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Sari was fat. She was a titanically, gargantually, impressively, and stupendously obese dragoness. Her stomach sagged just a few inches off the ground, her feet had rolls, her hips looked to be more like balloons than bodyparts, and her breasts could never even dream of being contained by a bra. This imposing build of hers was made slightly less so by the pink scales which adorned most of her frame, and the white ones along her stomach. Combined with her pleasant demeanor and nearly-constant smile, and the size which she was made her less intimidating and more like a beast that one wanted to do nothing but hug. Not that she could reach anyone past her immense bosom and drooping paunch. It didn’t really matter though, for they could all reach her, and that she didn’t mind.

Being a princess of sorts meant that a lot of furs wanted to reach her, to rub her stomach for good luck or to feed her just one more treat, or any other of a host of reasons. This rarely got tiring for the outgoing drake, but every now and then she wanted to be alone. Luckily for her, her draconic musculature let her move around with fair ease in spite of her colossal build. Each step did take a large amount of effort, and Sari would easily get winded just walking down a hallway. Stairs were a physical impossibility, as either her stomach, the rolls around her ankles, or her ass would rub along the steps which was uncomfortable for the large dragoness. Thankfully, her servants nearly never made her walk that far, but she did have to do it every so often. It was almost always to be alone, in her garden, where she would look at the pink flowers as lovely as herself and just collect her thoughts.

This was one of those occasions, and as the dragoness lowered herself down onto her cushioned seating in the midst of an envaritable sea of flowers, she couldn’t help but to sigh contently. She did feel something slightly odd in the seating, but wasn’t about to try and stand to check it; she was truly spent right then. She had walked a whole thirty steps on her own over the last fifteen minutes, and that meant she would need a big break; and a snack. Waiting for her was a large ‘snack’ of mint chocolate-chip ice cream in a serving bowl beside her, perfectly melted and waiting with a serving spoon for her to eat. Sari’s servants would always think of her with that, and that made her smile broadly as she spotted the bowl and immediately bunched up the numerous rolls on her side to reach for the large dish. The ravenous reptile took the bowl and placed its chilled surface between her protruding breasts, having used the set of mammaries as a table more times than she could recollect. From there, she daintily took the large utensil from the bowl and raised it to her maw, opening wide and putting it in with a small amount of dignity.

A shiver ran down Sari’s spine at the taste, and immediately made her look around for any signs of life. She didn’t want anyone to see her gluttonous side, and upon seeing no observers, she buried her muzzle right into the cold treat. Her utensil had clattered to the ground as soon as Sari decided she had no need for it, and used her maw to get a more direct feed of ice cream. Licking and lapping at it with gusto, whole scoops of the thick treat vanished down into her maw in short order. The bowl didn’t stand a chance against the starving dragoness, and it wasn’t going to be long before it would be tossed aside like the spoon which had only been used for one bite. The slurping and licking princess didn’t care in the least though about that, for she would at least place them in a spot which would make it look like she had been dignified in her consumption. At her size, one had to keep up the appearance of being civilized when they ate, lest their kingdom think of their ruler as a gluttonous slob. Sari wanted nothing to do with that image, and thusly was very secretive about her nearly-constant desire to stuff her face right into her food.

A loud, yet muffled belch came from the dragoness as she finished up her meal, and gently placed the bowl on the ground beside her. She had to grunt with effort from leaning over, the licked-clean bowl not heavy in the least, but the effort needed to place it down taking a lot out of her. It clanged on the ground, nearly as loudly as her burp, but the princess thought nothing of that either and just blushed a bit to herself before reaching a sagging, jiggling arm up to rub the cream from her face. Getting all of the mess in one wipe, the dragoness then needed to decide what to do with her mess; her tummy answered that question. The green-tinged part of her arm then was licked clean post-haste, the final remnants of her snack making their way down into her large midsection. Another shiver of bliss, along with a faint rumble of happiness, came out of the dragoness as she shut her eyes for a long moment and basked in the feeling of being contented.

