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The cat never stood a chance when he entered the house. There was something about the house, and about the owner which he had overlooked when he was scoping the place out. It was no small thing either, this was something fairly large. He hadn’t seen it though, and instead had just gone for the oodles of goodies which he had heard the home possessed. Going it alone was his style, and the time of night was also him; the best robberies always took place late at night. Going then was a gamble, as the owner was usually up at that time as well, but it was a risk the feline was willing to take as he assumed that there had to be a time which he slept.

That was his mistake.

He had been caught immediately, and before he had even known what hit him was out cold thanks to a swift tail whip to the back of the head. He had heard the bounce which his assailant needed to get that high, but he hadn’t had time to even turn around before his head was hit so hard he nearly flipped over. His last vestiges of consciousness had shown him a smiling pink and green face over him, but that couldn’t be what he had seen. Furs with that coloration were rare enough as it was, and one living in a place as large and gaudy as this… It just wasn’t possible. He had to assume that it was though, as he drifted along in his mind out cold. How he had missed being snuck up on, as a cat of all things, was beyond him and made him ashamed to call himself a feline. He wasn’t going to get his prize now, and if he was lucky he would get away with just being arrested. How could he have been so incredibly dumb?

“Heyeyeyey, you should wake up now Bakani. You should, I prooomise.” A loud voice filled his mind, several octaves higher than most. The feline grunted as he heard it, rousing from his slumber and opening one eye to look up at who was speaking to him. It was the pink and green roo, looking down at him with a broad smile and posing on his haunches as he did so. His muzzle rested on his pink paws, and he looked to be almost amused by the cat below him. Bakani went to stand, but found resistance as he did so. He grunted again, and turned his head to look as to why he couldn’t move. His eyes were met with ropes around his limbs, trapping them in place. He struggled against those bindings lightly, but to no avail as they were done tightly. “You’re really trapped here, you are.”

“What are you doing?” The cat hissed out, defiant even as he knew there was no chance of getting out. He was caught, and at the mercy of this unbalanced roo. That didn’t mean his nature had changed though, as he stared coldly up at the smiling face looking right back at him.

“I’m gonna inflate you like your ego. You’ll be huge and round and puffy and hyooooge!” The roo gestured as he spoke, spreading his arms wide and giggling loudly once he finished. He then moved off to behind the feline’s head moving out of sight further than Bakani could see. The cat growled and tried to twist himself to see, but as he moved he felt a firm grip go onto his muzzle. A hose was stuck into it in one quick motion, and before the cat could even react to that a few strands of duct tape sealed that muzzle shut. He was now stuck with a hose inside his maw and a crazed roo at the other end of it.

“Mmmmmph! MMMMMPH!” Out came the cries of either mercy or fear from the cat, his eyes going wide as he realized there was no escape. He couldn’t see what the roo was doing behind him, but he could only guess as he heard metallic scraping along the flood where he was stranded. He struggled against his bindings more and thrashed wildly about, clearly wanting to get away from the maniac behind him, but all that got was giggles out of his captor. The roo watched the cat struggle for a moment, as all was still around Bakani while he flailed and fought. He quickly got bored though, and proceeded to drag whatever it was he was dragging towards the feline some more. He then set it down with a loud thud that shook the ground around the cat, and attached the other end of the hose to it with a loud hiss.

“You’re gonna like this, you will, I prooooomise,” the roo said, his voice slightly deeper and full of mischievous intent. Those words had barely left his muzzle before a loud click reached the cat’s ears, and then the roar of an engine coming to live behind him. The cat went pale and stopped struggling for a moment as he realized just what was behind him; a compressor. He then began fighting twice as hard, muffled screams and cries for help pouring out of him as he violently thrashed around. The roo watched this, just smiling broadly as he always had, from a perch atop the compressor. The engine was getting air into the tanks before it started feeding it into the feline, but that would only take a few moments. The roo was hardly patient enough for that though, and rocked back and forth atop the apparatus while he waited, humming to himself.

A loud hiss signaled the compressor was full, and it began to immediately empty its contents into the cat. The roar of air flooding into him made the feline whimper and cry, his eyes screwing shut as he felt the flood of compressed air fill him. His throat and cheeks bulged out to their fullest immediately, and within less than a second so did his belly. He was swelling out at a breakneck pace, immediately going from a svelte cat to one that looked like he had been drinking nothing but beers for years. HIs ball of a stomach swelled up more to a beachball, and then a light boulder as air rushed into it. He did feel all of that stretching, and while his eyes were shut from the sudden pain of it all, he didn’t feel nearly as full as he thought he should. Instead, he almost felt… Good. It was a strange sensation, growing as much as he did as fast as he did, but he wasn’t complaining in the slightest.

His whole body stretched and contorted as more air filled it. His arms began to fill out once his torso had turned into little more than a tight ball. His legs were already growing, looking more like orbs glued together by thick joints than limbs as they swelled out. His whole body was rising slowly as this happened, his bindings apparently having enough give to allow for that. This give made it easier to escape, but the feline was too stunned to even think of that. He doubted he could even move either as he rested in his bulk, his eyes still screwed shut as the tightening sensation continued to fill him. It wasn’t his clothes, as those had been stripped off him before he had even woken up, but he had to imagine it was his hide. The thing wasn’t made to stretch as much as it had, but it was still filling out and becoming more and more of a ball as more air rushed into it. The compressor was running low on air by this point, but it still had some, so that was going to be enough.

The motor kicked in at long last, and the flood of air stopped once this happened. The roo atop the compressor giggled to himself and shut off the motor once this happened, bouncing atop the machinery for a minute before making a leap and landing snugly atop the ball of cat which he had created. Bakani was truly a ball at that point, bloated impossibly round and big. He couldn’t move even if he wanted to, his head sunken into his overblown torso somewhat and his limbs far rounder than they were long. Even his fingers had inflated in that process, preventing him from making a fist in any way. His feet were even bigger, looking like giant hams attached to the end of balloons. The feline shifted slowly back and forth beneath the roo once he landed, letting out a loud groan from the impact of the roo.

The roo rolled around on his new airbed for a moment, barely sinking in due to how full he had made it, and giggling like mad. He didn’t say a word, just snuggling and petting the furred surface under him as it creaked and groaned from so much air inside it. The roo had little he could do up there, but the events of the evening had taken a lot out of him. He wasn’t going to sleep, persay, but he at least was going to curl up comfortably atop his newfound mattress. The feline couldn’t see a thing that was going on atop him, but he could feel it, and he knew what the roo was doing. Bakani could do nothing about this either, and just had to let it happen as he bobbled slowly back and forth on his bloated rump and back. He wasn’t going to be going anywhere for a long while, and as the motor of the compressor kicked in again behind him, he had to wonder just how big he was going to get.

He’d never thought his ego was that big.

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