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Kaji Description

A faint thud signified his arrival. It sounded more or less like a sack of dough being hefted onto a counter, and upon turning around to see just who exactly ‘he’ was, that description was fairly apt. Sitting down on his hind two legs, a fact that you had to guess as you couldn’t see […]


It had been a very light bump, unintentional and innocent. The grey behemoth probably hadn’t even noticed the contact with the smaller, black-and-grey beast that he had tapped with his thick hips. With all of the food that was around, and the sheer size of his girth, it was hard to blame him for not […]


Riesig was feeling excited this morning.  He had received an email that MegaFoods had purchased one of the most popular Mexican fast food chains in the nation- Jalapenos.  It was a pretty cheap place that sold tacos by the dozen for mere pennies and had an array of hot sauces made for varying levels of […]

Stay Puffed

Part 16 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Part 16 of 17 in the series Thick and ThickSilver hated the outdoors most of the time. There were bugs, there were spiders on top of that, and then there was the wood shavings, the mud, and just so many other things that the canine didn’t even want to think about. He was a chubby […]