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Sasuke, Pt. 1

Yet another belch rang out from the beast seated on the sofa, befouling the air with the stench of burritos and beer even worse than it already was. The creature, a grey wolf-dragon hybrid, just smacked his muzzle open and shut a few times after the gas escaped from it and let out a contented […]


Lightning crackled all around Kaji as he soared just over the tops of the clouds. His wings threw up wisps of water vapor, making it look like small splashes in a pond as he sailed through the air gracefully. He was not exactly showing off as he flew though, more on his way to meet […]


Running. That was all Kai could do at that point as trees whipped by his glimmering form in the moonlight. He shone like a small, faint start through the trees as his feet propelled him forward, his head down and his wings folded back over him as tightly as possible to make him more¬†aerodynamic. His […]

Back to School

Hurricane still saw no reason that he needed to do this internship. It wasn’t as if he was going to be learning anything new from the purple, formally-attired lynx that was sauntering in front of him which he was tasked with following. The whole notion boggled the feline-hybrid’s mind; he, a genius in every sense […]