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Juno groaned aloud as he sat down on the bench in the locker room at his job after he finished changing. It had been yet another rough day at the plant, and he was just exhausted. The drabull was woefully out of shape as it was, and when that was combined with his boss being out to get him… Well, the hybrid wasn’t having the best of times. He still did love his size though, and even as tired and sweaty as he was, he placed both his meaty paws on the sides of his sizable brown-furred paunch and began to rub it. The thing protruded heavily out from beneath his too-small green shirt, sagging well over his black kilt and marred only by a pair of green, thick suspenders. Those poor elastics were struggling to hold up said kilt, stretched thin as they tugged at the offending garment to help it in its losing battle with the large, sagging rump on which the hybrid was currently seated. This was not to say that Juno cared much about that, he could always buy more clothes with the salary he was making. He just needed to keep his job, and that was going to be an interesting feat with how much his boss was out to get him.

The drabull sighed as he thought on that, grunting and rising to his feet after shutting his locker. The bench behind him creaked gratefully that the heavy weight was off it, making the hybrid smirk inwardly as his thick, draconic tail swished back behind him. Hearing how large he was from furniture was a real treat, and lately it had been something he heard anytime he put his massive posterior on furniture. He loved sitting too, so the creaks, groans, and cracks of the various things he rested his heavyset body on were music to his pointed ears. It made him relish every pound his body piled on that much more, and just thinking of that sent a deep growl through the caverns of his paunchy frame. Juno had skipped lunch, and he was paying for it in spades now. Thankfully the day was over, and it was just a short walk before he had something to eat, a cigar in his maw, and could relax.

The hybrid left out the back, ambling along behind the building towards the back of the compound where he worked. There were several other generic steel buildings around him, each housing something different and each looking as ominous as the last. They were all factories or storage, so Juno knew nothing was going to happen, but in the twilight of the early morning he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. This was the price of working overnight though, and one he paid willingly thanks to the bump in income. His social life suffered, as did his sleep habits, but a job was a job and this one let him live comfortably.

Scratching at his thick, full beard as he trudged along, his thick tail slowly swishing behind him, the bull’s ears heard something. It was faint, but it sounded like a crash of some sorts from one of the buildings. Normally none of them were occupied at this time in the morning, so Juno had to assume intruders or an accident. Being a factory worker, he knew industrial accidents could cost a company a lot of money, and he also knew what vandals could do. Ever the Good Samaritan, the drabull wasted no time altering his course towards the source of the noise to investigate. He pulled out his phone as he did this, the large contraption looking like a child’s toy but the only thing that he could use properly thanks to his large paws and the long distance between muzzle and ear for him. Dialing up the police, he didn’t complete the call and instead put the phone away again, leaving it ready to be used should that be the case.

Sneaking at Juno’s size was nigh impossible, but overpowering a foe wasn’t. This meant that the hybrid didn’t try and stay subtle, and instead just confidently lumbered on over. The noise came again, louder this time, and the drabull picked up his pace to reach the source. He finally made it a few moments later, and began to look around the large structure for any signs that it had been broken into. The building which the noise seemed to have come from did have an open door upon inspection, and immediately Juno’s paw was on his phone once again. It didn’t look broken into, nor did it look like it had just blown open, so Juno had to assume it was a worker that had done it. Sighing and shaking his head at someone else’s carelessness, the drabull calmed down instantly and reached a meaty mitt out to shut the door.

Right as he did so, the noise came again, louder still than before. The hybrid’s whole frame jumped slightly in surprise, and he just wasn’t going to leave well enough alone with such a sound coming from the building. Taking a peek into the building, Juno could just see vats upon vats filling the space, along with various assembly and bottling lines. Nothing looked to be clearly labeled from where the drabull stood, so he had no idea what he was venturing into. The building itself didn’t even have any signs to indicate what it was, that Juno had seen at least. That wasn’t going to stop him though, and with that the hybrid steeled himself and stepped through the doorway. His horns brushed the top of it, so he had to duck down slightly, but that made his entrance that much more intimidating in his mind; he couldn’t even fit through doors right.

