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Sai didn’t even wake up when it happened.

The muscular blue wolf was wrapped up in his blankets, huddled against the burly leomon beside him in bed as he slept. The couple were sleeping off a long trip which had taken nearly a week, and had only just returned a few hours prior. The hulking figure over the wolf didn’t care about that though, as his red, piercing eyes stared at his prey. He knew the wolf would feel him and try to resist, but he was in no mood for resistance, and instead just wanted what he wanted. The demon also knew that the wolf’s lover would see through him immediately, but that would only add to the fun of the whole outing, as well as give him a chance to exert some dominance over the feline. Indeed, his demonic presence did stir the leomon beside the wolf somewhat, but not enough to raise any alarms nor to cause concern for the looming demon. He was going to get what he wanted, one way or another…


Sai’s body woke up right after the leomon beside him, peering through slits of eyes as the morning light rushed into the room. The feline was rolled over, facing him and blotting out a large portion of the sun with his substantial middle. The chunky leomon smiled softly as he saw the wolf stir, sleepily moving in for a kiss between lovers, but stopping short and tensing up as his lips got scant inches from the wolf’s. His whole frame went rigid, and his eyes opened wider before narrowing back down into slits while he looked up and down Sai’s body. There was no mistaking the feeling which was emanating from the wolf; he was possessed. The possessor was one which the leomon knew all too well too, and as he looked at the wolf’s eyes once they had opened fully, he could see the demon in them. A deep growl worked its way from the feline as he looked into those eyes, his muzzle curling into a fierce snarl in spite of the adipose which lined either side of it; hardly making him look as threatening as he wanted. His voice still commanded fear though, gruff and deep as it came from somewhere in his heavy torso and poured from his muzzle. “What do you want Pandemonium?”

“What? No class, no patience? I’m disappointed Kai… Is that any way to greet an old friend?” Sai’s voice was filled with snark, something which the leomon wasn’t used to in the least. He was taken aback by it for a split second, his mind still not fully awake, but quickly regained composure and frowned deeper at the wolf opposite him. “You could at least say hello first.”

“Hello. What do you want,” Kai spat back, the leomon all but shouting how unamused he was to not wake up next to the wolf he had fallen in love with.

“Straight to the point, like always… Guess you want your wolf back, don’t you?”


“Well, you’ll get him in due time. He’s… Where he always goes when I come to visit. Now, I need you to do something for me. I want… Well a lot of things, but I want one thing in particular; I want access.”

“Access to what?” Kai said flatly, his tone and looks to the wolf as he lay in bed beside him unwavering with annoyance.

“Sasuke,” the demon inside Sai replied coolly, making Kai arch both his eyebrows and tense up even more than he already was. There was no way he was going to give the demon access to the wolfdragon, even if he had Sai. The wolfdragon had done too much for both he and Sai, and to give him up to such a monster… “Do it or else I’ll toss this body off a cliff. You have one hour.”

“How am I su-”

“Figure it out, cat. I’ll be waiting.” With that, the wolf and his demonic owner stood from the bed, walking towards the door swiftly. They parted without another word or a look back, giving away how serious the demon was, and just what lengths Kai would need to go to in order to get what the demon wanted. He had no way of getting close to the wolfdragon that couldn’t be detected, and with just an hour to get creative… Kai had a hard time not panicking as he lay, stunned, in bed. He needed to plan out how he was going to accomplish getting the wolfdragon alone, how he would bring down the fat hybrid’s defenses, how he would get him unaware… And he had just an hour to accomplish all this. The task he had been given was a monumental one just in the sense of getting it done at all, but the time limit made it nigh impossible.

Rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling, Kai couldn’t help but wonder how he had gotten himself into such a mess. He had met both the demon and the wolf at the same time, and the demon had passed protection of the wolf off to him. That had been fine to Kai, and for a time all had gone well with it. The wolf had been happy, the demon had kept his distance, and Kai had nearly forgotten his deal with the devil. One slip though, just one momentary lapse in his attention, and the wolf had been hurt and a further deal with that demon struck. Ever since then, the two had been linked, Kai and Pandemonium. The demon would come knocking for favors to repay the supposed debt Kai had built up in his lack of caring for the wolf. There had been but one incident, and that was it; the demon just did as he pleased and Kai was in no position to say no. The demon and his loving wolf were inextricably linked to one another, and no amount of work would separate the two. This trapped Kai in the deal, and had in others before. This was the first that had put anyone he knew in harms way though… All the others had pertained to the perverse side of the demon, each some sort of sexual favor that left the leomon beached and inflated to impossible sizes.

What could have caused the demon to go down this path made the leomon’s head spin, and he had no time for that to be happening. He needed to get started on his own plan to get Sai back and to appease the demon all at once. There was no way he could bring himself to betray Sasuke; the wolfdragon had sheltered him and Sai, cared for them, and protected them without asking for anything in return. Turning him over to Pandemonium’s vengeful wrath, even for Sai’s sake, was not an option. But that choice was an incredibly hard one to make. The leomon loved Sai with every ounce of his being, and to see the wolf gone and in harm’s way was absolutely devastating. There was nothing that he could do to change that too, as he continued to stare at the ceiling and remain lost in his head. He knew that was doing no good, but he also didn’t know where to begin on how to approach Sasuke and talk to him about all of this. The wolfdragon would need to know, for even if Kai didn’t tell him, the obese hybrid would find out. Sasuke had that way with himself, and being as the property was his domain, he could feel the wolfdragon would be coming to the room any moment to ask about the intruder.

As if on cue, the door to Kai and Sai’s room opened and Luc, one of two butlers Sasuke had, walked in. He only took two steps through the doorway before stopping, clearing his throat and waiting on Kai to sit up. The leomon did in short order, his stomach sagging over his thighs and rubbing against them as its weight made itself known. He grunted slightly from this sensation, but sat up regardless fully and looked over at the purple lynx. Clad in a well-tailored suit, he looked back at the leomon for a moment before speaking. “Sasuke wants to see you as soon as possible Kai. Please get dressed and go find him in the kitchen.” Luc said flatly, no inflection or meaning in his words as he spoke them. He turned back around once he finished, almost robotically, and strode back out of the room. Shutting the door behind him with a soft click, he left the leomon alone again in the bed, nude and thinking.

Getting out of the bed and tossing just some pants onto his bulky frame, Kai was thinking the whole time. He had an idea to get Sasuke distracted like Pandemonium wanted, and could use it if things got out of hand with the demon. He didn’t want to have to use it though, and instead just wanted to ask the wolfdragon for aid if he could. There was a slim chance that he would get it, but Kai had to keep hope as he fastened the tight pants and began to walk towards the door to his room. Giving up now would mean he had doomed Sai, and that would kill him just as much as dooming Sasuke. His choices were bad or worse, and succumbing to how that made him feel could mean that no outcome would be good. Keep himself at least mildly positive and hopeful would help, so the leomon did his best to think about how he could trick the demon, or Sasuke, into getting both of them what they wanted. Sasuke just wanted safety for all, and Pand wanted Sasuke for petty revenge. It was a mess for him, and as he worked his way towards the kitchen, there was no way he was going to sort it out before he got there.

Indeed, Kai’s head was still swirling with a myriad of thoughts as he entered the immense dining area and caught a whiff of the house’s owner. The massive, slovenly hybrid was doing what he always did; eating like there was no tomorrow. At the moment a small mountain of pancakes rested on his protruding paunch, slathered in more syrup and butter than some furs would ever see in their lives, and being shoved in by the sloppy pawful into his muzzle. Kai was hardly averse to the sight, but wanted to talk to the wolfdragon as fast as he could. This wasn’t going to happen if Sasuke was pigging out, which made the leomon a little impatient as he approached the beached beast and stood by his side. A few crumbs bounced from the smacking muzzle above his head onto his torso, but Kai paid them little mind and instead just looked over the moob-horizon which Sasuke possessed and waited as patiently as he could for the hybrid to stop glutting.

