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Thump Boom Thwoomp Thump Thwoomp Thump Boom Boom. The bass in the club made every muscle in my small frame vibrate, and yet that did not phase me. The guy I was grinding like a slut against I had never met in my life was at least twice my size, and hadn’t once honestly looked at me. My pulse pounded, I was panting like a dog in Miami, and sweat was pouring from every pore in my body. My shirt lay somewhere on the floor amongst the 100 or so ‘dancers’ and the chance of me finding it diminished with every thrust of my hips and lunge of my torso. My pants were stained with the cum, sweat, and the blood of a few furs I had been a bit too ‘aggressive’ with. Boom Thwoomp Thump Thump Thump Boooooom. No, none of the sounds or the feelings or the realities of what was going on around me phased me at all. Going home alone however… Even thinking about it to this day sends an unearthly chill down my spine.

The DJ paused the music for a moment to switch his songs out, and got the response of a few cat calls and lots of hooting and hollering from the more impatient members of the tranced mob. Thumpthumpthumpthump BOoooOOM. A couple more hoots at the DJ (obviously it was a good song), then the group orgy resumed en masse. The beast I had been grinding against was apparently one of the ones who liked this song, as he immediately left me and began freestyling on the floor, illiciting many-a-holler from the audience that built up immediately around his spinning and flailing form. He was good, very good actually, and it took me all of 5 seconds to see I had no chance getting a hunk like that back into my bed; there were far better looking furs in the club that night. So, with a sigh and a shrug, I tried to make my way to the bar.

Now, when I say tried, I do mean I tried. There was no pausing or grinding or even a little innocent wink on my way there: I just wanted to get something to drink and forget that I had just lost one hell of a hottie before going back out and trying again. I only made it half way out though before something wrapped around my waist and yanked me back. It was a tail, of that much I was sure, but who it belonged to and where in the world it came from were things to which I had no idea. Sure, I was fine with being yanked back into another fur’s arms, recieving a grind, then being released… But this, this was different, as he was the one sliding along my slender frame, and not the other way around. I was hardly used to this attention, of that much I can assure you, but I basked in it the instant it came my way. Bumps and thrusts of my own were returned to the creature that had pulled me back, indicating to him that his ‘attack’ was well-recieved.

When I finally managed to turn around and see who had nabbed me, I almost came in my pants right there. The possum which had taken me as his ‘hostage’ momentarily was drop-dead gorgeous, and clad in little more than a pair of very loose pants. Everything about him was just… In my opinion, words could not do this fur justice in any way. He was built, but not to the point where it dominated his figure, and what a tall and handsome figure it was. His short, white fur glistened with sweat as he danced, not only showing he had been there for a while, but making him look that much sexier. I wanted to bring him home and do so many naughty things to him that even I considered myself a pervert when I began to think about it. Apparently though, as he had brought me over to him and not the other way around, he felt the exact same way about me. I found that fact incredibly odd, but very… VERY intriguing.

As to why I found that odd… Well, let me introduce myself. I am Nox, a green raccoon: I stand around 5’1” tall and weigh approximately 105 pounds on an empty stomach. I am not bad looking, at least I would hope not; I am merely not an eye-catching fur. This is due to both my height and the fact that, though I am a green raccoon, I tend to simply blend in most of the time. Now, before anyfur jumps to the conclusion that “Hey, you were grinding on other furs like there was no tomorrow,” please note that I said ‘most of the time’, and when I am in a club where anonymity and sex are all that matter… Heh, let the fun begin, which it apparently had as a rather rough hump from the possum snapped me out of my thoughts and back to the task at hand: landing this hunk.

Both my own and his paws were in the air above our heads as we danced, bumped, humped, touched, and ground with one another amidst the sea of fur, drugs, glow rods, and smoke around us. We never looked at one another directly; we simply kept our eyes either looking elsewhere or shut altogether, with the latter usually being the case because with the immense pleasure of being where I was, came a beating from other dancers which usually resulted in bruises at the least. I was fine with not looking into the eyes of a fur who I hoped to be dominated by later that night: I considered it bad luck after all, and really didn’t want to jinx this chance. I did catch his face once or twice though, and he had his eyes screwed shut as well, so it seemed that he didn’t want to jinx the chance meeting either. Considering that he was trying to not jinx this and I felt like the lucky one, well… Lets just say the grinding got even more sensual and even involved an occasional lick along any exposed fur my tongue happened to meet. Sliding and grinding along him as I did this let his feelings pass into me, and they were amazing. I could feel the deep rumble of a murr, the thumping of a tired and over-worked heart, the inflating and deflating of overburdened lungs, the strain of every muscle in his torso as they tried desperately to keep up with the beat of his dancing… It was all there on his aroused frame, and all for me and my scrawny raccoon ass.

