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Cats never could resist the allure of a ball of yarn. Something about the stringy, soft, and moving properties which the little strands of thread possessed made it irresistible to them. More often than not they would use the things as a play toy of sorts, or just make a mess of it. This was usually the result of curiosity or playfulness, but it was almost universally gone by the end of childhood. This was the case with most felines, but some never outgrew their love of yarn. Some never had the fun sucked from them, replaced with arrogance and stubbornness.

Some cats were like Bakani.

The grey feline was currently batting around a ball of yarn absent mindedly on his desk while he waited for something to load on his computer. He hated staring at progress bars, and loathed when he needed to install something on the infernal machine. He had to do it from time to time though, and with nothing else to do aside from sitting there, he was infuriatingly bored. He played with the yarn ball he left on his desk to pass the time, but even that wasn’t satisfying his need to be doing at least something. The feline wasn’t sure how much boredom he could handle right then, but he knew his limit was fast approaching as he rolled the stringy ball back and forth. And back and forth. And back and forth.

The bar looked to have not moved an inch since he started playing with the yarn, which served to make the cat even more angry. He was not one to be too terribly impatient in most things, but technology brought that side of him out, and thusly he wanted things over with. He kept looking at the bar and sighing deep, drawn out sighs. His toying with the yarn got more aggressive as his blood pressure rose, and even as the yarn began to fall apart around his fingers, the feline still was playing with it. The ball was losing its shape though, and as that happened he could feel his paw sinking closer and closer to the desk. There was little attention paid to this though, as the feline was somewhere in his own head, and thusly couldn’t be bothered with the task bar or the ball of yarn. He was trying to keep his mind busy with what he would eat, or where he would go, once the painfully slow installer had run its course.

A deep scratching sound broke that train of thought on the cat though, as his claws came to bear on the wooden surface beneath them. He looked down at his desk and growled out lightly, as claw marks were now visible in the wood. He hadn’t expected to get that way so quickly, but he knew it was coming as he always wound up doing that to his desks. It was just a bad habit that he would have to break, and one that he hated about himself. The feline just sighed to himself again though and looked down a little lower to the paw which had caused the scrape. He could see the ball of yarn sticking out from under it, and that made him sigh softly. Bakani knew that the ball was now a tangle, and that just drove him more batty. He wasn’t about to lose it though, and instead just took a deep breath before lifting his paw up to inspect the damage. As he did though, a faint glimmer on the pawpads in that paw caught his eye. That was all they caught though, for before the feline could get a closer look, he was out cold.


Bakani awoke with a loud groan. He tried to move, but he felt resistance on one of his arms. Moving his head to peer over at that arm, he stopped short and then groaned even louder. He could feel rolls of lard bunching up as he did that, and he knew what that meant as he did it. He couldn’t see much, as wherever he was had no ambient light coming in save for a dim moon. The feline could feel his new bulk though, and as he moved his paws to rub what little portions of his frame that he could, he just had to purr thanks to the warmth and comfort of being surrounded by so much excess adipose. He barely cared how it happened, as he knew that there would be little he could do to fix it or to get the one who made him this way. He did want to move again though.

A small shift on the top of his gut made the feline squirm a bit, which sent ripples all along his surface. He couldn’t see past even his newly-formed breasts, but he could definitely feel a body atop his thick, flabby body. A light snore came from that body too, and the feline had to imagine it was the one who had made him this way. The frame felt light enough, but there was also just so much cat all around him that Bakani couldn’t really judge what light was anymore. He was too lost in himself to move, let alone try and figure out who was up there, so the feline just had to lay in the sea of himself and hope that his attacker woke up soon. The sounds of the snores didn’t make that seem likely though, so the cat just had to sit and wait.

He tried to look around as he did, his eyes adjusting to the night. He could see his moobs, parts of his shoulders, and his cheeks. Each part of his frame looked to be just oozing with blubber, piled up high all around his head and making moving the thing a nightmare. He managed though, as the lard was more of a cushion than a barrier, and as he did that he caught sight of what had made him this way. He couldn’t believe that was what had done it, but at the same time he wasn’t surprised. His words were often mistaken by a few, but this one took the cake. He knew who was on top of him as soon as he saw that as well, and sighed out softly which sent more waves through his frame. A light purr came as those waves massaged him, but that was still not enough to quell his shock and annoyance. He would have his revenge, that much was for sure.

For now though, he just had to look at a shiny food processor.


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