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“I bet you that you can’t stay in these pants for that long Sasuke.” Range laughed as he looked at the wolfdragon struggle with a pair of black sweatpants. The wolfdragon was utterly incapable of getting pants on without assistance, and had been for quite a long time; he was just too fat to do so. Sasuke knew it too, but liked to try and struggle with it every now and then just to show off how fat he had gotten. He loved the feeling of all that fat too, sloshing and quaking around him like a giant bowl of warm jello which encased his entire frame and kept him constantly in motion, even if he was sitting still. He knew that the beagle sitting on the foot of his bed itching to come over and give that prodigious belly of his a rub loved it all too, so the wolfdragon decided to show off for a little while longer. He struggled, fought, bent down, and did as much as he could to just accentuate his hefty midsection and incredibly thick thighs which put him into a permanent waddle and made even standing a bit of a chore. “Need help yet fattybutt?”

“Yeah, I do Range… Come and slide these on for me would you?” There was a mischievous glimmer in his eyes as he requested aid, but the beagle was too busy oogling all the sloshing, quaking adipose which draped off the wolfdragon’s front to notice it. Instead, the canine simply came over to Sasuke with little more on his mind than getting to touch all that fat and rub his paws over it. That was hardly his normal mindset, but Range had been in a mood all day, and as such Sasuke planned on taking advantage of it.


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