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The pair had met in a bar. It wasn’t the best bar on the strip, but it had been decent enough that when they met, shared a few drinks, and talked for a while, neither felt uneasy. Numbers had been exchanged, a date had been set, and the two had parted ways after a night out that neither regretted. Their arrangement didn’t happen that night thanks to jobs and lives, but it wasn’t a long wait either. The two didn’t want that wait, so they planned it as fast as their drunken minds could handle. Their plan did involve a shady hotel in the same area that they had met in, but this was not to say that they spent a lot of time in that area. They both just happened to know the name at one in the morning while slurring their words and shouting nefarious plans at one another across a bar table. It worked, their plan seemed sound, and now all that it would take was time for it to come to pass. A time which, right at that moment, was nearly up.

One of the two furs, a chubby fox with a red collar and rainbow pawprint inked into the fur on his right arm, stood at the entrance to their arranged meeting place while holding his phone in one paw. He was partially tempted to call the other party he was waiting on, but he was also tempted to go home. The plan had been formed days prior, drunkenly in a bar, and what little of that planning he remembered wasn’t the brightest. They had texted just a few times back and forth once their lives weren’t revolving around drinking and picking up other males, but it hadn’t seemed as energetic as their meeting. It was more than likely to be the fault of the texting, but the fox couldn’t help wondering if the meeting was just a wash, and if he should just head home. It wasn’t a far trek for him though, and the fresh air did feel nice, so he was willing to wait for quite a while. How long that while would be wasn’t a sure thing however, as he had been getting a few looks from some passersby on the street.

The thoughts of leaving hadn’t even been given time to take hold in the canine’s mind when a cab pulled up in front of the hotel and out got a taller white-and-black hybrid. The lithe bunny-wolf mix stood up straight and stretched for a moment before reaching into his black pants and pulling out his wallet. He paid the cab driver, all while the fox watched, and then said his thanks before stretching once more and turning around. Neither said a word as their eyes met, just silently acknowledging one another’s presence as they stood on the sidewalk. The fox wanted to talk, but the bunwolf looked to as well. In the light, his thin build and unique, simple patterning was far better to look at than the fox remembered. He had very canid features on his face; a shorter muzzle, a wet nose, and shorter eats than a lapin. His legs and torso gave away the bunny half of his DNA though, his stance just a bit wider than a wolf’s and his paws far larger than any canine’s. The fox looked the hybrid up and down just once more to drink that in while in the daylight, and he could see that the hybrid was doing the same to him as if to try and see if the trek had been worth it.

“Well, shall we?”

“Up to you Ratchet,” the bunwolf replied, making the fox blush slightly beneath his orange fur. He then stepped aside and gestured grandly towards the door to the hotel he had been standing near, smirking somewhat inwardly as he did that. The hybrid just gave a nod and began to walk towards the door, making sure to saunter just enough with his steps to give the canine behind him quite a show. This didn’t go unnoticed by Ratchet either, who ogled the arse of the hybrid shamelessly as he followed. The fox’s tail wagged slowly in nefarious glee as his eyes stayed locked on the pair of sculpted rumpcheeks in front of him, watching them sway to and fro in the bunwolf’s tight pants. Soon he would get his way with them though, so he just had to wait to pounce that rear and have his way with it. He could tell that the hybrid wanted that too, just from the body language and clothing he was wearing; nothing hard to remove and everything shown off.

The hotel, called simply ‘By the Nines’, had little more than a tiny waiting area with a sole desk in it. Ratchet and the hybrid spent no time in it at all, just getting a room from the husky husky behind the counter and signing their names in the guestbook. They joined the dozens of others who had used the hotel for similar devious purposes, ‘Ratchet’ and ‘Shyy’ forever immortalized with many others in the stained notebook. The two hadn’t even wanted to do that either, as neither saw a point in trying to write down what they were there for nor signing their names; their intentions were clear. The husky seemed to know that, as he made an offhand comment about the cleaning staff not liking a big, sticky mess left on the bed. The comment drew no response from Ratchet or Shyy though, and instead the pair just made their way from the office as fast as they had entered it. Roomkey in their paws, they just had to find their room, 9, and get inside.

The pair’s room was thankfully at one end of the long building, and apparently far away from any other occupied room; the husky had at least been courteous to the other patrons. Ratchet reached the door first and stood waiting while Shyy came up a few steps behind and put the key into the lock. A quick twist, and the door was opened with the bunwolf going in first and the fox joining him shortly after. The room was sparse, with just a bed, an older television, tacky wallpaper, a couple of chairs, and something resembling a dresser of sorts being all that was in the room. A couple of nightstands were on either side of the bed, each with a lamp and one holding a phone and clock on it as well. The lighting was dim and yellowed, just like the wallpaper, and with the curtains drawn the space almost looked like it belonged in a cheesy porno or a cop movie rather than reality. Neither beast cared though, and just began stripping immediately.

Clothes were introduced to the floor even faster than they had been taken off, and in an instant the two furs were on one another. Ratchet’s shorter stature bur stronger build allowed him to push Shyy onto the bed with relative ease, an action which elicited a surprised yelp from the thin hybrid. The fox then pulled out a wrapper and smirked, placing it on the end of the bed before slowly, sensually, sliding on top of the hybrid. The pair’s eyes barely met for an instant before their muzzles locked, each set of arms wrapping around the other’s torso for further intimacy. Tongues parted lips and wrapped around one another, heated breaths washed over muzzles and whiskers, and each beast’s ears were flattened back in the utter passion they felt. Both of their nude frames rubbed against each other longingly, and to the untrained eye, the heat in the room would suggest they had been seeing one another for ages and were not just now getting their first round in. This didn’t even enter either mind though, as all that could be thought of in that moment was how the other tasted, and how arousing it was to have another body touching theirs.

