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An ursine and a canine lay beside one another on a king-size mattress. Silken sheets lay tangled at the foot of the bed; their body heat the only thing keeping them warm. The bear was lying on his side, an arm draped over the dog in front of him. The dog clung to that burly arm with both of his meaty paws, treating it like a furred blanket of sorts. The bear’s protruding stomach rested against the dog’s arse, overshadowing the plump posterior with its sheer bulk as it did. They both looked content as they lay there, the bear’s muzzle smiling as it lay burrowed somewhat into the hair on the canine’s head. It was a serene scene, and its serenity was shattered by the loud buzzing of an alarm which startled the ursine out of his slumber.

“Nngh… Fuck me… Hey, Jason.” The bear’s big paw shook the dog’s shoulder lightly, making the dog jump slightly as he was jolted out of dreamland and back into reality. The big beast had turned off the alarm by then and was sitting up in the bed, his back resting against the creaking and straining headboard. The canine, Jason, rolled over to face the huge bruin, resting his head against the creature’s large thigh as he did so. A smile formed on his muzzle as he squinted in the morning light, his gaze directed through slits of eyelids towards the chubby features of the bear above him. This smile was returned by the bear, as well as with a gentle pat on Jason’s head.

“Fuckin early man… ‘specially after last night…” The canine stretched as he spoke, yawning upon finishing, and sat up beside the bear. He yawned yet again before he rested his head on the strong shoulder beside him, sinking into its yielding flesh a tad. The big bruin wrapped an arm around the dog, holding him to his side with a gentle, yet massive arm. Jason sat there silently for a moment, relishing the feeling of the soft bear beside him on his own hefty frame. His eyes slid closed from how blissful it felt, not to mention the fact that he still was tired.

“Yeah, you were pretty great…” They both chuckled lightly at the comment as Jason turned his head to face the bruin’s. He smiled slightly again and wrapped both his beefy arms around the paunch middle of the bear, snuggling himself up tighter as he slid himself down to more lay beside the bear than sit.

“My own big teddy bear Puk.”

“Since when do teddy bears fuck their owner?” They both burst out laughing, sending the layers of fat on both their obese frame jiggling. They laughed, then chuckled, and then just kind of hummed and sighed at the comment as the funny aspect of it wore off. Even after the laughter had stopped, they sat there cuddling into one another still. Jason had slid down and was completely laying beside Puk now, his head resting on the obese ursine’s love handle while the bear’s big arm sat on the canine’s chest. One of Jason’s arms lay across Puk’s ‘lap’ as he rested there, his eyes still closed as he looked to be beginning to dose off again beside his partner. Puk did not seem to mind for the moment, as he was stroking the furred chest of the canine with his thumb and seemed perfectly content to just sit there with the fur he had apparently been with the previous night. Puk stole a look at the clock though, and he sighed as his stroking stopped and he gave a light pinch to the flesh beneath the fur on the canine’s arm.

“We should get ready J.”

“Mmm… Five more minutes…”

“No, now… It’s almost 6:30.”

“Fine, fine… Ya know I could never say no to your fat ass.”

“Of course you couldn’t, you like fucking it too much.” The bruin laughed to himself as he spun a bit, slid his fat frame to the edge of the bed, and put both his large feet on the floor. Jason simply laid there, beet red and silent as Puk stood with a grunt, his huge bear rump greeting Jason when he did. This only made the blushing dog blush brighter and bury his face in the mattress, the scents of the previous night wafting up into his nostrils as he did. Puk started waddling ponderously towards the bathroom door, his shuffling paws making the wooden floor creak and groan as it did not like holding his weight. Jason stole a look at the hefty beast moving along, and all that excess flesh wobbling and jiggling only made his morning wood that much more attentive since it was a sight that he relished with every fiber of his existence. By the time Puk had stopped taking the all of ten steps to the door and turned around to face the fat dog who was till blushing as he lay on the bed, Jason had gotten horny enough to actually have to try and restrain himself from running over and starting round number… a lot. Puk smirked at that as he knew full well that was the case with Jason, as it always was nearly every morning. “Horndog…”

“Eh… Fuck you…”

