had. The ursine didn’t notice that though, as he simply stood by the door and hummed idly while he waited for whoever Kegan was. Otto just lay motionless in wait as well, unable to do much else but not caring about that. “KEGAN!”

“Coming, coming~” A sing-songy voice replied. Otto turned to have a look at the new arrival, having to avert his eyes as best he could from Max’s still-exposed rump. Heavy footfalls followed the voice, and just a moment later the door creaked open wider and a chubby black bear strode in. Far less rotund than his panda partner, the ursine was still several pounds past well-fed, though the look matched his jovial demeanor perfectly. “I brought his… Oh good, he’s finally awake,” The bear said with a bright smile, lumbering right past Max without even so much as a hello right over to the bed where Otto lay. The dog backed up just a bit out of instinct, unsure of what to make of the overly-friendly bear at that moment as the whole situation was fast-becoming a bit much for him. “Hi, I’m Kegan, and you?”

“Otto…” the dog murmured, his ears still flattened to his head. The bear frowned lightly at this, looking genuinely hurt by the response.

“Well hi Otto. Here, let me untie you… We didn’t want to do this, but you tried sleep-walking twice on that bad leg ya know?” The bear said, much less enthusiastic as he reached for one of the bindings on Otto. The dog brought it over to the Kegan, trying his hardest to smile back at the perky ursine while still more than a little overwhelmed. Making quick work of one of the bindings, the bear started around for the other one. Otto just waved him off though, smiling considerably brighter now that he knew he was indeed no hostage. “You got that one?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Good, I didn’t want to walk all the way around,” Kegan started, then paused as he looked over Otto as if for the first time. “You must be starving, just waking up like this. Can you get him something Max?” A grunt of a reply followed by a few thuds came from the panda by the door, who left right away to fetch something to eat. The dog barely noticed that though, as he was too busy undoing his other arm and then sitting upright fully with a deep sigh. He stayed seated for a moment, eyes shut and his paws rubbing his stiff back while he just drank in his freedom once again. “Must be good to be untied, huh?”

“Very… Though, why did you take care of me? Why not call the hospital or something?”

“We don’t have a phone way out here, and yours, well…” The bear trailed off, then passed the shattered device to Otto. The dog just groaned, looking at the cracked screen with dismay as he tried vainly to get anything to register on the dead device. “We didn’t go through your things, just cleaned up your clothes and that’s it. We gave you a bit of a bath too since you… Well, you stunk.” Kegan looked to blush a little as he said that, apparently feeling bad insulting Otto. The dog blushed too, still seated in bed and looking down at the final binding on his good leg, then to the bad leg which looked to almost be strapped down to the bed. Kegan noticed the stares at the unusual bandage, and quickly cleared his throat to get the canine’s attention again. “We set your leg too, but it was a pretty bad. You shouldn’t even try and get up for a few weeks, at the very least. That’s why it’s strapped to the bed too; it keeps you from moving it easily w-“

“Uhm, you just said a few weeks. I have a job, bills, my car might get towed… I can’t stay here a few weeks.” Otto cut in, his voice giving away his slight agitation at the news. Kegan looked hurt again, his ears pinning back as his whole chubby frame seemed to fall almost a full inch in defeat.

“Corey said you’d react like that… “ Kegan sighed, even more defeated as he slumped down and wilted right in front of Otto. The german shepherd felt terrible for letting down the bear, but he had no choice in the matter; reality didn’t stall just because he got hurt. There was so much planning that needed to happen, so many bills and things that would need taking care of while he was laid up… The canine had gone from one overwhelming situation to another over the span of a sentence. “Corey’s always right though…”

“He always is,” chimed in Max’s booming voice, the large panda re-entering the room holding a tray of what Otto could only describe as some of the best-smelling food he had ever caught a whiff of. He practically began to salivate just sitting there in bed, over a year of dieting completely forgotten as his inner canine came out to be greedy. “Did he say what Corey thought he would?” The larger ursine inquired as he waddled further into the room, the whole space getting feeling both smaller and warmer with his immense, imposing figure in it. He made his lumbering way over to the bed, where Kegan just stood silently hanging his head and staring at his feet. The panda came alongside the smaller black bear and stood there for a moment, rubbing his copious fur-covered middle against the other with a soft smile. “Well?”

“Yeah…” Kegan muttered, still staring at the floor and sounding utterly dejected. Otto felt even worse at that point, but still justified in his decision; he just couldn’t stay there. A vacation would be a very nice change of pace, and he sure did need one, but that would have to wait until he had the means to do so.

“Oh well, though we should let Corey talk to him first.” Max said first to Kegan, then turned towards Otto before continuing. “Eat this on up, and then ya can talk to Corey.” The panda set the tray down beside Otto as gingerly as his fat paws could, having to bend over far more than he looked like he should. A deep grunt came from the ursine as he tried to stand back up straight, his paws almost pushing off the shelf of his gut as he worked to get his spine erect again. Otto watched, curiousity overtaking him for the moment Max was working to get standing. It only took a second, but it was enough to make the german shepherd stare again in fascination at the fat bear, which again mad ehim blush once his mind realized what he was doing. Max looked to have caught him this time, giving him a quick wink of understanding before turning to the other bear and wrapping a consoling arm around him. Otto just blushed brighter and looked right at his food instead of the bear, hoping that the heavenly-scented items would look just as good.

His eyes met a spread which could put a small buffet to shame, and yet made a five-star restaurant look like a fast-food joint. Everything was paw-made, from the waffles to the butter which melted down in sloppy puddles on them to the orange juice which still had seeds in it. Eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, grits, hash browns, toast, cereal… It was an entire smorgasbord of breakfast, and looked to be more than the canine would normally eat in a week on his current diet. He had been absolutely famished since he woke up though, and as he looked on at the tray, he didn’t think that it was too much; he wondered if it would be enough to sate him. Outstretching a paw towards a healthy, yellow banana, the canine stopped and instead turned as best he could to get to the handle on the side of the tray. He was in no mood, or state, to pick and choose what he would be eating; food just needed to go into him. Had he been anywhere else, he would have questioned why his dieting ways were suddenly not even entering his head, why all the food looked so good yet was so far off his normal meal plans, and why he didn’t even consider that consuming it all would undo countless hours in the gym. Laid up in a strange place with strange bears and his mind a flurry of worries though meant he was not thinking about any of those things, and as he gave the tray a tug towards himself, he wasn’t about to start.

The tray was far heavier than it looked, taking a few tugs to get it slid close enough to reach all its contents with ease. The final tug moved his leg just enough for him to let out a yelp of surprised pain; he had all but forgotten the broken appendage which had put him in that situation. Both Max and Kegan looked right over at their guest with equally-concerned expressions, but Otto just forced out a pained smile at them and waved it off. “You ok?” Kegan still questioned, looking to Otto’s leg then back to the german shepherd. Otto nodded feebly, wincing a bit as he moved his leg back into a comfortable spot. The black bear frowned and nudged Max, who just grunted at the impact to his fleshy frame before turning to Kegan with a confused look on his face. “Put the tray closer next time; look what you made him do.”

“It’s alright…” Otto croaked out before Max could respond, the pain on his face evident but ebbing as he let his whole body remain motionless. Max and Kegan both frowned at that one, the bears separating and going to opposite sides of the bed. Max stayed where he was, just moving a bit closer so that a large portion of his gut and even a small amount of his thighs were resting on the bed. Kegan, on the other paw, circled around and slid onto the bed gingerly, careful to not let his hefty size move the mattress more than it needed to be or with any speed. Once there, the black bear moved the pillows behind Otto’s head and back in order to prop him up easier, while Max just leaned there and looked on in silence. Otto was quiet too, looking over at Kegan with a bit of concern and curiousity while the ursine made him more comfortable. Finishing his adjustments quickly, the bear then lay a paw on the canine’s chest and pushed very gently, which made Otto lay back against the impromptu back rest. He wiggled a little against it to get more comfortable, then relaxed with a heaving sigh and just sat there. He couldn’t quite reach his meal from that position, but Max saw to that by pushing the tray considerably closer. The tray’s distance didn’t seem to matter though, for the moment Max’s paw left the tray, he held that banana Otto had been reaching for in his paw, offering it up to the canine.

“We’ll feed ya, just relax and let that leg rest.” The panda quietly said in a low, smooth voice. Otto looked at Max, slightly confused, but as the fruit neared his lips the canine opened up and took a bite of it. Letting out a low growl of contentment to finally get something to eat, he chewed slowly to savor the first bite of his fruit. The banana was still there though, waiting to be eaten and being held up by the panda with an unwavering, large paw. Kegan was still on the bed as well, reaching across Otto to extend the legs on the tray so that it could be put over the dog rather than beside him. The canine didn’t really notice or care about that though, as he was too focused on the remains of the fruit in the tender paw resting scant inches in front of his muzzle. Chewing up the second-to-last bite, he opened again for Max to stuff the last piece in before reaching up and taking the bear’s paw to lick it clean. Canine habits died hard, and Otto was still deeply entrenched in them as he licked every inch of that paw to get the remnants of flavor, as well as to taste what else the panda had been cooking. Max just blushed at the gesture, looking almost uncertain of what to do with himself at the sudden forwardness of the dog. Kegan, however, saw that licking and got just a hint of jealousy in his eyes; he took a large chunk of bacon and held it up for Otto to munch on. The canine caught whiff of that bacon, and stopped mid-lick to the panda’s paw to look at it. Dogs could never, ever pass up on bacon…

Over an hour later, Otto hadn’t moved a muscle save for his paws to rub on his distended, packed stomach. He had eaten every scrap of food the panda had brought out, and it showed quite handsomely on his once-svelte figure. Looking as though he had swallowed a small medicine ball, the canine just lay in place and let his breaths come in short, panting bursts interspersed with hiccups. He had never been as full as he was right then in his entire life, and it was both a freeing and somewhat arousing feeling. He was surprised at the latter, but as he just lay there and tried vainly to rub the aching away from his stretched pelt and even-more-stretched gut, he could understand why. The canine had never once given in to his greed; something he prided himself on and yet regret from time to time as he watched others advance around him. Letting that, and himself, go so freely though was utterly rewarding and he reveled in that feeling. The back of his mind worried that he would gain weight from the massive binge of eating, but it was nothing that a week of intense jogging couldn’t work off once his leg was healed. Otto wasn’t planning on eating like this for every one of his meals, nor did he expect his hosts to be so gracious again.

