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The blank stare of the bear looked back at him as it sat on his bed, soulless eyes staring him down without any intentions whatsoever. It didn’t move, didn’t breath, and didn’t blink as those black eyes just looked at the wolf opposite it. The brown-and-white wolf looked over the bear once, and then slid into the bed beside it. The bear’s gaze didn’t follow him, instead looking straight on where Koebi had been in utter silence. The wolf didn’t mind though, and just wrapped both of his arms around the bear and pulled it in close. The wolf smiled as he did that, just holding onto it and bringing it tighter into his chest. The bear still didn’t react, just looking straight ahead with its dead eyes and smiling expression. Koebi didn’t care about that, just wanting to hug the stuffed ursine with both his arms and nestle his muzzle into the side of its head. There he stayed too, hugging the animal in his arms as he laid in bed quietly, wagging his tail contentedly.

“I love my plushies,” Koebi murmured after a few moments in his bed, grabbing the bear and holding onto it tighter as he just cuddled away at the stuffed animal. Other animals like it littered the bed, and the room around that bed. Each looked round and fluffy, all perfectly snugglable and soft for Koebi to enjoy. He kept his arms wrapped around the particular bear in his bed though and just stayed there, not wanting to move as he kept it close. His chubby frame rubbed along the large stuffed plush, his legs taking one of the plushie ursine’s and bringing it between them. He just wanted to be close, nothing more, and stayed that way as he sighed quite happily. He could almost feel the warmth of his own frame being bounced back by the stuffed bear, and that just heightened how much he was enjoying cuddling it. Little more in his life could get better than that moment, and Koebi knew that.

There he stayed for a long while, drifting in and out of sleep as he just lazed in his bed. He wasn’t bored persay, just letting his body rest up from a day of snacking and TV. He didn’t have it hard in the least from where he lay, but he did want his naps and his lazy times to last as much as he could make them. The napping with the bear snuggled next to him and his other plushies all around made it much easier to relax too. There was nothing else that could be done to make him happy, at least nothing that he would think of in terms of leaving the room, so the wolf was content as could be. A snack wouldn’t be a bad thing after the nearly-hour-long nap session, but it could wait for a little while longer. Koebi was too comfortable to think about getting out of bed, and as such he just wanted to stay where he was. His brain still wasn’t turned on either, as it was caught in the fog of sleep.

“Mmmm… I wish I could be a big, fat, round plushie like you…” Koebi muttered to himself as he drowsily swayed in and out of consciousness. “No responsibilities, no job, nothing… Just cuddles and hugs.” He continued to murmur a few other unintelligible things as he lay there, and began to drift back off into dreamland. His thoughts returned to swimming in rivers of chocolate and diving off into seas of soda as his dreams took him away. The wolf was indeed hungry, and his dreams were sating that as best they could while his body rumbled lightly in discontent and just lay snuggled against the bear. That wasn’t all his body was doing though, as somehow, something had heard his wish and decided that bringing it to a reality wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The wolf was none the wiser though, sleep’s grip having fully taken him in at this point. He wasn’t going to wake anytime soon either, as cute little snores were pouring from his maw with every breath already thanks to his sudden, deep sleep.

As that slept kept his mind enraptured with fattening dreams, his frame began to glow and change. The bear companion beside him moved on its own as this happened, hugging the wolf a bit tighter and turning its stuffed head towards him. Koebi responded in his sleep by embracing that bear tighter, but didn’t stir even a slight amount. The stuffed ursine almost looked to be trying to comfort the wolf, and had Koebi been conscious, that would have been needed. The glowing was getting more intense rapidly, and it got brighter by the moment and began to cover his whole frame. It had started just around his chubby midsection, but the more it increased, the more it covered his torso and the tops of his limbs. The darkened room got brighter and brighter by the second as more of the thick canine was lit up. It soon looked to have a small sun in it, and Koebi was rapidly changing as this happened.

Koebi’s shut eyes were losing their luster and becoming flat, dull circles just like the bear beside him. His joints were turning more into permanent bends in his limbs as his dull claws began to retract into his paws. HIs pawpads did the same, becoming flat strips of leather in place of the soft black pads they had once been. All of the wolf’s fur was becoming slightly more worn and far shorter, being replaced by the faux fur which covered so many plushies. His veins beneath that fur were replaced with seams, each neatly sewn and looking like new. His muzzle shortened just slightly, and his ears both flopped over as they were unable to support themselves thanks to the weakened fur which now comprised them. His nose went from wet and cold to hard and plastic as this happened, the holes in it just molded rather than leading places inside of him. Not an inch of the canine was spared from the changes that were befalling his frame, with even his innards being changed to stuffing from their former blood-and-organ makeup. A felt-filled inside of his muzzle and tongue completed the look, and with that the glowing began to dissipate.

