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“Kaoru! Stop screwing around with the set on this joke video we are taking super seriously!” Came out a sarcastic call from a chubby hyena. The grey cat which he was talking to just looked over his shoulder and smirked, his tail mischievously flicking back and forth as he did so. The two were planning out a video with another friend of theirs, a leopard named Holden, and were in the process of getting ready to shoot it. It was Kyle, the hyena’s idea, and just involved Kaoru eating several Mentos after drinking as much coke as he could stomach. Of the three, Kaoru was not only the most photogenic in his mind, but could handle the most soda of them all. This meant that he had to be the one on camera, and that was somewhat nerve-wracking for the grey feline. He had spent over an hour that morning fixing his shoulder-length black hair, making sure the dye on his sole green stripe of hair was vibrant, brushing his grey coat to perfection, and even trimming his claws to make them nice as well. The little film had no budget, so this meant that all makeup was also done by him; which was nothing. All in all, Kaoru was nervous and his friends were eager, not quite the winning combination but one that the feline could work with nonetheless.

Kaoru jumped slightly as he felt a paw rest on his shoulder, spinning around quickly to see Holden standing behind him, two bottles in his paws. Kaoru raised an eyebrow at that, and just looked from the bottles to the black feline, and back again before speaking. “Uhm… We agreed on only one bottle Holden, not two.”

“But you can do two, or at least as much of that as you can.”

“I just want to make a silly video that has me burping a lot. I don’t wanna puke.” Kaoru said flatly, looking up at Holden with a concerned, yet annoyed frown. The other feline wilted just a bit at that, his ears flattening back and the tip of his tail curling between his legs. Kaoru couldn’t help but feel bad for that, but as Holden began to slink away dejectedly, there was a good reason for sticking to his guns. Sure, Kaoru may have been able to hold a bit more than just that one whole bottle, but he didn’t want to try it. He needed room for the gas, and the Mentos as well. There was just so much one feline could stretch, and Kaoru wanted to make sure that he didn’t push his limits too far before going onto the video, and especially in it.

“Hey Kaoru! We want to do a dry run first before the real thing, is that ok?” The feline responded with a thumbs up to Kyle, standing back up now that the last of the cameras had been plugged in to the jury-rigged wiring behind his house. It would work, and with the bag over it to protect the electrical outlets from any spillage or accidents, Kaoru was satisfied. “Alright, cool. The stuff is on the table for you.” Kaoru nodded and gave another thumbs up, walking on over to that table while Holden and Kyle positioned themselves behind two of the three cameras shooting the whole thing. It was a little overkill, admittedly, but it was going to be worth it with the editing that Kyle had planned. Kaoru hoped it was all worth it, and that it didn’t wind up going too far across the internet. He sighed as he thought of that again, and shook his head to clear any negative thoughts from his mind.

“Alright, you ready?” Holden asked once Kaoru was in place behind the table.

“Yup, are you both ready?”

“Yup,” both furs replied in unison, looking through the screens on their cameras in anticipation now that they had both focused in on Kaoru. The cat just smiled, tossed his hair to one side again as he always did, and then got right down into it. He had memorized the script to a point, but still had one version taped to the third camera closest to him just in case.

“Hey internet! Today, we’re gonna find out what happens when I drink Coke, and then eat a packet of Mentos. For those of you who don’t know what happens with that… Fuckin’ Google it. We’ll demonstrate regardless though just for the three of you out there who have never seen it.” Kaoru held up a packet of Mentos right as he said that, and then backed up from the table slightly. Once he did, he opened one of the three two-liter bottles of coke sitting on the table carefully using his free paw. From there, he put the cap on the table and took out five or so of the Mentos from the packaging, placing a couple in each paw just for dramatic effect. Showing the cameras what he had once he had placed the wrapping down on the table, the cat leaned in to the coke bottle and dropped all of his paws’ contents into the bottle with precision. He had been practicing this to make it perfect, and it showed as not a single target missed its mark.

As soon as the white candies had fallen into the soda, Kaoru took a solid two steps back and just looked as the inevitable reaction happened. A geyser of whitish-brown foam shot from the bottle over ten feet into the sky, just one camera following the apex of the stream while the other stayed on the bottle to watch the reaction from within. Kaoru didn’t really watch either thing, just looking into the cameras with a broad smirk as he let the mess of soda go everywhere in front of him. None got on him luckily, which saved his black pants from getting any stains on them fortunately. The cat hated the stickiness of soda, and having to get it out of his fur would have been a nightmare if something had gone wrong. It didn’t though, and as the reaction petered out into little more than some overflowing fizz, Kaoru stepped back towards the table and moved the foaming bottle aside. He did his best to get none of the soda on his paws, but still wiped them off with a damp towel before continuing on with his speech.

“So you’ve seen what happens outside of a fur, which is pretty cool. I don’t think I’ll react that way, but let’s find out.” With that, Kaoru unscrewed the lid to a second coke bottle and tossed the lid aside, bringing the bottle to his lips and beginning to chug it. HIs throat bulged and shrank with every powerful swallow, his cheeks reaching critical mass and sloshing sluggishly with each one as well. His thin frame showed no sign of where all that soda was going, the bulge on his throat the last hint that two liters of soda was slowly vanishing down into Kaoru. On and on he drank too, not stopping or slowing in the least as he brought the bottle to the halfway point in less than forty seconds. His pace was starting to slow though one he hit that point, the swallows taking longer and being more powerful than before. It was more the taste and the constant assault of carbonation on Kaoru’s senses which was doing him in, and that was enough to make him want to burp right then.

