FatFur Anthology

If you’re reading this, then you’ve at least shown interest in contributing to this crazy idea of mine. THANK YOU! I really appreciate it more than some computer words can possibly hope to display, and to have such an outpouring of support means the absolute world to me. I can only hope that this project is nothing but fun for everyone that turns something in, and stays that way. I don’t want this to be any sort of competition, nor to feel like work. This is just for fun, nothing more or less, creative fun for all those that want it. The fandom doesn’t read nearly as much as it should anymore, and writing has somewhat fallen to the wayside… Thank the rise of twitter, texting, and just general ignorance for that. But either way, I really hope that this ignites a fire in at least a small part of the fandom to get them writing again, or at least reading and taking writers more seriously.

Before I get down to the nitty gritty details that I should have probably included when I first mentioned this, I do want to clear a few things from the air. First and foremost, this is NOT AT ALL a project for/about me in any way. I have my own reader base, the last thing I would want to do is to alienate them or all of you that I respect by doing something stupid. This is 110% about each one of you who has volunteered to help me get this out there, and just the act of writing. That’s it. Period. Secondly, I need to stress yet again that this is for fun and nothing else. If you feel pressured, or are stressing about this… Feel free to talk to me or anyone else, drop out, take a step back… Whatever it is you have to do in order to get yourself enjoying your craft again. Why I would hold any ill will towards someone who doesn’t want to donate their time to this is beyond me, and should be beyond you too. So no pressure here, at all. Third, I do want to ultimately make this available to be sold for charity in some form or another, but not until I can come up with a system that each and every writer who has contributed can agree on. The last thing that I want is for someone to feel cheated or like either me or someone else is running off with the money. So, unless each person who gets in on this agrees that the plan to sell this for charity is kosher, it will not come to pass. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. I will be talking to a publisher or two about how to go about that, so rest assured that when I come forward with a plan, it will be pretty darn waterproof. Lastly, if you EVER have a question or concern or anything, just say so! I can’t fix what I don’t know is broken, so ask away. I’ll have ways to get in touch with me at the bottom of this post, use them.

Ok, with all of that out of the way, here are your details. I am trying to be as broad and lenient as I can here in order to let everyone stretch their creative legs. The last thing I want to do is to restrict anyone, so if you think anything listed below is an issue let me know. I’ve rambled enough though, so here all of you go!

Details on the Far-Fur Anthology:

