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The blue, muscled wolf sat down on the sofa and let out a heavy sigh. His thick, strong frame was absolutely exhausted from the work he had needed to do during the entire day to maintain the grounds on which he lived. It was why he was privileged to live in such a nice house though, and he knew that as he just sat and tried to let his aching muscles recover from such extreme overuse. He knew that there was no way to fix himself just by sitting, but it felt good enough that the illusion of healing his aching frame was filling his mind. The wolf tried to sink further into the couch, just to let that feeling fill him even more and pull some of the tension from his body, but was met with resistance from both the pillows and something else. This something else was far furrier than the sofa, and warmer as well. It moved slowly up and down, resting against the back of the wolf and cradling him quite comfortably.

The cushion of sorts extended two appendages towards the wolf, grasping his shoulders gently and beginning to rub over them with gentle care. There was little more that could be done from the body pillow’s position, and the wolf didn’t care at all. The gentle touch of the coarse pawpads on his stiff shoulders was heavenly, and a deep groan of contentment worked its way from his muzzle as he began to relax even more. Those paws dug in just a bit more, pulling and kneading at the muscles below the blue fur which the wolf had with aggressive motions, trying to work out the kinks and strains which the day had deposited on him. Each motion was precise, firm, and yet had a caring tenderness to it that the wolf began to melt on the spot after just scant seconds of the blissful massage. He couldn’t bring himself to do anything but moan in place and sink further against the plush, breathing pillow behind him. The pillow was fine with that too, as it moved somewhat behind him and brought a warm, wet nose to bear against the back of the wolf’s neck.

“Rough day wolf?” A thick, deep voice rumbled out behind the wolf, sounding like a train speaking more than anything else.

“Very papamon…” The wolf said, barely above a whisper. The large beast’s muzzle moved slightly on the back of his neck, and pushed against it with gentle lips to show some affection, and to try to ease the tension in the wolf’s neck at the same time. It worked, and the wolf melted that much more back against the heavyset fur which was giving him such blissful attention. “Just keep rubbing Kai…”

“You know I will Sai,” the gruff voice replied, his paws working their way off the shoulders below them and moving down towards the muscles on the arms which they had been supporting all day. The wolf groaned deeply as he could feel his biceps being worked over so expertly from every angle, a puddle of blue fur and goo fast forming on the front of the beast behind him and the couch beneath them both. He was utterly lost in the bliss of the rubdown on his frame, and the attention which he was getting on the back of his neck wasn’t helping that. Constant kisses, licks, and general other affection kept him nearly comatose, and put him so at ease that it was a wonder to think five minutes before he had been ready pull his own hair out. Such was the power of the hefty fur behind him though, and Sai couldn’t ever think to not appreciate that.

The rubbing continued on for a few minutes, working it’s way down his biceps, then migrating to his back. From there it slithered slowly down towards his lower back, barely making it though as Kai’s ponderous midsection got in the way, and he just couldn’t reach that far. Once he got to that point, the heavy fur just pulled the wolf back into a tight embrace, pressing him into the excess adipose which adorned his front and holding him there. This elicited a deep, contented murr from the wolf as he shut his eyes tighter than they had been and just reveled in the affection. It was heaven to him, and he would trade absolutely nothing in the world for where he was at that moment. Nothing else could compare to the tight embrace from the golden arms which were wrapped around him, not by a long shot.

Once the embrace was loosened, the wolf turned around quickly and locked eyes with the fur behind him. A heavy, golden-furred leomon looked back at him, green eyes meeting his and smiling at him very warmly. His features were all laden with blubber, but not to a point that it affected his masculine charms in the least. Thick cheeks, a prominent double chin, and a ring of fat which was covered with a thick, deep brown mane all were in the wolf’s gaze. The top of a set of sagging moobs was also there, but the wolf didn’t want to look down at his prize just yet; he wanted to look at the mon which had given him such happiness for the past several minutes. The feline seemed to have the same idea, looking back and not breaking eye contact with the wolf. He could see the blue fur which covered the canine from head to toe, the chiseled features, the pointed ears and piercing eyes which had a softness to them which few had. Thick pecs and broad shoulders completed the image of the wolf. They were polar opposites in build; one laden with muscle and one with lard. They both loved it that way though, and one another as their eyes stayed locked for a few more moments before the wolf moved his muzzle towards the leomon’s.

