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The blue eyes of the feline hybrid were the first things that came into view. They bounced up and down, almost smiling as they began to grow closer, and larger. The blue nose beneath them came into the light next, faintly glowing as it bobbed beneath the eyes of the catox. His grinning muzzle was last on his face, lighting up in the moonlight as it too joined the constant sway of the approaching fox-cat mix. The hair on the top of his head, as well as the pointed white ears with blue tufts of fur on their insides joined the fray shortly afterwards, becoming larger too with everything else on the slowly moving head of the beast. Still closer they all came too, a lithe, black-and-white-striped torso clad in nothing but a cape moving into the moonlight next. Pant-covered legs, a white foxy tail, and white foot-paws all moved in as well, the hand-paws of the beast nowhere to be seen as they were clasped behind him. Still closer the hybrid came too as all of this was brought into view, not a word coming from him as he walked. Closer, closer, and closer he came, unflinching in his approach to the other in front of him.

The feline and fox hybrid finally came to a stop just a few feet from the one he was approaching; a large bruin. The brown bear, wearing nothing but an ill-fitting set of leather pants, simply smirked down at the Cheshire face below and gave a grunt alongside a nod behind him. The catox nodded in return and broadened his eerie smile, moving past the beast in one seamless motion. He seemed to float on his feet in a sense, barely letting them hit the ground to move him along past the bruin, but this was not to say that he was floating. In fact, he was simply moving along at the pace that one would expect from someone his size. The bear still was a bit shocked by the grace with which the hybrid moved though, turning his head to watch the white, black, and blue amalgamation of Cheshire cat and fox continue on its way. Swishing hips, a swaying tail, and a sultry air around the mix just seeped into everything around him, almost infecting the bear and making him smirk wider as he watched the hybrid go. The catox could feel that gaze on his back too, but paid it no mind; no sense in letting down an admirer as big as the bruin for no reason.

Once past the bear, the hybrid moved to the building just a few paces further away, coming to stop at a large door in the side of the wall and looking at it for a long moment. He didn’t knock or even acknowledge that the door was shut, he just stared at it and waited. And waited. And waited. It was as if he was just going to will the door to open, which didn’t seem possible. That wasn’t the case though, as the hybrid finally just stopped staring after a few more moments and then walked right towards the door. He didn’t hit it though, he simply phased right through it as though the solid matter wasn’t even there. No one could see him do this, and even if they had, it wouldn’t have been of any concern to the hybrid. He hardly cared at all what others thought about his abilities, and would sometimes even go so far as to flaunt them just to show off. Walking through the door was an example of this, and one which the feline fox almost immediately regretted once he could see the other side of the door.

Nearly eight furs all stood at the door, each looking as a catox wearing gloves, a cape, and pants only strode through a solid metal door. Not one of them knew what to think of this, instead just staring agape at the sudden intruder. The hybrid looked each of them over, all canines of various shapes and sizes, and just smiled even broader than his permanent smile. The dogs all stared still, not a one of them even remotely comfortable at that smile. The hybrid didn’t speak; he never spoke, and instead just gave a nod and began approaching the small group. They all backed away, faint growls coming from the larger canines as the catox got closer. The hybrid paid this no mind either, just walking right up to the circle of dogs and placing his paw on the chest of the first one that he could reach. The German-Shepherd let out a light bark of surprise, then growled softly and raised his arm to remove the catox’s paw from his chest. The white-and-black beast wanted none of that though, and instead just gave a light shove to the canine in order to move him. He then repeated this process with the other dog in his way, and moved past the group of confounded canines. It was not an elegant process, but the hybrid still paid it no mind and instead just went on his way while the dogs tried to make sense of just what had happened.

