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The sitting drake sighed softly as he looked out over the small sea of furs in the park around him. His red scales glistened in the sunlight of the morning, the yellow ones on his stomach acting like a golden mirror on his torso. Clad in nothing but blue pants, the drake shut his brown eyes and tilted his head back towards the heavens. He longed to go for a fly, to soar in the sky again, but being in the city meant no flying. It was a legal hassle, and the drake hated how limiting that was. Being trapped on the ground meant that he wasn’t ever able to truly spread his wings, and that was just confining for a dragon. The life in the city did somewhat make up for that, but on days like today, the red and yellow reptile wanted little more than to feel the wind rushing through his black hair as he sailed through the blue yonder.

Reality beckoned the daydreaming dragon back though, as a ball bounced off his feet. A young tiger cub ran over to retrieve it almost immediately, looking somewhat nervous the closer he got to the dragon. The drake leaned his head back down and saw this, a bit unsure of how to put the youngster at ease. He smiled a bit, and reached down to grab the ball in order to help out the little cub. Grasping it in a strong, large paw, the dragon held it out for the feline and waited for the little one to take it. “Here you go.”

“Thanks…” The cub squeaked out, snatching the ball as fast as he could and then scampering back towards his friends. The dragon chuckled to himself at that, sitting back in his seat once again and looking at the group playing for a few moments before his attention shifted back to the sky. He looked at it a bit more, his mind returning to flying through it. He would need to take a trip to the countryside sometime in order to get some flying time in; it had been too long for him. That would have to be during the weekend though, as the drake had work in about an hour. He couldn’t be late, not on a day he had a presentation for the CEO of the company. The office was only ten minutes from the park though, so the drake had all the time in the world.

Looking back down over the crowds of furs doing whatever it is one did on a warm summer morning in the park, the dragon took a sip of his coffee. His name, ‘Holo’, was written on the side of the cup in the same fancy handwriting it always was. The drake had to smile at this, and took another sip as he watched a rather wide bear jog past him in a very unflattering track suit. The poor ursine bounced and jiggled with every step, oozing out of the several-sizes-too-small outfit everywhere. Holo was grateful he didn’t share that bear’s problem, as his thin and toned frame was one which he was proud of. He did like a bit of heft on certain beasts, but he had never tried any out on himself and wasn’t planning on it. He placed a paw on his stomach and began to rub the bare scales slowly, a subconscious motion he made from time to time just to get the flakes off the scales there.

The drake’s paw met those scales a hair earlier than normal, and that made him glance down. Indeed, there was the smallest hint of pudge around the dragon’s waistline, and that immediately made him frown slightly. He wasn’t expecting to find that there, as he had always been fit. He walked to work, never overindulged, watched what he ate… Or at least he had until lately. The stress of work over the past few weeks had been enough to kill him, and as such it meant that he wasn’t taking as good care of himself as he should. A few fast food trips here and there, as well as a couple bus rides shouldn’t have done that to him though, and did confuse the drake. He wasn’t about to get discouraged by that little development though, and vowed to lose the excess poundage as soon as he could.

Holo would start by walking, and he downed the rest of his coffee in a few swallows in order to get the energy to do so. He would have to walk a bit quicker than he was used to in order to get to the office, but he would make it in extremely early if he hurried. Holo steeled himself as he tossed the cup of coffee into the trash can beside the bench, and then stood up. Slowly rising to his feet, the drake stretched his wings and arms out at the same time, his whole wingspan in both senses making him look to be a massive beast. Luckily for him, no one was close enough to get hit by the sudden spread of dragon, as that would have been uncomfortable for both parties.

Holo sighed again once he had stretched, licked his lips a bit, and then began to hastily walk along the path in the park towards his work. He could feel that faint hint of pudge on his frame jostling to and fro from the movement, but he tried his best to ignore it and just keep walking. It wouldn’t be there in a week or two, and then he could go back to his usual diet and regime of easy exercise. Nothing like taking it easy and just staying fit, rather than having to work his hardest to do so. He would have to plan out his new eating schedule, decide on just how much more working out he would have to do, dust off his old gym equipment… It would be a lot. The results would be worth it to Holo though, and that was all that mattered to him. Of course, that and the benefit to his health from losing the small gut on him would be a good thing.

The drake stopped dead as he thought that, looking down at his stomach. It hadn’t shrunk at all from the walking, and in fact had grown slightly from the last time he had looked at it. It pooched out over his pants now, and sagged ever so slightly in the front. His chest was getting a bit more bloated too, just the beginnings of moobs forming on there. His legs jiggled ever so slightly too as he had been walking, and while they didn’t rub together, they were definitely working on it. The dragon experimentally placed a paw on his stomach, rubbing over the surface as it sloshed beneath his paws. He could feel all that heft, and he gave it a brief jostle out of curiosity. The feeling wasn’t totally terrible as he did that, but it wasn’t the best in the world either; Holo couldn’t put a finger on it.

Then he felt the flab push out at him.

