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Sai sat in the waiting room of the tire shop just staring out into the window. He had been running errands for his boss, Sasuke, and that meant he had to drive one of the wolfdragon’s cars. Sai was never terribly good at driving though, and thusly had popped one of the tires on a curb just outside of the supermarket. A quick tow, and a half hour later, and the blue wolf sat in the window of the tire shop just looking out into the street with a sullen look on his face. He was more than a little nervous about what the wolfdragon would say should he find out about the mistake. It surely would be noticed, and even though the wolf was paying for it, he was certain he was going to get in trouble for it. He didn’t want to, and he hated that he had been put into the situation in the first place, but with the normal errand-boy sick Sai had been asked to step up to the plate and try his hand at that work. It had put him where he was though, and after the humiliating experience of bursting a tire just from turning a car out of a parking lot, Sai doubted he would ever be asked to do the errands again.

The wolf sighed and leaned back in his seat, only to feel a plush stomach behind him. HIs head sunk into the blubbery surface slightly, and a deep rumble of approval slid out of his muzzle as that happened. The wolf didn’t even need to look at who the stomach belong to; he could smell the belly’s owner anywhere. The wolf had been a touch surprised he hadn’t smelled the leomon until right then, but the cat could be stealthy when he wanted to. That wasn’t too often for the chubby feline though, so Sai usually had warning when his lover was coming. For the moment though, Sai just let the thought go and enjoyed the pleasant surprise of getting to rest his head against the soft, overfed gut which he had taken a big part in creating. He leaned a bit more against it and nestled into the gentle warmth which it possessed, rubbing his wet nose against the furred dome very lightly and affectionately.

A deep purr came from the feline above as that nose met his stomach, and that gave away that he too enjoyed the attention. Sai had to smile at that, and look up as best as he could from his seated position. He could just barely see the moobs which were atop the large gut he was resting against, and those did a great job of hiding the face above them from the wolf. Each formerly strong pec was drooping over the sphere of gut like a dollop of whipped cream, barely jiggling but still looking incredibly soft. The wolf leaned into the belly below those afterthoughts of adipose slightly more as he realized there was no way to see past them, and just sat there for a moment in silent bliss. The only sounds coming from the pair were very faint purrs and rumbles of utter contentment, as neither wanted to break the moment with tedious words. They were out in public though, so one of them would have to speak, and as such ruin that moment.

“Hey Sai…” Came out a deep, thick voice from the feline finally after nearly a full minute of absorbing the wolf’s head and neck into his thick middle. The canine just sighed softly at that voice and leaned back forward. From there, he worked his way to his feet and turned around, grunting as he stood. The blue, shirtless wolf stood up straight in front of his feline companion, giving the leomon a full view of the nearly herculean build the canine possessed. His torso was trimmed, his legs were bulging with muscle, his arms were nearly as big around as the leomon’s had once been before adipose had further added to their enormity, and his face was chiseled to perfection. He simply wore a red pair of short shorts, outlining every inch of his bits and leaving nothing of his rear to the imagination; he was proud of how he looked. Not a bit of him was body fat, in stark contrast to the leomon, and as such it made them a slightly odd couple when the fat cat came and saw the rippling dog. Neither cared though, and just smiled at one another as they drank up the other’s frame. A blue god of muscle and a golden god of gluttony, each attractive to the other and each lusting for one another from the looks in their eyes.

“Hi Kai,” Sai replied after a long moment of looking over the golden leomon in front of him. Kai was thick, with most parts of him either sagging or bulging out, but in most cases both. His middle was his most obvious feature, with many meals worth of fat rounding out that formerly carved and concave stomach into a vast ball of lard which sagged heavily over his thighs. His legs and hips swelled out beneath the hanging sac of fat, covered by a XXXX-X-L pair of shorts that strained to hold in the mound of ass they were being asked to. Those thighs though, just barely wider than it and constantly rubbing against one another, forced the feline to lumber or waddle along as he moved. The thick tree trucks supported all his heft with ease though, and if Kai ignored the chafing that it caused, he could still move along at a decent clip for his heavy girth. His arms were swollen with muscle wrapped in a thick layer of fat, each looking so incredibly strong that the feline just flexed unconsciously from time to time just to remind himself that he did have those muscled hams. Polish that frame off with a rounded face and a thick, chocolate mane outlining that cherubic look, and that made up Kai. He was still smiling at Sai too, making those round cheeks and set of chins on his face just bunch up and dimple as cutely as they could. It was enough to make the wolf melt right there, but he had to stay at least somewhat attentive for the time being.

“What are you doing here?” Sai asked, looking over the leomon yet again as his tight pants began to give away just how he was feeling about the feline. Kai saw this and just smirked to himself as his apron of a belly was protecting the world from seeing his own growing approval of the wolf. He didn’t want to embarrass Sai though, as that was an easy thing to do, so instead of answering he just leaned over the chair gingerly and pushed his muzzle close to the shorter canine’s ear. Breathing heavily for a moment from the effort of trying to support his bulk just with his legs as his center of gravity was so far thrown off by the leaning, the feline then stuck his tongue out and licked along the outside of Sai’s ear. He got a deep rumble from that, and left his muzzle there for a moment longer even after his tongue retracted back into his lips.

“I was thinking about getting some fun in before we had to get back to work.” The whispered answer made Sai shiver slightly, but before he could respond Kai had grabbed him. Paw in paw, the pair began immediately to make their way towards the back room of the shop. Neither said a word, but Kai’s confidence in their actions made Sai incredibly nervous. He wasn’t expecting anything like that at all to happen to him that morning. He had just wanted to fix the car and get back to doing his job, and yet here he was about to get naughty with Kai in a public place. It was enough to make him squirm, but he held fast and just kept his paw tightly in Kai’s as they approached the door to the back. Kai lumbered along slowly with his paw in Sai’s, his longer and yet thicker legs giving him a wide gait and making the wolf have to walk behind him as a result. The wolf didn’t mind though, as he got to see that lovely wide ass which Kai possessed and that was enough to set his long tail wagging.