The catox rounded a corner at the end of the hallway which the dogs had been blocking, and went a few doors down that hallway before turning to one labeled ‘11’. He stopped at that door, and just phased through it without pause this time. The door was merely an inconvenience for the catox, and he made that known as he pushed right on through it as though it wasn’t even there. Nothing was waiting for him on the other side save for a sparsely-furnished room with several contraptions along one wall, and a myriad of doors along another. The room was empty of occupants, which meant that the hybrid finally had some peace for the first time in several minutes. He reveled in that, and really let his blue-tipped white hair down in a sense. His tail raised just a bit and swished around contently as his whole frame relaxed even more than it had been, and began to dance around the room in revelatory contentment. “Aaaaah….”

A note sate on the only table in the room, handwritten and neatly placed beside a cookie. The hybrid walked over to it, his feline smile fading as much as it could when he saw it. He picked up the note and gave it a look, sighing faintly at the contents to himself as his elation at being alone faded into resentment for the author as fast as it had formed. The note read, “Shard, make sure to clean this place up fully for the next customer when you are done. Please also leave money to restock.” Shard just growled to himself faintly, the fur on the back of his neck bristling with annoyance as he was subjected to such speak from a lower being. Granted, the catox had needed to rent the room from this lower being, but that didn’t mean that being spoken to in such a way was acceptable. The hybrid would need to have a talk with the manager after his appointment was done, but first would come the appointment which was about to arrive. Shard had an agreement with another Cheshire fox that they would get together and fatten one another up to butterballs of their former selves, and then molest the fattened one until he came just from touching alone. The fat was never permanent, it was amazing sex, and when combined with some light BDSM… Shard had never had such good sex in his life until he had discovered the underground club of fat admirers. It was an utterly amazing arrangement, and it was Shard’s turn to turn into the borderline-blob.

No sooner had Shard thought that than another Cheshire-fox slid through the door with the same ease that Shard did. The two smiled as wide as they could at one another, and immediately began moving towards their placed. The full-black newcomer moved right on over to the machines, coming to stop at them in an instant and grabbing various hoses from them. Shard, on the other hand, simply stripped down to nude, lay down on the table once he was finished, and didn’t move for a long moment. The black catox moved over towards the laying catox and smiled knowingly, twirling a pair of straps in his paw. It was obvious to Shard what was going to be happening, and he couldn’t have been more excited for it to happen. There was nothing that the catox wanted more in fact, and that was made obvious when he sat up and took the restraints from the his black brethren and began to put them on himself. This let the other hybrid go and retrieve three hoses, all hooked to various things in the room. Each was a pump, each had food or liquid in one end, and all the nozzles at the end made it obvious where they were going. Shard was smiling so hard his face hurt as the approaching catox brought over the implements of his expansion, and couldn’t get himself strapped down fast enough.

There was only so much Shard could do himself, and it took a couple movements and some repositioning from his darker partner in growth to get him into place fully. Since magic didn’t work in the least in that room everything had to be done using just their bodies, and this meant that Shard wasn’t going to be able to phase through his restraints. Not that he would want to of course, he just wanted to stay there for as long as he could. The black catox with him did this too, and of course was grinning like a Cheshire as the last strap on Shard was tightened down and moved into place. The pair of Cheshire-foxes looked at each-other with a broad smile as soon as that happened. The one that could move just began twirling hoses, sliding one between Shard’s thighs at first. The striped feline fox just looked at the hose as best he could and shut his eyes, relaxing his tight hole as much as he could.

Nothing could prepare him though, as the thick hose went into his rear with light force. Loud moans escaped from him, his back arching up as much as the restraints would allow him to. He had to pant softly once he hit the limit of his movement, just staying up and drawing quick breaths as his body adjusted to being violated so viciously with the rough plastic that now plugged his rear. The Cheshire fox putting the hose in made sure to twirl it around slowly a couple times before removing his paw, giving Shard an immediate boner as a result. His thoughts were coming fast and hard, each more lustful than the last, and keeping him at full attention as his body settled back into the cold bed below once the black catox moved away from him. His frame just sank to where it could though, not fully back down thanks to the hose now protruding from his tight rear.