It was hardly subtle or slow, it just pushed out against his paw with force and began to swell right into his arm. His whole frame fattened at the same rate, those tight pants of his getting tighter in an instant, and then tighter still as his gaining picked up its pace. His gut sagged heavily over the waistband, lovehandles forming and then covering the waistband as well. His rear swelled out and stretched those poor pants nearly to the breaking point on their own, twin peaks of rump peeking out from the jeans. His chest went from barely padded to looking like a healthy pair of breasts, and his arms grew a solid few inches in girth, jiggling with every motion. The beast’s thighs swelled out heavily, pushing generously against one another and forcing any future movement of the drake to be a slow waddle thanks to their size. Even his feet weren’t spared the sudden and rapid gain, growing just a bit more padded. His face did the same, two cherubic cheeks lining his muzzle while his chin became a set of chins, merging down into a neck which looked more like a small tire of fat which his head rested on.

The drake yelped with surprise and took off running as soon as he regained composure, which was only after nearly one hundred pounds of fat had been deposited onto his body. The growth stopped the instant he did that, but there was no way that the drake could notice. His clothing was nearly in tatters, the jeans popping seams left and right as they tried to contain the jiggling, swollen mass of flab and dragon which was far more than they were ever designed to hold. There was nothing that Holo could do though, and he just waddled on along as fast as his overburdened legs could take him. He hadn’t gone far but had expended nearly all of his energy thanks to suddenly having to haul around nearly 2/3rds more of a dragon. It was exhausting, but he wanted to run away from whatever was causing him to become this ball of fat.

That didn’t last long though, as he grew even more tired with every step he took, and eventually had to give up. There was nothing for him to sit on, but panting heavily and just trying to stay moving were becoming nigh impossible for the newly made blubberdragon. It wasn’t going to be long before he was collapsed onto the sidewalk, or laying out in the grass. His jogging had slowed to a lumbering waddle, and that was even beginning to slow. He could feel more weight finding him as his pace continued to slow, but it was only coming on at an incredibly slow pace. With how tight his pants were, that weight was obvious though, and it showed in every step the dragon took. He was fighting it, with all of his might, but there was little that he could do in order to stem the tide. His pants continued to pop seams some more, the strain on them actually starting to cause pain for Holo. He couldn’t stop though, he had to keep moving. He wouldn’t let this fat beat him.

Three steps later, he collapsed face-down onto the side of the path in a panting, heaving mass of lard. The moment he did, his body again exploded with fat. His pants burst off of him in an instant, revealing a straining set of boxer briefs that were barely faring better than his pants had been. Right after that, his stomach began to lift him from the ground, its growing girth pushing even more on him than gravity was trying to hold him to the earth. This had caused it to spread out wide as well, nearly as wide as his arms could go at its biggest point. The drake just groaned at this, feeling his scales stretching and contorting as they were being strained even to hold in all that flab. The golden ones along his stomach were becoming less and less dense, shifting and moving to try and cover all of the incredibly sensitive flesh underneath them. There was only so much that those scales could do though, and it would just be a matter of time before they too burst off.

Holo kept growing, just getting more and more rotund with every passing moment as he lay there in a growing sea of himself. His muzzle was getting lifted up by the collar of fat around his neck, making him have to look more and more upwards. Not that he could see much as this happened, as his cheeks were blocking his vision with their own swelling size. He could feel his arms being lifted up slightly as their own collars of fat began to become so thick that they pushed on his moobs. Those massive sacs of lard on his chest were enough to make the dragon moan with bliss, his incredibly sensitive, newfound surface area being teased by the wind from every direction. It felt like the best rubs and attention he had ever received, and as the sun hit his roll-covered back, he could just say that he was sunbathing and being attended to the best way that he had ever known. HIs feet were beginning to leave the ground as all this was happening too, leaving the drake invariably beached on his stomach as it just grew and grew under him.

The growth didn’t seem like it wanted to stop, and Holo’s feet were over a foot from the ground just a few moments later. All of his change had happened in less than three minutes, and while the drake enjoyed it, he was also left dumbfounded as to just why it had happened. He had a few ideas, but nothing was even remotely solid in his mind. This, coupled with just how large he had become, was enough to leave him just in a state of confused bliss atop the ball of fat which he now was. His belly scales had separated at this point, popping apart from one another with loud pop’s and creaks as they were losing the battle of holding all that sensitive skin under them in one place. There was nothing that could be done about that though, and as the wind rushed along that skin too, even more bliss came to the stuck dragon. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t see anything but the sky, and he couldn’t stop growing. It was a weird sensation to say the least, but he welcomed it in some form now that he was getting so much happiness out of it.

A few onlookers had watched the whole thing, and now that it was somewhat starting to slow, they all were getting out their phones and beginning to take pictures. No one dared go near the drake, lest what happened to him be contagious, but one fur did get closer than the others. Holo could feel this presence, and he knew that it was someone imposing for he was the only one who got near. He could practically feel something radiating off that beast, and had he been more coherent he would have noticed that that something was hardly a good thing. Still, he was too lost in his own bliss to care, nor was he able to hear anything but the gurgling of his own stomach as he lay there and slowly continued to expand.


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