Kai pushed that back door open and just smirked, loosening his grip on Sai’s paw and backing away slowly. He held the door open and beckoned the canine inside, a gesture which the wolf responded to post-haste. He slipped past the wide leomon, a paw brushing along the fluff which adorned his rotund midsection just to tease his mon further. Kai purred faintly thanks to that touch, just looking over the wolf as he passed and getting a glimpse of the tight rump which he had ravaged so many times before. It was a sight he never tired of, and yet something which he knew the wolf was a proud of as could be. The feline couldn’t get lost in that thought now though, and instead of trying to watch that ass, he followed it into the room and shut the door behind him. It clicked shut softly, and while there was a sign on the front of the door that clearly stated non-workers weren’t allowed, the leomon hadn’t even hesitated to come back. No employees had seen the couple enter either, so they were free and clear to do as they pleased.

The room was dimly-lit, somewhat dank, and housed many old compressors and tired which were stacked haphazardly throughout the room. A few benches were also along the walls, and it was there that Kai led Sai. The leomon gently guided the wolf with his stomach on the wolf’s back and his paws on those shoulders. The canine complied without any hesitation either as he just submitted to the guidance and began to think of what was coming next. A myriad of images ran through the canine’s head as he was steered towards his destination, just allowing his mind to wander lazily as his shorts got tighter and tighter. He could feel the faintest of hard spots beneath the formidable gut on the front of the leomon too, so he knew he was not alone in those fantasies. They both wanted one another, and with Kai’s guidance towards the bench, it would only be a matter of moments.

The leomon kicked a switch purposefully on the way over to that bench, and the roar of an engine coming to life snapped Sai from his thoughts. The wolf yelped lightly with surprise and just looked at the engine as he tried to calm down from his sudden surprise. There was nothing there that could hurt him, but being as lost in his own head as he was made it hard to remember that for a moment. Once he was back with his senses though, he arched an eyebrow and just began to wonder more what the leomon was planning. The engine belonged to the biggest compressor in the room, the tank nearly as tall as Sai himself. It just sat in the corner of the room beside the bench where Kai was steering him, along with a hose which rested on that table. Kai was obviously planning something, and as Sai was led right to that table and then nudged on the back, he began to get it into his head what was being planned.

The wolf complied eagerly once he figured it out, climbing onto the table stomach down and raising his tail obediently. The leomon clambered on after him, making the whole bench creak and groan with the sudden added weight on top of it. Kai gingerly began to wobble and shift his way over towards the wolf’s rear. As he did this, he placed both paws beneath his drooping gut and began to fiddle with his pants to get them open. While this was happening, Sai was undoing his shorts and pulling them down to his ankles, his bare ass exposed for the leomon. Kai licked his lips as he saw this, his shorts sliding to his knees as they were shortly joined by a very tight, straining jockstrap. The leomon just groaned a bit at that and purred, placing his stomach down on the back of the wolf and letting his weight wash over the back of the canine. Sai rumbled in response to this, the feeling of all that warm and comforting blubber washing over him making his cock pulse with need. Both beasts were at the height of bliss, and little more could make the situation better.

Kai decided to improve things though, and in a motion faster than his body looked to allow he stuffed the hose right into Sai’s maw. The wolf yelped with surprise, but quickly just groaned and began to bite down on the nozzle. He immediately felt high-pressured air flow into his gut, turning the flattened surface into inklings of a gut in an instant. The pressure of the tank was immense, and Sai could only imagine what it was going to do to him. He looked at the tank, adorned with a spray-painted number seven on its side, and smiled to himself. He could feel Kai’s length sliding along the crack of his rear and teasing in between those tight cheeks of his. It was utter bliss for the wolf, and as he felt more of Kai’s weight pushing down on him, he stood at full attention down in his nethers. He couldn’t reach himself to get himself off though, and that would be a problem for a little bit. Some air would fix that though, and as Kai slid himself slowly down into the wolf’s rear, he had to grit his teeth and the air began to flow into him as rapidly as the industrial compressor could manage.

Sai ballooned out the moment this happened, going from a svelte, muscular beast to a swollen, bloated muscle-laden beast with a beachball attached to his torso in just a few moments. His teeth stayed grit though, and he just continued to grow at an unbelievable pace with every passing moment. He could hear the deep purrs from behind him as this happened, and he could feel the growing pressure on his middle as it was forced to expand outwards from the weight of Kai atop him. The pressure was just going to grow before it got better though, for more of Kai’s weight was getting put onto him as he was forced to lean more and more up, and onto the wolf, just to stay in him. Rapid and vicious thrusts from the leomon came at nearly the same pace as the inches to his waistline, and even though Kai wasn’t even fully hard yet, the wolf could feel some seed seeping into him as the feline pre’d into his hole. It was an orgasmic experience for both, and as Sai just kept expanding and expanding, each inch added a new level of bliss for both beasts involved. Kai panted and purred as he felt himself getting lighter thanks to the air flooding every inch of the wolf below. Sai had to rumble as he felt his gut growing out to the point where it was getting too much air for his torso, and his limbs were beginning to take in some of the air as there was just nowhere else for it to go. There was just a matter of time before all of that air pressure would lift Kai from the ground, and both beasts awaited it eagerly.

The sex could really begin then.

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