“Do you feel better?” Asked Kegan, looking over the canine with a warm smile as one of his paws moved up to the dog’s mouth with the final morsel of food from the tray; a sole muffin. Barely managing a nod, a rude and loud belched roared out of Otto much to his embarrassment. Had he not been so drowsy from stuffing himself, or so dopey from the feeling of being so past full, he might have blushed or excused himself. The dog instead just sighed in relief and continued to rub his packed tummy, opening up as best he could to cram that last bit of food down into himself. The panda on his other side was done feeding him, having already had his paws cleaned by the hog of a dog. This meant that the panda was rubbing at the swollen, taut ball of a middle on the canine along with its owner now, trying to soothe out that overfed feeling. The ursine had the paws of a masseuse, and immediately made the dog groan with contented bliss as he could feel every inch of his furred skin being loosened and massaged. Kegan stuffed nearly half of the muffin in right as Otto groaned, making the dog then groan again at the forced intake of food. His paws fell to his sides as he slowly chewed, utter ecstasy filling him to the brim as he all but melted into a puddle of german shepherd right then.

It took the canine several moments to finish chewing half of the muffin, and then gulp it down deliberately and forcefully into his gut. He groaned again as he felt it start to slide down into his middle, his mind reeling at why he was doing this to himself. Over a year of exercise, dieting, and admiring how trim he had gotten was vanishing in a single meal. He had never been fat, or even slightly chubby in his life, but he had never tried either. This new feeling of almost trying to get fat was something new, and unlike most, the german shepherd welcomed new experiences. He could only show this by opening his muzzle and taking in the other half of the muffin, beginning to work that over in his muzzle as his lidded eyes slid all the way shut and a deep rumble of bliss left his crammed frame. He chewed slowly again, his jaw working to move up and down as even it was tired from the sheer amount that had passed through it over the past hour and then some. The dog thought nothing of that though, his attention solely on the final bit of food and the paws which caressed, stroked, and rubbed over the tight ball of flesh now attached to his abdomen. The constant motions across his sensitive flesh were lulling him to sleep, and as he felt the embrace of dreamland coming to take him into a deep food coma, he hastened up chewing the last bit of food so that he could swallow it down before slipping into unconsciousness. Groggily, he peered out one eye just at Max, smiling as best he could in his dopey state. He then turned to Kegan and did the same, just barely seeing the black bear through the slit of his eye.



Otto woke up to the scent of burgers. Lots of burgers. He inhaled once, sharply, and drank in the juicy aroma which wafted up his nose so luxuriously. He didn’t dare open his eyes, for he was sure it was a remnant of a dream; no hamburger he had ever eaten smelled that good. The dull throb of his leg told him this was reality though, and forced him to wince slightly with that reminder as his eyes shut tighter and his face twisted just a bit. A concerned inhale came from somewhere around the canine, which gave Otto pause as he lay and just drank up the meaty smell. He was not used to being watched as he slept, and while it had never occurred to him that this would probably happen in a strange house, he was now fully aware of it, and he didn’t like it as much as he thought he would. That thought coupled with the pain that was now seeping into his being courtesy of the fractured bones in his leg brought the façade of a dream crashing down around the canine, and as such he chanced opening one of his eyes once he turned his head the direction of the smell, and the noise.

Cracking one set of eyelids revealed that the burger smell was no dream, but coming from a platter even larger than the one he had consumed for breakfast laden with tens of thick, dripping patties. Each looked to be perfectly done, with juices running down the sides and steam wafting off them just to further give away how fresh they were. The buns all looked to be from a bakery, and their scent just complimented the spiced meat which was hidden between them. A myriad of condiments, garnishes, and toppings sat off the left of the succulent beef, each separated into a bowl of its own and looking as fresh as the burgers which they were meant for. Otto shut his eyes again, tighter this time, and just groaned softly at the thought of eating more food. He had made a pig of himself with Max and Kegan, and yet here he was just looking at a spread even bigger and wanting to repeat that act with a vengeance. Something had definitely happened to him to make him this hungry, and yet he was unsure of what it was. The thought of getting fat nagged at his mind, but the burgers were nagging harder, and not just at his mind as he could feel his snout filling with saliva. Greed was going to take over again unless he did something, but having to stay in bed with a broken leg meant that doing anything was just not going to happen.

“Your body is trying to heal itself, and its burning a lot of energy doing that… That’s why you’re so hungry,” A new voice chimed in to Otto’s thoughts, making the canine open both his eyes quick and turn up towards the owner of that voice. Another fat beast, this one a hawk, looked back with a quizzical expression before giving a faint smile. “I’m Corey, nice to meet you,” He said flatly, his demeanor much less welcoming than the two bears that had been in the room earlier. Otto flattened his ears back involuntarily at that, looking at the avian with a light expression of worry and confusion. The bird saw this and sighed again, tilting his head to one side in order to meet Otto’s sideways gaze. “Max and Kegan told me you wanted to talk to me?”

“They did? I never…” Otto started, then sighed and shook his head as his brain began to clear the fog of sleep from its depths. He remembered who Corey was, somewhat, from the conversation he had with Kegan earlier that day finally. “Sorry, took me a minute. They told me you actually wanted to talk to me… Guess they lied about that?” The bird sighed again as he heard that, shaking his head as well in slight annoyance. The canine got concerned as he saw one of his hosts becoming vexed, quickly wondering what to say to try and stem the tide. Not thinking of anything good, he simply blurted out the first thing that came to mind: “I’m Otto by the way.”

“They told me your name, and yes they did lie… I’m guessing Kegan put Max up to it, again.” Corey groaned and just rubbed his forehead and beak, looking like a headache was coming on while he leaned down and placed his sagging paunch on the bed. The whole frame creaked and tilted towards him thanks to the large hawk’s weight, but he didn’t seem to notice or care as he got lower still till he was almost eye-level with Otto. The dog got nervous again, his ears flattening back as his tail shrunk between his legs. “I won’t peck, calm down. I just want to explain a few things before I let you have your lunch, alright?” Otto nodded, perking back up just a hint but still wary of the bird. The hawk obviously sensed it, but seemed to either not care or just ignore it as he slid down a little more, back into a chair which was now behind him; one hadn’t been in the room before Otto had fallen asleep.

“What do you need to explain?”

“Just some things so you don’t think we’re kidnapping you. First, we didn’t attack you. Max and Kegan were out in the forest playing catch with Rupert when they heard you fall. They went to investigate, but still played catch along the way… And…” The bird trailed off, looking a little flustered and annoyed as he took a deep breath before continuing. “They hit you in the head with their ball. So, if you remember a whack in the head before waking up in bed, that’s why.” Otto rubbed his head, finally realizing why he had a light headache the entire time since he had woken up in the odd cabin. Hitting the tender spot where the ball had hit on the side of his head, the canine winced and pulled his paw back, getting a nod and another sigh from the avain seated near him. “Sorry about that.”

“It was an accident… Just send them in to apologize later.”

“Oh, they didn’t yet?”

“No, Max and Kegan just…” Otto paused, taking his turn to be flustered as he searched for a word to describe what had happened earlier between himself and the bears. “Fed… Yeah, fed me breakfast in bed. I haven’t even met Rupert.”

“Great… I’ll send all three of them in once we’re done. Anyways, secondly, this cabin only has power. No internet, phone, cable… We like staying out here, away from all of society.” Otto immediately had warning bells go off in his head as he heard that, thoughts of cults filling his mind. Corey seemed prepared for this though, taking only a moment to pause and gauge Otto’s reaction before continuing. “We aren’t a cult though… I’m a doctor, Max and Kegan are bankers, Rupert is a chef, Lav is a lawyer, and Port is a realtor. We all went to college together, and come out here half the year, every year, to get away from everything in our lives. You don’t have to worry about us trying to rape you in your sleep or string you up, basically.” The bird said, a hint of exasperation in his voice as he stated what he thought was obvious. Otto, on the other paw, sighed with relief and relaxed again against the pillows behind him. Hearing that the hawk was a doctor was even more of a relief, as he knew he was in good wings now rather than needing to worry.

“Lastly, we own all this land… So with your jobs, technically you’ve been trespassing,” Corey continued, and that sent another shiver down Otto’s spine. Before the canine even had time to react, the avian continued on, “We aren’t looking to press any charges though. The land has no signs posting that it’s private, and you haven’t been harming anything that we’ve seen, so no harm done. However, this also means you can’t go and sue or try to press charges for being hit in the head with the baseball, alright?” The german shepherd nodded slowly; he hadn’t even thought of pressing charges in the first place. “In lieu of that though, we are offering to let you stay and recover here instead of going and being in a hospital, dealing with being off work, and all of that. You can stay as long as you need, no strings attached, and let that leg heal.” The avian had finally softened up with that offer, his tone one less of the borderline condescension it had been and more friendly. This put Otto a little more at ease, but got him thinking of new things as he began to mull their offer over in his head. He would surely be fired for missing work, not to mention all his bills piling up, the possible hunt for where he was… It was an amazing offer, but how could he accept it with no way to control his life outside of the four walls of his room.

