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The arms of the couch complained and groaned as the immense bulk in between them shifted. Not quite taking up all three cushions, but coming close to it, the mass was nearly constantly in motion in some form or another. Whether it was wobbling, jiggling, quaking, or eating, there was always something moving on it. The pile of rolls, folds, and pockets of fat just sat there too, day in and day out, doing nothing but feeding its gravid mass and waiting for more food to put into itself. The TV had always been on too, somewhere in the background amongst the piles of wrappers, plastic, plates, and other forms of trash. The blob couldn’t see it over his unwashed and rank fur though, as his moobs had swollen far too much to be seen over. His artificial horizon limited what he could do too, as his head was permanently cocked upwards just a little bit thanks to the pressure of the fat on it. This did made it easier to eat though, for any food placed at the top of the downward slope would just get forced down into his waiting mouth courtesy of gravity. This was all that could feed him too, as his arms had become nothing more than a pair of blubber-swaddled appendages that could do nothing whatsoever; even the fingers on them were too fat for movement. The rancid, noxious blob was just there, and he could not have been more content with his existence.

He hadn’t always been this way though; his descent into being little more than a food-consuming monstrosity had taken time. Before being planted on the couch permanently, he had just been an incredibly obese wolf. Back then, when his weight was closer to 500 pounds rather than being somewhere deep in the four-digit range, he moved around quite a bit. Not voluntarily of course, but he still did stay mobile and get his own food. It had been an easy life, with delivery being a fairly constant source of edibles and the other being buffets. Granted, the wolf had been barred from most places that he could go, but that still didn’t stop him from trying to find new eateries whenever he could. His cooking wasn’t the best as a result of this, but reaching past his stomach even at that point in his obesity had been a chore, so he hadn’t ever tried to improve. His logic in it was sound too; why cook yourself when so many others were eager to do it for you? Combine those thoughts with a nearly-limitless inheritance to live off of, and the grey wolf named Trinity was utterly set for a life of slovenly laziness.

Trinity’s day back then began with trying to roll himself out of bed. He would shift back and forth, the mass of blubber attached to his torso sluggishly following suit. It would always take a few tries, swinging his heft towards the edge of the bed and then waiting for it to swing back like the mass of jello it was before trying again. This process would always put the wolf on his side, and then from there it was easy for him to work his way out of bed by spinning his legs off the edge and then letting gravity do most of the work from there. He rarely did this while thinking about it, as the fog of sleep usually wasn’t lifted from his mind until he ate. That was his first task too once he was on his feet and out of bed, always nude thanks to the weight on him making even the coldest nights a sweltering sauna. He would worry about clothes after grub had been put into him, and thusly the first steps he took were always towards the kitchen.

Waddling his way slowly there, Trinity would often take a peek in the mirror once the sleep had been rubbed from his eyes. Standing there, he would admire his ‘hard’ work of consumption and just ogle what a ball of lard he had become. Often, his paws would slide down to the love handles which rested on his thick, quaking thighs. Being a pear-shaped wolf, his hips were his most prominent feature, spreading out even wider than his gut and bulging with blubber so much so that all his other features looked just that much smaller by comparison. He would rub over these lazily, having to strain to reach them, as he looked on and watched as the swollen sacs of fat on his moobs and upper arms rubbed heavily against one another. He would sometimes move his arms forward to rub as his drooping gut, which sagged to his knees almost and was never, ever still. This change in position for his upper arms would move the massaging fat to his nipples, and that never failed to bring a moan to Trinity’s lips. The stimulus of being so gargantually overweight was something the wolf reveled in, and it just took some rubbing over his swollen nubs of nipples, the massaging of his gut, the feeling of his love handles slapping the saddlebags of blubber he called hips, and the sway of an ass which looked to be better served crushing cars than sitting to get him off. Granted, his smooshed-together thighs did help in that process, rubbing along his protruding length with every single step that Trinity took, but that was just an added bonus.