He barely made it halfway before Kai’s lips met his own, and their passions began to flow through a loving kiss. The wolf wasted no time parting his lips and sliding his rough tongue out to lick along the feline’s, which in turn called Kai’s tongue out to play. His arms wrapped around the wolf’s neck and drew him in, pulling him tighter against the softness and bulk of his overindulged frame as they shared their love in one of the many ways they could. Sai let loose a subtle moan as his tongue was wrapped with the feline’s longer one and caressed very lightly. It wasn’t so much that it was teased, more that it was another way in which Kai was holding the wolf to keep him close. Sai could feel that, and barely knew how to respond in turn. He brought his arms up beneath the sagging, thick ones of the leomon and pushed into them to get his own arms around the large torso of the feline. He didn’t get much give, the rippling muscles beneath that generous layer of fat one of the last vestiges of the leomon that had once been Kai. The musclebound leomon had once made even Sai’s current build look weak, but that was in the past, and the softness which the wolf was passionately kissing now was what he both wanted and had.

The pair’s lips stayed locked for over a full minute, their heads twisting slightly back and forth as hot pants of breath escaped both their noses while their muzzle remained occupied with one another. One could feel the heat of their passion emanating from them, and if one was keen enough, they could smell it too. Both beasts’ groins were stirring from the kiss, the wolf’s pressing into the leomon’s generous paunch and the feline’s digging into the underside of all his excess flesh. Both knew that the time to share that would be later, and not on the couch where any one of the others living with them could come in and interrupt their intimacy. Their kissing wasn’t something that could be interrupted though, so intertwined were their limbs and lips that it would take a crowbar to even attempt to separate the lovers. They wouldn’t have it any other way either, as their grips on one another tightened and the kiss reached its heightened climax. They pushed against one another just below the threshold of pain, trying to force themselves to become one as they stayed lip-locked and tangled in a mess of flesh. Kai slumped back in defeat and tiredness as he succumb to the wolf’s muscles, but Sai stayed locked to the leomon and followed him down onto his back on the sofa.

The wolf pulled his muzzle away from the feline’s after they were lying flat down, his frame resting atop the soft body of the heavyset leomon. Kai looked up at the wolf, a strand of spittle still connecting the two of them as he did so. They looked at one another for a long moment again, just staring at their respective partner and looking at the soul which had drawn them in as deep as they were. Sai barely even breathed as this happened, but he could feel the slight panting and erratic rising and falling of the thick chest beneath him which his pecs rested against. He had to smile faintly at that, a small part of him amused at how out of shape the leomon below him had become in such a short time. That was just barely an inkling of a thought for him though; his brain was filled with other thoughts revolving around the love he shared with Kai. The leomon was no different, and it showed in his eyes.

The pair smiled at one another eventually, the wolf rolling off the top of the leomon and standing up in one deft motion. The mon just turned his head as far as his thick neck and chins would allow, looking the blue canine up and down with unabashed lust in his eyes. Sai saw that, and gave his hips a faint shake as he stood before the leomon. This elicited a purr from the feline, as well as a light lick to his lips. Sai just smiled, bending down and pushing his nose against Kai’s and leaving it there for a moment. They both shut their eyes and just let themselves take one another’s company in, as it was all that they had where they stood. The leomon’s stomach interrupted that moment though, a loud growl emanating from it as he lay on his back with a paw moving up to hold the wolf close.

“Uh oh…”

“Heh… Guess I need to feed my pillow.”

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