“You already do, so shush.” Jason giggled at the comment and sat up in the bed, having moved himself over so that his feet were now resting on the floor. He stood as Puk closed the door to the bathroom, stretching his hulking frame as best as he could. Jason then began shuffling slowly towards the kitchen, kicking the clothing that was strewn across the floor aside as he did so; the beginning of the past night’s romp had been a very eventful one. The small apartment the pair shared had only four ‘rooms’, so the fourteen or so steps to the kitchen were brief, but seemed to take quite a bit longer than necessary for the tired, fat dog. Once he arrived, Jason began fumbling with the coffee-maker, and had a hard time separating the filters from one-another as his still-groggy vision impeded his progress. The toilet kicked in and startled Jason, as he had forgotten about the bear for a moment. Calming himself down quickly, the canine scooped out a few spoonfuls of grounds and placed them in the top of the coffee holder. He added the pot of water once he did that, pushed a couple buttons on the front of the machine, and it whirred to life as it began heating the water.

“Nnmmm… Now I’m awake.”Jason turned and walked back into the bedroom, where he began picking up the clothes from last night and putting them on the bed. As he bent over to pick up Puk’s tent-sized pants, a large paw groped his chunky behind. Jason jumped up and wheeled around with surprising speed, his body in full predator mode. Once he saw that his ‘attacker’ was merely a laughing behemoth of a bear, he calmed down almost immediately and began blushing. “Holy fuck… You scared the living shit out of me.” More chuckling ensued as Jason just got more embarrassed from his reaction to the grope, embarrassment which only grew until Puk was finally composed enough to speak.

“You didn’t hear me come out?”

“No… Acting like a damn ninja and sneaking up on me… Jerk.”

“Well it gets lonely in those showers and-”

“Awww, need me to hold your hand big boy?”

“On my third arm maybe.” They both chuckled mildly at the exchange as it ended on a somewhat funny note. Jason grabbed Puk’s sagging belly gently with both paws, and gave the big mass a small shake, which sent ripples through its blubbery expanse. Puk merely murred from the touching, his eyes closing with contentment as touching was most definitely allowed between the pair. Jason continued to tease and shake the ursine’s paunch for a moment, his paws exploring every reachable inch of the furred lard-sack as he did. He then pushed his paws into and around the Puk’s gut, letting the rolls from its love-handles cover every bit of his arms almost up to the elbows. He left his arms there for a minute, smiling softly and contently to himself as he reveled in being able to play with such a large beast.

“Hey, did I ever tell you that you’re damn sexy?”

“Heh, not as sexy as you… But yeah, ya have.” Jason removed his paws from the sides of Puk and stepped forward, his large belly smooshing against Puk’s overhang as he did. His arms slid up the doughy sides of the bear as Puk’s arms found their way around Jason’s neck, idly resting on his shoulders. Jason slid in closer to Puk, the bountiful layers of blubber between the two pressing together greatly as he did this. Resting his paws on a particularly large roll of fat beneath Puk’s shoulders, Jason moved in a bit closer still and pressed his muzzle to the ursine’s very lightly. Puk reciprocated the move, opening his muzzle slightly as he pressed it against the dog’s maw harder. He let his tongue roll out of his parting lips once he felt Jason’s lips parting as well, their tongues meeting in the middle to lick and tease one another. The tongues wrestled with one another once their initial meeting was over, moving like a pair of pink snakes between their mouths. Despite how intimate and sensual their kiss was, their jaws weren’t the only part of the pair’s bodies getting a workout; their entire bodies moved up and down very little in attempts to grind against the other’s fat frame. Fur and flab were also being pulled on by now as well, as the pair tried to get closer still to one another to fulfill their lustful needs.

Jason pulled back from Puk slightly after what seemed to be an eternity, his eyes locking with the bear’s. His grip on the bear’s love-handles loosened and he backed up slightly so that the two were less crushed against one another as he did this, but his eyes still screamed with want as he kept them trained on Puk’s. “I’ll be in there in a minute hun…” Puk nodded to Jason’s utterance, and turned to walk back to the bathroom. Jason, however, grabbed the waddling bruin’s rear with a fat paw in order to get one parting grope in.


“Sexy beast.”

“Fuck me hard, fuck me dirty, fuck me now… I’ll be in the shower.” Jason didn’t even wait to hear the rest of the little song that Puk was now singing; he wanted into that shower as soon as possible. He quickly gathered up the rest of the clothing that was on the floor and folded it as quickly as he could, albeit very sloppily. The last pair of socks Jason had folded and tossed onto the bed barely made it onto the bed as the beast was already mid-way through near-running to the bathroom door. Closing the door behind him and looking at his bear in all his glory from a bit of a distance, Jason could not help but be aroused by the sight. With steam pouring out from the shower behind him, the 6’10”, 700 pound bear looked like a god retreating to the heavens as far as Jason was concerned; and he wanted to follow that god. He walked over to the shower and placed one foot into it, looking at Puk and awaiting approval for his actions. The bear simply nodded and stepped back a bit in order to make room for the fat dog to enter with him.

