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Both chairs that the immense blue rump above them rested on groaned in protest. The tail which stuck out between them flopped lethargically from side to side as its owner gorged himself silly on a feast fit for twenty right in front of him. His grey belly was covered in stains of food and drink, running from the rolls of chins down to the first large roll of lard which draped over the dragon’s knees and sagged low towards the ground. One couldn’t see his thighs past that immense roll of blue blubber, but they knew they were there thanks to occasional shifts in the gravid mass of lard which was resting on them. It was tough for the dragon’s legs to not fall asleep as he sat there, his heavy frame sagging in all directions and putting pressure on them constantly. He didn’t care though, he was too enthralled in the food which was being shoved into his muzzle by a pair of flabby arms. Each one jiggled and sloshed with the lard encased in their scaly bulk, never once stopping and slapping into the pair of heavy moobs which draped off either side of the dragon’s swollen chest. Overall, it was just a sight of utter gluttony, and the drake didn’t pay it any mind even though he was out in public.

The dragon kept eating, and eating, and eating. It was an unending torrent of food going into his muzzle, but there were limits that any restaurant could supply before their stocks ran low. The drake had already hit that limit too, and was just polishing off the last of what was willing to be shared so that other patrons could eat. He understood, but at the same time he just had to feel a little bit of sadness. He wanted to eat his fill, but there was no fullness in sight for the drake. He could just feel sated with the meal, and that would have to be enough for him. It was always that way, and he wondered if the full feeling which eluded him so often would ever come again. Granted, at his size, it was a true achievement to fill him, but he still craved that feeling as much as he could get it. That wasn’t going to happen on this particular day though, so instead he just shoved down the last of the foodstuffs on the table in front of him, and then reclined into his own bulk with a satisfied groan.

He sat there on the creaking chairs for a few minutes, his bloated paws rubbing along the sides of his gargantuan gut. Each paw could only reach a fraction of the vast blue acreage of his sides, and didn’t have a prayer of touching the thicker grey scales which coated the front of his belly. The drake could feel the food gurgling and rumbling in his gut, which roused a loud belch from his muzzle after a moment. The faint turbulence in his middle was nothing for him though, and he just shut his eyes sleepily and rubbed some more in an attempt to quell it so that he could get up and waddle his fat and lazy frame out of the outdoor eatery and somewhere to nap. The full feeling had eluded him, but the feelings which came with eating copious amounts of food were grabbing hold of him as they always did. This meant that he was getting tired, though it was happening far faster than normal. His eyes felt heavier than they usually did after a gorge, and his whole body was going limb as fast as he had been eating. He tried to fight it, but sleep wanted him like a bad habit, and the drake was powerless to defend against the lull of dreamland.

Some time later, the blue and grey blubbersome drake awoke with a loud snort.  He cleared the sleep from his muzzle with a few loud smacks of his lips against one another, and went to stretch out his lard-laden limbs as best he could. He couldn’t move any of them however, his wings and tail included, and that sent him into a panic. His blue eyes shot open, and they darted around the dark room in which he was trapped. He tried to struggle against the ropes he was starting to feel over his form, but to no avail whatsoever. He just groaned after fighting for a moment, turning his head to try and look at his surroundings but not getting much of anywhere as the spines on his head dug into the ground below, and the collar of fat that had once been a neck restricted his movement even further. He was forced to look up and slightly behind him, the darkened room not yielding much about where it was or what was in it. The drake couldn’t smell much of anything either, save for the faint hint of food.

It didn’t take long for a creature to meander into view for the dragon, who was huffing and fuming at his predicament. The beast, a somewhat paunchy bull, just smiled at the captive reptile with a knowing look in his eye before turning around and leaving. This only drew more annoyance out of the obese blubberball, and renewed his efforts in trying to break his bonds and escape. From his position on his back, he was reminded of just how fat he was, and that even if he did break free standing would be its own challenge. The drake would cross that bridge when he came to it though, so on and on he struggled against the ropes and straps which held him in place. He moved his arms back and forth, his legs jiggled and rolled against the underside of his belly, his tail lashed back and forth as much as it could, and his wings strained against the straps holding them tightly to his rolling back. His nostrils flared out as deep breaths came into the drake, and sweat began to form on his scaly hide as the effort was taking its toll. It was all for naught too, as nothing came of those struggles the entire time he did them aside from some fatigue and a renewed appetite.

“I bet you’re wondering just what you are doing here.” A voice broke the somewhat silence that had gripped the room since the drake had come to. He strained to find the source of the sounds, but could see nothing over his swollen frame and what little his head could move backwards. He just had to listen, and being a drake without pivoting ears, that proved to be nigh impossible. He could still understand and hear the voice though, so he listened. “We have watched you for a long time Zero, just waiting and keeping you fed as you grew into the mammoth you are now. It was easy at first, just upping the supply of food in front of you more and more as your appetite took care of the rest. Once you started having trouble getting around, we helped there too with a higher protein diet for more muscles. Any health issues we solved. You were our pet project, and now it is time to take advantage of the fruits of out labor.”

