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The Fat Tap (Preview)

Being one of just a few children in the family had its perks. The biggest had to be holidays when all the parental and familial love got condensed down into a few select presents. School plays always had at least a few family members at them, trips to see family were great always, and never […]

Filling A Booth

The draolf just grunted, and that was all the sound that he needed to make. Of course, he could have made others, but with the hose that was currently crammed into his muzzle, his options were limited. He wanted to moan, but all that came out was a gurgling groan of sorts that put off […]

Feeding Time

Hunger was a feeling that Sasuke had grown to both loathe and love throughout the years. It was something that nigh constantly plagued both his stomach and his mind. He adored the constant nagging of his stomach, its need for more, as well as the drive of his brain to keep pushing him to force […]

Food Alert

“This is Food Alert, how may we help you?” The cheery, thickly-accented voice coming through the speaker across the room sounded as though an angel itself had entered the beached raccoon’s life. All it had taken was lazily smearing a paw along the button he always wore around his neck, and there it was. That […]