Kai didn’t have to wait long, as Sasuke finished chewing up the current ‘bite’ in his muzzle, let out a belch that rattled the windows in the room, and then looked down at Kai to speak. His voice was like dark chocolate mixed with more bass than an electronica concert; it pierced your very being when it rolled out of the wolfdragon. “So, why was Pand here?”

“He wanted something from me,” Kai said, doing his best not to think of or allude to what. This was a true task with how much his mind was reeling from the demon’s request, and while Sasuke may have seen that, he didn’t let on anything about it.

“What did he want? More sex, Sai, what?” The wolfdragon questioned, taking another bite of his breakfast mound as he did.

“Sai, he wanted to take the wolf somewhere. He didn’t say where though,” Kai responded, his voice wavering just slightly. The wolfdragon must not have noticed over the loud smacking of his chewing however, for he simply gave a thumbs up and shoved another mouthful of food into his craw. The leomon let out a faint sigh of relief, and then turned to go; he wasn’t about to watch his boss make a pig of himself.

“Kai?” came Sasuke’s voice as he spun around, making the leomon stop dead in his tracks. He tensed up as he waited for the words which would come next, praying to all that he could that they would not be anything about Sai or Pand. “Want some breakfast?”

“Not this morning, I’m going to wait for Sai to come back,” the leomon replied, his voice shaking more but still drowned out by the chewing behind him. No response came to that, and the leomon realized he was free and clear. He had escaped without so much as a doubt to his story, but why would there be? He had never lied to the wolfdragon, at least as blatantly as he just had, and therefore had the beast’s implicit trust. To think that he was throwing this away for Sai… It showed how much the wolf meant to him. The leomon let a sole tear roll down his cheek as he exited the room, looking at the floor and doing his best to not give away how ashamed he was of his actions to the fur who had saved him from the brink of destruction more than once, and who had given him back just one iota of both independence, and pride. He felt lower than dirt for that, but he couldn’t have helped it. Pand would have sensed that the wolfdragon knew instantly if Kai had let it on, and that would have spelled the end of Sai, so the leomon needed to come up with something else…


The next hour was spent making phone call after phone call to food delivery places. Kai had a small supermarket of food delivered to the house, and put it all in the kitchen with the wolfdragon. Each delivery fur dropped off the order for the immense wolfdragon with either awe, fear, or disgust in their eyes, but still gave him the food regardless. It was a stuffing feast even by the gluttonous titan’s standards, and he was still eating it even as the hour which Kai had been given drew to a close. He knew he didn’t have much time left, but he could tell that Sasuke was starting to become delirious from consumption. He was eating messier, acting sillier, and had even sent Luc out to do errands just so that he could glut in peace. The leomon’s little plan of stuffing the wolfdragon stupid was working, and he needed to report that to Pand. He had gotten a text ten minutes prior on where to meet the demon, and was on his way there now.

The little detail which he was going to leave out to Pand was that the wolfdragon could go from stuffed stupid to aware and in attack mode in an immeasurable amount of time. He hoped this trick would work, and that the wolfdragon hadn’t suspected anything was amiss with all of the food. Any hints, to either side, would be disastrous to the leomon and the wolf he was trying to rescue. There was little that could be done at this point though; Kai had played his hand and was now having to work with the cards he had been dealt. There was no room for error in this one, and with that in his mind he kept on walking towards the oceanic cliff which he was supposed to meet Pand, and Sai, at. It wasn’t very far from the house, but well over 100 feet high and easily capable of killing Sai should the demon desire it. Kai had to pray that wouldn’t happen though.

