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The first thing that hit Spikes was the stench. It wasn’t an unpleasant one, but it was definitely pungent and more than enough to make the draolf wrinkle his nose up as he took a big whiff of it. The smell didn’t stop him though, and he continued on down the hallway behind a portly, well-dressed panda. The rolling, sloshing rump of the bear clad in a suit which looked to have been made thirty pounds ago was quite the distraction for the mutt, but he tried to ignore it and instead just focus on the fur he was really in the house to see. He had come a long way to meet said fur, and had no intention of being distracted by the butler; no matter how cute that butler was. So the draolf just looked at the opulent walls around him, admiring the paintings on the walls around him and the molding around the big windows. Everything in the mansion was big, wide, and looked somewhat worn in spite of how new other parts looked. Spikes had a bit of a time taking it all in as well as keeping up with the lumbering guide in front of him, but he did his best while continuing to make his way to the source of the befouled air.

The panda came to a stop right as the draolf was looking at a picture of what looked to be nothing but a sea of grey. Spikes had to take a few more glances at the image, but his jaw dropped once he realized just what was in the picture. The startling realization took his attention, and as a result he ran right into the back of the panda in front of him. A light ‘Oof!’ came from each of the beasts, and Spikes instantly turned red as he looked down at the shorter, thicker fur. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention…” He said sheepishly, looking down at the floor in embarrassment as his cheeks turned a deep hue of red. The panda just smirked and gestured towards the door on his right, not even bothering to turn around and look at the draolf behind him.

“Sasuke is in there, and he has been waiting for you,” the ursine stated flatly before starting to walk again. Spikes raised a paw to try and stop the panda, but lowered it nearly as fast and just sighed to himself. He then turned to the door that the bear had pointed out, looking at it a couple times and taking a deep breath in. The scent was definitely coming from behind that door, a mix of musk and food which had only just began to go bad. Spikes knew what he was getting into by stepping through that door, but had he known just how rich and extravagant the lead-up to it would be… He might had been a little more formal in talking to the beast before-paw. Their conversation had been somewhat short, more of a gleeful chat than any sort of talk which could prepare the draolf for meeting a fur this well off. The stench of a slovenly beast was even more confusing, as Spikes figured any fur with as much money as his host looked to have would have droves of servants to keep him clean, fed, and whatever else he would need. The whole meeting was confusing the draolf, but he had agreed to it, and he wasn’t one to keep a host waiting, so with a slight gulp and another deep breath he reached a paw out for the door and gave the handle a twist.

Pulling the door open, the draolf was greeted by a far stronger whiff of the smell which had been lingering in the air since he arrived, as well as an ear-rattling belch. The hybrid pinned his ears back and looked into the room, expecting a dimly-lit bedroom and an obese, but recognizable fur lying in bed. He was instead greeted by a well-lit dining room with a monumental spread of food, and a nearly shapeless globule of fat and fur at one end of the table messily eating away. Food was being forced into his splattered muzzle at a break-neck pace, and never quite made it in fully as the over-eager eater would often chomp down too soon. The pair of tigers feeding him looked all too happy to be doing so, both their tails twitching with glee and their beaming eyes repeatedly scanning over the amorphous blob with what looked to be lust. Both felines were clad in little more than jockstraps, and by the looks of how much strain was on the front of them, it wouldn’t be long before even less attire would be in the room.

Spikes was utterly unsure of how to approach the ball of lard on the opposite side of the room, so he just cleared his throat and watched for a moment more. The sound of him clearing his throat must have reached the gorging beast across the room though, for not a second later a grunt came out of him. Both tigers stopped mid-movement, turning to look at the blubbery surface below them with concerned looks. Rumbling words too deep for Spikes to understand came out of the immense fur, and both tigers just nodded and slid off. Both looked to be disappointed, with one even shooting Spikes a less-than-friendly glance as they disembarked from the blob. He shot the look right back, knowing he didn’t deserve it from the uppity tiger. The feline just snorted and strode out of the room, making sure to brush Spikes on the way out as the draolf stood by the door and thusly near where the pair needed to go.

Once the tigers had left, Spikes stood near the door still just admiring the pig of a beast in front of him. Even not eating the draolf looked to still be gaining mass, his gut heaving in and out from each deep, wheezing breath that forced oxygen somewhere into his immense mass. The draolf couldn’t even fathom if he was seeing an actual fur, and what species the grey ball was. No markings, or even limbs could be seen from the draolf’s vantage point. The hybrid began to move closer to see if he could see anything past a sea of fat, taking slow steps and breathing in the stench, which now coated his nose enough that he was used to it. Moving closer and closer, the mutt spotted what looked to be a paw sticking out of a foot-thick collar of fat around it, the digits on that finger looking absolutely useless. Rolls upon rolls were all that Spikes could really see, even as he began to circle around to the side of the jiggling lardball. Folds of fat, rolls of adipose, and shelves of lard encompassed every square inch of the grey fur, still barely a hint of limbs on him. Spikes had a hard time even seeing his head as he rounded the beast, though he could see ears over the ring of fat which had apparently swallowed the fur’s head.