Once inside, Juno looked around quickly and began to walk towards what he thought would be the source of the sound. His blue eyes narrowed as he looked around the room, his hefty frame crouched slightly in a vain attempt to be sneaky. He wasn’t trying to sneak up on anything though, he was more moving slowly and keeping low to try and avoid any cameras which would pick up an intruder. He was doing the right thing, sure, but some companies would still take that as intruding on their private property. Not wanting the hassle, Juno thought his approach was the wisest, and thusly continued to move through the factory with one hooved foot in front of the other. He wasn’t sure if he was making progress as he did so, but curiosity and the need to make sure everything was ok were getting their hooks deep into him.

Another noise took the drabull by surprise, making him whirl towards it with surprising speed. A faint grunt came after that, and that was all that Juno needed to stand fully upright and begin to jog. He couldn’t run, not with his thick thighs rubbing one another beneath his kilt and his protruding stomach bouncing freely above. He could jog though, barely, and did so as fast as he dared. His arms brushed along the sides of his bulging moobs as he moved, jostling the thick sacs of fat-covered muscle with each heavy step. His legs quaked with every loud footfall, making his lovehandles bounce in unison like a pair of water-filled balloons attached to the drabull’s middle. It was truly a sight to see, but Juno was far from caring about how he looked as he kept up his pace. He just worried about his bushy mane and long beard getting into his eyes, and that was all he thought of. That, and getting to the noise.

Making it in short order, the hybrid came to a halt breathing heavily at the source of the noise. It was indeed an accident in the making, and gave away what the mystery factory made. Whipped cream cans had fallen to the floor, and the machine which was tasked with bottling them was smashing into itself and making the noise. It happened again right as Juno arrived, and made him cringe slightly at the volume of the noise. Satisfied about the discovery, he breathed a long sigh of relief and then began to approach the machinery. He didn’t have much of a clue as to how it worked, but he did have a faint idea as to how to make it stop. It looked to be similar to the machines he used at his own job, and he hoped that he could figure it out and fix it. If he could, the place may even offer him a job; a second job wouldn’t hurt his wallet.

Juno didn’t have time to finish that thought, or even try to fix the machine. He was on his way over when he slipped on a can of spilled whipped cream. The large drabull stumbled, then fell forward and crashed into the conveyor. He grunted loudly and groaned, his stomach having hit the rough metal surface first. His arms didn’t have time to catch himself either, and just rested on the belt as he panted a bit and tried to regain his composure. That didn’t last long either though, as Juno was there for but a moment before the conveyor moved beneath his mitts and sent him stumbling yet again. It made him roll onto his side, and lean more onto the conveyor. He grunted again, then again as the conveyor moved a third time. That third time made him yelp with surprise right after though, as above him sat something which he wasn’t expecting.

A hose with whipped cream sat right above his head.

It descended far faster than the drabull could react, and lodged itself into his opened muzzle with zero hesitation. The plug at the end of it locked around the drabull’s muzzle, as it was designed to lock onto the top of a whipped cream container. Right after that, a deep hiss came from the machine, and a thick flow of whipped cream began flooding into the hybrid. This all happened over the course of less than a second, and left the fur stunned and unsure of what he was going to do. He didn’t even have time to struggle before he was being forced to swallow down an inordinate amount of whipped cream lest he choke. The poor drabull was trapped, utterly beached on his back bent over uncomfortably onto the conveyor as whipped cream was pumped into him mercilessly. He had no way to fight it either, as his arms just couldn’t compress his moobs enough to reach up and grab at the hose. He tried his hardest to make that not the case, but there was just no changing the circumstances which he was trapped in.

