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A sole, ominous figure stood at the entrance to the room. He didn’t move, he didn’t look up from the floor, he simply stood stock still in the entryway. There was no breathing motion from him, and his eyes were obscured by a hood which rested on his head. Two round ears broke this hood’s perfect covering, peering out of two slits cut specifically for them. They were each black and furred, resting atop the wide head below them and looked to be the only part of the beast moving. They lightly twitched with every noise around the figure as he stood stock still, taking it all in as their owner just took in the tile below him with his cold gaze. The attire on the figure past the hood was indistinguishable from the surrounding blackness in the room, but his build was made apparent thanks to the light pouring in from behind him. Thick was the best word to describe it, with a sagging pair of lovehandles and yet arms that looked like they could crush a small car on the figure. All in all, it was an incredibly intimidating sight, and yet with no motion, there was no way to tell if the being was hostile or not.

Guessing that didn’t take long though, for a loud snort reached his ears after a few more moments of standing in his place. This snort set the figure into motion, and he tossed back his hood the moment he heard it. The removal of the cowl showed ursine features below, specifically those belonging to a panda. Chubby and not at all threatening, it eschewed all fears one would have of the beast the moment that face came into view. His body language and demeanor were still intimidating, but at least his round face and soft build gave him a moderately less imposing presence. He moved gracefully for a being of such a build too, sliding on his feet over towards the light switches on the side wall of the room and flicking all of them towards ‘On’ in one motion. The next sent him over towards an intercom on the wall, on which he pressed a button and held it for a moment before opening his wide, stubby muzzle.

“The master is awake. Send the waking meal Luc,” came out a thick, syrupy voice from the panda. It sounded as if chocolate fudge had spoken as the words rolled off the bear’s tongue and into the microphone behind the panel, and the bear knew he sounded that way as he just smirked lightly to the faint sigh at the other end of the intercom. “And be quick about it.”

“Sure thing Hyede! Can I bring you anything?” A much gayer, lighter voice came back, making the smirk on the panda broaden. Having the purple lynx at the other end at his beck and call was a nice perk, to say the least.

“Just coffee please; it’s too early for food.”

“Coming right up!” And with that, the intercom clicked dead and the panda pulled his large paw from the wall. The lights in the room had finished warming up at this point, and the now-lit hall was far easier to see in. Another loud snort reached the panda’s ears as he began to turn around, making him turn far faster as he heard it. His master was waking up more completely now, and that would mean time for food as soon as it got there. The rumblings of a greedy, overindulged gut were already reaching the ursine’s ears as he began to approach his employer, his gaze looking over the decadence which was sprawled out across the makeshift bed on the far wall of the room. The panda couldn’t look for long though, as he had to turn his eyes to the floor once again in order to dodge the various remnants of many feasts gone by which were strewn across the floor. The food leftovers were contributing to the stench of the room, but the panda didn’t dare order his subordinates to clean them up; the master loved the stench.

After all, the slovenly wolfdragon reveled in his revolting obesity.

The blob of grey furred fat and adipose just sat in himself rather than on anything, any form of his build having long been lost to the countless folds, rolls, and crevices of fat which lined his nearly shapeless form. How he was even alive baffled some, but those who knew the slovenly beast well were actually surprised he wasn’t even larger. He kept his growth manageable, and even though it didn’t look like it, he was actually far smaller than he should have been. How something so massive and pungent could exist was beyond the panda, but he didn’t care about that. He knew that the wolfdragon buried under the years of overindulgence and lard was a kind soul, and that had always been enough for him. He didn’t question why the draolf did what he did, and just served him as he always had.

Another deep, rumbling groan came from the colossal stomach on the blob before the panda. It sounded deep, and rattled the windows of the room as it happened. The owner of that bus-sized table muscle groaned right after that happened, a muffled-sounding noise thanks to cheeks bigger than his head and more chins than all of China. Hyede simply sighed softly at that and stopped a couple feet shy of the amorphous figure, his face unchanging as he looked up at the beast. The panda couldn’t see a face, just folds of sweaty and greasy fat which went somewhere far away, but he knew that there was a face in there somewhere. The wolfdragon hadn’t seen anyone in a long while thanks to his own horizon swallowing his head, but he didn’t care about that. He did enjoy the solitude, and the fact that he could just keep growing was a huge bonus to him as well. This wasn’t to say that he didn’t get lonely at times, but that was what his friends and caretakers were for.