“You can come closer,” rumbled the blob, making Spikes jump slightly with surprise. He did just that though, moving even closer and beginning to feel the heat radiating off the massive, beached whale of a fur. The smell got stronger, again moving towards the forefront of Spikes’ mind as got within an arm’s length of the blob. The rolls of fat on the floor prevented the draolf from getting any closer, as to move any more would mean stepping on his host. Spikes hadn’t yet been invited to do that, so he wasn’t about to make such a move towards the fat beast. “I mean closer; climb up so I can see you.”

“Y-You sure?” Spikes inquired, his voice shaking slightly. He could feel his pants tightening already as he looked over the absolutely epitome of gluttony and excess, and didn’t want that to be given away immediately. Something about the blob was intoxicating to Spikes, and while he couldn’t quite place it, he knew his groin was doing the work for him.

“Yeah, climb up,” came the rumbling reply, and that set the blushing hybrid into motion. He slowly moved a foot onto the furthest-south roll of fat on the spreading blob, putting some of his weight on it carefully. A deep laugh came from the bigger fur; apparently the feeling of the draolf’s feet tickled his sensitive flesh. Spikes grinned at this, stepping on with his other foot and leaning against the immensity which was filling nearly a third of the ballroom. He instantly regretted it as he felt his arousal prod into the side of the titanic table muscle on the front of the blob. Another laugh from the huge beast was all that came though, so Spikes took a deep breath and began to slowly ascend towards the top of the sagging rolls of blubber. He had a tough time clinging to the fat around him, having to use his feet to more push himself up and his paws to keep himself from tipping over. He was careful not to tug on the blob’s fur, as well as to keep his weight as spread out as he could so that he wouldn’t bring any discomfort to his host. Nothing seemed to make a groan of pain come from the big ball of blubber though, and as Spikes neared the top of the small mountain he had been forced to climb, he wondered what he would find.

A sea of chins was the first thing Spikes saw. At least seven or eight chins, more likely more, ringed around a head which looked to be stuffed with just as much fat as the rest of its owner’s body. Cheeks sagged and rolled, looking like small bellies in their own right, off each side of the fur’s wide face. A stubby muzzle stuck out between them, lined with food and drink that hadn’t been cleaned from it. Slits of eyes sat above that muzzle, forced into a permanent squint from the restrictive fat below them. His cheeks and chins also were coated in a slimy layer of food, crumbs dotting the surface and just accentuating the gluttony of the fur. The beast’s ears were pinned forward by the collar of fat behind his head, pushed up by the immense collar of fat which had once been his neck. Orange hair ran down the sides of his face and along his cheeks, as well as over the back of the impeding neck-fat from behind. Disheveled fur ringed around all the fat of the fur, completing the scene of a true glutton and sending another twinge of blood down into Spikes’ crotch. “Hi…”

“Hey Spikes,” the fat beast replied in a deep, booming voice almost as big as he was. Spikes just smiled sheepishly, looking towards the other’s eyes but having a hard time finding them.

“You’re Sasuke, right?”

“The one and only,” the blob fired back immediately. Spikes looked confused for a moment as he tried to take that in; he hadn’t expected this blob to be the draolf he had spoken to just a day prior. This beast looked like he hadn’t done anything except eat for most of his life, and yet he had been typing like lightning 24 hours ago. The blob of fur saw the confusion in Spikes’ face as the draolf struggled for words, and decided to add in, “Not what you expected?”

“Not really…” Spikes sheepishly replied, looking down in embarrassment as well as an attempt to slow down the flood of lust which was filling his blood. He wanted to watch the unstoppable pig below him eat more, and yet he had only known him for minutes. Something this immensely fat wasn’t normal for Spikes though, so he had a hard time focusing on anything other than the fact that he was sitting both on and in another fur’s lard.

“Heh, well I am that same wolfdragon you talked to yesterday… I was just feeling fatter today. I can shrink back to that size if you’d ra-“

“No that’s fine!” Spikes cut in, surprising both himself and Sasuke as he did so. “I mean, as long as it’s what you want to do of course…” He quickly added, making Sasuke smirk inwardly. The pair chuckled after a moment, Spikes blushing beet red and Sasuke just looking at him with a bit of curiosity. The larger draolf could do little more than sit in his obesity, eat, and talk, so comforting the embarrassed hybrid in him was a task. Spikes knew that though, and just relaxed as best he could against the blob below. He could still feel his arousal prodding at Sasuke, but knew there was nothing that could be done about it; the draolf was too horny to care at this point. The musky scent which was in every single breath he took wasn’t helping matters, as it further sent his mind into its dirty depths. Something else about the power, the commanding nature, the immense gluttony… It was all affecting Spikes to make him hornier and hornier every moment he spent with the other pig of a draolf.

A deep, roaring gurgle came from the belly under Spikes, and it was Sasuke’s turn to blush after it finished. The draolf looked up at the other, smirking slightly while the fatter of the two just looked sheepish and gave a wobble which Spikes assumed was a shrug. “I’m still hungry… I’m always hungry actually,” Sasuke said, his voice lowering as he spoke with a hint of embarrassment in his words. Spikes heard it, and immediately got an idea. He wasn’t proud of the idea, and hoped it would leave his head, but he kept it for a moment and then looked at his host. The other draolf looked back, curiosity displaying itself in broad strokes along his massive face. “What’re you thinking?”