“I want to say yes,” the canine started after a few moments of looking at the bed, his gaze still there as his voice shook lightly. “But I can’t say yes and not worry about my life outside of here. I mean, how will I pay my bills? I’d lose my job in an instant, probably my apartment too… What would I do once I was better with all that debt and no place to live?”

“You forget the company you’re in here,” Corey replied, his voice lowering to barely above a whisper and his whole frame rolling forward slightly as if he were sharing a secret. Otto’s ears perked up and he moved in a little closer to the seated bird just to hear him. “I’m a doctor and I can handle your job holding onto your position. Max and Kegan can sort out the problems with bills, and Lav can make it all legal, as well as give you a major settlement should any of this not work out.” The avian paused, just to let that sink in, before sitting upright again and looking at Otto with a faint smile. “You have a lot of rights, being hurt on private property like this. Why not take advantage of them?”

“I…” Otto started, then trailed off and returned his gaze to the bed. His mind was racing with all the possibilities of staying versus going. On one paw, he had no one to look after him at home, his insurance was garbage, and fighting to keep his job on his own was going to be a nightmare. The canine would get his freedom there though, and know about what was going to happen with his future. On the other paw, he had these wealthy furs offering to look after him. He didn’t know anything aside from names and possible occupations of the furs in the apparently-large cabin he was in though, and trusting them to take care of his life was going to be a large leap of faith. The latter option was the easier one though, as it granted him a much-needed vacation, a chance to actually recover, and some downtime from the stress of his normal life. The dog desperately needed all those things, and the more he thought on it, the more he saw that it would be a better choice for him. Finding another job once he got better could be possible, and if he lost the few possessions he had, he would be alright; things are things he needed to remember. Very few friends and no family to speak of meant that no one would honestly come looking for him, but he wasn’t about to entrust his ‘hosts’ with that information just yet should everything turn out to be a hoax. However, hoax or not, free room and board along with what looked to be some of the best food the canine would ever get to eat, all while his life was possibly being handled for him… Saying no seemed like a bad idea. “I’ll stay, but only if I get that everything will be handled in writing.”

“Naturally,” Corey said, his cool tone returning for a moment. Otto shivered lightly at it, looking at the avian again with a certain amount of concern. Corey smiled slightly back, then with a grunt rolled himself to his feet again. The bed creaked and rolled towards him during that process as his stomach weighed heavily on its frame again. The bird didn’t care though, and just backed up once he was on his feet. Groaning slightly as he stood and stretched, Corey shut his eyes for a moment and yawned. Stretching a little more, he then turned his head to Otto’s and looked at the canine for a moment before talking. “I’ll send Max, Kegan, and Rupert in to take care of you, and to apologize for hurting you. I’ll make sure to send Lav in later too with the details of you staying here…” The hawk trailed off after that, looking to think for a second before turning to the dog’s leg. “Are you in any pain?”

“Honestly? Yeah… Headache and my leg is throbbing pretty bad.” Otto said, wincing a bit as he did because once the bird’s weight had left the bed, his leg had moved just enough to send another bolt of pain through him.

“I don’t have much I can offer, but I’ll make sure to request some strong stuff on the delivery tomorrow, alright?” Corey’s tone again shifted to one of concern and amiability as he spoke. Otto wasn’t sure what to think of that, and just nodded in reply and winced again with another pulse of agony. “I’ll see about getting ice and what I can concoct though.” Corey then turned to leave, pushing the chair to the side with a meaty leg and slowly waddling along with an even wider gait than most birds towards the door. Otto couldn’t help but watch the process, his eyes again concentrating on the rolling, luscious flab which constantly undulated with every movement of its owner. Corey was nude just like Max, but looking at the bird’s immensity, it was hard to imagine any clothes could be made to fit him. Bright, wide tail-feathers blocked the view of a portion of the bird’s bare ass, but not so much that Otto didn’t get a good look at that. The hawk was far less bottom-heavy than the panda, more of his weight in his stomach that drooped nearly to his knees than in his thighs and rump. There was still enough for the canine to get a good look, and as some blood rushed down to his groin, he became fully aware that he was staring at a bare, fat ass for the second time that day. Why he was suddenly so enthralled in the fat of his hosts, when any adipose had been unattractive to him just days earlier, was beyond the canine.

Deciding against agonizing over the reasoning for his sudden arousal and fascination with all things corpulent, the dog decided instead to just let his eyes do what they wanted and continued to stare at the hawk as he exited. The bird looked to have a little bit of an issue fitting through the wide doorway, having to use his stomach to push the swinging door open as his winged arms were too short to do so on their own. With a grunt he forced the door open wide enough to get out, but paused halfway out the door and turned his head back as far as the restrictive collar of fat around his head would allow. “Feel free to start eating too, that’s what all that food is there for,” he called back to Otto. The canine just blushed and looked at the large spread in front of him again, having all but forgotten about the still-warm burgers as he had talked to Corey. Looking over them for the first time with his absolute attention, the german shepherd couldn’t help but to salivate at the thought of eating them all. He had to actually think to tear his gaze away from them in order to look at Corey and thank the bird for the meal. Once he managed that though, the hawk was already out the door, leaving Otto alone with his food.

The legs on this particular platter of food were already standing, and though it took a few tries and some pain-inducing wiggling, the dog was able to get his meal over to him, and then over his legs and lap. Pulling his paws back towards him in order to start eating, his paw brushed his stomach, and at that moment the canine stopped short. He hadn’t looked at himself since waking up, but looking down finally he noticed that his stomach was far more rounded out than it had been when he had gone to sleep. Gone was his six pack of abs, and in its place sat a doughy midsection which looked more at place on a first-timer to a gym and not a seasoned veteran like him. Poking it experimentally, he was sure that the flesh was indeed his, but where it had come from was beyond him. He had only indulged once, and yet there was evidence that he had been a pig for weeks staring right back at him from his larger torso. Otto wasn’t about to ruin his figure, and he started to panic as another poke to his middle just confirmed that this was not only no dream, but it was nearly an inch of lard. He wanted to get out of the bed and start running immediately to try and vainly burn it all off, but knowing that he couldn’t just sent his brain into more panic.

A deep, long growl from his stomach interrupted his panic, instead making him look at the tray of fattening burgers right in front of him. Every cell in his mind screamed at him to not eat a bite, to instead ask for free weights in order to at least work out the part of his body he could. His body, on the other paw, just demanded that food like a greedy hog; it was hungry. His mind was going to lose that fight too, as his paw moved almost involuntarily towards one of the meat-laden sandwiches. Pulling the bun open, Otto was almost unable to stop himself as he slathered cheese, mayo, tomatoes, and a few other toppings onto the patty before closing it back up and taking it on one paw. Bringing his other up to help support the half-pound of meat, Otto almost shut his eyes as he brought the morsel to his muzzle. Opening wide, his brain screamed and yelled and panicked while his body went and ignored every thought being sent to it. His jaw shut, and an explosion of flavor entered as seasoned meat, perfectly fresh condiments, and bread as fluffy as air itself all entered his muzzle for him to chew up. Otto was in heaven with that bite, and at that moment he heard his mind go quiet in defeat; there was no denying that the burger was pure bliss.


Otto woke up with a groan, licking his lips to get the mess of sauce, ketchup, mayo, and cheese off of them. He had demolished the twenty-some burgers on the platter over the course of two hours, leaving him stuffed even more than he had been when Max and Kegan had been attending to him. Each bite had been a battle towards the end, but the canine had just been unable to stop himself from cramming more and more down into his taut stomach. He had barely even swallowed the last bite before succumbing to another food coma, not even bothering to clean his paws or muzzle before falling into dreamland. It was sickening to his brain, how much of a gluttonous hog he was becoming, and yet his body just felt… Right packing away that many calories and sleeping to turn them into even more german shepherd. There was definitely something going on within him that Otto couldn’t identify, but as grogginess wore out of his mind and the ever-present pain of his leg returned, he stopped thinking about that and began to focus on reality.

The platter which had been over his legs was gone, as were the few little spills of bread and crumbs he had made during his greedy consumption of the burgers. A towel was left in its place, which the german shepherd quickly reached for and began to wipe the stains from his muzzle and paws. Blushing somewhat at the idea that he would need that sort of treatment for over a month, Otto didn’t even know how he could get used to being waited on while he just ate and slept. The dog was unable to do much else, and without a TV, phone, or computer to keep him entertained, there wasn’t much else to do at all. Boredom was going to come fast unless conversations were had, or food was there to eat until he slept it all off. Neither option was excessively appealing to him, but the former was at least less fattening.

Otto thought of fattening, and didn’t dare even touch his stomach. He knew it was going to be larger, but he didn’t want to find out how much and instead just decided to let ignorance run its course. There was no getting out of bed without help, and without someone there to give him weights to work out, there wasn’t going to be anything aside from growing wider, softer, and lazier with every passing moment. His mind still refused to accept this, but its protests were quieter and more passive now that Otto was beginning to see that his reality existed pretty much as bed rest and slothfulness for the next weeks. He could at least try and temper his gains, but the chef whose name Otto forgot was just too good. Food which the dog would normally dismiss as ‘bad for you’ was full of flavor, calories, and utter bliss for one’s mouth; a fact which made it nearly impossible to resist. With temptation there, and inhibition drying up faster than the dog’s parched throat, it would only be a matter of time before either his mind just accepted what he was going to become here, or he wound up a resentful ball of fat.