The song stopped, and apparently that was all of the night as the DJ waved his hands up to signal the end of his setlist. A few boos and catcalls came from that, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle as he simply waved it off and started packing up his gear. My eyes slowly slid open in response to that, and as such, so did the possum’s. Now, as a scientific mind, I do not believe in ‘love at first sight’ or ‘sparks’ or ‘magic’ or anything along those lines… But, there had to have been something between this possum and I as our eyes met for the first real time. “Nox…”

“Ty.” His voice… Oh his voice. Even that was sexy about him, rolling off his tongue in a vaguely foreign, deep, yet light way. I had hit the jackpot on this guy, and I wasn’t about to waste it. I followed his lead on every single move: Staring at one another for a long moment, gentle touching… I did not want this screwed up even moreso now. His actions spoke the same way, so I got brave after nearly a minute of us simply standing there awkwardly and took his hand in mine. I held it for a brief moment, not wanting to let go of it for anything in the world, before trying to even speak again. He too looked like he wanted to speak, so I paused and let him try to, but he noticed that and bowed his head at me, indicating that I should go first.

“Your place or mine?”

“Which one’s closer?” A funny guy… Just keeps getting better and better.

“I’m over on Elm.”

“Mine then, I’m on Linchester.” A ritzy neighborhood to boot… Just who the hell was this guy and why was he making me feel like I was some sort of a catch? I’d only heard rumors of Linchester, but they made it sound like a paradise to behold, and with the demigod of masculinity in front of me, I would say that it was true. “Shall we?”

“Lead the way,” I said, smiling lightly and releasing the possum’s paw so that he could set off for however he had gotten here. I was fairly certain he hadn’t taken the subway like I had, so I didn’t want to lead him there only to turn him off to just how truly ‘financially challenged’ I was. Not that it mattered; we were going to his place and all, but still… I couldn’t help but almost feel inadequate for the possum. It didn’t look like he thought that way though, as he retook my paw and started towards the door to the club, weaving nimbly between rollin’ and drunk patrons who had yet to truly put it together that the place was closing. To think that I could have been one of the drunk ones if that tail hadn’t grabbed me; the night was just getting better and better the more I let my mind wander around to find all the pros about Ty.

We stepped out into the night, and instantly Ty turned right to the parking lot, his paw still clutching mine. He didn’t even look back at me, just eyes forward and constantly making sure to watch out for where he was going; a busy night inside meant that the sidewalk between us and wherever he was heading with me in tow was busy. His graceful sidesteps and dodges navigated the sea of fur and scales deftly though, and more than once he had to pull me a lot closer to get us through a rather tightly-packed crowd. Not that I minded, for he still smelled of sweat and a musk which couldn’t be more inviting, not to mention getting to be close to him alone was enough. Under the yellow glow of the street lamps, he even looked better, if that was possible. It could have had something to do with being able to see him better than before, but his cut arms, toned chest, defined features… I barely even remember the bulk of the trip to his car.

Once we did get to his car, he went to the passenger side and opened the door, bowing aside and beckoning me to sit. I politely nodded, then slid into the car. My jaw instantly hit the floor as I looked around at the insides; this was one nice vehicle. Satellite navigation, full leather, wood paneling, even one of those push-button things to start the car adorned the interior. I wondered just what Ty did, but at the same time I knew that asking would be questioning something incredibly fortunate, so I simply stayed quiet and waited for Ty to go around to his side of the car. He did, sliding into his seat and smiling over at me before pushing the button to start the car. It rumbled to life with the guttural noise which could only come from a V8 or more, but Ty didn’t engage the car just yet. Instead, he turned to me and smiled lightly, reaching over and putting a paw on my thigh.