“Good morning Sasuke. Breakfast will be in shortly, and Luc will be giving it to you. Do you have any special requests for dinner tonight?” It was customary to find out if the wolfdragon wanted anything unique for his dinners. The immobile ball of lard needed to keep his pallet varied, or else he got bored of eating and that just couldn’t happen. So he would often request strange dinners. Untamed elephant, fish from over 2000 feet under the sea, a whale… All of it had come before, and Hyede was used to having to gather these things as fast as he could. He tapped Sasuke’s immense funds to do so, but having nearly unlimited money at his disposal meant that he never had to think about what it would cost; just that it had to get done.

I want something alive today panda,” came a deep, thick voice into the panda’s head. Sasuke couldn’t speak normally anymore, but the demigod did talk through telepathy. It had taken some getting used to for the panda, but he now saw it as just another way to speak to his employer. “Fresh, alive, fattened… Maybe inflated too. Dunno. Just alive and kicking.”

“So you’re in a vore mood today then? Alright, I’ll see what I can get together. How many would you like?” Silence followed the question for a moment, punctured only by another gurgle from the wolfdragon’s greedy stomach.

15. I’m feeling really hungry today,” came a reply after a few moments. The panda smirked as he heard that, his head shaking slightly. “What? Worried something bad will happen, cuz I never took you for the paranoid type panda.”

“Not that, just your attitude… And your appetite for that matter. Don’t worry about it, you’ll have your fifteen Sasuke.” No sooner had Hyede said that than the doors to the large hall opened and the rattle of a pair of carts reached Hyede’s ears. The panda turned to see the lithe purple lynx he had spoken to moments earlier pushing both cards and holding a mug of coffee deftly atop his muzzle. Perfectly balanced, the panda just sighed and watched as the feline strode over gracefully towards the pair of larger furs. He stopped next to Hyede and lowered his head towards the panda’s paw, smiling like only a cat could the whole time. The panda just smirked and took the coffee from its perch. “Show off.”

“You love me for it and you know it pandabuns~” The feline’s sing-songy voice and warm reply didn’t match his demeanor in the slightest, but the panda brought that out of him for some reason. Hyede wouldn’t ever understand that, but he didn’t much care either. He wasn’t interested in that cat, nor anyone for that matter, aside from Sasuke. Even that interest was more fascination than anything, and a hint of envy; a god who lived with mortals and indulged as the wolfdragon did was incredibly enviable. All powerful as he was too, Sasuke hardly ever flaunted or even used it, instead choosing immobility and laziness over ruling and whatever else he could do to the world. Granted, he had surrounded himself with an angel, two demons, an immortal, and two who knew far more than they should of it all. It was still impressive, enviable, and made Hyede both abhor and lust for the wolfdragon. “You or me today?”

“You, I have to go out today,” the panda replied coolly, breaking his train of thought to get back to the feline. He took one sip of his coffee and smiled, giving the feline a pat on the head as a sign of a good job. Luc may have been an overzealous little demon with a hell of a mean streak, but he knew how to brew the best coffee Hyede had ever tasted. The panda appreciated that about the cat at least, and as he turned to go he heard a light purr, followed by a swish of a tail. Those pets were about as much as the panda was willing to give, and Luc knew it but he drank them up. Hyede was just glad that was enough; more stress would be the end of him. “Be careful not to get lost in there Luc, and make sure you have Kai and Tyler help you moving him a bit today. No one moved him yesterday, and I don’t want any parts of him getting sore.”

“Sure thing panda. Have a nice day~”’

‘Oh, it’s gonna be a nice day alright…’ Hyede thought to himself as he began to walk towards the door. He would need to make phone calls, find ‘willing’ participants, figure out transportation… Sasuke’s demands had him running all over again. The panda was used to it by now though, so he just looked at this as yet another challenge. Fifteen balls of fat, air, water, whatever… All in 10 hours or so. He could do it.

15 panda, 15!” Came a fleeting thought into Hyede’s head right before he left the room. The panda just stopped in the doorway, turned back towards the blob of lard which took up the entire back wall, and gave it the finger with a broad smirk.

“I got it fatass.”

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