“Ya woke up again!” Max’s thick voice boomed, making Otto jump slightly with surprise. The fat panda had the door pushed open with his stomach, yet another tray of food in his paws. Otto looked at the bare bear belly for a moment, watching it smoosh and roll against the door with jello-like qualities before looking up at that tray and groaning softly. Even more food looked to be in his future, and as he caught a whiff of the spread that he was going to have to eat this time, he cared even less about that. Ham and steak wafted right into his nose, making the dog salivate as if he hadn’t just eaten more food than he normally got in weeks over the course of two meals. Max noticed, smiling broadly as he moved more into the room, with Kegan and a portly badger in tow. Both Kegan and the badger had pitchers of beer in their paws, a much-welcome refreshment to the dog who tried to wag his smothered tail beneath his filled-out rear; an odd feeling as he felt how plush his rump had grown over the day just by that attempt at wagging. “I hope ya’re hungry, ‘cause Rupert went all out.”

“It wasn’t that big of a deal…” A shyer, quieter voice rolled out, far more subtle and chocolatey than the bears. Otto guessed it came from the badger, as he hadn’t heard that one before. “I just wanted to make up for hurting you Otto…” Kegan and Max stepped aside as the badger said that, letting him waddle slowly over towards the bed and lean down as much as he could with his ponderous middle. The mustelid looked at Otto with a shy, embarrassed expression while the canine stared back quizzically. He wasn’t entirely sure what the badger was talking about, his memory still a tad fuzzy as the cobwebs of sleep hadn’t fully cleared his mind. “I really didn’t mean to hit you with that ball. I hope my cooking has been making up for it.”

“Wait, you’re the cook? Uhm… Rupert, right?” The mustelid nodded slowly, looking a bit more upbeat as Otto thought for a moment before continuing. “It’s absolutely amazing honestly. I never get to eat even close to this well at home, I mean…” The canine reached down and pat his burgeoning gut with just one paw, blushing slightly as he still refused to look at it, but could tell by that one pat that it was definitely larger. “You’ve been fattening me up like a Thanksgiving turkey with it.”

“My cooking did all that? It looks much better on you,” Rupert exclaimed, looking more than a little surprised that his food was as fattening to the canine as it was. Otto was somewhat taken aback by that, but tried to think nothing of it and instead just looked on as the badger reached a paw out and touched the soft stomach too.

“Jury is still out on tha-“

“Oh hush, he’s right,” Kegan interjected, getting an elbow to his side from Max as a result. Otto just blushed, letting Rupert touch his stomach and then smiling to the badger warmly.

“Anyways… I forgive all three of you, it was an accident. Just keep cooking and taking care of me like this and I may never leave though,” He said with a laugh, making all three of his hosts smile broadly, if not a touch mischievously. Otto didn’t pick up on this though, just looking back to Max and Kegan, then to Rupert. “Thank you for allowing me to stay, really. I’ll try and get back on my feet as soon as I can.” Otto could’ve sworn he saw the faintest hint of a smirk on Kegan as he said that, but banished the thought from his mind and continued on. “I don’t want to be a burden.”

“Take your time,” All three said in unison, taking Otto a little by surprise by how quick they all replied.

“Now, we brought ya some dinner and beer. Rupert figures sittin’ around and chattin’ would keep ya entertained. That sound alright?”

“Sounds fine.”


A few hours later, Otto was drunk as a skunk and packed full with food again. Whenever he drank, he ate like a true pig, and as such he had managed to not only clear the tray of food, but actually required even more once that was done. Max, Kegan, and Rupert all had gotten more and more friendly the further intoxicated Otto had gotten, but he was too drunk to even care or take note of it. Each beast had offered more food, more drink, all to try and keep him eating as much as possible. Had the canine been sober, he may have noticed that they were actively forcing him to eat on more than one occasion, but he didn’t even think about that. Instead, he just sat in his bed, laughed along with his three hosts, and ate to his stomach’s dismay. His mind was awash with little more than funny stories and a good time, even though he barely knew the ones he was so drunk around. The dog wasn’t about to get concerned with that though, instead just continuing his eating with gusto and allowing himself to get lost in a pain-free world of bubbles and food.

At some point, he vaguely saw Corey come in and give him paper. He didn’t know where the paper had gone, as he was too drunk to keep track of anything at all, but he did remember it. A slurred agreement had taken place too, but he was again too drunk to even know what he was saying, much less think over what he was agreeing to. Somewhere along the line he had developed drunken trust for the bears and badger which were sharing drinks with him, and thusly told them far more than he should about his life, his work, and every aspect of himself. It was shameless what he did, but as his brain had slowly come to accept his new ‘everything in excess’ outlook on his stay in the cabin, he couldn’t stop himself. So instead, he just kept on gushing and drinking, and yet even as the pitchers ran dry and the last of the food was stuffed down into his painfully-stuffed gut, the dog still talked on and continued to treat his newfound ‘friends’ like long-lost family. Beer was a powerful thing to the lightweight of a hound, and it showed.

“So, should we tell him?” The dog heard to his left, unsure of who had said it as there were two or more of everything around him at this point. He had begun to sober up already courtesy of all the food in his stomach absorbing the booze, but he was still incredibly fuzzy in the head.

“Why not? We already got all tha papers.” A deeper voice replied to the first, Otto turning to that one. “But, why ya want to tell him? There’s nothin’ to tell.”

“I just want to see his reaction,” the first voice said, making Otto turn back and at the same time shut his eyes; the spinning world was making him queasy. He wasn’t going to be sick, but he didn’t want to tempt fate and decided to just lay still for a little while as he came down off of being drunk.

“Fine,”  the second voice responded, a deep grunt coming from the owner of that voice as the canine felt pressure off to one side of the bed. He wasn’t quite sure why he felt that, as most of his body tingled thanks to the alcohol, but he did notice something there.

“Alright… Otto, ya there?” The first voice asked, a paw touching him somewhere on his left side. The dog slowly opened his eyes and turned to that voice, a spinning badger’s face smiling at him.

“Whoz… Wha..?” The dog tried to drunkenly reply, the paw gripping him a bit tighter to make him stop trying to talk. It worked, and the canine just lay still while trying his hardest to focus on the three faces before him. The smile on the badger broadened, and the face got closer as it did. This was incredibly disorienting for the dog, who just backed up a bit into the bed and then yelped in pain as he was reminded of why he was in the bed; his leg. The pain was incredibly sobering, and for a brief moment of clarity there was just one badger in front of him with a toothy grin instead of a set of spinning ones.

“I see you’re there still… Haven’t even gone into a food coma yet. Well, I just wanted to tell you that you’re not going to be going anywhere for a while. See… We want you to fill this bed, to overflow it in fact. All six of us are as fat as we can get, and yet we want someone even bigger to share all this with… That’s where you’re going to come in. You just put on weight so well, and are such a greedy dog that you’re perfect to be our mutual play thing. You being here was no accident, nor is your sudden appetite change, your broken leg… All of it has been planned, for you. So I hope you’re comfy, because you getting out of this bed… I only see that happening with a crane.” The badger said, his tone far more menacing than his faces gave away. Otto wasn’t even sure of what he had heard, grogginess and the booze mixing to make him fairly sure he was dreaming. He yawned once, just looking at the spinning badgers with an expression of confused wonderment. The dog had to fight to keep his eyes open at that point, as they continued to droop shut while sleep tried its hardest to get a grip on him. The mustelids saw this, and just smiled broader still as their paws retracted from him.

“Sleep well, Otto.”


Otto woke up, huffing through his nose and trying to smack his jaw to wake up. He found a hose in there, and tasted something like chocolate flowing out of it. As he tried to raise a paw to get the hose out, he found his arms tied again. Tugging lightly at the bindings, the still-groggy canine woke up a lot faster as he realized he was tied down again. Opening his eyes wide and tugging at the ropes hard, he found they were as strong as the ones he had awoken with the first time; there was no breaking them. The bright room made him shut his eyes immediately again, a deep groan of pain coming from the dog as the massive hangover from his indulgence the previous night kicked in. Knowing that there would be no going anywhere until another one of his hosts came in, the canine quickly gave up and lay back in defeat. He sucked some of the chocolate from the hose in his muzzle in boredom, feeling it travel down into a stomach which he could just feel was larger. He felt its weight pressing on his midsection with a vengeance, even his chest feeling a little heavier as a result. The dog didn’t even try to look, as he wanted to continuing ignoring his newfound size, as well as keep his eyes from the light.

Otto eventually gave up on ignoring everything though and decided to open his eyes after several minutes of just laying still and breathing both chocolate and air. He tried to look down, but felt resistance around his neck in the form of something doughy and soft. His eyes caught sight of a pair of chubby cheeks before they even reached the dome of his stomach, and that heightened the canine’s worry as he squinted to try and reduce the headache he was feeling from the hangover. He could see the peak of his brown stomach, and judging by how far it had taken him to move his head to get that glimpse, he didn’t even want to think about how fat that meant he was now. He turned a little more south, looking down at moobs which looked better suited on a woman than on his formerly-masculine figure. Rolls of fat adorned the sides of his massive paunch, though he had a hard time seeing more than the tops of them as the roll of fat where his neck and chin had been was putting up a very good fight. Otto wasn’t about to try and fight it harder to get a better look at himself, so instead he just groaned inwardly at the massive change to his now-massive frame; his fate of being a blob was sealed. The dog just sighed and lay his head back, staring at the ceiling in absolute defeat.

Above him on the ceiling sat three things. The first was a death certificate with his name on it. That took the dog by utter surprise, as he was certainly not dead, and yet there was a certificate saying he was. If he was thought to be dead, and that paper was real… No one would wonder where he went, and would instead just see him as another lost hiker. That sent the dog into a panic, but that fear only got worse as he looked at the second paper. Scrawled along it it big letters, the paper read: ‘Just keep gaining Otto, you have to overflow that bed.’ This meant to the dog that what had happened the previous night was no dream, and he was indeed going to be kept at the house to be used as some sort of millionaire playtoy or something. Why the perverted furs wanted him to be so huge was beyond Otto, but it also terrified him as he thought about the health problems, the inability to move ever again, and a myriad of other things. The dog was now a prisoner within himself, and as he tried to scream against the flow of chocolate, it only got stronger thanks to his muzzle opening wider to allow more in. Gurgling pleas came out instead of screams, and that only served to make the dog panic more.

