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Ark hated going to the doctor. The grey and white catox loathed needles, checkups, and everything about all of it. Even the doctors themselves he didn’t like, as he nearly always got a gruff, grizzled doctor that roughly handled him. Ark just wanted to say he was healthy enough and go on about his day, but his employer had insisted on a checkup. This was the first day that he could get one too, being a rare day off for him. There was nothing about the trip that the hybrid would find redeeming, and he was sure about it. He ate well, he exercised, he took vitamins, he even made sure to keep his hygiene up. There was nothing about him that screamed unhealthy, save for maybe his shots, but even that was something that just got forced onto him thanks to his job. All in all, the hybrid just saw it as a waste of his day off, and he hated that.

“Akkeresu Daikon?” Asked the doctor as she entered. A petite polar bear, the catox gave her one look over as she came in with a clipboard in her paws. She looked to be new at her job, or at the very least fresh, since she didn’t have the same beaten down look that most doctors had once they had been doing their job for a while. “I’m Doctor Kylee, and… Well, looks like I won’t be doing much today. You look pretty healthy already.”

“That’s what I keep telling ‘em doc. You know how health insurance and employment can go though; ‘Stay healthy or get fired’. So sorry to take up your time…” Ark trailed off as he hopped off the observation table and began to reach for his clothes. He was in the hospital gown that one always had to change into in the doctor’s office. The catox wanted his clothes back on as soon as he could get them since that gown was uncomfortable and drafty. He didn’t make it to his clothes though, as the ursine doctor placed her paw gently on his chest and smirked at him with a measured amount of annoyance.

“Didn’t say you could leave Akkeresu. You still need a couple shots and blood work, as well as a basic physical. You know how employment goes, right?” Kylee spoke all of that with sarcasm dripping from her voice, and Ark just groaned and got back onto the table once she finished. He had hoped that her young age and cheerier attitude would get him out of the appointment, but apparently she was a stickler for the rules. He couldn’t blame her, but he could still get a touch annoyed with having to stick out the appointment. “Now, we’re going to do the shots first. I saw in your notes that you hate needles, and I think you’d rather get the bad part out of the way first.”

“Fine,” Ark replied coolly, clearly annoyed now and with a hint of trepidation in his voice. He rolled up the sleeve on his gown and looked away as the ursine reached into a cupboard on the side of the exam room and pulled out a pair of needles. Each was individually wrapped in a bag, and she had to open them with her large, yet deft paws. It took her a couple tries, but she managed and tossed the wrappers into the trash. From there, she reached into the cabinet again and grabbed out two separate bottles. One looked brand new, and Ark had to assume it was one of the things the panda nurse had dropped off right when he was getting put into the room. He was glad that nurse hadn’t been involved in his appointment, something about the large bear made the catox uneasy.

Drawing the chemicals out of the two bottles into both syringes, Kylee looked over at Ark for a moment before speaking. “You might want to look away now. I hear it helps if you don’t see it coming.” The catox complied silently, shaking just a bit and shutting his eyes as he grit his teeth. He was well and truly terrified now, and it showed as his ears were plastered to his head and his tail was lying flat along the bed behind him. Even his toes were flat and his claws out; ready to run as fear wracked his body. Ark could feel the doctor move closer to him, and the paw moving towards his arm. Every fiber of him wanted to get up from the room and run into a place where he felt safer and had no needles that could stab him. The hybrid wasn’t even sure as to why he hated needles, he just knew that something about them made him incredibly nervous. He just wanted the torture to end, and as Kylee stood beside him not moving, he had to wonder why the doctor was taking so long. “Done.”

Ark’s eyes shot open and he turned to look at the ursine, dumbfounded. He hadn’t felt a thing when those needles entered him, and normally he felt every millimeter of the needle entering him. It was a shock for the catox, and his tail twitched a bit in curiosity as his claws retracted and fear left him. “Wow…”

“Practice. Now will you let me do the rest of your physical?” Kylee muttered in reply, still sounding annoyed but a bit less so. Ark just nodded and scooted himself back on the table, his ears still flattened back but anything on his frame that looked like resistance gone. The ursine sighed in relief as she saw this, and sat down on the doctor’s stool in the middle of the room so that she could get into the lower cabinets of the room. Before she did that though, she tossed both used needles into the biohazard bin carefully. The hazard taken care of, she rolled over to the cabinets and leaned down after opening them to begin rummaging through. The catox looked on for all of this, but he was beginning to feel off. Not sick or anything even remotely like that, just off in a way.

He looked down at himself, taking inventory of his limbs and giving the site which he had gotten shots a look. It didn’t hurt in the least, but some lingering tingling was starting to spread through his arm. Ark had no idea why this was, but upon looking at his arm he could hazard a guess. The blue stripe which was normally just on his wrist was nearly halfway up his forearm. It covered his paw as well in its blue hue, and looked to almost shimmer slightly in the light. Looking at the other blue markings on his body in a faint panic, the catox could see that they too were spreading. He had no idea what was going on, but he could feel the tingling sensation increasing, as well as more of his body starting to shimmer. He wasn’t truly transparent, but there was something about his body that made everything seem translucent sort of.

The doctor’s back was still turned, and Ark finally had enough panic building in him to let out a cry for help. Nothing came out though save for a very quiet gurgle, which made the hybrid panic more. His vision was beginning to fill with that blue hue as well, everything within his sight starting to get slightly hazy as a result. The pins-and-needles feeling was all over his body now and at the height of being there, not quite painful but dancing along that line. Ark hadn’t dared to move a muscle as he was unsure of what would happen if he did that. He had heard somewhere that if you move when a poison is spreading through your body, you just speed it up. He had never heard of a poison that turned one into some sort of goo, but he felt like this was indeed a poison. He didn’t want it to spread, but it looked like it was doing that in spite of the catox as his body began to tingle less. Ark didn’t dare look down at himself, instead just screwing his eyes shut and silently sitting still.