This particular morning was no different, and Trinity moaned aloud as he came all over the underside of his stomach. His seed dripped slowly from the folds of fat which covered the underside of him, but the wolf was far too large and lost in his own pleasure to care as he turned from the mirror and began the arduous trek to the kitchen. Each waddling step chafed and rubbed his throbbing cock, but the lubrication from his recent release was enough to help make that process a bit less uncomfortable. The doors were getting a bit tight too at that point in the wolf’s existence, his hips just barely able to squeeze through without rubbing both sides of the doorway. The hallway outside was little improvement, a bit wider but still feeling just as claustrophobic as the wolf made his way down the short path. His house thankfully opened up right at the exit to the hallway, a spacious kitchen and living room connected together for easier access. Trinity had bought the house specifically with that need, and planned on one day making the living room his bedroom since the time would come when that hallway and doorway would not be able to take his girth.

That day hadn’t happened yet though, so he just waddled on over to the fridge and opened it open haphazardly. Various foodstuffs all but spilled out onto the floor, the enclosed appliance stuffed to the brim with food. The wolf didn’t even look at the contents though, he just reached in, opened one of the many Tupperwares inside, and started shoving food in with his bare paw. He lived alone, so manners and etiquette were a thing of the past. He still bathed and did sometimes clean up, but the pile of dishes in the sink and the flies buzzing around the pile of trash where the trash can was gave away how much less that was happening. His own stench was starting to make itself known as well, a mix of musk and sweat which the wolf took one whiff up and moaned again to himself as he stuffed a very large handful of fried rice into his muzzle. Sniffing, eating, and groaning as he just pushed pawful after pawful of food down into his face, Trinity couldn’t have been more content with his life right there.

Once breakfast was done, which took almost an hour to accomplish, the wolf leaned back against the island in the middle of his kitchen and groaned in discomfort. He had overeaten, as he did at every meal at this point, and just rubbed at his taut gut in a vain attempt to soothe the turmoil within. The wolf wasn’t sure just why he always did this to himself, but the feeling of his length poking into the bottom of that overstuffed gut was enough to remind him at least a little. He couldn’t reach down low enough to fix that problem, and movement of any kind at that moment seemed like a bad idea. He did want to move to clean up the containers all around him though, and to pick the food out of his fat rolls and folds. There was a lot of it thanks to how sloppily those last three containers of Chinese food had gone down. That would take effort though, and as the canine slumped down to the floor of his kitchen and just leaned lazily against the island; that was more than he was capable of. So there he sat, just rubbing and massaging his gut, as a food coma came and swept him into the land of sleep.

Trinity did this often enough for his weight to continue to climb, passing 500, and then 600, in just a matter of weeks. Doors were becoming an issue at that point, and so was the shower. The wolf was trying to get in at that moment, looking at the door and sighing heavily. He had modified his house with some of the money he had received in an inheritance in order to make sure that he could still fit into the enclosure, but that modification had only gone so far. It was growing too small again, and Trinity barely cared about that. He had needed to turn to his side since almost 60 pounds ago, but even that trick was becoming useless. Those last 60 pounds had been mostly deposited on his gut, which now hung heavily onto his knees and made waddling around very difficult. Moving was even less of a thing for the wolf, and as he looked at the shower and then pulled at his gut to just feel how heavy it was, he couldn’t help but sigh with bliss. He couldn’t just sit there and play with his adipose though, so he looked at the door one last time and then started at the task at paw.

He had pre-greased all of his doors with Crisco, which was something that he was currently covered in. It was stinking too much for even his nose to deal with, the stench of rotten food, musk, sweat, body odor, cum, and other various stinks barely enough in the first place. The doors were becoming too much of a problem as it was either way, so the wolf was probably going to make this shower his last and then just start living off the couch. He didn’t much mind that reality, as he was far too often sleeping in the kitchen or on the couch thanks to stuffing himself silly. That wasn’t then though, and he was hungry like he nearly always was. This made the wolf start to hurry, as a deep growl ran through his gut and made even his moobs shake with the adipose within them. Trinity took one step towards the shower, a shimming side-step which made his whole frame jostle thanks to being so incredibly fat, and then stopped dead as he felt the problem.