Sari opened her eyes after a moment and surveyed the area around her, or rather all that she could see over her bulging cheeks. Her vision had become increasingly limited thanks to the collar of fat which had once been her neck, as well as the swollen cheeks which lined either side of her stubby, wide muzzle. Her breasts also breached into her field of vision when she was seated, pushed up by her immense stomach just enough to cause a problem. The dragoness didn’t mind this much, but when she just wanted to see her flowers, that did cause a problem. She was forced to lean forward onto her stomach slightly to see anything, and that did cause a bit of discomfort when she had just eaten. Instead of doing that, she had ordered all of her flowers to be moved to somewhere she could see them, and being that it was impossible to do so, her seating platform was just lowered into the ground. From that lowered position she could see all of her lovely pink plants, and that was enough for the dragoness. It had made her walk a hint longer, but that was a small price to pay in her eyes.

A plant she didn’t recognize caught her eye, and made her train of thought about her garden derail as she looked around it. It was unique, almost looking like a vine of sorts spreading throughout her pink foliage. It wasn’t ugly in the least, just something the princess had never seen before. That was enough to get her thinking, and something she would need to ask the gardener about the next time she saw him. For the moment though, she would just need to head over to the plant and take a look at it. This would mean standing, and that was something she didn’t want to do just yet. Curiosity was building in her mind though, and as she looked around at the same plants she saw every other time she came out to the garden, she knew it would just take a slight nudge towards the plant to get her to move.

The plant moving from the wind was enough, as a faint glimmer came from it when that happened. With a deep groan of discontent, the princess rocked herself forward a few times on her seat in a vain attempt to swing herself forward. All that did happen was her fat rolls bunching up into more rolls and making her stomach slightly queasy from all the pressure on it. She would need to try harder, and that would take what little strength she had regained while sitting and enjoying her cold treat. Thusly, a louder grunt came from the dragoness and she wobbly rose to her feet. A golden-crusted bar beside her helped with this, as well as shifting her weight off her arse and onto her stomach just to get that under her more. Her whole frame was quaking vigorously from moving up onto those overburdened feet below it, but Sari paid it little mind and instead enjoyed the impromptu massage that always came from standing up. It was a truly titanic feat, but she pulled it off as gracefully as over one thousand pounds of dragon could.

Once on her feet were on the ground again, the dragoness slowly waddled over to the plant. Each step was ponderous and wide, her legs rubbing together to nearly her ankles and her rump a massive counterweight which threatened to topple her with the slightest motion. Her breasts and stomach fought their own war as well, the latter hampering her movements while the former sought to pull her down onto her frontside with every sloshing motion they made. It was a monumental sight, and something which Sari loathed more and more the bigger she got. She hoped that soon walking would be a thing of the past for her, and that she could just sit and continue to be pampered as she always had been in life. For now though, she had to put one foot in front of the other in order to get over to the vine in question.

A heaving, panting drake stopped at that vine after a solid minute, looking at it and taking it into her paw. Immediately, it reacted and wrapped around her paw gently. Sari jumped sluggishly with surprise, her whole body shaking and jiggling in unison as she tried to leave the ground. The plant continued to wrap around her arm slowly even as that arm jiggled beneath it, not at all tight in its grip on the dragoness. She watched it with intense fascination, too distracted to notice two more vines snaking their way up her legs and in between her immense thighs. Sari was so distracted by the vine in fact, that once it neared her chins and began to snake outwards from her, she was only just realizing that it was growing far too fast to be a normal plant. A bit taken aback by it, there was no movement she could make now that the plants had her legs entwined in them as well. The dragoness was at the seemingly-intelligent vine’s mercy, and as she looked at it at the end of her muzzle, she had to hope that it was a merciful plant.