He let one out of his nose, and spluttered briefly as that happened. Some coke spilled down his chin and onto his chest, making his fur that sticky mess which he hated, but he had committed at this point and couldn’t stop. He hoped that he would get a break to relieve himself and wash up before the real shoot, as this mess wouldn’t do for the real video, but that was what the practice was for. It helped him see that he didn’t indeed need a shirt for example, and that the coke two-liter which he had was going to be a little less than enough. He hadn’t expected that, but as he neared the end after recovering expertly from the incident which had gotten him somewhat damp, the cat was wondering just how he was going to make it so that he could be entertaining. He didn’t want to open another two liter just to drink some of it, so a new plan would be needed. He had to think of that before the next show, but for the time being his current one had to go on.

The bottle emptied out with a gurgle, and Kaoru tossed it aside haphazardly right before an uproarious belch came from his muzzle and sent his cheeks flopping around in the gaseous breeze. This got a couple chuckles from the furs behind the camera, but neither got loud enough to get picked up on the microphones, so that was good enough for Kaoru. He didn’t want to waste time with his stomach letting the gasses settle, be that from giggling with his friends or stalling to let out another huge burp. This rushed him to unwrap several more Mentos and start eating them one by one, swallowing them whole instead of chewing them like they were designed. His throat hurt immediately from swallowing such large objects, but they went down well enough and made the short journey down into his stomach while more and more got pushed down into his muzzle. All in all, Kaoru ate twelve of them, and once he was done, he just groaned and rubbed at his stomach in slight agony.

The feline’s throat was burning, his midsection felt as stretched as it had ever been, and there was nothing that he could do about it. His friends behind the camera looked faintly concerned, but neither wanted to ruin things just yet. Kaoru had been like this the last time they had tried the idea, before filming it or deciding that it was going to be a thing, so they had at least some point of reference for the feline’s reaction. It was still worrisome though, and it took a bit of strength on Kyle’s part to not run over and check on his friend. Kaoru could see that, doing his best to remains stoic in the face of the pain brewing in his middle, but there was only so much that he could take. The pressure kept building, and building, and it slowly became unbearable for the feline as he continued to rub over his stomach while looking down and away from the cameras. He didn’t want to call cut, but if something didn’t relieve him of the pressure soon, he might be filmed bursting and put on YouTube for that instead. The feline could feel another powerful belch coming though, and as he opened his mouth to let it out, a glimmer of hope appeared on his face at the thought of alleviating some of the painful pressure in his gut.

Nothing came out at all though.

Not a breath of air, nothing whatsoever came from the bubble that rose to Kaoru’s chest. It stayed right where it was, and it was then that the cat groaned and nearly doubled over. He could feel his middle stretching more, growing out it felt inch by inch as the bubbles which were churning in his gut angrily continued to grow. He rubbed the thing and shut his eyes in a vain attempt to wish the discomfort away, but nothing seemed to work. He didn’t look at his friends either, for he could just hear the cries of concern coming from them as his gut just felt like it grew and grew. His paws were pushing on that surface now, trying to stuff it back to the svelte size it had once been, but the gas was just too strong for him and was forcing the pelt beneath his thick grey coat to stretch out further and further. Kaoru was nearly in agony, but even as he felt that pain starting to get to levels that were unbearable, he never felt as though he was going to burst. The feline was sure that his tummy couldn’t handle being asked to stretch as much as it was, and yet it just grew up and out and round, not sagging in the least and instead looking like the feline had eaten a balloon.

And still out that stomach grew, each inch adding a bit more width to the swollen cat. His stomach was the only thing that was growing, his limbs looking more and more disproportionate to his torso by the minute. His chest looked like an afterthought, just a small swell atop a beachball that was getting more and more inflated. Kaoru still didn’t open his eyes; he didn’t want to see what was becoming of him. Instead, he just went off the shocked mews and barks of his friends, which he could hear clearly over the gurgling of his stomach. This fizzy grumbling was getting louder by the moment though, and as the feline tried to rub at the shrinking area of his stomach he could reach, he could feel why. The skin on his stomach was starting to get exposed to the air there was so much stretching going on. Not a single stretchmark could be felt by the feline though, which he supposed was good as that meant that he wouldn’t be in too much pain when he reverted to normal. If he reverted to normal of course, as the whole thing seemed too fantastical to be real in the first place.

The growth just kept a steady pace for several minutes, bringing Kaoru up off his feet eventually and making him rest on the absolutely distended ball of carbonated air which was now his middle. The pain which he was feeling had ebbed to a dull roar in his mind, rather than the shrill scream it had been when the whole process first started. The feline had yet to look at what had become of himself, but just feeling the grass beneath him was enough to know that he was utterly massive. He could feel two sets of paws on his as well, gingerly touching the bubbling, gurgling surface of his massive paunch as it slowed in its expansion. Kaoru wanted nothing to what he was, he just wanted to hide and pretend as though he wasn’t beached atop himself in the back yard right then. He was though, and as he thought of that something else entered his mind. This thing was so strong that he opened his eyes for the first time since the process started and groaned loudly. Both his friends looked right up at the afterthought of a head which was resting on the mound of overstretched flesh in front of them, eyes wide with fear and worry. Kaoru just looked back, utter panic on his face as he spoke out gurgling, bubbly words which were barely understandable.

“Are the cameras still filming?!”

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