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The Sasuke Chronicles

Intro The beast that loomed well over your diminutive frame was smiling, displaying a row of teeth which looked to easily be capable of shearing off a limb or two. Granted, seeing those teeth past the vast horizon of sagging heft which sat on the front of his impossibly-blubbersome torso was a bit of a […]

Branching Out

The ominous doors of the school loomed over Ken as he looked on at the building, quietly staring at the place. He hadn’t wanted to be here, and every instinct inside him was telling him to flee and run back home as fast as his legs could carry him. Knowing that this wasn’t an option […]


This cycle was the day for the lucky nameless pilot. After nearly 3 months of ceaseless training, painful implants, and more ISK spent than he cared to admit, the pilot could use the shining, packaged speed demon in his hangar. He had already picked out the fitting for his newest ‘toy’, and purchased it during […]