The nod was all it took for Jason, who almost instantly was completely in and had the door to the shower shut behind him. The click of the door was almost his cue, as he dropped to his knees and began caressing as much of the ursine’s expansive gut that he could reach as soon as it happened. Light moans came from the Puk as this happened, since the feeling of a muzzle and paws on such sensitive flesh, especially those of the overweight canine beneath him, was amazing. He basked in the attention to his frame that he was receiving, thoroughly pleased with himself for being able to get such affection for being such a fat fur. Despite the contentment, and even though the feeling was amazing and he looked as though he could spend days in there with Jason pleasing him, he also knew what time it was and that his boss would fire him for being late again. So, with that in his head, the obese bear began soaping himself up and taking what he was supposed to: a shower.

Jason saw this and immediately set to work finding his prize: the bear’s cock. He knew he would not have much time before Puk finished his shower and got to doing his daily routine, so he hurried as much. Digging around inside the fat surrounding it was a relatively easy task, but it was one Jason relished and he made sure to extend it far longer than necessary. His paws worked their way between every roll and crease in the underbelly of the beast, his muzzle kissed and licked at the big bellybutton it was almost inside, and all the while his tail wagged a mile a minute. He could only stop the fat-worshipping once he found something hard under all the rolls he had been caressing and teasing with every bit of his energy. Lifting up Puk’s large, overhanging gut, Jason found his prize: the bear’s cock. Though he wanted to revel in the bear’s obesity for a while longer, the rapidly-hardening appendage demanded attention, and the canine was more than happy to oblige. Much to Puk’s pleasure, the big pup took his time stroking and skritching the hefty thighs which surrounded the meaty length, all to get more area for his head. After a few rather long skritches and a kiss to the top of Puk’s member, which was just out of its sheathe, Puk yielded and allowed Jason to stick his muzzle where ‘the sun don’t shine’.

Jason immediately worked his muzzle in as deep as he could, taking in whiff after glorious whiff of the unwashed-musky scent that Puk still possessed. The canine reveled in it for a long moment, his wet nose only further pushing the bear’s large cock out of its sheathe as it scraped and rubbed along the sensitive flesh. Wanting to further entice the bear’s length from its home, one of his meaty paws found its way to the large, drooping ballsac beneath Puk’s sheathe, where it began stroking the two tremendous orbs lovingly. With his muzzle sniffing and licking still in the same place and his paw teasing the huge balls tenderly, Jason had one free paw left to do with as he pleased to the ursine. Since he had not had his fill of basking in Puk’s bulk yet, he used his remaining paw to help him do just that, as it went up and began to tease and fondle a fat-filled lovehandle. The dog could only multitask for a moment before his brain reminded him that it was a bad idea, and he returned to the simple act of giving his undying attention to the pulsing cock inside his maw.

Puk was at a loss for words throughout the whole experience. He moaned and groaned and bucked some, but he was really just too aroused to think or act sanely. Jason amazed him every time he was down there, and this was no exception as the ursine was nearing his climax before he had even time to lather up the bottom half of his frame. The sucking canine obstruction in front of him was also a reason, but he was hardly in the mental state to be thinking of excuses as he started to leak pre from the tip of his rock-hard cock. Jason’s reaction to this was one of utter lustful need, and what his paws, tongue, and lips did to show that pushed Puk over the edge and then some. He cummed hard into the dog’s muzzle, both his paws gripping Jason’s shoulders as he did so in order to steady his moaning self. The entire experience, as relatively quick as it had been, left the hefty ursine panting and using Jason to help him stay standing in the shower.