“What if…” The draolf trailed off, rolling onto his side and giving a faint gesture to his crotch. Sasuke took a moment to get the idea, making Spikes blush even brighter as he lay on his side. The mutts looked at one another for a moment, then the fat one looked back at the other’s junk and smirked as best he could, his fat cheeks dimpling deeply as the smirk turned into a grin the longer he looked. Spikes was nearly too embarrassed to look up to see this, as he had only just met his host and was already suggesting a blowjob. It would satisfy them both though, and seemed logical from that place alone. Spikes knew that was little more than a thin justification, but he forced it to make sense in his head and smiled as best he could back at Sasuke. The blob just gave a light nod and opened his muzzle as wide as he could. This made the thin hybrid blush brighter still, but as he went to look away and move himself into position closer to the blob’s muzzle, Sasuke grunted lightly. This made Spikes pause and raise his gaze to the other’s, which was looking intently at him.

“I’d rather ya went around back… I’m starving, and it’s almost time for my fourth lunch.” Sasuke said nonchalantly, which only served to make Spikes blush even deeper. The draolf didn’t even bother looking at the other, he just nodded a bit and started to slide down. Sasuke smirked again to himself at that, a light rumble of approval as he saw all of Spikes for a moment before the hybrid vanished past the blob’s own horizon. The svelte draolf moved off the roll of fat encompassing all of Sasuke’s belly once he reached the bottom, still beet red and his mind racing as he began to walk around to the mammoth mutt’s backside. He had no idea why he had suggested this, and yet here he was going to pound a blob fatter. He could feel his cock twitching and swelling as he it grew to arousal within the tightening confines of his pants, and once glance down at his far-larger package gave away how badly he wanted this. His mind was slowly giving up figuring out why too, as trying to ascertain the motivations of the other would be unwise. Spikes was much more inclined to just accept the reality he had created and move on, as that would lead to him getting to pound the massive beast, as well as more time around the hulking sac of flab.

Sasuke’s build constantly shifted and quaked as fat on his titanic body refused to not be in motion. The draolf took this as little more than a continuous massage though, and instead of hating it, nearly always reveled in that feeling. It kept him nearly constantly horny, which made the proposed pillaging of his colossal rear that much more of a treat for him; ‘finishing’ in his state was a rare treat. Spikes could see that with the faint twitches at the end of the limb-sized tail barely peeking out between the twin mountains of Sasuke’s ass. This made the other draolf smile that much more to himself, and faintly lick his lips subconsciously. He was becoming more and more attached to the idea of what was about to happen, and as the tail which protruded slightly out from its fat-encased prison wagged back and forth, he knew his host did as well. Doubts were vanishing from the mutt’s mind with each passing moment, for he knew that even if this was a less-than-stellar idea… What could the mountain of fat possibly do to retaliate?

The pair of beasts were each settling into the idea as time passed, one moving closer while the other spread wider and wider thanks to settling down into his immense girth relaxing. The smaller of the two placed both his paws on the peaks of ass in front of him, standing on a protruding roll of lard below as he just stared into the gaping crevice before him. A hint of drool ran down his muzzle, and without even thinking about it he buried his face in between those massive cheeks. He moaned deeply as soon as face hit fat, his stiffening length pulsing and growing almost a full six inches immediately as blood raced down into his pants. He rubbed his muzzle up and down along the split in the rolling hills, his paws making large circles and groping at what little of the vast acreage of blubber which he could reach. Spikes worshipped at that rump, his moans just growing deeper and more drawn out every moment he was in contact with the sloshing sacs of adipose. It was heavenly for the draolf, and he could do little more than just stand and revel in it all.

Sasuke rumbled deeply from above, the fat-swaddled beast rubbing lightly at the sides of his obese frame as moving his arms was a monumental effort. The teasing to his back-end was enough to send him straight up to fully-hard and panting lightly as beads of sweat rolled along the many folds and valleys of his body. It wasn’t rancid though, more of an overbearing musk which filled the air around him and only drove Spikes further wild somewhere behind the mammoth beast. Sasuke barely paid that any mind though, as his stomach continued to rumble and the scents of food began to join the thick stench that was him in the air. Hyede, the panda butler, had returned with food, and as such the draolf was ready to start eating. Whether or not the other one behind him was ready for his part in all this was irrelevant to the titanic glutton; food always won out in his mind. So with drooling anticipation and a stomach that felt as empty as an abandoned mining town, the greedy goliath just sat in his lard and waited.

Spikes slowly forced himself from his revelry as he heard that rumble of the stomach feet in front of him. He knew the draolf would begin eating soon, and that pummeling him senseless while he was gorging would only heighten both of their enjoyment. Spikes would get to feel all that lard expand that much more around him as he humped the draolf, and Sasuke would get sex and food all rolled into one truly blissful package. It was what they both wanted, and begrudgingly Spikes had to stop his worship of the fatter draolf’s ass in order to get it. He did manage to stop though, and instead of just placing his paws along the sides of the huge rear in front of him, he slid both of them into the slick cavity between them and pulled. A thick wave of musk washed over the lithe beast almost immediately, making him cough once or twice but also making his length pulse with lust that much more. Spikes didn’t wait for the stench to subside either, he just slid his thick meat right in between the pair of cheeks before him and moaned deeply as he felt it getting pushed back by countless pounds of fat. He had to fight to get himself deeper into the pre-lubed cave, each inch resisting that much more and making the draolf that much harder.