  • The time frame for this project is between now, October 2013, and April 2014. This is just tentative, as I know there are some of you in college still so that makes time a bit rough. I wanted to extend it later, but I do want to try and have it done, edited, and out in the wild before RainFurrest 2014, which is pretty much the writer’s con of the fandom.
  • The main threads tying all the stories together will be two things: anything fat-related and the location which they all take place.
  • —–By anything fat-related, I mean weight gain, just being a fatfur, gluttony, weight loss in a town centered around it’s larger lifestyle, a feeder, a restaurant owner… Basically, if it can be related to fatfurs in a fairly strong way, that’ll work.
  • —–The setting is the town I’ve used as my own setting for stories and other work for almost ten years now, New Sagington (‘Sagging Ton” to the locals). The place is a large modern-day seaside town, but not in the sense of a coastal paradise or anything like that. It is a touristy town, with lots of restaurants. older buildings, a populace that is friendly and yet guarded, and actual seasons. Real life places I could base it off of are Newport, RI, Mendocino, CA, Cape Cod, MA, and other towns similar to those. The whole town faces the Pacific Ocean, has a few cliffs much like the towns listed to the north of the town with just a couple restaurants along a coastal road which runs those cliffs. Lots of woods surround the town, most of which are a national park to the north. The north of the town is where the money is as well, and has many of the larger houses and lots, as well as the posher businesses and finer eateries. The town itself is fairly developed but still has a tourist vibe and uses that as its main economy. The beach directly to the east of the town is largely unscathed by houses, and only has a few mansions along it as well as a marina on the southern side. To the south is just more beach and woodlands for a stretch, then a large mountain largely used as either a private getaway by the locals or logging for the couple mills in the southern, poorer area of town. The furs in the town make it the heaviest town in the country by nearly 30 pounds per resident, and thusly everything in town is wider and lower than most places. They are all fairly secretive as well, as all northern coastal towns tend to be. I’ll be putting up a more detailed rundown, as well as a crude map of sorts, in the days to come should anyone need it. The place isn’t sacred to me though, just a setting that I like and that can have a lot of diversity, so don’t feel as though there is any ‘canon’ to the town.
  • The whole anthology will be cut into four parts; the seasons. Each in northern coastal towns is incredibly unique, and thusly can have many different things about it when it comes to a story. Spring is always rainy and varies drastically in temperature. Summer is tourist season, with traffic and muggy heat and bonfies and the like. Fall sees the leaving of the summer rental crowd, as well as leaves falling all over and the beginning of cold. Winter ushers in snow, frigid rain, and a generally depressing aura over the whole town, as well as economic roughness from the lack of income.
  • All ideas need to be shared before they are started, just in case another is very similar; can’t have two mayoral election tales with both of them winning in the same time period, nor two trips to a buffet with a greedy glutton. However, a tale about a feeder and feedee enjoying a fire in winter will very wildly from one of the same pair enjoying it in summer.
  • If you finish and want to share your story, FEEL FREE! I am going to be the last one to stop you from that; I hate hiding my writing too. If you want to keep it seperate for the anthology though, I’d appreciate it so that it makes it that much more special. Don’t feel obligated in the least though; it’s your work after all!
  • Try and keep all stories a light PG-13 at the most. This includes language, violence, sex, etc. Some implied arousal is fine, but anything overtly sexual shouldn’t go in something being sold for charity. Language is pretty self explanitory, and violence I would like to keep to below anything gory or overly dark/descriptive… Basically, use your head and best judgement on those two. I will admit to more than my share of ‘one-handed writing’ as it’s known though, so I am thinking about putting out a PG version and then a XXX version a little later if that strikes anyone’s fancy, meaning if you want to do a naughtier story… By all means go for it.
  • All stories will be read/edited by me before going in to the anthology proper. I won’t change a single thing without consulting the author first however, so what I will do is put it in a google doc and use the comment system to show what I think needs changing, any edits that would help bring the story down to the rating of the whole anthology, and any suggestions I have. Keep in mind too that I’m just suggesting stuff; disregard whatever you want, just know that if it has to do with the rating I may not put it in the proper anthology, just the XXX version.
  • Story length I am looking for is between 5 and 30 pages. If you need to go less or more, by all means do so. I want to try and keep it between these page amounts though so nothing feels too lopsided in one direction or the other; short stories have as much merit as longer ones, but unbalance it too much and readers may not understand that.
  • Formatting for submissions is up to the writer, period. Use what works for you to write in and I will format it for the anthology once it’s done.
  • As said before, the book will NOT go on sale for charity unless every single author included in the anthology agrees on the plan completely. This is to make sure that no one feels cheated or jaded towards the project. If we cannot all come to a cohesive agreement, then the book will go out for free into the wild. It WILL be released before Rainfurrest 2014 though, either free or for charity. I am hoping for charity, but a plan needs to be agreed on first.
  • ——-The book, if it comes out for charity, will be released via ebook on Smashwords and Amazon. These both allow for free publishing, but if any hidden fees come up I will personally handle them. I do want a hard copy as well, and may order some through Create Space so that everyone involved can get one as well at the least. I will also look into possibly getting this put on Indiegogo for a tangible version to send out to people that want one of their own as well for the charity. The plan is still in flux for a hard copy, but fairly certain for the ebook distribution.
  • ——-As a side note on that as well, the charities I had in mind were Feed America or other charities based around helping feed struggling families. I figured fatfurs, gluttony… Why not help others eat when we clearly all do so well?

That is about it I think. I am sure that I am forgetting something, but I bet someone will tell me. This is a fluid project at this point too, and always will be based on feedback, not my rules. That said, make sure to check here every now and then if you want to know what’s going on. I’ll do my best to keep everyone apprised of any changes and all that… But half of you don’t watch me on FA, and even that half is over 12 people. So I’ll just do what I can, but make sure to keep an eye out here.

If you have any questions or anything like that, please don’t hesitate in the slightest to get ahold of me. My email is wuffie@cawdordesigns.com, my skype is sasukewuff, I’m obviously Sasuke on FA… You can find me and get ahold of me if the need arises. Don’t be afraid to ask for editing, someone to bounce ideas off of, or just general questions on this one either.

Please COMMENT BELOW if you think all of this is kosher and you are SURE that you want to participate. Any questions save for FA, I need these comments to show that you agree with everything up here and that you really do want in on this project. This doesn’t at all mean I need something from you; if life comes and makes putting something in on this too much of a challenge I understand completely. However, it does show that you agree to all of what is said above and that you want to participate, and I need that for if/when the book goes to charity, and should any issues/drama arise. No comment from you means I don’t know you are participating, and even if you tell me elsewhere you still need to comment here. Please comment with your idea as well if you have one, or amend your comment to include it when you come up with one; that will make my life easier still.

In closing, I want to say one last thing… It’s been said alot, but it bears repeating.