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Lightning crackled all around Kaji as he soared just over the tops of the clouds. His wings threw up wisps of water vapor, making it look like small splashes in a pond as he sailed through the air gracefully. He was not exactly showing off as he flew though, more on his way to meet an old friend than anything else. He was still having a little bit of fun with his travels though, letting lightning dance off his body and interact with the clouds to create little sparkling showers of light anytime he got too close. Thunder boomed ever now and again when the draolf passed through a cloud or broke the sound barrier on his travels, but overall it was just a silent trip filled with sparks and beauty. A lone black mutt, careening over the clouds with grandure and class, clad in little more than his trademark green shorts… Kaji nearly started daydreaming of himself and missing his destination he was so lost in the moment. He caught himself at the last moment though, turning his nose straight for the ground. A nosedive of a landing to a gentle stop right beside his rotund partner in mischief was what he was aiming for, and what he would get too.

Meanwhile, far below the black draolf in the sky, a much-heavier grey one sat in a beach chair that looked to be more for whales than furs and sipped from his hot chocolate. It was a little bit after sunrise, and living on the beach meant that the immense mutt wanted to spend some time soaking up the sun before getting to his day. Being as many things as he was to as many furs as he was kept Sasuke busy nearly constantly, so to say that the draolf relished the peaceful times of the day was an understatement. He had felt Kaji enter his domain though, so he knew that peace would be coming to an shortly. Not an end he minded of course, though he knew he would probably need to take the rest of the day off and make sure to have enough energy to repair his house; things usually got big and messy when the two draolves got within a square mile of one another. That in mind, Sasuke knew he was going to need the last of his gallon-sized hot chocolate, so he made short work of it and waited for the thud of a landing beside his chair. While he waited, he shut his eyes and just soaked up the morning sun on his nude frame, though one could never tell thanks to his gut draping past his knees even in his nearly-prone position.

Kaji was nothing if not predictable with his entrance, descending from the clouds at a speed which resembled a bullet more than a fur. His wings were folded back much like a hawk’s would on its descent towards its prey, and like said hawk, Kaji was plummeting towards his prey. He knew that Sasuke had noticed him coming, but the why had not yet been explained. Unexpected visits like this one were a rarity to the both of them; being gods kept them busy. That in mind, their time off rarely ever coincided, and one could not simply ‘call out’ of being a deity. This usually meant that one of them shirked their duties for a day; something that usually didn’t end well. None of that was going to cloud Kaji’s mind for the moment though, as he was far more focused on his landing than anything else. Contrary to how easy he made it look, landing going as fast as he was and coming down from the dizzying heights at which he soared was no easy task. It took practice, skill, and sometimes around Sasuke, luck. That mound of lard had his own gravity, and although it was minute, it was just enough to sometimes throw Kaji off a hair.

That day everything went smoothly though, as Kaji spread his wings wide at the last moment and gave them two rapid flaps in succession. This slowed his descent to a mere crawl, allowing him to touch down with barely a disturbance to the ground below him. A couple crackles of lightning still came from his tail and wings as he touched down thanks to the energy still flowing through his veins. Touching the ground dispersed that energy though, so at worst Sasuke would get a shock of static if touched, nothing more. Said wolfdragon looked to have barely noticed the landing beside him, as his eyes were still shut and his expression remained unchanged from when he had initially noticed Kaji coming into his realm. There was a hint of a smirk brewing though as Kaji approached and stood beside his rotund friend. “Being a lazy tub of lard I see?”

“Can I even be anything else? Still one for you grand entrances eh?”

“What can I say? I do like being flashy…” Kaji beamed as he spoke.

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