The immobile hybrid receiving this let out a sharp groan as he felt that length wiggling its way towards his hole. He could feel the size of it and knew pain would be coming soon, but of course he was ready for it. His toes curled what little they could though, and his length was already leaking pre out in copious amounts below him. Spikes still persevered though, and instead of slowing down he actually sped up in his search for the illusive hole buried under numerous years of gorging and gluttony. The bigger draolf being probed didn’t mind that in the slightest, and shut his eyes as he felt that warm shaft get ever-closer to its prize. He barely even noticed that Hyede was at the foot of his stomach, looking over at him with a slight smirk on his muzzle while just waiting for the wolfdragon to start paying attention again. That wasn’t likely though, and the panda was hardly a patient beast, so it would only be a matter of time before he ascended the draolf and began to feed him the multiple carts which sat before him.

Spikes stopped as he felt something hot press against the tip of his length. Nearly his entire torso was inside the draolf’s rear now, burying him up to his neck in fat and making him nearly constantly moan. His cock ached with how stiff it was, a full two feet of meat just pulsing with lust and the need to go off. His balls had swollen up to the size of basketballs and continued to grow as well, expanding out at an astonishing rate. The draolf was ready, and as he rubbed his member along that hole and the blubber around it, he could only pray that the other was ready for it all as well. Spikes wasn’t going to ask that, as words being formed in his current mental state was just too much to ask for, so instead he just kept rubbing for a few more moments to let the other know that he was ready, and then went for it with a hard, forceful thrust.

Sasuke let out a yelp, then a deep and long moan as he felt that cock force its way into him. He could barely even open his eyes for a moment, and his teeth were grit as the pain of being torn in two wracked his body. He had to couple that pain with immense pleasure though, and knew that it was just the beginning of a massive amount of pleasure. The draolf could feel that length ram right into his prostate, which made his muzzle separate just enough for a loud groan to escape it before his teeth grit again as the pain of the length in him returned. He would need a few moments to stretch out in order to accommodate the hung beast behind him, but that was the least of the draolf’s concerns at that particular moment. He could smell the scents of food getting closer, and had he dared to peek his eye open he would have seen Hyede climbing his gut with a variety of foodstuff in tow. He could feel the paws pressing into his stomach, as well as the feeling of the hot food along the ocean-like surface of his quaking gut, but he paid little mind to it. He was more focused on the eating that was nearly ready to happen, as well as the pillaging of his rear. The food approaching him was little more than a hindrance at that point; a thing which precluded the eating and made Sasuke loathe time itself.

The impatient blob of fur and fat wouldn’t have to wait long though, as the panda reached his head shortly after thoughts of strangling father time began to fill the overfed fur’s mind. He could still feel the other mutt behind him, shoving that thickening length of his deeper in. Aside from faint shivers of pleasure which came with every inch that cock slid into his rear, the ball of blubber paid his rump no mind. His muzzle was getting all of the love at the moment, as it watered greedily at the scent of the feast being laid out on his gargantuan stomach. Had his paws been able to touch, he would have rubbed them together in gleeful anticipation of what was coming to him, but the fat-swaddled limbs hadn’t moved on their own in longer than the fat draolf could remember. He had to be fed his meals either via hoses, funnels, or whichever willing fur he could get to cram food down into his fattened face. This was not to say that the draolf didn’t sometimes take matters into his supernaturally-powerful paws, but he rarely had the need to do it with so many willing servants and stuffers alike. Many shared in his vision of being a true glutton, and even more were willing to help him get there. This meant that the draolf had been spoiled truly rotten, and also meant that when he wasn’t eating, he was thinking of eating, or wishing he was eating, or sleeping and dreaming of eating. His dreams and thoughts were being realized too, as the scent of a whole hog was drawing ever closer to his muzzle, and without even needing to open his eyes the draolf knew to open his muzzle and await the deposit of food into it.

Spikes was getting even more well-endowed with every passing thrust, his length looking more like a meaty leg at that point than a cock as it went in and out with absolutely zero mercy. The balls hanging below sagged to his ankles, nearly hanging at the hybrid’s feet and forcing the large, drooping cheeks of the bigger draolf’s ass apart from their sheer size alone. They both churned and groaned faintly as gallons upon gallons of cum was being produced in them. The draolf could only moan and keep pounding away at the bigger fur’s ass as that happened too since he had little self-control left in him. His paws gripped the fat which was all around him and held it tight, trying to use the sloshing surface of sweat and fur for leverage to make his thrusts that much more powerful. This was proving to be a challenge though, as hanging onto the slick surface meant holding on tightly, and that could injure the bigger draolf. Spikes wanted nothing to do with that, but he was quickly even losing his control to do that as his strokes got longer and more vicious. The other hybrid didn’t even seem to notice this, or if he did he was hardly reacting to his hole being savagely abused; Spikes couldn’t tell. He did know that there was pre beginning to seep from his length though, and it would be only a matter of time before he went off.