The final thing which rested on the ceiling was a digital readout, that continually went up at a slow pace. It currently read ‘526’, but had read ‘518’ when Otto had first noticed it. He looked up at it and watched for a moment, his brain racing to figure out what it was on top of trying vainly to think of a way out of his current situation. The piece of paper beside it gave away what the readout was once Otto took a closer look at it, and that was the scariest thing on the ceiling to him. That paper simply had, neatly typed out; ‘/4000 or more’. That meant it was a scale of sorts, and that Otto’s targeted weight was two tons or more if he was reading it right. The dog’s eyes got as wide as dinner plates as he realized that, every muscle in his body tensing as he tried feebly yet again to break free from his binds. His muscles weren’t designed for as much german shepherd as he was flailing about though, and he quickly went from a flailing mass of lard to a jiggling, panting, and sweating pile of blubber. There was no escaping his fate, not without help, and while Otto wasn’t ready to accept that just yet, he knew there was no choice.

The door to the room creaked open as Otto caught his breath, his head immediately turning to the entrance with wide eyes and a snarl on his muzzle. The familiar white paunch of Max rolled into view, a platter in each of the panda’s paws as he smirked to the beached pile of canine on the bed. Otto flattened his ears back and growled as menacingly as he could, just getting a laugh from the bear as he waddled slowly into the room while balancing both platters in his paws. The dishes on them rattled lightly, but not a thing spilled as he lumbered over to the bed and placed them, one beside the other, on it a good foot away from the expanding german shepherd. Otto’s eyes were still wide, and while his ears were pinned back, he had begun to whimper instead of growl at the bear. Max ignored that noise though, his eyes looking lustfully at Otto for the first time since the bear had encountered the canine. More fear filled Otto, and as Max licked his lips, the dog began to shake lightly which sent ripples through his frame. That just made Max smirk broader and lick his lips again as he pulled up a chair to the beside and lowered himself into it with a deep groan. Otto kept staring, and Max stared back, neither making a move for a time as they just locked eyes in silence.

“Yer lookin’ good there Otto… I hope you’re hungry.”






It started out slow at first. A piece of cake for dinner, maybe a cookie at lunch, and sometimes an extra donut from the break-room at work. It was subtle, as subtle as subtle could be in fact, but yet it began to add up over a long period of time. Those single pieces of cake turned into two, that cookie became a piece of pie… It was still slow and steady, but it was getting to be more and more as time went on. There was no attempt to stop this either, just let it all go on down the hatch. It was just more food for his hungry self, and the lapine did nothing to try and fight that. He was always told to eat when he was hungry, and as his growing appetite took longer and longer to sate, it took more and more of his food to get to that comfortably full feeling. It was a feeling he relished too, more than one should, but he knew that. He didn’t care though; it was his life, his body, and his meals to eat and enjoy.

He had gotten terribly fat from all that eating though. His waistline had grown as slowly as his eating habits had at first, but over the past six months or so it had ballooned out to a point which made getting around start to become a challenge. This wasn’t to say that it was necessarily impossible, it was just subtle things at first too. A flight of stairs that would take too long to ascend, or maybe a doorway was a little bit too narrow for him to make it through on the first try. Neither one of these things was much of a bother at first, but as they got harder and harder to do, it became more and more obvious that he needed to be able to come do these things. That would mean giving up on his one, true love though; the one and only thing which he had left to love for that matter. It wasn’t something he wanted to do, but as he had continued to balloon and showed no signs of leveling off, as many gainers seemed to speak of. So the lapine just continued to eat, hoping that plateau would come so that he would have even less to think about.

He had not always been this way though, not always so driven by hunger and driven to eat more and more. There had been a time in the lapin’s (so far) relatively short life that he had been somewhat thin. He had swim, and quite well in fact just a couple short years ago. That life, that glorious life of exercise, dieting, and being thin enough to nearly see his ribs, had not had some grand halt as though it was a trauma that started it. Nothing really truly ended with him at all in fact; his life was still as cushy as it had been back then. College ending had been the only real milestone, but that had been mere months ago, and not the years which had slowly wrecked a once chiseled frame. No, this was just lethargy and diet catching up with what had always been a somewhat lazy lapin; one that skipped practice to party and always got more food than he needed at the lunch line. It was hunger and a regime of such training that had kept him thin for as long as it had. Failing grades and a rather nasty break up a couple years prior had put an end to all of that though, and instead turned him into a shut-in student which was more concerned with their books than their figure and their social life.

That change had lead to others, and others still, and before the lapin knew it he was having trouble fitting into his pants. His grades had improved, but less time in the pool and even less time getting out of his dorm room in order to go out and take care of exerting himself meant that his horrid diet was catching up with him. He of course didn’t admit that, at first, instead insisting it was the water shrinking his clothes and nothing more. The seam of those pants ripping a week later, then a size larger two weeks after that… it was clear that the water wasn’t doing it to all those around the lapin, but to him it was just something to be annoyed with and not concerned about. He wasn’t getting kicked out, he was going to graduate, and his lifestyle now matched his size. He was even getting a few more looks now that he did not look as though he was starving; he saw nothing wrong with a little bit of added attention to him, and never once did from then on.

All of that was over two years ago though, it was not what was happening right then and there. The rabbit was at that moment laying in bed, staring at the ceiling as the blanket which covered his nude, round form slowly rose and fell with each long breath. He didn’t want to get up, to face his final day of pseudo-unemployment before he started a job at a local fast-food chain, which he frequented even before working there. One look around the smelly, trash-ridden sty of a room the long-eared mammal had showed just how much he frequented that place, and the Chinese place down the street, and the pizza parlor across from his home. In fact, all of those boxes and containers were why the rabbit was even getting the job at the fast-food joint; he needed more money to continue eating as he had been.

His current freelance projects, which were not true jobs so much as they were stop-gaps to finding a real job, had him as stressed out as ever. Since he had quit smoking three years ago, he had become a stress-eater; the more stress, the more he glutted. With three impending deadlines for three demanding companies, it was all the lapin had not to explode as he spent sometimes eighteen hours at a time staring at his drafting table or computer screen, just sketching away at floor plans and architectural designs. There was often food near him as he did this, which usually was gone in a couple hours only to be replaced by more with a quick phone call or an order online, or a shout to his roommate and a few bucks exchanged through a crack in his door. He did enjoy what he did for ‘work’, even if the income was not enough to live on, and his life of seclusion and quiet was quite alright, just biting off more than he could chew was a bad habit of his. It was in a literal sense too, as he thought about it for a moment; there had been more than one time too much crust from a pizza had needed to be gulped down to prevent choking on it.

The alarm clock on the desk next to his bed went off again, blaring its way into the rabbit’s mind. It forced all those thoughts about where the heavy sac of fat came from out of his mind. That same ball of lard was making rolling onto his side to get at the clock a real task, but one the lapin was used to at this point. That was a welcome change for the contemplating lapin, as he just sighed and with a couple of slow rocks, moved himself onto his padded side as he stretched out a doughy, wobbling arm. He knew he didn’t need those couple of rocks to get him to his side, nor that his arm was really that wobbly; he had just woken up and was both tired and not stretching out his muscles yet. He had read somewhere on the internet, on one of his few days off that he did little more than glut on whatever scraps of ‘food’ he could find in his room and browse the many internet boards he frequented. That was a part of his problem with getting work done, and part of his problem with his current lethargic state, but he was just in a rut and overworked; that was the one and only problem for him at that time. Surely.

The rabbit didn’t have time to ponder all this though, as his arm slowly slid back into the bed and then shifted under him to push on the bed and thusly roll him into a sitting position. The rolling took a moment and a rather loud grunt of effort, but the lapin didn’t even notice these things; that was how it had always been for him in the morning after all, even when he was a lithe little creature. There was little more than that which came into his mind as he slowly went from horizontal to vertical on his groaning mattress, which conformed greatly around the reduced surface area his heft was spread out on. His legs spun towards the edge of the bed, reaching it and dangling over just a small amount thanks to the lapin’s queen-sized mattress. The rabbit couldn’t see this of course, as seeing over his chest and belly from the slouched, leaning position he was now in was a rather difficult feat. That was one thing he did have to admit was a part of the changes to his frame which has slowly but surely crept up on him, but so what if he couldn’t see his toes? He didn’t need to see them anyways.

The lapin sat in the bed for nearly a minute, leaning back on both straining arms and just looking at his hefty, tan midsection. His eyes shifted around the room as he searched for his uniform amongst the boxes and debris which filled the room and made walking around nearly impossible. He would have to clean, but first he would have to get out of his sty of a life. It was a mess, as he had observed time and time again, and yet there was little that he was going to do about it aside from add to the mess around him. Bending down to pick things up hurt his bad back, a symptom of sitting in chairs too long, and was made awkward by his wide stance and oversized feet. He had no reason to clean it either; he was hopelessly single and had no chance with any of the furs, female or otherwise. He hadn’t even allowed his own roommate into his room for nearly two years, which was quite the feat considering how noisy that badger was capable of being when he set his mind to something. There had been a couple close calls, but the lapin’s shame was going to be his own, and he was going to hide it if it killed him.