He was just too fat for that door. Maybe it had been the meals he had eaten the days prior, or maybe he was just gaining that fast, but there was no way that he was going to fit into the shower. He still was going to try though, and so he took another step and a deep breath in. The breath did nothing however, his gut just too large to even make an iota of change as his burdened lungs sucked in as much air as they could. His moobs did stick out a touch more thanks to how puffed out the wolf’s chest was, but Trinity paid that little mind as he felt his gut getting wedged in that much more. His ass was no different, one cheek tightly wedged into the door and just staying there as the wolf tried to take another step. He did that though, and most of the jiggling on his body stopped. It was so tightly wedged that he could hear the metal of the doorway creaking and groaning with how much force his fat was putting on it. One doorjamb in the house had already given up, so another wouldn’t be much of a surprise to the wolf. He was just hoping that it wouldn’t happen so that he could get one final bathing in before being reduced to a complete slob.

Another step wasn’t happening without some serious effort, and Trinity barely had it in him. He pushed and grunted, the free half of his body shaking like mad while the squished part just stayed put. It wasn’t moving, so Trinity placed one paw on the doorway of the shower and tried to use that leverage as well to pull himself in. His muscles had gone so underused that this was a very vain attempt, but it did make the door groan that much louder. He could all but feel the metal bending as the widest part of his left asscheek was so firmly wedged it hurt. His gut was doing the same, and it wasn’t even at its widest part. The wolf was well and truly stuck at that point, and he knew it as he just stood there and began to pant from the effort. Sweat was starting to seep into the folds around his frame, under his moobs and above his thighs becoming slick with the grimy liquid. Nothing more could be done though, so even as his slick gut began to make a bit of headway, his massive ass was utterly done being forced in. So there Trinity had to stay, just standing there and panting harder as the effort of keeping himself vertical began to take its toll.

This didn’t last for long, for the doorway gave up a few moments after Trinity did. The glass around it shattered and exploded out into the shower, and then the doorframe bent like a soda can. Trinity sighed heavily in relief, the groan of his metallic prison giving away how much force that sigh had behind it. The wolf couldn’t help but smile proudly in the ruins of his shower as he stood there, still panting hard. He wasn’t going to get his shower in, and that would just have to do for him. His stink couldn’t get much worse after all, and there was so much food to consume still. It was then that Trinity decided a life of utter obesity and slovenly living would be fine for him, and that meant getting his wide ass out of the shower and onto the couch. Maybe into the kitchen first, to satisfy his groaning stomach, but that would be a big amount of effort. He had money, so getting delivery boys to feed him couldn’t be that hard. The task at paw was getting out of the shower without being cut though, and Trinity had to do that before his life could truly restart.

Once the wolf decided that a life of eating, sitting, and eating more had become what he was about, his weight had skyrocketed. 700, 800, and even 900 pounds of lard passed him by like they were nothing. With the added pounds came a decrease in mobility, and as such the wolf was forced to get lazier and lazier. Not that he minded at all, but as he sat at his kitchen table using two chairs to hold himself up, he couldn’t help but feel as though he was still losing some of his potential with his trips between his kitchen and the couch. The ten or so steps were taking more and more effort, and just standing at all was taking enough effort to get himself sweaty before he was on his feet. The wolf would probably not be making many more treks to get his own food, and in fact he had been living on the couch that much more since he had hit around 800 pounds. His stink was enough to repulse most delivery boys, but the tips were usually enough to bring back a few. At three in the morning though, nowhere would deliver, so Trinity was forced to make due with standing and dragging his belly and ass over to the kitchen.