Sasuke was eating with reckless abandon a few feet in front of Spikes, moaning between bites as his eyes stayed screwed shut. He could feel himself stretching larger and larger around the immense cock stuffed deep into his rear, and he reveled in that feeling as well as abhorred it. The pleasure was just barely outweighing the pain, and while the draolf was right on the edge of spewing his load, it was almost in spite of himself. The arousal from eating and the feeling of being so brutally taken was filling him with the purest arousal he had felt in weeks, but the pain of the tight grip and each stroke going so deep it nearly hit his filling stomach was nearly causing that pleasure to vanish. It was a vicious cycle for the blob of a draolf, but he knew that it would pay off in the end as he could feel those balls still swelling up behind him. He knew that the load which was going to be shot into him would push him to new sizes and even further towards being a shapeless blob that could do no more than consume, and that was all that Sasuke wanted. So he endured and focused as best he could on the pleasure of his prostate being battered into submission, rather than being torn asunder by the hyper length inside him.

This process went on for a few minutes, with Spikes continuing to get up into truly massive proportions with his endowment and Sasuke guzzling more food per minute than some furs saw in a month. He could feel his stomach filling and taking up more space inside him, but at the same time he knew that the length which was also in him was going to be fighting for that space. The battle for supremacy inside him had begun, and while the draolf knew his stomach would win out, he couldn’t help but wonder just what would happen once Spikes’ length hit it. Spikes barely even thought of this, just feeling more and more of his now torso-sized cock getting stuffed deep into the slobby blob before him. The black hybrid was gone, possessed by the true feeling of lust which has taken his mind over in every single facet and controlled his body simply on reflex. There was no feeling from the balls smacking roughly at the base of the fatter draolf’s car-rivaling ass, nor from the hole nearly at its true limit which held tightly onto the cock stretching it there, nor from the weight of the tons of fat which constantly tried to unbalance and force Spikes out. No, there was none of that for the black wolfdragon, nothing but pleasure coursed through his veins and mind as he continued on, stuffing himself deeper in and using more of his musculature just to stay the course.

It took just a few more moments after Spikes was lost for his nearly fully grown length to stab Sasuke’s full stomach. The gorging wolfdragon grunted, and let out a belch as he felt some of the pressure inside him forcibly removed thanks to that. He was slightly impressed by how large the wolfdragon had to be in order to pull off such a feat, but at the same time he was still hungry, and nearly lost in his own world too thanks to how fast Hyede was feeding him. The panda was running out of energy and food though, meaning that tube feeding, and thusly true growth, would be just a short time away. Strapped onto a tube was the epitome of gluttony to Sasuke, as it showed he was too lazy and greedy waste time even chewing; his food needed to be pumped into him in order to make the whole process more efficient. His leaking cock twitched at the thought, pressing its own impressive length on the underside of a small mountain of fat as arousal wracked it. Sasuke groaned to himself as he felt his stomach get impaled again, and the return groan from Spikes could only mean that the feeling of bottoming out in such an immense beast was driving him near the edge. The obese hybrid smirked inwardly at that, and with the last vestiges of awareness gave Hyede the signal to start tube feeding him.

The panda happily obliged, his panting form getting the hose and putting it both on and in the draolf while the last few wheelbarrows of food were made to little more than flecks of food in a sea of chins, and further pounds below. Sasuke moaned lightly and began to suckle on the hose immediately, even though nothing was coming from it yet. Hyede could hear the suckling and turned the pump on as fast as he could, not wanting to anger his employer any more than necessary about not being able to eat for a matter of seconds. Sasuke’s patience when he was hungry was nearly non-existent, and when he was in the state he was in… Hyede was nervous, but had gotten the food flowing fast enough that he did not have to suffer the obese beast’s wrath this time. Sasuke was hardly in a state that he could dole out his wrath either, with the other hybrid’s length now firmly planting itself into the side of his stomach with every aggressive thrust. It was forcing belches and moans from the gluttonous draolf in a symphony of greed and sexual pleasures which both beasts shared. The only other sounds past those, the smacking of flesh on flesh, and the occasional slurp of Spikes’ length in Sasuke, was the whirring of the pump. It was the soundtrack to a good time to both hybrids, and was only going to get better.

Spikes began to go faster, grabbing tighter onto Sasuke’s ass flab and pushing himself in deeper. By now the draolf’s sac was resting firmly on the floor and spreading out slowly, looking more and more like a foothill to the mountain of draolf than a pair of balls. They pulsed and churned, growing exponentially all of the sudden as pre began to leak faster into Sasuke. The fatter hybrid could feel the sudden spur of growth behind him, and somewhere deep in the reaches of his mind he knew what was coming. He couldn’t place his finger on it, but he barely cared about that as gallons upon gallons of rich, heavily fattening chocolate poured into his muzzle by the minute. He was filling up, prodding himself firmly with his own cock into the many folds of fat which surrounded it, and nearly ready to blow. The rocking from Spikes’ thrusts was even making it so that the wolfdragon was humping into his own fat, a process which made the whole event even more arousing, and sent shivers of pleasure along his frame. The other wolfdragon hadn’t stretched him further either, so the constant bashing of his full stomach was the only discomfort he had now, and that made the pleasure he was getting from everything going on around him redouble with each and every rub of his stiff member against the soft, yielding fat beneath his stomach.