“What are you talking about?!” Zero roared back. The drake was utterly confounded as to what the speech was about. He hadn’t remembered anyone helping him along at all in his quest to gain, but now that he was hearing all this little instances were popping into his head. A bonus meal here and a doctor’s visit there didn’t seem like much to the drake when they happened. Now that the unseen beast was putting them into context though, the drake was starting to wonder just how long his life had been under watch, and how long he was going to be the subject of worship for his captors. It was clear that he held some significance for them past just being a blob of lard and excess. It was something larger than even he, and as he began to feel more presences in the room, Zero could only imagine what was going to come next.

He didn’t have to wait long, as a pair of paws grabbed each side of his muzzle and opened it wide. This was a simple task, as paws just wrapped around the many spines which were sticking out of the dragon’s face and pulled. Zero had given up on talking or struggling as soon as this happened, knowing he was at the mercy of the fanatics that had him and just hoping that they would be merciful, instead of cruel. He hadn’t died yet, so he had to assume that they were indeed going to be at least kind to him. The way that he had been spoken to as well gave away that he was being groomed for something, and that something was what made him even more nervous than being tied down to the ground in an unfamiliar room with his maw being held open by two crazy furs. He had heard of organ harvesting, of sacrifices, and of even just kidnappings for the sake of kidnappings. All that raced through the drake’s head, but the voice came back before any of those ideas could take hold.

“Behold!” The voice boomed, clearly trying to be more majestic this time. “Your loyal menu items. Each has been stuffed as much as we could, and all will be fed to you personally just to make the offering to our god that much sweeter.”

“Wha-” That was all Zero could get out before one of the furs holding his jaw open wrenched it sideways, making the drake howl out in pain. He still had no idea what was going on either as he lay on his back, trying to see those sacrifices for him and failing thanks to the buoy of fat around his head. It was aggravating, and Zero was morbidly curious as to what was going to be put into him. What the cultists’ god would do with him was also on his mind, but as the smell of a roast duck neared the drake, he couldn’t help but wonder what the subjects were going to be. Loud groans and a couple stifled belches reached his ears as he thought that, and it was then that Zero figured out just what he was going to be forced to eat.

Other furs.

He both went pale and got excited at the same time. He had eaten others before, but all had been willing or otherwise asking for it. This was different, and he was full enough as it was; there was room for plenty more, but the drake how no idea how much ‘more’ his ‘followers’ had in mind. The belches got louder too as the first beast waddled past Zero’s horizon and just stopped above his head. An engorged hyena, his gut looked utterly taut, stretched out to the point that the fur around his flat belly button was thinning. Low groans and shallow breaths came from the beast, but he didn’t even hesitate for a moment before lowering himself down and placing both his paws inside the dragon’s pried-open maw. Zero was too dumbstruck to resist, but he still had enough of his wits to not swallow the beast at all. There was nothing that could stop the canine though, as the petty act of swallowing was hardly enough to even begin getting the beast down into him.

The hyena found aid from two more of the servants of the cult, each grabbing onto one side of the rotund canine and giving it a gentle push. The dog belched and moaned some more as he was forced down into Zero, whose cheeks bulged and stretched almost immediately. His jaw let out a loud pop as it unhinged and slackened up to take in whatever meal was going to be forced into it. Cheeks bulged further and stretched out more as the hyena made it up to his elbows, then his shoulders inside the drake. Zero’s throat began to bulge as well as the beast’s arms made their way down into his chest. His jaw opened wider as the hyena’s head entered it, having to stretch wider still for the bulging chest of the beast. It wasn’t even remotely over yet either, as there was still the ponderous gut of the hyena to contend with, and those meaty thighs, and that swollen rump before it got down to smooth sailing for the relatively-lean calves and feet. Zero knew how it would work though, so he just shut his eyes and steeled himself for more stuffing.

His jaw creaked, and his cheeks strained to fit around the stuffed hyena’s gut, taut as could be as they went around the furred ball of food and adipose like a second skin. Zero groaned loudly in light pain as he felt his muzzle near its stretchy limit just on that. It wasn’t a long pain though, just short and mild thanks to the force with which the two helpers were pushing now. The drake’s throat was so swollen that the bulging moobs of the canine could be seen faintly through it as they slid down into the massive gut below them. Zero couldn’t do anything about that though, just moaning loudly as he felt the beast’s rump slide past his lips, and his throat hit critical mass with the belly which was going down it like a fatty sliding into spandex pants. The sensation was a familiar, good one, and yet the drake wasn’t truly enjoying it under the circumstances. He saw no way out of it though, so he tried to make the best of it, and even went so far as to lick at the feet going into his muzzle in a vain attempt to get some of the taste of the hyena before he vanished for good.

The dog fully inside his muzzle, Zero let out a massive belch and groaned some more. He felt pleasantly full now, not stuffed, but getting there. It was a feeling he loved, and one that made the entire situation surrounding how he got there seem slightly trivial. Zero didn’t like that his mind was going that way, but he was just so far in shock and confused by what was happening to him that he could little to fight it. Instead, he just accepted it and tried to peer over his rolling neck to see what he would have next; there was always a next with things like this in his mind. He wasn’t wrong either, as a portly pig waddled itself into view, smelling strongly of apples. Zero unconsciously licked his lips, opening his muzzle slightly so that the two furs on either side of his swollen cheeks could ‘force’ it open. The drake was getting into his stuffing, and his captor saw that from somewhere in the room.

“Oh, it’s just getting started Zero. You still have eleven more after the pig standing in front of you. You will be… Well, you’ll see.”

As ominous as it was, Zero did want to see.

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