“I know you Nox, from high school…” he started, and instantly got me trying frantically to remember who I was friends with those 7 years ago. “I was on the football team, and a lot bigger back then, so I don’t know if you remember me, but… I remember you, and how you came so close to asking me out.” I froze as soon as he said that, knowing exactly how I had met Ty. He had been the center of the football team, and while quite heavy, still a very attractive fur in his own right. I had been attracted to larger guys back then too, so that was a big portion of the reason I saw something in him, but I had also seen him interact with the team and that just called to how kind he was. He never had a cruel word for anyone, and that was a big challenge considering just how cruel kids can be in high school. When it came out that he was gay on top of being fat, the shit hit the fan for him, and I never saw him again once the rumor mill took hold of that story. I had always assumed he had transferred schools or killed himself, which had eaten at me for a long time then since I was inadvertently the one who had outed him by trying to get him to take me on a date. He had agreed, we had gone out, and been spotted by a few of our classmates sharing our mutual first kiss. It was one of the best dates I had ever been on, and yet it was the last he and I shared, as he was gone just 48 hours later.

I just gaped at him for a few moments, completely frozen and in utter shock from the fact that not only did I know the hunk, but I had fond memories of him which I hadn’t thought of in years. He looked so nervous about it as he spoke, looking at me with eyes that looked nearly ready to start crying as I tried to regain control of myself. It wasn’t easy to do, considering how shocked I was, but I did manage to get a “Wow…” out while I returned back to being able to think. I could feel his disappointment at that response as soon as I uttered it, but I had just discovered a fur who had been one of my best friends was alive, well, and right before me after several years of absence from my life.

“I’m sorry for surprising you, but… You were my first love back then, and I haven’t met anyone like you since. I came loo-“

“You looked for me? Wow, Ty… I thought you had moved away, or… Or…” I felt the warmth of tears welling up even before they started to seep from my eyes. I was more overwhelmed by seeing Ty than I had thought, and with my sudden bursting into tears, I just let it on that much more. I didn’t want to cry in front of him, nor did I want him to have to reach out and hug me. He had looked for me; I hadn’t looked for him aside from the first week or so after he had left my life. He had clung to the memory of our date and our friendship; I had forgotten it and moved on. Guilt and joy and embarrassment and a whole host of other emotions came rising to the surface as tears started to run down my ringed cheeks. I reached up and wiped them away almost instantly, turning away from Ty and trying my hardest to regain my composure. I wanted to be stronger for him, to show him that I had turned into a real adult worthy of such loyalty and care. “Sorry…”

“It’s fine Nox, just take your time… I had my own little freak out back in the club when I found you.”


“It’s true. I heard from a friend of yours that you like that club, and I’ve been going into that place every night for almost two weeks looking for you… When I found you, I wanted to scream from the rooftops, to pick you up and squeeze so tight it hurt, to kiss you…” Ty trailed off, looking down at the steering wheel as he sat there, his admission just sitting in the air like an elephant. Did he still really have feelings for me? How could he, it had been years since we had seen eachother. I was just some poor art student too, and he looked like a successful something or other. He had to have the pick of the litter; any lay that he wanted, any relationship he wanted. Yet here he was, sitting in a car next to me barely able to contain himself with joy thanks to finding me…

“Why me Ty?” The possum turned to me after I asked that, looking almost quizzical. It seemed like he thought I should just know that answer, but yet I had no idea why he was hung up on me. He picked up on that after I gave him the same quizzical look in return, sighing and looking back down at the steering wheel.

“Because I never stopped loving you. Not for a minute. The thought of seeing you, of getting to kiss you again, of being able to actually hold you, of being old enough to do other things to you,” that one got a blush out of the both of us,” and of being able to just be around you again… All that was enough to keep me going and to push me to become what I am now.” Ty sighed again and looked back at me, tears starting to form in his eyes while more welled up in mine. That level of devotion, and how genuine it was… I didn’t know where to even begin to responding to that. There were no words, no actions, nothing that I could fathom which made sense to say to such a thing. I had never received such high praise, and from someone who I had once cherished as much as Ty to boot. I was overwhelmed all over again, but I needed to do something while my brain was misfiring this time; I couldn’t just let that statement sit there unattended.

Impulsiveness had never been my strong suit, but right then I think it worked out excellently, as I leaned forward and just kissed Ty. I didn’t think about it, nor did I even try and hesitate, I just leaned over the center console in the car and planted my muzzle on his. The shifter was jabbing me in the stomach, my hips were complaining at the angle I had to sit at to reach, and my arm didn’t like supporting nearly all of me as I boosted myself up to reach Ty’s muzzle, but none of that mattered at all to me. I had acted on how I felt about him, and it felt intoxicatingly good. That feeling I hoped to convey to the possum through the simple kiss, and upon seeing that tail of his twitching and wiggling like a nervous snake, I knew I had done it. Words weren’t my best part, but I could act, and I could kiss, and that was all that mattered at that time.


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