His balls growing bigger and bigger, Spikes began to pant and tightened his grip further still on Sasuke. This caused a yelp to come out of the larger wolfdragon, but the smaller one paid it no mind and just held on for his life. He could feel his length beginning to pulse, and the flow of seed rushing towards it. There was little that he could do to stop it either, he was so lost in his own mind and so incredibly aroused that he barely could see straight. His balls had grown to nearly the size of the ass which they now pressed heavily on and showed no signs of stopping as Spikes rose higher and higher with them, trying to lay flat so that they could grow out rather than up. This barely worked though, and with Spikes having to hang on just to make sure his length could stay in Sasuke, the draolf needed to go off now in order to get his whole load into the other draolf. Pre flowed liberally, and his balls ached from their rapid expansion and the lust which coursed through them; his body agreed with him.

A roar signaled the first blast, and Sasuke wasn’t prepared in the slightest for it.

Cum flooded his innards in an instant, blasting deep into him and nearly forcing Spikes out due to the power of the release. The lithe wolfdragon held on though, and managed to stay atop the massive beast below him as he came. The thick, hot seed emptied into Sasuke at a breackneck pace, forcing his gut out and down nearly a foot in that first push alone. Given his size, this took the wolfdragon aback greatly as he groaned and screwed his eyes shut in absolute bliss. No one had ever done that to him before, and it was a new experience to him; so new and stimulating in fact that he came seconds after Spikes. His own load soaked the bottom of his belly, but couldn’t hope to compare to the release which was still filling him rapidly. Spikes could only groan and moan as this happened, clinging onto the slowly-swelling ass of the wolfdragon he had ravaged and just hoping that would be enough. He was still absolutely lost in lust as he did this, barely even aware of how much the fatter draolf was expanding thanks to his load, nor the fact that his torso was being swallowed by the twin cheeks which were growing around it even moreso. His head was in danger of going under, and yet Spikes paid it no mind as he just came, and came, and came.

The warm liquid spewed into Sasuke seemingly forever, not even slowing in flow after that initial burst. This meant the wolfdragon went from slowly expanding to rapidly growing once he ran out of room inside him. He was still being few from the hose as well, but even that was beginning to take a back seat to the cum which was rushing in from behind. There was less and less room inside the draolf by the second, and the pump couldn’t compete with the force at which the seed was filling the bloating draolf. Sasuke barely paid this any mind though, breathing heavily through his nose as the last spurts of his own load died down beneath him. Spikes, on the other paw, was beginning to pay it a faint amount of mind as his head became encased in draolf ass, and quickly sank deeper down there. The stench and sweat which seeped all around him didn’t quite bring him back from his deep trance, but it did make him at least slightly mindful of where he was. He could feel that his length was pulsing still, and even growing longer just to make sure that it could stay in the growing draolf below him. Spikes could also feel his whole body growing taller, very slowly, in order to make staying in Sasuke and above the tide of fat which he was becoming that much easier. Those balls were also distending nearly as fast as they were deflating, still intent on giving the draolf a fucking he would never forget.

Sasuke would have little chance of forgetting this either, for he was fast growing to fill the ballroom which he was in. The room, which fit a table with room for 100 and could normally host two events if divided properly, had already looked slightly smaller than normal with just Sasuke in it. Spikes was now taking up a healthy portion of the room with just his balls alone, but Sasuke was fattening at such a pace that the room seemed to be shrinking before one’s eyes. Hyede had gone to rest, and there was no one else at the house that day. This meant no one could come and remove the hose from Sasuke’s muzzle to slow the process, or help move the furniture out of the way. Tables, chairs, carts, and various piles of food were forcibly shoved aside by the bloated draolf as he grew further and further out. Spikes was forced back as well, his sac sliding along the floor slowly but surely as he moved closer and closer to the back wall. He had grown a whole foot in height by this point, and his muscles had gotten stronger to hold onto the flab all around him more firmly and keep him in place. His length was even further buried in Sasuke in spite of the avalanche of fat which wanted Spikes and his invading cock out of there. Even the expansive wolfdragon’s tail was starting to get in on the act, as it had grown too rotund to stay forced to the side and was beginning to straighten out just to hold all the fat it was being asked to.

Spikes stood firm though, moaning loudly as the warmth around him intensified and brought with it the natural lube of the fatter draolf’s thick sweat. He could hear the creaks and groans of the flesh growing all around him, but still felt how soft and pliable it was as it forced more and more of itself on him. His body just wasn’t growing fast enough to keep pace with the blob’s distending frame, and that meant that his head once again began to sink further into the crevice of Sasuke’s ass. Spikes didn’t mind this in the slightest, taking a big inhale of the murky air and just moaning even deeper in bliss. He stuck out his tongue and licked at the fur around his head, getting a guttural groan of pleasure from the larger hybrid as he did so. The fur tasted of sweat and… Milk chocolate, a flavor which Spikes hadn’t expected. He licked again to see if his addled mind was playing tricks, but came back with the salty chocolate taste again. The larger beast was apparently full of surprises, and that was one which Spikes could get behind.