Jason simply smirked to himself as he wiped some of the bear’s seed from his lips. He had taken nearly the whole load without choking, a rarity considering the girth he had stuffed into his muzzle, and was pleased with himself at that fact. His silent pleasure showed in his expression as he looked up past Puk’s belly at his panting face; which was quite a feat considering the size of the dropping fat he had to clear just to see up at all. The tired, panting look on Puk’s face only made him more pleased with his efforts, especially when the semi-exhausted bear simply gave him the soap and pointed at the lower half of his extra-chubby body. Jason was more than happy to do just as he was told, taking the soap and beginning to lather up all he could of the bear’s underbelly, thighs, and rear. He desperately wanted to take his time with the task, but he knew that as soon as Puk had gotten himself back under control, he was out of the shower and off to work for the day. That fact bothered the dog some, as he wanted nothing more than to watch Puk get larger and larger, but didn’t see it happening with all the meals he was forced to skip thanks to working such an excessive amount of hours at his job. Puk did put in almost sixty hours a week, every week, without so much as a full day off in the nearly ten months of seven-day weeks. Jason had to wonder where, and when, it would end, and when he would get to see the beast he loved more than just in the shower and a few hours before bed.       His thinking however was interrupted by a grunt and a pat on the top of his head. Puk had finished his showering and wanted to rinse off, so Jason moved aside and let big bear do just that.

Puk finished quickly, something Jason was upset with, and turned off the water. The bear stood beside the canine in the expansive shower for a moment, simply standing and saying nothing. This silence grew thick very quickly, and as neither one would even look at each other, Puk attempted to break it first as wavering words tumbled awkwardly out of his muzzle: “You know I…”

“Don’t say it Puk, please… I have heard this damn speech so many times, and I’m tired of it. Just go, get your work done, and come home.”

“Jason, please… You know as well as I do that you-”

“If you try and pin this shit on me, I swear you will be alone in that bed for a very long time.”


“Goodbye Puk.”

“Fine, bye.” Without so much as an affectionate lick, Puk shuffled past Jason and right on out of the bathroom, not even pausing to grab a towel as he just walked with his sopping-wet fur onto the carpet of the bedroom. Jason, on the other hand, slumped down onto the floor of the shower and let out a downtrodden sigh. He sat there in silence until he heard the apartment door slam shut, and then he broke down into tears. Jason, reduced to a sobbing heap on a wet tile shower floor, lay there and cried to himself out of both anger, and hurt, at what had just happened. He and Puk were married, and had been for almost a year. They had been seeing one another for five years prior, and the day it was legal to get married where they lived, they did. It had been, and still was, bliss for the most part. Puk’s job was the only true blight on their perfect relationship, and it was fast becoming a wedge between the two. Puk was simply providing for them, but it was becoming a bit ridiculous as the money he was making now could easily get them a fairly nice house, something Jason wanted.

“Jason.” The canine leapt nearly a foot into the air as he heard his name, and instantly entered attack mode as he had no idea where it came from. He calmed down quickly though, as he saw that is was Puk, all dressed for work but standing at the door of the shower with a sorrowful look on his face. Jason heaved himself to his feet, taking his time a bit as he now knew who had startled him so badly. “Jason, I…” Puk paused as he started talking, then let out a sigh and let the words flow from his muzzle like it was a waterfall. “I took the day off and said that I was sick. I have never lied to my boss, not in the two years I have been employed there, and I did today. I have missed you more and more, and I want you to know that you are far more important to me than a job, or money, or anything of that nature. So, I took the day off and I am going to take you out to look for a house because I have been saving money secretly for almost a year and we have enough to outright buy a small house right now. So get dry and dressed and we are leaving, ok?” Puk was beet red even before he started, and by the time he finished talking, he was some shade of red that a fur should not be able to attain without dye. Jason, too, was speechless, as it was so unusual to see Puk do anything like this whatsoever.

“O-Ok,” was all that Jason could manage to stutter out before stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel off the rack. He could never really take his eyes off Puk at this point, as he quite afraid that a third head would sprout of his shoulder or something; his current behavior was completely abnormal and quite nerve-wracking for the poor canine. He started to dry himself off as he had been told, but not without keeping a keen eye on the red bear who was looking right back at him. Jason noticed that Puk’s expression as he watched the dog dry off was almost a worried one, and Jason saw this but was completely unsure as to how to react to it. Puk was never worried about anything, ever, and yet he looked as if he was about to have a panic attack right there, in a bathroom wearing a 300 dollar suit no less. Wanting to stem such an attack, the half-dry canid stuttered “Are you ok?” It was Puk’s turn to jump, as he was not expecting any talking whatsoever after his little outburst, let alone any concern.