The rabbit never did find what he was looking for in that initial sweep, and as a result he groaned before shifting himself closer to the edge of the bed. He slid more and more, pushing with a great deal of strength as his arms pushed both himself and his bedsheets closer and closer to the floor. His feet finally made contact after a good couple moments of this monumental struggle, and as such the lapin instantly relaxed and lay down flat on his back. He took in a couple deep breaths; part is his newfound asthma as a result of allergies, and rested. His stomach rose and fell like a dome of heft far above his torso, the tan sphere seeming to grow exponentially with each inhalation of oxygen. The rabbit’s paws, which rested on the sides of the great, soft dome, moved out what felt like inches with each heavy breath. It was nothing to be worrying the rabbit though, as his body had done that even when he hadn’t needed to lose just a couple pounds. Catching his breath wasn’t something the lapin had time for though, so he sighed heavily before putting his paws down on the bed and giving a mighty heave.

That heave pushed the rabbit up into sitting, where he sat for a moment before groaning and rising to his feet. He instantly felt every excess pound on his body be met by the aggressive tug of gravity, and as such try and yank him down towards the planet beneath him. It was quite the sensation, and part of him loved it each and every morning as he got to his poor, overburdened feet. The things were really just tired from all the swimming they had been forced to do throughout his life, but that was almost inconsequential to the amount of weight they held now. The lapin would never openly admit that though, so instead he just focused on how they would get sore and blamed it on other sources. That was enough of an excuse, and all the fat which bunched up around his crotch and thighs and rubbed him up and down every single step he took… That was enough to help him forget his predicament almost any moment of the day. He was pent up sexually to say the very least about him, and as such it was so very easy for him to get off. The teasing of his heft on his small shaft was always enough; it had never once failed him.

Knowing he didn’t have time to stand there and revel in his frame, the rabbit set off for searching for his clothes. He tossed aside empty, smelly bags of long-since-eaten fast food, grease getting into his fur almost immediately. He would pause and lick it off of himself every now and again, but mostly he was just searching. The rabbit was also used to being greasy and smelly; it was everyday life for him at that point, as he never got out enough to care about how he smelled, looked, or anything like that. It wasn’t as if he didn’t take pride in his appearance, he just saw no reason for himself to do so. He knew he was going to have to clean up nice that morning though, so he looked around for his work clothes and hoped to the gods that they would be clean enough to not only wear, but not reek of his usually musk and the greasy smell of his living quarters. There was nothing more embarrassing than being a pig in a rabbit’s body, and the lapin was thoroughly convinced he was no that, even if his room was messier than most of the hogs he remembered meeting in college.

The lapin finally found what he was looking for beneath a set of recent chinese food boxes. It made sense, as the shirt he was looking for was one he had gotten only a couple weeks prior. The shirt didn’t look too stained, and upon an experimental sniff only smelled somewhat pungent, rather than reeking like many of the other clothing bits which were strewn around the rabbit’s room. The pants the lapin needed were already on his bed, and had been from the start; it was the black button-down shirt which had been the object of the lapin’s desires. He had found it though, and that meant that he could finally shower, get himself ready, and then go before it was too late. It was a three minute drive to work; maybe a fifteen minute walk if he felt like taking the hike. He wasn’t going to walk that though; it was summer, and he wasn’t going to risk having a heat stroke in that weather. So, his car would be driven, and he would just get cleaned up and ready to go.

That plan ground to a halt as soon as he saw the full-length mirror which was on his closet door. Looking at the many curves, folds, rolls, and valleys which now comprised his form, the lapin only had one question on his mind: was that really him? His eyes started at his head, which was comprised of circles essentially and made him look cherubic and happy all the time. This was thanks to a pair of round, somewhat sagging cheeks that looked to be permanently filled with something and always bounced when he talked. A rolling second chin down into a tire of a neck punctuated that look, though his bright green eyes, pointed yet somewhat slumped ears, and thick, deep tan coat only made it look all the more adorably huggable. Down to his chest, what had once been flattened pecs had grown into full-blown man-tits which jiggled with heft at even the slightest movement, and rested on the first roll which comprised his large, drooping paunch. He had no nipples, but he could only imagine how large they would be if he did on those two sagging sacs of adipose. The both formed rolls, which ran under his thick, doughy arms and around to be the peak of the stairs which ran down his back. He couldn’t see those stairs of course, as turning his head around that fair was impossible at his size. A quick glance at his arms gave him no want to though, the spongy, weak things bloated out to impossible sizes which were easily thicker than his legs had once been, and far more wobbly. He couldn’t see anything past about his elbow thanks to it being hidden by the drooping paunch which hung off the front of him, comprised of more rolls than a bakery and making Santa look svelte.

His eyes continued down, scanning over a belly which he nearly grimaced at the sight of. Part of him, just a very small part, tingled with arousal as he looked over the flabby, hanging ball of flesh attatched to his frame, but that was just his morning wood. The dome of fat was made into three distinct layers, the first being the shelf which held his moobs up and created a resting place for the top parts of his squishy arms. The lapin’s eyes then slid down to the second part of his gut, the largest by far and the one part which he could not touch of himself; the middle. It was vast, a waistland of calories and saturated fats which had not one, but two sets of lovehandles resting on the sides of it as it hung boldly over a full foot from the lapin, and more than twice that wide. He didn’t waste time looking at his waist, as seeing such a sac of fat really drove home how large he had gotten. Instead, he looked down lower still at the third part of his belly, the incredibly floppy and wobbly underbelly which looked like a small pair of buttcheeks sagging down far below his waist. It was its own roll of fat, hanging below the love handles and making his thighs look narrower than they were, in spite of how wide each of the quaking hams was. The dangling adipose easily covered his private area, keeping him decent even while nude, and making pants an utter nightmare to put on. That was no troubling thing to him of course, as he rarely wore pants; he rarely went out after all.

Moving down further, what parts of the lapin’s thighs he could see quaked with the faintest movements much like his underbelly. The tree-trunk appendages were taut with fat, and most likely muscle to keep all that weight standing; leftovers from his glorious swimming days of course. The lapin didn’t dare look at his behind, as again he could not see it, but a single squeeze back there by an experimenting paw told him all he needed to know; it was fat. Moving on, his knees were dimpled with heft, and had he had plantigrade legs he would have indeed appeared to be bow-legged for that alone. He was not though, and as such his incredibly wide stance was held up by two almost comically tiny shins and feet, which looked to be like twigs with the sheer amount of weight above them. They were encased in a healthy layer of lard, just like the rest of him, but it was not enough to look proportional, and thusly made his legs look utterly brittle. He was afraid some days, as he shifted his weight from thick foot to foot, that they were just going to snap and he would be a crippled rabbit. He had been told otherwise though from his doctor, along with some other harsh words he didn’t like to think of…

Trying to get his mind off of that particular doctor’s visit, the rabbit took his gut in both paws and heaved it up as best he could. His limp, soft arms could not lift even half of that jelly belly, and he strained for a moment to hold the thing up before just dropping it, and nearly toppling over as a result thanks to the drastic shift in his center of gravity. He watched as all that lard shook and jiggled, almost mesmerized by it for a moment before reality reminded him that there was no reason to be so excited about it. It was abhorring, as all fat was, and as such he needed to not like watching himself sway and jiggle in the mirror. That was impossible though, on both accounts, for his body was constantly in motion, and all that excess poundage around his pride kept him constantly aroused. It was an utterly awful cycle as far as he was concerned, but just seeing how much it had all affected him over the past years was a real thing for him. Sure, he had noticed a few pounds here or there, but… He put a paw on his stomach, and it stopped far further out than he had even expected it to. It was nearly a foot from his belly button too, which was now a deep cave on the center of the middle tier of his impressive paunch.

“How did you let yourself get this fat Travis…?” The lapin asked to no one in particular. He looked at himself for almost a minute after posing that question, just sliding his paws along his frame very sluggishly while he explored just what he had become. He had been avoiding that mirror for months for this very reason, and now that he saw what he was… Travis wasn’t quite sure of just what he thought of it. There were a myriad of thoughts running through his mind as he looked on at himself in the mirror. Disgust, curiousity, lust, depression… Those and others are flew through his mind as his paws continued to explore what they could of him, which wasn’t as much as he would’ve liked. Being a lapin, that meant he had shorter arms, and thusly made his life trying to get at the more pleasurable and rotund parts of his frame a living nightmare. He didn’t even attempt to go for his underbelly; he masturbated by grinding against his girth or in the shower with toys as he had for over a year. It was something new and different compared to pawing off after all; just a paw can get boring after using it for as long as he had.

Those thoughts of getting himself off made Travis’ mind wander to his pride deep beneath his gut, and as he began to think about taking care of himself quickly before work, he just happened to steal a glance at his alarm clock. His face turned ashen the second he saw the numbers on the thing; he was going to be late for work unless he threw his clothes on right then and raced out the door. He had taken way longer than he wanted to get going, and apparently had slept through the first couple sets of alarms as well. Five minutes before having to be there to be the little bit early he wanted to be was not enough time for him, and he knew it, so he just set himself into overdrive mentally and physically as soon as his mind came to that realization.

First thing that he did was take the shirt in his paws and throw it over him. Instantly he felt a problem though, as his frame seemed to constrict to the thing nearly immediately. His arms were spilling out of the holes of the shirt like faucets on full-blast, and looking like miniature muffin-tops while they did it. The lard on their huge circumferences was clearly being pressured, nearly to the point of pain, but Travis ignored it and soldiered on in trying to get his clothing on. He hadn’t even brought the buttons around to be button, and yet there was a tightness on his back which came from clothing being too small which was nearly unmistakable. Surely he wasn’t too big for a 2XL at this point in his life? He couldn’t have put on that much weight in such a short amount of time. There was a clear squishing of his back and arms though, So getting those buttons to fasten was going to be a challenge in and of itself. It was something that he needed to do though, so he started at the top and decided to work his way down; the first set in his paws already as he began to fumble with the small latching devices in chubby, clumsy paws.

