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Morning After

“And here’s to.. –HILP- You!” A rather slurred, drunken cry came from the overly obese grey wolf, seated on a battered sofa beside an equally rotund wind dragon. The pair both raised their glasses to one another as best as their fattened arms could muster, the rounded spheres of adipose barely able to get much […]


Hyphy knew that he couldn’t tan. He was covered from snout to paws in fur after all, his husky roots giving him quite a thick coating of fluff. The canine was also not one for swimming though, so when his friend had invited him to the pool, the husky had only come to sunbathe instead […]


Snow just couldn’t believe how lucky he was that morning. First, he had managed to catch the bus with just moments to spare, giving him actual time to do his workout before work. Second, the gym had messed up something with his membership, and thusly were giving him multiple months for free. And lastly, Knuckles […]

Uniforms Pt. 2

Milo groaned as he walked over towards the ‘banging closet’. He had told Riley to meet him there again after their last romp, a thing that was becoming a more frequent occurrence while the pair worked the same shift. Work still got done though, and neither of their bosses were the wiser, so both just […]