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Each one of my characters has their own backstory, relation to Sasuke, and just little bits of detail about them in order to make sure that they fit into my own little world. I have roleplayed with a few of them, but mostly I use them as characters in stories or in my own little head canon for what goes on around where Sasuke lives. Here are the details on each and every one of my little fuzzies.

1. Sasuke – Wolfdragon
Refs: ( )
Height: 10′
Weight: 2 tons of mostly fat with some muscle mixed in
Personality: Basically me honestly, so a bit impulsive, quiet, a tour-de-force of personality, and yeah :P.
Bio: Owns the entire town where all of these characters live, so essentially all of their boss, keeps a close circle of friends, hates dressing up or really clothes in general, particularly shirts, loves his food.

2. Cerval – Husky
Refs: ( )
Height: 6’4″
Weight: Varies, but usually around 350 of mostly flab
Personality: Shy, very derpy, very submissive, clumsy
Bio: Works at an auto shop, regularly works on Sasuke’s cars, often winds up inflated by the compressor in the shop or in other situations, is one of Kai’s best friends, loves his beer and blueberry pie.

3. Nim – Aussie Shep
Refs: ( )
Height: 4’11 3/4″
Weight: About 130, thin and trim
Personality: Mousey, compassionate, very smart but aloof, Bubbly
Bio: Works as a waitress in one of Sasuke’s restaurants, is attending night school, likes to dress nicely whenever she can, is a bookworm outside of class, keeps to herself mostly but spends time with Sasuke whenever he visits the restaurant, and works with Spike.

4. Rewind – Sabre Bird-cat
Refs: ( )
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Muscled 200
Personality: Brash, Know-it-all, Quick Temper, Loyal but Untrusting
Bio: Made by Feature as an experiment to make another like him with the help of Sasuke, a total night-owl, a regular at nightclubs, only real friend is Keg, has a love-hate relationship with Feature.

5. Feature – Floofdog
Refs: ( )
Height: 7’1″
Weight: 350 of Musclegut and paws
Personality: Brash, Abrasive, Grumpy, Loud
Bio: A ‘mistake’ of a mad scientist, Sasuke took him in, making him intensely loyal to Sasuke and Sasuke alone, lives with the draolf, gets along with Kio and Kai to a point, hates Hyede for stealing Sasuke from him at times, but loves the panda for his cooking far too much.

6. Riley – Kangaroo
Refs: ( )
Height: 5’5″
Weight: Skinny 110
Personality: Aloof, Noisy, Goofy, Impulsive, Bubbly
Bio: Works with Sasuke as his interior decorator, but mostly spends their (Riley is non-binary) nights as a night-club dancer. Friends with pretty much everyone, outgoing to an extreme, rarely seen not beaming or doing something extremely active. Has a penchant for flashy clothing.

7. Pads – Raccoon
Refs: ( )
Height: 6′
Weight: Toned 190
Personality: Private, Quiet, Skittish, Night-Owl
Bio: Works in ‘Acquisitions’ for Sasuke, spends most of his time abroad so he doesn’t really know anyone aside from the wolfdragon and Hyede. Thoroughly enjoys his privacy, but also likes looking professional on the rare times he does go out in public to not do his ‘job’.

8. Saro – Grey wolf
No refs
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 500
Personality: Shy, Loyal, Professional, Courteous, Extremely Compassionate
Bio: Works as the security guard for Sasuke’s Mansion, which makes him essentially the doorman. Knows each and every one of the guests by name and face, as well as being friends with most of them if they are repeat visitors. Friendly and super kind once he opens up, and LOVES hugs.

9. Kio – Black anthro dragon
No refs
Height: 8′ at the shoulder, about 30′ long snout to tail.
Weight: Fat.
Personality: Know-It-All, Loud, Greedy, Bullish, Demanding
Bio: One half of Sasuke that rarely comes out of the draolf. He is why Sasuke is fat essentially, and demands submission from those around him, as well as whatever food they have too. Intimidates pretty much everyone who knows him, aside from Luc and Hyede, who both are friends with him begrudgingly.

10. Hyede – Panda
Refs: ( )
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 280
Personality: Curt, Polite, Subserviant, Quiet, Neat
Bio: Butler to Sasuke and the one who runs his house, the panda is die-hard loyal to the draolf. Maintains a relationship with the others in the house, to a point, but is really only friends with Sasuke and Kai. Distrusts Luc intensely.