The first three buttons of the shirt went together with no effort whatsoever, and thusly put Travis into a very large false sense of security. Such lack of problems had convinced him that the shirt was just cut small, and that there was nothing to worry about whatsoever in terms of not being able to fit into it. When he came to the fourth button though, one of the three which went down across the expansive waistline and belly of his; that was when problems started. Not only was reaching those buttons a lot harder than he planned, but getting them close enough to hold his clothing together was going to be another challenge entirely. He strained and stretched, latching one after another with increasing grunts of difficulty. He could hear the light pops of seams giving up on the shirt, but he ignored them and instead just tugged at the sides of the shirt in a vain attempt to get them to meet. They did meet, but holding them while fiddling with the buttons in his mitten-like paws was another challenge entirely.  The lapin was not about to ask for help getting himself dressed either, so he just continued to fight with his shirt to get it buttoned.

He eventually won the war against his shirt, getting all the buttons he could reach past his ponderous midsection buttoned. He could still feel a cool breeze below, but hoped his pants would solve that and make him look less like an elephant stuffed into a shopping cart. He could feel each thread on the shirt trying to give up, as well as how it was cutting circulation off to his lovehandles and rolling moobs. He had to ignore that too though, and instead just went about searching for his pants. Finding them thrown over the back of his chair, Travis took them in his paw and gave them a sole sniff. Wrinkling his nose up at the befouled pants, he didn’t see another choice in his quick scan of the room and was forced to wear them. The tent-like clothing unfolded before him, reeking of musk and food, but the only option for their fat owner as he sucked in a deep breath and just looked at them for a moment.

Getting pants on was a true challenge for him, as he had to blindly try and fit his legs into the holes without falling. He placed one paw on his desk for balance before lifting a leg up as high as he could and then dangling his pants far below his own horizon. He shot his leg out a few times, missing the hole in the top of the immense waistband of the clothing, before connecting and sliding the leg on. He slid it up with a grunt, going as far as he could before turning and repeating the process with the opposing leg. Needing the desk for balance again, he tried to keep steady while he just took blind stabs in the dim room with his leg until it too found the hole in the pants. Pulling that side up to nearly his thigh, the lapin crouched down as low as his sagging stomach would allow and grabbed onto the waistband of his pants. He gave it a tug, having to bring his legs together to get any progress thanks to the massive thighs he had. Another tug, and the pants stopped short two-thirds of the way up his thighs. Travis began to twist back and forth, trying to wiggle himself into the pants while he panted softly from the new effort he was needing to expend. Having forgone deodorant and a shower, he could already smell the musky sweat wafting off his frame. Ignorance was bliss to the obese rabbit though, as he continued to fight with his pants and tug at them.

It took nearly a minute of struggling, but he managed to get them up around his waist. Letting out a sigh of relief, he began to struggle with fastening them, as he could only reach that portion of his frame by lifting his belly far out of the way. This caused his taut shirt to ride up to nearly his chest, and stay there as going back down around the curve of his imposing gut was just too much for the tortured fabric. Travis barely cared at that point though, sucking in hard and fastening the button on the top of his jeans in one quick motion. He repeated this to zip them up, very careful with the zipper as the lapin had long ago given up on boxers and decided commando was easier to do. This made relieving himself easier, tossing clothes off the few times he ever needed to go out much less of a task, and just comfort in skin-tight pants a bit thing. He didn’t think about that though, instead just adjusting the pants a few more time as his breaths wheezed out and he stood with his paws on his lovehandles. Sweat was now filling the air around him, along with heady musk from his erect length trying it’s hardest to peek out from the large pad of fat which had encased it for months now. Travis sighed softly to himself, shutting his eyes for a moment to try and calm down.

Dressed, he grabbed his coat off the back of the chair and didn’t even bother to sniff it; he knew it was as raunchy as he was. His wallet and keys were also in that coat, which he tossed on right after giving a few tugs to the base of his shirt to get it back down over his stomach. The cloth hadn’t wanted to follow instructions, but forceful tugs from the lapin made it do so, as well as caused a button to go flying off somewhere into his room. Travis was running late though, so he didn’t have time to change. He instead just grunted and put his coat on, having to extend far and reach under his stomach again to start the zipper. This sent his shirt right back up to where he had tugged it down from, but as the lapin zipped his coat up to cover the nearly four inches of exposed rabbit fat, he didn’t even think of it. He just wanted to get out of the door and onto his job. The coat trapped in his heat, making Travis hotter still and causing him to sweat more, which in turn generated more heat. This was the only way he would stay decent though, and with the temperature outside, he would need his coat.

Grabbing his keys from the pockets of the coat, as well as his wallet, the lapin stuffed them back in once he was sure that they were there. He reached for his phone on the desk, stuffing that into a pocket as well once he was sure it was charged. He took one last look around the room, then gave a nod as he was satisfied about not needing anything else. His shoes were by the door, and he never wore socks as they were an inconvenience. He would also grab something out of the refrigerator on his way out to hold him over before lunch at work. Nothing else was needed from his room though, and as Travis had timed his first shift to be when his roommate would be asleep, the lapin waddled over to the door and put his paw on the handle without so much as a second thought. Giving the thing a light turn, he sighed softly and pulled it back, which let light flood into his dark cave. Having to squint at the light as his eyes adjusted, the late rabbit stepped out into it after a moment and then shut the door behind him, not ready but needing to face the day.





Ian stood beside the statue in the park, sighing lightly as he tugged at the ill-fitting tank top which covered his torso. The thing barely managed to hang over his sagging stomach, leaving a little bit of the white-furred sac out for the world to see, and the cold night air to make frigid. The arm-holes itched, and rubbed at the soft flesh beneath his arms in such a way that the dog needed to itch every few minutes just to stay comfortable. All this discomfort is to say nothing of his pants, which were a size too small and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Every luscious curve of his plush ass, the size of his impressive bulge, his thick thighs… All of it was on public display courtesy of the tight denim which was choking off his waist and making him look even fatter than he already was. The shiba felt somewhat humiliated standing there with such tight, ill-fitting attire, but he had lost a bet and thusly needed to wait until he could leave in order to feel satisfied. So there he stood, shivering lightly in the night air and just surveying around him to see if anyone was coming.

“Hey big guy,” A soft voice came from behind him. The shiba jumped with a yelp, whirling around as fast as his thick frame would allow which made his stomach slosh for a moment with its blubbery contents. The voice behind him chuckled, and its owner stepped out into the light from behind the statue. A svelte-looking skunk, the fur was probably close to Ian’s age and looked to be wearing a rather expensive suit. Ian just blushed as he saw the fur, lowering his muzzle to the ground in embarrassment and shifting his feet in the dirt path. The skunk laughed quietly at that sight, slowly moving towards the bashful canine and extending a paw. Ian barely noticed, but knew what to do and took it once he saw the thing in his small field of vision. He gave it a quick shake, then retracted his arm back to his side and just stood there . The skunk did the same, looking Ian up and down a few times with vivid eyes before clearing his throat. “How much?”

“Hmmm?” Ian asked, looking up at the skunk with a quizzical expression. The skunk simply smirked and leaned in closer, using the slight height advantage he had on the short shiba inu to look more imposing than his skinny frame would allow.

“How. Much?” The mustelid inquired again, looking at Ian with piercing, firm eyes. The shiba just cowered slightly, looking nervous and confused as he had no idea how to respond. He may have lost a bet and had to go out in skimpy clothing for an hour, but he had not been expecting this.

“Uhm… 100?” Ian said, utterly unsure of himself and just pulling a number out of his head. He hoped the number would be high enough to make the skunk go away, but instead the mustelid just stood back up straight and pulled a crisp bill out of his wallet. Ian went slack-jawed, just staring at the money in the other’s paw for a moment before reaching to take it. The mustelid made no move to yank it away, so Ian just took it and stuffed it into his pocket. The dog had no idea what he was going to do; he had just sold himself to the other male for an indeterminate amount of time, and had no way of getting help. The skunk then smirked, looking over the canine one last time before placing a paw on his shoulder. “Uhm…”

“My car or the woods? And I brought my own protection.” The skunk stated flatly, his grip on the dog’s shoulder tightening. Ian let out a light yelp, moving his paw up to get the skunk’s off of him. The mustelid held fast though, waiting on an answer while holding tightly to his prize. Ian needed to make a decision, and doing so while he was being squeezed under such a new set of circumstances was something which he was absolutely unsure of what to do. He paused, looking back down at the ground with a bashful blush for a moment before making up his mind.

“The woods are more private,” the inu finally said, his voice sounding shaky and yet sultry at the same time. He was going along with this as he had been paid, and if the skunk had protection and was somewhat cute… Why not?

“Alright, do you have a spot?”

“No, you lead the way.”

“You must be new at this,” The mustelid said, a hint of exasperation in his voice as he began towards the woods with Ian in tow. The dog just followed in silence behind, his eyes going to the ground again in embarrassment; the skunk had no idea. He wasn’t about to try and explain though, instead just following along in silence with his newfound ‘john’. The skunk held his paw tight, not wanting to loose what he had just paid 100 dollars for, while Ian wasn’t about to let go either as he was never going to live down being sold for such a high price. He thought it was a high price at least, he had no idea how much a normal prostitute went for; he had never needed to know. There had been a few times he had been offered money before, but never out in public and never while he was sober, so it was a jarring experience. “Now then, let’s see…”

The skunk had led them to the edge of the woods, and began to look for a trail along the line of trees. Ian remained silent, holding onto the mustelid’s paw with a firm grip as his was held onto. He didn’t offer help, in spite of repeated glances from the skunk to him for such advice. The skunk was getting increasingly annoyed by this as he walked along the edge of the forest, seeing no true gap in the trees which he and Ian could steal themselves down in order to get some real privacy. The lack of patience on the part of the skunk was somewhat worrisome to Ian, as he had heard many stories of injured hookers at the hands of wound-up clients like his skunk was becoming. The shiba had no desire to become one of those numbers, and as such he too began to look for a path with the skunk. He was prepared to just go behind a tree and do it, but he wanted to make sure that the pair exhausted all their private options first before offering that suggestion up to his client. Ian may have loved a show, but he wanted it with either a fur he knew, or for it to have meaning; this was neither, and as such he wanted at least some level of privacy.