After staying at its peak for a few moments, the feeling died down rapidly, and as quickly as it started, it was gone. Ark chanced a look down at himself at this point, opening one eye with trepidation and just wishing that he had reacted badly to one of the drugs in his system. He hadn’t though, everything was still tinted blue and slightly hazy. His body was fully translucent now, like a heavily tinted window, and yet the doctor in front of him had yet to notice. She was still rummaging through the cupboard, trying to find the tools she needed in order to examine the former catox. Ark just panicked more as he realized no one but himself was seeing this transformation, and that it had taken over his whole body so quickly. He knew of nothing that would do this to a beast, and yet… He felt as though this was vaguely familiar. Moving his arms and legs felt natural, almost moreso than when he still had fur and a skeleton in his body.

Moving himself off the table proved to break that illusion though, for as soon as the once-catox got himself off the table, he fell right to the floor with an unceremonious sploosh. The noise made the polar bear look up and over to where the catox had once been, but Ark was on the floor in a semi-see-through puddle now. He was reforming into a being of sorts, but that would take a moment, and in that moment it looked as though he had just disappeared. Doctor Kylee reacted appropriately to this happening, bringing both paws to her muzzle and gasping loudly. Ark wanted to scream to tell her that he was right at her feet, but no words left his non-existent mouth, and the only noises he was making were the squelches and blorps of his own body. He couldn’t have felt more useless than he did right at that moment. The feeing perpetuated itself throughout his body, and even as he could feel his limbs becoming limbs once again, and his face taking shape oncemore, he just wanted to hide and see if he could recover.

That wasn’t going to be an option though, for as soon as he had arms he reached for the doctor and grabbed ahold of her legs. Another gasp came from the doctor, and as soon as she looked down to see the blue goo which was grasping her, the gasp turned into a scream. The polar bear shrieked and hollered, kicking at Ark and trying her hardest to escape. The former catox just held fast though, both in fear and because as soon as he touched the bear he felt as though he couldn’t let go. He could feel something tingling at the tips of his fingers, but he wasn’t sure what. He didn’t have the strength in the slightest to stop her struggles, nor could he maintain his form well enough to stop himself from being splattered all over the room as the ursine’s flailing feet made contact with him over and over again. The bits of his body that were sent flying immediately began flowing back towards him though, so Ark wasn’t concerned with this. He just wanted help, and he needed Doctor Kylee for that.

Had Ark had any color or blood left in his body save for blue goo, he would have gone pale as his eyes looked to where he was holding onto the doctor. The area was turning blue itself, just like the floor beneath him was starting to as well. He could feel the tingling sensation spreading as he noticed that, slowly growing more and more overwhelming as his grip on the doctor refused to loosen. Her screaming hadn’t died down in the least, and right then an orderly came into the room to see what the commotion was about. He spotted Ark on the floor immediately and just as fast as he came in, he left. The panther wanted nothing to do with what was going on in that room, and instead decided that calling the authorities would be a wiser course of action. Kylee cursed him repeatedly for that, her struggles weakening by the second as more and more of her frame began to match Ark’s.

The bear’s body was turning just as blue as Ark’s at the same rate, though it was becoming far less shapely and looking more just like goo. Ark had no idea why this was, and screamed inwardly for it to stop. He had no idea how this was happening, and just shut his eyes in a vain attempt to stop this part of things too. It hadn’t worked on his transformation, so no part of him expected it to work now, but the catox had to hope for something to work as nothing he was trying was. So his eyes stayed shut and he just felt the motion above him die down further and further. He could feel his frame expanding too, growing larger as the motion died down. It was as if he was fattening or something, but he had no idea what that would even begin to feel like. He was just running off what his amorphous body was telling him, and that wasn’t much right at that moment. Feelings abound, the now-goo-monster just wished it all away and left his eyes shut for as long as he could.

The door to the room opening again a couple minutes later snapped him out of his trance, and made the goo’d catox look at himself. His form had reformed, and it was far fatter by the looks of it. Gone were the slim lines his body had, and in its place were curves and folds and rolling slopes of slimy goop. The feeling was strange, but almost pleasant as the monster of sorts moved his whole body sluggishly around to test it out. He all but ignored the two police officers standing at the door, guns drawn while they yelled at him to be still. The orderly stood in the hall just yelling something about the missing doctor, but Ark could barely hear any of it as he just took in the latest part of his change. He was so unsure of what was even going on that he just felt like he was dreaming. He wanted this all to be a dream, and since there was no reason to say that it wasn’t, he was going to treat it as one. He could feel nothing but his own form, not the floor or even the bullets which were fired at him once he sat up and began to rub his jiggling, translucent thighs. No pain had to have meant a dream, and Ark was just going to treat his newfound change as such.

Slowly rising to what had once been his feet, and now was little more than a giant roll of slime beneath him which held what looked to be a torso off the ground, the monster of sorts just looked at the police in front of him through blue, soulless eyes. They both just shot some more, bullets sinking into Ark and turning into more goo for his frame to expand that tiny bit more. Each shot sent little more than a tiny sensation of pleasure through the beast, and that was enough for Ark. He leaned forward and shot out the tendrils which his arms had become, wrapping one each around the cops before him and beginning to absorb them into his form. A silent moan and a jiggling shudder came to him as this happened, all trepidation and fear which had gripped him so tightly moments before gone in a wave of euphoria. The nearly-orgasmic process was enough to send Ark over the edge, and push out the final remnants of his broken, illogical mind. The experience was a dream to him now, and as he looked over at the bottle which had done it to him, he smiled faintly.

A bottle simply labeled ‘Six’.

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