11. Kai – Leomon
Refs: ( )
Height: 6’9″
Weight: Around 300 of musclegut
Personality: Loyal, Trustworthy, Strong sense of justice, Intense, Friendly
Bio: The ‘muscle’ around town for Sasuke as well as his gardener, again intensely loyal to the draolf for a past favor, very friendly but also intense whenever he gets committed to something, cannot stand seeing injustice, hates sleeves with a passion, loves home cooking a bit too much.

12. Luc – Lynx with purple fur
No refs
Height: 5’3″
Weight: Toned 130
Personality: Cunning, Mischevious, A bit of a bastard, Rude, Stand-offish
Bio: Gets along with almost no one save for Kio, still trying to find his place in Sasuke’s Mansion as a helper to both Kai and Hyede. Neither necessarily like him or his ego. Super snappy dresser, very quick-witted

13. Tyler – White tiger
No refs
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Trim 160
Personality: Secretive, Shy, Quiet, Bashful, Plays everything close to his chest
Bio: The other gardener for Sasuke, adores Kai and has a crush on him during the day, works with Riley at the club at night as another dancer so he is somewhat friends with him and Keg as well. Keeps everyone at arm’s length save for Riley, the two are best friends. Another flashy dresser when he’s not working for Sasuke.

14. Jacques – White wolf
No Refs
Height: 7′
Weight: Muscular 280
Personality: Reserved, Intelligent, Friendly, Quiet but Deliberate
Bio: The other half of Sasuke, the part of him that is compassionate and caring, and yet incredibly smart. Another part barely seen, but one that is loved by each of the others who live with Sasuke (That being Kai, Luc, Hyede, Boris, Saro, Tyler, and Feature) aside from Kio; The two fight nigh constantly whenever they are let out to play and not just inside of Sasuke.

15. Pembe – African Rhino
No refs
Height: 6’9″
Weight: 700
Personality: Chatty, Bubbly, Greedy, Bit dumb
Bio: One of Sasuke’s pet projects after he saw the draolf online and decided to be just like him. Always eating, visits Sasuke whenever he can between classes, and rarely seen in clothes that fit. Nice anc chatty, friends with nearly everyone, but is very close to Boris, another one of Sasuke’s projects.

16. Snout – Crocodile
No refs
Height: 5’10”
Weight: Muscled 230
Personality: Angry, Demanding, Cunning, Untrusting, Shrewd
Bio: Taken under Sasuke’s wing, he handles the backroom deals for the draolf that require some extra ‘finesse’ with Kai. A mafioso lost in time, he doesn’t trust any technology and always carries a gun of some form on him. Very untrusting.

17. Boris – Polar Bear
No refs
Height: 8′
Weight: 800
Personality: Extremely Shy unless food is involved, Submissive, Mute, Dedicated to work
Bio: Works as a librarian for Sasuke, having moved in after college. Only a couple years older than Pembe and very close with him, only even trying to communicate with him and Sasuke thanks to how shy he is. Can’t speak at all, but uses sign language as best he can. Loves food, particularly fish.

18. Stefen – Bull
No Refs
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 300
Personality: Controlling, High-and-Mighty, Abrasive, Know-It-All
Bio: Works as the city inspector for Sasuke, lets the power go to his head. Only really passively friends with Luc, but is softening up as he gets used to being around Sasuke and the others. Still gets called out for his attitude often. Also getting bigger thanks to being around the draolf.

19. Skits – Corgi
No refs
Height: 4’6″
Weight: 190
Personality: Loud, Boisterous, Bubbly, Friendly, Jolly
Bio: A gay rights worker (Also non-binary), they are quite happy all the time and always working to make others happy too. Travels a lot, but loves coming to hang around with Sasuke and the others. Loves to cook, and sometimes goes and dances with Riley and Tyler at the night club on the bear nights there.

20. Keg – Clydesdale
No Refs
Height: 7’6″
Weight: 370 with a beer gut
Personality: Outgoing, Reserved, Private, Chatty
Bio: Works in the bar of the town, always has a beer or two at work and always tries the new ones so he has a gut. Is an old friend of Sasuke, and the rock of the bar for Riley and Tyler. Talks to everyone, but usually listens and talks very little about himself.

21. Spike – Elk
No refs
Height: 6’6″ without antlers
Weight: 520
Personality: Loud, Commanding, Compassionate, Big Softie
Bio: Head chef at one of Sasuke’s restaurants, works with Nim and knows Sasuke well. Caters his parties and is a big-hearted chatterbox when he’s not running the kitchen. Took Sasuke a little too literally about not trusting a skinny chef.