“Ye… No, I’m not J. Is coming into a bathroom in a suit, calling in sick to work, and basically gushing to you anything like me?” All Jason could do in response was shake his head a small bit and stay silent, as talking right then just seemed out of place. “No, it’s not one bit. You know as well as I do that I like my job and that I do enjoy doing what I do. But I love you; I am married to you… And lately it feels like that has been forgotten. So, I wanted to do a little remembering, that is it, ok?” Puk had been looking down in embarrassment as he had spilled all of that out, so he did not see, nor hear, Jason finish drying himself off and move over to him. This gave Jason his opportunity to take the bear by surprise and show him his answer, which he did by taking Puk’s downward-facing muzzle into his paw, raising it up to meet his own, and kissing it. Puk was completely taken aback by the reaction, but was grateful for it nonetheless as he was afraid that Jason was still upset. Jason held the loving kiss for a long moment, not taking it anywhere past lips meeting lips as he held onto his husband very gently. Even after they had separated, opened up their eyes, and were looking at one another, Jason still held his arms very loosely around as much of Puk’s waist as he could with no intention of letting go anytime soon.

“Heh… Works for me P.” The pair smiled at one-another for a long moment after Jason had finished talking before embracing lovingly. Jason’s head sat on the bruin’s broad shoulder for a moment as they just enjoyed being in each other’s company, but the moment was brief as Puk had been serious about leaving. He gave Jason a small nudge, and pointed at the dog’s clothes once he had his attention. Jason simply smiled at that, then tried to be cute and started walking towards the bathroom door as if he was going to leave the house naked. This, of course, made Puk annoyed as he stomped a paw on the floor and pointed at the clothing which was draped on the sink once again. That gesture alone made Jason a bit nervous, as a stomp was never a good thing when it came from Puk. Thusly, ears flattened to his head and his tail drooping, he quickly padded back over to the set of clothes and started getting himself dressed in front of his impatient-looking bear.

Jason finished dressing himself quickly once he had his clothes in paw, both due the excitement of going out and the fear of what Puk’s next reaction would be if he didn’t. Once he had finished fixing his shirt, he turned towards the mirror and fiddled with the fur on his head for a moment so it looked less like he had been crying, and less like he had just rolled out of bed as well. Satisfied after a couple moments of tinkering, the large canine turned back to Puk and smiled his cute smile to the bear, who returned it in kind. Puk motioned towards the door as he did that though, a certain air of impatience coming off the bear as he did so. Jason could only assume that Puk had reverted back to his old self now that he had gotten his little bit of panic out of his system, and that made him comply with the fur he once knew as master. So, with a bowed head and a quickness in his step that could only be attributed to submissive fear, Jason padded out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Puk followed close behind his fearful ‘pet’, closing the door to the small room as he did so.

The twenty or so steps to the door, as well as the quick walk down the hall to the door of the apartment complex, had nothing but silence accompanying them. Puk feared for Jason, and Jason feared for Puk, but both of the furs being males made any form of communication almost meaningless. One would have to break the ice, and being the ‘female’ of the relationship, that job fell squarely on Jason’s shoulders. He did try once or twice on the way out to the car, but he was quickly halted not only by personal fear, but cold looks from the dominant half of the pair. This made the walk even longer for Jason, as he felt somehow responsible for Puk’s foul mood, even though he wasn’t in any way. Jason was also not counting that Puk was not in a foul mood, but merely worried that his mask had slipped on him, and that happening would cause problems between himself and Jason. So, with misconceptions abound, the pair got into their large truck and sat there, engine silent for a good few minutes.

“Puk, I…”

“Shut up Jason… Just… Shut up.” Jason looked over at Puk as this came from the bear’s mouth, unsure of how to react to such a harsh rebuke. Puk had started their vehicle as he had spoken, so it sat and idled for a moment as they looked at one another. Looking didn’t last though, as Puk reached one arm out, and with it pulled Jason to him in order to give the poor dog a kiss. Jason happily took it, his worry dissolving the second he could taste his ursine lover’s lips as a kiss spoke louder than words. They stayed like that for a good minute, not moving past a meeting of the lips, not talking, not doing anything but letting their passion for one another do all the talking. Using the paw not holding his husband, Puk shifted the truck into gear and held down on the brake for a moment. Jason had heard the click, and went back to being seated where he belonged a moment after for he knew Puk was ready to go. Pulling himself back into position and adjusting himself so that his large frame was comfortable, the dog fastened himself in then nodded to Puk that he was ready to go. Puk was also fastened in and ready, so taking Jason’s paw in his own, the bear released the brake and pulled out of their garage and onto the open road.



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