It wasn’t long before the glowing subsided completely, and left Koebi snoring a lot less while still cuddled up to his bear plush. He was now a full wolf plush as well, laying on his side snuggled up cutely to another one. Had one not seen the change, the room looked to be filled with nothing but plushies. Koebi wasn’t breathing anymore at all thanks to his new plushie body, the noises of his snoring dying down even more as that change began to fully take effect. It was a leftover condition from his former furry self, and as the changes to his body finalized, that habit was going to go away with those changes. It was all that the plush had left, and once it stopped, the room looked utterly unoccupied and eerily quiet. Koebi again didn’t notice this though, his whole frame still as he remained eating in his dreams.

The bear beside him did stir though, moving just slightly in Koebi’s grasp once the full transformation of the wolf was well and truly completed. He signaled to the other plushies in the room, and the larger ones retrieved the eight bags of stuffing which had been hidden around the room. Each was very large, the biggest nearly the size of a fridge, and had been stuffed into various places that the wolf didn’t see them. The smaller plushies weren’t spared from the sudden motion, and began to climb gingerly onto the bed beside the bear. Once there, they each took a limb of Koebi’s and slowly, carefully moved it so that the wolf was laid out spread eagle on his back. His chubby stomach stuck up into the air as this happened, still save for an occasional poke on accident from one of the small army of plushies that were gathering to either hold him down, or stuff him till his seams nearly burst. It was a monumental effort, and a testament to how deep of a sleeper Koebi was. He snorted once or twice, but that was it; he was still lost in his dreams.

Once the wolf plush was laid out flat and had his arms utterly buried in small, beany plush animals, the larger plushies formed a line at the base of the bed. Lined up holding bags one through eight, they all just looked at the sleeping stuffed animal with their dead eyes and waited for their leader bear to give them the signal. The bear looked around, then at Koebi to make sure that the wolf wasn’t going to stir. He then looked to the plushies on the canine’s limbs, making sure that each gave him a signal that they truly had Koebi trapped. Satisfied with that, he looked at the line of furs and made sure each had their bag opened and was ready to begin at a moment’s notice. Having done so, the bear seemed satisfied with their work and gave the signal to begin making Koebi into what he had wished for.

The first plush, an overstuffed lion ball that could barely move under its own power, rolled up onto the bed with the bag of stuffing in tow. Once there, he passed it to the bear so as not to wake Koebi, and then rolled off the bed as fast as he had come. The bear took the bag and dipped his paw into it, pulling out a mass of stuffing all at once and immediately placing it into Koebi’s opened jaw. The bear then gave it a hard push, and forced it down into the wolf. Koebi didn’t stir at this, mostly, but he did groan and squirm just a bit as he felt some of the bear’s paw go down his throat. The ursine didn’t really seem to care about that though, and he just began repeating the process rapidly once he saw that Koebi could handle it. Pawful after pawful went down the wolf’s throat, each being forced down with a shove into his plush frame. The effect was nearly immediate too, as his cheeks bulged out to critical mass, and then his neck began to turn into a small raft of furred plush that cradled his swelling head. The bear didn’t care about how disproportionate it was though, and instead just kept on stuffing.

On and on he went, working through the first bag and barely even making it through to Koebi’s chest with the stuffing. The second bag was forced in by the one carrying it, a lithe gator plush with arms barely big enough to stuff things down into Koebi. He managed though, and the bear helped this by using his paws to ever-so-gently rearrange the stuffing inside of Koebi to make him look that much more proportional. The wolf had already bulked out considerably from the stuffing, easily looking several inches rounder all over just from the one and a half bags which were in him. He had more to go though, and would be quite a ball of fluff once the stuffing was done. The gator was seeing to that too at that moment as he just kept up a steady pace of putting more and more of the white, fluffy stuffing into the wolf’s muzzle and forcing it down into him. It took a while longer than it did for the bear simply thanks to anatomy and the bag being a bit larger than the last, but it was done quickly enough and the gator joined the ball of lion off of the bed once he was done.