Sasuke was still growing, his cheeks now fully invading his field of vision as he was forced to look more up than straight. His arms were perched at nearly 80 degrees thanks to the fat both on them, and the love handles which were now forcing his moobs up even higher than his head. His stomach was out yards in front of him, far beyond where he could see, but he could feel it creeping along the carpet towards the other walls. It was eating up inches faster than he ate up cake, and that was making him even hornier. This arousal forced his musk firmly into the air, and it began to linger with Spikes’ own strong stench. This smell made Sasuke hornier still, which in turn made him begin to attempt to buck forward so that he could cum again. He didn’t care that he had just cum or that Spikes was behind him, he was so lost to his own desires that he just wanted release and nothing more. So with a herculean effort he began to buck his fat-swaddled hips, using the fat on his splayed legs as well as the several rings of lard which encased his endowment to stroke him.

Spikes could feel the sudden shifts in Sasuke’s frame, and immediately let loose a deep murr at the feeling of it along his length. Spikes was hardly fully in Sasuke, having been forced out by the pressure of his orgasm and fat which now completely enveloped him. Even his balls were off the ground again, with Sasuke’s fat beneath them constantly in motion and only getting softer as time went on. It was absolute bliss, and a truly stirring experience. It was just going improve and become more arousing as time passed too, as Sasuke would do nothing but grow and further force the slowly-growing hybrid wedged into his ass deeper down. This meant Spikes would get more aroused, and cum more, and make the hybrid grow faster. There was no stopping either one of them at this point, only fatigue could quell the growth and expansion which was about to unfold in the room. Neither knew that yet, nor did either one of them care. Both were gone in their own worlds, Spikes deep in the wolfdragon’s rear getting pleasured to no end, and Sasuke achieving untold sizes and levels of fat as he had to do nothing but sit and take in more food.

The walls of the room began to creak shortly after Spikes’ balls left the floor for good, Sasuke’s girth having reached the far walls. It was pushing on them at their low points, and considering the tons upon tons of blubber which it had behind it, the walls holding was nothing short of a miracle. The wolfdragon barely heard the cracks and groans of the structure around him though, as even his ears were beginning to become covered in fat. He had not grown an inch in height, but had grown yards in width throughout his expansion. This meant that he was sinking into himself, becoming more of a ball and less of a beast with every passing minute. Spikes was suffering from this, in a way, as he was buried between the ever-increasing peaks of ass behind Sasuke. These mounds of ass still had yet to touch the wall behind them, but once they did it would just further bury Spikes in lard. Sasuke’s head was suffering the same fate as his cheeks had nearly permanently blinded him at this point, his limbs were useless even down to his fingers and toes, and his stomach was becoming legitimately full, rather than just contently so. The pain of the very hint of a stomachache from overeating was pleasurable beyond all senses of the word to Sasuke though, and pushed him further down the rabbit hole of growth.

The walls around the pair bowed and cracked egregiously now as more and more fat was forced upon them. Already being asked to hold up a structure, they weren’t made for such amounts of wolfdragon lard, and it showed. Any passerby would have seen the fat oozing out the doors of the room, and beginning to crack the windows as it worked its way up the walls to the windowsills above. Faint hints of pain dotted the expansive hide of Sasuke as this happened, as he was crushing furniture against the walls with his girth as this all happened. He paid that as much mind as one does an annoying fly though, and instead focused on the redoubled efforts of Spikes in his backside. The smaller hybrid was beginning to thrust again, which was making his job of humping into his fat that much easier. The pair of hybrids decided, without speaking or even thinking, to work together. They timed their thrusts with one another so that as Sasuke went back, Spikes went forward, and vice versa. This made less work for both of them, and maximized the pleasure Sasuke felt as his stomach was stabbed rather roughly with Spikes’ member. Spikes in turn got the bliss of bottoming out every single time he entered Sasuke, and in spite of the cum still spewing vigorously out of his length, that made him even more aroused.

Spikes could feel this in his balls, as they began to grow again in spite of being the size of nearly an SUV at this point. He didn’t care though, and instead just relished the feeling of all the fat around them cradling them like a bed of warmed dough. It was a blissful feeling, and even as he could feel that bed beginning to lose just an ounce of give, he couldn’t have been more aroused or enjoying it. He was truly in heaven, and as he continued to pump rhythmically in and out of Sasuke, he knew that this was just going to get him even further buried in fat, and further tired, and even bigger and more unwieldy ‘equipment’. The feeling of all that restrictive fat around him, of all that cum leaving him, the feeling of growth… All of that outweighed anything that the situation could throw at him, and only further immersed him in everything that was happening. The cracking sounds of the walls, which finally reached his ears once a set of doors burst from their hinges, was enough to send shivers of anticipation down his spine. Somewhere in the more perverse regions of his mind, he wanted that wolfdragon beneath him even bigger, and was going to get it.

His cock jolted, and then erupted so viciously that volcanoes cringed. With that, Sasuke learned what it was like to really grow.


Spikes panted and sank down into Sasuke’s rear, not even sure where he was. He was still tied with the hybrid, that was certain, but he had no idea where he was or even when it was. He could feel the tautness off the flesh all around him, and some part of him could feel that it was not a great thing. A deep murr from the flab’s owner gave away that was otherwise though, and thusly quelled any rising concerns the awakening draolf had. He groaned softly as his mind began to come out of the haze it had been in, his whole body sore and stiff thanks to the motions and effort he had expended that whole time. Bits of plaster and wood rained down on him as he moved, and with that the wolfdragon began to wonder just what had happened while he had been lost in the maze of lust. A few groans and gurgles showed that the other draolf was probably wondering the same thing, and that made Spikes a little more nervous as he sat in his prison of ass and contemplated just how he was going to escape.

