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Filled Up

Three steaks in and Kilo was feeling full. He wasn’t stuffed, but he was taking smaller bites with longer spans of time in between them as he continued to work his way through the veritable pile of meat beside him. A whole, fat chicken, several more steaks, burgers, sausages, hot dogs, cuts of venison… All […]


Sasuke was tired. He was, in fact, beyond tired. He had not been sleeping well for weeks at that point, and it was starting to show. He had been eating a lot more to try and keep his energy up, and while that had been spiking his weight even moreso than normal, it was just […]


Going to a brewery was always a bad idea for the obese draolf. It never ended well; always with him drinking more than he should, and having a tap bigger than he wanted to pay. That was part and parcel of beer being one of his favorite beverages of all time though, and of course […]


It had been a very long time since Sven had seen the outside through more than a window. Longer than he could remember in fact, and this was in part thanks to the fact that he could not move. Well, he could if he really put some effort into it and had a lot of […]