Bags three, four, and five all went smoothly, each just a bit bigger than the last and forced down into the wolf with gusto. Just by bag four alone Koebi was looking more belly than limbs, and he still had so much more to go into him. The bear was doing his best to help, but two stuffed monkeys in a row made that work rough as they were just as eager as the rest of their non-plushie species. It was a mess, but through it Koebi didn’t wake at all. He came close a couple times, but he was seeing all of the stuffing as being fed in his dreams, and that alone kept him in dreamland. He was starting to get full though, his furred surface getting tighter with each pawful now, but the bear just pressed on. He had a set of wished orders running through his head, and was going to follow them whether or not Koebi could handle it. The stuffed ursine wasn’t smart enough to care one way or the other either; he had one task alone and that was going to get done. So onward he stuffed, moving the filling around in the wolf to make his limbs get rounder and rounder, while that gut of the wolf towered over him and continued to grow.

The sixth bag had to be done by the bear, as this time a blue dragon plush that was just as much of a ball as the lion rolled on over. The bear did his duty on that, again making the wolf’s head and neck an incredibly bloated and swollen mess. The stuffing in the bag had increased so much though that some of the overstuffing happened to sink down into his chest, giving what looked to be sewn-in manboobs some seriously overstated girth and pushing the wolf’s arms far from his sides. Koebi could feel that in his sleep, and stirred just a bit to try and lower his arms back down to his sides. He couldn’t though, thanks to all the plushies piled onto them, and instead just gave up and sank back into a much-lighter sleep. The bear cursed himself inwardly for making the mistake, worried that he would fail his task as much as a barely-animate plush could worry itself. He didn’t stop though, instead just pushing on and finishing off the remnants of that sixth bag as fast as he could. He held up the seventh bag for a moment once he did finish too, making sure to redistribute that plush white fluff in the wolf so that his head and chest weren’t nearly at their breaking point. There were still two more bags to go.

Koebi was barely asleep as the seventh bag progressed. The going was slow for that bag, as the bear needed to constantly move around the stuffing inside the wolf and the one stuffing it into the wolf was a short-limbed dinosaur. Both did their best though, just working to make sure that as much of the bag made it into the sleeping giant as fast as they could. It was effort at this point to find space on the wolf that wasn’t stuffed, but they managed and even found a couple spots that were minutely loose. Those spots were filled as more and more of that bag of stuffing wound up in the ball of furred fabric however, and as the bag began to near empty, the bear paused again to try and do his magical redistribution over the wolf. The seams on that belly of his were taut, and some even exposed thanks to how much strain was being put on the fabric below. The ursine moved some of the stuffing down into the wolf’s paws, over-exaggerating those parts of his frame and making him look even more cartoony than he had. It was something though, and eased some of the tension on the SUV-sized stomach which dominated the room now. There was a whole fridge-worth of stuffing left to cram in there too, and by the time it was in there, Koebi wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The plushies on his arms abandoned ship at this point, not wanting to be crushed by what was sure to make the belly of the beast smother everything save for the floor. The last stuffer, a cheetah plush that had to struggle to move the oversized bag of stuffing, began to walk around the side of the blimped-out wolf. The bear and the wolf were the only things left in the bed as that happened, and the bear was the only thing still able to move. It just rubbed at the massive gut before him, stuffed and standing up like a weather balloon attached to uselessly-bloated limbs and a face so stuffed with fluff that it looked to be unable to see anything past those cheeks. He gave the gut above him a thump to test out the firmness of it, and see how much room he had left in there. There was still some, but how he was going to fit the bag in without bursting the seams of the wolf was slipping his mind.

Koebi awoke with that thump, startled and trying to flail as best he could. He couldn’t see anything aside from his cheeks and the headboard of his bed though, and any attempt to move his body aside from a very sluggish wobble was useless. Panic set in immediately for him, but the bear beside him remained calm. It instead just went up to the wolf’s head and peered under the sagging cheeks of the wolf. Koebi’s panic increased as he saw that, and he tried to call for help as he saw the plushie moving. Nothing left his throat though, sound unable to leave him thanks to a lack of a voice-box now that his frame was nothing but fabric, felt, and stuffing. A second face joined the bear’s, the cheetah which was holding the bag of stuffing. Koebi panicked more as he saw this, and then went pale as a paw of stuffing entered his vision. He already felt stuffed so tightly and he could just imagine what was going to happen with that next pawful. The bear’s paw came into view with a heaping pile of stuffing as well, and all Koebi could do was watch as his wish got granted.

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