Spikes hadn’t shrunk back down to a normal size yet, and thusly had to fight to tug his sac and length from their blubbery confines. He managed though, and with some shuffling and shoving, began to slowly ascend the crevice of wolfdragon rump. Many moans and gurgles of arousal filled his ears as he went along, and he even stopped to give a few licks along the way. His dragging length and balls only served to further tease the blob of draolf. Spikes could feel very faint jiggles and squirms along the taut surfaces he was teased in thanks to that, and tried to limit them as those waves of thick fat sent him inches backward more than once. The draolf pressed on though, like a trout upstream through the sea of fat and sweat which soaked him, and impeded his progress. Spikes was hardly concerned of this though, and was more worried by the heavy panting from exerting himself and the stirring in his length in spite of the untold length of the romp which he had just ended. He needed to get out for his own sake, as well as the sake of the draolf he was lodged in.

Nearly five minutes after he started his journey, Spikes paw broke through to the surface of Sasuke and he began to pull himself out. Still somewhat aroused from his ascent and the ass scent which was all around him, the draolf had to pull himself out quick and gather several breaths of fresh air to calm himself down. He didn’t take note of his surroundings, just pulling his torso free and laying back against the bouncing, sloshing cheeks from whence he had just came. It was hardly a sight one saw every day, but Spikes could care less; he was freed and basking in the light above him… Which brought his mind around after a few moments. He had been in a sealed room, in a three story tall house, when he began. How he was surrounded by a veritable sea of Sasuke and had the sun basking down on him. How big he and the other draolf had gotten crossed his mind, and as Spikes had yet to open his eyes, he had no idea what he was in for. The plaster which had hit him a couple times on the way up had given away some of the true heights the blob of wolfdragon had reached, but Spikes wanted to see the damage himself. With that, he opened his eyes slowly and began to survey the damage.

His jaw followed his eyes in opening, as nothing but grey went on for seemingly forever all around him. He could see countless folds and rolls, along with remnants of the house which they had both been in at one point, but there was little left of it poking out from all of Sasuke’s fat. Spikes just kept looking, trying to find the other wolfdragon’s head but not at all seeing it. He could see the city in the distance though, and Sasuke looked to be a lot closer to it than he had before. The blob of wolfdragon was utterly massive, to put it lightly, and he sounded to be utterly content with that. Deep groans and murrs were all that Spikes could hear coming from the gravid mass which he was resting on, which was already starting to lose the tautness which the lithe draolf had noticed when he first came down from his sexual high. He could feel the pooling of sweat in the folds around him as he sank in slightly more, and thusly could feel more blood flowing down to the incredibly swollen package he still possessed. That would make walking on the fatty sea around him a chore to say the least, but Spikes wanted to find Sasuke’s head.

He had to tug a few more times to get the rest of his frame, as well as his endowment, out of the ass which he had been trapped in, and helped create. Grunts came from the owner of that ass as he did so, but Spikes knew there could be no pain in those; Sasuke was far too large to get pain from something like a sole being standing on him. Once he was free, the smaller wolfdragon began his arduous trudge along the rolling surface of Sasuke, dragging his bits behind him as he went. He had to stifle both moans and arousal as the slick, shifting, jiggling surface cupped and caressed every inch of him that touched it. This was made hard as it softened and turned more and more into blubber as he went; blubber had more give. Spikes was up to his knees in the stuff before he had even taken twenty steps, and his sac had sunk halfway in again due to its sheer size and weight. He wasn’t going to be getting anywhere fast, and as he just sank in further and further, he had to realize that.

The wolfdragon struggled on in vain for a few more moments before giving up and collapsing into a heaving heap on the blob below him. A grunt again came from Sasuke as that happened, though quieter than before. It almost sounded muffled, and Spikes could only imagine that meant the tide of fat was coming in on his head. He could feel that same tide closing in around him as well, cradling him and almost immediately lulling him into a peaceful place. A nap sounded like an excellent plan after all that he had to both to and with the larger beast, and Spikes needed little more reason than that. His whole body seemed thankful, going limp as soon as Spikes let it as it just slumped down deeper into the blubber which now encased him again. His head and upper torso still were somewhat visible, but everything below that had been swallowed into a deep fold and was cupped from all sides by the shaking mass of lard that was Sasuke. Spikes shut his eyes again as that happened, and just let his mind wander for a moment. It didn’t get far before the embrace of sleep took it and wrapped it as tightly as the fat all around him had, tugging him hard into dreamland.

Sasuke felt that, and smiled to himself from somewhere deep below the rings of chins and mounds of cheeks which had swallowed his head up several minutes prior. Bliss was an understatement for where he was, and as he felt Spikes collapse and pass out on him, he knew that the other was in the same spot. The sac of adipose would join his thinner companion in slumber in a moment, as he too was exhausted from the day. He was still even a little full too, though he could feel the food in his stomach being turned to more lard by the instant as he sat in his immense body and just took it all in. His home was in ruins, he had crushed all his property and the beach on which it sat, he was visible for miles, and would need a long while to get back to an even remotely manageable size. He barely cared though, and just sunk a bit deeper into himself as he groaned contently for the last time; this was all that he could want.

“Need to do this more often…”


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