That belly nearly hung on the floor, and was utterly stained with crumbs, drips, and spills that had come from months of overindulgence. Trinity paid those stains no mind, as he couldn’t see much past his own moobs, and even doing that took the effort of forcing his head down into the roll of neck fat which made even opening his muzzle just a bit harder. Even that effort was too much for the wolf; he wanted to do nothing. This night was proving to him that a live-in servant would probably be the best bet for his needs as a growing blob, but for now he had to serve himself. The wolf could barely reach the table at that point though, so serving himself was going to be an issue. His gut did make a suitable table, but just moving his arms to his muzzle and back to get more food was such a task that before he had even taken two bites he was working up a sweat. There was no easier way to eat though, so Trinity just had to soldier on and continue bringing morsel after fattening morsel to his face.

Hours ticked away as he ate, ate, and ate. Many more trips to the fridge eventually made the chairs move over to the fridge, and then the pantry, and then the freezer. Trinity could practically feel the weight piling onto himself as he sat there, just groaning and rubbing at himself as he chewed thanks to the heft which was getting added to his growing frame. Nothing else felt that good anymore, and it wasn’t a surprise that he came on the underside of his stomach as he ate. The food supply in the house was waning though, and it would just be a matter of time before one thing that had only happened a couple times prior happened; the house ran out of food before the wolf ran out of room. Little more stimulated Trinity more than when this happened, and just the thought of it left him standing at full attention deep below his immense, sagging paunch. The two chairs beneath him were creaking and groaning loudly too, joining his groaning as that thought just made him buck lightly into his sagging gut.

The wolf bucked just a few times before the inevitable happened. The chairs underneath him gave way and came crashing down into splintering pieces. Trinity went tumbling down with them and fell into a heap on his immense ass on the floor a few feet below. The rubble of the chairs was under his ass, poking him in various places and bringing just a hint of pain to the sudden, surprise fall. Trinity hadn’t dropped his food in the fall though, just holding onto it and groaning loudly as he felt all of his fat quake over every inch of him thanks to the sudden trip. He heard a few things fall from shelves as his fat settled against itself, quaking and jiggling more than any jello ever could dream of for several seconds. There was still food left though, so before Trinity had even gotten somewhat still again he was eating. Not trying to stand, not caring about any damage to his house, and not even thinking about where his next meal would come from. Gluttony was all that he cared about, and that was all that he was engrossed in as more food went into his muzzle.

After that fall, the wolf swore never to move again. His weight truly took off after that, the skyrocketing from before looking like a bottle rocket compared to a space shuttle. He entered four digits of weight in just days, his stomach constantly stretching and stuffed somewhere between the point of pain and pleasure. He was never not horny, and thankfully the new servant he had hired the next morning after his tumble was more than happy to oblige with taking care of the wolf. He lived there with the wolf, a somewhat chunky bear named Reese. Reese took care of everything for Trinity, from cooking, to cleaning, and everything else. The sea of wrappers and the stench of food wasn’t something Trinity wanted gone though, and instead of trying to clean that, Reese instead accentuated it and just let the wolf have his way. He only cleaned his part of the house once the wolf had yelled at him for moving some of the food that he could still see splattered on a far wall, and that was enough for Reese. So there he left the mess, and just let the wolf grow into a blob of eating and mess.

That had become Trinity’s life, eating and eating and eating and eating. It was nothing more, the blare of the TV and the feeling of Reese pleasuring him whenever the bear wasn’t feeding him little more than afterthoughts. His life was comprised of utter gluttony, and it was the pinnacle of Trinity’s existence. He could feel some food sliding down towards him as he thought that, and just kept his maw opened wide as the roll of pizza slid into his gullet. He didn’t bite down for a long while, trying to take as big and as slovenly of a bite as he could. It took almost a third of the pizza to satisfy him, and as he bit down and began to chew sloppily, his cheeks bulged and sagged with each motion of his jaws as they turned the food into a swallowable-slop. Trinity couldn’t think of anything more that he wanted as he just chewed and swallowed, allowing another third of the pizza into his muzzle. As he repeated the process a final time for the last chunk of pizza though, he in fact could think of one other thing that he wanted while he chewed up the hunk of food.


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