The cream flowed into him relentlessly, pushing its way past his muzzle and down his throat into his thick gut. The sphere of drabull was already beginning to expand slowly, albeit with little discomfort on the part of Juno. He in fact enjoyed the growth immensely, rubbing at the sides of his growing paunch slowly once he realized escape was a futile exercise. Best to enjoy himself while he still could, and he planned on doing just that. Groaning softly in bliss as he just felt more and more of the cream pumped into his innards and bloat him out further, the drabull didn’t do anything to resist it and instead just let it happen at that point. Nothing was more blissful to him at the moment, as no pain was coming from expanding at the rate at which he was. It was nothing but pleasure, and now that he was more than sated from his earlier hunger, the drabull couldn’t have been happier.

Juno just kept rubbing at his gut as it got rounder and rounder from his place trapped on the conveyor. His heavier frame made standing harder for him, so he slumped down as low as he could without truly hurting his back. The poor spine which was being tasked with supporting his increasing heft was beginning to ache, but the groans of the metal beneath Juno gave away that the machine was suffering from the same problem. The drabull knew which would give out first though, and that made him a touch nervous as he continued to guzzle the whipped cream by the gallon. He didn’t even hazard a guess as to how much was going to be pumped into him, for looking at the vats above him gave away just how much there was to be put into him. He also knew that he would be full well before those tanks ran out, so he could just hope that he tanks could sense he was full before he exploded. Or worst.

The cream kept flowing mercilessly, and just kept right on going without fail as Juno grew larger and larger. His clothing gave up right about then as well, exploding off of the drabull with a myriad of rips as it fell in shards all around him. The hybrid began to sag somewhat, sloshing sluggishly as his body grew rounder and rounder all around him. The growth was ceaseless, and it was beginning to become uncomfortable. His gut sagged down lower and lower between his legs, forcing the drabull to change his stance and just try to keep his legs from buckling under him. HIs arms also helped hold all of that jiggling, drooping weight off of the floor. It was nearing the floor without any of his own efforts though, and it would just be a matter of time before all of that stretching fur hit the floor.

It didn’t take too much longer for that to have a reality. The rotund ball of stomach which was sagging lower towards the floor, and brushed it right as the drabull’s arms gave out. Juno groaned loudly and slumped down fully onto his gut, the tightly packed sphere of whipped cream just continuing to expand without hesitance. It was growing fast towards agony for the drabull, and yet there was still nothing that he could do. His legs were spread as wide as they could go, and even though his stomach was in front of him, it had grown so rotund that it was actually drooping underneath him as well at that point. The ball was maintaining its shape though in spite of its size, the sloshing and movement along its thinly-furred surface still coming in droves as Juno moved about and gave weak struggles as pain began to override the pleasure in his mind. There wasn’t going to be much more that the drabull could take, and he knew it.

His belly started to get tighter after a few more moments, pushing out so far that it looked like a weather balloon stuffed into Juno’s stomach. His clothing had long ago burst off, but it was only now becoming a problem as his body was losing shape and becoming disproportionate. His stomach was so tight that it was painful to the enth degree for the drabull, but there was still nothing that could be done. All gone were the effort of the struggle, and just faint rubs to the nearly bare surface which was strapped to the front of the hybrid were all that could happen. His eyes were screwed shut and a permanent moan was just pouring from the muzzle of the hybrid; he had succumb and just wanted the torture of his stretched stomach to end. It wasn’t going to though, not until the machine said so, and that was something Juno hated so very much. He might have enjoyed the experience if he wasn’t going to burst, but right now the drabull loathed it all.

Juno’s eyes shut tighter still, growling deeply as he felt the limits of his frame being reached. It wasn’t going to be much more, but right when that moment hit the cream stopped. A brief burst of compressed air came right after, which pushed the drabull right to his absolute limits, and then the hose retracted and stopped. The machine hissed to a halt too, and began sounding an alarm as it sat there; apparently Juno was now too heavy for the conveyor to move. The bull didn’t care though, he was too busy groaning and moaning as his barely-movable paws tried to rub at what little bits of stomach they could reach. Juno could feel the grip of sleep coming up for him even as he did that, and as he did he felt another presence around him. He was in no shape to do anything at all about that, but there was indeed another being in the room, just watching him. It was ominous, and right before he passed out into a coma of food and pain, he could have sworn he heard a voice.


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