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Running. That was all Kai could do at that point as trees whipped by his glimmering form in the moonlight. He shone like a small, faint start through the trees as his feet propelled him forward, his head down and his wings folded back over him as tightly as possible to make him more aerodynamic. His ears were even flattened back as he ran full-tilt, careening through the undergrowth at a pace which made leaves rustle far after he had passed. His eyes shown with determination as he ran at this speed, his teeth grit into a grimace of both anger and fear. There was also a feeling of fury which seeped out around him as he passed, something in his eyes… He was rushing for a myriad of reasons, but that anger had to be one of them. Nothing was going to stop him either, so with his fists clenched into balls so tight his palms were beginning to bleed from his claws digging into them, he ran on and on.

It took him a very small amount of time to reach his destination, which was a small clearing several miles from any signs of civilization. It was utterly devoid of life, and simply shone of moonlight and stars on the clear, crisp night.


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