He walked up to the entrance to the small turn off where the cliff was right as the hour mark was reached, seeing the blue wolf off in the distance and looking at him with longing in his eyes. He began to jog over, but had barely taken ten steps before the blue wolf’s arm raised and held out his palm to stop the leomon. Kai halted, still unable to make out Sai clearly but knowing what was meant by that gesture. He wasn’t to come close so that he could save the wolf should the demon not like his plan he guessed. That was unfair, but the demon never played fair, and Kai expected nothing less from Pandemonium.

“Well?” shouted the blue wolf, his voice flat like before and sounding unamused.

“He’s eating himself into a stupor right now, just pigging out on everything I gave him…” Kai shouted back, his tone meek and fearful in spite of his posture. He was worried about Sai, and Sasuke, and even himself should the wrath of the demon miss both other furs. “He should be vulnerable shortly.”

“I said one hour, not shortly after one hour you lazy pig.” Sai’s body spat back. Without another word, it took one step back and fell right off the cliff, vanishing from Kai’s vision in a split second. The leomon roared aloud, sprinting towards the cliff as fast as his legs could carry him. In spite of his weight, he still was a blur in the blink of an eye, making it cliffside blindingly fast for a beast his size. It was for naught though, for right as he reached the edge of the cliff and peered over it, ready to dive without a moment’s hesitation, the crack of bone on rock reached his ears. Looking over the cliff, he could see a mangled, broken blue corpse down on the rocks far below. He couldn’t even make out any features from the height he was at, but he didn’t have to; he knew what had happened.

He had killed Sai.

Kai slumped to his knees on the edge of the cliff, stunned silent and just staring down at the body far below him. He had no words, no feelings, nothing in him as he just kept his eyes locked to the corpse. He could feel tears falling from his eyes, he could hear his muzzle bellowing out cries of despair, but he just felt disconnected from it all. He couldn’t even bring himself to stop; he was somewhere else entirely as his body reacted to something his mind couldn’t comprehend. There was no way the wolf was dead, there just wasn’t… And yet there was a body with cold, dead eyes staring back up at him from the bottom of a cliff saying otherwise. Kai wanted to jump down and join that body, he wanted to flee from the scene, he wanted to do something… But he was locked in place, too gone in shock to stop screaming or crying. Kai’s world had just come crashing down around him in an instant as that wolf had fallen from the cliff, and there was no way that he could see it ever being repaired.

“Kai…” Came a voice behind him. The leomon stopped screaming the second he heard it, whipping his head around as he would know that voice anywhere. Behind him, just a few feet away, stood Sai. The wolf looked to be nearly in tears and was shaking with fear slightly as he saw the wild eyes of the leomon in front of him, but that didn’t hold a candle to how Kai felt. He looked at the wolf, then to the body below, and then to the wolf again. He was convinced he was hallucinating, seeing what he wanted to see, and therefore so traumatized by the loss that his mind was losing it. The wolf looked real enough, smelled real, and as he moved closer to the leomon and lay a paw on his head, felt real. Kai was still so in shock from the massive roller coaster of emotions he had experienced over ten seconds that he was unsure of what real even was, but he wasn’t about to question it.

“Sai… Oh thank god.” The leomon said, leaning against the wolf’s torso and just wrapping his meaty arms around it. He held onto that lithe frame tightly, clinging to it like it was his very lifeblood. The wolf held on tightly as well, stealing a peek over the cliff and instantly realizing why the leomon was there, and why he had awoken in a broom closet just ten minutes before with Pand telling him to go to this cliff. The wolf loathed that demon, but there was nothing he could do either; he was in the same position as Kai. Trapped. He was just glad to still have the leomon though, and embraced him tightly while he could still feel those arms around his waist. “I thought…”

“You thought you were still in control…” A voice whispered into the leomon’s ear, a cold chill running down his entire spine as he heard that voice. Kai tensed up and tightened his grip all the more on Sai, not wanting to lose the wolf twice in one day. He was powerless and he knew it now, so he just had to nod feebly in response as he clung to his lover.

“I understand,” he murmured back, barely even audible to himself.

“Good, consider this a lesson to not be lead astray. You’re my slave after all, cat. Don’t you go forgetting that.”


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