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Ethan, a.k.a. Sasuke Hachino, was born February 7, 1990 in Oceanside, California. Since then, he has moved to three of the four corners of the United States, written three books, and magically only crashed two of his cars. He joined the fandom in approximately June 2000, and has never looked back since stumbling across the fuzzier side of life. The fursona of a wolfdragon, Sasuke Hachino, which he still embodies proudly to this day, was made just days after initiating himself into the furry community. Embracing the family far better than his own, Sasuke took to the furry fandom like fish to water, and became fully engrossed in all that he could for years to come. He never met many furries during the first several years he was in the fandom simply due to his age, but that would change as he got older. It was during this time that he wrote his first book, which was unfortunately lost due to a hard drive failure in early 2008. This did discourage him from writing for a time, but hardly deterred him from the life of a furry.

His first convention was Rocket City FurMeet in 2008, which didn’t go nearly as well as one’s first con should. It didn’t deter him though, and FurFright 2010 was a true first convention, and a life-changing occurrence. Sasuke got to meet many he had only known online, and saw that in spite of a certain isolation he had felt for much of the time he had been within the community, there were many like him. This brought out the desire to fursuit in him, and even stronger, the desire to write. Sasuke picked back up the keyboard and got to work, and has yet to look back from this either. He was published just a few months after this drive came back to him in a for-charity, and later free, fan-fiction book about Eve Online. The first thing of his to be published, this only drove Sasuke harder to succeed, leading him to take commissions and write as much as he could for as long as he could. His second book came of this in late 2011, which he one day plans to edit and publish… Once he gets around to it.

At present, Sasuke is nearly always busy with something either furry or work related. He recieved his first fursuit, Riley, in August 2012, and that has since taken over a large aspect of his life. He fursuits nearly weekly now, and has amassed somewhat of a following thanks to being loud, obnoxious, and very pink while wearing Riley. He has 6 other fursuits as well; Cerval, Pads, Feature, Nim, Rewind, and of course Sasuke. All get less nowadays thanks to life, which is understandable, though somewhat regrettable to their owner. Aside from fursuiting, his job as an author keeps Sasuke busy into most nights. This hasn’t stopped the desire in Sasuke though, and he continues to both write and fursuit as often as he feels like he can. Currently in Rhode Island with his partner Kita, this draolf does as much as he can to create and to enjoy the moments of life that he can.