She was wrong though, for not a moment later the vine shot forward forcefully and placed itself firmly into her muzzle. The other two plants around her thighs followed suit, plunging straight into her ass and her nethers at the same time. A sound somewhere between a moan and a scream came from the dragoness as that happened, the pleasure of being violated by the warm plants almost overwhelming the sudden shock of it all. Nothing like this had ever happened to Sari of course, so she had no idea how to react at all as she was strapped in by the vines. Her free arm made a move to reach for the vine in her muzzle, but that was quickly stopped by another one of the plants lashing out and grapping her around the wrist. The grip on that one wasn’t tight either, but it was hardly escapable. The plants didn’t seem to want to hurt her, but they didn’t look to want pleasure her either. That wasn’t not going to happen though, as the one in her nethers moved around slowly in a circle, just like the one which was lodged in her rear. Another moan escaped her muzzle as this happened, barely audible thanks to the thickening vine in her mouth.

About ten seconds after the vines had trapped her and stuck themselves inside her, they began to pump out a liquid into her. It came slowly from the two vines beneath her, but the one in her muzzle had to thicken up just to pour enough of it down into her maw. Sari could do nothing but moan from that in utter bliss, feeling the steady stream of semi-sweet, watery juice pouring down into her. It was the purest form of feeding that she had ever gotten, and coupled with the pleasure she was getting below, enough to make her have to pant from her nose with arousal. She had no idea how to escape, and fast wasn’t wanting one. She barely even noticed that the speed at which she was being filled was making her bloat out rapidly, nor did she care about that. Her frame could handle the added weight, and her mind was gone to the pleasures of the flesh in which she was indulging.

With her eyes shut, she couldn’t see the figure behind her that was watching her. She could feel the presence, but even then she didn’t care. No cries for help, no pleas for salvation, nothing came out of Sari as she was bloated up by the strange plant. It moved around in her pussy just enough to keep her constantly stimulated as well, the one in her rear far less mobile and instead just there to pump her full of the watery substance which seemed to be the plant’s lifeblood. It just kept coming too, ceaseless and never once altering in the speed of its flow. The being behind her seemed to know this too, as it turned to leave after a few more moments of watching the dragoness. She could have sworn she heard something that sounded like ‘three’ come from the beast, but she was too lost in her own world to think on it at all.

Bloating out further and further, her rear and stomach were both now firmly planted onto the ground. Both were spreading out and down now, taking some of the weight off her feet as they continued to expand. She was feeling lighter by the moment as the liquid began to come in faster and faster. The speed increase was arousing to her further, and the pants and moans came with more frequency as a result. Unable to move even if she wanted to at this point thanks to how much liquid was now filling her frame, she thought absolutely nothing of escaping and simply now craved more of the feeling coursing through her. It was almost slightly cold, the liquid, and she wanted to have it fill her very being. The plants seemed to have the same goal as they endlessly pumped out more and more, pushing her size to new limits as she continued to expand and grown boundlessly.

There appeared to be no end in sight, and Sari didn’t even think of it even as she began to be forced to look upward thanks to her rising tide of sloshing, undulating fat. Her breasts had fallen off to either side her stomach, stretched out and nearly touching the ground thanks to their immense size. Her thighs had hit critical mass, just a bundle of rolls and folds at this point. Her arms hung uselessly at her sides, barely able to even bend the fingers at the end of them they were so swaddled with watery blubber. Her belly was a massive thing of constant motion and rolls, nearly a shapeless blob of liquid and almost looking whiter than before thanks to the liquid inside it. Her rear was almost the size of that stomach as well, twin peaks of endless folds of sloshing adipose. Her tail was somewhere in the valley between those peaks, hidden from view and moving slightly as it was almost too heavy to even twitch. All in all, Sari was transformed into a nearly-unidentifiable blob of watery fat by the plant. There was no way she could move if she wanted to, there was not a thing that she could do to stop her full transformation, and there was no way she would want to.

It was utter heaven.

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