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His tail fluttering about as he dreamed in his sleep, the dragofox tossed, turned, groaned and moaned in his sleep. The blankets which had once covered him were at the foot of the bed, but he still was sweating buckets. Even as he tossed and turned, his face contorted into a displeased expression, his boxers told a different story as a tent several inches tall lay just under his waist.  This dream of his apparently wasn’t good regardless though, and the sudden start he got as he awoke from it only accentuated that point. He sat there for a minute, head in his paws, before his shaking became noticeable. Globs of tears soon seeped between the gaps of his fingers as he sobbed in that position for a long moment. “Jack…” That utterance was all that he managed to get out before breaking down into full tears, a place which he stayed at for nearly 10 minutes.

The hybrid sat for at least half an hour even after the tears had stopped flowing as the darkness of his room slowly gave way to light. By the time his room was illuminated to see to the other side of it, his cold sweat had been reduced to a slight amount of shivering and his eyes were simply red for the moment. He was still thoroughly upset however, as he still sobbed occasionally and his wet nose was even more wet as it’s contents ran down the front of his long muzzle into his mouth. “Jack, I…”, was all that got out before he shuddered and resumed crying, albeit much less violently. Tiny streams of salt-water began taking the path carved by larger tears down his cheek and eventually onto the sheets below; not that it mattered any since his head was still in his paws and gravity still yanked the tears from his face at some point.  This went on for about a minute, until a radio DJ came blaring through a crackling, old speaker on the clock at the foot of the bed. This startled the creature out of his misery for an instant, but he returned there very quick, for as soon as he lashed out at the noisy piece of machinery with a rather hard kick, he curled back up and held his legs again. Though he had stopped crying thanks to the start he had gotten from his clock, he still was sobbing and leaking salt water from his eyes a bit. This was slowing down though, and he seemed to finally be collecting himself.

After a couple more minute of shaking and sobbing, he sniffed and sobbed once more before rubbing an arm along the front of his face and clearing his tears. His fur was matted down around on his face now, but at least he looked somewhat presentable and not like he had been bawling. With a low and depressed sigh, the dragofox lifted himself into a full-sitting position and spun so that his legs dangled off the side of the bed. There he sat for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts and push ‘Jack’ from his mind. His paws rested on the side of the bed as he looked poised to stand and begin his day, but he could not yet will himself to do so. Sighing again, he reached down for the wet sheets and used one to wipe off the tip of his nose. All he really managed to do was smear the snot over the front of his muzzle, but he far from cared at that point. His legs dangled for a moment, and he swung them almost playfully before planting them firmly on the floor and placing his weight on them. With that, he nodded to himself and then stood, giving himself a light shake as if to get rid of the bad thoughts he had awoken to.

Standing at long last and taking his first step of a new day, the dragofox plodded over to the door of his room and went right on through it, or at least that is how it would appear: a fine nano-mesh which covered the entryway allowed for easy entry and a clear view through when wanted, but provided an air-tight seal and steel-like strength when needed as well. The fur walked down the hallway that he had stepped into, looking down at the ground and walking along as quickly as he could in order to avoid seeing anyone, as well as anyone seeing him. Each long stride he took brought him that much closer to his goal: The bathroom door. Once he was inside he could hop into the sh- “Hey, Sfen!” The nearly-running hybrid, who had apparently responded to Sfen, stopped dead in his tracks and turned around slowly. A very fat bear waved down the hall at him, and began waddling towards the stopped beast slowly as he was a bit beyond talking distance.

“Oh hey there Tai.” Sfen sighed an almost inaudible sigh of relief once he had realized it was Tai, knowing that his secret would be safe with the big bear. He stood and waited for the wobbling mass of flab and fur to make it over to him, know it would be a moment before he could up since it did take a good amount of effort to move that much flesh. “You look bigger every day, I swear…” Sfen couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at the comment, a comment which made Tai blush beet red under his shaggy coat of fur. The bear did grow almost daily, but at his size, the growth was barely noticeable to him, as there was so MUCH of him now.


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