Shard wasn’t given a moment’s rest either, for he wasn’t even fully down when a second nozzle was stuffed down into where his belly button would be. It slid into his innards with little grace or ease, making the beast recoil in slight pain. The cry seemed to reach the black catox though, who immediately took it easier forcing the rest of the hose in and even leaned down to kiss around the spot which it had entered once it was fully in. He didn’t twirl this one like he did the others, instead choosing to let it go and give Shard a moment’s reprieve from the sudden assault of pained pleasure. Deep, fast pants were still coming from the feline fox though, his mind reeling at the feeling of both hoses sticking out of him like he was an experiment. He couldn’t even begin to describe the bliss that was taking him over, making him aroused nearly to the point of pain already as his cock stood at rock-hard attention underneath his toned belly. Nothing else mattered at that moment, nothing but growing bigger and getting his turn to expand to a truly large size.

A mask lowered over the catox’s face as he began to feel as though he would cum from the simplest touch, and from there a few rubber straps were fastened around his head. Each strap had a lot of give to it, but that would take work to get them to stretch. Fat often did the trick, but it would always bunch the fat up before any give would happen, and that just made the whole thing more arousing. The feeling of being constricted as one grew was intoxicating to Shard, and he just stayed right at the peak of arousal as he felt the fattening mask, the final piece of the puzzle, strapped onto him and tightened around his smiling face. He groaned inwardly in sheer happiness as the paws above his head pulled back and the black, smiling face of his grower peeked into view. Shard winked and gave a faint nod, which was returned by the black Cheshire-fox. With that, the Cheshire-fox that could move hit a button on a remote he was holding and started up all three machines which would turn Shard into lard. From there, he turned to go back over to the machines and start feeding them more food. Each was as full as could be and had an immense backup tank, but the reason for feeding them was to give Shard his favorites as he grew.

This didn’t happen though, for the black Cheshire-fox got to take two steps before he slipped on a hose and took a nasty tumble. Whacking his head with a loud crack on the cement floor in the room, he was rendered unconscious immediately. Shard heard this and struggled to see what had happened, whining slightly as food began to pour into him. He was unsupervised, gaining slowly as food filled all three of his orifices, and just forced to lay and do nothing while his friend lay injured. Meows of panic and worry were muffled by a torrent of fudge, and that was all that Shard was capable of doing. He had tied himself down well, and neither beast wanted a panic button remotely near the table lest they hit it with their adipose once they were done growing. It was a predicament, and Shard knew it as he swallowed mouthful after bulging mouthful of lard-laden chocolate. He could feel the sweet confectionary also flooding his navel and rump at the same time too, the deluge of liquid stuffing him to capacity in seconds and then blazing right past that as it began to turn to pounds of lard on the hybrid.

Shard wasn’t able to stop it, so he just had to accept it. Each pound was as blissful as ever, and felt orgasmic in spite of the circumstances around them. Shard tried to force the fact that he was trapped to gain until the tanks ran dry in the room from his mind. It wasn’t going to work though thanks to just hearing all those pumps, plus the groans of his injured compatriot. As much as the Cheshire-fox wanted to revel in growth and not think about anything but his expanding midsection and his stiff length, he couldn’t do it. He kept trying though, shutting his eyes tightly and just groaning in blissful ignorance as the flow sped up slightly; it was programmed to pulse in order to give the user an even more arousing experience. This worked too, for Shard went right back to being painfully horny once he felt his holes struggling to keep up with the flow of liquid into his body. This wasn’t to say that he didn’t care about his predicament, but he wasn’t thinking about it nearly at all as his eyes opened again in slits and looked up at the ceiling. Looking there, they caught the meter for the tank, and saw how impossibly full it was; completely. Shard had barely dented the supply, and was already starting to feel his stomach’s weight push his stabbing member down flat thanks to its growing girth.

Shard would outgrow the room before he emptied the tank.

And he was startlingly okay with that.

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