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Hurricane still saw no reason that he needed to do this internship. It wasn’t as if he was going to be learning anything new from the purple, formally-attired lynx that was sauntering in front of him which he was tasked with following. The whole notion boggled the feline-hybrid’s mind; he, a genius in every sense of the word, needed to have an internship beneath this glorified butler before he was allowed to receive his recommendation from the head of his school for his second doctorate. The entire ordeal was slated to only last for a few scant weeks, but it was still an insult to the hybrid as far as he was concerned, as he continued to skulk behind the swaying rear of the lynx. It was humiliating, degrading, and almost enough to get him to just try his luck with another department head. The dean and owner of the most prestigious college on the entire Eastern seaboard held serious clout in the educational community though, so a recommendation and award from him would put Hurricane on the fast-track to… Wherever in life he wanted to be. So he decidedly sucked it up and just followed behind his new master, boss, and employer.

He didn’t stop his sulking fast enough to get his attention quick enough to avoid colliding with the stopped feline though


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