The two stayed locked to one another for several minutes, kissing and rubbing and groping as passionately as they both could. Several times their paws wandered down to the other’s nethers and gave it a firm squeeze, resulting in a pair of needy hard-ons and two pent-up furs. The fox was growling slightly with lust as he finally pulled away from the bunwolf, looking down at his newfound prey with nothing but want in his eyes. The hybrid just looked back and blushed furiously beneath his fur, his ears flattening back as far as they could go and his tail curling up between his legs in submission. Ratchet grinned devilishly at this, and in an instant had the condom wrapper in his paw and opened. It was another quick motion for him to put it on, and from there all he did was slide back off the bed and stand expectantly at the foot of it, looking at Shyy. The bunwolf blushed brighter at that, and slowly began to roll over in a vain attempt to feign not wanting this to occur. The fox saw through that however, and with one quick motion the bunwolf was on his stomach with his legs dangling back off the end of the bed.

Shyy barely had time to raise his tail before he felt the thick, long length of the fox rubbing between his cheeks. A hot moan escaped from both their muzzles as pleasured filled their bodies to the brim and then some thanks to the sudden contact. The canine teased at the hybrid for a moment, rubbing a bit at those cheeks and just using his length to further get in between them. His paws slowly slid down the bunwolf’s sides as well, stroking the white fur tenderly as they went down towards the hips beneath them. Shyy did nothing but moan as this happened, sinking into the bed all the more and just becoming putty in the fox’s paws. Ratchet could see this, and used the moment to his advantage by taking his length and plugging the hybrid’s hole.

Shyy cried out with the forceful entry loudly, his holler making the windows shake just slightly as it left his muzzle. Ratchet’s ears flattened back just a hint from the noise of it, but that was forgotten in an instant as the fox slowly started sliding his needy member into the hybrid. Shyy just tensed up and gripped the bed tightly in his fists, his tail curled against Ratchet’s chest in pained bliss. The fox just shut his eyes and tilted his head back, his grip on the bunwolf’s hips tightening the deeper he got into the hybrid. More and more his length went in, nearly to the hilt on the first thrust, and then out it came at the same sluggish pace. In again after that, then out, then in, then out.

It was a slow build, but once it was going, nothing but the sounds of furred flesh slapping against furred flesh. Both beast’s tails were wagging and swishing as the utter pleasure of the situation took them both out of the room and into their own personal heavens. Shyy’s grip on the bedsheet just tightened as his body grew more tense. His toes curled up in ecstasy, and he could feel his rock-hard cock beginning to leak pre-cum after just a couple minutes of having his rear pillaged by the eager fox above him. Ratchet was in the same boat, his panting breath coming in hot huffs as he just pounded away at the bunwolf so roughly that the entire bed beneath them shook and jostled with every thrust. It was just animalistic, but both were so close to release so quickly that it was little surprise that the sex was as violent as it was. Things just got hotter, heavier, tighter, tenser, and all around more heated with every pelvis-crushing blow to the bunwolf, and neither beast wanted it any other way.

Ratchet came after a couple more minutes of utterly demolishing Shyy. The bunwolf howled out in bliss as he felt the warm, sticky release deep inside of him from the fox. Even through the condom on the fox, the hot liquid pleasured the hybrid immensely as he shot his own load all over the bed. It went onto his thighs and dripped down onto both furs’ feet, making a runny mess for the maids to take care of later. Neither cared one iota though, as a chorus of howls and moans left the room while Ratchet just continued to release into Shyy. His hold on the bunwolf was as tight as could be, and it was thanks to his dull claws that the hybrid wasn’t bleeding from it. There was still pain though, and as Ratchet just kept on cumming, the bliss that had been filling Shyy was wearing off into pain from it. His rear was also incredibly sore too, as was his back from having to sustain such a vicious beating from the fox. It was all worth it though, easily ten-fold moreso than any other time he had been with a fur from a bar, and Shyy would definitely be seeing this fox again.

The fox’s grip on Shyy loosened after a moment, but the warm feeling going into the bunwolf didn’t. Ratchet was still panting and groaning as though he was orgasming, and Shyy could feel something expanding in his innards. He was unsure of what it was, but he could just feel that warmth growing more and more in his bowels. There was also a bit of stretching happening too, and as the hybrid felt his stomach go from concave to convex, he was starting to get a touch concerned. There was still so much ecstasy running through his veins from the entire experience that he was able to mostly ignore this feeling though. His paws loosened their grip on the bedsheet regardless though, and slid down to feel what was becoming of his midsection. Slowly but surely, they made their way to where the fox was still buried inside him, and touched the inklings of a potbelly way before Shyy was ready for them to.

The bunwolf began to panic almost immediately, and had his partner been more in tune with what was going on, he would have too. Ratchet was just cumming, and cumming, and cumming as he stood at the base of the bed leaned on Shyy. It was an unending torrent of jizz which was filling the bunwolf steadily, and Shyy had no way of escaping from this. He was going to wind up a condom for the fox, and as he just felt himself fill with more and more of the liquid, he wasn’t sure of what he was going to do. HIs small belly was turning into a full gut, his ass was blimping out at the same pace, and he could feel even his chest beginning to slosh slightly. His breath was coming in slow, gurgling gasps as room was being decreased in his torso thanks to how much cum was being forced into it, but the bunwolf couldn’t stop it. Struggling was out of the question; he was already in a position of no power and now beached thanks to his expanding dimensions. Waiting for the fox to pop out was going to take a while, since that fox was taller and heavier. Any other options were gone the second the bunwolf had orgasmed; he just didn’t have the energy to try anything else. So there he lay, becoming a balloon condom for the fox above him in the process.

At least the mess wasn’t going to be all over the bed.

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