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Toasty couldn’t decide where to put the hose. He knew that in his muzzle he would be able to suckle on it and to let it fill him slower, but there was also the risk of it falling out or him choking due to the various moans that were sure to leave him. Up the other end was a task, but gave more rewards in the end and kept his muzzle free for other things. It was give and take; convenience over pleasure, and the lithe, slightly-muscled white fox needed to make a decision. His thick white tail lashed back and forth as he thought, battering the wall behind him with its fluffy mass as it did so. His small black nose twitched too, and his ears swiveled around atop his head which sent his bright red hair every which way; he was nervous and excited, and it showed in his foxy features. Thinking about how to bloat himself out with a garden hose always got him riled up, but being able to do so in private was an even more tantalizing experience. He didn’t always get to do it alone, but when he did he relished in it, as there were no goading friends or chide remarks about how chubby he looked after just a few moments on the hose.

Toasty wound up deciding on his rear after a few moments of thinking, and had to bend his arm back behind himself to get there. He stretched and grunted with effort, having to contort himself uncomfortably to angle the angled head of the line into himself. His tail was raised and still as this happened, but with its size it was an inconvenience to say the least. The vulpine couldn’t see a thing past it, and this meant that he was flying somewhat blind as he slid the nozzle between his sculpted cheeks. A low moan escaped the fox as he did this, and his eyes twisted shut as he began to move the rubber head around to find his tightened hole. This didn’t take long, and once the fox did he began to gently push on the hose in order to get that plug inside of him. It was flared and knotted to ensure it never came out, which stretched the tight vulpine out wide when he inserted it in. He had to bite his lip in pain, but he could feel immeasurable pleasure as the initial part of the nozzle slid into him.

Working the head in inch by inch, he slowly pushed the thick apparatus into his tail-hole and just groaned as he did. HIs eyes never opened, and he could feel his member stirring between his legs. The water hadn’t even begun to flow and the fox was already supremely enjoying himself, which was a good sign for things to come. His arms were somewhat sore from being bent as awkwardly as they were, but he paid it little mind and instead just continued to force the hose into himself. Deep breaths and heavy pants came as it went on, nearing the knot quickly after he preached his hole. The thicker, round ball at the end of the apparatus was spreading his rump-cheeks wide as it slid between them, and the fox could only imagine what it was going to do to his hole once it hit. The flare at the top was already pushing against his prostate, heightening his pleasure and outweighing any discomfort he was getting from the intrusion into his rear. A light bump against his hole gave away that he had reached the knot, and with his pleasure piqued, the fox decided to give himself a real treat. He gave one hard shove at the end of the hose, and then howled out as the knot was brutally forced inside him.

Panting and hunched over as far as he dare with the hose firmly planted in him, Toasty slid one of his paws to his length and rubbed the pre from the tip. That forced entry had been a true kicker for the fox, and would have normally been enough to set him off like a fire hydrant. He was craving his inflation though, and forced himself to wait in spite of the pained bliss which was flowing throughout his entire being. This wait was killing him, but he could barely move thanks to the hose and how it filled him. He would have to though, so the fox opened his eyes just barely and began to shuffle slowly towards the spigot on the wall beside him. He barely lifted his paws from the grass beneath him, moaning softly as he felt the plug in his innards shifting and rubbing his prostate in every way possible. His eyes went crossed slightly as the bliss was nearly too much to bear, a rather long step sending more pre spurting from the tip of his pulsing, rock-hard length. The fox was just aroused and ready for the water, and as he leaned down to turn it on, his heart began to pound with anticipation.

He started slow first, Toasty wanting to get the full effect of inflating as the water began to flow into him. He panted loud and let more pre from his length as he felt water racing into him. It flooded his bowels and began to work its way up through him, barely a drop leaking from his hole. He turned the pressure up gradually as this happened, more water being forced in at a faster rate. Nothing had hit his stomach just yet, but it was rapidly heading there as his gut began to bloat out just slightly. His intestines were filling up so fast that he could practically feel every bend, twist, and turn in the contorted organs. He relished this feeling, and with the flow still increasing, he knew he would be getting it for a while. Up and up the pressure climbed though, getting to nearly where the hose was as hard as rock with the water racing through it. The liquid was nearly at the fox’s stomach, and the hose was nearly at all it could handle, with the fox so close to spewing his load that it would be only a matter of time before something gave.

Water breached his stomach first, pouring into the big pit like a geyser. As this happened the fox’s toes curled and he let out a loud moan, pre turning to cum as it shot out of his cock in thick, ropey strands. The tensing of his frame made him finish turning the hose, and in fact break the dial off the spigot; there was no turning the flow of water off now. It was going to have to just flood the fox until either it ran out, or the fox found a savior. He was too lost in his own world to notice this though, vulpine seed coating his thighs, the wall in front of him, and the start of a paunch which was forming on his torso. It was oddly shaped, as his stomach had to catch up with his intestines, but he could feel that gut of his filling rapidly, and that was fine by him. It would grow out to immense proportions until he could even feel a light strain; he had practice this to make himself incredibly stretchy.

Liquid poured into the fox at a breakneck pace, his belly rounding out nicely as it grew inches in circumference every minute once it had been filled. Toasty panted hard and rubbed at the sides of his ball of a belly with both arms, which still looked small and shapely in comparison to the beach ball of a belly he now had strapped to him. The look was comical, and it was also starting to get heavy. The legs of the fox were shaking slightly as he struggled to stay standing, but he wasn’t going to give up just yet as he wanted to be on his feet for as long as possible. He panted again, his still-hard length rubbing generously on the underside of his sagging and swelling belly as he stood there and caressed its tightening surface. The fur along it was beginning to vanish, being replaced by a slick, rubbery one beneath it. A nozzle of sorts where his belly button had been was also taking shape as his rotundity grew and grew. The morphing ball jiggled and sloshed heavily, bouncing with the slightest movement that the fox made behind it.

Toasty could only stay on his feet for a few more moments before they gave out and collapsed down to his knees. He still held his gut up, but its bottom was resting firmly on the ground as it continued to round out and just swell. It was increasing still in circumference, nearly the size of a large boulder and shiny as it had turned fully into a balloon. The water was beginning to leave his gut too, his whole physiology changing thanks to being inflated so much. The water was heavy, and it would just be a matter of time before the fox was pulled down onto his sloshing, packed gut to rest. He was still fully hard under all that water-logged heft, but he wasn’t going to cum again. Not quite yet at least, as he was still getting more and more round by the minute. Maybe once he was fully rounded out he would go off again, but for the time being he wanted nothing more than to bask in the feeling of getting larger. It was addictive, arousing, and all that he could ever want; nothing less would please the bloated ball of watery fox.

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