A few minutes later of searching to no avail however, and the mustelid’s grip getting near the point of pain, Ian changed his mind and cleared his throat. His handler stopped short and turned around, his eyes burning with anger as they looked down at Ian. The canine shrunk down into himself slightly out of fear, unsure of what to say at the moment as he just looked up at the skunk for a moment. He had gotten his attention though, so wasting it would be an even worse idea. “What if we just do it out here? No one’s around, it would be way more of a thrill…” Ian said, trying his hardest to sound as appealing and teasing as he could. The skunk seemed to buy it, looking the dog over and then looking at the field which they were beside. “Just anywhere around here…” Ian added, gesturing to the field, the small grove of trees off to their right, and even the swings to their left. It was late enough at night that no children would be in the park to see the two beasts going at it, so Ian was less worried about that and more about any cops coming and seeing them; but he wanted to live a little.

“Alright, alright… You want to put on a show? Let’s dance.” The skunk said with a broad smirk, releasing Ian’s paw and giving him a gentle shove on the chest. Ian acted the part, stumbling and falling onto his back while looking up at the skunk. The taller mustelid immediately was on top of Ian, sliding his paws beneath the dog’s tank top and giving a firm grope to the large moobs which it contained. His other paw rubbed along the thick curvature of the ball belly which the shiba possessed; fondling and teasing its plush surface. The canine immediately let out deep, lustful moans thanks to that expert playing along his frame, his face a deep crimson as he blushed brightly. The skunk above him just smirked to himself yet again, loweing his face to hover just above Ian’s. Panting breaths of heated arousal washed over both Ian and the skunk, their faces barely separated as they locked eyed for a long moment while the mustelid continued his shameless fondling of the shiba’s pudge. He stayed that way for a long moment too, not moving any closer as he just drank in Ian’s lust and scent while exploring his meaty frame.

“I don’t have all the time I want with you shiba… Let’s get this over with.” The skunk finally said, scooting himself back off Ian on his knees. The dog looked up over the curve of his stomach, watching as the other backed further away and began to undo his pants. Ian got the idea and followed suit, reaching under his stomach from his flat position and sucking in his girth in order to get the button on his pants to unlatch. The skunk watched as his purchase had trouble, licking his lips greedily at the sight. This just made Ian blush that deep crimson color again, as he struggled with his pants a moment more before getting them undone. He bounced slightly to slide them down, revealing little more than a straining jock which did a poor job of hiding anything about the canine. The skunk whistled softly at that sight, and then smirked as he watched the inu’s frame quake slowly from the bounce. It shook for a moment, settling down like a large pudding atop the canine after a few moments of sloshing around. Ian blushed brighter still at this, making sure to quickly roll over onto his stomach and then rise to his hands and knees.

“Worth every penny…” The mustelid murmured as the tearing of a wrapper, and then some rustling plastic reached the shiba’s ears. Ian just looked at the ground and kept right on blushing brightly as he stared at the grass below. He felt a cold, wet paw enter his asscrack and rub along the sensitive trail at it’s base, which made a moan leave his muzzle. Panting softly as the paw stayed back there for several seconds, rubbing firmly while slathering on a generous amount of lube, the shiba just shut his eyes and began to breath faster. Each huffing breath made his stomach shake like a thick pendulum below his handing frame, making his moobs shake as well and even his chins quake slightly with the sheer force at which he was panting. He knew it was going to get way more motion in his frame in a moment, but for now he just pant and let his body get used to shaking as much as it was.

Without warning, the skunk slammed his thick meat right into the shiba, getting a loud cry of pain from the dog. Utterly shocked by the force of the large meat right into his hole, the canine screwed his eyes shut and just howled with pain. The skunk behind him gripped his lovehandles tightly, using them as handholds to yank himself forward and plunge nearly to the hilt right into the meaty shiba. Ian cried out again in pain as he felt his fur being tugged by the forceful mustelid, hot tears running involuntarily down his face. The shiba was used to pain and never got upset by it, but being so forcefully and brutally taken out in public allowed him a show of emotion that was rare for the subby canine. His pain just got worse as the skunk leaned down, biting rather roughly into the dog’s shoulder for a moment with his sharp, short teeth. The bite wasn’t enough to draw blood, but it was enough for another yelp of pain from the impaled and yanked canine.

Ian’s only solace was the skunk’s thick meat slamming straight into his prostate. The impact on his first go was impressive to Ian, and had he not been so lost in a world of hurt mixed with hints of pleasure, he would have noted that it was nearly the biggest cock he had taken in a long time. The shiba didn’t care though, he just felt his hole constricting around the swollen appendage, acting like suction to try and keep it in while the skunk backed it out and rammed in again for another powerful thrust. The shiba cried out again, both with pain and pleasure this time as he felt his prostate get rammed yet again, which sent a wave of bliss through his veins. His ass was as stretched as it got, feeling nearly torn in two to the poor dog as he supported himself on shaking arms and let it be pummeled by the utter stranger above him. Ian could feel the skunk’s arms wrapping slowly around his stomach, a faint hint of tenderness coming from the cold businessfur who was taking him so mercilessly. Ian took it with a grain of salt though, yelping as another bite came from the skunk above to his opposing shoulder. He was being abused by the mustelid, and yet some part of it he was relishing for reasons unknown.

Again and again the skunk rammed himself into Ian, panting hard while the dog did the same. Every flabby inch of the canine shook upon each rapid impact, his whole frame more like jello than a body. Ian barely noticed though, as his eyes remained screwed shut and his cries of pain had been reduced to moans of acceptance and pleasure. His hole had stretched quickly to be far less torn by the massive length pummeling it, and thusly meant more pleasure from the repeated slams into his prostate rather than dismay from the pain of being torn in two. The skunk had stopped biting almost immediately, instead just breathing hot, deep breaths over the back of the canine. Ian much preferred that, letting the hot air warm his exposed back and the rolls between even as cold sweat began to coat his furred frame from the effort of holding both himself and the skunk up with mostly his arms. The canine still had plenty left in him though, and as he continued to quake back and forth, he smirked to himself with pride.

The skunk began to pre deep into Ian a few minutes later, panting harder and biting down into his shoulder again. This bite was not like the others, it was rougher and actually drew a hint of blood from the shiba. Ian cried out again from it, his eyes shutting tight in spite of the euphoria which filled him at the absolute abuse his prostate and ass was taking at the paws of the mustelid. It was as if the skunk had no other intention than harming the shiba in some way, and Ian was in no mood to be hurt. He couldn’t bring himself to move with such a massive cock out of him, especially when it was so close to being over. Ian couldn’t feel the seed, but he could feel the pulsing of the bagged length stuffed in him, and knew that the skunk was close. The grip around his middle was tightening as well, and Ian felt his stomach getting squeezed to the point of pain. He still just held and took it though, his breath coming in short gasps while deep moans of both discomfort and pleasure continued to pour from his muzzle. He wasn’t even remotely hard thanks to the beating he was taking courtesy of the skunk, but part of him still was enjoying all of it.

Not a moment later, the bite to Ian’s shoulder got far harder, making him cry out in pain as the skunk hilted one last time and stayed there for a long moment. Ian could feel the violent pulsing of the length in him, as well as the bag filling inside him as the beast came hard and deep into the inu. Ian’s arm bled slightly through the bitemarks, and the shiba’s eyes remained screwed shut, but he didn’t even waver as he just held up the skunk and himself. Deep, heavy breaths came from the skunk’s nose as he bucked a few more times into the canine in order to get the last drops of seed from his length. The shiba shook slowly from that, his blubbery self getting aftershocks even once the skunk had stopped moving for good. The pair, supported by little more than the shiba’s arms and shaking knees, lay motionless once the mustelid got his fill for a long moment, their only sounds being heavy breathing and faint moans.

After nearly a full minute, the skunk behind Ian released his vice-like jaws from the inu’s shoulder and pulled himself out with an abrupt pop. Ian groaned submissively, collapsing almost immediately down onto his stomach while his hole began to freeze almost immediately from the frigid night. The canine didn’t care, he was a wreck and it showed as he just lay on his stomach and wheezed for air. The mustelid behind him was already standing however, pulling the condom off and tossing it aside as he then wiped himself off using a towelette. Ian didn’t even pay attention to the towering beast however, he just shut his eyes with his pants around his knees and his jockstrap coated in lube and lay still. His shoulder was bleeding still, though not even bad enough to require a band-aid, and he ignored that as well. The skunk however did not, and once he finished cleaning himself he circled around to the side of the canine and knelt down. There he placed another hundred and a hankerchief, offering the faintest of smiles to the exhausted and battered dog. “Worth every penny shiba,” he murmured, giving Ian a light pat on the head. Ian smiled meekly back, blushing somewhat at the light praise. The skunk then stood, turned, and began to walk out of the park. Ian watched as far as his head would allow, looking at that tail sway as the fur walked away into the night. Vanishing after just a few steps thanks to the dark area the pair had been in, Ian shut his eyes and just lay in the grass, fully exposed and breathing in deeply the scent of the grass around him.




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